Katharine McPhee, 35, couples up with David Foster, 70, at the Breakthrough Awards

2020 Breakthrough Prize - Arrivals

It’s a magical moment for Katharine McPhee and David Foster. They are at the exact moment in time when she is exactly half his age. She’s 35 years old and he’s 70. They were married this summer, the last weekend in June, the same weekend Zoe Kravitz and Sophie Turner had their (separate) weddings. I mean, I think Katharine is a total mess for marrying someone twice her age, but what makes it worse is that she is David’s FIFTH wife. Mess.

Anyway, Katharine and David stepped out for a (relatively) rare coupled-up appearance this weekend at the 2019 Breakthrough Prize Ceremony. This is where celebrities are invited to honor scientists and doctors and engineers and such. I mean… she looks older than 35. That’s what being married to a 70-year-old will do to a woman.

2020 Breakthrough Prize - Arrivals

Also in attendance: Drew Barrymore looking like a predatory photographer from 1976, Karlie Kloss giving me preggo vibes and Lenny Kravitz looking absolutely HOT.

2020 Breakthrough Prize - Arrivals

2020 Breakthrough Prize - Arrivals

2020 Breakthrough Prize - Arrivals

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59 Responses to “Katharine McPhee, 35, couples up with David Foster, 70, at the Breakthrough Awards”

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  1. Lisa says:

    Those glasses Drew is wearing are awful. Katherine does look older than her age.

    • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

      Marrying for money/connections will age you. No doubt about it.

      Drew needs to lose those glasses, stat! They look terrible on her. I actually like her pants, but those shoes!!!

      • Lonnie tinks says:

        Meh. I think she has a thing for older dudes. Her first husband was 20 years older than her. She was like 22 and he was 40 something. She has weird daddy issues. I would be interested in what the psychology is behind only wanting much older mates is. Super weird.

    • minx says:

      Drew’s whole outfit is hideous, it makes her look thick and sloppy. Her hair is a mess.

  2. Lightpurple says:

    Lenny Kravitz never ages or changes. Even when he does change up something, he’s still the same hot Lenny Kravitz.

    Katherine’s dress is pretty.

    • Kali says:

      Kravitz became really skinny, though. I’m not sure what’s going on with ageing rock stars who just keep losing weight, the easy answer would be “drugs and alcohol”, but I’m hoping that’s not true for all.

  3. STRIPE says:

    The age difference is….quite something. But at least she’s in her mid 30s so I feel like she’s making a decision as a full grown adult. To me that’s much less egregious that Christy Brinkley’s ex and a 21 year old.

  4. helonearth says:

    Lenny never looks anything but hot!

  5. Erinn says:

    Has Katherine had a lot of work done? Her face looks SO stretched.

  6. SamC says:

    Even in supposed candid/pap shots, he looks like he has absolutely no interest in her while she is all over him. Waiting for the inevitable reality show and demise of this marriage. Seems to be the pattern with the last two wives so far.

  7. kerwood says:

    Katherine McPhee has been searching for a rich, older husband since her audition on American Idol.

    • It’sJustBlanche says:

      Is that where she came from? I wasn’t sure who she was.

      He looks smelly. That’s all I’ve got.

  8. Esmom says:

    Katherine definitely looks older than 35 and her husband to always looks like he’s trying SO hard to look decades younger than he actually is.

    Lol at “predatory photographer,” so perfect.

    Lenny is one of the few who can get away with never changing up his style. Yeah.

    • pasterna says:

      I’d really love to know what makes her look older than 35 to people? I know 75% of the posters on here claim to look 22 and say how haggard all celebs look, but she just looks like a woman in her mid 30s to me.

      • Jadedone says:

        I think she looks like a woman in her mid 30s who is using botox maybe a touch too much. I would hate to grow older in the public eye, having to deal with the constant criticisms about your looks would be so difficult so I understand the temptation to use botox. I dont want to judge a woman on her choices about dealing with aging in public.

      • Erinn says:

        Like Jadedone said, it’s the work.

        It’s like how all the housewives end up looking basically the same age. It doesn’t make them look younger, doesn’t make them look older really either… but it puts them in this weird limbo of age. Her eyebrows and cheeks are what are throwing me off – it’s like someone put a Katharine McPhee mask on. Her forehead/brows look pulled so tight, and her cheeks look super plumped. And that’s kind of the thing about the housewives.

        I don’t think it ages her a ton, but it also doesn’t make her look her age, if that makes sense. She’s a pretty woman, and I genuinely think if she didn’t look so over done she’d 100% look her age, if not younger than her age.

      • olala says:

        to me she looks like a botoxed/filled woman in her early 50. She doesn’t look like a woman in mid 30s.

        What’s going on with Lenny’s legs though? Look so skinny

      • L4frimaire says:

        To me, her style kind of reminds me of Catherine Zeta Jones when she first dated/married Michael Douglas. She dresses a bit more mature and conservatively than her age, because she doesn’t what to be considered a total lightweight around a much older, more accomplished spouse. Also, she’s a bit voluptuous and busty, that makes one look a little more matronly. But those overly arched eyebrows are not natural at all.

    • Andrea says:

      I have a friend who is 32 and she uses too much botox lip injections and she looks older than me and I am 38.

  9. Deanne says:

    The good thing is that she looks a lot older than 35, so the age difference is less jarring. I know that’s really snarky, but I don’t get why young women mess with their faces in this way. Her face looks like it’s been stretched big time and I mean with surgery, not just fillers. Her husband always looks so bored with her. She’s always draped all over him and he just stands there. On a positive note, her white dress is really lovely. Drew’s glasses are hilariously bad, but as always, Lenny is perfection.

  10. Charfromdarock says:

    Lenny is forever hot.

    I have to wear glasses similar to Drew’s, oversized and red tint, for medical reasons. I don’t want to speculate on her case, I’m
    Just hoping they are the new style.

    I feel so ugly and so embarrassed to have to wear them that I only go out in public when necessary.

    • Alice says:

      So sorry you feel that way but I actually like those glasses and I hope you can get used to going out in yours … When you walk around, well, I don’t know what type town you live in, I live in a city, but there are so many people with so many different situations, all types, maybe there is some way to just own it, and maybe other options will become avail.

    • Coz' says:

      For what it’s worth I find those glasses really cool.
      I hope you will soon feel good wearing them.

  11. aurora says:

    Damn, Lenny looks scarily skinny!

  12. kerwood says:

    I don’t know if Lenny is ‘overly’ skinny; he’s a pretty small guy, almost Prince small. I think his big hair makes his body look smaller. I’m just happy he’s got his dreads back; I missed them.

  13. Sara says:

    She just looks so blank behind the eyes. Like a botoxed fem bot.

    Lenny Kravitz will never not be hot. Just. Ugh, you beautiful man.

  14. Alice says:

    I know 70 is oldish but we also are conditioned from our 20s to believe anything over 30 is old!! It’s so odd. Now that I am a little older and see people turning 29 freaking out, it seems sad to me. And I am not near 70 but I did date someone older for awhile and I know some very feisty, energetic, engaged (in life), active 70 year olds who do not seem old. That being said, that is a big age difference and he seems like he has some issues … (everyone does to some degree). When you consider many people live to 90, why are we feeling old at 40 and 50 and 60 and …?

    • Astrid says:

      because the reality is that bones start to creak and backs start to ache and libido isn’t always up when wanted….even in the 50s and 60’s with good health.

      • Andrea says:

        Heck, I dated a man whose libido started to wane at 35 and he blamed it on my weight! I can only imagine what 70 must be like.

    • Lizzie says:

      b/c 70 is old. just people people live to 90 doesn’t mean 70 isn’t a long time.

      • Nina says:

        My BF is 66 and I can’t keep up with his libido … not complaining AT ALL, just sayin’!
        [ETA: I am 62, so we are way more age appropriate]

  15. Murphy says:

    I don’t think she looks older than 35, but she definitely doesn’t look younger than 35.

  16. Valiantly Varnished says:

    I think Katherine McPhee is a mess in general. She has Miranda Lambert syndrome when it comes to relationships. And massive daddy issues as well.
    But – I don’t think she looks older than 35. She looks like a woman in her mid-30’s. Which she is.

  17. Sunnee says:

    Lenny’s face doesn’t look like he lost weight. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s age related. His muscle mass in his legs probably deteriorated. My husband is Lenny’s age and I notice that he’s gone skinny too. My husband had massive muscular thighs, calves, and arms but it’s slowly dwindled. In the last two to three years he’s lost a lot of muscles even His butt has shrunk. He still gets on the treadmill and cycle to keep fit, though not as often. He hasn’t lifted for over 15 years but his mass endured until he was about 50. I think men’s bodies change as they age. I notice it with older male co-workers too.

  18. Case says:

    Katharine McPhee seems like a really messy person IMO.

  19. Tiffany says:

    Kaiser, that description of Drew Barrymore….*chefs kiss*

  20. Jadedone says:

    I really like the dress on Katherine, it really highlights her fit figure.

  21. Yenta says:

    I remember reading somewhere about Katherine struggling with an ED/bulimia. I hope she has gotten help for her issues, but she still seems a bit lost and has such a messy personal life… I wonder why people say she looks older than 35 though? Can someone please explain in what way? I’m curious, because I don’t see her as looking old. I’m in my early 30s and looking similar, so maybe I should be worried…

    • Carina says:

      It’s the face tweaking. Makes her look older than she is.

      • Valerie says:

        Yeah, it makes her look an older woman trying to look younger. I would’ve said she was 45ish, not 35. Not that it really matters, but the plastic surgery didn’t have the intended effect!

    • Joanna says:

      @genta, I’m sure you look fine. I think some people can tell she’s had work done so that gives the impression that she must be older to have so much work done. She looks 35 to me, a good 35. My crow’s feet started around 33 for me.

      • Yenta says:

        Ah yes, I see what you mean now. These are all good explanations. I was thinking she doesn’t look wrinkled or anything, but yes, I see she has had work done, and too much can have the opposite effect than intended.

  22. RoyalBlue says:

    Katherine looks touched up. They have been dating quite some time and her singing career is not really progressing so I understand her wanting to secure her retirement funding and status by making it legal. My guess is she is great for his ego and the viagra goes a long way.

  23. ClareV says:

    *sigh* I know this is a gossip site and the literal title is cele”bitchy” and I an usually a huge fan! But… I am 40 and my husband is 65. We got married 15 years ago when I was 25 and half his age. Obviously age-gaps are unusual and raise questions, but to focus solely on the number and nothing else might be missing the bigger picture… Anyhoodle, just my two cents.

  24. Valerie says:

    I jumbled the words as I read them and thought that they broke up at an awards ceremony, lol.

  25. Nev says:

    Lenny’s belt and necklace are happening. That’s all I got.

  26. Starkiller says:

    Katherine just likes old men. She has spoken about this in the past. Her first husband was also significantly older than her. I’m sure she does not expect that she will be his forever wife.

  27. Sorella says:

    Katherine looks 45 not 35 and he yet he still looks like he could be her Dad. And he looks SO OVER her. In fact. with photo assumption, it looks like the bloom is off and they had a little tiff, are annoyed at each other in these pics.

    And Drew *sigh* I like her but girl has no fashion sense, never has. And I am always in disbelief that she even has a makeup line as she is the least likely gal to have good hair-make-up I find, she RARELY gets it right.

  28. JanetFerber says:

    I think Foster is just playing it cool. He obviously wanted McPhee and he has her. I don’t think he’s over it and she’s probably over the moon. I don’t begrudge them anything. If they’re happy, God bless it. Also, Lenny is way too skinny, but hot AF, naturally.

  29. dlc says:

    I’m confused by Katherine McGhee. She is beautiful. She is talented, as a singer and I liked her as an actress in scorpion. Why does she feel the need to be a trophy wife for a 70 year old man?

  30. Nikkey says:

    I didn’t have my glasses on and I thought he was standing next to Jennifer Lopez for a second.

  31. L4frimaire says:

    Hmm, strangely I actually think they make a cute couple and look good together. Generally view May- December romances as really suspect but not bothered by this one. Lenny looks hot as always, but too skinny. Drew looks totally 70s, like Faye Dunaway in “ Eyes of Laura Mars”, and find Karlie Kloss, as someone who was such big runway star, to be totally lacking in style. She should not wear black, does not suit her.

  32. sammiches says:

    McPhee is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t go overboard on botox. It’s her use of botox to “stay looking young” that is making her look like she’s mid-40s.