Nick Cannon dropped an Eminem diss-track & Eminem already responded

EMINEM (MARSHALL MATHERS) during Bonnaroo Music Festival 2018 in Manchester, Tennessee (Credit Image: © Daniel DeSlover via ZUMA Wire)

Many people will never forgive Eminem for his problematic, racist and sexist lyrics, or for his actions years ago, mostly when he was in throes of addiction. I’m not saying that anyone should forgive and forget, but I do think it’s possible that Em has grown up A LOT and become a much better man overall, and we should all be allowed to grow and evolve and become better people. Now, all that being said… Eminem didn’t “get soft” and no one should try to come for him. Guess what? Nick Cannon tried to come for Eminem. And it didn’t go well. Here’s the tortured backstory:

The war of words between Nick Cannon and Eminem now has another volley. Cannon’s diss track “The Invitation” was released Monday as a response to — deep breath — Eminem’s verse on Fat Joe‘s “Lord Above” that referenced Cannon’s September anecdote about wanting to confront Em over “The Warning,” itself a response to Cannon’s then-wife Mariah Carey‘s song “Obsessed,” a song about Eminem’s claims he had a relationship with Carey, 49.

[From Page Six]

That ^^ is just because I didn’t have the time or the desire to try to figure out the backstory/back-and-forth. The point is the Nick and Em have been diss-tracking and lowkey beefing for a while. And Nick tried to do it again this week and now Eminem is tweeting at him:

The gardener thing is bordering on “dad joke” beef-tweeting, to be honest. But I truly love “bougie f–k” as an insult, especially wielded by Eminem TO Nick Cannon. Anyway, just in case anyone was wondering why “RIPNickCannon” was trending on Twitter, this is why. Even before Em tweeted, people were calling out Nick’s clownery.

Nick Cannon at arrivals for Third Annual...

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24 Responses to “Nick Cannon dropped an Eminem diss-track & Eminem already responded”

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  1. Sarah says:

    Ugh, I thought that was Timberlake in the header pic and was wondering how he slithered his way into this ridiculous beef.

  2. ME says:

    What year is it? Anyways, Nick better stop if he wants to keep on his career path of taking over Steve Harvey’s job(s) one day lol !

  3. MC2 says:

    I love petty boy beef with my coffee.

  4. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Em is the GOAT. Which I know bothers a lot of folks but it’s simply a fact. Nick is a wannabe rapper who decided to team up with Suge f-cking Knight for this track. Suge who even OG rappers hate. The diss track is on YouTube and has 31 thousand dislikes to 3 thousand likes. Em doesn’t even have to respond to this BS because Twitter and the rest of the world is doing it for him. That’s how much of a clown Nick is for even attempting this.

  5. I have a terminal case of the olds because I had to google “bougie” before I could form an opinion on this exchange.

  6. Monicack says:

    Nicholas. I died.

  7. Grant says:

    IDK, team Nick. He picked this fight with Em because Nick was supporting Mariah Carey, Nick’s ex and the mother of his children, after Eminem released another tired-ass diss track coming for her. I respect the fact that Nick is supportive of the mother of his children and I’m sorry but Eminem hasn’t done anything noteworthy or cutting edge in over a decade IMO.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      Please…how long ago was that diss track?? Nick and Mariah aren’t even married anymore lol. Nah Nick is attempting to be relevant and he simply isnt. And the fact that he has Suge Knight in his war telling him he’s the next Tupac Nick is believing him?! LOLOL. Team Em.

      • Grant says:

        I thought Eminem released another diss track taking aim at Mariah like two days ago? Admittedly, I’m not up to date on all the breaking news in this one. Frankly, it seems like two has-beens clutching at relevancy, I just have a little more sympathy for Nick because I respect that he’s ape-ing for his ex. I can’t take the continued misogyny and homophobia from Eminem. Also, his face. YIKES.

  8. Jas says:

    Both of them are embarrassing, but I have more ire for Nick, the Corniest Man Alive. He has never once been funny and his relevance hinges on having an ex who is actually incredibly talented.

    • Jadedone says:

      So your ire goes to a corny man and not a man who made countless songs about killing his wife and mother?? Also let’s not forget the physical violence he inflicted on his then wife. Weird

      • Jas says:

        I have ire for both, Nick just irritates me more because at least I have the luxury of forgetting Eminem exists most of the time. Nick seems to think being talent-adjacent makes him talented. I also don’t know anything about Eminem’s actual domestic violence rap sheet but as far as songs go most rappers talk about murder. They can both disappear, I don’t care.

  9. otaku fairy.... says:

    I respect his speaking out against racism. But when wealthy, famous women of all age groups and racial backgrounds are problematic, it’s used to excuse almost anything (victim-blaming, whorephobia, selective racism, etc.) and to silence/punish other women- including those less privileged than the famous ones- for not being ok with it. Women are even held accountable for the problematic pasts of the men around them. So it doesn’t bother me when people mention a middle-aged white guy’s problematic track record from time to time.

  10. Starkille says:

    Here a thing, (anyone else remember Nick Cannon father???) they’re both misogynist hogs famous for nothing who should’ve faded into obscurity at least a decade ago.

  11. No Doubt says:

    Honestly, I feel bad for Em’s ex wife Kim. Why does she always get dragged into these “beefs”? She hasn’t been with the guy for over 10 years and never wanted to be famous. That said, Em and Nick both need to let go of the Mariah thing. She doesn’t want either of you, move on. And Nick, your diss track sucked and you’re just looking for clout. You need 3 other “rappers” to make a diss track? Please.

  12. Jessie says:

    Y’all know nick cannon is worth $50 million and is the chain of teen Nickelodeon right?