The Queen ‘won’t tolerate’ the Sussexes stepping out of line after the Andrew debacle

The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust reception

Prince Andrew has stepped down from public/royal life. That’s his version of events. What really happened, the best we can tell, is that the Queen and her courtiers spent several days trying to cover Andrew’s ass and it was blowing up in their faces. And then Charles called his mother from New Zealand and convinced her that Andrew has to go. So the Queen met with Andrew and fired him, basically. I want to be clear about this, because this is what those “sources” are saying and it’s what I genuinely believe happened: Charles called it and the Queen delivered the blow. If Charles had been in-country, he probably would have done it in concert with the Queen. But I truly think the Queen’s first, second and third instinct was to protect her favorite child, and Charles was the one pulling the strings on Andrew’s firing.

I’m framing it that way because nearly one full week after Andrew’s catastrophic BBC interview, the courtiers have settled on the talking point of “the Queen is very decisive and she fired Andrew for the good of the monarchy, because she’s a political genius.” No. She’s not. She’s clearly got terrible PR instincts and significant blind spots when it comes to certain people. And if you need further evidence of that, just look how the courtiers are trying to turn this around on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The Queen is back in control and sending a message to young royals such as Meghan and Harry not to step out of line, sources say. Her Majesty’s ruthless move to sack her own son Prince Andrew, shows that she will not let anything, or anyone, damage the monarchy.

A royal source said: “The Queen has acted quickly and decisively. She’s back in control. This scandal with Andrew and Epstein was threatening the crown and she wasn’t prepared to let personal feelings stand in the way of protecting the institution. This is a warning to any of the younger royals, particularly Meghan and Harry, that she won’t tolerate them stepping out of line. She was not happy with the TV interview they did and them generally doing their own thing. The house of York has a history of doing its own thing, and look where that has got them. The Sussexes need to take heed, keep their heads down, do a programme of British engagements up and down the country and most of all do as they’re told.”

[From The Sun]

“She was not happy with the TV interview they did” – the TV interview they did where they spoke about their own mental health and talked about how difficult it has been to be victimized by a vicious, months-long smear campaign which was partially (or wholly) orchestrated by various royal houses. That interview is being compared to Prince Andrew’s BBC debacle, where he lied about his sweat glands as a way to deny raping a teenager who was trafficked to him and where he pushed a nonsensical, ever-changing justification for why he spent four days in a convicted pedophile’s New York mansion. Those two interviews were EQUALLY unpleasant for the Queen. And as I said, I still believe that the Sussexes are doing a lot of thinking about what’s next for them, and whether they’re actually going to leave. If the “lesson” from this Andrew catastrophe is that “the Sussexes need to shut up and just sit there and be smeared,” I do think they’ll leave. But I’d also like to say: it’s not the Queen calling the shots or being decisive at this point. It’s all about (shadow king) Charles now and what HE wants.

(L-R) Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds attend the annual Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall on November 09, 2019 in London, England.

Queen's Christmas broadcast

Duke and Duchess of Sussex visit army families

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  1. Digital Unicorn says:

    This is BS as Chuck proved this week that its HIM running the show now, not Mummy who has pretty much retired.

    This is just nonsense to deflect away from the real person who gave a car crash interview.

    • otaku fairy.... says:

      Yep. Just comparing them to Andrew’s behavior is garbage.

      • detritus says:

        Also lol at quick and decisive. He’s been getting away with this for decades.

        The issue isn’t just bad PR, it’s that a Royal is a predator and they did nothing until it reached critical mass.

        All this shows is that the queen and the royals don’t give a flying fudge about the actions, just the optics.

        So honorable. Definitely protecting the people.

      • Missskirrtin says:

        Comparing The Sussexes to Abhorrent Andrew is nonsensical! That is crazy.

      • Lucy De Blois says:

        That’s what the tabloids are doing and they’ll continue doing. If they release some bad press on H&M here and there, they will attract, like a magnet, the batallions of trolls so fond on making them look bad. It’s a tactic of marketing: if you want to turn around the attention from one event by using other small event which can be commented by a significant number of people, others will follow and you will have the attention of the people where you want that to be.

      • Lucy De Blois says:

        It’s not only garbage. It’s insane. A complain about vicious press authorized by BP/KP (yes, I will NEVER believe all those pieces of rubbish were out without the PR and/or responsible for midia news were involved, sorry) is on the same level of a nasty, filthy story about suspect rape. But it’s not only insane: it’s useful to reduce everything to the same level. The trolls are going to follow the smell of blood (meaning, the lies about H&M) and if they are lucky, others will follow the trolls (I mean, racists, intolerants, haters,…). Soon, everyone will forget and Andy can go back to his old life (whatever it means) and the public affections. What is gonna happen to H&M is not their concern, that is quite clear if they leave UK, better. Will can shine in all his glory, and Charlie won’t have to revive the unpleasant feelings of Diana’s days when he was always the second fiddle.

  2. Ava4eva says:

    Sorry if this has already been discussed, but can someone explain to me why Andrew is the “favorite son”? I honestly can’t see why.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      He was allegedly the makeup baby after years of Philip cheating and them just not getting along.

      • sue denim says:

        I’ve been thinking too that maybe he reminds her most of the man she fell in love w, her awful husband.

      • Livvers says:

        I think he’s also the first and/or only one of her children she actually actively parented too, right? The others were raised by nannies, tutors, and boarding school as the queen was away a lot through their childhoods (Charles and Anne at least – not sure if she parented Edward).

      • A says:

        @Livvers, no he’s not. The Queen hasn’t parented any of her children in the way regular people think of parenting. She packed off Andrew to boarding schools and nannies and tutors, just like the rest of them. The only difference is that she is fonder of him because he is thought of as her and Philip’s bandaid baby after they got through a difficult period in her marriage.

    • SpankFD says:

      Weren’t there rumours about Andrew being the secret illegitimate son? The product of a riding instructor or family friend?

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Henry Herbert, 7th Earl of Carnarvon formerly styled as Lord Porchester and always called “Porchy”.

        I do not think there is any truth to this rumor but it gained credibility because Prince Andrew has an entirely different” look” from his brothers & sister.

      • olive says:

        andrew looks like the most like the queen. people say he must be porchy’s son because he doesn’t look like philip but that line of thinking dismisses his mother, who he does look like.

        beatrice has those big eyes from queen victoria, and eugenie looks like the queen mum when she was young. edward had a similar look to andrew too when he was young, those 2 definitely looked like full brothers when they were kids and in their 20s.

      • Maria says:

        olive- how does that dismiss his mother if the theory is that his mother had an affair? It’s entirely plausible that half-siblings would look similar to each other.
        Don’t know how much credence I give that theory, but your comment doesn’t make sense to me.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Andrew looks more and more like Philip and Charles as he ages. Edward (and Lady Louise) really take after the Queen.

      • olive says:

        @Maria the line of thinking seems to be that if he doesn’t look like philip, it MUST have been an affair and he surely MUST have another father out there who he looks like. instead of considering that he just looks like his mom.

      • Tourmaline says:

        Porchy was part of the family that owns the “real life Downton Abbey”, Carnarvon Castle, right? I think his son (not Andrew haha) is the current Earl?

        I don’t think the Queen had an affair with anyone. She was way too straight-laced and uptight to be up to that in the 1950s/1960s, falling pregnant and bearing another man’s child…Please!

      • February Pisces says:

        Around the time Andrew was conceived I think Phillip was suppose to be away on tour for months. I think the queen and prince Phillip were going through a rough patch and there were rumours that he was cheating all over the place. She had a genuine connection with porchy and was close to him all his life, so it would make sense that they became more than friends at some point.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Porchy’s son-in-law is QEII’s current blood stock agent. He basically took over Porchy’s job when Porchy died IIRC.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Philip returned from the tour 30 April 1959 as was scheduled. Andrew was born 19 February 1960. He’s the makeup, welcome back baby, not Porchy’s kid.

      • PrincessK says:

        If you look hard and close you can see Philip in him, unlike his parents and siblings he has gained a lot of weight, if he really slimmed down the resemblance to Philip would show more.

      • A says:

        That is the rumour, yes, but I don’t think that it’s actually true. Andrew doesn’t look like Porchey besides the dark hair and the fact that he’s pudgy. He actually bears something of a striking resemblance to Prince Philip’s father, Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark. Same head shape, same dark hair, same eyes, if you ask me.

      • dreamchild says:

        If you think for one minute that the Q would carry an illegitimate child to term then I have the proverbial bridge to sell you. Same with Diana and Harry. This is not the Middle Ages where women had no choices (and even then there was the back cave door). Why would the Q or PD open themselves or God forbid, their offspring, the chance that they could be outed by others in the family. No way no how. The Royal doctor would have been summoned tout suite!

    • Montrealaise says:

      There are a number of theories as to why he’s her favorite child, but one thing has always been clear: to the Queen, Andrew is the ”golden child”, the one who can do no wrong, the one who has never had to face the consequences of his actions, the one whose mummy has always protected him and made excuses for him.

    • FuefinaWG says:

      I think it’s because of Andrews personality. There’s a disconnect between QEII/Charles and QEII/Anne. QEII/Edward are close. Andrew probably has a personality similar to QEII who, I understand in her personal life, actually has a personality and is fun-loving.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        It has been said that Princess Anne, personality wise, is Prince Philip in a skirt but with humor of her grandmother, The Queen Mum.

        Disclaimer: I have never met Princess Anne so I really would not know.

  3. Becks1 says:

    So, first – no, I don’t believe the Queen thinks that her decision re: Andrew was sending a message to the Sussexes about doing tv interviews.

    Second – these kinds of stories are just a way for the RRs to be able to keep bringing up H&M and to continue smearing them. Cant let Andrew have all the negative coverage!! It’s disgusting.

    • VS says:


      This is just a way to bring the Sussexes into the story……….royal gossipers really need Meghan & Harry to sell their BS.
      Harry & Meghan are already suing them; they won’t retract their lawsuits because of their BS……..Meghan, the black Duchess will show them what being raised by a strong woman actually means

    • Cidy says:

      Agreed. I think its just a way to keep dredging them up and causing more drama to keep eyes and ears away from where we probably need them.

    • notasugarhere says:

      We knew the RRs would find a way to try to blame Meghan, and here it is.

    • windyriver says:

      Angela Kelly’s new book mostly discusses clothes, but early on she outlines her start in royal service in the mid-1990’s. It’s revealing how she describes what the atmosphere was like. Most eye opening – “On one occasion, I remember being told that only after twelve years as a staff member would I be allowed to have an opinion.” She was aware at the beginning she was “ruffling feathers”, and though she would “only ever act in Her Majesty’s best interests…yet I often felt patronized and belittled”.

      Diana was divorced from Charles by this point, but this would be the atmosphere that had surrounded her too. Kelly says the Royal Household was very male dominated at that point, and implies things have changed. But have they, really? She says the RH had been a place “where traditions were upheld and routines were followed.” More likely HM would cling to traditions more as she got older. What’s changed is Kelly has long been a senior person, with a close relationship to the Queen; who’s going to hassle her?

      She also makes it clear the book had the blessing of HM. So, the assumption is, what she says is accurate. More than likely the same petty, jealous, tradition-bound atmosphere still exists, this is what Meghan is also dealing with, and no stretch at all to imagine self-important courtiers contributing to the press for articles like this.

      • A says:

        @windyriver, what you bring up is absolutely fascinating. Angela Kelly is an incredibly valuable and beloved staff member. So the fact that she wrote in the book that she felt like she was “ruffling feathers” by having an opinion instead of going along with everyone else, even if her opinion was only taking into consideration the best interests of the Queen, likely sounds like it’s accurate.

        Angela Kelly has been instrumental in helping the Queen dress much better in her later years. Why in the world would they hire a designer, someone who is presumably there to improve on something for the Queen, if all they want her to do is just keep doing what they’ve always been doing? How oes

      • windyriver says:

        She wasn’t hired for her present position. She was hired in 1994 as an assistant dresser. She was working as the housekeeper for the British Ambassador to Germany, and met HM and Philip when they stayed there. Made an impression on them with an incident that demonstrated her discretion. Had been planning to move back to England anyway, and was invited to interview for the assistant dresser position.

        She learned her dressmaking/designer skills growing up from what sounds like an extremely talented mother, and things evolved to where she is today.

        Interestingly, she also talks about being sensitive early on about her background and accent (Liverpool), and that she was divorced with three children. “I thought other people might not understand why I was chosen: they might think I did not belong…”

        What a lovely atmosphere to work in.

    • noway says:

      I’ve been watching the Crown, and if even a tiny bit is accurate, it seems like the courtiers and staff are more invested in tradition than even the royals. Probably cause it is how they keep their jobs maintaining these crazy rules, and the royals have to live with the consequences of these rules. I can see how Harry and Meghan break a royal mold, and they would try and smear them. However my experience with big organizations is I think it isn’t a concerted organized smear campaign more a let’s bit=* about them till something sticks campaign. I think the royals have less to do with it than people think. It seems the royals first action over the years is always non-action. Stay quiet and don’t respond does seem to be where the royals go, and then it all blows up and they have to do something. I’ve watched them over the years and it just seems to be how they operate.

      Now I do believe Harry and Meghan have a different kind of attack, as it seems to have emboldened an underlying racism which existed in the UK but wasn’t as much in everyone’s face as it is now. I’d say Trump’s election did that in the US too. Our racism was more prevalent, but we had made strides, and now it seems two steps back and in your face to boot. I don’t think either Charles or the Queen really think this headline at all about the Sussexes. It’s just another stupid RR gossip to change the subject.

      • minx says:

        I’ve watched all seasons of The Crown and IMO the overarching theme is that this family will do absolutely anything to keep and hold power and money. If they have to throw certain members of the family (and certainly outsiders) under the bus, they will. They get frantic about any whiff of turmoil that would “bring the whole thing down” and they soften it up with talk about duty, history, blah blah blah. Bullsh*t. They want to keep this lavish, unquestioned life going for all eternity.

    • Lady2Lazy says:

      I don’t believe any of this garbage because let’s face it, The Firm never discusses or divulges any matters regarding family matters. Let’s face it, this all SPECULATION! The trolls are out to include H&M in Andrews mess as a “threat” to create a narrative or manipulate their standing in the public views as to what they expect.
      This is all BS. Also, I that blasting H&M for spending Christmas with M’s family while W&K have done this for years is an additional smear campaign. The public needs to stop smearing them and holding them under a different set of standards than they do the rest of the Firm.
      Sorry, off of my soap box now. Thanks guys!

    • Kebbie says:

      I really thought this scandal was one they wouldn’t be able to link to Harry and Meghan. They are very creative, I’ll give them that.

  4. Oh No says:

    If I wrote this goofy sh*t, I’d feel bad about myself. The RRs (besides Omid) are bottomee feeders.

    • Guest2.0 says:

      Agree…this is totally made up BS about the Sussexes. Omid wrote a great article about Sussex fans new initiative supporting their conservation efforts. Can any other members of the royal family say they have this kind of impact?

      • VS says:

        @Guest2.0 —– indeed, this is the second time people get inspired by the Sussexes to do something. I remember the first one being the GlobalSussexBabyShower. I participated in that one. Thanks for highlighting the Plan Trees initiative; I cannot plant trees but I will donate…….

        No one in that family, except Diana had inspired people to do anything like it……H&M can disapprove everything but for those stories that were obvious lies, the press will pay……. they have to; this has been going on for too long!

      • PrincessK says:

        Yes, the tree planting project initiated by Sussex fans is fantastic. The Sussexes are really powerful influencers, and are definitely being held back. The Cambridge’s are in trouble. Even though l don’t like her anymore Penny Junor said very early on that the Sussexes would overshadow the Cambridge’s. Toxic Tominey and the Maleficent Morgan have both angrily said that Harry and Meghan are making the Cambridge’s look like inconsequential nobodies.

        All l can say is the Cambridge’s had better brace themselves when the Sussexes launch their own Foundation next year.

    • noway says:

      Agree it seems stupid and just nuts to me too. I’m not a Harry and Meghan can do no wrong like some on here either, but comparing what Andrew did to them in any sense is beyond crazy.

  5. Bryn says:

    Chuck it all in the fire, i say. The monarchy is outdated and ridiculous.

    • minx says:

      Sell off all the land and belongings that these grifters “own” and give it to charity. It would be a better use of money than lavishly supporting all these imposters so that they can “work” by attending ribbon cuttings.

      • The Recluse says:

        No, then oligarchs would just buy it all up.
        Turn all the properties over to the National Trust or form National Parks out of them.
        Tourist dollars would help to maintain them, especially if there was the option of being able to stay the night in some of them.

      • Bettyrose says:

        The Recluse: ITA! Once spent a weeklong family vacation touring National Trust properties in the Cotswolds.

      • minx says:

        Whatever, just get them away from these freeloaders.

  6. Capepopsie says:

    This is SUCH a load of crap. She is pointing fingers at others to divert the public attention. This HAS damaged her much more than she realizes. For her own good, she should just step down too and let P Charles get on with it. It’s becoming a farce at This point!

    • AnnaKist says:

      I agree. Because her golden child showed the world just how big an arse he is, the negativity needs to be thrown the Sussex’s way. Of course it does. They seem to be happy living their own life and not getting in anyone’s way. In fact, it looks as if they’ve sussed out who is supportive of them, who is loyal, who can be trusted etc., and staying close to them, rather than dance to The Firm’s tune. And The Firm doesn’t like it. I think they’re a toxic lot, so good luck to all those who have the good sense to distance themselves from this lot.

      I think the queen knows what a cock Andrew has been, but since he’s her obvious favourite, it’s fine. My mother was the same. I still wished her golden child a happy birthday this morning, though…

    • Tourmaline says:

      Absolutely, Buckingham Palace is just desperate to detract from the massive disaster of the Newsnight interview that Emily Maitlis said was approved by the Queen and the subsequent PR debacle the next few days when it was put out that the Queen believed and supported him utterly. We do remember that did happen, Buckingham Palace, because it was just a few days ago!

      So the new marching orders are to stress that The Queen Is Back in Control. She’s back with a vengeance folks, knocking heads and taking names! Um she’s not and she shouldn’t be, at 93 she needs to step aside graciously and let Charles step up.

      • Nic919 says:

        Which she just shot down by going horse riding with Andrew. It’s becoming more obvious that she’s not making any real decisions on this issue.

      • Tourmaline says:

        @Nic919 , so right, they can’t stick to their talking point for more than one day. I think basically BP knows the Queen looks weak and clueless in this whole situation so they are swinging the pendulum wildly back and forth.

        She could easily be monarch for 10 more years, past age 100 if she matches her mother’s longevity. How long can they keep up the fiction she is totally conversant and in control of all things going on in her own family.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        The Fail are now running a story that Charles is going to read Prince Porky Fingers the riot act when he returns from his tour. Someone is setting up the narrative as Charles the saviour of the Monarchy, even trying to save TQ from herself and Andrew’s machinations.

        Fergie was pap’d waltzing into BP yesterday for ‘crisis’ meetings, the news reports were quick to stress she arrived at TQ had left for Windsor.

        The horse ride was a deliberate PR stunt, Andrew was looking right at the paps – he knew they were there. Did Fergie tip them off on his behalf?

      • Tourmaline says:

        Now the pendulum is wildly swinging on whether Andrew is done with Pitch at the Palace, just a few hours ago the word was that yes he was fired off that. Now per Richard Palmer he is NOT quitting that. The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing in BP apparently

  7. Betsy says:

    Good christ. They’re so shockingly tone deaf! I don’t think this is the Queen. I think she’s largely checked out and, as you say, Charles is basically the shadow king at this point, which I understand is not how things are “done,” I know, but again I think the Queen is facing some age related deterioration and just isn’t anymore.

    But I think the grey men will just keep embiggening Will and Kate Keen and trashing the Sussexes to do so. Working hard is not the same thing as raping teenagers. It just isn’t. William is the future king, no matter how ill suited to the throne is he or how unwilling he is to work, and he must not be damaged. So, Harry and Meghan, meet the underside of this double decker bus.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Theory: The courtiers of the different palaces do not like Charles as he has a mind of his own and after taking advice will not be swayed in his decisions. On the other hand, William is well liked by courtiers of the different palaces because he will do pretty much as he is advised (told) so he can get onto whatever it is he really wants to do in his private life. Therefore, the courtiers of the different palaces do all they can to embiggen the Cambridges at the expense of all other royals so they may be the real font of control.

      Does this theory make sense to anyone but me?

      • Betsy says:

        Maybe about Charles, but I don’t think William listens to anyone either, nor does he think he needs to work. At least Charles is out there.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        William once bragged in a TV interview that he does the opposite of what he is advised by the courtiers. Maybe that has changed.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        I just do not see William having much of a backbone.

      • notasugarhere says:

        William has plenty of backbone to be as petty as he wants. As AH writes, he prides himself on not listening to advice, doing the opposite, not reading his prep notes.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @nota, I understand what you are writing and see your point but I have always had this gut feeling that William is really a wimp & loser. The kind of guy that cannot fight his own battles and is whining like a BOB.

        BOB=Big Old Baby

      • notasugarhere says:

        I agree he is a wimp and a loser, but for me he has backbone to continue to be so stubborn, aggressive, and convinced of his own brilliance. It is like when people say Kate is a doormat. No, she chose to act like one with William (and like a royal bitch to most everyone else) in order to get what she wants. But when William crosses certain lines, she rears up and demands what she wants. See Maldives vacation, Baby #3, etc.

  8. crogirl says:

    Charles doesn’t care about the raped girl, he’s just angry that his dumb brother got caught and embarrass the firm.
    As for Harry and Meghan I do believe she would leave in a minute. But I don’t see him being capable of living a normal life without all the perks and having a regular job.

    • VS says:

      Should I remind you that Harry was in the army or do you consider that not to be a regular job? Google is free

      Meghan has taken care of herself and did it quite well for 35 years!!!! she can work and she knows how to. With their profile, they will most likely be like the Obamas

      Harry & Meghan are not poor; yes, they are not crazy rich but they can live a very comfortable life on the money they have

      • noway says:

        Before you guys even go there you do know Prince Andrew was in the Navy for 22 years right? He retired a Vice Admiral in the Navy. Harry served for 10 years and William served for 7 years. Andrew and William are both helicopter pilots too. William served with the Blues and Royals regiment and did search and rescue as one of his jobs. Andrew served in the Falkland Wars. Harry was in the Army and served in the Gulf War. Even Charles was in the Navy for five years. They all do that. Andrew’s the one who did it the longest by far.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Harry was the one who was full-time, 10 years in one arm, served in two war zones (vs. Andrew once in the Falklands), and won an award for his helo skills.

        William skipped around different branches, never fulltime anywhere and gone just as they were ready to throw him out. He was never a helo pilot. He has only ever been a co-pilot, one rushed through training in 1/3 of the time. That was why he had to take a year of remedial helo training to even qualify as a co-pilot for EAAA.

    • Elisa says:

      @crogirl: I totally agree with you.
      And I also agree with this: “It’s all about (shadow king) Charles now and what HE wants.” I have been saying this all along: IMO Charles has been a key figure behind the smears from the beginning (they started with his biography). He is the only one ambitious, strategic, smart enough for it.

    • morrigan01 says:

      Are you forgetting that Harry almost LEFT the Royal Family BEFORE he met Meghan? Because he did. It was basically his grandmother who convinced him to stay.

      So no. Harry has enough money from his mother and the Queen Mother to still live quite well away from them. And with the tone of his letters to the press about their harassment of Meghan? If he feels the best way to protect his wife and son is to leave then he totally will. It’s clear nothing is going to split him from her (no matter how hard some people try to do it).

      • Iamcait says:

        Where did you hear that?

      • morrigan01 says:


        Google it. It’s been said multiple times in print and in documentaries and such – particularly around when Harry was going through it wrt the Vegas stuff and the aftermath of it.

        As to the money Harry has, that’s also something that’s been talked about multiple times, particularly what Diana left him.

      • A says:

        Both Harry and William have been rumoured to want to leave the RF at different times. With William, it was Kate who actually convinced him not to, and the rumours are that this is the reason why the royal staffers tolerate her and didn’t object to her marrying William, because it meant he would have someone who could be relied upon to keep him in the succession.

  9. Rapunzel says:

    She acted quickly and decisively? Um… no she didn’t.

    The Sussexes have done nothing remotely close to what Andrew did. Even flipping Piers Morgan seems to get that. Is TQ dumber than Piers Morgan? If so #abolishthemonarchy

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Was really surprised that Piers Morgan did take up for the Sussexes in his “editorial” yesterday in the Daily Fail.

      • noway says:

        I was surprised he tore down Andrew more than taking up for the Sussexes. I think with the Sussexes he’s mad that Meghan dissed him, as he sees it. Plus he seemed to be a loyalist with the royals about duty.

      • PrincessK says:

        Sorry but l refuse to read anything written by Piers Morgan, of all the reporters he is the most vile, l will never forget what he has subjected Meghan to. He needs to be kicked out like his pal Katie Hopkins.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Piers is now implicated in a new lawsuit regarding the theft of Diana’s letters to Hewitt. That may be why he is pretending to support the Sussexes temporarily.

  10. JanetFerber says:

    WTF does this even mean? Why does she need to bully her grandson because her son is a pedo rapist? This reminds me of when her father had to become king when his older brother stepped down to marry Wallis Simpson. When her sister Margaret wanted to marry the love of her life, a divorced man whose wife had cheated on him, Elizabeth told Margaret to wait a year and there was a threat that Margaret would lose her royal income and privileges. So Margaret lost the love of her life and married a crap man and squandered her life on trivial hell raising. In other words, Margaret was punished because Nazi lover David scandalized the family. It wasn’t fair then and it’s not fair now. Her grandson is a genuinely good man and her son Andrew is trash. Don’t punish Harry because of Andrew. I really don’t like the queen.

    • manda says:

      Great point. Margaret really was screwed, and I just don’t understand why. I don’t understand why they have to be so stoic all the time. I just don’t get their rules at all

    • notasugarhere says:

      The story around Margaret has been disproved with documents released from the archive. HM advocated for her to be allowed to marry Townsend. The deal was in place and agreed by government advisors. She’d keep her royal income, housing, and duties but she and her children would be out of the line of succession. Margaret chose not to marry Townsend.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Yep. It was something that surprised me – but from her letters it seemed as though she wasn’t decided whether she’s marry him or not during the period he was out of the country.

      • notasugarhere says:

        She may have regretted it and wanted to blame someone else, but it was her choice. Would her life have been happier if she’d given up that bit of royal privilege, a place in the succession, for the love of her life?

      • I’ve read several biographies that also state that Margaret did not — even before the waiting period was over — want to marry Townsend and she threw her sister on the fire as the “villain” to hide this fact. Margaret was a loose cannon who played the field even then and had a personality much like Andrew’s in her overwhelming ego and disdain for the little people. Supposedly, Townsend and Margaret began having relations when she was as young as 15 when he was serving as her father’s equerry and taking private horse rides where they disappeared for hours. His wife got fed up with their non-existent marriage and found love elsewhere so he came out looking like the wronged party in the press.

      • The Hench says:

        Wow, thank you Nota and AH – I had no idea that was the real story. Seems crazy that Margaret would be reluctant to give up her place in the succession given the chance of her ever becoming queen was already pretty darn remote. If she’d really been in love with Townshend as the mythology has it, then this would have been a daft reason to deny the love of her life. Seems much more likely that she was less in love with him than the story told and chose to walk away but then regretted it and needed someone/something to blame. Much easier to play the perennial, lovelorn victim of royal circumstance than admit to herself that she had been a numpty and made the wrong decision.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        I think Margaret was in love with the idea of running off with a dashing older man but got cold feet when that fantasy threatened to become a reality – plus I don’t think she wanted to be cut out of the line of succession.

        She may have regretted it later in life after a failed marriage and string of scandalous affairs with dodgy men. He was quite dishy however he seemed to like the ladies young as his 2nd wife was 20 when they married and he was 44.

    • noway says:

      Sorry the comments are right the Crown isn’t 100% accurate with facts. They use dramatic license to make it more interesting to watch. The Queen did try to let Margaret marry Peter Townsend, but others including Churchill- which was apparently accurate, courtiers, the government and the church didn’t want it. Which was similar to David and Wallis Simpson’s situation too. They weren’t Nazi lovers at the time, as that was a while after, and I wonder how much of the Nazi loving is completely accurate, as I feel like it could be the other royals (namely the Queen Mother) throwing him under a bus as lots of people including American leaders met with Nazi leaders too. Revisionist history is interesting.

      I personally don’t believe this story at all or that the Queen thinks this way. I think the Queen was probably sad to fire her son. I’m sure a lifetime of having lies printed about you, make it hard to believe things written about your son. I’m guessing she believes him, but realized this wasn’t going to work. Now Charles may actually see his brother for what he is, but who knows. I know people on here don’t believe that, but you don’t personally know them. These people all of them may be very different in person than you imagine from their public image.

      • Tia says:

        The ‘love of Margaret’s life’ groomed her from her early teens and kept her hanging on at an age when she could have been forming appropriate relationships. When she broke it off, he moved on to a 17 year old girl. Effectively he was her teenage crush and instead of shutting it down the way he should have done, he encouraged her.

        Margaret was a spoilt, selfish, extremely difficult woman but while I don’t think the relationship was sexual, I still think she was the victim of child grooming herself. Of course, the fact the Royal family didn’t see anything wrong with the age difference (all they cared about was that he was married) explains a lot about their attitude to Epstein’s victims.

      • Boxy Lady says:

        Noway, the Windsor Files, aka the Marburg Files, contain correspondence between the Nazis and the Duke of Windsor. They were discovered in the 40s and were suppressed until their publication in the late 50s. The Duke of Windsor told the Nazis to keep up the bombing in the UK so that the UK would be more open to peace agreements. Also, there was a plot to bring back the Duke of Windsor’s royal title of King. I wouldn’t call any of that revisionist history especially since the evidence exists.

      • Mo says:

        There was a PBS special on the Nazi Windsors on recently: Spying on the Windsors. It includes the FBI surveillance of them and the reports given to FDR. The UK people may have had cause to exaggerate to curry favor with the new King, but the FBI didn’t.

  11. CommentingBunny says:

    This is disgusting. It might be the worst smear yet. How do they equate a woman of colour standing ever so slightly up for herself with being a f***ing paedophile? And think drawing this bizarre equivalency akes them look good? If the Queen really thinks this, and I’m starting to think she does, she has completely lost the plot.

  12. Cidy says:

    THEM stepping out of line??? Gtfo they havent done anything but try to exist. Meg cant breathe without the daily fail coming for her. Go on with that. I think the story was meant to read as “I want family chaos to end and us to fake happy and pretty again so we gain public favor.” But it really came off as “I’m mad the H&M exposed us as the racist a$$ old white people we are and we wont tolerate it.”

    You know what WILL gain public favor? If we could have some f-ing transparency and the crown backed H&M against their many abusers and stood as a unit. Honestly I think Charles is in charge right now, and I think he would be mad at Harry for his interview because he sees it as a break in their perfection bubble after he let the smear campaign roll out. I think the courtiers and aides started the campaign after a fight between William and Harry and its escalated from there.

    I hope both Will and Harry (and Kate and Meg, I’m not leaving them out.) Seek therapy in the near future, I think they both suffer from a form of PTSD from their childhood and they channel it in different ways. William clearly has mommy and control issues and Harry’s hatred of the press while right in some places (like when they are being gross racists to his wife) and is toxic in others.

    I think the crown, the Queen, Charles and everyone have used Harry and William as chips to play against each other (because they’re so different) and pawns for their whole lives and its cause so much sabotage, and all the public does is talk about botox and wiglets and baby weight and fall right into it.


    • VS says:

      After the FlyBe stunt, I am surprised by people trying to say that W&K have the same objectives as H&M………the former is clearly set up to be embiggened at the expense of H&M. Unfortunately for them, charisma and brains are things they both lack

      • Cidy says:

        VS –

        I didnt say that the two couples have the same objectives. I think they are drastically different couples and people.

      • VS says:

        I agree with you there that they are different people………one is clearly set up to do good and actually want to do good; the other I don’t know; after how many years of marriage, some are still waiting for their keenness to lead to anything………so yeah they are different people

      • noway says:

        Please one’s set up to do good while the other is waiting for keenness to show. You do realize you sound like a fairytale. Good versus Evil, must be nice to live in your black and white world. You know the BIG problem with that theory, society gets tired of that plot and loves to see the Good people fail. Plus if you put Meghan on that high of a pedestal she will most likely fall. Pretty sure a lot of people loved William and Andrew for that matter at one time. You don’t know these people personally you may be greatly disappointed as they don’t do what you want them to do.

  13. Britt says:

    This is a load of crock and a RR / Media dream. The press is so angry that they’re suing them and then they’re losing money because the obvious money makers won’t be there for Christmas and won’t let them make money off Archie. They want the queen to get involved because nothing has brought the Sussexes to the table but pushed them away even further and forced them to fight back. The same way the press say they hold public figures “accountable”.. whatever..the same way the people they harass and abuse can do the same.

  14. Rapunzel says:

    The Fail has pics of TQ and Prince Nonce riding together in Windsor. Mummy clearly still supports her baby, but Chucky has put the screws to her to keep things in line.

    Theory (not totally tinfoil): Chuck finally convinced TQ to fire Andy. He begged Mummy to let him go to Bahrain as planned to keep grifting. She said ok. Chuck found out and called again from New Zealand to quash that. Andy is retaliating by making sure it’s seen that the TQ holds him on par with the Sussexes.

  15. Purplehazeforever says:

    Prince Charles ordered the firing of Prince Andrew. There was no convincing, it was an order…they just discussed allowing Prince Andrew to make the statement. Prince Charles just flexed, if it was the Queen there would have been no firing. I’m not sure why the royal courtiers continue with this fiction about The Queen. So if this is true that the Sussexes are being told not to step out of line…that came from Prince Charles & the royal courtiers are saying it’s the Queen. Expect him to officially take over within 6 months & the monarchy will be shaped in his image. What do people think of The Queen now?

    • RoyalBlue says:

      Agreed. It’s Charles calling the shots.

    • Lady D says:

      I hope they retire her to Wood Farm.

    • Mads says:

      I am beginning to think Charles is the one that is supporting Harry and Meghan’s lawsuits. I think he is the ally they have. It’s been obvious Charles and Camilla like Meghan. Their body language is affectionate. Camilla was going to do a Remembrance Day event with Meghan before she became sick and had to pull out. I suspect the Queen wanted the Sussex duo to keep ignoring the slander. Probably everyone knew Will was jealous of all the Sussex charisma. As for the interview, Charles had his own revelatory interviews with the press. He would understand. Maybe Charles is the one who negotiated moving them out of Kensington Palace to protect them. Someone moved the Sussex offices to Buckingham Palace and their home to Windsor. Aside from the whatever stupid stories created by royal reporters, those are the facts. The Sussex are being protected. Maybe not the way we would like it, but it actually is happening. Because once they were free of KP, there were no more leaked tidbits. Meghan was even able to get to the hospital, deliver a baby, and come home with no one the wiser!
      I never really liked Charles because he was such a tool to Diana, but I think he loves his sons. Maybe Harry a little more.

      • morrigan01 says:

        Charles hates the tabloid press. He was caught on a hot mike back in in the early 00′s saying so during a ski trip with William and Harry. Any concessions he makes to them are clearly just to keep the peace.

        But yeah, I agree that Charles and Camilla are two who I do think support Harry and Meghan. In starting his own fashion line, Charles directly gave credit to Meghan for the idea (unlike some who take the Sussex’s ideas and just copy them with zero credit). It was clearly from him that it was leaked that he found Thomas a disgrace while he found Doria classy.

        Charles clearly has the ability to look at the long term, and he clearly see Harry and Meghan as an asset, especially to him when he becomes King. Yes, I think he and Camilla both like Meghan, but I also think Charles is strategic on top of that.

        It’s long been said that there is a household rift between Charles and William – two rival courts, one and Clarence House and one at Kensington Palace. I think part of the rift and smear coming from KP is not only wrt the drama of William being unable to handle the Sussex ‘s popularity, but also likely because they are likely more connected to the Clarence House side of all of this than the KP one. So KP is trying to spear them into being less of an asset to Charles and what he wants in the future.

        . . .

        You know, while I think Charles will do everything he can to protect the crown for himself, I kinda wonder if he cares what William does with it anymore after him. I just learned a day or two ago that things that are clearly Charles’ legacy – such as the Princes’ Trust – will be left to the Earl of Snowden. William clearly didn’t want it, but it’s not like William built his own thing that he wants to focus on like Harry did with the Invictus Games and Sentable. William has built no thing that could be a lasting legacy in his own name. I really think Charles has given up on William being any sort of useful King, and if the Monarchy ends during William’s reign then so be it. Charles will fight to make sure it doesn’t end before HE gets the crown, but William will pretty much on his own once it passes down to him.

      • Dilettante says:

        I hope you’re right. H and M have been pilloried by the press for no reason.

  16. emmy says:

    They really are determined to drive the monarchy off the nearest cliff, aren’t they? Good riddance. Has this old broad not learned a thing from the family shitshow during the 90s? Damn.

    I think the only ones who might be fine long term are the Sussexes. It may be a hard road ahead but I have no doubt they see the writing on the wall.

    • Pix says:

      I agree. The people in charge of their PR are really floundering. They don’t seem to understand that bullying the Sussexes makes the whole family look bad.

  17. Sharonk says:

    What an antiquated ridiculous institution. They live in a bubble not grounded in reality.
    Abolish but then again I’m American, thank god.

    • VS says:

      I know @sharonk; I am also American, we have our issues but my goodness, at least we can vote our politicians out of office,
      I am glad our ancestors kick those people to the curb. A system where the randomness of birth takes precedence over competence, no matter how idiotic and unfit the first born can be. No thanks!
      Despite all of our issues in the US, with slavery, racism, wealth disparity, healthcare, I will take our system over such an antiquated system like the one in the UK

      • Bettyrose says:

        You guys do know that the American president (who lost the popular vote but took the election any way due to the antiquated system of the electoral college) is also a probable sex trafficker and child rapist with close ties to Epstein – who’s privilege an accomplishments are almost exclusively a result of his birth?

        It’s fine to criticize the RF but let’s hold off on banging the drum of American superiority.

      • VS says:

        Our presidential elections have never ever been based on the popular vote. I despite Trump but let’s not create this false narrative.
        Trump is despicable but he can be voted out and even if he gets re-elected, he cannot do more than 8 years as president.

        So yes, I will take our system over a system based on birth no matter how incompetent or unreliable the person is.

        Our ancestors kicked them out of the curb for a reason! you can be born wealthy in the US, I cannot criticize that, you will have all the advantages because of your wealth but you are not entitled to become president of the USA because of a randomness of birth

        So YES, I will take the US system; you are the one talking about superiority; none of us DID! I only say I prefer our system that’s all!

      • minx says:

        VS—agree. At some point Trump will be gone (dead, resigned, voted out). But the BRF is there for eternity.

      • Bettyrose says:

        Brits also wisely unloaded their puritans on us, and we continue to have to battle puritanical small mindedness in the U.S. daily especially in regards to gender and LGBT rights. We’re the only industrialized nation without a national healthcare option. Britain has a lot of qualities I as an American envy. And one is not entitled to be Prime Minister from birth. The monarch is not an equivalent office to president. Both nations have significant problems, especially in the Trump/Brexit era, but “I’m an American thank god” is a weird sentiment in this context.”

      • minx says:

        Bettyrose—personally I would never say “I’m an American thank god” because we have too much to be embarrassed about. But I don’t know why the BRF is still allowed to exist, when these people are not elected and have done nothing to merit what they have.

      • Zazu says:

        As a Canadian I have a middle ground perspective maybe. The pro-royalty argument is that having a hereditary monarchy as the head of state provides continuity and stability despite constantly changing governments. The Queen can symbolize and celebrate civil society, the church, the military and government institutions without embroiling them in politics. If a country feels deeply attached to their monarchy, I think it can be a good Institution, under the right circumstances.

        I feel like the real problem with the British royal family, compared to other monarchies, is that they have SO much money and fame. Too many family members in the British monarchy are full-time Royals. If the “spare” siblings could have their own careers instead of working under the heir I think it would create a lot less intrigue and jealousy. Fewer palaces and a trimmed budget could keep them more grounded too.

      • notasugarhere says:

        The Dutch royals are rich (Shell Oil), but they follow the pattern of only the heir is a working royal. The other siblings are raised to go out and earn a living. But they also represent a much smaller population than the UK royals.

        Princess Mabel of the Netherlands, whom I mentioned elsewhere? She recently made an estimated 50million USD off of tech stock.

  18. Ctgirl says:

    Since the Sussexes are being run down by the British tabloids, which everyone thinks is wrong, why is anyone paying attention to anything that The Sun is printing??? The Sun has no more credibility or access to courtiers than a line cook at Burger King.

  19. notasugarhere says:

    I’m not ruling out HM and Andrew trying to bring him back. Statement read ‘step back from public duties for the foreseeable future’, not retiring from all royal duties permanently. Immediately followed by him trying to continue P@Palace unofficially. If he is perceived as cooperating with authorities and somehow manages not to be charged? We might yet see him back.

    • Purplehazeforever says:

      Not a chance…Prince Charles fired him.

      • notasugarhere says:

        That isn’t how it reads to me. If that was the case, it would be stated he was retiring from public duties permanently. The statement is stepping back from public duties for the time being, not retiring from everything permanently. That statement was Andrew hedging his bet, which we saw with him trying to keep that entrepreneur thing going behind the scenes.

        Charles may not want to allow him back, mummy still supports her fav child. There’s also the issue of Counsellor of State and whether Charles gets legal permission to remove him. He does that, Beatrice is automatically a Counsellor.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Remove him immediately!

        Beatrice will do fine as a Counsellor of State.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I think Charles would remove him immediately and permanently, but that isn’t what has happened. Andrew would not go this quietly, see the photos of him riding with the Queen.

    • Purplehazeforever says:

      How I read it was that Prince Charles allowed his mother to negotiate the terms with Prince Andrew but he was fired. That’s all the phone call was about: negotiating the statement. Once Prince Charles is King, Prince Andrew will not be back & definitely not after The Queen dies. He allowed his brother & mother some opening with the “resignation” but after today’s riding I bet he wishes he hadn’t.

  20. Guest says:

    Lol the woman is well into her 90s. I wonder how much critical thinking skills she actually has anymore? I would say Charles wouldnt do that to his son and wife but now I totally see him being an ahole. Just like William. I really hope harry is taking the time to actually think if all this is worth it. Is racism, classism, and xenophobia towards your wife worth pleasing daddy? It wont be long until they start to drag archie into it.

  21. ItReallyIsYouNotMe says:

    I watched the first 3 episodes of The Crown season 3 and all I could think of is how much I want to see that show’s take on the current situation on H&M, W&K, and Prince Momma’s Favorite. I wish they would fast-forward to 2019!

  22. Abby says:

    These people never give up,no matter how ridiculous & absurd their assumptions get every single time

  23. Rogue says:

    This is the tabloids bringing up the Sussexes for clicks, because they are mad they are being sued& because they are missing out on photo oops money- the birth photo all, christening and now Christmas. That’s why some are insisting Charles order the Sussexes to reverse their plans and spend Christmas at Sandringham. The member of the public who took smartphone pic of the fab 4 during Meghan’s first Sandringham Christmas made thousands. An article in the Sun actually said that the Andrew scandal proves the monarchy should get rid of hanger ons like Harry& Meghan& there should be no more lawsuits. Their agenda is obvious.

    Two political parties have added commitment to second part of the press Levenson inquiry in their election manifestos so these papers are terrified the Sussexes lawsuits will increase pressure for this to happen which they don’t want.

    I can imagine the Queen& Charles would want the Sussexes at Christmas now to put on united front& to distract. Sure the kiddies will be out on the walk though so sure that will bring some of the goodwill the family needs right now.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Kids don’t do the walk at Christmas until they are old enough to sit still in church.

    • morrigan01 says:

      The tabloids really haven’t learned yet. Harry and Meghan aren’t going to be bullied into turning up for Christmas at Sandringham, just like they were not bullied into doing everything else the tabloid press tried to bully them into. And after this Andrew mess they look like the smartest people in the room for deciding not to be there, and I’m sure they know it.

      Yes, the tabloid press is mad as hell about the lawsuits and want them dropped. That is correct that that is also what they are trying to gain with hacky articles like this. And just like the press failed to bully them to do the other things, they won’t bully them into dropping the lawsuits either.

      • Lady D says:

        It might also depend on how badly they are needed at church by Charles and the Firm for PR. How far would they go? Irresistible bribe or threats of banishment? If told they were going to be ostracized would they show up for church?

      • morrigan01 says:

        @Lady D

        IMO, only way Harry and Meghan show up at Sandringham at this point this year is if Andrew isn’t there. And there will be no evidence later that he was *ever* there.

        There is no bribe big enough for Meghan to throw her reputation as a Woman’s advocate – something she’s been pretty much since she was a *tween* – away for *Prince Andrew.* Because being seen with him outside of official events (like the Remembrance Day stuff) would do that. (It’s not making the Queen herself look good by doing so right now, and she’s not even some big Woman’s advocate). And Harry will stand with Meghan on that decision IMO, no matter what is threatened. (Though I could see Harry agreeing to go – under duress if he is flat-out ordered directly by The Queen or Charles to show up – but agreeing that Meghan didn’t have to and Harry getting such a deal made for her not to have to).

        I honestly don’t see Charles calling them back to walk with and stand by Andrew in any way however. If Charles could banish his brother to Switzerland at this point I think he would. IMO Charles is all about saving the crown in order for him to actually *get* it finally, and standing by Andrew doesn’t enter into that equation.

  24. Babs says:

    Thomas Markle was right, this institution is just like Scientology. The queen is Scavidge while Charles is Tom Cruise and all the courtiers are just like Scientology minions sent out to attack and break people into submission or if the refuse to submit the murder them. I’m now seriously believing that Diana was murdered and Harry and Meghan and their child are in danger. These people will stop at nothing to save their power.

    • Gatorlover says:


    • Some chick says:

      I’ve believed Diana was murdered since the day I found out she was dead. There are some bizarre inconsistencies that have never been explained. The cameras in the tunnel conveniently weren’t working. There was a mysterious additional car. It was totally a hit.

    • L4frimaire says:

      Would be so funny if Thomas Markle sued the Fail himself. He’s a terrible father to Meghan but would love for that to happen.

  25. TheOriginalMia says:

    Nah. Don’t buy this take. The one hurting the monarchy has always been Andy and his shady friends. Charles, who is Regent at this point, put his foot down and had him removed. Doesn’t stop QE from letting people know Andy is still favored by her, but she’s clearly not fully in control anymore. As for equating the Sussexes with Andy, that’s the tabloids. They know they should be covering Andy more, but the Sussexes sell papers so they compare them to him. Ridiculous.

  26. Jbh says:

    Sacking Andy was the right thing to do.
    If H&M leave the institution of monarchy I think they will be in for a shock. M was a B – list celebrity at best and H has only known privilege. While M is used to hustling, H is not. Their A list status is due to the royal connection. While M did a lot of wonderful charity work prior to marrying H, let’s not pretend that Hillary Clinton or even Michelle Obama would have known her, much less taken her calls. Marrying H has elevated her status. Both of them will lose status and funding for their lifestyle if they leave the royal fold. I think they should take a page from the Obama’s and see the long game and go high when others go low. It will not be easy because of the nasty press and courtiers. But if they want to make a difference, which I believe they can, they need to not whine about how tough it’s been publicly (Even if it has been but lets face it others have it harder). This nastiness sadly is what comes with the turf. Look at the abuse the Obama’s took. It doesn’t make it right but the O’s rose above all the nastiness and were a complete class act. At the end of the day H and M they are not the stars of the royal show and they need to stop adding to the heat score by airing their issues. It will always be the monarchy comes first. Anyone who brings too much attention to themselves and not the monarchy has to accept that this will not work long term.

    • VS says:

      I am sure you were one of those saying the Obamas should just take people’s racism; it comes with the Job, blablablabla

      “H&M are not the stars of the show”—— you CANNOT FORCE THE PUBLIC TO LIKE W&K. There is a clear preference for H&M. The RF should just deal with it!!!! and you should as well…………this is gaslighting at best, and dishonest at worst

      Where is @Kerwood? she knows how to address this type of BS

    • RedRoyal says:


    • Paige says:

      I don’t agree.

      Diana’s fame was not affected one jot by losing royal status (the average American didn’t even realise she was no longer “Princess Diana” and in fact had never had that title ever). In the eyes of the world Harry will always be Prince Harry, and he will always be Di’s boy, no matter what. Losing his title won’t affect his fame.

      Plus Meghan is a hard worker, astute businesswoman, and yes a hustler. She built up a substantial network of influential friends even before she met Harry, for example Serena Williams was one of her best friends for years and talks about what an amazing supportive friend she is. People genuinely like her, and she’s a huge international celeb. No one is going to ditch her over some minor point of British procedure that most Americans don’t even understand or care about. If anything being a royal holds her back, she could easily create an Oprah like empire if she was free to pursue commercial opportunities.

      Besides in practice the most that can happen is they stop being working royals. Regardless of politics Charles is still Harry’s dad. And most of their money comes from Charles privately via the Duchy, not Crown money. So even if they did leave, they would still have access to that money. Loads of the younger royals aren’t working royals and some of them don’t have titles, but they still benefit. Even Zara who’s supposedly “independent” lives rent free in a royal-owned residence, had her wedding paid for, and makes £££ from selling her services as a dodgy consultant on the basis of her name.

    • lanne says:

      Sit down. “Look at the abuse the Obamas took?” Sorry Jbh, no one has to take abuse for the sake of your comfort. The people who hold up the Obamas are the SAME PEOPLE who were complicit in their abuse in the first place. But “sit down and take the abuse” is a disgusting take, especially when your only “crime” is existing in the first place. If you have a problem with Meghan, that’s YOUR PROBLEM, not hers. If you think she doesn’t “deserve” her position (B list actress is Megxit code), or if her being an HRH disturbs you, that’s YOUR PROBLEM, not hers. “Others have it harder.” Really? You went there? God, I hope you don’t have any friends or family who need help, or who have mental health challenges, or are facing abuse or bullying. Will you be there saying “others have it harder?” then? Bad, bad take.

      The royal who has taken the MOST abuse of all of them is the half-black Duchess with 3 major projects completed in 2 years, and 3 successful foreign tours. Not the pedophile.
      “Others have it harder.” Sit down. Just. Sit. Down.

      • VS says:

        @lanne ——–THANK YOU. I don’t understand people like @Jbh. Why do people like @Jbh think Minorities need to take the abuse, the racism because they are in places “not for them but for white folks”????? this is insanely racist and passive aggressive doing so!

    • MsIam says:

      Sorry but the genie is out of the bottle now. If the RF cuts out H&M they will become martyrs of the evil racist monarchy. Liberal celebrities love martyrs, it makes them look good to be associated with them. H&M will be more famous and talked about than ever. So no, if Charles and the gang want H&M to stay and play ball then they need to call off the dogs in the press. So no they will not keep their heads down and do as they are told.

    • Rogue says:

      @JBH people who said others have had it worse than Meghan can take several seats. Majority of the reason she’s attacked has nothing to do with what’s she’s done but about what she is. She never got a honeymoon period unlike other royal wives& she’s had the same sexism, misogyny, classism, body, mummy shaming as the rest. Only thing she hasn’t had is the physical harassment that Diana& Kate in her dating days endured but she has had press intrusion in that paps taking photos and videos inside their Cotswold home forced them to move.

      Many have talked about struggles in docs& interviews and even last year Kate talked about parenting struggles so Harry& Meghan aren’t they first. Them talking about what they’ve been struggling with was about 10 mins of an 1 hour doc& Meghan especially barely got into it but little she said was enough to get slammed because of the lack of empathy that is shown to people of colour (there are studies on this) and because people want to be racist in peace. News for you-people of colour dont just have to endure racism in silence for society’s comfort& there are laws and press codes in place so if the press are breaching this- she has every right to challenge them like anybody else.

      Meghan may have been a b-list actress but she’s one of the few in the royal family who worked to earn her millions so sure she knows how to hustle& generally people with connections like they have will hardly struggle. There are people with little obvious talent but business acumen who are doing great as well as those who are royal adjacent so sure actual former royals will be fine if that’s the path they choose.

      • Shirleygailgal says:

        great response! I would add that Meghan WAS physically harassed, they had to throw ‘sneakers’ off set whilst they were filming…and her mom was too. In fact, I believe her mom’s home was broken into…

    • Jaded says:

      @JBH: Compare Meghan and Harry to Bill and Kate. The Sussex’s work, hard. They give back. Harry did 2 tours in Afghanistan until he was outed by an Australian pap so probably would have done more. He’s admitted suffering from PTSD as a result. He’s still struggling with knowing he’s killed people. Meghan wasn’t some B-list nothing actress, she was on a VERY successful national show that ran a long time. In between working she was doing philanthropic work on a pretty big scale, not just going to charity dinners and faffing around on a couple of boards. These are people who should NOT be the focus of any negative press and they DO have the right to air their disappointment at the way they, Meghan especially, are being thrown to the wolves to make Bill and Kate’s stunning lack of work ethic look good and take the heat off Uncle Pervy’s liaisons with a known pedophile. They don’t need to just “put up and shut up” because they’re not heads of state like the Obama’s and have every right to sue the papers for what amounts to sleazy, racist and meretricious reporting.

      • Shirleygailgal says:

        YES…all of everything you said (except now I have to slink off and make sure I understand the word “meretricious” because whilst I think I know I could be wrong….) You spoke well, @Jaded

    • kerwood says:

      @Jbh, actually the Sussexes ARE the stars of the show which is why they’ve been dragged into this pathetic shitshow. What exactly do Meghan and Harry have to do with Andrew raping sex slaves? Why, that would be NOTHING. If the royal family and all the people who live off them didn’t desperately NEED Meghan and Harry then why do they keep talking about them?

      And I can’t believe that someone actually uses the Obamas as an example of how to suffer racism and abuse GRACEFULLY. That’s what certain people love, for Black folks to smile and say ‘please sir, I want some more’. Do you really think the Obamas didn’t BURN inside? Take another look at pictures of President Obama before and AFTER he was President of the United States. That man’s youth was STOLEN by a country that didn’t a second of this time. You really think Michelle Obama LOVES the people that aged her husband so drastically? Think again.

      • Gingerbee says:

        Kerwood, you always summed it up perfectly.👏🏽👏🏽

      • Nikki says:

        Kerwood, you are right about President Obama looking older, but if you look at pictures of most of the former presidents you will find that they too aged dramatically over their terms. It’s a stressful job, and frankly, I wonder why anyone would want to do it. Being a “public servant,” in general, is a thankless job, I know, because I’ve been one.

  27. Margareth says:

    British media are obsessed with Meghan and Harry. It’s scary

  28. Yamayo says:

    Ok before I start, don’t shoot the messenger.

    I live in the UK and have done for decades. General impression from the Sussexes’ interview was the context of that interview was utterly tone-deaf.
    Whenever I’ve discussed it with people (including royalists) they’ve mentioned that the Susseses were seen as ‘complaining’ and ‘feeling sorry for themselves’ instead of focusing on their African trip.
    Generally speaking, there is a view that those types of interviews are slightly self-indulgent. They either work or backfire spectacularly.

    Bottom line is there is a view in the UK that the Royals are effectively punching bags and should just shut up and get on with it.
    Even Saint Diana was destroyed in the press in the months leading to her death- there were articles in tabloids and broadsheets going on about her abandoning her children and flaunting her new boyfriend.
    The Royals are public property, which is why the Windsors heirs have found it so hard to lock down a bride (apart from William, where a different strategy applied). They should all shut up and get on with the job, just like the Queen has done for decades.

    • Maria says:

      You need to take several seats. I lived in the UK too and what you are saying is still nonsense.
      Meghan and Harry are TRYING to get on with the job, and this smear campaign is making it so they can’t. PLENTY of people in the UK see this, even if the tabs don’t. You’re not a “messenger”.

    • Guest2.0 says:

      “The Royals are public property”

      No….slavery ended years ago. The public doesn’t own anyone. And NO ONE, Royal, public figure, commoner, should have to stand their and take racist, xenophobic, classist mistreatment from the media, tabloids, or other people. NO ONE.

      • Val says:

        Thank you! This!

        @KAMAYA I suggest you refrain from using “property” and Meghan in the same sentence.
        Slavery ended, Meghan is no ones property. You are not the voice of anything, get out of here with this rubbish!

    • Pineapple says:

      Um …. then generally most of England is racist. What Meghan has gone through should not be tolerated. Period. It’s racism.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      “Whenever I’ve discussed it with people (including royalists) they’ve mentioned that the Sussexes were seen as ‘complaining’ and ‘feeling sorry for themselves’ instead of focusing on their African trip.”

      When I discussed the Harry & Meghan interview with my friends in the UK, they felt exactly as your quote above.

      • Maria says:

        With old, racist pro Brexiters maybe.

      • Yamayo says:

        I know it’s weird right? I’ve had lots of ‘spoilt brat’ comments. From mostly women, ranging from 20s to 40s.
        I don’t think men care much about the Royal Family much. :D

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Yamayo, I basically think it is an over simplification of “You have a great life, you will never worry about health insurance, a mortgage payment, internet bill, car insurance bill, school fees or college tuition payment for your child for the rest of your life. Quit complaining and make an effort to act grateful or fake being grateful.”

        I do not agree with the above statement but I do think many people (not all racist or pro-Brexiters and definitely not all old) think and/or feel this way.

      • CynicalCeleste says:

        Everyone, rich or poor, has life problems. And there is no questioning the racism and family dysfunction here…. Yet when the problem that brings you to tears in a globally televised interview is the unfairness of the tabloid press…. that absolutely exposes a very very privileged perspective.

      • Maria says:

        CynicalCeleste – they’re getting death threats for being “race traitors” and their child has already been called a monkey. Meghan’s pain is not coming from a place of privilege.

      • Shirleygailgal says:

        My mum thinks Kate is the bee’s knees. I was so surprised. and she thinks M&H need to suck it up. She’s 83, She doesn’t see the racism, which made me sad and more than a little frustrated. But I see it!

    • Linda says:

      This was the same view shared by my friend who lives in the U.K. She is West African by the way.

      • Yamayo says:

        As I said the general view here is that Royals are fair game and whatever is said about them, fair not, they should just ignore.
        There was a very interesting moment in The Crown where the Queen talks about the fact that she is not allowed to have any opinions, because everything she says will be politicised.
        It’s a thing here.

        Shit for whoever marries in the family.

      • Gingerbee says:

        @yamayo, Why should Meghan “shut up and do her job”, when she has to put up with racist bullshit. I am glad that she spoke up. I guess you people would not get it.

      • Maria says:

        Yamayo – you seem to be new here. Harry and Meghan have been warm and inviting to those who show support – they are fighting back at those who are targeting them with violence, racism, and threats. I noticed you said nothing about Andrew and his interview, just targeted Harry and Meghan.
        If “most people in Britain” felt the way you seem to think they do save for the 4 you probably talk to, there wouldn’t have been any outcry over the way she’s been treated. There’s been plenty.

    • Paige says:

      Actual Brit here: that’s complete nonsense.

    • Jaded says:

      Yamayo – the Royals are most definitely NOT public property. The 13th century is calling, they want you back. In an effort to modernize the monarchy, the younger members work promoting a variety of charitable, educational, health and sports-related organizations to focus on developing national and commonwealth identity, unity and pride. This does not mean they are owned by their subjects and must reveal every aspect of their lives or put up with salacious and false rumours from the gutter press, but unfortunately getting clicks is their bread and butter so it continues with its focus on Meghan and Harry. That Meghan and Harry, who are nonetheless wildly popular, chose to voice their disappointment over how they (esp. Meghan) were being characterized in the media was a brave step and one that should have been taken a long time ago. On the one hand they’ve worked on some remarkably successful projects whilst on the other they’re being torn down for it. But there comes a time when the comments and news items beome so vitriolic and spiteful that they simply can’t turn their backs and undo all the good they’ve done. EVERYONE has a right to stand up for themselves, including the royals, when they’re being publicly excoriated for no good reason other than someone’s race.

    • Mo says:

      This. A huge part of what is happening is that Meghan is getting the hate-on that anyone who marries into the RF gets as the courtiers try to show her “her place.” The problem is that many people may be treating Meghan just like they did Diana, Meghan will be experiencing it all as racism. Plus the fact that there are a bunch of racists piling on, whipping up their own brand of evil, on top of the normal woman hating misogyny.

    • kerwood says:

      @Yamayo, I’m not surprised that you ran into a lot of people who think that Meghan and Harry are ‘complainers’ who should just shut up and take it. People have been saying that to Black people for CENTURIES. We should be grateful that we were stolen from Africa. At least we got three hots and a cot and the GIFT of Christianity.

      Funny thing, nobody told Keen Katie that she had to shut up and take it when it was mentioned that she might be getting Botox. Normal Bill was ready to take that shit to the Hague. But then Keen Katie isn’t a biracial American.

      The people I know in Great Britain, not to mention at least 70 members of Parliament and thousands more, think that what’s happening to the Sussex family is revolting. But they don’t post on tabloid message boards so I guess they don’t count.

      • frank says:

        The British people are saying it now according to the polls. M and H have fallen badly in the latest YouGov poll. The critical thing is that with the monarchy the popular sentiment is the voice of God. They are ruled by popularity. So Meghan has to decide if it is worth remaining in that space where crying over the racism is viewed as annoying whining.

        Racists always feel contempt for the tears of their victims. Black people who have experienced racism have always known crying is not effective. Stand up and fight racism with a resolute and strong demeanour and leave the crying for when one is amongst friends and well-wishers. If Michelle had ever stood and cried in front of the Fox News viewers she would have been a laughing stock. I have hated the tone of that interview ever since I saw it. It was whinging and weak and off-putting. If their popularity continue to go down they will be unceremoniously kicked out. I always think it is better to leave with pride than be thrown out.

      • Olenna says:

        If I’d seen this comment earlier, I would’ve have addressed the “kicked out” part as well. To the point, I would love to know what on what grounds or pretense or lie QEII would kick Harry and Meghan out of the BRF. I would love to know why people even believe this possible. Harry is a blood prince; he will always be a part of the BRF (just like Pedo Andy). Do you think TQ can and should kick out relatives who are disliked by a minority of racist, bigoted UK citizens. Do you think Pedo Andy should be “kicked out”? Harry and Meghan are independent, emancipated adults. No one can make them leave GB/UK; no one can make them live where they don’t want to live. So, help me make sense of this notion that TQ can kick her relatives out of the family, please. I see this often stated by anti-Meghan SM commenters and it just sounds dumb TBH.

    • A says:

      Here’s the thing: even if this is the attitude that people hold, that doesn’t make it the right attitude to have. Especially in this case, where a large component of the press harassment has been specifically racist wrt Meghan. If the British people genuinely think this is another case of the rich and famous complaining far too much for their lot in life, then I think that exposes the fact that British society is not just a great deal more racist than people anticipated, but also incapable of confronting that racism without being butthurt about it.

      The solution is simple. If the British people don’t like the monarchy, they have the option to get rid of them. To ask that they exist as the collective punching bag is appalling. However, at the end of the day, this is the essential paradox that the British people face with the monarchy. It seems to me, increasingly, that people seem to want them around precisely because they want to complain about how this family is a drain on public resources and taking up so much tax money that could go to the NHS. Which is increasingly starting to get f-cking tedious, if you ask me, especially considering 1) the outsize amount of hatred Meghan specifically gets wrt to this, and 2) just how much of that outsize hatred is racist in nature.

  29. Cee says:

    Yeah, the Sussexes are the problem within the family. *unable to unroll eyes*

  30. Jbh says:

    Also, regardless of what you think of the monarchy, I feel sorry that the Queen, a woman in the final years of her life is dealing with so much personal family disappointment. As a mother we always want to believe the best in our children. I know I do. The Queen has made hard choices her whole life and I am sure at some point she would just like to enjoy her grandkids and her family and maybe relax as she has had a long successful reign, the likes of which we will not see again.

    • Maria says:

      She created half of it, so I don’t feel sorry for her. She has enabled the worst of her family to do whatever they want and alienated those who are trying to make a difference.

    • Erinn says:

      Well, she had plenty chance to toss him to the curb. Epstein had been jailed in 2008 for soliciting underaged girls for prostitution. It wasn’t a secret. And Andrew was getting him to pay off Fergie’s debts in 2010/2011. He was a KNOWN sex offender, and he thought it was a good idea to be his buddy. Had TQ put her foot down early on, she’d be having a pretty relaxing time right about now.

      I do feel a TINY bit sorry for her, because nobody WANTS to admit that their child is a PoS. But he is. And unfortunately she’s spent SO much time and energy enabling and covering for him, she really only has herself to thank for this.

      There’s a difference between unconditionally loving someone and enabling them. You can love someone with all your heart, but put down a line in the sand to show where you stand and what you can accept.

    • Thea says:

      The last time there was public uproar over Andrew and Epstein, the queen gave Andrew a medal to distract/quiet the public/show her support for Andrew. So no, I don’t feel sorry for her.

    • Nikki says:

      Jbh, If your statement “The Queen has made hard choices her whole life, and I am sure at some point she would just like to enjoy her grandkids and her family and maybe relax as she has had a long successful reign, the likes of which we will not see again” is correct then WHY doesn’t she step down and enjoy that retirement especially since her husband has retired? I think that QEII should have retired long ago to enjoy her family and spend some time with them, but then the monarchy is more important to her, I guess.

  31. CindyP says:

    They all just need to go away. If I was a Brit I’d be pissed that my tax $$$ are funding this ridiculous melodrama

    i’m sick of all of them, Meghan & Harry included

    • RedRoyal says:

      I don’t think they care if you are sick of them. Stop reading about them. It’s not hard to do.

      • CindyP says:

        Hi BP Courtier, I don’t care that you don’t care that I’m sick of them

        Must be mortifying that the UK is more dysfunctional & embarrassing than the Trump regime here in the states

        Now just get on with it, chin up

      • Jaded says:

        CindyP – in case you haven’t noticed the President is about to be impeached for a very serious crime. His family is grifting off their “so-called” non-existent positions in the White House. Trump was also a good friend of Epstein’s and no doubt trafficked women through his so-called Modeling agency with Jean-Luc Brunel who is now hiding out for his life somewhere in Brazil with Ghislaine Maxwell. Trump had Michael Cohen pay off his mistresses. The first lady was a porn model. Trump is in bed with Putin and allowing him to control what’s left of the puppet GOP.

        Take a very large seat.

    • Val says:

      But yet here you are…

    • Nikki says:

      CindyP, Are you sure that the RF cost the taxpayers in GB as much as you think? I believe they also bring in a lot of money. I know I would not have gone to Britain if the royal family were not a part of it and it’s history.
      Just think of how much a presidency costs, especially the one we have now!

  32. Mignionette says:

    This RR speak for ‘we got rid of the Paedo and if you don’t start granting us access we will get rid of you too Meghan’.

    The decision to pursue legal action is increasingly make sense. The Sussexes had to go on the offensive to get these clowns and sharks off their heels.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      @Mignionette, I do not and never have thought that the press access problem was in anyway due to Meghan. I believe it is 100% Harry and will continue to do so until I see some real evidence implicating Meghan.

      • Mignionette says:

        @BayTampa – agreed. But the press position is strengthened if Meghan is seen as the domineering bi-racial american former actress trouble making wife….

        Fail readers don’t do facts, they do racism peridot.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Mignionette, No doubt The Fail will spin any truth and make up lies to generate revenue producing click$ from their commentariat.

  33. lanne says:

    The RR are really, really dumb. They need the Sussexes. None of the other royals get the kind of exposure the Sussexes get. The RRs still don’t realize that they don’t control the story anymore. The more they push back against the Sussexes, the more the Sussexes will appear sympathetic to the world. In a way, their asshole behavior has given the Sussexes an even bigger profile than they would have had. The Sussex Squad and other like fan groups started as a protest against the treatment of the Sussexes. (My palace source, remember?) The Sussex Squad raises money on behalf of causes, now the planting trees initiative. Any other Royal have a fan base like that? If the Sussexes are forced out, they will be even bigger stars in the US, and from the publicity they gain in the US, the world. Americans love an underdog story. If the RRs were smart, they would back off a bit. Then, they would be guaranteed visibility for their articles for decades to come. They are already tagged as racists (and many are salty about it). I guess that shows the power of racism. In the US and the UK, we have seen that people are willing to sacrifice their futures and the futures of their children on the altar of racism. (Trump, Brexit). I guess the RRs are willing to sacrifice their careers for it as well. What a bunch of dumdums.

  34. Beach Dreams says:

    LOL. So many people (even the ones who don’t keep tabs on the royals) on Twitter called this. Even The Onion did a spoof headline on how Meghan would be blamed for Andrew’s PR disaster. Keep digging, RRs and courtiers. You’re doing a fine job of showing everyone what a mess the monarchy is.

  35. Enn says:

    Queenie was photographed riding with Andrew this morning. Charles is going to explode.

  36. Lizzie says:

    after her son raping children on a pedophile island for 30 years, the queen will not tolerate documentaries!

    i don’t doubt these people are that out of touch with reality that they see these as the same. it isn’t about what you do – it is about what you get caught doing.

  37. anon says:

    The Queen knew about (and has known about) Andrew’s proclivities and eff ups for years. This new line of “she’s decisive, she’s not going to let anyone blah, blah, blah” is pure fiction.

    She knew. She. KNEW. About his illegal dalliances, his shady “business” dealings, his reckless behavior, etc., etc. And she not only let it go on, but she made him Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order after Epstein’s first conviction during which it was widely known that Prince Andrew was fully 100% part of Epstein’s inner circle.

    I’m not buying whatever this tab is selling. To fold the Sussexes into this disgusting story has Kensington Palace written all over it.

  38. kelleybelle says:

    When have the Sussexes ever stepped out of line? lol Calling BS and agreeing with everyone who thinks this is deliberate BS on the part of the RR’s, who are essentially paid liars and nothing more.

  39. T.Fanty says:

    Here’s the thing, though: this is the price of being in The Firm. Harry and Megan do have a choice to go and live privately, but the patronages, the financial support, and a large degree of the fame and influence will go away. This isn’t about H&M, this is about the preservation of the monarchy. They’re either in or they’re out. I’m not particularly advocating for this, or defending it, but that’s the way it is, and always has been. Harry’s mistake is assuming that he is different. They all do this, get slapped around, then decide to toe the line because they choose to preserve their status. Andrew’s mess, to me, just highlights how powerful the status quo is. I would be more impressed with Harry if, instead of complaining and going to the press, he just walked away. He won’t.

    • Maria says:

      Harry wants to be able to use his position to do good instead of being ripped to shreds every time he and his wife attempt something. He is not assuming he is “different”.

    • MsIam says:

      People keep talking about how “the fame and the patronage and influence will go away”. Ha!! They will be richer and more influential than ever. People already know who they are, especially as there isn’t anyone in the RF to take their place until the Cambridge kids grow up. W&K are all over the place now, and people think they are boring as —- which is why the media is dying to know everything about the Sussexes. As far as riches, if a bunch of bozos like the Kardashians can become multi millionaires, maybe even billionaires if the media hype is correct, then I think Harry and Meghan will do just fine.

  40. Catherine says:

    Leaving? Not bloody likely. You’re not guest editing vogue without the HRH. You’re not going to Google Camp, Elton Johns St. Tropez home, Royal box at Wimbledon, Free house at Windsor, Lion King premiers WITHOUT the HRH. And spare me the Diana comparisons, no one has ever faced the fame and/or scrutiny as Diana. Full stop. MM has been in BRF for less than 2 years. If they left….what would they do? They “private family” money comes from the Crown. The charity patronages come from the Crown. The access, entitlement, and the glamour comes from the HRH status.

    As for Andrew, I knew Charles would pull the plug and im glad he did. Andrew ruined himself, and possibly his daughters in the process (B’s wedding…..). Horrible man. Charles has wanted to streamline the BRF for a long time. Now he has and he can redistribute Royal duties, patronages. PH and MM should stay and fight for those. It’s Harry RIGHT to be supported by the Crown, he is the son of the future King. Harry has a RIGHT to be an active Sr. Royal with a high profile.

    • Maria says:

      Elton John has known Harry since he was young, why on earth would his friendship be dependent on the HRH? Plenty of celebrities guest edit magazines, go to Camp Google (which we aren’t sure Meghan ever attended btw). And yes, Meghan is suffering what they did to Diana, except more so, because of the racist dogpiling. Was Diana mailed white powder or were there women trying to rip off her “baby bag” to prove she wasn’t pregnant? No.
      As far as money, Meghan has her own, and I’m sure Harry has a sizeable trust of his own.
      I don’t think they’ll leave. But they’d be fine if they did.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “Was Diana mailed white powder or were there women trying to rip off her “baby bag” to prove she wasn’t pregnant? No.”

        Did law enforcement in the UK do any investigation of the above? If so, what were the results?

    • notasugarhere says:

      Diana didn’t face anything in the era of anonymous social media. Nothing, even Diana frenzy, compares with the bullying and character assassination that has been done to Meghan 24 hours a day for three years.

    • Sara says:

      Did Harry not inherit wealth from his mother as well? Meghan was doing fine before marrying him, she’ll be fine if she leaves.

      • Nikki says:

        Sara, MM might have been doing fine before, but I doubt that she had anyway near the money that anyone in the RF has. I like MM and hope that everything works out well for her and PH. Yes, the couple may be okay if they left but not as well off as staying. There is always going to good and bad in anything. I don’t believe, and MM will leave, and they shouldn’t let anyone run them off anyway, If they do then the a**h**** win!

    • morrigan01 says:

      FYI: Americans (and other places in the world) don’t give two $hits about an HRH. The titles and working of the insane British Class System are, well, compelty foreign to us. We don’t know or care if someone is an HRH, all we care about is that Harry is Princess Diana’s son (and Prince’ Charles’ son, who will be King of England) and that Meghan married a prince and is a Duchess. That’s it.

      NO ONE IN THE US or WIDER WORLD CARED that Diana lost her HRH status. To us, she was STILL “Princess Diana.” Just like no one will care if Harry and Meghan ever lost it. (Not that they would given that Harry’s dad is STILL the heir to the throne).

      Some of you people here are really reaching trying to come up with an argument that will dim Harry and Meghan’s light if they leave. Never mind that Diana’s light only got BRIGHTER when she left the Royal Family. Harry and Meghan have that same kind of appeal, HRH (which, again no one outside of people focused on the British Class Systems cares about) or not.

    • morrigan01 says:

      Oh and BTW: Meghan was going to places like Wimbledon before she was ever an HRH. Hello Serena Williams, who’s been one of Meghan’s closes friends for years. Meghan can just go back to sitting in Serena’s box at Wimbledon instead of the Royal one. At least she wouldn’t have to keep having Kate there next to her every time she wanted to go see Serena play there anymore.

    • kelleybelle says:

      Meghan was worth $8 million and climbing before she even met Harry.

    • L4frimaire says:

      Agree somewhat with this. They’ve barely been married and she’s barely been in there. It’s stressful right now but I think they are starting to get some control back, despite the press wanting to keep demonizing them. I don’t see them getting much traction without being in the Royal family and the title is everything. This is what allows them to do the work they do with credibility. Harry has no other identity and he’s wrestling with this, but at the same time, these are grownups and they need to figure out the next steps in how to navigate their lives. I hope they won’t contribute to additional family drama and “ leave” because it is of no benefit to them. I think they’re tougher than that and just need to chill for a while.

  41. EllenOlenska says:

    Apparently the “house of York’s” version of doing their own thing involves borrowing money and hanging out with a child trafficker after he had been indicted for same. The sins of the “house of Sussex” have been working too hard on projects, giving good tours internationally, hanging with poor people (cookbook, meghans fashion collection), possibly overspending on wardrobe and the clearly hanging offense of saying that the constant media attacks were stressful. And their “doing their own thing” is Mentioned as equivalent? I say this as a fan old enough to remember when Fergie married Andrew but there is no comparison!

  42. Margareth says:

    The Royal Family is a disaster at the PR game.

  43. kerwood says:

    This is next level fuckery.

    Every single day the British monarchy and the people who live off it prove that they can’t SURVIVE without Meghan and Harry. One would think that a scandal involving human trafficking, rape and possible kickbacks would be enough for the British media but one would be VERY wrong. If Meghan and Harry aren’t involved, it’s not a story for them and for the millions of people who read this shit.

    I don’t believe that this is coming from the Queen but she is surrounded by people full of so much racism and spite that the air they breathe must be full of poison.

    The word is that Charles put the hammer down from Australia. Well, he better start cleaning house with a QUICKNESS or he won’t have a crown to inherit. It’s THAT bad.

    • lanne says:

      I always agree with your take, Kerwood. People really think the HRH matters? Diana without HRH was even bigger than she was with it! Harry will always be her son, and the parallels of both Diana and her son forced out of the family are too compelling to miss. Sussexes chased out of the RF for…working? speaking out against abuse (when mental health IS THEIR DAMN PATRONAGE)? Being popular? The Royals REALLY want pictures of the Queen with her pedo son at Christmas while the Sussexes were forced out?

      EVERYBODY wants to know what goes on inside the palace. Harry and Meghan have a story for the ages. They could live the rest of their lives on that story. I imagine any leaving of the Royal Family would include a crapload of money and an NDA. But they don’t need to sign an NDA. They can make their own money. They hold all the cards here. Hold the Sussexes close, Royals. It’s your best option if you aren’t too stupid to see that.

      • Mego says:

        Ianne thank you! So well said and accurate. I appreciate your comments.

      • morrigan01 says:

        As I said above, people in the wider world don’t give two $hits about an HRH. Americans sure as hell don’t, and I honestly don’t think Meghan – being an American – cares. What most Americans know about the British Class System and Aristocracy comes from Downton Abbey, and that’s kinda it. But we don’t revere that $hit. It is not ingrained into our culture. No one in the US is going to care if Harry or Meghan have HRH in their names or not, just like we didn’t care that Diana lost her’s.

    • VS says:

      I so agree with you @Kerwood. I asked where you were as someone was trying to gaslight people with their BS take…..

      I am now convinced that H&M are the stars of the RF; every story even those completely unrelated to them has ti be tied back to them somehow………I don’t want them to leave now because it would give the press and trashy people a reason to think they won. After Charles’ reign, they should leave and do something else…..the only difference between H’s and M’s family are the size of their bank accounts. They both have trashy relatives……..

      • frank says:

        I say leave now. That RF is shit. No individual there is worth a handful of beans. Also lots of people believe what they read in the tabs, even Black English people. Say about half of black UK folks. The tabs are unrelenting and will chip away piece by piece at Meghan until very few people in Britain will like her. Giving crying interviews and expecting the world to ask if you are ok is not working. Before that Meghan was doing well in the public eye. Now not so much. She should leave before those racists kick her out. I think she desperately wants to leave but Harry is not willing to give up on the lifestyle with which providence favoured him

      • Olenna says:

        Your statement, “Giving crying interviews and expecting the world to ask if you are ok is not working. Before that Meghan was doing well in the public eye. Now not so much” is totally inaccurate. Perhaps you haven’t been following the tabloids because you don’t believe the stories or couldn’t be bothered (understandable) but the overt and ugly smear campaign against the DoS has been going on for nearly 3 years. If half of the “black UK folks” or any other ethnic or racial group in the UK group doesn’t like her, their animosity started well before the SA interview. Some idiots and racists are still blaming her for Bad Dad not showing to the wedding and are still pissed about not seeing Archie straight out of the hospital in May. All of these envious and bigoted folks need to set better life goals than staying mad over a manipulative, grifting parent or a live video feed of a newborn who does not have a royal title.

      • Nikki says:

        The old saying goes. You can pick your friends but not your relatives.

  44. MellyMel says:

    Please. The Queen and the RR are a bunch of idiots. H&M are the best thing going on right now with this family and instead of supporting them and building them up, they’re bullying & attacking them. These two are trying to do good work in the name of the Crown and it’s maddening that they (RF, RR) don’t see that or care. They would rather protect a rapist and make the Queen look like some smart, level-headed leader (she’s not) who doesn’t take anyone’s crap (she does)! Like who is handling the PR for this family??

    • lanne says:

      If you told me Nazis and Klansmen were running their PR, I’d believe it. This is exactly the kind of campain that Nazis and Klansmen would run. I’d start checking the BP, CH, and KP staff closets for swastikas and white hoods.

    • HK9 says:

      Consider this, you work at the Palace for the RF. You see a shitstorm coming, but you know the Queen is blind to her favourite son, and her other son (the one with some sense) is out of the country. Seeing how they’ve handled Harry & Megan, you know the place is a vipers nest. Are you going to stick you neck out and ruin your career? No, you’re gonna let them implode an collect your cheque as long as you can, because you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

  45. L4frimaire says:

    I would love for the Sussexes to do a ton of engagements up and down the entire country. If the crowds turn out and they make lots of new connections with charities and local officials, the smeary courtiers can finally breathe a sigh of relief LOL. So they want them to take on more responsibility and work harder? I don’t think that is the issue with H & M.

    • Guest2.0 says:

      Wasn’t there just a story about H&M being ordered to slow down cause they were working too hard? You can get whiplash from all those opposing made up stories.

  46. Rogue says:

    The people saying harry& Meghan are spoilt brats are entitled to their view but also sounds like they are parroting what likes of Piers and Dan Wooten were saying about the documentary. Most royals have complained and explained for generation about the press including Philip famously dissing Rupert Murdoch and the Queen via her cousins/staff in documentaries or in the press. many of them have sued the press too including the Queen& Charles on same basis as Meghan is with her letter.

    That people might think royals like the Queen never complain and just get on with it because of press misinformation and also their own bias- as I said above- people want people of colour to endure racism in silence so if someone speaks out about it- people want them silenced or try to dismiss their concerns.

    There was outpouring of sympathy with Meghan after the documentary on social media but average tabloid reader probably buys the self interested press line. It’s like when people were saying Meghan was breaking all these non existent protocols. I knew colleagues who believed it and would say she was going against tradition! For many people Meghan doesn’t belong in the royal family and the press is feeding them reasons why.

    And I don’t feel sorry for the Queen. These allegations aren’t new and his dealings with Epstein & his alibis easily discoverable so sure the royal household& intelligence know the truth. I don’t expect her to denounce him publicly but she didn’t have to give him a gong when allegations first came out and she did so her publicly supporting him then and now is self inflicted damage.

  47. Sara says:

    F–ck this inbred family. Prince Pedo does a disastrous, damning interview about his sex trafficking and pedophilia. Therefore, Meghan and Harry better not step out of line! What the hell do those two have to do with any of this? Fuuuuuuu– them.

  48. Val says:

    The fact that she refused to step down and retire alone tells me all I need to know. This woman is evil incarnate.

  49. Myra says:

    The Queens problem has always even that she doesn’t get involved. She allows the members of the RF to make their mistakes and only gets involved when it’s to late. Case in point Andrew and Charles/Diana. I’m 100% this was Charles. He has wanted to slim down the monarchy for years and Andrew just gave it to him. Be prepared to see less of the “lesser Royals” moving forward. As far as Meghan/ Harry I doubt The Queen or Charles see their issue(s) as the same as Andrew but time will tell.

  50. Shazze says:

    They are such hypocrites – Charles cheated, Andrew has sex with trafficked underage girls, Will is rumored to have cheated, and the Susexxes – well, they are unforgivably hardworking and charismatic.

  51. Silas says:

    They attack the Sussexes because they think it’s harmless to the other royals while discussing Andrew is very harmful for the family. It really is misdirection and everyone that jumps on it is making a mistake. Meghan is not Fergie/ Andrew/ Margaret.

  52. JustSayin says:

    First off, none of them look a thing like Philip. Second, the likelihood of the queen cheating on Philip is non existent, she’s always been too into him. I firmly believe she was the one who proposed. He’s always seemed like he could take or leave her. If Andrew is illegitimate, maybe it was because they have a secret open-door policy.

    • Sassy says:

      Anne look exactly like Phil literally the female version of him especially when she was younger back in the 70s.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I think Harry is the “spitting image” of Prince Philip.

    • A says:

      Philip didn’t have any other prospects. He was the impoverished son of a second prince from an impoverished, deposed monarchy who barely escaped with his life intact. He knew that the Queen was the best he could do, and he wasn’t about to pass that up.

    • Jaded says:

      Andrew is not illegitimate. The timelines of when the Queen became pregnant with Andrew line up with Prince Philip coming back from a long sortie at sea. The only “open door” policy was with Philip’s mistresses and the Queen did what royal women have done for centuries – she turned a blind eye and gave her all to being the monarch.

  53. I’m beginning to think that the Queen and the “senior royals” think Meghan should be Sophie 2.0. Sophie came in to the family as a successful business woman. She had quite an ego in those days and was quoted as indiscreetly saying she was going to be much better at being Diana than Diana was. (Look at photos of her around that time and see how much she tried to look like Diana). She continued her career after marriage. However, once she was caught on tape badmouthing the Queen and the other royals and offering access to the family, she was quickly brought to heel. She almost immediately retired from career, changed her style of dressing to the “country-twee” look favored by a very much older Queen, and became a very quiet, bland royal wife who has become a washed out version of who she was when she joined. Now she is considered to be a favorite of the Queen and — like Kate — has had the PR myth built up around her that she has never put a foot wrong. I think what the Queen and others want of Meghan is to be a clone of Sophie and Meghan is saying, nope, I’m going to live MY best life. Meghan has worked hard for the Queen and yet they will not be satisfied unless she leaches every ounce of personality out of herself and becomes a ROYAL STEPFORD WIFE.

  54. Nibbi says:

    This is so unfair it makes me sick. I hope it’s just fluff hearsay or something. Equivocating ANYTHING the Sussexes have or could or would do with the TRAINWRECK that is Prince Andrew partying with rapists and sex traffickers and potentially being one himself for years and years and the palace covering it up & covering for HIM??!!!
    How is this Andrew fallout in any way about the Sussexes, except that they’re making it so????
    Completely f*ed up.

  55. Marie says:

    Emily Andrews wrote this article. That should tell you all you need to know. I hope and pray Meghan goes after her.

    • Harla says:

      Yep, it told me all I needed to know. I”m so glad that Omid got rid of her on the OnHeir podcast.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Andrews may be one who ends up having to reveal her source in the W&K camp. Didn’t she out Frogmore Cottage as their home when no one else had a clue that was on the table? She was also involved in outing the Cotswolds home iirc.

  56. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I didn’t read every comment cuz y’all really go to town on royal posts. I know nothing. That’s what I know lol. But I can see why the Queen could be perturbed about anyone speaking about anything to anyone outside the royal circle. From the very beginning, one doesn’t talk about such things. It’s not just a faux pas either. This queen is living through the major age of information, and it’s probably a slap in the face, and in her mind, one must stay the course, thick or thin. And on top off that exude confidence remaining a stalwart within the royal realm. It’s quite possible, too, that H and M are getting pushback because this is their world now and realize an importance in transparency. But I’m probably way off base lol.

    • Val says:

      You’re right about not speaking to things you’re unfamiliar with. Meghan’s and Harry’s son was depicted as a monkey a few days of his birth. The racists attack against her are unrelentless because she dares speak up for herself. She has every single right to call these people out. There is a rapist pedophile in the family, but Megan should keep her head down and shut up? Maybe you should either read up on what’s going on or take your own advice and move on.

  57. Miriam says:

    This is utter garbage. I’m now convinced her ex private secretary might be part of these stories.

  58. A says:

    I don’t think this is Charles. I don’t think Charles is this stupid, this willing to make a bullshit connection between two events that have absolutely no correlation to each other. Plus, I think he has his hands full with battling the whole Andrew sh-tshow. He’s definitely dealing with a great deal of push back from Andrew and the Queen at this point, who are making it very clear that the Queen does in fact stand by her idiot son even if he has “officially” stepped down from his public role.

    No. This is somebody else. This is sloppily written first of all. The Queen doesn’t write like this, doesn’t talk like this, to anyone. If Charles wanted the credit for putting the family on the straight and narrow, he wouldn’t say that this was the Queen who was refusing to tolerate the Sussexes. He’d put himself front and center and make it an article about how much he’s doing to pull the family together.

    I don’t think this is any of the royals at all. I think this is a staffer, and the Dim is filling in the rest of the colours to make it interesting. Either way, the whole idea itself is disgusting. Whoever wrote this should be ashamed of themselves. How dare they equate Andrew raping a sex-trafficked teenager to the Sussexes being honest and forthright about their struggles. Good god. I knew the tabloids had no decency, but for f-cks’ sakes.

    • morrigan01 says:

      IMO, this is coming from KP. They are the only ones who benefit from trying to smear H&M with Andrew, and just fits the pattern of all the other tabloid nonsense that have been thrown at Meghan since explicitly after the Oceania tour. It fits their pattern IMO. True I think The Sun is throwing their own spin on this because of the lawsuits the Sussexes have against them. But “sloppy” is usually how KP PR operates anyway. They’ve never been geniuses wrt this stuff.

      • A says:

        I honestly don’t even want to think it’s the hacks at KP! Even they, as sloppy as they are, have a certain “tell” when it comes to the stuff they put out. And they’re largely focused on “embiggening” Kate and William, and there’s no mention of the two of them here. So unless there’s people who are going rogue, I’m honestly at a loss as to who might be responsible for this stuff.

  59. kerwood says:

    I find it so funny that people watch The Crown and Downton Abbey and think they’re experts on Britain and the royal family. THOSE ARE TV SHOWS. They are about as realistic as Game of Thrones.

    The REAL royal family are homely, pasty people with bad skin and worse dental hygiene. Meghan doesn’t just stand out because she’s biracial. She stands out because she’s a beautiful woman with glowing skin and gorgeous teeth. She makes them look even worse than they REALLY do. I KNOW William sobs into his pillow every night that his ne’er do well brother goes to bed with MEGHAN every night while the best he can do is Keen Katie and the Chinless Rosebush.

    And Meghan adds insult to injury by being better educated than the whole fucking lot. She knows how to speak in public and she knows what HARD WORK really feels like. The royal family need to get down on their hands and knees and thank Harry for bringing a woman who looks like she knows her way around the 21st century into their sad little fold.

    I don’t believe that the Queen disapproves of Meghan but right now she’s blinded by fear for her sex offender son who isn’t worth the dirt on her corgi’s feet. I never thought I’d live to see the day when I’d watch Queen Elizabeth II throw her monarchy away on trash like that. This is the woman who didn’t flinch when a man approached her with a gun when she was horseback. She kept her cool when a man broke into her bedroom at Buckingham Palace. I honestly can’t believe what I’m watching.

  60. Moonstone says:

    The Royal Family does not deserve Meghan and Harry and I hope that they do leave. First, remember Princess Michael and her racist Blackamoor brooch upon meeting Meghan for her first Christmas. Then the ongoing intrigues and lack of support. And now we find out that Andrew used the n-word in reference to a woodpile (!)…and remember Philip saying, “You ARE a woman, aren’t you?” to a Kenyan woman at an award ceremony. Oh, and William wore blackface to a fancy dress party, but everyone focuses on Harry’s Nazi costume, suggested by William. Yes, they appeared to welcome Meghan in the beginning, but it was tokenism, they wanted her to make them relevant and to erase the memory of colonialism and racism. They were using her to try to appear woke, but actually treated her with the contempt that is bred into them for anyone whom they will always consider ‘inferior.’ Meghan and Harry are global, they don’t need this clumsy attempted puppetry by the BRF.

  61. blunt talker says:

    I hope some respectful and knowledgeable reporter would just list all the negative things thrown at both Meghan and Harry since they got together. List all the smearing and disgusting articles from 2016 until now and print it for the whole world to see. The world is catching up with the new ways of communicating . The older royals and royalists are still living in dinosaur times. Then people will not have to wonder by the Sussexes are suing the tabs just look at the list of disgusting articles with just sources and no names. When they attacked Archie for no reason, I felt awful and angry. I truly pray for them and their safety. Prince Charles could fix things as someone said previously, get them shitstain dogs called tabloids off Meghan and Harry’s back.

  62. Lucylee says:

    Andrew will be her legacy as a parent and as a monarch.
    Their documentary and commentary was not a a bunch of lies. Truth was told about how they felt where she liked it or not. If anything it exposed how little family unity and care for each other really exist. Truth be told, they did a lousy job rearing William and Harry. Sent them off to boarding school and forgot about them . I wonder if they had grief counseling.

  63. Jen says:

    Yeah lady, because they’re the ones who are the problem.

  64. Birds eye view says:

    what a load of crap…acted quickly?? he shouldve been out in 2008…this is down to Charles..and good on him…about time this preening predator was booted out.

  65. Shannon says:

    This family is a bunch of whack jobs with messed up priorities and I hope the Sussexes eventually relocate to the USA or Canada for their own mental wellbeing. The Queen is off her rocker, I can’t believe the royal family is still supporting the pedophile in their midst and acting like anything Harry and Meghan do could ever come CLOSE to Andrew’s BS is just another example of how horrid and out of touch these people are.

  66. Jana says:

    maybe the Queen should have spent a little more time in the past 70 years with her own children, who have had more than a few fuck-ups in their personal lives, and leave Harry & Megan to their own devices. Their bad decisions could not be nearly as bad as their parents.

  67. BeGoneOrangeCheeto says:

    Ugh, I hate seeing the Sussexes being mentioned in the same breath as Andrew. They’ve done absolutely nothing wrong – Andrew has. Racist folks keep on racisting.

  68. RachelG says:

    Let’s just remember the source of this story – The Sun. A tabloid ‘newspaper’ (and I use the word newspaper in the loosest form possible), that has been boycotted in major cities for spreading the most horrific, offensive and slanderous lies (which they’ve admitted to), and is well known for being racist and homophobic, for sexualising underage girls, and even claiming that heterosexual people can’t contract HIV. Just Google it. I’m not here to comment on the Royal family or to cast judgement on Harry or Megan, but I would ask that you carefully consider the source of some of these stories before you turn on one another (and I’m neither for nor against the Royal family). I appreciate it’s not just The Scum writing these stories, but at the end of the day, the role of the tabloids is to generate readerships and revenue. Scandal sells, not that that makes it right, but it’s something to consider.

    I’d also add that the Queen is the Sovereign of 15 nations within the Commonwealth, it’s not just dreary old Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

  69. Loca says:

    To be fair Harry and Meghan are not happy with the monarchy anyhow so whether they leave or are made to leave by the Queen they can move on with the their life.