Bill Hader & Rachel Bilson were spotted together again, this time in LA

Bill Hader at arrivals for IT CHAPTER TW...

Bill Hader and Rachel Bilson have been seen out and about again, and it looks like all of this is definitely happening. Just before Christmas, they were seen in Tulsa, Oklahoma together getting coffee. Tulsa is Hader’s hometown, and it was thought that Rachel perhaps spent the holiday with Hader and his family, and maybe she brought her daughter along too. In recent years, Bilson and Hader have both gone through big breakups (in Hader’s case, it was a divorce), but what was interesting to me is that they first met when they were both in long-term relationships with other people. They’ve known each other for years, having been in a movie together… which was directed by Hader’s then-wife. Anyway, Rachel and Bill were seen together again, this time in LA:

They were apparently seen at Ralph’s, picking up groceries ahead of New Year’s.

Funnyman Bill Hader and eternal “O.C.” darling Rachel Bilson continue to give life to the rumors that the pair are an item after getting snapped grocery shopping at a Los Angeles Ralph’s on New Year’s Eve. They’d been seen getting coffee together earlier this month. The pair certainly seem to be gearing up for a cozy night in. Their provisions include not one, but two flavors of La Croix (mango and apricot), a case of Coca-Cola mini and firewood.

Hader, 41, was dressed in a red hoodie, while Bilson, 38, wore a white tee and an animal print sweater. Bilson was previously in an on-again-off-again relationship with Hayden Christensen for almost 10 years before calling it quits for good in 2017. The pair share a 5-year-old daughter.

In an interview over the summer, the actress admitted it was hard dating as a single mom. At the time, she added that her daughter hasn’t met any guy she’s dated yet. Hader was previously married from 2006-2018 to director Maggie Carey, with whom he shares three children. Addressing the split, he told Variety, “I’m friends with my ex-wife.”

[From Page Six]

Many commenters said previously that they didn’t think there was anything shady happening, and I guess I mostly agree. I doubt that Bilson and Hader have been having some torrid-yet-quiet affair for years. It’s more likely that they were coworkers and friends, then they got together a while after their respective relationships fell apart. Still, I feel like not enough people are talking about how utterly random they are as a couple! I would have never put them together.

Actress Rachel Bilson wearing a Jacquemus dress arrives at the 10th Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic Los Angeles held at Will Rogers State Historic Park on October 5, 2019 in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, California, United States.

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  1. Lucy says:

    I was sure he was at least 10 years older than her, for real. He’s only 3 years older! Sorry, Bill. They are random, but I don’t think they’re shady.

    • SM says:

      Agree on all points. First time I heard about them here on this site I was preparing to yell about the age difference but really there is no real age difference. They are random, but I don’t think there is anything shady, for what it’s worth getting on with someone you know from a long time ago may be a good fit.

    • MollyTB says:

      WHOA. Rachel looks like she’s still in her 20s to me & Hader looks like he could be late 40s. It’s funny cuz I always thought Bill might be gay, but I think his demeanor voice etc give a false ping. He’s cute & funny tho so, I get it.

      I don’t think any of their reconnecting was shady. Been too long, &Hader apparently was dating a 19yo at NYU *allegedly* after he split w/his filmmaker wife. Didn’t Hader say at one point in an interview he had only seen his kids 3 times that year?….that’s really messed up if accurate. Poor girls.

  2. KJ says:

    Hader dated other ladies a bit after his divorce, no one famous. I don’t think there’s anything shady here.

  3. bub244 says:

    I don’t think they have been having some long-term affair or anything as dramatic as that but there is something that makes me feel ever so slightly uncomfortable about this pairing. I remember when Bill filmed ‘Trainwreck’, he said in several interviews at the time that his (now ex-) wife would make him have sex with her on any day that he had a sex scene with Amy Schumer, even joking that that’s why they had a third child. At the time it seemed like a slightly strange anecdote and that maybe his wife was a bit insecure about it. But now with Bill and Rachel getting together, having previously filmed a sex scene together (in his wife’s movie!!!), it makes me wonder whether his wife was unconsciously picking up clues that he liked doing these scenes with actresses a bit too much. I am probably reading way too much into his old comments, but I’ve gone from nursing a heavy crush on him to feeling like I want to stand in support with his ex-wife lol.

    • Allz says:

      That’s so weird to me. Yes, they knew each other 7 years ago, why does that make you feel uncomfortable? I highly doubt they were having an affair at the time, they probably met up recently and realized they have a lot more in common now that they are single with children. I find it bizarre people act like you can’t romantically reconnect with someone you might not previously had a connection with at the time. I see it all the time, doesn’t always have to be shady.

      Bill and his wife divorced two years ago, there’s probably not a “side” you need to support. I bet she’s casually dating too.

      • bub244 says:

        Oh, I totally accept that I might be reading too much into things and that it doesn’t have to be shady. I guess it’s not that they knew each other while he was married, it’s that he openly told stories on talk shows that kind of implied his wife didn’t love him doing sex scenes and now he is with someone who he did in fact do a sex scene with.

      • Allz says:

        Ah, Gotcha. He might have been exaggerating to get laughs, she might have just hated it with no reason, or maybe she did have a reason. I guess we’ll never know unless the wife decides to spill some tea. Until I hear it though, I’m just going to assume it was innocent, and it’s been plenty of time since the divorce.

    • Meg says:

      @bub244 wow, that does sound odd, like she was insecure about the sex scenes. his ex is in that industry too so its not odd or foreign for her. good points.
      How do you think that conversation went with his ex?
      Hey ive got a new girlfriend. we actually all worked together back when we were married. remember that sex scene you directed us in?
      Come on- thats weird

      • Anonymous says:

        And see, that’s what makes me think Rachel and Bill aren’t actually dating and that this is just PR. I can’t see Bill I-Have-Major-Anxiety Hader choosing to put himself, his ex, or even his kids in that very awkward situation. There’s also the fact that Rachel’s relationship history is questionable in that rumors have long circulated that her public relationships were PR or bearding arrangements.

        Regarding the pictures of Bill and Rachel at the grocery store…the paps were most likely called. That’s another thing that makes me question the validity of their relationship: if they really wanted it to be private, they wouldn’t call the paps. And no, I doubt the paparazzi sought them out, because there were pictures on the Daily Mail that showed them arriving at the grocery store, which means the paps were probably alerted and told to wait for them at Ralph’s. Funny, too, how sites like the Daily Mail and Just Jared have featured “candid” pictures of Rachel practically every day since the grocery store pictures were leaked; and the accompanying article always makes sure to mention her rumored boyfriend, Bill Hader.

        Just my opinion!

      • Meg says:

        @Anonymous yeah the pics of them arriving at a grocery store are suspicious -a grocery store not a restaurant where you may have a reservation under your name

  4. Sam says:

    That first pic of Hader is reminiscent of A Christmas Story. “I can’t put my arms down!”

  5. Claudia says:

    She dated Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) for years! I love this!