Duchess Kate repeats an Oscar de la Renta suit for The Nook-EACH opening

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For years, the Duchess of Cambridge has been the royal patron of EACH, East Anglian Children’s Hospices. For years, she’s been raising money for The Nook, which is the brand-new hospice facility. When I say “for years,” I don’t mean consistently, day after day, week after week. Kate basically averaged some charity work with EACH’s Nook appeal about once or twice a year. You know those photos we constantly use of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Rose Hanbury and the Marquess of Cholmoldeley? Those photos were from a fundraiser hosted by Rose and David Rocksavage at Houghton Hall… for EACH’s Nook Appeal. Rose is a patron of EACH as well, and she was actually photographed at the site of the Nook facility as it was being built. Cough.

Well, today the Duchess of Cambridge officially opened the Nook facility. It cost £10 million to build/renovate and it will provide hospice facilities to countless families in the years to come. It would have been lovely to see EACH’s other patroness at the opening, right? Cough. But she doesn’t seem to be there.

For the opening, Kate wore Oscar de la Renta. This is a repeat, which I thought when I first saw it, but then I was like “but Kate buys the same dress a dozen times, so maybe not?” But no, this is a repeat. She last wore this suit in February 2017 – go here for the old photos. I remember not really loving the design of it back then – the skirt has a strange, bell-like cut and I’m completely over peplums, or whatever this “baby peplum” is on the jacket. The whole effect/silhouette is so twee, but that’s what makes it so “Kate.” The one thing I do like is the combination of black heels, black tights and a bright dress/suit. That’s how I would have styled it for a cold day too.

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  1. Guest2.0 says:

    Can you imagine having a wardrobe collection so vast you don’t have to wear repeat outfits for years? That’s all I got.

  2. Jillian says:

    That skirt is hideous, the shape of that suit is something I would put a child in. PENCIL SKIRTS, KATE! You are an adult woman! But she’s beautiful and the color is gorgeous.

    • Erin says:

      I hate the idea that this shape of skirt is childish. Not everyone looks good in pencil skirts. I don’t. I wore a similar skirt earlier this week and I am, indeed, a grown woman in a professional job.

      • Nahema says:

        +1 to that @Erin. I don’t get the idea pushed on this site that if you’re a grown woman, the only skirt you should be seen in is a pencil skirt. If that’s all women wear, we would be extremely boring. That might be your personal style but not everyone has to like the same things.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Agreed. I have short not thin legs and that cut looks good on me. But, she is so small I think that is why it appears childish to some. But I like that style skirt.

      • olala says:

        Erinn, between this and pencil skirt is the whole other array of cuts and styles. Pencil skirts don’t suit me either. But this flary wee disaster is no good for a griwn up woman.

    • Ravensdaughter says:

      I love the color! The suit itself you can have-too busy!

      • Oui oki says:

        I liked the suit (in black or grey or maybe blush or ivory I f I were as thin as Kate) and not the colour, it’s a nicer purple than what Megan wore recently but still that’s too much bright purple for me!

    • Snowslow says:

      Why @Jillian? I’m not in love with this style – mine is far more androgynous, but if it rocks her boat… Like @Erin said, not everyone looks good or is comfortable in pencil skirts. For me it’s twee, but it is definitely a grown woman style and it looks very good on a lot of people.

    • yinyang says:

      I am pretty and thin, I could pull this off, but I refuse to as I would feel like I’m cosplaying to be 14 again, and that would be weird. If I wore that shape, it would be in more grown up colour or visa versa.

    • JanetDR says:

      All I keep thinking is how would she keep that skirt down in a breeze – oh…right.

  3. bonobochick says:

    That over the top jackal smile she does for some reason will never not be weirdly funny.

    I like the color of the outfit but the proportions make her look like Gumby. 😬

  4. Snazzy says:

    why does she always look like she’s screaming? After all these years you’d think she’d have learned how to behave in public by now

    • Evil Owl says:

      It does look a bit awkward. But since we’re always comparing Duchesses on here I must say I prefer Kate’s manic grin to Meghan’s resting smirk face at public events

      • Flamingo says:

        Agreed! I think Meghan has a lovely face, but is often rocking the opposite of resting b*tch face, resting smirk face. Not the best in certain somber occasions.

      • Hope says:

        Oh, this is the new talking point. That Meghan smirks instead of having a pleasant resting face. I saw this elsewhere.

        I’m anticipating it coming up on other sites as well.

      • Belli says:

        It was all over the comments in the Remembrance articles, so this is apparently the new coordinated whinge.

      • yinyang says:

        @Hope. It’s only when she uses fillers on her lips…I really wish she’d stop, she has nice lips as it is.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Lord knows I am no Kate fan. But, I believe she smokes (just not in public)? To give her the benefit of the doubt, it could be that during official functions she is on edge from smoking withdrawal. Also, she cannot ever be seen yawning during an event, so she could also be hopped up on caffeine. Or, she knows she must look “engaged” even if she’s not, and this is how she was taught to show it. Of all the things I’ve criticized Kate for, the weird manic smile is probably not her fault.

      • Hope says:

        Yeah, she’s just trying to look friendly. And it probably does disarm people when she approaches them with a big smile.

        If only she would put as much as effort into the substance of her visits instead of just the appearance for the pictures.

      • February Pisces says:

        I’m pretty sure it was common knowledge that she smoked back in the dating days, or at least I may have heard she was a heavy smoker. I can’t remember but she may have been pictured with a packet of fags, or she was photographed smoking and had the pics pulled. William was an open smoker and so was harry, and Camilla too, obviously not during public engagements though. Smoking is clearly something that isn’t frowned upon in the aristocracy, but is doesn’t go with her ‘wholesome , most perfect woman who ever lived’ image.

    • PrincessK says:

      I do feel sorry for Kate, since Meghan came along she has been doing the hyena laugh….The Daily Mail is actually poking fun at her printing those awful shots of her straining her face to the limits….l mean what could be so rib cracking funny on a visit to a hospice?

      Just like William Kate does not enjoy public life but someone has told them that they need to try harder to engage with the public and the Daily Mail is helping out with this strategy to endear them to the public. What they don’t realise is that DM readers are mainly middle and old aged white people who don’t want want diversity. The Cambridge’s should be trying to win over the millennials if they want the monarchy to survive. The Queen knew what she was doing when she gave the Sussexes the Commonwealth portfolio. I can’t wait to see what happens when the Cambridge’s decide to visit an African country…….

  5. Claire says:

    Ugh, that smile.

    • The Long-suffering Sequin says:

      Came here to say this. It’s almost aggressive.

    • yinyang says:

      She must like it. The media posts a thousand pictures of it and she continues pose it.

    • xo says:

      I think of the cheshire cat when I see that expression.
      It’s somewhat manic, isn’t it?

      A slightly shady thing to say, but I mean it sincerely:
      the cosmetic dentists & surgeons she has worked with have done excellent work. . .

      subtle, natural-looking improvements.

  6. Sarah says:

    That’s how I would have styled it, too, in 1993.

    • Moneypenny says:

      That’s what I was going to say. This is absolutely how I styled this look in the 90s. Now, I still love a black opaque tight, but this whole combo feels dated.

    • MsIam says:

      That is what I thought, too, very dated looking. But I would go back farther to the 80′s. I think that is the last time skirt suits like this were really big. I definitely would have bought something like this at Macys (but not on an Oscar budget, lol).

    • yinyang says:

      Diana rocked a lot of suits like this in the 90s. Same tweed material, same paired with black tights and black shoes, same bright colours, but hers was a with pencil skirt, Kate likes to add a touch of twee so hers is school girl shape.

  7. Scal says:

    That is a Botox forehead. No wrinkles no movement above the eyebrows.

    Great color but my kingdom for a pencil skirt

    • BayTampaBay says:

      @Scal, I agree with you. The jacket, even with the small peplum, would look great with a pencil shirt. Love the color on Cathy.

      • olive says:

        definitely would look better with a pencil skirt. the peplum top on peplum skirt is just too much and makes for a weird silhouette.

  8. Elisa says:

    Great cause and I love the colour of the outfit – which is typical Kate.

  9. Toot says:

    Her hair is looking really dry in that second picture. Don’t damage your hair too much Kate with the blond highlights.

  10. Bethany Karger says:

    Can she ever keep her mouth closed?

  11. Digital Unicorn says:

    Love the colour but hate the outfit.

    I think this is the first EACH event she’s done in quite some time. Is Ed Sheeran on tour or somthing?

  12. Cidy says:

    I’m not going to drag the girl for liking a more vintage style but I will drag her for the horrible peplum situation. It’s not a good look.

    I really dont get the whole hyena smile thing. She seems to just have very big teeth and a little work around the mouth so her smile looks off on her face. As an adult woman with braces when I smile I look like a maniac so again, not going to drag her for it.

    I wish at events like these we got more rolling footage of like, what they do inside and how they talk to people etc. In stills both Kate and Will look like plain oatmeal but in motion Kate seems to have some energy and pep, she does do the head nod thing that can get annoying but I think that might be how she stays focused on conversation. When I have to listen and understand and absorb I squint a lot which looks way worse lol.

    I can completely see why Rose isnt there. It would be all bad right now, it would do nothing but grow the embiggening campaign against Kate and honestly I would be a public mess if the woman my partner had an affair with showed up.

    • Lulu says:

      You can usually find footage of all their “work”, events and tours on YouTube or BBC. In motion Kate is much more tolerable. Engaging and polite. Still not relatable and she seems very detached, more like a celeb than a politician. Will isn’t palatable at all for me. He always seems caustic, dry, and entitled. Charles does sarcasm and wit with lots of charm…but it didn’t pass to his son. Will thinks he is charming and funny because no one ever tells him he isn’t.
      As for her outfit today, the color looks great but her hair and skin look dry and the silhouette does nothing for her ever slimming shape. I said it: she’s too skinny. Her legs look sickly and I believe her skin looks washed out and dry from lack of fat. She needs to gain 10 lbs. This isn’t body shaming either because it’s not her natural size at all.

      • Cidy says:

        I dont think we should say that it’s not her natural body shape or that shes too thin.. because we dont know that and it is body shaming. It’s like telling someone they need to lose 10lbs.. we dont know. Unless we are at the doctor with her and all that, we dont know.

        I imagine in motion she looks better. I agree about the outfit, it’s very disjointed, it almost looks like three separate pieces, I wish I could see her more in silhouette shape, all the frills on there makes it looks like a children’s dress.

      • Snowslow says:

        I mean we can say what we want but she functions, is apparently healthy and strong so how can we decide that she needs to gain weight?
        She likes to be this thin so let it be. I always find it a bit sad that women in the limelight feel obliged to lose weight but here we are and we don’t know if we would not do the same were we photographed all the time.
        That said, I do wonder how she looks like in person since a photo makes you look bigger than you really are and she is already rail thin in pictures.

      • February Pisces says:

        I always said a good 10lbs would help her skin a lot and she would still be really thin. At this point I think she’s thinner than Victoria beckham. I have seen pics of her in her teens and she was a lot bigger, she looked really good. Even that pic from St. Andrews her legs were quick curvy for her and she looked amazing. Even if she was naturally this thin, it still wouldn’t be good for her health, it could stop her periods. I know people who are naturally skinny and they still have to see dieticians to help gain weight, especially if trying to get pregnant. I don’t think it’s shaming because she is usually praised for her ‘amazing figure’. However I have long suspected she has an eating disorder and if she does, then praising her for having a super skinny body won’t help her get better.

      • MsIam says:

        @Cidy but it’s fine to say how “Meghan looks pretty with all of her baby weight” right? Just checking.

      • Cidy says:


        I never said that or would! Any form of body shaming is horrible! I hope no one thinks that.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        …But we actually DO know this isn’t Kate’s natural body shape or size. Right up to her appearance at Peter’s wedding in 2010, we’ve seen her natural body shape/size and it’s NOT this. Why people in general are so upset/uncomfortable with pointing out this drastic difference when they’re quite comfortable talking about *Meghan’s* body post-baby is qwhite interesting.

        Some commenters started pointing her weight last year when she was at the state dinner, and I honestly didn’t think much of it at the time because she seemed the same as ever. I even thought that maybe her appearance was shocking to people simply because smaller weight will look different on a 30 y.o. vs a close to 40 y.o…But since then, she seems to have gotten even thinner and it’s pretty stark now.

      • Cidy says:

        @Beach Dreams – I have never said anything about Meg’s weight and I’ve defended her even on this site when her body before, during and after her pregnancy people were inappropriately talking about her weight.

        We dont know anything about Kate’s weight. We are not in her doctors appointments and we cant use how she has looked in the past as a reason why she should gain weight today. The point of this post is that we shouldn’t be wildly speculating about peoples weight.

        Even if she does have an eating disorder, or is a gym bunny or whatever people say on her – saying “she needs to gain 10lbs” isnt productive to the conversation. Just like everyone says people come out with fake concern for Meg the so-called “sympathy trolls” or whatever, it’s the same thing everyone is doing to Kate. Faking concern over her weight to shame her about it.

        There could be a number of normal and even abnormal reasons for her weight, genetics (my grandma shrunk so much as she got older she was like a short little light pole.), stress, malnutrition, natural form, different exercise, even sleep – it’s not simple. So we shouldn’t be telling her in this fake concern way to eat a cheeseburger.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        I don’t think other people are shaming Kate herself, but the societal pressure on women to be thin. It’s NOT the same as telling an overweight woman to “lose weight,” because society does not pressure women to gain weight.

        I do not know of any websites that give tips on how to gorge yourself until your naturally thin body becomes obese — but there are certainly websites doing the exact opposite. Are there any designers who refuse to make clothing for thin women, or who think having thin women wear their clothes lowers the brand? Do groups of guys sit around laughing at thin women, simply *because* they are thin?

        But speaking only for myself, what bothers me about Kate is her willingness to perpetuate the stereotype that all women must be thin, and that thin women should be admired and praised simply because they are thin and nothing else matters. It is hurtful to women everywhere. If Kate has an eating disorder then she can’t help it. But most people here think she does NOT have an eating disorder, so Kate’s image of “thin = accomplished woman who should be admired” is on purpose. Why shouldn’t I criticize her for THAT? Kate’s own people have made statements about Kate doing her “work” through her physical appearance — but if that is the case, then her physical appearance (including her quest to become ever-thinner) is open to criticism, isn’t it?

      • Moneypenny says:

        I’m not shaming–I call it like I see it with her. Because I’m the same way. If I was in Kate’s shoes, I’d be her size too. Obviously none of us know, but I agree this is the societal pressure to be extra slim if you’re in the public eye.

      • MsIam says:

        @Cidy, I never said that you specifically said that about Meghan however, I apologize if you took offense. I have noticed that people are quick to jump on the body shaming train whenever anyone even hints that Kate might be too thin. But they will say endlessly how Meghan looks so much better now that she’s gained weight. So I am glad you confirmed that both statements are gross so lets all stop.

      • Anonymous says:

        Do we really know that Kate is willingly perpetuating a stereotype that women must be thin, and only thin women are admired and praised? Isn’t it possible that she just likes to be thin, but doesn’t think of it as any kind of statement made on behalf of all women/all of society?

  13. Becks1 says:

    Oh I really dislike this outfit. I like the color, but the rest of it….nope. Buttons, pleats, peplum…..way too much going on.

  14. Skyblue121 says:

    Goodness! The entire outfit looks like it was accidentally washed in hot water and shrunk.

  15. Flying fish says:

    Her new mouth open in surprise and/or exclamation expression is not appealing.

    The color of the outfit is great but the cut of that skirt and top is not flattering at all!

  16. Suze says:

    I’m gonna cut her some slack for that last photo. Four of the five others pictured are also laughing or grinning, Kate’s expression fits right in.

    I really do love that color on her, but I wish she’d be less fussy with her clothes and silhouettes. If you’re going to wear a pleated skirt, make your top simple!

  17. grumpyterrier says:

    This look is so juvenile it makes me cringe. But I love the color and the tights, and also her energy. It doesn’t bother me that she smiles a lot and seems active and engaged with meeting people. If the reverse were true she’s get roasted for that as well. I think people probably bring a lot of excitement/anxiety of their own when meeting her and she’s trying to put people at ease.

  18. TheOriginalMia says:

    Hated this suit the first time she wore it. Still hate it. It’s the look of a college girl, not a nearly 40 yo mother of 3. Her hair looks bad as well.

    It’s a shame how little interest she has had in EACH over the years. And it’s telling Rose wasn’t there seeing she’s a patron as well.

  19. Wisca says:

    This is a reopening of a children’s hospice. Can you imagine? She looks great for such an opening.

    • Lady D says:

      I’ve been thinking about children needing hospice since I started this article to tell the truth. I’ve read 19 comments and I barely remember what they say. Some nonsense about colour when children need a pretty place to die. I think I know why she’s keeping that smile plastered on her face this time.
      Normally I would be joining right in on the commentary, but I have hospice worker training and volunteer at a senior’s home, and I know all these incredible people I’m proud to call friend who are going to be there until they die, and they do. Not a lot(?) only 2 so far this year, but it’s not an easy gig and it’s only harder when you attach the word hospice. It could be a smile so you don’t cry situation, even though she looks like this usually while on a gig. jmo

      • Chimney says:

        Thanks for keeping this in perspective. Kate is doing something difficult in a place brimming with sadness. It must be especially hard for someone who loves kids like she does.

        I hope you’re taking care of yourself. I’m sending you and your charges positive vibes from the Midwest

  20. Basi says:

    Beautiful color.
    She dresses so immaturely though. Not a mother of three. too twee.

  21. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Man that suit is HIDEOUS

  22. The Long-suffering Sequin says:

    Gross outfit, and her hair looks so dry and in need of a chop.

  23. Mego says:

    Ugh awful outfit and her maniacal facial expressions 🙄

  24. Ainsley7 says:

    EACH actually has 8 total patrons and 6 ambassadors. Regardless of what Kate does (or does not) do, they would still be happy to have more. Kate, being the official Royal patron, is expected to show up to these events and bring cameras. Rose is just a normal patron. She’s only expected to give money and fundraise. Kate could be better at her job, but that doesn’t mean that she should have to deal with Rose. I think it’s kind of gross that she had an affair with William and then became a patron of EACH (Kate’s most recognizable charity). It’s like she’s hinting that she could replace her or something? Ew. I don’t think Kate needs to be punished for William’s affair.

    • Becks1 says:

      Well, the timeline is unclear, so its entirely possible Rose was a patron of EACH before the affair. She was a patron back in 2016 (for the Houghton Hall fundraiser), and rumors of the affair didn’t surface until spring 2019, so its unclear how that timing works out.

    • Harla says:

      Per DuchessKateTracker, in 2018 Kate released a letter for Children’s Hospice Week, in April 2018 Kate attended an EACH gala and in January 2017 Kate visited EACH in Quidenham. Not exactly burning it up to support this wonderful charity.

    • Nic919 says:

      She last visited an EACH hospice in 2015. That’s pathetic. She attends Wimbledon every single year even when on mat leave. EACH is in Norfolk near Amner and she could easily have visited the hospice every year. Her involvement here is bare minimum.

      • LNG says:

        The outgoing Chief Executive of EACH told the media today that Kate makes private visits to the hospice and has visited some of the families helped by the charity in their own homes. It seems that she interacts with the hospices and the people helped by them much more than is made public, as much as this goes against the narrative generally pushed about Kate. I would imagine that these huge public visits are really disruptive to people who are in a very vulnerable state. I’m happy to hear that she does behind the scenes work with them.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Kate failed to attend the first Gala fundraiser, they had to enlist Ed Sheeran to do her job that day. Typical Kate. At least she spends more than 15 minutes at these events now, which used to be her record with EACH.

  25. Catherine says:

    Hahaha. I love it. Kate gets to swan in and Rose can dig the ditches😂😂😂. Them’s the breaks, M’Lady👑👑👑

    • Nic919 says:

      If we are making jokes about the affair then why isn’t william being attacked here too? Why is Rose the only one here to be shamed? Maybe the cheating husband should endure some wrath? I am here for both parties to adultery to pay a price and not just the woman.

  26. Lexa says:

    Interestingly, the outgoing EACH director was just quoted in People saying that Kate does make private visits without cameras. Based on the private visit to Action on Addiction’s The Brink the other day being recorded in the CC, I wonder if we’ll start seeing those types of visits noted in the CC?

    • Nic919 says:

      I highly doubt she makes visits that aren’t recorded in the CC. She is still barely cracking 100 this year and that includes all the “meetings” at her home in KP.

      • Lexa says:

        More from Town & Country: “Graham also noted how Kate has visited some of the families that the charity helps in their own homes as she continues her support behind the scenes. “She’s also made private visits to the hospice. She’s visited at least a couple of families in their own homes, all without publicity, not known etcetera,” he said.”

        I’m really glad to hear this. I think more relaxed private visits are a nice thing, especially with a hospice service, as I have to imagine the media presence can feel somewhat overwhelming for the kids and their families.

      • LNG says:

        Lexa – I Just made the same comment above before reading further down. I agree, I’m glad to hear that she is doing private visits. I would imagine that they mean a lot to the families involved and are far less disruptive to everyone involved.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Amusing how we’re just now getting info about this, when it has been clear how much behind-the-scenes work Meghan has done from day one.

  27. L4frimaire says:

    The suit looks a bit dated now. It has that Junior League/ dowager museum trustee look about it. Kind of an 80s vibe.

  28. Rapunzel says:

    And she took the train to the event, per The Fail. Obvious PR is obvious.

  29. Guest says:

    The outfit looks like something a little girl would wear

  30. Vava says:

    I love the color and the fabric. I like the idea of black buttons, black tights, and block heeled shoes.
    The style of this suit is so dated. Too bad the jacket doesn’t have full length sleeves and the waist sitting at her real waist. Then it would be an OK jacket if worn with something else. But matched with that skirt is where she blew it. The skirt might be fine with a different top (crew neck cashmere) and different shoes (boots).

    The wide mouthed behavior continues to baffle me.

  31. Nina says:

    I hate that I’m so irritated by how bad her style is. It shouldn’t matter. Women should be judged by the actions (or inaction), not by how they look.


    UGH. Her style is sooooooo consistently terrible.

  32. What. . .now? says:

    The color is amazing, but that suit is too young for her. If she was in her early to mid 20s, I’d be down with it, but she is nearing 40. Enough with the little floofy skirts. She doesn’t have to dress dowdy, but her skirts need to hit her knees at least, and would a pencil skirt hurt every once in a while? I get she likes flowing skirts, and that’s totally cool, but she should change it up a bit.

  33. Hope says:

    Now is that the suit for a regal future (future) queen?

  34. leigh says:

    Hopefully, Rose is inside, getting to participate in the opening of the center or was at least able to attend some other opening ceremonies. I can’t imagine EACH snubbing the Marchioness. Frankly, I’m much more interested in seeing Rose’s style than Kate Keen’s but I guess there’s a press gag on photos of Rose as well since she hasn’t been papped ever since the rumor mill started churning (except for the photos at the BP dinner).

  35. yinyang says:

    Yep Michael Jackson’s Peter Pan syndrome. Kate refuses to grow up. 40 year old cosplaying as a doll. She had less natural looks than even Camilla in her younger years, and cares about nothing but using fillers and botox to make herself beautiful, yet she transformed herself into Britian’s sweetheart, interesting she should write a book.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      There is nothing wrong with botox, fillers, breast augmentation, facial peels, laser surgery, tummy tucks, face lifts and chin implants if that is what one chooses to do.

      • yinyang says:

        @BayTampaBay no nothing wrong with that, just if your appearance is all you devote your time and care about it’s shallow (especially if in your mid thirties when it’s kind of unessessary and helped paid for by people who are working hard to make ends meet).

  36. carmen says:

    For years, she’s been raising money for The Nook,

    GMAFB – what an insult to those who actually do roll up their sleeves and work tirelessly to raise funds for charity.

  37. AprilMay says:

    They’ve been trying to raise money for this since 2013 if not earlier. This is the charity that she re-gifted a hamper that was meant for the then baby george and that was all she did for an auction they were doing, that then had to be cancelled becuase of a lack of interest. If the rumours are to be believed they wanted to drop her around then because of the lack of work she did with them. This is also the only thing shes done with them this year,
    2018-none last year
    2017-once in january, also a gala in aid of them)
    2016- visited charity shop and for the gala thrown by rose
    2015-visited a factory that was donating percentage of sales to the hospice
    2014- one engagement
    2013-visited naomi house hospice
    2012-announced as patron, open treehouse hospice in march.
    There was also a handful of letters released showing her “keenness”. (Just thought it would be interesting to see all her visits laid out)
    Anyway nice of her to pop in. Not a fan of this outfit anyitme she wears it. Very childish especially with the tights and hairstyle. Nice to see her repeat something after three bespoke outfits in the last week.

  38. Rogue says:

    I love this colour! Great opening for EACH- hope this is a comfortable new space for the clients.

    Just been announced that Kate is doing a Christmas special with Mary Berry and Catherine Quinn is leaving to ironically focus on charity work. Busy day for royal news

    • notasugarhere says:

      Notice how it all get released at once. Kate doing a holiday tv appearance, no mention of it being ‘too Hollywood’. Look a handful of secret visits in SEVEN years of being a lousy patron we *promise it really happened*. Yes, her private secretary is leaving after only two years but look, holiday tv, secret visits! LOL

  39. MangoAngelesque says:

    Everyone’s covered the manic expression to the moon and back. She has thin lips and veneers, so her smile is always going to look a bit strained, but whatever. Unless she were to do something horrendous like get lip fillers or something, her smile is not likely to change. It is what it is.

    What bugs the everloving daylights out of me is why she refuses to stand up straight. That slouchy look might work on bored-faced models, but it looks so bloody ridiculous. It’s not like she’s self-conscious about her height. She’s been addicted to nine-inch tall wedges for too long to make that argument. And she stands the same way on the rare occasion she’s in flat shoes, too!

    Is that some aristocracy thing? “We’re too uppity to actually stand up?”

  40. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    I’ve hated this suit every time I’ve seen it. It doesn’t fit properly and there’s too much going on. Take the pieces separately (with proper measurements) and mix them with other pieces and they might work. Together they’re an ill-fitting, twee mess.

  41. RoyalBlue says:

    That outfit would look lovely on Lady Louise. That’s all I’ve got.

  42. Lowrider says:

    She looks disheveled. Her glam team must of had the day off.

  43. Miriam says:

    The look is so immature but I understand that she wore it as it’s similar colour to the charity! I think she’s on STRICT diet to fit in to her bespoke wardrobe(should’ve planned this earlier) so she probably had to lose the weight quickly!! I don’t wanna judge but she looked BEST during the RAF centenary in that blue coat dress!
    The hyena grin is a trademark kate look! She’ll probably keep at it even when she’s QC! It masks her disingenuous & fake interest when only showing that ridiculous laugh! I see they got the outgoing EACH manager to say a few words to try bury her lack of support over the years just like how Victoria Murphy & other RRs were lying during the interview with Shout charity workers who said both couple visited only for RRs to twist the numbers to make it as BOTH made the SAME effort!! look at the Sussexs instagram which states their visits..

  44. notasugarhere says:

    Just now being told after seven years of her doing nothing? After two years of Meghan doing loads behind the scenes and it not being credited. Obvious PR from an outgoing CEO wanting to score points plus last-minute Quinn efforts.