Lorde delayed her album after her sweet dog passed, ‘a light has gone out’

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Lorde released her second album, Melodrama in 2017, and fans have eagerly awaited the follow-up. They are going to have to wait a bit longer, unfortunately, and for a devastating reason: Over the weekend, Lorde wrote in her newsletter that her beloved dog, Pearl, had died, and so she is going to need to delay work on her album:

The fan-run Twitter account shared screenshots of Lorde’s email, which reads, in part:

I’ve been working away on the new songs for most of this year in New Zealand. It’s been going pretty well, but something happened last month that I need to tell you about.

Some of you may know about Pearl, my dog. Pearl came into my life in 2018, and almost immediately changed everything for me. . . . Pearl brought an immeasurable amount of joy and purpose into my world. Love vibrated all around us. . . . After years on the road, I spent a lot of the at home, growing things, making food slowly, writing. I was receiving huge amounts of energy I can only describe as divine, and I was working hard to communicate it to you all by way of the album. I felt I had been given this great gift that I needed to share with you all.

Lorde explained that Pearl had been ill his entire life, and though he recently seemed to be responding well to medication, he suddenly took a turn for the worse and had two cardiac arrests and passed away after the second.

Lorde continued:

But this loss has been indescribably painful, and a light that was turned on for me has gone out.

Pearl visits me in my dreams, and I am able to see or hold him for a brief time most nights. But the bright energy I was trying to communicate to you has gone, for now. He was instrumental to the discovery that was taking place. I felt he led me towards the ideas. And it’s going to take some time and recalibration, now that there’s no shepherd ahead of me, to see what the work is going to be.

[From Twitter via Lorde Daily]

Lorde promised that she will get back to the album eventually, and I’m sure that her fans, though disappointed, understand. Pearl had his own Instagram account (it looks like it is run by one of Lorde’s friends?)

What a cutie Pearl was. Lorde’s note is heartbreaking. It’s obvious how much she adored Pearl, and I’m glad for her that she was able to be with him when he died, though I know that the pain of Pearl’s loss is excruciating. I hope that she gives herself the time she needs to start healing and to regroup and figure out how her next album has to change. Her fans should understand and will be happy to know that she’s taking care of herself, and will be excited about the new album, whenever it arrives. RIP, Pearl!

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  1. L84Tea says:

    Aww, that’s so sad. My chocolate lab passed away very unexpectedly nearly 4 years ago and my heart still aches for her all the time. I’d give anything for her little wet nose back. 🙁

    • Ye says:

      My chocolate lab went suddenly last year. They really are the most amazing dogs. Sorry for your loss. I hope there is a heaven so we can scratch those ears again.

  2. Jas says:

    Oof, I feel that. Don’t blame her a bit.

  3. (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

    My sister called me early this morning. telling me our sweet family pup (11 1/2) died in his sleep, in bed next to her and my BIL. He was our furry baby; we love him so much. After crying my eyes out, I take some comfort in that she was over yesterday with him, and he was snuggling and cuddling with me for quite a while. He was a bit quieter than usual, and didn’t beg for bites of our dinner, which was his usual M.O. Even my dad tried to feed him a few bites (which he NEVER does), but pup walked out of the kitchen. Our only solace is he didn’t seem to be in any pain, and he passed peacefully in his sleep, laying next to two people who loved him most.

    I so feel Lorde’s pain. For all of us who have lost furry babies: BIG hugs, and those of you who have yours… hug them a little tighter today.❤️❤️

    • Rosie says:

      So sorry for your loss. A sad day for your family. Hope your happy memories will comfort you as time goes by.

  4. Ye says:

    I illustrate on my free time, its my side job. I havent been able to paint since my best friend(dog) died suddenly last year. It was horrible. Creativity is a fragile thing, Hopefully Lorde gets in back soon, I really enjoy some of her songs.

  5. TQB says:

    This is so sad. How lovely that she gave a loving home to a dog that had health problems! That takes such strength of heart. She made his brief time on earth joyous and full of love.

  6. Rosie says:

    Lost my most precious and beloved dog Dec 18 last year. I’m still grieving. He was 17, but his old age didn’t make it easier to say goodbye. I loved him so much. He was literally the light of my life. My first child. I was his mommy. I miss his so much every day. Even my husband and good friends don’t get what I’m going through. It’s a lonely journey.

    • Grey says:

      I am crying reading all these stories. I had my cat for nearly 18 yra. He passed 10 weeks ago and i am still caught off guard by the tears all the time: choosing pasta sauce at the store, reading a book at a coffeeshop, ringing the doorbell at a friend’s house, on a first date. The grief is more physical than any I’ve ever felt, and I’ve never felt so alone.