Karlie Kloss got so mad when a Project Runway contestant mentioned the Kushners

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I forget when I stopped watching Project Runway. I used to write about it all the time, and I used to love it back in the day, especially the season where Christian Siriano won. That was the best season. That was back when I was naive enough to believe that it was a legitimate competition about who had the vision, the skills and the talent to really do something in fashion design. Then that bish with the knit granny panties won and I swore I would never watch the show again and I haven’t. In the years where I’ve been absent, PR has gone through many changes. The current version is some kind of reboot where Karlie Kloss plays the “Heidi Klum” role. I asked my mom – who still watches it religiously – what she thought of Karlie and my mom said: “She’s dumb as a brick and she doesn’t even have her own opinions about the clothes, she just copies what other people say.” You know who else thinks Karlie is dumb as a rock? Joshua Kushner’s parents and his brother Jared. They all allegedly think that Karlie is a dumb shiksa.

So, that’s the backstory. Here’s the story. On the most recent episode, the PR judges – Karlie included – were criticizing one of the designers in the final part of the show. Tyler Neasloney and the other contestants were tasked with making something Karlie could wear in Paris. When Tyler was faced with the criticism of “I cannot see Karlie wearing it anywhere honestly,” Tyler deadpanned: “Not even to dinner with the Kushners?”

This made me LEGIT SCREAM. Imagine that moment – Tyler knew he was about to be eliminated and so he decided to go down in a blaze of anti-Kushner glory. Unfortunately, Tyler did apologize afterwards and he made statements about it after the show aired:

Eliminated Project Runway contestant Tyler Neasloney is clearing the air about the comment he made regarding Karlie Kloss‘ in-laws, the Kushner family, after the judges were less than impressed by the look he created for the supermodel. Neasloney explained during an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish that he joked about Kloss wearing his design to “dinner with the Kushners” after already having had “awesome banter” with judges Kloss, 27, Brandon Maxwell, Elaine Welteroth and Nina Garcia.

“I felt like we had built a really cool rapport. I was laughing, they were laughing, we were going tit-for-tat. There was shade, there were jokes, and it was really fun,” Neasloney said. “So, I came into the episode 4 runway after being in the bottom twice before that in a row, I came in there being like I’m friendly with the judges now. We’ve spoken, we’ve kikied, we’ve laughed. I can be my normal self,” he told The Daily Dish. Neasloney then went on to reveal that since the episode aired, he’s felt “misunderstood.”

“That’s what is bothersome about some of the coverage, both press and Twitter, is a lot of people are treating it as this non sequitur,” he told The Daily Dish. “It was non sequitur; it was entirely related to the aesthetic of the look. I’m not a nasty person. I thought we were on a friendly enough playing field. So Karlie, at the end of the day, she’s human, so I don’t want her to just hate me or feel awful about what I said,” Neasloney said

[From People]

People Mag has more backstory and context from the episode. Apparently, Tyler did apologize to Karlie soon after the judges’ deliberation, and he said to her: “Karlie, I want you to know that I’m not a jerk, I’m professional. What I said earlier had no hidden agenda, no meaning, no nothing like that.” Horse puckey. He said it to be a giant, shady bitch and he should own that, because it was magnificent.

Ooh, here’s the full clip, starting at the 30 second mark. THIS IS EVEN WORSE. Karlie’s bitchface, wow! She flipped into a stone-faced Ivanka as soon as someone brought up the fact that she’s married to a f–king Kushner. Girl, you were the one who married into that family. Don’t get mad because we KNOW.

Prince William kisses Prince Louis in adorable new photograph taken by the Duchess of Cambridge

Prince William kisses Prince Louis in adorable new photograph taken by the Duchess of Cambridge

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, ‘Project Runway.

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  1. Eleonor says:

    She married into the family, she must deal with it. And honestly it was GLORIOUS.

  2. OSTONE says:

    That was a masterclass on shade!!! Own to it, Tyler. I screamed when I saw the video on twitter too!!

  3. Rae says:

    I’ve read that she and her husband are very vocal democrats and pro gun laws. I don’t get the hate? Yes, she married a Kushner, but the shitty side of the family hated her and still does (from what I’m reading). She didn’t marry to be a Kushner, she seemed to marry her husband in SPITE of being a Kushner.

    • EM says:

      Honestly they said the same about Ivanka and Jared – remember they were going to temper Donald? Until I see them making public statements against Donald’s policy, they are exactly the same and enjoying the fruit of these harmful policies.

    • Arpeggi says:

      They enjoy all the perks and privileges of being in that family. Kushner’s dad is a crook. They deserve being called out.

      • Dani says:

        EXACTLY. I don’t care what her political stance is – she willingly married in to a shit family and she very clearly enjoys the wealth that comes from it. Girl BYE.

    • Annie says:

      True. And honestly if her husband defied his parents and went out of his way to not let them participate in their wedding, then that means something. Not many spoiled men will stand up for you to their rich parents. Heck, not many guys in general have the balls to stand up to their parents when they dislike you.

      I don’t know… We can’t stop who we are related to and what our siblings do. I personally don’t think Karli and her husband are that close to Jared and Ivanka. If they suffered rejection and judgements from them throughout their relationship, I doubt Karli deserves the scorn for what those people do politically. They sound like all around a-holes.

      One more thing… when people go out of their way to claim a woman is not that smart that’s sexist AF. Especially when that woman is beautiful. Karli likes to code. She has studied for years to be a coder. Can we leave that crap behind in 2020? Their idea of smart is someone who is conniving, manipulative and greedy. What does Jared know about intelligence when he works closely with a POTUS who can’t spell.

      • LahdidahBaby says:


      • frenchtoast says:

        I thought the criticism from the author of this post was a little harsh.
        And yes, I agree with the sexist part. She’s a model , she has a pretty face she must be dumb right…ok got it, next!

      • frenchtoast says:

        “What does Jared know about intelligence when he works closely with a POTUS who can’t spell.”
        OMG I died!!!

      • Amanda says:

        Annie seriously? You can stop defending her so assiduously. She chose to marry into, not just a fascist right wing extremist religious political family actively rolling back rights for women at the head of our nation, but into the Kushners, a family so corrupt the dad went to jail. WENT TO JAIL. So getting called out very very mildly and obliquely for marrying into a slumlord family is not a simple breach of etiquette, it’s frankly nothing. She’s a total jerk and her reaction showed that. She was embarrassed and angry and reacted like a spoiled princess. She codes? That’s awesome, we’re about to lose abortion rights. Thanks Annie for reminding me she CODES.

      • Gaah says:

        As someone who worked in IT and did some jobs coding, you don’t have to be smart at all to code. That is like saying because someone can read books is smart. There is book smart and natural street smarts. Coding doesn’t make her any smarter than if she were a knitter or did crochet. It’s like saying Melania is smart because she knows more than one language. Coding is just a structured language and most people can learn to do it. Being innovative in coding is different.

      • noway says:

        Okay she didn’t marry a Trump she married a lower level Kushner who has his own company and does donate and support a lot of Democrats and liberal causes in NY and didn’t support Pres. Trump at all. Granted her father in law is a crook and went to jail, and her brother in law and sister in law are probably crooks too, who don’t believe in anything that doesn’t benefit them. This is why Ivanka and Jared could switch so easily to the Republican thinking, probably cause they don’t think at all LOL. Now not sure how I feel about the Karlie Kushner and hubby, but come on people let’s at least acknowledge there are degrees of things. These Kushners aren’t the same as the other Kushners and Trumps. For one thing they aren’t pilfering off the taxpayer dole and shouting how wonderful the orange cheeto is. This makes them a little better in my book. Still if she can’t handle that expertly executed shade on Project Runway, maybe she just needs a job where she doesn’t have to talk.

    • Lena says:

      Can you link me to any statements of her or her husband distancing themselves explicit from Kühner or trump in general or even just from some of his most horrible things? Because that they used to say they are democrats but haven’t said anything against putting kids in cages or mocking disabled people and grabbing women doesn’t say a lot about integrity or courage.

      • Holly hobby says:

        The hubby stood to benefit or has benefitted from that administration. I don’t remember the details but when Jared was tasked to do health policy or insurance his bro has a start up insurance company that was linked to whatever the govt is doing. So yeah he’ll,benefit. And no they don’t get a pass

      • sandy says:

        Karlie and Joshua publishes photos from the March for our lives (gun violence) and have stated they did not vote for trump. She also asked people to contact their congressperson to protest the detention (and caging) of children on our border https://www.instagram.com/p/BkPVubkhrWL/?igshid=x628ei4pb2jl and both supposedly were photographed at the women’s march.

        I hate trump too but these people are not the problem, and probably taking bigger personal hits than most of us because this is their family and they are forced to call them out in a way most of us are not.

  4. Puglove says:

    Kushners aside, if Karlie had the common PR sense to laugh it off and not give the knee-jerk offended face she would have come off a lot more likable.
    But since she is trash her reaction is trash. She chose to marry into this family knowing full well what they are about. I love that this is making the rounds on Twitter!

    • frenchtoast says:

      Of course! women should “always” worry about being likeable. Make sure we smile for the camera even when someone makes backhanded jokes at our expense

      • Gaah says:

        She is a model and host of a tv show. She needs to be likable for those reasons, not because she is a woman.

      • frenchtoast says:

        She’s someone who smiles quite a lot actually. The situtation just didn’t call for it.
        Even if she works as a host she’s still human.

    • Anne Call says:

      She did sort of laugh in a shocked way at first. I think that this whole thing was played up for the PR angle. She’s dated the Kushner she married for 6 years, long before his brother and Ivanka became the evil henchmen to trump. She seems like a decent person, really pushes her program about training women to code and is close to her family. Trust me half my husband’s siblings and family voted for trump. That has nothing to do with me or what I believe in.

      • frenchtoast says:

        I find it funny that someone said once that we hold women accountable for the problematic ppl around them. The comment sections on here just prove time and time again that that’s true.

    • Mia says:

      It did appear that she laughed it off. I think the editors cut in that shot of her looking mad later to build up the drama as they tend to do in reality TV. Something about the editing just seemed off to me.

  5. Alexandria says:

    Not sure if that was shade. She is their in law?

    If he said dinner with the Trumps, then yeah that’s shade.

  6. Cindy says:

    I agree with the Kaiser’s mom – Karlie is really dull to watch and she contributes nothing to the show besides her name. I know Tyra and Heidi have a reputation for some not-so-flattering behind the scenes shenanigans, but they had personalities. They felt like pivotal parts of the show. Karlie’s the god damn host of the show and yet she feels so irrelevant.

    • Basi says:

      What did Heidi go behind the scenes “not so flatteting” do tell!
      I always found it ironic that Heidi was judging bc she always looks raunchy.

      • Cindy says:

        Are you familiar with the rumors of Tyra being an extremely controlling egomaniac in ANTM? Like how they’d have to tape her first appearance on the casting episode 10 times until the girls looked excited enough?

        Well, idk about Project Runway, but those same rumors were going around about Heidi for Germany’s Next Top Model. There was also something about a winner getting signed to her modeling agency and basically being blocked from booking anything, like the agency was trying to ruin her career instead of promoting it like they were supposed to.

    • Eliza_ says:

      But i love Christian. He’s still Gunn enough with the side-eye and heavy-sighing, but I think his advice is more in tune with judges where Tim sometimes was very out of sync.

      • Anne Call says:

        He’s great. I really like all the new people including Elaine Welteroth and Brandon Maxwell and of course glad that Nina Garcia came back.

  7. Sofia says:

    I agree Kaiser. Tyler knew he was going to be eliminated so he decided to go out with a bang. After all he had been in the bottom for the last 3 weeks

    But the conspiracy theorist in me thinks this was intentionally left in by Bravo. Not just for drama. Karlie and her connection to the Kushners has been the elephant in the room ever since she started hosting.

    Now they’ve acknowledged it, they can move on and say this was their attempt at “dealing” with it.

    • Eugenie says:

      The conspiracy theorist in me too also feels that Bravo left the comment in intentionally. They could’ve edited it out but they didn’t. Part of me thinks they left it in for ratings, because like Kaiser said, Project Runway isn’t as popular as it has been, and now everyone is taking about the show. The bigger conspiracy theorist wonders if Bravo didn’t plan on the designer making the comment beforehand. Like this is Bravos way of addressing the Kushner issue, the designer ( who would’ve been eliminated anyways) gets attention for making the comment, and PR gets publicity for the show

    • Lightpurple says:

      Exactly. They edit out much of the comments but chose to leave that in. She was also being unnecessarily insulting to him and deserved it.

      • Anne Call says:

        Ummm, the dress he made was hideous. Much harsher things have been said to designers over the years.

      • Carmen says:

        I thought all the dresses were hideous and his was one of the less hideous.

    • something something says:

      I’ve wondered if prior to this there wasn’t something in the show contract that explicitly stated that the designers couldn’t mention the Kushners, Trump, ect but now we’re 2(?) seasons in with Karlie and the producers feel like they can’t ignore it anymore and this is they’re way of addressing it.

      If it’s really that upsetting to her to be mentioned in the same breath as her in-laws it could have easily been cut out.

  8. Ela says:

    Oh, please! He said Kushners, doesn’t that include her husband, mother in law and father in law. Not just Jared and Ivanka. But she knows exactly why the Kushner name is dirt and why people are using it to offend her,and yet she still has no problem associating with those family members actively involved in an administration that are caging children.

    I find people like Karlie who tries to play nice and civil and both sides far more irritating than someone who comes down hard for either side.

    And it really, feels like we are on the brink of WW3. Sorry, America, time to to take firm stand one way or another.

    • Lady D says:

      I find people who play both sides are nothing more than gutless and unintelligent cowards. I have absolutely no use for them whatsoever. Life is too short and too precious to waste time with stupid people.

  9. Stromba says:

    So funny that she reacted as if he insulted her when he just “innocently” mentioned her in-laws, in the end, she was the one insulting them with her reaction! Can you imagine her next family dinner with the Kushners after she showed she was ashamed to be related to them on national tv?! Frosty frosty…

    Also, is it just me or does she have a fake low voice a la Elizabeth Holmes?

    Bleuargh. I can totally see how this girl was besties with Swift now!

    • Eugenie says:

      Yes! She made the situation so much worse with her reaction. If the comment was a truly innocent about having dinner with your in-laws, then her reaction was way over the top, and showed that she’s really embarrassed to be married into the family

    • Mumbles says:

      Exactly, it was her bitchy defensive reaction to him that made it worse. Plus the way the other designers acted make me think they were warned not to go there by producers? A lot of people don’t know she’s married to Kushner but they all did. The funny thing is, his design was totally something I would see Complicit Barbie Ivanka wearing.

      His design wasn’t great but there was another design held together with tape.

      Oh and as bad as Jared is, his father did time for election fraud and set his brother in law up with a prostitute so as to compromise him in the federal investigation that resulted in his prosecution. These are awful people through and through and I doubt the one Karlie married miraculously is “the good one.”

      Lol how she cultivated some fake PR persona as a “smart model” by enrolling at NYU (other people claim she never attended and her instagram seems to back that claim up) and then her dumb “Koding with Klossie” (seriously doubt she knows or is interested in coding.)

  10. LoonaticCap says:

    I watch the show regularly and I think she’s charming in it and has good feedback. She’s not Heidi but the new revamp of the show is cool too.
    That being said after watching this season up until this episode, I did scream when he said it but He was totally unprofessional, he knew he had a bad outfit, and decided to say this. In any other setting this would be unprofessional at best and I think this was too.
    I understand that most people condemn her for being with Kushner but ok are we suggesting that she should have ended her relationship with her husband that she loves (by all accounts) and that supposedly shares the same views as herself? As in they are liberal and try not to associate with the Trumps…?
    I’d like to know if you would all want to end your relationships due to the fact that you or your SO is related to a terrible person… We have such unrealistic expectations of celebs sometimes, we forget that they are humans too and have feelings.

    • Lucy2 says:

      I do think it must be a tough situation, to love someone who has such a bad family. I don’t blame her for marrying the man she loves, and she has spoken up a little bit on her values, but honestly I think she could do more.
      Also, he is still very involved in their family business, which makes me think poorly of him, given the history of that company. He may claim to be liberal, but being involved with the company says otherwise.

      The little clip I saw before didn’t seem so bad, but the longer clip definitely makes her seem angry and defensive about it.

    • Cinnamon says:

      But they hang out with Jared and Ivanka for example they go to tennis matches etc. and she really seems to get along with Ivanka. They have the same circle of friends with Wendi Deng and Dasha Zhukova etc. so I definately would not describe that as her “not associating” with them.

    • Lightpurple says:

      She doesn’t have to give up the man she loves but she and he could distance themselves from Jared and Ivanka. They don’t

    • tcbc says:

      It’s not just the Trumps (though they are bad enough.) The Kushners are also monsters. Everyone in NY/NJ/CT knows what kind of family Karlie married into.

  11. Allergy says:

    Don’t apologize! Stop apologizing about everything all the time! Jeez.
    It’s her problem if she can’t handle her moronic relatives mentioned.

  12. Marjorie says:

    Putting on my New Jersey hat again to remind everyone who these people really are. Karlie’s father in law, Charles Kushner, went to federal prison because he hired a prostitute to seduce his brother in law, taped the transaction, and sent the tape to his sister. The brother in law had been cooperating with Feds in an investigation of Charlie’s stunning generosity to NJ Democratic politicians (Charlie was a Democrat, they all were until 2016) who could, and would, smooth the way for tax-lite real estate developments in the beautiful Garden State. Charlie’s conviction was for witness tampering in a Federal investigation. A year and a half at Club Fed and a half a million dollar fine.

    That was back in the 2000s. Charlie gave an interview to the NY Times about a year ago wherein he was completely unrepentant. And today, Kushner Companies are about to open a lovely development in the oceanfront town of Long Branch, NJ. This property (every unit has an ocean view!) was developed under a Trump-era law that reduces taxes for building in urban, economically depressed areas. Kushner Cos. managed to get a site surrounded by the Atlantic ocean and million-dollar houses included in this program.

    Outside of their home state, the Kushners (well mostly Jared) own extensive low income housing units, including a rat and mold infested housing complex in Maryland that the state has been citing for unsafe conditions for years.

    I’ve got more, but I will stop now for time.

    So, Karlie, your in-laws ARE embarrassing, so I don’t blame you for the hissy fit. Plus it was really funny.

  13. savu says:

    Knowing the backstory here, I thought he meant “if you don’t like it, you wouldn’t even wear this ugly thing to dinner with the Kushners, bc you guys hate each other?” Like she’d wear something terrible to see her terrible in-laws.

  14. kerwood says:

    It was a moment for the ages! I gasped out loud at his comment. And then I gloried in Karlie’s reaction. I don’t give a good god-damn if she and her husband CLAIM to be progressive democrats. Ivanka and the filth she’s married to claimed the same thing.

    Tyler knew he was out and he lashed out because the way the judges were going after him was RIDDICULOUS. His outfit wasn’t great but it wasn’t a fucking crime against fashion. I wish he had the courage to stand by his words but I guess he’s looking to his future in the industry. I doubt anyone connected to Project Runway has any real pull in fashion so it probably would be better for him if he stood by his comment. I’m sure that there many people in the industry who are sickened by Kloss.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that Kloss was hired BECAUSE of her connection to the person currently infecting the White House. It sure as shit isn’t because of her knowledge of fashion or her charming personality. Apparently she vacations with Trump’s daughter/wife. Kloss is aligned with a group of people who keep children in cages and could be responsible for starting a war to distract the world from 45s impeachment. She might not have bargained on this when she married into that nest of vipers but I haven’t heard a word of protest from her.

    Kloss married into a disgusting family even before 45 was elected. I don’t give a fuck about marrying the man, not the family. When the family is THAT horrible, any decent person would think twice before marrying in, no matter how much you loved the man. She CHOSE the Kushners. That makes her as bad as they are, in my opinion.

    There’s going to come a time when 45 is out of office, hopefully sooner rather than later. It doesn’t matter if it’s fair or not, the people who stood with this group of monsters is going to have to account for themselves.

    • Summer says:

      Great post. ^this

    • L4frimaire says:

      The thing is, they don’t think she’s good enough for the family. Hear she had to have a low key wedding in some rural place because her MIL didn’t want the NY press covering it.

  15. Tuntmore says:

    Oh, he so should not have apologized. That was perfection.

    Her defensive ice-queen reaction said it all. Why so prickly about being reminded of the family you chose to marry into, Karlie? How is that considered a low blow? Like Tyler said, “That’s your husband!”

    She could have laughed and said “oh sure, they don’t like me anyway, so I’ll just wear an ugly dress to dinner.” She could have rolled her eyes and said, “no, not even there” and then continued on critiquing. She could have just completely ignored the comment and started talking about the design. But she *chose* to make it a big deal and then declare the topic off-limits. That in itself tells quite a story.

    • damejudi says:

      She’s in the entertainment industry, and a model. Doesn’t she have a media relations person/coach who could have prepped her for jibes about her family-by-marriage? She seems caught out, and ill-prepared for very mild shade.

      Just surprised it hasn’t happened sooner.

  16. Oliviajoy1995 says:

    I’m more confused as to why this girl is even famous much less a “model”. I don’t even think she is model level pretty. She is average looking at best. I only know her name because I guess she used to be a good friend of Taylor Swift’s and isn’t anymore. Oh and her manager is Scooter Braun. She is blah and obviously has no sense of humor.

  17. Vera says:

    Oh please, this is the most publicly that Project Runway has had in years. The producers are probably thinking of ways to bring him back.

  18. Redgrl says:

    I watched the show years ago and just got back into it. Saw that episode – glad he said it, he shouldn’t have apologized. Her reaction said it all – entitled, petty and unprofessional. She chose to marry into a garbage family, she hasn’t distanced herself from the dad and Ivanka & Jared so she’s complicit garbage. End of. And I agree with the commenters above – how did she become a “supermodel?!” She’s got that generic blonde pointy features Taylor swift thing – boring…

  19. Earthbound says:

    Lol her reaction to her REALITY is golden.
    The fact he apologizes about it to her later is even more hilarious.
    Those ARE your in laws lady.

  20. Ally says:

    Her husband is in business / shares investments with Jared. She’s profiting directly off his shenanigans. Claiming to have liberal values is the same schtick Ivanka tried to pull.

    As Edith Wharton wrote: “ “It was [Kushner] when he covered you in jewels, and it’s got to stay [Kushner] now he’s covered you in shame.”

  21. Jessica says:

    I rewatched this about 20 time and I watched it “live”. I get the shade buy also, Karlie married into that family and now no one is allowed to say Kushner around her? You married it, you own it girl. #TeamTyler!

  22. Summer says:

    Huh, watching Karlie in motion….not so great. She is prettier in stills/pictures. She’s no Heidi.

  23. Bookworm says:

    The challenge was not to make something Karlie would wear anytime; it was for a specific CFDA event in Paris.

    His statements that she could wear it to Montauk or a family dinner were stupid because that had nothing to do with the task.

    I think Karlie is fine as a host, but I love having Christian in the former Tim Gunn role.

    • amilou says:

      I agree about Christian Siriano. He’s a great mentor for the show. And Brandon Maxwell’s cattiness reminds me of Michael Kors of old (in a good way).

      But I do think Karlie is really dull as a host.

  24. Rise above says:

    That was amazing and then he went and back pedaled. He should have owned it and ran with it.

  25. frenchtoast says:

    These peole look down on her, of course they don’t have anythng flattering to say. I think the criticism agst Karlie on this post is a little harsh. She’s too bland for TV and I don’t think she has the charisma to host a popular show but she doesn’t come off as dumb to me, just bland.

  26. RR says:

    What blows my mind is how many people don’t understand that being Jewish is both being a part of an ethnic group and also being a part of a religious group. You can be part of the religion but not have the bloodline (see Karlie) or you have the bloodline and not the religion (see Lenny Kravitz). Source: I’m a 1/4 Ashkenazi and you should see how many distant cousins (1,000s!) I have on 23andMe through this bloodline. The bloodline is their issue with Karlie, not religion.

  27. Sean says:

    Karlie can go eff herself. She knew what she married into. Not only are the Kushners involved in shady real estates deals (like certain in-laws) and tied to the most abhorrent administration the US has ever seen but they are also in deep with the royal family (not sure if that’s the correct term for them) of Saudi Arabia. Jared is especially close to prince Mohammad bin Salman. They were even chatting with one another via WhatsApp and supposedly gave bin Salman the “go ahead” to murder Jamal Khashoggi.



    Let’s also not forget Trump made his son in law a senior WH advisor despite Kushner’s conflicts of interests and inability to gain the necessary security clearance. Yeah, I know Karlie is married to Jared’s brother, not Jared but she still knew what family she married into.

  28. Nibbi says:

    Whoa, with that level of politically-adjacent (/awesome) snark, I just might start watching the show again.

    … That said, isn’t there another “real” project runway show (ie not called that anymore but with heidi klum and tim gunn) on another network somewhere now?

    • amilou says:

      I had to Google it, but apparently they have an Amazon Prime show called “Making the Cut” coming out sometime in 2020.

  29. TG says:

    I see Trump is starting another war in the middle east. Word of advice, listen to progressive pundits on the net because network TV is nothing more than state media pro war propaganda.

  30. Minorbird says:

    I need to go to his Insta and encourage him, I loved it!! LOL!

    her face and she tightened down her eyes afterwards, heehee

  31. knowitall says:

    My mom thought the same thing when we both saw her interview on Today…she’s not the brightest bulb. And honestly, when you marry an oligarch you take the good with the bad. And there’s plenty of good, like never having to worry about putting food on the table. She shouldn’t be so sanctimonious about it.

  32. Ange says:

    I would think someone like Jared calling ME dumb would be the worst shade tbh

  33. Mcali02 says:

    I am just here to comment that I thought last season was really great. I was very surprised, but they got back to design and the business of design. Was very educational. Christian carries the show, but the judges are great as well. Karlie is fine – her role isn’t going to break the series in my opinion. It’s really the mentor and judges (to a lesser extent) that makes it interesting. I am still watching.

  34. Effeff says:

    You married into the Kusher family and are basically Ivanka Trump’s sister by marriage, Karlie. Don’t act angry that at us that it makes you a huge, ethically bankrupt asshole and people recognize it. Go pout in your pile of money.

  35. boobra says:

    just here to say i watch just to see Christian Siriano – have a softer spot for him in my heart since he stepped up to dress Leslie Jones for the Ghostbusters premiere.

  36. Dorothy says:

    If Anoverweight woman went out looking that lumpy bumpy squeezed like a sausage into a case like in that last photo she’d get eviscerated. SHe has zero taste how can she be judging anybody or anything