Duchess Meghan’s uncle conveniently came out of the woodwork to smear her

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I’ve been thinking about this a lot this week, Thanksgiving week: this time last year, the UK tabloids were going buck wild on the Duchess of Sussex. The smear campaign was about four-to-six weeks old at that point and we were being inundated with stories about how Diva Meghan made Kate cry, and how Meghan was a devious bitch who refused to speak to her family, and how her wedding sucked and on and on and on. One year later and Prince Andrew’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and the crimes he committed in concert with Epstein have all blown up in the royal family’s faces. And as the catastrophic York newscycle hasn’t ended, it’s interesting to note a few things. One, the tabloids still haven’t given Andrew the same kind of wall-to-wall smear treatment which they give Meghan. Two, the tabloids are desperate to bring the younger royals into the newscycle. Three, Meghan and Harry are off, minding their own business, having been absent from this clusterf–k for a week and a half.

So, yeah, the UK tabloids would really, really like to change the subject away from raped and trafficked teenagers and put the spotlight back on Meghan for any reason. That’s why one of the top stories on the Daily Mail and the Sun is this interview with Meghan’s uncle, wherein he insults his niece. I kept seeing “Meghan’s uncle” and I made a bet with myself: “I bet he’s a White Markle.” He is. He’s Thomas Markle’s brother. Toxicity runs in that family.

Meghan Markle’s uncle launched a vicious attack on the Duchess last night – branding her a “prima donna” with a “chip on her shoulder”. Mike Markle, 80, accused his royal niece of leaving her family behind – despite years of support from him and other relatives. He told Woman Magazine that he first helped the Duchess of Sussex on her way to becoming a stateswoman when she was just 20 years old.

Former diplomat Mike secured her an internship as a junior press officer in the American embassy in Argentina when she was considering a career in international relations. But now he fears Meghan has turned her back on her American family. And he doubts he will ever hear again from the 38-year-old former actress – even though he would like it to happen.

Mike, who is the elder brother of her father Thomas, 75, said: “Meghan has climbed socially and left us behind — that’s how I feel. I think that’s what happens when you’re ‘underclass’ and trying to rise above the reality of your situation. She’s a prima donna because he (Thomas) treated her really well.”

And the retired US diplomat shed light on the alleged rivalry between Meghan and the Duchess of Cambridge. Of Meghan, he said: “Coming from her background, she may have a chip on her shoulder. It could be that that’s part of the problem she’s having with her sister-in-law. Meghan is immature in some ways. I feel that because of the way she acts — not only towards family members, but other people.” He also said he felt deeply hurt at not being invited to Meghan and Prince Harry’s wedding.

[From The Sun]

Meghan’s white relatives continue to be salty AF about her life huh. This is all just so weird to me. I have people in my family (cousins, uncles) who I haven’t spoken to in years, because everyone lives in far-flung places and you lose track. It’s just bizarre to me to think that if I ever did become famous or if I married a prince, those relations would suddenly come out of the woodwork to smear me. Like, I would feel bad FOR THEM. How sad are their lives? And how much did Uncle Mike get paid to smear his niece at just this moment, when the tabloids are desperate to change the subject away from Andrew?

Duke and Duchess of Sussex visit army families

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  1. Becks1 says:

    I “like” how these family members go to the press to complain about how Meghan isn’t talking to them and to trash her – gee, wonder why she’s not talking to you?

    • Susannah says:

      Exactly! I wonder how Doria ended up entangled with that bitter family in the first place but at least she and Meghan were able to break out and move on.

    • HK9 says:

      It’s a wonder how these people are so blind to the effects of their own toxic behaviour. If this is how he behaves now that she’s a duchess can you imagine how he treated her when she was a student?

      • Adrianna says:

        It would be so strange for a relative to come out of the woodwork and start trashing you, acting like you had some close and wonderful relationship with them and now they’re bitter for a variety of reasons. It doesn’t work like that in families. I have relatives I haven’t seen for decades and nobody cares, not them, not me if I ever see them again. We’re busy living our lives and don’t even think about a ridiculous concept of anybody being left behind.

      • otaku fairy.... says:

        Exactly. Poor Meghan. 😞

    • Rhys says:

      I’m interested in that period of her life, back when she was considering going into politics/government. This man, if I understand correctly, helped her secure the internship. Working for a government and being an actress are two different paths for different personalities. I’m not talking about the clowns who go into politics b/c they want to be celebrities. She took up the opportunity, but something made her change her mind. Maybe the tole of Rachel came in just in time or maybe she just didn’t like pushing paper in an office.
      Too bad all this man could offer is some mean gossip. The fact that his niece graduated from a prestigious uni and considered a highly challenging career says a lot more about her.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Rhys – I *think* (this could be totally wrong) that she majored in International relations AND theater. (or minored in theater?) so always had interests in both. My guess is that she set herself a certain time frame – maybe 5 years – and if she didn’t have success as an actress she would go into politics/government work/etc. We had a friend like that – worked for a prestigious company, quit after two years and took some time to try to “make it” on Broadway. It didn’t quite pan out for him, so he’s back in the business world.

      • Maria says:

        It doesn’t surprise me. She double-majored in theatre and international studies, so I’m sure she was interested in both. And coming from a family of politicians, I can say the qualities you need in the one job are not that different from the other (public speaking, confidence, ability to learn lines/speeches, networking). I think she went into acting because she had trouble with the foreign service test/missed LA.
        This isn’t the first time her uncle has talked about her in the press either sadly.

      • HMC says:

        I think she did take the Foreign Service Officer Test, but like around 70% of takers didn’t pass it (it’s said to be extremely difficult). And as said below her double major I think was international relations and theater so she went that route instead and seems to have enjoyed it along with finding success

      • dd says:

        I believe she did not pass the Foreign Service exam. I don’t think I could pass it either.

      • JaneDoesWork says:

        I’m surprised to hear she didn’t pass the foreign service exam. I nearly married an American diplomat before meeting my current husband, and he was book smart (he spoke 9 languages and could pick them up super easy) but the man couldn’t really work with people or connect with them on any level.

      • Soupie says:

        @BlueSky (edit: below)
        yeah with that “underclass” comment it makes one wonder how he got into the Foreign Service and supposedly did well given his racism.

      • morrigan01 says:

        She double majored in International Relations and Theater. When she didn’t pass the Foreign Services Test, (which is really hard fwiu) she went back to LA to figure out what to do next (like maybe taking the test again) when a college friend of hers contacted her about a student film she was in for him. Some Hollywood agent had seen it and took note of her and wanted to know if she was interested in auditioning for some acting work. So that’s how she started back on the acting path.

        Meghan talked about how she moved into acting over staying in politics herself in an interview back in 2016 before news of her and Harry dating first got out.

      • Fabuleuse says:

        Meghan was pursuing a career in diplomacy, not in politics. Career diplomats (not political appointees) are State Department employees representing the US overseas.

        Meghan double majored in international relations and theater, but I think theater was a backup, knowing that the passing rate for the Foreign Service Officer Exam is just 20% and most of those who pass it have advanced degrees from top schools and generally take the exam multiple times.

        Indeed, Meghan failed the test on the first try, but it is telling that she didn’t persist in pursuing that career, yet went on to pursue an acting career, which has an even lower success rate and didn’t give up in spite of her struggles.

        My opinion is that Meghan’s embassy internship experience made her change her mind about a Foreign Service career. She likely discovered that diplomats are bureaucrats with little autonomy, not activists.

        Considering Meghan’s lifelong mission to make the world a better place, she likely thought that diplomacy would offer the opportunity to create impact in the world — to “create peace, not war.”

        It is evident to me that Meghan’s acting career was a means to an end. A means of obtaining fame to give her a platform to pursue her mission in the world. She became a blogger and a United Nations “diplomat” representing Canada as soon as she had a platform there. She never stopped pursuing her primary goal. She just took a different path to achieve it.

      • Olenna says:

        @Fabuleuse, ITA. Your last paragraph–well said.

      • noway says:

        I kind of wonder if the Sun didn’t screw with what he said to make it fit their scenario too. I can see, if he was close to his brother, how he may be more for her talking to his brother, but this interview seems way harsher than that. Still if he was a diplomat who at one point helped her get a good internship this isn’t very diplomatic to say the least. Plus, the Sussexes have been together for a couple of years and we haven’t heard from this guy till now. Sure the white Markle’s do seem like a train wreck, but I’m sure these tabloids are hunting people down and if you even say you are sad you haven’t kept in touch blowing it up in such a way it seems like this. I mean it’s the UK tabloids why do we believe they are reporting it accurately? My main reason on this one, is where has this guy been for the last few years? It’s not like all the other crazy white Markles haven’t made their presence known.

        I also saw another interview with another of Meghan’s uncle, Doria’s half brother which was kind of sad, where he said he missed her and Doria, and thought they’d never have another Thanksgiving together cause their lives have changed so much implying the royal part. He hadn’t heard from them in a while, but it had a more positive tilt, but still really sad. It was funny to as I was reading it you know they were trying to see if this could paint Meghan as leaving her black family too, but that story didn’t seem to get too much traction. Now as this was Doria’s family it didn’t fit the tabloids scenario of the story they seem to sell with the Markles. I don’t think we should trust any of these stories. They just seem too fake to me.

      • Natty says:

        I worked at the State Department and your description of FSOs is not on point, and neither is your description of the internships, but that was already pointed out below. The days of pale-male-Yale have long passed, the State Department is very socioeconomically diverse these days. I literally knew 2 people (a couple) who went to Yale (and she was a brilliant minority woman, so neither pale nor male), everyone else I know personally did NOT go to a top school, and while many had Master’s degrees, quite a few had just a BA. I’d argue that far more than a Master’s degree, a foreign experience counts. Peace Corps volunteers abound at the DoS, and rightfully so. If you can hack PC, you can definitely handle DoS service. Why speak so authoritatively about something that you clearly don’t know that much about?

    • Erinn says:

      It’s truly pathetic.

      In the case of the uncle – I’m sure it was a big deal that he helped her get the job (but I don’t doubt she worked her ass off during it), that was a nice thing for him to do if he’s being truthful. But I also don’t doubt that all he’s hearing are the lies coming from Thomas and Samantha and all the other crap “family” members.

      But that’s another perfect example of why people need to keep their mouths shut. Don’t run to the press. Don’t make public statements about things you weren’t involved with. So while I’m sure he THINKS what he’s saying is true, he’s just another garbage person flapping his mouth for whoever will listen.

      • Fabuleuse says:

        Meghan didn’t need her uncle or anyone to “get” her an embassy internship. The U.S. State Department has a no hassle Foreign Service Internship Program for undergraduate students who want to see if it’s a career they want to pursue. It’s a competitive program, though not extremely so. The caveat is that the internship is unpaid with not even a stipend, meaning that interns have to pay all travel expenses and have the means to support themselves in the foreign country.

        Meghan was a financial aid and scholarship student and I know for a fact that not even private student loans cover that program. That means Meghan had to somehow earn the money — most likely work study @ minimum wage — to save money to cover those expenses to make that internship possible.

        My guess is that Meghan asked her uncle to give her a reference as part of the internship application. It’s not even a written reference. It’s just a phone call from Human Resources,

        It’s sickining that the Markle family keep taking credit for everything Meghan has busted her butt to achieve. How frustrating this must be. I swear I would hate those people if I were in her place. Arghhh.

      • noway says:

        @Fabuleuse we don’t know what kind of internship she had at the embassy. It could be an unpaid internship or it could have been the others which are paid. They have multiple types. I whole heartedly dispute your assertion of it’s a competitive program but not highly so, and keep in mind you would be talking about it in the early 2000 not today, when the State Department has been decimated by a certain President. Thousands of young people applied and a very small amount are chosen even for the unpaid positions, especially back when a lot of internships were unpaid. Also keep in mind a lot of people get references or help from people and relatives especially for these kind of things so I don’t take fault on her for doing that at all if she did. That’s what people do, its called networking. It’s also crazy to say having a diplomat supply you with a recommendation or anything didn’t help. If he was a diplomat, it surely would have helped her. Seriously, why dispute these facts which are easily discovered and common sense, and inadvertently you belittle the position.

        Try disputing the assertions in this article that seem the most odd. Who is this Uncle? Is he really a former diplomat, he certainly doesn’t sound like it? Why speak out now and where’s he been for 2+ years if he felt this way? He’s 80 is he mentally all here now? Did one of his crazy relatives make him do this? The timing is so odd on this story with this guy.

    • BlueSky says:

      The racist dog whistling is strong with this one.

      • Amy Too says:

        Yes!! She’s part of an “underclass” !?!? Seriously?

      • minx says:

        I don’t even believe this guy used the word “underclass”—not an American expression at all. They inserted that. He trashed her and they wrote it up to say what they wanted it to say.

      • Carmen says:

        “Underclass”? I’m surprised he didn’t call her “uppity”.

      • Marigold says:

        In the US, we don’t say “underclass.” It’s not a word here. We say “blue collar” or “lower class” or “poor.”

        We did a lot of living overseas (my husband is military), and on those postings, we were around a lot of Foreign Service and diplomatic corps folks. The internship thing sounds legit, but those internships are pretty competitive. We didn’t see much nepotism in our limited time amongst that group of people. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, but I don’t think she’d have been offered an internship with the Department of State like that if she weren’t qualified for it.

        I think there’s some hinky editing going on with his statement here because I’ve literally never heard an American use the word “underclass.”

        Still…what is WITH this family airing out their dirty drawers for everyone to look at and mock?

      • morrigan01 says:

        @Marigold is correct. We don’t say “underclass” in the US. That is clearly The Sun clearly changing what he did say, which was likely either “low class” – if he mentioned class at all.

        Frankly, if any of the tabloids mention Meghan’s supposed social class before marrying Harry, that is clearly a British “tell,” because no Americans think about social class or are as obsessed with it as the British are. Money, yes; social class, no.

      • noway says:

        @Minx Another good point about underclass, it’s not an American expression. I think it’s highly likely the article is just creative writing. If they even talked to him he may have said something like I wish she talked to my brother and they went from there. It’s a bit how the tabloids work, not entirely false but mostly. Cause it’s the same story over and over again. Am I the only one who finds it odd this guy seems so angry and we only hear from 2+ years later. Doesn’t follow logic. Unless he’s completely broke and they paid him a bunch to lie, and US diplomats generally have nice pensions, or he has dementia now, he is 80 and may have been swayed by the other crazy Markles. For all we know the guy wasn’t even a diplomat.

      • Ravine says:

        What a strange leap of logic you guys are making. You’re basically saying “Americans don’t usually say ‘underclass’, therefore no American would ever say it, therefore this American who is quoted as saying it definitely didn’t say it.” Never mind that he clearly lived abroad, or that people often make different word choices depending on who they’re talking to, or that he’s a specific person and you can’t generalize to that degree. You don’t know this guy or have any idea how he usually expresses himself, so swooping in with your forensic linguistics analysis based on a few sentences is a bit ridiculous.

        Some Americans pick up the expression “cheers” (for “thank you”) — are you claiming there’s ventriloquism involved?

      • morrigan01 says:


        An American saying “Cheers” to mean “good-bye” is rare AF. (And I’ve frankly only heard an American do it if a British person says it first). Maybe if they’re just a huge Anglophile, but outside of that? No. And an American using “underclass” to describe the social class they were either born into or grew up in is not only not common, but it’s not even uncommon. Because *Americans don’t think of social class in the same way that British people do.* That is just a fact, no matter what kind of “diplomat” this guy was supposedly or where outside the US he may have lived for a time. It’s a ingrained thing wrt America and our national outlook of it (supposedly) not matter how you were born if you want to make a better life for yourself, you can if you work hard enough. (There is, of course, many caveats to that idea having to do with inequality of education, lack of access for minorities to many avenues wrt education and such that is a much more nuanced issue than I can go into here).

        “Underclass” really IS only used when people here are talking about socioeconomic structures in the US and using it in a political way, not in everyday talk about a person’s social class. Frankly, the way Americans look at class has WAY more to do with money than actively trying to raise the social society one interacts with. Money and lifestyle. The way this interview in The Sun phrased it was in SUCH a British way – with the whole idea about a society based on class and social class – it was incredibly telling that those words did not come from ANY person who was born and raised in the USA, and applying it to American society, and Meghan, and American woman who grew up in it and became successful in it (which is what was being done).

      • Ravine says:

        @morrigan01 — Thanks for educating me. Until today, I had no idea that the United States was a hive-mind, where everyone thinks and speaks identically. Guess I’m just narrow-minded for believing that among 327,167,434 people, one of them might use one word of his vocabulary in a different way than you on a single occasion within his lifetime. I now know that that’s an impossible occurrence. /s

        Yes, I know Americans saying “cheers” is rare. I wasn’t saying otherwise. My point was that SOME Americans say it. Like you said, it can depend on the circumstances. But it happens, because words are not inviolable laws of physics. Therefore, the argument “Busted, Daily Fail! No American says that! You made it up!” is reductive and silly. Even within the same family, people speak differently: I have an uncle who says “agayn” while his parents and siblings say “again”. It’s just his preference.

      • morrigan01 says:


        I noticed you didn’t address my main point however. In that the context in which this Uncle supposedly used “underclass” doesn’t in any way sound natural. Not to mention that this article is a rehash of an article/interview that was published last year with him in which he *didn’t* use words like “underclass” and “social climber.”

        I’ve heard Americans use the British slang term “twat.” Language like that is easy to adapt in context. But terms like “underclass” which was used here in a specific *British* context, in a way that references class in a way that isn’t ingrained in American society and culture? And trying to apply it *to* that structure? Not so much. And *that* is what everyone who’s been saying Americans don’t use that word in such a way meant.

        Example: Graham Norton once called Reese Witherspoon “American Aristocracy” because one of her forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence. Reese laughed, said no she wasn’t and commented that “you should see where we live” in how she *wasn’t* that. Things like that exchange isn’t just about using a slang term or something similar. It’s about a specific social definition and structure. Same thing with this “underclass” nonsense. (Also, the other American on the couch that night, laughed along with Reese when she was called that).

      • Joanna says:

        @blue sky, for sure! I’ve never in 43 years of living in the East Coast, West Coast, Midwest EVER heard anyone use the word underclass. FFS uncle, just say uppity, cause we all know what he means. Except for Ravine. Ravine, most racism is not blatant, it’s subtle. Like someone told me I have a good American last name. Translated: we know you’re a “pure bred” citizen. Another example: I thought this one customer named Rasheid worked for someone else I knew. I said, oh you know Rasheid? He works for you right? He goes no, I wouldn’t hire anyone named Rasheid. In other words, he’s telling me he isn’t going to hire any minorities. Most racism is subtle, all the racists know you’ll get in trouble now if you say certain things. Wake up dear.

    • I agree. Also, I’m sure he is speaking out from the goodness of his heart. Ha ha. Just like with her father and toxic step relations they all get paid, the money is just laundered creatively so that they can say they received nothing. Finally, obviously her “blackness” matters to him as his calling her “underclass” when she is his own brothers child. This family is toxic beyond belief.

      • Amy Too says:

        And the fact that he says she’s cut off from her American family. What about Doria and Doria’s family? She doesn’t count as Meghan’s family apparently because she’s black. Meghan’s white relations get to be her “American Family” while Meghan’s black relations, including her own mother, just get to be her unfortunate link to the “underclass” that she’s a part of.

    • Lucy De Blois says:

      It’s called money, my dear, lots and lots of money. And good connexions, and status, and endless possibilities… Oh my, there are so many names for family concern!

    • Brooke R Greer says:

      Srsly Becks! Yes.

  2. Laura says:

    Just so transparent. Gross all around.

  3. Laura says:

    Just so transparent. Gross all around.

  4. Abby says:

    None of this makes any sense. It’s like racism word salad. I can’t keep straight this dude’s issues. I don’t understand how an actual journalist could write this story and think “yep, this sounds like a good article with solid quotes. Think I’ll turn that in.” Or the editor that thinks this is quality work. I’m a journalist and I just can’t fathom writing the stuff this publication posts.

    I’m sad that Meghan is gettin slammed from both families. It’s nothing she deserves.

    • helonearth says:

      The reason it doesn’t make sense is because The Sun and the Daily Mail are the worst of the tabloid press in the UK.

      Those who work at The Sun and the Daily Mail are not what you would understand to be a journalist – they are hacks, writing whatever the editor thinks will sell more copies or get more clicks on their website.

      • carmen says:

        100%. Trash stories like these are the bread & butter of rags like the Fail & Sun. They generate major click bait & consequently, advertising $$. When people like Meghan’s uncle have smut for sale, credible journalists & real newspapers (e.g. The Times) are not interested and not who they go to. The Fail and its ilk pay big bucks for smut like this.

  5. Chica1971 says:

    Guess her dad’s been checked, he using his siblings to hammer her.

    • Mignionette says:

      Yep – the flying monkeys and proxies have been released. At this rate they will run out of relatives with any legitimate nexus.

    • RedRoyal says:

      I think Samantha used the uncle to hammer Meghan.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      Nah, it’s not Samantha using the uncle. Sam herself is being used (and paid), same as Dear Father.

      It’s interesting how the tabloids don’t request quotes from people who have nice things to say. They only ever interview the desperate for cash + bitter relatives. I bet they pay more money, the nastier the quotes are.

      “Now, don’t forget, Mr Markle…..the more ”*honest*” you are, the more we can pay you.”

  6. Rapunzel says:

    Prima Donna Duchess sells tabloids… Prima Douchebag Duke raises questions of the BRF’s usefulness and triggers #abolishthemonarchy

    This is totally intentional and these white Markles are just jealous peeps being used by the BRF. Disgusting distraction techniques.

    • Megan says:

      What do these people want from her? Did they think they would be having tea with the queen every other week?

      • HMC says:

        Yes. And on call suites next to the Queen. Plus an allowance from the Sovereign Grant. And anything else they thought they could grift on.

      • Sondra says:

        Something like that. Her father made the comment that if the Queen could meet trump she should meet him. The crazy sister went on about the Markles should receive a Coat of Arms. That entire branch of her family is toxic.

      • otaku fairy.... says:

        I wonder if Thomas, Samantha, and this uncle are Deplorables…

      • HMC says:

        @otaku fairy Samantha Markle openly admits to being MAGA on Twitter now. It wouldn’t surprise me if the rest of them were MAGA/MAWA (Make America White Again)

    • Spikey says:

      Yup, I agree. This is so transparent. Basically abusing the Sussexes has become the tabloid equivalent of Squirrel!!! from Up (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSUXXzN26zg)

      • carmen says:

        Unfortunately it’s Meghan who has borne the brunt of it and continues to be the target. They don’t really seem to pick on Harry alone – it’s primarily due to his marriage to Meghan. All Meghan has done since she’s joined this f*cked up clan is contribute, work and make an impact. In exchange, it’s abuse, racism and humiliation. Meanwhile, Andy….

  7. AnnaKist says:

    Her uncle might be 80, but he’s still a worm. Is he Thomas’s mouthpiece now? The Markles are just too thick to realise why she “left them behind”.

    • stepup says:

      Age doesn’t automatically equal grace and wisdom. There are a whole lot of pissant elders out there — spewing their hard-baked bullshit all over the place.

    • PrincessK says:

      It really is pathetic. How many times have we heard this story from him. Who is he anyway? He can’t have been that successful in diplomatic circles anyway because it seems as though he is presently living in a trailer park. If he was really a well respected professional as he and the gutter press are making him out to be he would never open his mouth to spread useless stories. He must be broke.

      Meghan showed good judgement in not inviting these dumb vultures to her wedding.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        I agree. Did he really help Meghan? I have my doubts to be honest. Considering Thomas takes personal credit for all of Meghan’s successes, including her marriage, it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s grossly exaggerating how much “help” he really gave her at the time.

        He’s trash.

      • What...Now? says:

        I agree–she knew what was what with her relatives. And they have definitely shown their true colors this past couple of years.

        Although, really at this point it’s a toss up who has the shittier family–Harry or Meghan. I still think Harry wins for crap families.

        Meghan’s family can really only hurt Meghan–which is bad enough. But Harry’s family has the power to hurt many–and they have…all throughout history. So…there’s that.

      • PrincessK says:

        When it comes to scandal the Markles are saints compared to the Windsors.

      • Mary says:

        I don’t even think that he was a “diplomat” in the sense that we are all thinking. It is only ever said that her worked at the embassy. No experienced career diplomat would feed stories to the press, aid in his brother’s bad mouthing Meghan and then expect an invite to the royal wedding. This guy has been talking to the press since Meghan and Harry were engaged. Mike has also been a mouthpiece for Tom Sr. He has been making money off of Meghan since the engagement and any “diplomat” would understand just how that would rile the royal family and Meghan. Seriously, just what did this guy do at the embassy?

    • Boxy Lady says:

      The interesting thing is that this uncle claims that he and Thomas don’t keep in touch at all but he keeps in touch with their other brother. Both of my parents have a ton of siblings who are all over the place because of military service and other reasons. I don’t keep in touch with the ones that my own parents don’t keep in touch with. I mean, why should I? And why should Meghan? I figure my parents have their own good reasons for not speaking to their own siblings and I try not to interfere.

  8. PizzaLove says:

    They are jealous and want to be in the spotlight. No wonder she isn’t talking to them, they are showing their true colors now.

    I agree, Andrew is not getting smeared enough…

  9. Guest2.0 says:

    Despicable, disgusting, toxic people those Markles. And the Tabloids are desperate for those clicks. Guess the Andrew stories didn’t bring as many comments and clicks to generate ad revenue.

    Hope wherever they are the Sussexes are relaxing and enjoying their family time and not given any thoughts to the haters.

  10. Jerusha says:

    Hate to give the DM any traffic, but they have photos of all the family members. That is a helluva trashy crew.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      Please people, don’t click. It’s Meghan or the tabloids. Click on it and you’re helping arm them against her. It’s that simple. 🙃

  11. Suze says:

    Holy racist dogwhistles, Batman! Could this guy be any more obvious? “Underclass” “prima donna” “chip on her shoulder” “rise above the reality of your situation” – he might as well call her uppity and get it over with.

    God, I feel bad for Meghan to be saddled with that family.

    • OriginalLala says:

      I feel bad that she’s saddled with both the Markles and the Windsors! the whole lot is awful.

    • Marigold says:

      They are dogwhistle terms, so please know I agree and am not diminishing it. Having said that, however, I’m pasty white and have had family say all of those things to me. I think it’s a blue collar Southern thing to view a family member “rising above her station” as a threat or insult of some kind. You don’t have to be “the bride at the wedding and the corpse at the funeral” was a common one. “Stay in your sphere” was another. “There is nothing wrong with being happy with the station you were born to” was another.

      These are all weaponized against black people in America with underlying “code.” I know that. But they are also used to hold back ambitious or really smart people from blue collar families if someone in the family is made uncomfortable by a relative “rising above their raising.”

      It’s a really insidious form of gaslighting, in my opinion, to shade someone’s ambitions, dreams, or accomplishments by telling her it’s just “a chip on her shoulder” or “social climbing.” I was never trying to climb anything, and I never resented my upbringing as a lower middle class person. I love my mother’s house and it’s a single-wide trailer by the river (no joke). I was just made by God to be good at certain things, and I had family members who were very threatened by that, and they lashed out by saying things like this. That’s what I see when I read the uncle’s “thing.”

      I have extended family who, if asked, would say the very same phrases about me, and I am neither a woman of color nor a duchess.

  12. Eyfalia says:

    Daily Mail reporters knock on their doors and offer them money, a lot of money, if they say something, anything. If they say no the first time, the DM reporters come back and increase the sum until they are willing to talk.

    I just wait for a court hearing date/verdict/anything from the High Court of Justice, because I believe that Meghan’s and Harry’s case will be successful. Hard times are coming for the British Tabloids.

  13. Sofia says:

    She hasn’t talked to some of them in 20 years. That means that they didn’t give a shit about her or cared when she was on Suits or anything like that

    But now she’s got a HRH she’s supposed to give a shit about them? Like they did to her for the last 20 years?

    Fuck outta here

    • kelleybelle says:

      No kidding. Where the hell were they when she married Trevor? She wasn’t famous then so they tried to bum money via text and phone. They couldn’t to to the tabloid then. Typical white-trash Markle. I am sure Meghan thanked this man, and enough, at the time. She just was not famous then.

  14. Mignionette says:

    Notice how this interview contains so many Fail Buzz words i.e. ‘left behind’, ‘social climber’, ‘pre-madonna (new entry now they can’t use Uppity), ‘underclass’ (aka Meg is a commoner/ American/ outlier – underclass being a word termed by American sociologists for this very reason)….

    Ah yes the smear is back on now that Paedo Andy’s news cycle is very slightly slowing down and a UK election is just around the corner.

    FYI my old English gent boss who couldn’t give a stuff about the RF firmly believes that it’s the Govt and their spin doctors partially throwing Meg (and Andy) under the bus to distract from Brexit.

    • Bettyrose says:

      Underclass really struck me too. It’s not a common U.S. term outside of sociological discussions and even then it doesn’t just mean poor (which Meghan never was) but disenfranchised, outside the grasp of the American dream. Maybe the uncle misuses words all the time but it’s a real stretch to justify this one…especially when said in the same breath as always been treated really well.

      • Some chick says:

        This, all day.

        I wonder if he even actually said all/any of this, or if they just wrote it and got him to sign off. In any case, what utter trash. (Apologies to actual trash.)

      • Mignionette says:

        I seriously doubt he said those words. I suppose I was trying to say in my original post that the Fail ‘planted’ those words in a bid to undermine Meghan.

      • Bettyrose says:

        You’re probably right about the fail but the uncle still would’ve had to sign off on them for publication wouldn’t he?

    • The Original Mia says:

      All those words are code for black. Replace black for them and the context changes not one bit. He’s a racist.

  15. morningjacket says:

    I am by no means a raging success in life–mine is quiet and small, but very happy–but I recently found out that my former step-father, whom my mother divorced about 27 years ago, talks sh*t about me to people acquainted (sometimes only tangentially) with my family and friends. I was ten years old when he exited my life. I literally never spoke to him again, and only saw him when he came to pick up his son (my half brother) for visitation. This is to say that I have trash people in my life much like Duchess Meghan, although on a micro-level, and I know the conflict of trying not to care about some yahoo trying to malign one’s character in a totally dishonest way. In the small way that I can relate to Meg’s situation, I do; I cannot imagine if my character was misrepresented in the global media. Bullies are so loud.

    • Some chick says:

      Yuck, how awful!

      I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. Seems like you’re really clear that it’s not you – it’s them. But I will say it again. It’s not you. It’s them.

    • ParlerBleu says:

      I’m so sorry that has been your experience.

      I can relate. And it boggles the mind how people you haven’t had contact with for years feel entitled to invade your life and privacy and malign your character to whomever will listen.

  16. Snap Happy says:

    What is with the men in this family claiming they made her who she is? So gross.

    • Mignionette says:

      I suspect that it burns them that the only person who made it in their family was melanated and they can’t even control her the way that they have been indoctrinated to believe they should be able to.

    • RuddyZooKeeper says:

      And that they are somehow owed something for literally doing what was expected of them. Kids aren’t a retirement investment or meal ticket.

    • bettyrose says:

      It’s so gross. Clearly her father did do a lot for her as a child, paying for her private school, taking her to work and encouraging professional goals (that’s more than many parents, credit where due) but it’s so clear that as she got older the emotional price tag became too much for Meghan and she had to distance herself, and their actions since then are pretty clear evidence that she had valid reasons.

    • MaryContrary says:

      It’s not just the men. That half sister is the most toxic of the bunch.

      • HMC says:

        I agree! Once the archbishop of Canterbury said something nice about her sister, now he’s not important, paid PR and equivalent to Jim Jones (her Twitter rantings). She can’t stand that her sister made good and does good. If it weren’t so hateful and pathetic it would be funny

  17. Toot says:

    Meghan hasn’t spoken to this guy in almost 20 years, so how did she ghost him after she”made it” when her “success” came about 10 years ago?

    He hasn’t supposedly talked to Meghan’s father since last year. That family just doesn’t seem close, but he’s milking Meghan’s current life for money.

  18. AprilMay says:

    We’ve heard from this guy before. He’s the one who helped Meghan get her job with the Argentinian government (I think it was) and he bitched about how he didn’t get invited to the wedding amongst other stuff. He was already bound to turn up again sooner or later.
    As for the Andrew stuff not having the same coverage, he doesn’t get the clicks that Meghan does and the stuff that doesn’t get the clicks doesn’t get written, simply as that. Expecting anything other is expecting the British press to have integrity and they haven’t had that in a while if they ever did.

    • Mignionette says:

      Here’s the thing has that claim ever been verified. Families can be very funny. This may be a made up story based on the fact he helped her with the questions of the form or gave her some advice based on his experiences which is all very valid. The press however make it seem he actually placed her in that seat ….?

      I am guessing somewhere in between lies the truth.

  19. S808 says:

    It’ll never not be lost on me that it’s her white side of the family that’s acting a fool. Everyone involved in smearing her is so short sighted. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

    • Lorelei says:

      They’re trash to begin with, but especially compared to Doria, who has been nothing but a class act since day one. And I’m sure that infuriates them even more.

  20. I feel like I’ve seen this article before, same quotes, several months ago???
    Wonder why it’s being trotted out again ?

  21. Digital Unicorn says:

    This interview is old, last year at least so its being rehashed to smear Meghan. NPD and other personality disorders run in families and its clear that they certainly run in the Markle family.

  22. Cidy says:

    I just keep sending her good vibes. Shes surrounded by toxic people everywhere she turns. Shes handling it much more gracefully than I think most would, certainly I would – and it’s really sad that people would rather permanently tarnish their relationships with her than privately reach out if they REALLY felt this way.

    That’s what is on the nose about this being BS. I doubt HIGHLY DOUBT that any of these family members reached out privately to say “please don’t forget about us” (as if she would shes clearly a very thoughtful person) and smooth over any hurt feelings and gone about being a family, but clearly these people dont actually feel this way they just want money and press. It’s all BS.

    Theres a lot of that, I have family that straight turned their back on me when I moved out of our town to pursue my career and finish schooling, I had to take in my brothers child (that is my small child) and while he has never reached out to see him, he continues to drag me back home so this time of year is really awkward and I’m taking a page out of the H&M book and spending the Holidays away.

  23. lee says:

    He lives in a trailer park, FFS…but she’s the one who’s “underclass”?!

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      It would be interesting to discover how a former US diplomat came to be living in a trailer as career diplomat’s get paid quite well and have good pensions. Sounds like financial mismanagement/fraud is a Markle family trait. I wonder if he owns a property in an expensive area that he lets out so he can live cheaply claiming poverty.

      • HMC says:

        My grandparents retired to Florida, financially secured and bought a trailer in a “retirement community” (more old people lol). It was super boring to visit them but the trailer was very nice (double wide, bigger than my first house) and the park quiet, clean and well maintained. He could have done the same. Or he Hope’s to upgrade to a place like that on the back of his niece he hasn’t talked to in 20 years.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        @HMC – Ah thanks for that take. Am not American so I don’t really know much about trailer parks other than the stereotype around them i.e. trailer trash.

  24. Gigi La Moore says:

    Where were these people and articles when she was just a “Suits” actress? Hmm……

  25. Minxx says:

    Her father’s side of the family is clearly not close to her. What about her mother’s side? She has at least one aunt and a bunch of cousins. They don’t smear her to the press, right? Were they at the wedding?

    • Tourmaline says:

      Not sure, but last week Daily Mail had an interview and old family photos from a man named Joseph Johnson whom they identified as Doria’s half-brother. He talked about spending Thanksgiving with them when Meghan was younger. However he only said nice things about her, although the DM made it more negative with the headline, I fear I’ll never spend another family Thanksgiving with Meghan. What he said was more like, it would be nice to see her again but I understand her life has changed.

    • PrincessK says:

      Some of them were at the wedding but their identities were kept secret so that they were not harassed by the Daily Mail. Same reason why the godparents identities are under wraps.

      • Sondra says:

        Thanks for that. I did wonder why Meghan’s mom was the only person in her family to attend the wedding. I always thought it was sad that Doria was sitting alone in the church, but it was sweet the way that Harry kept checking on her. They are absolutely lovely together

  26. Lorelei says:

    I hope the Sun is the next trash tabloid that Harry and Meghan sue into oblivion. Would be interesting to find out how much they pay these cretins for their “exclusive” quotes.

  27. lobbit says:

    Sorry – but I just don’t believe this dude was ever a “US diplomat” in the literal sense.

  28. The Original Mia says:

    The racism just jumps out at you. The Markles think they own her because she’s black. FOH! She owes that old fool nothing, but dust.

  29. sarphati says:

    The depths of mean and nasty behavior this poor woman has to endure! Just to live with a man she obviously adores along with baby. I’m American and naive to the concept of royalty. But it doesn’t take a royal follower to see what HORRIBLE treatment she has suffered from her “family”! From the frying pan into the fire…

  30. Miriam says:

    These trash tabloids are STILL NOT reading the room!! This makes Meghan RIGHT to ditch these trailer trash relatives and it further highlights the smearing campaign against Meghan when pedo Andy is being portrayed as semi-victim for “listening to bad advice”😤
    This is beyond sickening..

  31. Ib says:

    I noticed (I go to the homepage of the fail to see what they are pushing but don’t click anything, so maybe this uncle was nicer than the preview seemed) that Doris’s brother published old thanksgiving photos of her last week and begged to see her again. I wonder what the story is between Doria and her family. Hopefully just a growing apart and nothing more. Family can be wonderful, and is so heartbreaking when it’s not

    • PrincessK says:

      Well Doria only has half brothers and sisters and so the family may have been fractured. Also Doria seems the independent type who does her own thing and may not have had much in common with her family.

    • sid says:

      IIRC Doria is the only child from a second marriage and is a lot younger than her older half-siblings. In cases like that I have seen it play out time and time again that the kid from the second marriage is never really close to the older half-siblings because of the age difference and because of growing up in different homes. I don’t know if that is the case here, but I would not be surprised.

    • Tourmaline says:

      Yep I remembered seeing this too last week and mentioned it above. The headline on the DM article was something like ‘I fear I’ll never spend another Thanksgiving with Meghan’. But what Doria’s half brother actually is quoted as saying is a more mild statement like, it would be nice to see Meghan again but I understand her life has changed. The article also said he was like 70 and had the same mom as Doria so obviously he is several years older than Doria.

      Yeah he took some tabloid cash for the old photos of Meghan and Doria and that is not cool. But in the article himself, he only said nice things about her and that he has good memories of time spent with her and Doria. Not aware of any of Doria’s side of the family who has said anything mean about Meghan to any news outlets.

  32. Andrea says:

    I am an only child who grew up fairly privileged due to my mom’s choice to marry my father. I know I would be exactly like Meghan with my mother’s family if I ever was with anyone famous. They made fun of my education, our money, etc for decades. I cut them all off years ago because enough was enough, not to mention most of them are racist to boot! I am not surrpised but saddened for her that these people keep wanting money at her expense.

  33. Other Renee says:

    There are over FOUR THOUSAND comments on that article in the DM, and I’m sure the bulk are negative. On the other hand, comments on the pedo prince are still being moderated! Which means that many are being selectively deleted. And many comments on him still say things like, “Where’s the proof? Why is she coming forward now? He’s being convicted in the media!” It’s absolutely appalling.

    • PrincessK says:

      I know that is what drives me mad about DM. Meghan generates so much money for people and the readers are totally mesmerised by her. They just can’t cope with six weeks without Meghan and so DM has to dredge around for muck to rake up that has been rehashed over and over but the DM lowlife still can’t gorge it down fast enough.

    • February Pisces says:

      The daily mail use their comments section to really let rip. They use it to spread their hatred and pass it off as the ‘people’s opinion’. I’m pretty sure they delete any nice comments about her, and leave and repeat most of the nasty ones. Their up voting/down voting is probably run by bots. I would love it if as part of the Sussex lawsuit the DM had to show all the deleted comments and explain why they delete any nice comments. Also the DM deleted and permanent blocked anyone who mentioned williams affair, even when it was trending worldwide.

      • PrincessK says:

        Yes, l was one of the victims.

      • otaku fairy.... says:

        The Daily Fail actually bothers with that? Ugh. Treating people criticizing the racism, misogyny, etc. in discussions around someone they dislike/people having something that isn’t bitterly regressive to say about her like the ones being racist, misogynistic, etc. should be treated is a gross #PAB move on the DM’s part. In a way it’s kind of worse if they actually aren’t getting paid for it. Sad!

  34. Mego says:

    It’s glaringly obvious this “uncle” doesn’t know her and likely has had little to no interaction with her ever. But he is her uncle which some family/blood related obsessives take very seriously when in fact it means absolutely nothing. Don’t care if you’re a blood relation and if you are an asshole I won’t associate with you. Cut ties with my only blood aunt and got the “but she’s your only aunt”cast up to me. Don’t care.

  35. Chelle says:

    This repeat article tells me two things: (1) Meghan driven revenue is way down at the DM; and (2) she’s winning in the courts and in the public arena. There can’t be any other reason for the DM to rehash this.

    Re: her family – it must really suck to be eaten with that amount of jealousy. In some ways, I have sympathy for them but not really. Meghan was the one who not only got away despite what looks to be deep emotional dysfunction rife in the family but she made it in a big way relative them. They are bitter.

  36. Viola says:

    I am now 100% convinced that the Markles are on a retainer from the Palace. Deflect and distract. The timing is impeccable. Please let’s not fall for this and stay focused on the Yorks

  37. MsIam says:

    You know what cracks me up about these relatives? At the end of the interviews after saying all this sh!t about Meghan, they all say “But we’d really like to hear from her again!” . Like she wants to talk to you after all of the sh!t you just said in the papers.. Btw, I wonder when is the last time HE has spoken to Toxic Tom or Scamantha and Tommy Jr and their kids? My money is on its been years. Aren’t they his family too?

    • PrincessK says:

      Markle has never seen some of his grandkids but for some reason wants to meet Archie, l wonder why…..🤔

  38. aquarius64 says:

    Bottom line: Meghan’s white family is resentful that their half black relative is living the platinum life and they are basically living on public assistance. They are living proof that white privilege did not work out for them economically. If Unc was a diplomat he would be in a better living situation than he is now. These losers see Harry as a lottery ticket and they want their cut. Their big mouths prove they can’t be trusted: if there was a family reunion and they hear anything about Andrew they would run to the tabloids to report what they heard. They would sell pictures of Archie too. Dishonorable mention to Uncle Ragland for the quick cash grab. All DM did was provide more ammo for the lawsuit. The rag are dumb as the Windsors for Andrew gate.

  39. Darla says:

    This is a poisonous family. As someone who got shook up at my salon over the weekend, because the girl washing my hair asked “so what you are you guys doing for thanksgiving” and, there are no “you guys” here. I am estranged from half my family (I have a small family). I struggled so hard not to start crying. I wish she had kept her mouth shut. Everyone assumes you have a big family and are doing the big thanksgiving. Anyway, as someone struggling myself, this makes me so sick. It’s so poisonous. It’s so toxic. These people are so toxic. And they all repeat the same theme. “Social climber”. That’s what these toxic family members do. It can really bring you to your knees. You have to be strong. Very strong. Sometimes, you need outside help.

    • Andrea says:

      I use you guys for my female friends. I am from Ny and use it for everyone in a group, no matter what ethnicity. How are you guys doing? Is this wrong now?

    • CatWomen says:

      Darla , feel better. Even when a family has good relationships there are logistics that make getting together unrealistic. Like am I gonna expect me daughter to drive 4 hours both ways to eat a meal just because it’s a holiday’. She’s know we love her but skip the holiday as sometimes it’s just too much. I spent 20 years being the hostess for my family, extended family and I’m over and done with that. Sometimes being by yourself is much better then spending time with toxic people. Have a good holiday. I recommend the Hollow Crown if you haven’t seen it. (another toxic royal family).

    • EveV says:

      I’m sorry you are struggling this season. I can say from your comments I read on here that your family is def the ones missing out. Sending hugs.

  40. Rogue says:

    Meghan and Harry both have utter trash relatives- difference is Harry’s have money.

    Wonder which Markle who “made her everything she is” will next come out for their money grab. Not sure why anybody feels sorry for them. They are awful people.

    Doria’s half brother is trash too- yes he has said nice things about her but he sold pictures to a paper that has been racist about his half sister and niece from the very start. He also sold one picture when Doria had just had Meghan by c section in hospital. She looks understandbly spaced out. Nobody would want such an intimate picture out there.

    I think these relatives are on retainer too for holidays etc to remind Fail readers of how she abandoned family and also to help trash Meghan where there’s a lull in new content.

  41. Thea says:

    How was this guy ever a diplomat? He has no clue on how to conduct himself with class or decorum. His conduct is so unbecoming.

  42. Le4Frimaire says:

    Didn’t they trot this story about the bitter uncle last year as well, or something similar? At least they recycle . Anyway, California is finally getting rain (and messed up traffic) after 6 months so maybe the Sussexes brought it with them, LOL. Also, according to the tabloids, Meghan is going to ruin Beatrice’s unannounced wedding with her non-existent pregnancy. This is actual news. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Sussexes have another baby before Beatrice actually gets married. The desperation is real. They really are missing the Sussexes already and hoping to distract so desperately from Andrew and his f**k ups. Bet they can’t wait for Virginia Giuffre’s interview.

  43. one of the Marys says:

    I apologize if this has been answered upthread however why are the *tabloids* desperate to change the news cycle off Andrew and onto the Sussexes? Don’t they simply cover what sells? I can understand the Royal family wanting that but why would the tabloids care?

    • Viola says:

      There are a few reasons that I can think of quickly
      1. UK tabloids for the most part are right wing. The Sun (quoted above)for example is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s newscorp, aka Fox News and NY Post (for American reference) .
      2. Power – this is how the tabloids exert power over people. They can make or break careers with one story.
      3. Working with royal courtiers, brings them more access. For example, I believe BP staff is behind this and has given something in return. We will find out what that is in a few days. It may be pictures of the Cambridge kids, who are frequently used in theses cases.
      4. The Sussexes aren’t playing the game with them like the other households and they therefore have no control over them.

    • 2cents says:

      My theory is that the (far) right wing British establishment (a mix of politicians, pressowners, including their royalreporters, big business, aristocrats and even some courtiers) are pushing to overthrow the monarchy as the Queen’s reign comes to an end and to push for a nationalistic republic post Brexit.

      Tactic: 1. undermine the Queen’s authority (throwing her under the political bus by Boris Johnson) and 2. break down the relevant sparelines (popular duo Meghan &Harry and pedofriend Andrew who would be sacrificed anyway when the time was right). Then attack the heir lines! (first Charles & Camilla, eventually William & Kate (the weakest link in the royal system).

      I think the press has a secret archive of potentially explosive stories about the heirs which they will launch tactically to harm the heirline and sway public opinion on the royals. A referendum about the monarchy will do the trick. If the British people can swallow the lies of Brexit, they can swallow anything.

  44. MariaS says:

    The Markles are so damn jealous of her. I get the sense that they looked down on Doria and Meghan based on their race and when Meghan was revealed as Prince Harry’s girlfriend and then fiancée they felt entitled to recognition and money. They insult her while claiming to want a relationship with her – all for tabloid money. Absolutely despicable people.

  45. cherriepie84 says:

    The resentment from the Markles towards Meghan is due to her being half black. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • Tourmaline says:

      I would add that there also seems to be an additional, related resentment of the Markles toward Meghan’s mom.

      • Lady D says:

        Doria isn’t getting down in the mud (slinging) with them. They so badly want to discuss and slam Doria, plus anything Doria would say, and she’s giving them no ammunition whatsoever. I’m sure they and the press are very, very frustrated with Doria. Nor can anyone find dirt on Doria which makes them even angrier, again without an outlet. So the press has a temper tantrum, and they rerun ignorant Markle side stories.

    • Mego says:

      His comments were just one dog whistle after another. Some diplomat he is.

  46. Kea says:

    Social climber? Guess they would have loved her if she’d stayed put in the trailer park with them. One thing that has always puzzled me as an African person where the one who gets out first always extends a helping hand to the ones behind – Since Poison Sam and this man are so much older than Meg. At some point in life they were probably doing better than her. How come no one ever asks them what it is they ever did for her? Did Samantha have her little sister in her wedding? Since she claims a modelling career, did she help out Meghan with a few coins, ever? What did they do to show her she was family that inspires this attitude? Include her in anything? What does she owe them? Do they want to be paid for ‘blessing’ her with their white genes? Sigh, always the reapers, never the sowers….

  47. Nikki* says:

    I really feel great sympathy for Meghan with racist media making up horrific slants for her every move, and blood relatives making a buck from smearing her in any possible way. The Markle side is obviously nasty beyond belief. Her in-laws aren’t much better. My word.

  48. kristy d says:

    This is why she wants nothing to do with anyone in her family other than her mother. Media says she let fame and royalty get to her head? No, there is a saying “The bigger the star, the bigger the target” and sadly she’s got a bull’s-eye on her right now. Thankfully H & A are keeping her happy and sane through these ordeals.

  49. Bunny says:

    I’m 100% sure that her dad’s family is hot garbage, and most of the interview rings true to what hot garbage would say, but this passage sounds like a British person wrote it: ““Meghan has climbed socially and left us behind — that’s how I feel. I think that’s what happens when you’re ‘underclass’ and trying to rise above the reality of your situation. She’s a prima donna because he (Thomas) treated her really well.””

    Americans don’t usually think in terms of ‘rising above your station’.

    Wondering who at the rag put words in his big fat mouth?

  50. yinyang says:

    Be a gentleman and shut up! This is so rude, and to bring about her sister in law in comparison, like he knows her, pathetic. “She’s a prima donna because she was raised really well”?!! Can’t believe he has the nerve?!! How should she be raised in the ghetto, because she is biracial?! What century is he living in. The British Press has stooped really low to cover things like this, why don’t they look for this type of shit about Kate, there are many accounts of her “past” that is far more interesting, but we never touch on that topic, idiots. Tired of this!! Is everything this trash family does put in the press?

  51. Charfromdarock says:

    What a tool.

  52. yinyang says:

    I swear is there not one member in that family who isn’t trash, who is the least bit dignified or respectable. Weren’t they taught if you don’t have anyhting nice to say, don’t say anyhting at all.

    • Tourmaline says:

      It looks like the Archbishop of Canterbury has made some nice remarks about Meghan and called out the racist abuse she’s faced.

  53. Claire says:

    As someone who has a strained relationship with one of my parents’ sides of the family whom I consider to be toxic to me, this absolutely infuriates me. If I ever gathered any major success or notoriety, I bet my family would do the exact same thing. Even though I rarely speak or associate with any of them. They’d somehow think they have some claim to me or right to speak for and about me. UGH!!!!!

  54. kerwood says:

    Every single day, Meghan’s White family shows why she wants nothing to do with them. Who would want to have anything to do with such toxic, poisonous trash.

    It appears that the Markles kept track of every penny they ever spent on Meghan and now they want a return on their investment. They put me in mind of how slaveowners kept track of the children that were the result of the rape of African slave women. Those children were their father’s ‘property’ and were treated as well or as poorly as their owner chose to treat them. Thomas Jefferson kept records on the children he had with Sally Hemings. His ‘relationship’ with Sally was the worst kept secret in Washington. When his children reached a certain age, they were ‘allowed’ to leave Monticello and disappear. I remember visiting the Jefferson Memorial on a school trip. I stared at that enormous statue of one of America’s most famous rapists and wanted to knock it over.

    The Markles must long for the ‘good old days’ when they could have set the slave-patrols on Megan and dragged her back to the plantation. Or when they could put a ‘runaway slave’ ad in the paper and offer a reward for her return. The British tabloids are doing the 21st century version of this, reminding Meghan that she’s ‘underclass’. Have they taken a good look at the family she married into? If it wasn’t for the fancy houses and tiaras, most of the British royal family would be living in council flats. There’s barely a brain cell or an ounce of ambition in the whole bloody lot.

    I’ve always believed that racism is a form of mental illness. Look what it’s done to the world. Having a Black president drove some Americans so insane that they actually voted for scum like Donald Trump. And having a Black woman in the royal family has driven thousands of people so stark raving mad that they’ll overlook sexual assault and human trafficking for the chance to put an ‘uppity’ Black woman in her place. It feels like the world is going mad. I’m running out of contempt for these lunatics.

  55. Bread and Circuses says:

    ‘Tis the eve of American Thanksgiving, when families come together to groan and face-palm while Mean Uncle says jackass things.

    He just didn’t want Meghan to miss out, so far from home.

  56. Ye says:

    Her family is a broken mess. Her uncle seems to have helped her out, sure. And I get that he’d be sore about not hearing from her, but thats not HER fault. Jesus Mike, this is all on your brother. What he does by talking to the press is much worse than her not sending him christmas cards or whatever.

  57. Bonnie Jay says:

    Americans don’t say “underclass” or “the reality of your situation” and if they do they can expect to be called bigots or racists. The whole idea of our country is against any class system. Americans think of the British royalty structure as economic bigotry and elitism. Outside of movies and TV shows, Royalty itself is looked down upon by many if not most Americans. I think this story was largely made up by the British press. I just can’t believe any American man would actually think like this unless he was really wealthy, like a Trump, not like a Markle.

    • Some chick says:

      The concept of “royalty” is looked down upon here – and rightly so.
      There is a class system, tho. It has to do with money and wealth.

      The White Markles all seem to be assholes.

      • morrigan01 says:

        Yes, the class system in the US has to do strictly with money and wealth. Also, people in the US don’t think people who have more money and wealth are *better* than them because of it, especially those who have inherited wealth. (In fact, we as a society in the US tend to look skeptically at people who have inherited wealth if all they do in life is live off that wealth and contribute nothing of value to society while doing so). That’s why, while we do have old money families in the US, we don’t call them or think of them as any kind of Aristocracy. The word we’ll most use wrt such a thing is a “dynasty,” and even then it’s usually only if they have some kind of big influence over a particular industry or our political system in some way and have for generations (like the Kennedys). And even *then* we’re still skeptical of such things. It was one of the reasons people had against Hillary winning the Democratic primary in 2008, because there were people who didn’t want to keep the patter of Bush, Clinton, Bush, and then Clinton again going on in the White House – if would have equaled just two families in the Oval Office in a span of almost 20 years. (I also think it’s one of the many reasons Jeb Bush didn’t win the Republican Primary in 2016).

        If someone who is financially “poor” or “lower-middle class” or even “middle class” wrt their income wants to get to the “upper middle class” or “upper class” then, in the US, it’s all about them trying to make more money to figure out how to do that. It’s about wanting a lifestyle that having more money can provide, and NOT because you care about having a close social relationship with, say, the Vanderbilt family (one of the old money families in the US) or something like that.

        Race has a lot to do with our class system as well and whether someone has to ability to move up into a higher class due to things like pay-gaps, education systems, etc., Systemic racism is a factor in whether someone has access to the tools and other things to take advantage of even wanting to move up in our money and wealth-based society. But yes, if you say something like “underclass” or knowing “the reality of your situation” to someone then yes, people will/would straight up call you a bigot or racist here in the US for doing so. Especially if you say it about a POC, and *especially* a black person (given the history of slavery, the terror of reconstruction and lynchings during that period, and Jim Crow – the latter two of which was all about making black people “know their place”).

  58. Rogue says:

    I think that Doria’s family dynamic is similar to Meghan- she’s the only child of her parents with much older half siblings. I read that her father married someone her age after he divorced her mother so they might have been estranged for a while before eventually reconciling. But she wasn’t raised with her much older half siblings and wasn’t close to them (like Meghan and her half siblings). Although she has apparently become closer to one of her younger half siblings in recent years.

    In an interview one Ragland relative said that most of the family didn’t even know she was getting married to Senior. I also wouldn’t be surprised if there was resentment between some Ragland half siblings as Doria inherited her fathers house.

    As for the Markles they all say they haven’t seen each other and Meghan for years. I suspect after Meghan’s grandmothers died (Doria’s mum lived with her and Meghan’s legal documents say she was a caretaker for Thomas’ mother) the wider Ragland and Markles family stopped seeing each other much. Thomas Senior seems to have been living and reclusive life and he said he hadn’t seen Meghan since 2015.

    With that I wonder if that was behind Harry’s comment about family never had because the Windsors do see each other much more and have these huge family gatherings& he seems close to his cousins whereas Meghan hasn’t seen some of her relatives for 20 years& he was alluding to her experiencing a large family gathering.