Kim Cattrall on your 60s: ‘You’re starting to lose friends and family members’

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Kim Cattrall was open and honest about turning down Sex and The City 3, but her hand was forced after Sarah Jessica Parker used “sources” to shade her in the press. She’s bada- and I admire how she handled that. Kim knew it was time to ditch that sh-tty franchise and she’s now starring in a Fox series called Filthy Rich, where she plays the widow of a billionaire who started a christian television network. I just saw the trailer and it looks good! There was a couple of lines that made me go “damn!” and Kim looks perfect for this role. It premiered earlier this week and I look forward to checking it out. A lot of outlets are running with these quotes from Kim about her role, which were given at the TCA upfronts yesterday. She said that there are issues she’s facing as an older woman that she likes to see represented on screen.

Kim Cattrall‘s TV comeback continues!

The 63-year-old actress will appear in and produce the new Fox series Filthy Rich, which is also her first project for network TV, she said Tuesday.

“After Sex and the City, I waited a long time to go back to television,” Cattrall said, speaking with reporters at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

“It wasn’t until I saw Sensitive Skin that I really wanted to go back to television,” she explained, referencing the comedy that ran from 2014 to 2016. “I was having a lot of questions about mid-life crisis, about menopause, about what now, what is the next chapter of my life…”

“I’ve never been on network television,” she said. “Coming back to television has changed so much just since I did Sex and the City. I mean we don’t cut any more, we just keep going. Everything is digital, instead of one or two cameras, we have five cameras. You can’t kind of warm up to a close up. You have to be right on your game all the time.”

In her newest role as Margaret on Filthy Rich, Cattrall said she’s “exploring mortality.”

“She’s in her 60s like I am. You’re starting to lose your family members; you’re starting to lose friends,” Cattrall said. “It does bring to question, what now and how much longer? I like to work things out in my work. If I have these questions, maybe other women are having them.”

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I haven’t seen her other series which she referenced, Sensitive Skin. It’s a Canadian show and just the second season is on Netflix. I would like to start at the beginning, but that’s better than nothing. As for her thoughts on menopause, mortality, and losing friends, I’m just starting to get into that chapter of my life and have seen my mom go through it. It seems sad, frankly, but you can embrace life, do your favorite things and spend time with people you love. There’s something bittersweet about aging in that you’re really living too.

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  1. Lala11_7 says:

    I gotta be honest…the antics of those two regarding SITC kinda spoiled the show for me…which had been a guilty pleasure for years…and I put the blame on them both…and now I kinda don’t want to see neither of them for a minute either….

    • Christina says:

      I liked it when it started, but it became very focused on Carrie in the last seasons in a deliberate, unrelated-to-storylines way. Everything got… weird.

      There was an episode with drag queens who yelled outside of Samantha’s apartment keeping her awake throughout. She’d yell at them out of her condo window. The episode ended with Samantha making peace with them and she invites them to a BBQ on the roof of her building. Music starts playing and the drag queens start dancing, and the person they surround and sort of celebrate is Carrie, but it was Samantha’s story line. It was unnatural to the storyline and seemed wrong, like SJP was inserting herself into story lines and focus because she became a producer. It was insecure, dumb, and it started to happen a lot in the storylines. That’s when I stopped watching. That occurred WAY BEFORE the BS got out about SJP and KC having issues. The issues blew out while they were trying to make the second movie.

    • BetteG says:

      I really do wonder when people are going to wise up to how horrible behind the scenes Sarah Jessica Parker is. She flat out lied about this whole thing in the press – there is no third movie because she demanded an absurd salary, a number that someone of her stature would never be worth. Ever.

      Not that this sidenote has anything to do with her, but I also can’t believe people forget that Matthew Broderick killed two people with his car in Ireland and got away with it

  2. ME says:

    Well she should count herself lucky if she didn’t start to lose friends and family members until her 60’s.

    • T says:

      Even though she says “starting to”, I understood it as losing family and friends starts becoming more common or frequent than when she was younger?

    • perplexed says:

      I thought maybe she was talking about life in a general existential sense.

      The later decades are perceived as “lonelier.” Why everyone in Silicon Valley wants to live till 100 is baffling to me.

      • Lulu says:

        As someone who is from Silicon Valley, I can tell you plain and simple it’s the hubris of these tech guys thinking that they can find every way to do something easier, to make it not need to be done, to live forever, basically they think they can just hack nature and everything else. They’re always high on their own supply so to speak (NOT all of them, mind you – I’m talking w/regard to psychos like Peter Thiel, etc) You should look up the idiot that created Soylent (clearly he never watched the Charlton Heston movie, smh lol) – so he doesn’t have to eat instead can just drink those creepy nutritional shakes. They cause major intestinal issues and diarrhea because, shocker, your body was built to take fiber from actual whole foods and not some sludge.

        They really do believe they can become god if they just hack life enough. I love that they’re wrong and that they will always be wrong. Nature always wins, whether these ppl like it or not.

  3. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I lost everyone in my 30s. EVERYONE. Six funerals. And I lost two besties in my 40s. I never want to go to a funeral again. And I’ve instructed the kids to never waste money at funeral homes… they’re despicable scammers. Donate me. Burn me. If there has to be a gathering, pick a fun place, eat, drink, laugh, hug and go home.

    So 60s should be a breeze with a, ‘been there, done that,’ mentality. Life is a horror flick with some fun, love and memorable moments sprinkled on top. And the horror doesn’t wait until we’re in our 60s.

    • ME says:

      I’m so sorry for all your loses. Funeral homes are the BIGGEST scammers. They take advantage of you during your most vulnerable time. The prices they charge are insane. It’s a business that will literally never go out of business.

      • Nikki* says:

        I detest most funeral homes, and how they talk vulnerable people into paying outrageous sums. I too hope my loved ones can avoid buying into the scam! And even being cremated, they’ll charge a lot more to cremate me than they will a Great Dane, who’s bigger!

    • Christina says:

      Mabs, I’m sorry for what you had to see so young. I went to a ton of funerals as a child, but it was for elderly relative I barely knew.

      I want to be balled up with a tree on top of me or cremated. No embalming. No funeral home. I have to get on that so that my kid doesn’t have to deal with it. If the living want to go talk about me in a room with food, I want to leave my kid a little money to do that if at all.

    • Nikki* says:

      Let me join the other Celebitchies in offering sympathy at what you’ve gone through. A poster just yesterday bemoaned Cameron Diaz becoming a mom at age 47, saying her kid will have to lose a mom younger than she should. Plenty of people commented that you can lose people in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s as well; there really aren’t any guarantees, as you’ve so heartrendingly expressed. Best wishes that your 60’s will be full of freedom, joyful experiences, and great health!

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      Thank you ladies. It was a long time ago (it just seems fresh every day). Heartbreak and life-altering ordeals can happen on a dime at any given point in life. But fear reigns supreme in my life as the only family I have left are my sons and husband, so you can imagine my daily panic attacks lol. Oldest and the hubs work in the housing industry, middle is in Air Force and youngest is an 8th grader. They may say they love me everyday and laugh at me being afraid to leave the house, but I am always on…head on a swivel lmao.

      My hope is that everyone is able to escape painful loss for as long as possible. If I had enemies, I certainly wouldn’t wish loss on them. Heart stopping when phones ring isn’t good for anyone. 😋

      • Venus says:

        My mother died when I was 27, and my father died when I was in my late 40s. My husband, 56, is just now facing his parents’ decline — it would be a real miracle if his mother lives to see the end of the year. I am very sympathetic to his pain, but it also wants to make me scream at how incredibly lucky he has been to avoid any great losses until this age.

        One of my friends is in her mid-30s and has seen at least 5 of her friends die since high school. I tell her that’s not the norm and she’s amazed.

  4. CatWomen says:

    She looks really great in her 60’s. She’s always been gorgeous. For SexInCity Kim camped the Samantha role up, It will be interesting to see another side of her. I would love a show that deals with issues aging brings, serious health issues, losing some of your looks, how are you able to retire, and so on. Aging gracefully is not something we get to see as the media thinks Real Housewives and Khris Jenner represents 60 year old’s and that’s crazy. Will watch this.

  5. Sharonk says:

    She was wonderful in sensitive skin and she was the best part of SATC.
    I saw her on Madison ave several years ago and she is drop dead gorgeous. Love love her…

  6. Lola says:

    I’ve been binge watching sex and the city and it’s so strange when you watch something again when you’re older.

    I’ve realized Carrie is a terrible person and friend. Msmojo even made a list why Carrie/Big were the worst and Samantha/Miranda were the best.

    The scene where Carrie confronts Natasha at the restaurant, I wanted to scream. Carrie always wanted to play the victim.

  7. minx says:

    Team Kim forever.

  8. Dee Kay says:

    She was awesome in Sensitive Skin and I’m happy to know she’s in something new! Will definitely watch.

  9. KinChicago says:

    I remember reading that Kim Cartrall lost her brother recently, it was unexpected and her family was heartbroken. Deepest sympathy to them, as such a loss and the grief that is difficult to reconcile.