Jane Fonda’s grandchildren joined her last Friday in protesting climate change

Since October, Jane Fonda has been making good on her promise to protest climate change every Friday in D.C. on Capitol Hill for 14 Fridays (until she needs to return to the Grace and Frankie set). During one of the “Fire Drill Fridays,” she gave an acceptance speech for her BAFTA. She’s been joined at protests by other celebrities including Ted Danson and Sam Waterston.

This past Friday, Jane was joined by Young Sheldon star, Iain Armitage, who played Jane’s grandson in 2017′s Our Souls at Night, and Jane’s grandchildren, Malcolm and Viva.

Ian posted a tweet about Friday’s protest

Washington Post reporter Hannah Jewell asked the young actor, “Iain, not getting arrested today?” He replied, “Unfortunately not,” citing his age:

Yahoo has more:

Armitage wasn’t the only buzzy name taking to the streets on Friday. Comedian Paul Scheer (Veep, The Good Place) also joined Fonda, adding him to the growing list of celebrities who’ve been arrested as part of the “Fire Drill Fridays.” Scheer was reportedly one of 38 total people arrested on Friday. He joins the likes of his wife, June Diane Raphel, Fonda’s onscreen daughter on Grace and Frankie, as well as Marg Helgenberger, Diane Lane, Piper Perabo, Sam Waterston, Ted Danson, and Catherine Keener.

Fonda avoided being taken into custody for the fourth week in a row. Despite being told that the Attorney General’s office won’t prosecute her case (she’s already been arrested four times for acts of civil disobedience), Fonda has chosen not to get arrested again until Dec. 20 in order to avoid jail time that would prevent her from continuing to lead the demonstrations.

[From Yahoo!]

Jane explained to The Hollywood Reporter at the beginning of November that she was being cautious because she can’t be jailed for 90 days. “I have to be careful not to get to a point where they’re going to keep me for 90 days because I have to begin preparing for Grace & Frankie in January. So I’m not going to get arrested every time. They give you three warnings and so I will step away at the third warning.” I’m so glad that Jane is continuing to do this, and that she’s getting more support. I’m just curious about what’s going to happen in January when Jane is back at work. I wonder whether anyone is going to step in and take up the cause in such a vocal way in Jane’s absence. She’s truly dedicated to this cause and is inspiring so many other people to join her.

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  1. noway says:

    I’m glad she’s doing this, but I think it’s sad this seems to be the only avenue we have left. I just don’t get why this is a debatable issue. We should be arguing over different ways to combat climate change, not whether it exists. I want one of these conservative religious zealots who believe climate change doesn’t exist to answer, which religion thinks it’s a good idea to be selfish and use up every natural resource? Pretty sure this is not a major tenant of any religion. It just makes sense to conserve, not waste, and share with the others, not to mention this theory does flow with most religions. You don’t even need to believe the science to understand being a gluttonous, selfish person who wastes things isn’t a good way to live.

    • Rapunzel says:

      All the religious fundamentalists types I know are totally selfish af. They don’t give a hoot about climate change cause they want plastic straws. Seriously. It’s ridiculous.

      • noway says:

        I know, but what religion preaches this? None that I know of. The odd thing is this is something we could all do to some extent. Who needs straws, tons of clothes, eating red meat every day, big SUV’s which get 10 mpg, plastic everything? Aside from being wasteful it’s expensive too, so not very conservative if you ask me. It’s seems conservative has lost the conserve part in today’s world too.

      • Darla says:

        I agree that we all can do something, and also that religious fundamentalists are fos…but I personally believe we are well past the point of individual virtues making any real difference. We are gonna need a lot of legislation. Plastic straws and single use plastic bottles need to be banned, period. Same with plastic grocery bags. and that doesn’t even begin to talk about what will need to be done. We don’t have the political will yet, but we will. Anyone who thinks the youngest among us are going to continue to tolerate this, while the climate changes in front of their faces, is deluding themselves. In fact, I believe climate change and young people’s reactions to it may spell the end of the modern day republican party. They will go the way of the whigs, and something, some form of conservative party will rise to take its place, but they will have to address climate change. Well, just a prediction. I guess we will see. Or, some of us will.

    • Arpeggi says:

      The reasons to not want to do anything are simple: acting on climate change is/will be uncomfortable and expensive and we are greedy and selfish (some more than others, but it’s hard to renounce comfort). It’ll require for those with a lot of wealth to let go of a lot of it, it requires the collapse of the economy as we know it. Regardless of what the religious books preach, most zealots don’t want to share what they have with others, especially if those others are different from them. Those mega churches are all about wealth and power and care very little about anything else.

  2. BANANIE says:

    Jane Fonda is such a badass. Good for her for her commitment to this cause and her great performance in Grace & Frankie! I just started watching the show over Thanksgiving with my mom and wish I had hopped on the bandwagon sooner!

  3. LindaS says:

    I dont understand what this is accomplishing. Its getting attention but what else is it doing. I doubt its changing anyones mind. She doesnt want to get arrested because she has to go film a TV show. That sounds priviledged. And isnt a lot of what goes into filming a TV show bad for the environment. I am sure I will be told my comment is ridiculous but its just a question.

    • ME says:

      I remember someone complaining after a climate change protest. They said all the signs were left behind and will end up in the garbage ! Those signs aren’t helping and they need to stop making/using them. Just use your voice instead. Yes, movies/tv shows consume a lot of resources and energy. I am sure most take planes to get to locations for shooting. Look climate change is only going to work if EVERYONE changes their ways. If one or two countries does it, nothing will change. It’s an all or nothing type of thing.

      • tealily says:

        Eh, paper’s a renewable resource. Using some poster board isn’t the thing that’s gonna destroy the planet.

    • Arpeggi says:

      If Fonda was to get arrested and jailed for 90 days, all the people working on her TV show would be affected: the actors might be able to get by, but all those involved with the behind-the-scenes stuff would lose incomes (yes, the show being postponed, they would perhaps get it later, but try to explain to your landlord that’ll you’ll postpone your rent) and their lives would be affected by her choice. Her decision isn’t privileged (though she’s in a privileged position to be able to make it and she recognizes that), it’s realistic.

      Everything we do uses energy and resources: it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be allowed to do anything, it means that we have to be thoughtful about not using more than necessary. I mean, even zero-wasting doesn’t actually mean not producing any waste but means reducing what we produce by trimming all the excess. A TV production can do that by not filming on multiple locations and filming everything on a tight schedule so that people remain close to the set and only leave once it’s wrapped.

    • Raina says:

      I mean I really don’t wanna get arrested either for ANY reason but I might go join. It makes me feel less helpless even if the delusional criminal won’t do anything about it.

  4. Jan says:

    If I didn’t have to work I’d be right out here (Canada) with her. Climate change is that important. We have to do better. I do write many letters and vote with my $

  5. TQB says:

    Jane’s granddaughter looks so much like her as a young girl! Also, Diane Lane really looks THAT good just out at a protest in a puffer? JFC, I’m going back to bed.

    Also, good for all these people using their famous faces to save the world.

  6. Guess says:

    I still think she is a terrible human being. What she did to captive soldiers in Vietnam is unforgivable. I agree about getting rid of plastic items 💯. There have been many many studies however showing meat is healthier than soy products which cause a large amount of health issues. As well as the fact that cattle have a minimal effect on the environment. Banning or minimizing meat would put thousands of ranchers out of business as well as wreaking havoc on US economy.

    • Arpeggi says:

      Cattle have a terrible effect on the environment, they require tons of resources and energy, there’s absolutely no research that states that cattle don’t affect the environment because it’s just not true. Also, not eating meat doesn’t mean you eat soy all day everyday: you eat legumes, vegetables, grains… Which is far healthier than eating meat on a daily basis.

      Climate change will wreak havoc the economy, it’ll also going to destroy all of us: this is a bigger problem than the economy

      • SM_Vie says:

        I am sorry, but you are misinformed. Cattle and other ruminants (grazing animals) when raised on pasture help to bind carbon into the ground by building topsoil. This reverses desertification and and has therefore a positive impact on climate change. Just check the TED talks by Allan Savory, Joel Salatin and Wendy Pratt for some basic information on this issue.
        A shift in meat consumption from feedlot meat to pasture raised meat would have a profound effect on climate change and human health.

      • Arpeggi says:

        But what you’re describing is not how the majority of the cattle is raised and farmed whether in the US or worldwide! And it wouldn’t be a sustainable method if people continued to eat as much meat as they are doing. As of now, farm animals demand a lot of water (for themselves but mostly for the crops used to feed them), lands (which leads to deforestation) and energy, much more than what’s needed to sustain a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. If we dramatically changed the way animals were raised and better use all the animal parts and byproducts, then *maybe* we might be able to say that the ecological footprint of cattle farming isn’t that big compared to other types of agriculture, but it’s not the case right now. And if we were to change, it’d still mean that many ranchers and farmers would lose their jobs because you wouldn’t have as many animals

      • LindaS says:

        @arpeggi I am a farmer. We raise beef and do crops. Have done this for 41 years. The only water we have ever given our cattle or for our crops that feed the cattle has been from rain. Cattle drink from a dugout that gets filled by rain. We have long winters. My husband goes out every day and chops a hole in the dugout for the cattle to drink from. Sometimes here it gets to -40 but he still has to do it. The only energy we use is his energy that he takes to do this. And no water except rain is used on our farming operation. Sometimes people are misinformed as to how a farm is and can be run. We have many trees and every year plant more. We have never taken down any trees on our farm. Sometimes it is good to look at other possibilities of what can and is done instead of just getting on the bandwagon of a so called experts opinion

    • Lala11_7 says:

      The WHOLE Vietnam war was unforgivable….and Jane has spent her life and tons of her money fighting to make this world a better place for EVERYONE…


    • Penny says:

      I’m assuming you’re referring to the story about her ‘turning over notes’ from captive soldiers to the prison guards, which is completely false and has been debunked numerous times. The soldiers who were in the prison themselves when she visited have all said it isn’t true. In regards to the photos of her sitting on the anti-aircraft gun, she didn’t realize what she was sitting on until after the pictures had been taken and she begged the photographer not to publish them, which of course he did.

      The entire Vietnam war was awful and unforgivable, and I’m not going to fault someone with a lifetime of activism under her belt for doing her part to bring an end to it.

  7. ME says:

    I hope everyone does their part this year during the holidays. Stop the wrapping paper madness and over-consumption. Stop buying things you don’t even need. All those Christmas cards just end up in a landfill. You can’t complain about climate change but still continue to live the messy lifestyles we live. Christmas is one of the worst holidays for mass consumption. Just look at garbage day the week after Christmas. Piles of sh*t at the curb…bags and bags. Is that necessary ???

  8. Stef says:

    I’ve always loved Jane Fonda and have huge respect for her. Used to work out to her 80′s videos when I lived in Germany in the 00′s and could rent her videos free from the library. She’s an icon!

  9. serena says:

    This is great, I hope more many people and celebrities will give this cause their support.