Prince William is ‘incandescent with rage’ at the Sussexes’ exit announcement

Prince Harry opens Greenhouse Sports Centre

In the immediate aftermath of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s sudden announcement yesterday, I was waiting to see the story of “Prince William is reportedly mad as hell.” It came in the form of a Dan Wooten exclusive for The Sun, but the story is more about how everyone in the royal family is outraged at Meghan and Harry saying enough is enough. This is, from where I sit, the only piece which specifically says that William is “incandescent with rage” or name-checks William specifically:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle today announced they would be standing down as senior royals and moving to Canada, leaving the Queen “deeply upset” and Prince Charles and Prince William “incandescent with rage.”

The couple rushed out a bombshell statement after their plans were exclusively revealed in The Sun. But the failure to consult other Royals has triggered outrage. A senior source said: “Their statement was not cleared with anyone. It breaks all protocol. This is a declaration of war on the family. There is fury over how they’ve done this without any thought for the implications for the institution. The Queen is deeply upset. The Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge are incandescent with rage. Courtiers can’t believe it. There are so many unanswered questions but they’ve just up and done it without a thought for anyone else. The plan was there to discuss it and work out a way that works for everyone in the family.”

But when Harry and Meghan found out The Sun was breaking the story, they wanted to rush out a statement immediately.

“Harry and Meghan wanted it their way or the highway. So they’ve gone and exiled themselves from the Royal Family. It’s extraordinary.”

[From The Sun]

The question is… how did the Sun know there was a story to break? The timeline is interesting, and I suspect that Harry and Meghan told *someone* in the family, just not William. I have a theory, which I’ll be exploring through several posts, that part of this is a Sussex set-up, or a series of set-ups. Maybe they were checking to see if someone would leak the information and when someone did, they pulled the trigger on their announcement. As for William being “incandescent with rage” – he’s been salty AF for two solid years, and he’s been doing so much sh-t to marginalize his brother and sister-in-law behind the scenes, so f–king spare me. William is basically aggro right now because all of his little petty schemes and bullying tactics have blown up in his face. Also: even though this is the only piece I’ve seen which name-checks William specifically, I feel like his fingerprints are all over several pieces in the Daily Mail.

Royals Xmas Day church

Meghan Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry, Prince William, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge at the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force, Buckingham Palace, London, UK on Tuesday 10th July 2018

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  1. Mignionette says:

    Ha Ha… you push and you push and you push and “POP” shit goes off.

    FCUK you William and your lazy wife.

    • Pineapple says:

      +1 Poor baby William. Perhaps if you had have, oh I don’t know, stood by your brother and his new wife??????? Boo-hoo!!!!!!

      • Oh No says:

        The family’s reaction, solidifies that the Sussex clan made the correct choice.

        They werent leaking their dismay and outrage when Meghan and Harry were being slandered to the high heavens.

        William is just mad he won’t be able to lean on Harry and Meghan to do more work and serve as a buffer for he and his wife’s laziness

      • theothercleo says:

        @Oh No: That’s my opinion too. It was very convenient for William when his brother and sister-in-law were getting destroyed by the press. I give it a few weeks before the return of all the ” Willian and Kate are lazy as hell” articles.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Absolutely, Oh No! My first thought yesterday was, “How long is it going to take Kate to get pregnant again so she can put off picking up the slack?”

      • Mac says:

        The negative coverage of Harry and Meghan won’t stop and the tabs will continue to push William and Kate as the good and dutiful royals.

        I hope Meghan lands a new TV show. That would be the ultimate revenge.

    • All this anxiety, stress, drama, and rage over the Sussexes decision to release a statement earlier than planned due to leaks, and yet absolute silence from every single one of them about Andrew’s behavior. I think the Firm’s priorities and prejudices are on full display here.

      • Agirlandherdog says:

        This is what I was thinking. “Incandescent with rage” over your brother and his wife not wanting to be bullied every day. But not incandescent with rage over the fact that they ARE being bullied every day. Not incandescent with rage over the fact that your uncle is a pedophile. He stills gets to hang out with the fam.

      • Momzilla says:

        Right?! If anything willy should be happy, he gets to be the center of attention now, isn’t that what tantrum-baby wanted, anyway? Maybe he is mad bcs now he won’t be able to play in the Rose bush and deflect the attention to his brother and sis in law so easily. Burn willy burn!

      • Mac says:

        Harry and Meghan will probably get more coverage going forward because the tabs love scandal. Expect mountains of fan fiction from the DM, Sun, National Enquirer, US Weekly, etc.

      • TQB says:


      • Redgrl says:

        @JA – THIS!

      • Anance says:

        Just what I was thinking!

    • Angelique says:

      There are probably many reasons for the BRF to be upset. Have H and M thought about how much their security detail will cost the taxpayers? What about Frogmore Cottage and the $2million remodel paid by the taxpayer? Looks bad, like she stuck piled gowns and jewels knowing she would leave Britain in a short period of time? It shows selfish immature actions IMO.

      • lucia says:

        Frogmore was set to be renovated anyway and the funds were already allocated. They used their own money to pay for things beyond what was planned already.

        Are you upset Andrew just renovated a place? Or that Charles is renovating a huge house for way more money ever spent by Harry or William just for him and Camilla.

      • Becks1 says:

        Actually, you raise an interesting point. Meghan has been in much more affordable pieces the past few months. I assumed that was a response to the criticism about her spending, but I wonder if it was a deliberate move once they knew they were going to go this route.

      • Guest says:

        So because Charles paid for her to have a wardrobe to do her job (the cost of which was ridulously inflated by the press), and her husband gave her jewelery, they have sold themselves into bondage to the RF? That’s ridiculous. The cottage, as mentioned 800,000 times today, was going to be refurbished for 2.4 million whether they moved into it or not (and NOT paid for by the taxpayer) – they paid for all the fixtures, fittings, and furniture themselves. Are you as outraged by anyone else in the RF? Andrew maybe? He just redid part of his palace didn’t he? Or maybe that was his Swiss chalet. Maybe she’ll leave her engagement ring behind – would that make you feel better about things?

      • Kristina says:

        I also wonder why W is being singled out here but it clearly says Charles *and* William. It lists Charles first for this reaction piece. And all these stories began with Charles’ official biographer’s leaks. Not sure why the bent here on W, always.

      • MA says:

        lmao, I’m sure the BRF’s chief concern is the burden to taxpayers

      • fishface says:

        Like Diana’s wardrobe, Meghan’s will remain the property of the Crown – so it doesn’t belong to her. Same with the jewellery. Harry paid for her engagement ring, not the BRF or taxpayer. (He has an inheritance from his mother.) Others have provided the facts on Frogmore Cottage.

      • Suz says:

        Meghan buying some dresses in no way looks as bad as Andrew raping underage girls and being a part of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring but keep drinking the kool aid that the BRF is providing in the press.

    • shazze says:

      Of course he’s pissed – bad enough that his brother/SIL have all the charisma in the family. He managed that by pushing them out of the limelight and ‘letting’ the press savage Megan. But to actually leave and not put up with abuse and being marginalized – How Dare They! Guess what Willy – you can’t fake charisma. We’d actually like you if you were proud of your brother, and chuckled about how much more popular he is. Nope – Angry control freaks – big royal babies.

  2. 10KTurtle says:

    William’s just mad he didn’t get the chance to tell them, “You can’t quit- you’re fired!”

  3. Zapp Brannigan says:

    “The Queen is deeply upset. The Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge are incandescent with rage. Courtiers can’t believe it” I will take things they should have said about Prince Andrew for $500, please Alex.

    Oh and I find it interesting that Dan Wotton of The Sun “fame” has a partner that words in communications at Kensington Palace, totally not related to anything I am sure.

    • GR says:

      @Zapp ” I will take things they should have said about Prince Andrew for $500, please Alex.” You are right on the nose!

    • Melissa says:


      • Rando says:

        This. All this.

        Wandering Willy is okay to let his rage over this petty crap be known but can’t stand up for the young girls abused by his uncle? What trash.

        The monarchy really needs to end when the queen is done.

      • Mac says:

        It’s not William’s job to speak up about the women who were abused, it’s Andrew’s job.

      • MsIam says:

        @Mac, it’s the abusers job to speak up about the people he was abusing? Huh?

      • Mac says:

        Yes, it is absolute Andrew’s job to speak up for women abused and trafficked by Epstein. He can start by apologizing to the woman he abused.

    • Belinda says:

      Yes! Thank you!

    • Hey Zapp — Loved the “Jeopardy” question comment. Very funny. Also, very interesting that Wooten has a partner working at KP. I think the Sussexes have William’s number and know his fingerprints are all over the worst they have had to put up with. How hard it must have been for Harry to realize that he has been betrayed by his family (and I include the Queen and Charles in this). William is just like his father unfortunately, in being outshone. I was not a big fan of Diana but the last 2 years of how the Firm/family have betrayed the Sussexes have made me rethink the true toxicity she endured.

      • H says:

        Charles couldn’t stand to be outshined by his 20 year old fiancee, later bride. He was petty AF about it. William has taken after Charles in so many bad ways.

    • Lexa says:

      To be fair, there were stories about how angry Charles and William were after Andrew’s BBC interview…

    • shazze says:

      I wish I said that Zapp!

  4. morningjacket says:

    Literally the first thing I did this morning was look at the Daily Mail to see what unfounded vitriol they would pile on the Sussexes. I will tell you that the sh*t I read made me break out in a rage sweat on behalf of Meg and Harry. I obviously do not know the Sussexes personally, but I feel an unreasonable level of protective of them. NPR covered their announcement this morning, revealing that emotions are high over the Susses plan, but come on, Piers Morgan, spare me the faux protectionism for the GD monarchy, which has long worn out its relevancy.

    • Swack says:

      Piers Morgan is an a-hole. He never has anything nice to say and looks for a way to put people down.

    • runcmc says:

      There are 35,000 comments on the announcement post!!!!!! That is insanity. I keep checking it to see the number grow and noticed the DM keeps changing the title to the same post, I guess to entice people to click as if it was a new story? Have they always done that?

      • Belli says:

        They have, yes and they tend to add to a story as it develops too.

        That said the DM comment section has a bot problem.

      • My3cents says:

        Last time I checked their Instagram account had over 70 thousand comments on their post, most were just awful and terrible. People are such garbage.
        I’m talking about the sussex account not DM.

      • Mac says:

        The DM comment section also has a racism problem.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “noticed the DM keeps changing the title to the same post, I guess to entice people to click as if it was a new story? Have they always done that?”

        @runcmc, YES! The Daily Fail does it all the time.

    • PrincessK says:

      We clearly know that there has been a campaign by the Daily Mail to destroy the Sussexes, and there are as described by Harry, ‘dark forces’ behind it. I think Harry is genuinely afraid for his little family and for that reason they have taken the decision to bow out, since the Queen and Charles were not prepared to step in and protect them. Things must have been worse than we imagined.

      There is so much going on that we don’t know but for Harry and Meghan to say they want to become minor royals is in my opinion a prelude to them bowing out. Right now things are so bad l cannot see them doing public engagements any time soon. The Sussexes are trying to escape from their cage, it is Diana all over again.

  5. MachineElf says:

    Ah, classic Narcissistic Rage. Meghan sadly has a lot of experience with toxic families. Sounds like they have gone “grey rock” with him and his flying monkeys. William is smart enough to know that in the absence of his scapegoats the tide will turn against him. Who will he throw under the bus now?

    • Swack says:

      And Tom Markle Sr has also gotten his 2 cents in on this.

      • aquarius64 says:

        Toxic Tom is disappointed in losing a meal ticket. With Meghan and Harry going more private the Markle mutts won’t be able to blackmail via the royal family. That may have been the calculus too.

    • Jane Doe says:

      Exactly MachineElf despite the immense privilege at play here, this is a classic narcissistic family dynamic. It is impossible to placate a narcissist – nothing you do is good enough, and they will try to destroy you when you establish boundaries and distance yourself or leave. They want you to stay and willingly accept a role as their punching bag / scapegoat.

      • lizziegirl says:

        @machineElf I had never heard of grey rock before and really appreciate it. Holy shit! It is so on the money with narcissism and my experience with my narcissistic ex. I feel terrible for Harry and Meghan and am glad they are breaking the cycle for Archie.

      • It's a dry heave says:

        Right on, Lizziegirl!!! I have the same dynamic with my (undivorceable) sister. She’d bad-mouth me at any opportunity, and continuously ring my phone for hours until I answered. When I set some boundaries by not answering, she sent the POLICE to my apartment—several times!

        I haven’t spoken to her in 3 years … I moved and got a new phone number!!!! Heh heh

  6. Belli says:

    Why would he be mad? He’s got the spotlight all to himself now, exactly as he wanted.

    Maybe he’s realising he’ll have no one to throw under the bus now 😉

    • Amy Too says:

      That’s what I want to know. By stepping down as senior royals and instead pushing themselves more into the background as minor royals, they’re basically saying “we’re not a threat! We’re not trying to compete with you. We’re literally demoting ourselves to a lesser position within the family so that you guys can have all the sovereign grant money to yourselves, and you can have the royal rota and royal reporters to yourselves.” That seems to be what everyone wanted. They wanted to put the Sussexes in their place and insist that they were minor royals this whole time. The Sussexes are like “fine. We’ll be minor royals. We don’t care about the ‘prestige’ of being senior royals. The strings that are attached to being considered senior full time royals are too much for us and the perks aren’t worth it.”

      I think what’s making everyone so mad is that the way this was rolled out makes the BRF look bad. It makes them look like they bullied the Sussexes out of the “inner ranks” of the family. It makes them look racist and like horrible, cold, selfish people. Because knocking the Sussexes down a peg is what they wanted. They just also wanted to be in control of how and when it happened and what the narrative and spin around it would be.

      • Hey Amy — I don’t think it “looks like it” I think it proves it.

      • Becks1 says:

        @AmyToo – this is a great way to look at it. They’re not stepping “down” they’re stepping “back” and giving people what they have insisted they have wanted for years – for H&M to be “less important” and to be “minor royals.”

        I think the rollout was really sudden, but I think we will find out someday that their hand was forced.

      • Anance says:

        @AmyToo — I hadn’t thought of it, but yes, what you say makes a lot of sense. Ever since the marriage, the BRF has been chipping away at Harry & Meghan’s status. First came canceling the apartment in Kensington Place, then no house in the country, then no access by Meghan to even Diana’s “personal jewelry associated with her.”

        William was behind most of these things, in one way or another. The problem is he wasn’t dealing with the daughter of Carole Middleton, nor even British woman. But with someone not raised to revere them.

        By chipping away at their status, he made it small enough to walk away from. Saying, “Hey, keep it. Find some else to blame. We are not a threat. You are not in the loop about our lives.”

    • Chelle says:

      It’s about control, etc. I don’t want you but don’t you dare leave. I’ve always treated you like a witless numbskull and now that you’ve gotten someone who won’t go along with the script how dare you feel some self-worth and even emboldened? Also, whatever happened between H/W had to have really been deep—deeply insulting, deeply revealing, deeply hurtful (I’m struggling to find a good description)—because this doesn’t seem like an ordinary “f*ck him, his a d*ck/pratt” kind of mad. I’m talking about Harry’s response to William in terms of being hurt. It does seem like it’s a reactionary kind of mad but one that even if they got over it they wouldn’t ever be the same kind of mad. Not quite “MF the next time I see you it will be at somebody’s funeral” mad because that’s still reactionary but more akin to “he knows not to call me for shit” kind of mad. Oh, I’ve talked myself into it. I know. Trust. Along with the anger, I’d speculate that deep trust was broken. Harry no longer sees William as he once did. William revealed a layer of himself that Harry previously hadn’t seen or excused away. Harry no longer trusts, respects or likes his brother. I’m also speculating that William doesn’t know how to fix it and instead of being humble and reflective, he’s making it worse by double-down on all his worse traits and being dismissive to boot. “It was nothing! Harry is making a big deal out of it! He’s taking it too far.” No one could probably guess how deeply hurt or alienating that would be for Harry. Tears of a clown . . . and William probably won’t admit that he was either wrong or that he f*cked up.

      • I think Harry has had a good look at who are his friends and who were there for the royal connection. The Aristos will always side with the Crown. I think some of Harry’s so called friends have sold him out and thrown him under the bus to stay on William’s good side (wherever he’s hidden it).

      • Ninab says:

        I remember when harry first got engaged, he declared that his family would become Megan’s family. And that always stuck with me in light of how things turned out- I think he feels truly betrayed by certain family members he had trusted and loved in regards to how they treated his wife. And if theyre gonna do that to the wifey, what do you think they have in mind for Archie?

    • bamaborn says:

      Probably the word “WORK” is what bothers him. Now he and his wife get to shine and show what they can do. Lol!!

    • Heather says:

      Princess Anne stepped down from acting as a senior royal. Prince Edward did as well. This is not a huge deal for Prince Harry…I think the upset is more about the approach, not the action, itself.
      We are to assume that The Sun (of all places) is providing specific quotes such as “incandescent with rage”. But the British press is well known for exaggerating the truth.
      Were Charles & William pissed off? Probably. Why would anyone be surprised by that?

  7. Toot says:

    Oh well William.

    Whoever decided to leak this to Dan Wotton should have thought about restraint before blabbing.

    This is the same as when M&H’s holiday location was leaked by the tabs, M&H immediately released their own statement. So there was presidince of M&H being done with being quiet on leaks.

    • Yes. And the couriers saying the Sussexes should be punished. The Queen should order them to find out exactly who leaked the story to The Sun and that’s who should be punished.

  8. Erinn says:

    He’s been petulant, and possibly the main leaker (though we do not have actual proof of that, so I cut a LITTLE slack until there’s something definitive. I tend to think it’s MULTIPLE people doing the leaking) and that’s not at all okay, and he shouldn’t be surprised that his relationship with Harry has taken a huge downturn.

    But even while having a strained relationship with your sibling – it WOULD be disappointing to see them leave the thing that you’ve both been born into – especially when you never thought he’d leave. And I’m sure some of that anger is a bit of resentment that Harry DOES get to leave and Will doesn’t feel he’d ever been able to do that sort of thing.

    I’m still SUPER surprised by the Sussex announcement. I always thought there was a tiny possibility it could happen, but I really thought Harry would feel shackled to the monarchy in a way that prevented him from leaving. And I bet the entire family thought the same thing.

    I bet there’s a lot of panic in the palaces and the tabloid offices since the announcement.

    • notasugarhere says:

      We may learn the ID of the constant leaker through the Harry/Meghan lawsuit against the DM. They’ll be forced to reveal their sources or pay through the nose.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        I’m convinced the leaker is William both directly and indirectly – Kate is not innocent either. I also think some leaks came from Andrew as well.

    • Vava says:

      William ALWAYS has the opportunity to remove himself from the line of succession.

    • Green Desert says:

      I would cut this asshole no slack. He gave his brother and sister in law no support during two years of hateful attacks by the British press. He VERY likely (let’s be honest) has done a great deal of the leaking through his office. He couldn’t be bothered to defend close family against racism. After what we’ve seen for two years now, this dickhead does not deserve the benefit of the doubt, ever. I think Kerwood says it best down thread.

      • Green Desert says:

        I must also add that Dan Wootton from The Sun is good friends with Will and Kate’s press secretary. You know, one of the newspapers Harry and Meghan are suing? Will is behind most of the leaks.

  9. Maxie says:

    William will probably remove their titles the minute he becomes King (if he ever does).

    • Lyn says:

      Probably. Bc he’s proving to be a dick.

      Never known a brother to be this destructive to their only sibling.
      And the reason provided for his behaviour is bs. Oh William thought Harry was moving fast with Meghan, or he didn’t like the lawsuit etc. And so? Its superficial bc you move on and have your brother’s back. Normal people who love their family do it.

      Instead there were staged plane pics, leaks to royal reporters, saying you have distanced yourself, washed your hands off ( who the eff is he? Pontius Pilate?), not one public word of solidarity etc.

      Whatever made William sacrifice his only brother I hope it was worth it.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Lyn this seems to be a very abusive brother relationship. You aren’t going to let me treat you like $,hit anymore? How dare you?!? That is your role how dare you try to leave ME and my abuse?!?! Thus the tantrum. I don’t think Harry would have done this if he wasn’t pretty sure things with his brother were unfixable for at least the immediate future.

      • Agirlandherdog says:

        This is the modern version of the War of the Roses. If you look back through history, royal siblings were never raised as siblings. At a certain age royal children where sent out to be fostered by someone to assist them in filling whatever role they were to play in the royal family. The heir was raised to be the heir. Raised with a sense of privilege and taught not to trust or rely on family. Siblings were in essence strangers. I always kind of assumed the modern BRF was different, but more and more, I see that maybe creating this distance between siblings is one of the “traditions” the queen insists on maintaining. I think when Diana was alive, she was the bond between the brothers. But without her there to push back against those “traditions,” any sibling bond they had was ruthlessly cut by the royal machine.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Charles and Andrew (heir and spare) have a contentious relationship. Charles, Anne, and Edward have a close sibling relationship.

      • Amy Too says:

        Siblings were treated as active threats a lot of the time. Paranoia has been a key feature of the British kings and heirs for centuries.

      • Suz says:

        Memba when Mary I had her little sister Elizabeth imprisoned? Sibling cruelty in the BRF certainly is not new

    • Mignionette says:

      I’d love to see him try.

      The RF have to remove Andrew’s titles before they even think about ex-communicating H&M in that way…

    • Sam Louise says:

      I don’t think he can remove Harry’s. His title is his birthright. However, Meghan’s title can be taken away.

    • Ainsley7 says:

      Only parliament can remove titles. Some MP’s are already pushing for it. Everyone is worried about the Queen, Charles and William when it’s the government that is going to have the final say about everything.

      • isnt It interesting that no MP has suggested stripping Andrew of anything.

      • Devon says:

        It would reflect poorly on the government if they remove their titles. I don’t think Meghan and Harry give a shit though.

      • Ainsley7 says:

        They have actually suggested stripping Andrew of his title in the past. They are the ones who forced him to resign as trade ambassador in 2011. It was MPs beginning to talk about Andrew that forced him out again this time too. It’s just that, the Royals didn’t wait for them to call for it publicly like last time.

  10. Lennn says:

    I don’t understand how William could not be more understanding towards his brother. He lived through the same trauma, their mother DIED as a result of the British tabloids.
    My take is that Meghan is not the one who wanted out, it is Harry, and he has felt this way all of his life. He is traumatized, and he is reliving his trauma.

    • truthSF says:

      Harry has wanted out out since waaaaay before he met Meghan, and only stayed because the queen convinced him too. So yes, I truly believe this is 100% Harry’s doing, and he has his wife support and she fully agree with his decision. I mean, dude may be able to deal with abuse directed at him, but don’t f@ck with this man’s family and think he would just stand by and watch his wife and child get bullied to high heavens, instead of putting his foot down. Especially after what he went through with his own mother’s death after she dealt with years of abuse from that shitty family!

      • bamaborn says:

        TruthSF…yes!! He’s saying “say what you want about me, but leave my wife and baby out of this excrement.” His declaration that baby Archie was “to die for” seems more prescient.

    • sassafras says:

      Honestly, to my mind, it’s clear that she was willing to do what she had to. She was ready to step up, do all the royal things, live the life at KP or Frogmore. I think them getting pregnant with Archie turned things around for Harry, as parenthood often does. He couldn’t stand seeing the reporters around for the birth, etc. He has trauma (so does William) and maybe he’s going too far to protect his family but without the support of the BRF, I’m not sure what else he can do right now, for his mental health.

  11. Millennial says:

    I hope Williams steps back and reflects on the fact that how he treats Harry is setting an example for how George will treat Charlotte and Louis.

    • Bookie says:

      I doubt he is that self-reflective, but your comment is spot on.

    • MegJ says:

      I’ve been saying this for years! It’ll come back around to bite him and his children in the years to come!

    • Belli says:

      I hope that if he doesn’t realise that he is setting the mould for now his children will be treated that Kate does.

      I’m really worried for Charlotte in the future, especially. She’s going to get more scrutiny as a girl, we’ve seen that play out already. She seems feisty and cheeky, which the press love while she’s 4. What about when she’s 17? What about when she’s 21 and getting more coverage than a shyer George and painted as being headstrong and wild and out of control?

      • Dee says:

        Wait until the press throws her under the bus. First time she moons someone or sunbathes topless, Normal Bill will blow a gasket.

      • Anance says:

        What if she turns out to be another Kitty Spencer who was completely wild until her late 20s.

    • S808 says:

      Don’t think he cares tbh. This is how things go and obviously he doesn’t care enough to try set a new precedent for his children. He’ll probably just to tell them to get on with it when they get older.

    • notasugarhere says:

      William cares about William, that’s it. Anyone else is fodder to be thrown to the wolves.

    • Mo says:

      Also, not seeing how having all these royal babies is fun and so popular, but once they are adults they’ll be “leeches,” “spoiled,” and “entitled.” Will and Kate, you’ll have to deal with all these adult prince and princesses, you know?

    • A says:

      The sad thing is that the hierarchy in the royal family is as follows:

      1) The monarch
      2) The Prince of Wales
      3) The PoW’s first child
      4) #3′s first child

      Everyone else might as well be chopped liver. Princess Margaret said it best when she talked about her grandmother, Queen Mary. Apparently, she was rude to everyone except Princess Elizabeth, and that was because she was going to be Queen some day. The Queen herself is rumoured to see the world in exactly those terms. The person that matters most, in her view, is the monarch, the royal family’s direct line, the rest of the royal family, the aristocracy, and so on. If you’re not from that world, you’re not afforded respect, unless you’re incredibly deferential to them at all times.

      The direct heirs are always prioritized, because they will be the next monarch. Everyone else is not important and expendable. This is probably how they’re already treating George vs. Charlotte and Louis. Unless there is some significant change in the way they do things, that divide is just going to get more and more pronounced as time goes by.

  12. LaraK says:

    William is used to just being able to do whatever he wants. Having H & M to bully and distract from other royal scandals was perfect. I mean, what could go wrong. It’s not like Harry could stop being royals
    Oh, wait…

    • Amy Too says:

      I think William, and all of them really, are especially mad about how the Sussexes made it a point to say that the reporting about them has been full of lies so now they’re going to be in charge of their own press. Unless you hear it directly from their social media, or one of their approved media sources where they are being quoted by name (not as “sources say”), then it’s fake. The whole royal family has been sniping at each other through the press forever. It’s part of their family dynamic and how they punish each other and keep each other in check. The Sussexes are excluding themselves from that whole circus. The BRF won’t be able to bully them in the press into doing what they want—whether it’s working less or being painted as horrible people so will and Kate can shine more, or supporting the family pedophile.

      • Goldengirlslover34 says:

        Yup. I think this is the major point. I think William and all are afraid of the Harry and Meghan controlling their own narrative. Fact is there are a lot of skeletons in that closet. Imagine not being able to threaten royal reporters with cutting of access to information or a lawsuit because you don’t control those reporters. I think that is the what everyone is scared of. I think they know that Harry and Meghan controlling the narrative will bCk them in the corner and if needed bombshells could be dropped.

  13. Lennn says:

    Also, this entire situation underscores the fact that monarchies are a completely outdated, old-fashioned, unsustainable system. In the modern world, with royals marrying ‘normal’ people, this is bound to happen more and more. Royalty was always based on being ‘above’ the rest of us.When royals start wanting to be a part of the rest of us, it is the end. As it should be!

    • Sheila D says:

      True that Lennn!
      Um they want to earn their own money and still attend 10x more charitable functions than Will and Kate? How refreshing they dont want to sponge off the taxpayers. If I see one more article about Meghans crazy clothes budget I will start sending packages of old buttons to the palace. Kate spends considerably more on her wardrobe (CANADA TRIP).

      • Chaine says:

        I think it’s the open acknowledgement by Harry, a senior royal, that taxpayers are funding an extravagant lifestyle—that acknowledgment should open the floodgates to the general public demanding that their tax dollars stop going to the whole family at all. That being said, I have no idea how all of that allocating works in the British constitutional system, so I’m speculating out the wazzoo.

      • MA says:

        I found it intereting how they mentioned on their website that they’d been offered the more lavish Kensington Palace living space but it would’ve cost the taxpayers twice as much so they chose Frogmore which was already undergoing rennovation.

    • notasugarhere says:

      It has nothing to do with marrying ‘normal’ people.

      Juan Carlos of Spain married a royal princess, and spent 50 years being a wretched, cheating husband. They both threw Letizia under the wheels of the bus while protecting their criminal daughter and son in law Inaki.

      Margrethe II of Denmark married a normal person. Aside from his few fits about wanting a higher royal status, it was a passionate and intellectually-satisfying marriage by accounts.

      Willem-Alexander married Maxima the normal, she’s a brilliant Queen Consort.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Henri was born into a very old family that had a very old claim (accurately or not) to nobility. Comtes de Monpezant? I believe he insisted on Frederik inheriting such a title. So not all that normal. He always seemed very pretentious and self-conscious and unhappy to me. Even in his death.

      • notasugarhere says:

        He wasn’t royal, just as Diana wasn’t royal nor was the Queen Mum. They were technically commoners. There were photos five years ago of he and Margrethe on vacation, her reaching out at patting his bum. In spite of his occasional fit about not being a higher rank, those two were lovebirds.

      • A says:

        Maxima is not normal. She is from a very wealthy family in Argentina. The Zorreguietas are prominent in business and politics.

        When you’re “normal” you don’t have a trust fund or aristocratic connections.

  14. Digital Unicorn says:

    Of course he is – his whipping post is now gone. He, Chuck and Queenie can’t keep throwing the Sussex’s under the bus to protect themselves.

    It’s obvs that the RF hasn’t been supporting them and someone is def leaking to the press and yeah this is a setup to smoke that leak out and I think we all know who the leaker is. Remember the story about how Andrew was furious with William’s office over leaking to the press?!?!? William has no currency with the press now to hide his indiscretions.

    Sh!t has clearly gone down in the past few days behind the scene’s and the RR’s are PROVING why the Sussex’s are right in cutting them out and yet its still crickets from BP.

    It will be VERY interesting to see how the Cambridges reply to this – I strongly believe that Harry and William’s falling out has played a huge part of this. I’ve said before when Harry got married he wouldn’t allow W&K to use his family to hide behind and he is protecting them as the RF have made it clear they won’t.

  15. Miss M says:

    Oh noes William. You mad bro?

  16. Eleonor says:

    I bet they have a freaking protocol even to use a toilet.

  17. S808 says:

    Probably pissed the leak didn’t pan out the way he wanted it to. I’m sure the only reason the Sussexes released the statement was to get ahead of the exclusive The Sun had. Isn’t someone from KP buddy buddy with Dan Wooten? As far as the brothers relationship is concerned, I for one think it’s dead or largely damaged for the most part. I wouldn’t even know where to begin to repair or if I’d even want to. Sad state of affairs. Best of luck to the Sussexes.

    • Purplehazeforever says:

      Lainey Gossip mentioned it six months ago…I believe it’s Prince William himself.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Several of the RR’s have stated that they have the private phone numbers of both William and Kate (and I think a few other RF members) so its safe to say that the leak came direct from a royal.

  18. Becks1 says:

    I definitely think this is a matter of – the Sussexes made the announcement on their own terms, when BP and CH wanted to do it (and probably didn’t want to do it right at this point.) but, I’m sure the Sussexes knew that any announcement from BP/CH would have the feel of them being sidelined a la Andrew, and they took the opportunity to control the narrative.

    I’m not surprised William is ticked. But, he deserves it.

  19. scottiegal says:

    The Queen has had the support of her mother, sister, the Kent’s, the Gloucester’s and her adult children. If William becomes King he will only have Kate and their children to carry the monarchy.

    • Mignionette says:

      And maybe not even Kate with the way things are going… I can see her subtly knifing him in the back every now and then as payback for Rose, the Lawyer and Jecca….

      Also Charles is a PR beast who has in the past media sacrificed his own sons to rehab his image, so effectively Bill is also isolated.

  20. Guest2.0 says:

    Can you imagine being mistreated, lied about and vilified by your abusers, but the minute you take action to save yourself, the abusers get indignant and go on a rampage about how dare you? Simply unbelievable.

    Dan Wooten’s source at KP (doesn’t he date someone at KP) overplayed their hand. The Queen and Charles and senior level “need to know types” knew about this, but everyone else didn’t. So the BS about being blindsided is just that…BS. Those who needed to know this was coming, already knew.

    • Becks1 says:

      Per twitter he dates the director of communication at KP. So……

      • Purplehazeforever says:

        Per Twitter…lol…I think Lainey mentioned he’s really close to Prince William himself.

      • aquarius64 says:

        So Wooden sleeps with his snitch? Bet that’s the only reason he dates her.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        @Aquarius64 – Its a he, Wootton is open about his sexual orientation. He’s got 2 kids with his former long term partner.

      • Nic919 says:

        I feel like this information about Wooten dating / having a partner at KP communications is new. Wooten busted out the tiara gate article so I think we have to blame KP on all the leaks at this point.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Yeah I think TQ and Charles knew about this as they were part of the discussions but William wasn’t – when he found out he had a tantrum and leaked it, forcing the Sussex’s hand.

      BP’s statement was interesting as it says that they understood their need to go out on their own which tells me that TQ and Chuck were likely Ok with them branching out but wanted the opportunity to talk them out of it and then the leak happened and all bets were off.

      I’d say TQ and Chuck are upset that an announcement was made without a heads up or consultation and NOT with them going off on their own.

      • Belli says:

        I think it’s likely the Sussexes released early because of the leak.

        I wonder whether the “they didn’t tell anyone in the family” was from William.

        But then he found out that the Queen and Charles did know (about the plan, not the timing) and that’s why he’s raging.

      • MsIam says:

        Who is to say they (TQ and Charles) are upset? We have been hearing for months that one minute the family is distancing themselves from H&M and then the next they are “sad” they don’t want to come to Sandringham or Balmoral or Trump’s bash or whatever. That the Queen doesn’t want their names mentioned in her presence and then she’s sorry she won’t see Archie and them over Christmas. I’m taking H&M’s advice and not believing anything unless they release it themselves on IG or through their media contacts. The tabloids are just sensationalizing everything for clicks.

  21. Becks1 says:

    Okay now I said in another post that I have a few theories. Here are some of them.

    The Sussexes not giving Archie a title – I think they thought that would protect and insulate him. They were very clear from the start that he was not a public figure. It didn’t make a whit of difference to the press.

    H&M taking several weeks break over the summer (particularly Meghan with mat leave). Didn’t make a whit of difference to the press, they still attacked her.

    I think they very soon realized that it didn’t matter what they did – share pics of Archie, not share pics of Archie, do public appearances, no public appearances – they were going to be attacked by the press.

    I think they went to BP and CH for help. Were probably told, “it is what it is.” I think they asked for ways to escape the royal rota and were prob told in passing, “ha, only if you’re not a ‘senior royal.’” So they said, okay, we wont be senior royals.

    I think in the midst of all this – their lawsuit, etc – they found out that someone (William? Charles? Both?) was actively leaking and encouraging the smear campaign. Couple that with the Queen’s immediate show of public support for Andrew, and the fact that William shut down the affair rumors immediately (at least in the papers) – and they probably saw the writing on the wall. The rest of their lives would be spent as being the whipping boys for the Cambridges. And Meghan was not about to live like that. (nor Harry, although I do think it took Meghan to make him realize it wasn’t normal.)

    I also agree that they were being sidelined by the royal family in order to let the Cambridges shine, and while I think H&M were vaguely okay with that (they didn’t need to attend state dinners, for example) I think they were probably hurt that their initiatives and projects got only a fraction of the coverage from the royal family itself that Kate’s garden got.

    So basically I think there was a lot going on behind the scenes, and I think the kicker was when they realized not only was the royal family not going to support them publicly against the press, but were in fact encouraging the press.

    • S808 says:

      I think the support Andrew got was the final straw for them. I really do. Andrew who’s been mixed up with a known sex offender gets visible support from the Queen and my pregnant newlywed wife can’t get a inch of support? I do think the break was to rest but also to form an exit plan to get the hell out of there cause the writing was on the wall at that point.

      • Becks1 says:

        @S8 – I think so too. I think they were thinking of this, considering it in their heads, etc – and then the overall support of Andrew (at Balmoral and in November) just pushed things over the edge.

        I also really think something came out over the summer or during the lawsuit (remember Harry’s comment that was basically “if you knew what I know….”)

      • notasugarhere says:

        Close to the final. The leak of their location in Canada was the last to me. They knew William could never be trusted.

      • Elisa says:

        @S808: ITA on TQ’s support for Andrew being the final straw.

      • Redgrl says:

        @s08 – I agree – that was likely the final straw…

  22. tarynfox says:

    This is so petty, and I’m here for it.

    It’s a little like a grown adult telling their parents — I’ll make my own car payments now! But can I still have my room/money for the mall/etc?

    They should just go and be free from this arcane, racist institution.

    • Shirleygailgal says:

      @tarynfox ~ I call bull-puckey on your second paragraph

    • PrincessK says:

      Easier said than done. They need the best security protection and that is royal protection but it comes with a price. Diana rejected royal protection because she felt they were also acting as spies, which in effect is also part of the job.

    • MA says:

      Here, let me help you with that analogy.

      It’s like a grown adult telling their parents — I want to step back and take a smaller role in the family business, but I am still willing and available to do projects, appearances and any business travel if you need me to, with my business expenses reimbursed.

  23. aquarius64 says:

    Why is William complaining? Oh I know, with the Sussexes gone there are no human shields for the press, which thrives on scandal. More attention to the Rose pruning. With Andrew stepping back (pushed off actually) 200 + patronages are going to be vacant. Harry and Meghan already announced on their site they will keep their current patronages. Bill and Cathy are going to have to pick up the slack.

    When the Times wrote that story last Easter that William was behind the press weaponizing Toxic Tom against Meghan I was done with him and Kate. They are now under the gun to be the perfect British couple and British family. George, Charlotte and Louis cannot be caught stumbling out of a club drunk and/or high. No more shrugs on camera. No more private jets for the Cambridges for private vacations even if the jet is on loan from a friend. Karma is a b.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      It also means that the Cambridges will be used as tabloid fodder now, something they have largely avoided due to others being thrown under the bus. The Rose Bush story is going to make a comeback.

  24. MA says:

    I thought he’d already “dropped Harry like a ton of hot bricks” and “washed his hands of him”… make it make sense. Unless he’s truly that controlling, narcissistic, and stupid. Well…

  25. Pineapple says:

    My gosh this family needs therapy. You know who is “incandescent with rage?” ME!!! Are you farking kidding me??? Will, buddy, you didn’t see this coming?

    Will and Charles and Elizabeth had choices. They could have chosen to RESPECT Harry and the woman he chose to marry. They could have stood by them, in solidarity, and insisted the press stop. (Rose Hanbury who?? Pedophile Uncle who??) Instead, they allowed Harry, who they claim to love, go through an absolute racist, misogynistic press storm with his beautiful, smart, new wife.

    Harry stuck up for himself? Yay Harry. Toxic families don’t like it when you grow and realise, hey, wait a second, it is my life, I can be happy if I want to. Toxic families HATE THAT.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Pineapple you are spot on! The family had choices. They could have treated their son, grandson, brother and his wife with an ounce of compassion and stopped the abuse. They choose instead to criticize them for not being happy with the abuse. For the first time since the 90’s the royals are getting a lesson in consequences.

    • Vava says:

      Yes, toxic families do hate that. I’m seeing it in my own in-laws, playing favorites between two brothers. The BRF really does suck, big time.

    • Sally says:

      Very well said!!!! Team Harry and Meghan all the way. Of course, with that adorable baby, Archie, there is no way to lose. Such a beautiful family!!!

    • A says:

      “Will and Charles and Elizabeth had choices.” THIS. They chose quite clearly who they felt deserved protection and embiggening, and who did not. They chose Pedo Andy. They chose William. They get what they paid for.

  26. Miriam says:

    The man baby will regret alienating the Sussexs. I feel like there is much more yet to be reported! I wonder if the press will turn on bill now? This was the last thing they could leak about the Sussexs and soon they’ll be out of material

    • Royalfollower says:

      I hope the Rota will release all the BS on Rose Hanbury now that they won’t have so many stories leaked by our friend the Incandescent Bill. And hope they write about Bill & wife about their daily lounging life!

  27. Sheila D says:

    I urge you to add more fiber to your diet stat!

    Kaiser, we need hourly updates!

    • Nibbi says:

      Second that for the hourly updates !!

      This is the best gossip story for the past year or longer !! & By that I mean the most SATISFYING !!

      H&M are pretty much my heroes right now. They were graceful and tolerant for so long, and then… enough is enough, and they’ve done it their way.
      oh the gleeeee and the snark i feel. all the details please :)

  28. Liz version 700 says:

    William is angry for a number of reasons. First, he is a spoiled narcissist who doesn’t allow no to be an answer in most of his life. Secondly, he can leak now or take away HRH titles or whatever man baby things he wants, it won’t matter. They are affirmatively stating that they are done being his emotional punching bag. Any “punishments” for their grey rock will be met with… Nothing. They will be living their life. The Sussexes laid out how the games work and why they aren’t playing them (to protect their family). William has no other way to express his anger at their lack of subservience to him. He can no longer punish them for daring to be happy in spite of his behavior. They have made his tantrums and vitriol irrelevant. Given how the British Monarchy is acting, Will should get used to being irrelevant. I can’t imagine The monarchy in its present form will last through this selfish man’s “reign.”

    • Guest2.0 says:

      I don’t think H&M give two cents about titles, palaces, etc. anymore. They just want their freedom and peace of mind.

  29. Keanu's kitten says:

    I think their 6 week break was for them to ‘go away and think about it’… This has probably been going on since those stories about WillyWont wanting to send them to Africa.

    Stepping back from such a toxic family and gutter press is the only route to go.

    I wish them well.

    • Guest2.0 says:

      Yes. That’s probably why H&M were allowed the 6 week break. To think this over and perhaps the RF hoped they’d change their minds once they came back.

      • Goldengirlslover34 says:

        Yeah I agree. I think these discussions have been happening for a while and the break was the time needed to kind of think things through. I also think when it was leaked they said f-it we out. I think they wanted to make a clean break and were told no so this option was floated as a middle ground and details were still being finalized. Something must have happened between coming back and the leak but the leak must have been the last straw so now they are burning the place to the ground. Quite frankly i don’t blame them. Some people will try and work things through forever and some people will come back and bite if you cross them one more time. I also wonder if in these discussions they placed warnings and told everyone involved that if the leaks continued they would go ahead? I doubt the stories that the palace was unaware. This isn’t something planned overnight.

        I think William and everyone is scared about the whole personal royal rota system. As an American, I was unaware of the system so reading about it was eye opening. I think this scares them the most. They will control the narrative and can counter any leaks directly. Sites will be clamoring to be part of this system. Their website made clear that will the digital media, opportunities to share information is greater which would scare me as one of the larger establishments. And that means giving opportunities to those who may not be tied to huge corporations and investors. It will be interesting to see.

    • I think abusers are always surprised when the abused say no more.

  30. Jax says:

    To be a fly on that wall of BP the last few days. I’m sure H&M confirmed their suspicions of who the leaker is with all of this, but it probably happened a little bit quicker then even they were expecting. However, the one thing this couple knows how to do is to prepare. I can’t wait to see them move through this and then into the next chapter of their lives.

  31. leigh says:

    Will’s incandescent with rage because he hates his life, feels trapped, but doesn’t have the balls or strength of character that Harry does to push back and chart his own path. Will couldn’t take the heat from all the angry headlines.

    • HK9 says:

      This!!! And it’s only about to get worse because the spotlight will be back on them and they don’t want that. Since we all know they don’t work half as much as they could.

      Will knows H & M will still continue to out work them. Since he’s incapable of being an adult and using that to his advantage, he’s going to continue to be petulant. The PR at the palace will continue to implode because they are completely incompetent. I feel sorry for Kate because I’m not sure she’s got the capacity to navigate this at all. I hope she won’t end up as collateral damage, because I still like her.

      • Shirleygailgal says:

        @HK9 I still like her too. I thought she was making real efforts towards growing, and I think Willy sat on her efforts. Also, tho’ we tend to make fun of her fashion, in the last few years she’s been pretty appropriate. I think it scares William that Meghan sets an example for Kate and Kate, as a follower (K9 natural position vs K9 leader position reference here) was starting to think she too could be more effective. Yes, everyone ‘embiggens’ her/them and yes yes to it all as garbage, but I think deep background would show Kate willing to step up a bit more, and willy not being willing…..

      • notasugarhere says:

        Kate has received the best PR of her life in the last three years. She has changed nothing, not done more work, not become more professional. She is not innocent in the targeting and abuse of Meghan.

    • layla beans says:

      Yup. William is pissed because Harry got to marry for love and is by all accounts a good dude with a good heart. William is pissed because he has to sneak around cheating because he had to marry the only girl left standing. William is pissed because now, while he and Kate are shaking hands with the peasants at charity shop openings, his brother will be managing major charitable endeavours while yachting with the likes of Barack and Michelle and George and Amal – with NONE of the BRF BS. He is so jealous it hurts to his very soul. Sucks to be you, Bill.

      • Vava says:

        I kind of like this, actually. Bill deserves all the shit he’s garnered. I don’t think Kate is as evil as William, but she doesn’t get a pass from me, either. If I were Kate, first off I wouldn’t have married the douche; secondly, I wouldn’t let him push me around, and thirdly I would have hit the ground running because that is the job she married into. So she basically sucks, too.

  32. RoyalBlue says:

    William is just mad his chance to be the only one in the headlines just blew up. He is thirsty for attention. Christmas efforts were a fail. Mary Berry PR cooking, staged pudding photos, vague environment project and four monarchs photos were all meant to endear William to our hearts, but instead they were all coolly received.

    I don’t know what he is really mad about. He is still the future future king and enjoys all the perks that come along with it.

  33. chloe says:

    They are furious with Harry and Meghan for stepping back from duties, but just upset but still doing family get togethers with Andrew, the firm needs to figure out their priorities.

  34. Busyann says:

    I will never forget the pictures of Will screaming at Kate years ago when they were at an event and her blue and white dress flew up. I tried looking for them now using google but can’t find them but I originally saw the pics on one of the royal forums. They’re still there I’m sure.
    Anyway, you could feel his rage and her, I dont know, fear….embarrasment…at being scolded like a child. I felt bad for Kate then a bit, because those images told me so much about Will and Kate both as individuals and as a married couple. Now, I can only imagine how angry he is today. He took Kate away from the crowds and screamed at her behind an helicopter OVER A DRESS?!!! One can only wonder how bad it is now that his baby brother, that he always used to his benefit finally gave him the middle finger.

    I’m also a little more worried for Harry, Meghan, amd Archie now….they did push the nuclear option against a family with a long history, both proven and alleged, of going to extremes to protect the monarchy.

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      A lot of those images have been whitewashed from the internet, so I’m not surprised you can’t find them. Just like the images of Will and Kate from the early dating years that made them look bad. They definitely existed but you’d be hard-pressed to find them now.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Bild (dot) de published them, but I do not know if they published the whole series. They were on tumblr for while. Whether he was yelling at her about it, or trying to be heard over the helicopter is unknown. The original order of the photos indicated yelling to be heard over the helo, with the upskirt happening just after.

    • February Pisces says:

      Was that when she flashed her whole ass? I think I have the screen grab of it but I didn’t know he shouted at her after.

      • notasugarhere says:

        He didn’t, based on the order of the photos. He may have been shouting to be heard over the helo, he might have been shouting at her, we don’t know. The photo of her flashing was right *after* that, as they walked away from the helo.

  35. MachineElf says:

    Some of the victim blaming comments are making me quite sad.

    • Soupie says:

      Yeah, and unfortunately victim blaming will always be a thing. It’s just another form of narcissism.

  36. Charfromdarock says:

    I said this earlier on twitter but where was the rage when the racist misogynistic tabloids were attacking his own brother and sister-in-law.

    Normal Bill is a petulant self absorbed man child whose only accomplishment in life was being born first.

  37. Lisa says:

    Oh well. He can stay mad.

  38. Sofia says:

    Isn’t this what William wanted? Didn’t he try and exile the Sussexes to Africa?

    I bet he’s mad that he couldn’t fire them himself

    • MsIam says:

      You know, this is what comes to mind for me: Maybe William leaked this knowing that Harry would go ballistic and fire back ala the IG statement and then William could spin it as H&M going rogue?
      Like maybe William didn’t want a nice civilized break up, he wanted Harry (and Meghan by association) to look bad in all this? I just don’t get all this “incandescent rage” bs when he’s been wanting to push them out for months. I think William is the one who wanted this to all end with a bang so that Harry looks bad and William looks like the reasonable statesman. I don’t know if Charles has a hand in it too because he already went through the messy public divorce with Diana and I think he would be in favor of a clean quiet break up.

  39. AnnaKist says:

    Harry and Meghan have copped sh!t ever since they started going out publicly. The grubby tabloids and their vicious commenters kept up a relentless barrage of filthy insinuations, gossip, snide remarks and racism disguised as concern for the monarchy. And let’s not forget the despicable bridge troll, Thomas Markle and his equally-odious daughter, Samantha, earning their living by selling stories and accepting money to whine to these scurrilous rags about how Meghan abandoned and forgot her family. At no time did The Firm step in to warn off these “news”papers, as they have done in the past. No, they just had to wear the vitriol.

    The two Cambridge layabouts were fine with the Sussexes taking up the slack for them. In the last year, reading about the rumoured friction between the brothers and their wives, I was leaning heavily towards their actually being truth in the rumours. It seemed to me that Kate did not like the competition. It was evident, very early on, that the Sussexes enjoy a popularity – not so much in England, but certainly in North America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa etc., that the Cambridges do not.

    At the end of the day, Harry is never going to be king, and this allows him a lot more freedom to decide how his life should be led, according to what he and his wife believe is best for their family. I honestly don’t see why Bill needed to be consulted. He did not support, indeed, marginalised his brother and sister-in-law, and they just decided, nope, that’s enough. It doesn’t seem as if they got much support from any of them. If you constantly treat people shabbily, then why be surprised when they remove themselves from the toxicity?

    I hope the Sussexes have a happy, peaceful and fulfilling life together, whatever they may and wherever they may do it.

  40. Soupie says:

    OK so these “I do say there, ole chap” buffoons really are trying to pretend that they didn’t push the Sussexes out while expecting them to capitulate?! They really thought that Harry and Meghan would opt to remain scapegoats while working their creative asses off?! Truly laughable. SMH.

    They will keep trying to make it dirty but the Sussexes will still come out clean.

    Anyway this is a TEAM. Harry’s been wanting this for years. Look at Meghan’s adoring gazes. She fully supports her husband. She wants what he wants. Win-win.

  41. Jen says:

    I feel like “incandescent with rage” is pretty much his default setting when things don’t go his way.

  42. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I doubt he’s ever been incandescent about anything.

  43. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    Poor Will. The wheels on the bus go round and round, and he no longer has anyone to throw under them.

  44. Erin says:

    I love them so much for this. What if they’re actually simply just trying to take down the monarchy? I think Harry realizes how awful it is and what it’s supported. More power to them both!

  45. Rogue says:

    The press will always be largely trash especially whilst Conservatives are in power in the U.K., but the Sussexes probably wouldn’t have taken this step if they felt supported by the family. The family might have thought what Meghan was going through was normal hazing for a new family member (I wouldn’t expect them to be alert to the racism etc). But failing to show any support which gave the media signals they were fine with the attacks, failing to get the internal leaking under control coupled with then the very public show of support for Andrew (with no word of disappointment in that instance) was probably the last straw.

    They would be phased out eventually anyway so why remain as senior royals being the press whipping posts& having to deal with the same press because the current and future monarchs need their press support.

    • Betsy says:

      This seems like one of the most accurate takes – although it doesn’t take into account that it appears William was actively feeding stories to the press. That’s a step worse than their passivity.

  46. yinyang says:

    If William had said something, anything, after Harry gave that “we’ll always be brothers” interview this wouldn’t have happened. He has no right to be dissappointed.

  47. MellyMel says:

    Man fcuk William. This is such abusive and toxic behavior…I don’t blame Harry one bit.

  48. Cindy says:

    It’s not that I don’t find this believable, but if it came from The Sun I must question it.

    • Except that we have found out in this thread that Wooten from the Sun has a boyfriend/partner working in PR at KP. I think Harry and Meghan know — without any doubt — exactly who leaked the story to Wooten. I think William leaked this for exactly this reaction to the Sussexes. I can’t see William being willing to let them step back without him creating this shit storm around it.

  49. ooshpick says:

    Did you say moving to Canada? OH NO! We don’t want the royals! Maybe stay put. ;)

    • Juliette says:

      Who is this “we”? The general consensus that I have seen from most media and commentators in Canada is that they’d be welcomed here no problem at all. I personally think it would be great if they came here part of the time, we are a sovereign country and they’d be just fine here. Miles from the abusive, racist coverage in the UK.

      Bring it on!

    • marni112 says:

      Agreed no thanks unless they pay their own way .

    • A says:

      If they are willing to work for their keep, and don’t rely on taxpayer money for their lifestyle in the same way that the British royals do, then there’s no reason they can’t go anywhere in the world, including Canada. But if they’re coming in their capacity as royals, with the expectation that they will be looked after as royals, that’s a no go. Sorry.

      • Juliette says:

        I agree with you on that. If they come here, get jobs and do their thing that would be cool. There’s no palaces in Canada lol.

  50. Bailey says:

    The amount of outrage from the Royal Family and UK tabloids over this versus the minimal attention they gave that horrible Prince Andrew is telling. God they are awful.

  51. kerwood says:

    I can imagine Normal Bill is ‘incandescent’ with rage. He and his wife can’t just coast on being the ‘White ones’ now. No more private jets and luxury vacations for Wet Willy. He’s going to have to pretend he likes his wife and is more than casually acquainted with his children ALL THE TIME. He and his shiftless wife are going to have to get off their flat asses and DO SOME WORK. And considering how long people in his family live, he’s looking at YEARS of this. Buckingham Palace probably has him on suicide watch.

    • Green Desert says:

      You nailed the reason this asshole is incandescent with rage.

    • A says:

      Yup. William managed to cover up his affairs and poor behaviour by throwing his brother under the bus and riding the coattails of the prestige of the rest of his family. Now it’s just him. I imagine he’ll start throwing his wife and the Middletons to the wolves to protect his image if it ever comes down to it. Maybe, when his children are old enough, he’ll take a leaf out of his dad’s book and start feeding stories to the press about them instead.

  52. Case says:

    LOL, really? If the rumors are true, this is exactly what he wanted — to get all the attention instead of the more likable of the two brothers.

  53. Andrea says:

    He is pissed he will have to work, playact with his wife when they obviously lead seperate lives, and hide his affairs moreso.

  54. jenner says:

    From Boston, we just say “wicked mad”

  55. anon says:

    I’ve been saying for several years that William and his minions have been the primary leakers of negative stories about H&M to the British tabloids. I’ve said right here on these pages that he (and/or his minions) went to the press during the “Cholmondeley Affair” and gave them stories about H&M in exchange for backing off his own peccadilloes.

    Somehow, I don’t think I’m that far off. After all, the story died instantly and we started seeing a doubling down of bad Meghan stories. While she was pregnant, I might add. I mean, how would the press know about the whole “Meghan made Kate cry at a dress fitting” unless – obviously – they were told?

    Also: I think at some point Harry probably planted his own story to see if it would come out so he could identify the leaker. Which happened to be his own brother. Jennifer Lopez did a similar tactic years ago by outing her makeup artist by giving him a false story – which he then sold to the tabs. She fired him, and deservedly so.

    I think there has been a betrayal between these two that runs so deep that they’ll never recover. I heard through the grapevine yesterday, for example, that at some point, William *went there* with Harry’s, shall we say, “parentage.” Which, if true, explains a lot of the bitterness between these two.

    As the global story unfolded last night, I thought back to the previous day when H&M were at the Canada House and how happy they looked. And then I thought: Welp. That was short-lived.

    Honestly, at this point, regardless of whether it was the “courtiers,” or the Queen, or Prince Charles or what-have-you, the die has been cast. Harry clearly loves his grandmother, but she is not an average grandparent. She is the Queen of England and she has shown a very ruthless streak through the years. I think Charles is somewhat more flexible, but William is clearly a straight up dick, cut directly from Philip’s cloth.

    I hope that the BRF will see their way through the starched curtains of their anachronistic existence and find a way to gracefully let these two go do their thing. I think Harry’s had enough and is basically individuating away from a clusterfuck of a family and their useless courtiers. And who can blame him?

    • Maria says:

      “I heard through the grapevine yesterday, for example, that at some point, William *went there* with Harry’s, shall we say, “parentage.” Which, if true, explains a lot of the bitterness between these two.”

      OMG?? WHAT?

      • kerwood says:

        I wouldn’t put it past him.

        I have a feeling we’re going to hear a lot more of those rumours in the future.

      • Dee says:

        There are sick rumors about Harry’s parentage, but those have been debunked long ago. The timeline doesn’t work out. If anything, Harry looks more like his Charles than William does now.

      • Maria says:

        Kerwood–I agree with you.
        The James Hewitt rumors are juicy, but I think Harry resembles Philip more and more with age – I don’t believe it.
        But I do buy that William would leak more stories about it, to throw him under the bus.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Diana had that affair two years after Harry was born. She chose to have an affair with a man who looked exactly like a young version of her father, which leads to conspiracy theories about Harry’s parentage. Harry looks like Charles, Philip, and Queen Mary of Teck.

      • Guest2.0 says:

        DNA testing can confirm parentage. Doesn’t anyone think that hasn’t been done?

      • justwastingtime says:

        Interestingly, I totally think William looks more and more Spencer as he ages, particularly the shape of his head.

  56. Darby says:

    When Charles ascends to King, William takes over Prince of Wales and with it comes the Duchy of Cornwall, correct? With the Duchy of Cornwall how much more control would William have over Harry? Would it be right to say William would have much more control over the narrative and the purse strings? Perhaps H&M see the writing on the wall with HM’s health and capabilities and knew they had to move before William had any more power? It really seems like the Queen is mostly out of the loop lately. The press offices are taking off of both sides of their mouth. Also its rumoured Charles started the leak that HM would accept a Regency when she turned 95. It’s mass chaos in the royal family right now. Good for H&M to jump off the burning ship. I had considered myself a staunch royalist ( I have framed pictures of HM and Prince Phillip in my house) but I’m happy for the monarchy to end after the Queen.

    • Becks1 says:

      Partially right. When Charles becomes king, William automatically becomes Duke of Cornwall. He has to be invested as Prince of Wales. I think when Charles becomes king, H&M would receive their funding from the sovereign grant (more so than they do know) and through Charles, not William. So, I think they are setting up for that and getting the ball rolling now, so when Charles is king, they already wont be accepting any SG money.

    • Tourmaline says:

      This is what is confusing me – when Charles is King, yes William as POW controls the Duchy of Cornwall monies. But–couldn’t Charles then fund Harry from the Duchy of Lancaster? There is another option out there besides the Sovereign Grant and the Duchy of Cornwall. The Queen funds some of her relatives now from the Duchy of Lancaster.

  57. Susie Moloney says:

    If William is incandescent with rage, then it was all worth it.

  58. mj says:

    Good. They should renounce their titles and every single last thing associated with the monarchy to make a clear break from it. Maybe live in Africa where they can make a real difference with their public works and raise their kid(s) in a normal life away from all this.

  59. Brenda says:

    He can just stay there and clench his jaw.

  60. Royalfollower says:

    Did you read all the answers to questions the Sussex new webpage? Now I understand why William and Kate are so lazy, they don’t get paid! I’m so happy the Sussex are free and + bonus: will be paid to do what they believe in. They wouldn’t stand a chance inside that royal mold with all the work they intended to do. William wanted to exile them because he didnt want to work more! …or he didnt want us to see how little he and his wife were doing compared to Meg & Harry! Now that the Sussex will be off leash and out of control, OMG will this look bad on him! That is the worst scenario of William! He’ll have to continue working his ass off so people woN’t be saying he’s lazy, won’t be paid for it and also, he won’t be able to get a heads up on what the Sussex are doing to react or shade them beforehand! LOL I am so team Meghan and Harry LOL

  61. Royalfollower says:

    And the website – the social media, the trademarking of everything was so great. The other side won’t be able to profit from their image. Bravo Harry and Meghan. Well done!

  62. Le4Frimaire says:

    Camilla Tominey, one of those awful RRs, gave a shout out to Carole Middleton on Twitter. Just sitting out there. What does that mean? Even if the Sussexes bet on the next plane out today, there will be all kinds of mess revealed. People like to dish too much. And William is a total POS.

  63. marni112 says:

    So much commentary on William and his supposed efforts to back stab and sabatoge his brother but no one has any proof….so it is all is gossip. I do think though that M and H should have worked out the financials first because as it stands now it looks like they want to have their cake and eat it too.Not a good look for the British taxpayer to accept .

    • Dee says:

      Meanwhile, none of the other royals are looking to reduce their cost to the taxpayer.

    • kerwood says:

      Are you a British taxpayer?

      The British taxpayers are paying to keep a sex offender in tea and biscuits (not to mention his grifter ex-wife) and I haven’t seen any riots in the streets.

    • MA says:

      @Marni see the Tim Shipman article that confirms it. See all the KP approved leaks and sources that William has dropped Harry. See the lack of even the tiniest visible support for the Sussexes. See Harry’s own statements carefully NOT saying the family has been supporting them. Plenty of proof short of William himself screaming it from the rooftops

      • notasugarhere says:

        The immediate radio silence around William’s affair, the trotting out of the W&K kids for PR, William’s new ‘easy relationship with the press’ after meeting with them. It all leads to an easy conclusion – William traded full-on attacks and leaks of Harry and Meghan for his own PR.

      • MA says:

        @nota THIS theres been so many signs but many purposefully choose to ignore all the glaring evidence.

  64. Tourmaline says:

    Forgive me if this has been said there is so much threads going on today. But I guess yesterday Kevin Maguire, political journalist on the Mirror said on Sky News tv that there are things about the rift between William and Harry that cannot be made public for legal reasons. Hmm

    • H says:

      More than likely something to do with the lawsuits.

      • Green Desert says:

        Yes…others have posited this, but I think it may be that Harry has proof that William has been leaking stories for quite some time. One of the publications Harry and Meghan are suing is The Sun, and Dan Wootton from The Sun is close with Will and Kate’s press secretary. Can’t be a coincidence, IMO.

      • Guest2.0 says:

        Tin foil hat theory. Remember, the W&K aid that was abruptly let go this past summer? What if she provided evidence that W&K were behind the leaks and smears?

      • Mary says:

        @guest2.0, now that is a very interesting theory given the timing of the events. Did that not happen shortly before or around the time of the announcement of the lawsuit was made?

  65. Omg says:

    I love it. He just thought his brother would choose him over his wife and child. LoL

  66. Lucy says:

    What I find so interesting about all of this is that after the jet scandal where William and Kate flew “budget” (by flying an empty plane TO them—how is that not just as bad environmentally as flying a private plane, exactly?) and called reporters to cover it, there was no real question that William was trying to sabotage Harry and Meghan, despite having flown private jets and helipcopter for years himself. But I doubt William had any IDEA that Harry and Meghan would pull the plug on it all. And with the queen stepping away, they are going to have more work than they can manage, and we all know how much they just LOVE working.

  67. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    “Rage” is too strong an emotion for William. I don’t think he cares enough about anyone other than himself, to be able to feel that strongly about them. That’s why I don’t think he “loves” Kate, because love is a strong emotion. I truly believe William is a selfish person, but his selfishness is wrapped up in self-absorption and stand-off-ishness that prevents him from feeling strongly about other people, and thus incapable of rage. He is mad and insulted, but I doubt he’s in a “rage.”

    • A says:

      I think he’s enraged by the notion that his brother doesn’t want to put up with his (and everyone else’s) sh-t anymore. He’s gotten quite used to having a younger brother who they can benefit from in terms of positive press, and then throw under the bridge accordingly when they need it. If Andrew stays gone, and Harry chooses to remove himself, then who is left to provide them with crucial cover when everything goes to sh-t?

      I mean, the RF has chosen his track where they prioritize the heir above everyone else. If they want to treat the spare like the spare, then they shouldn’t be angry if he chooses to leave since they never need him in the first place, right?

  68. sue denim says:

    sadly, I think H&M will still be a target of the media’s and the BRF’s hostility and lies, and I worry that the BRF may try to make it v hard for them to build connections with other power players going forward, sort of a them or us situation. But I also think that was likely to happen at some point sooner or later anyway, so by taking the reins, H&M have set themselves up for independence now, during their peak earning, service, and family years, while also breaking out of a cycle of bullying and control. I think they’re still in for a rocky ride, but this was a brave choice.

  69. Red Weather Tiger says:

    “Incandescent with rage” is hilarious. The most I’d give Wandering Willy is “fluorescent with pouting.”

  70. Rianic says:

    Again and again I think – Harry knows where the bodies are buried. He saw how his mother was treated. He has heard things Andrew has said. He knows secrets about William’s dalliances. If he’s free, They can’t control him, and he may talk.

  71. Anon says:

    Really the BRF should let them go. Charles is looking to streamline (so they tell us) so he and TQ need to use this opportunity to also subsequently rid themselves of the entire York family at the same time. I don’t get why they, especially Prince Charles, can’t see this as the golden opportunity to restructure everything (and I mean EVERYTHING). The BRF have no clue really how Brexit will really affect the UK economy, etc and its monarchy in the long run. And I don’t think for the record any of us know what Brexit will bring ultimately either.

    The BRF needs to take the proactive approach here. William and Kate want/crave/need the spotlight as the ‘royal couple du jour” – so let them have it. What issue does the BRF really have here? Harry and Meghan want out. Let them go.

    Charles, Camilla, William, and Catherine need to step up NOW and shine like the future monarchs they claim they want to be.

    The Sussex’s will be just fine I do believe. I think if William and Kate can focus themselves they can be exactly who they want to be within the BRF. However, that may or may not work for the post-Brexit UK. I think Sussex’s know ultimately what they what to be and that being a working post-Brexit senior royal family is not for them.

    • MA says:

      I really don’t get this idea that Charles wants to streamline NOW. It makes no sense. Presumably they wanted to streamline the monarchy by cutting the Sussexes out — but that means everyone below the Sussexes are also unimportant, including the Wessexes, Kents, Princess Ann, etc. Streamlining the monarchy means Charles and Camila with their 500 engagements per year, the Cambs showing up to their tennis matches and log bench unveilings and… who else?? Unless they really are that dumb and shortsighted?

      • Flying fish says:


      • Aria says:

        Charles argument is that danish , swedish , spanish are doing it. But those country only represent one or two countries. Brf represent 52 countries and how 4 people is going to manage that. It’s also very telling that they gone out of their way to protect andy and Meghan??

  72. Marigold says:

    One day, and probably sooner than he thinks, William is going to deeply regret destroying his relationship with his brother. Before their children are grown, Harry will be the only person left on this earth who could truly know and understand him fully. He’ll regret that he didn’t do more to keep the relationship, and that’s tragic.

  73. A says:

    There is so much here that is just…mindbogglingly stupid and idiotic, and I want to take the time to carefully go through it all and not let my rage get the best of me.

    1. William is angry in the same way that all assholes are angry when people refuse to let themselves be the target of their assholery. “B-b-b-b-but WHY WONT YOU JUST STAND THERE AND LET ME TORMENT YOU NEEDLESSLY FOR MY OWN PERSONAL BENEFIT??” they sob, collectively.

    2. So, the Sun admits that H&M rushed out their statement to get ahead of the press, which had the exclusive. I’m guessing this is one of those instances where they’re genuinely hoping their readership is too stupid to put things together, because if you’re threatening to out the story before it’s been fully discussed, aren’t you admitting that you’re responsible for the fact that it wasn’t discussed in the first place? The press and whoever it was in the RF who leaked this are the very reason why they didn’t bother letting anyone else in the family know. I guess they expected, just like how all assholes always do, that their victims would sit around doing nothing while these idiots could just do whatever they wanted. They set them up for a lose-lose situation, and then get mad at them for doing the wrong thing when there was no right answer. And again, their readership is probably going to swallow this, accept it, and move on and be happy about the fact that the monarchy that purports to represent them is once again lily-white.

  74. Ames says:

    Where was all this “incandescent rage” when Bonnie Prince Andy, Duke of That’s-Not-My-Hand was raping teenagers?

  75. Nibbi says:

    that’s interesting. it’s boggling to me that ppl could see things that way.

    i actually wonder if it’s something about US vs UK national characters or history or something?
    As in, Americans are way less “stiff upper lip” culturally speaking. And America fought a war of independence from Britain. Maybe we’re more rebellious as a nation? I dunno, totally hypothesizing in the wind here.

  76. joanne says:

    It’s not being a spoiled brat to expect support from your family. The family willingly supports the pedophile Andrew but draws the line at Harry and Meghan. My family in the Uk are big supporters of Harry and Meghan so I don’t know whom you are speaking of.

  77. aria says:

    only racist old people like william and kate. most younger generation of uk likes meghan because most younger generation in uk are mixed race. they cant connect with kate because in her life she did nothing , just simply waiting for prince to marry her. shame on modern woman.

  78. notasugarhere says:

    Have the opinion of all 67 million to hand, do you? As aria writes, the support of W&K is the racist Brexit crowd.

  79. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    “keep their mouths shut and don’t complain” — um, what exactly does William have to complain about? He and Kate don’t feel any real pressure to work, so they only work when they feel like it. They control the press releases about them. They really have nothing to complaint about. Is it a virtue for someone who has a golden life, to not “complain” about having a golden life? That’s a serious question by the way, because I totally don’t understand why William and Kate get praise for “not complaining.”

  80. lingli says:

    I think this likely depends on your source. Channel 4 News (reasonably progressive in its editorial stance) quoted a YouGov poll tonight that apparently found 45% of respondents are in support of M&H, while 26% oppose their actions (the rest presumably don’t care).

  81. MA says:

    @Cami is this why Harry’s been voted the most popular royal in the UK every single year?

  82. bonobochick says:

    @cami… troll

  83. Shirleygailgal says:

    my family in the UK are big supporters of the monarchy, so tend to view Wm&Kat favourably, and lean towards H&M needing to be quiet and let it slide. They do not understand my frustration/horror with that attitude. I wonder…..(oh, this is awful) which side trump followers fall on (okay, I don’t really wonder, I suspect they’d be monarchists only because they are white). Democrats I bet are pretty supportive of H&M
    Oh, @aria just said it better