Donald Trump: ‘I don’t know Prince Andrew but it’s a tough story’

US President Donald Trump state visit to London, UK - 03 Jun 2019

The Idiot Abroad: NATO 2019 Edition. Donald Trump is in London right now for the 70th anniversary celebration of the formation of NATO. It’s sad because NATO has been significantly weakened under the Trump presidency, and that’s by Vladimir Putin’s design. Putin has always had a hang-up about the NATO alliance, so Putin bought Donald Trump’s presidency (and it was cheap too) and now Putin gets Trump to do all of the NATO-weakening business.

Trump’s travel to the UK also comes at a difficult moment for the current British prime minister, Boris Johnson, who has long been a Trump ally. But the British general election is coming up and BoJo can’t be seen with his baby-fisted ally, less BoJo remind the British voters that he’s basically just the posh version of Trump. I thought this was going to be the story – a comedy of errors as a real-life Benny Hill sketch played out in real time, with BoJo frantically pushing Emmanuel Macron in his path so BoJo could avoid Trump. But of course that’s not the only thing happening.

Trump was asked about his party pals Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein. Remember, Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell recruited some of their underage victims from Mar-a-Lago. There are literally photos of Trump hanging out with Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein. But Trump doesn’t know anything about any of that.

U.S. President Donald Trump said he did not know Britain’s Prince Andrew but that it was a “very tough story” when asked for a reaction to the royal’s decision to step back from public life. Andrew, 59, Queen Elizabeth’s second son, has stepped back from royal duties after he gave an interview last month over his friendship with the disgraced late U.S. financier Jeffrey Epstein.

“I don’t know Prince Andrew but it’s a tough story, it’s a very tough story,” he said. Trump is in London for a NATO summit.

[From Reuters]

Snort-laugh. Congrats to Prince Andrew, you just got Rudy’d. Donald Trump has clearly never even HEARD of Prince Andrew, you guys. He’s never heard of Rudy Giuliani, or Vladimir Putin, or Jeffrey Epstein. Pretty soon, Donald Trump is going to be like “Ivanka who? Never met her.”

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President Trump at Westminster Abbey

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42 Responses to “Donald Trump: ‘I don’t know Prince Andrew but it’s a tough story’”

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  1. carmen says:

    “Gentleman”??!!!! Andrew is no gentleman.

    • BellaBella says:

      When will this grossness be over? How do we get these buffoons and corrupt sleazebags and lawbreakers OUT and women into every elected office? Please let me see it in my lifetime before the planet burns up.

  2. Mireille says:

    OK look everyone … Pot meets Kettle. Why am I torturing myself before my coffee this morning by reading about Orange Julius??? Can’t believe this idiot is my president. Going back to bed…

  3. Darla says:

    These pictures make me gag. Will everything about trump ever come out? It’s all right there, with his “modeling agency”. But our media won’t touch it. He’s a monster.

    I love this post btw. The Idiot Abroad. lol

    • Betsy says:

      His “modeling agency” indeed.

      Personally I suspect that as Donald’s brain slides further into dementia that he will blurt out what I suspect is the true nature of his relationship with Ivanka.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      and his teenage “beauty pageants”.

      where he admitted to walking in on TEENAGERS in various states of undress.

    • Tourmaline says:

      All sorts of horrible information about Trump already HAS come out but the sad state of affairs is his rabid base of supporters, plus one of the two major American political parties, are all in with him and every horrible revelation only makes them support him harder.

  4. Joanna says:

    Just read that Trump awarded the border wall contract to a company that appeared on Fox News. Who bid but was told they did not meet the requirements. Can we have a story on that please?

  5. noway says:

    This man can’t even tell the truth over anything. All he had to say is I don’t know him well or I’ve only been together with him a few times. No he flat out denies it, when we have pictures. What is wrong with this man? Lots of rich famous people have met Prince Andrew. Who cares? Why lie about everything?

  6. Noodle says:

    “Tough story”. What exactly does that mean? Tough for whom? Andrew? His victims? What a weird, and wholly expected, response.

    • Jerusha says:

      For himself. That anyone would question his innocence despite the plethora of photos spanning years. Who you gonna believe-him or your lying eyes?

  7. Paige says:

    Too Bad that Bill Barr had Epstein murdered in jail for trump, otherwise we’d be hearing about trump sweating over an underage girl…

  8. carmen says:

    That last photo – is that Melania?? She’s changed.

  9. Lala11_7 says:

    The installed POTUS is a LITERAL pimp! America….WHAT A COUNTRY!!!!!!!

  10. Rapunzel says:

    Andy got “coffee boy”ed. Fitting.

    Sure, meeting once or twice or even half a dozen times doesn’t necessarily mean you “know” someone, but he acts like they never met at all. The gaslighting is insane. It’s like lying is just his automatic reaction.

    As for tough, I’m sure Trump means it is tough cause now he and Andy can’t play golf during his visit.

    Oh and Epstein had 17 ways to contact Trump in his address book. Where’s the headlines on this?

  11. Caroline says:

    The thing that makes me the most frustrated are the supporters of Trump that will defend him, even though there is PHOTO EVIDENCE of him with Prince Andrew. How can his base suspend reality to actually believe him? I wish I had that ability. It would make my work days much more pleasant.

    • Agirlandherdog says:

      I know. It frustrates me, too. Any time you can show them evidence of his lies (photos, videos, his OWN admissions), they just ignore or make excuses. I’m not a truly rude person, but it makes me want to ask people if they’re stupid. Just “seriously… are you stupid??”

      • Sean says:

        I’ve been reading different pieces on the mindset of Trump supporters and how many of them will not inherently evil or racist, have become brainwashed due to absorbing large amounts of right-wing media over a ling period of time. It’s very similar to people who become trapped in cults.

        I can’t link anything because I’m typing this on my phone, but I’ve read the best thing to do is to ask questions that reset their critical thinking abilities. Don’t argue and dont expect to change people night. They have to he de-programed which is a long game effort. The purpose is to plant seeds of doubt that will hopefully get them to start asking questions about their own beliefs.

        Also, offering counterpoints may persuade those who overhear your conversation.

    • Jerusha says:

      Apparently, there’s a photoshopped version with Adam Schiff and Epstein circulating on FB. The actual photo is Schiff and his father. The Republican Party attracts the dregs of society.

    • Tourmaline says:

      For one thing his base is deeply misogynistic, and takes the view that the women who have accused him of wrongdoing are liars at best and even if it happened, they deserve it and so what. That’s the mentality at hand.

  12. Sarah says:

    Ronan Farrow needs to start an investigation on Trump’s so called modelling agency. Not only is he a gifted journalist and story-teller, but he’s also a well-to-do white man which means people are more likely to pay attention to what he says.

  13. Jennifer says:

    I mean maybe it’s possible his dementia erased his memories of partying with Prince Andrew? More likely he’s just lying per usual.

  14. The Recluse says:

    What a rancid, festering soul Drumpf has. Ughhhh.
    He needs to go away for good and all.

  15. JennyJenny says:

    In that last picture of Melania and Andrew, what’s with their eyes??

  16. aquarius64 says:

    Andrew is not going to be at the reception and already a topic of conversation. I expected a reporter to ask Trump about Andrew and true to form he threw Andrew under the double decker bus.

  17. Liz Simpson says:

    This would be irony if that fool had an ironic bone in his body! He’s as guilty as anyone,it’s so obvious to a thinking person that Epstein was ‘offed’ to protect much bigger names than Prince Andrew. Half of the ‘big money’ in the States are quaking in their shoes in case any names come out. Given Trumps past record and his lack of morals, consorting with Epstein was right up his street.

  18. Dorothy says:

    I kind of think this is why the Queen has Been entertaining him this whole time. He dangled the dirt about Andrew and is probably best my bribed to keep away the FBI who bets there’s a secret account of billions in the UK for his help

  19. Mad says:

    It is a COAT!