Theory: Is next-level planner Duchess Meghan baiting the Queen?

Royal Ascot, Portrait of TRH Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex and TRH Meghan the Duchess of Sussex in front of HRH Queen Elizabeth the Second

The Duchess of Sussex is a planner. Previously, I’ve wondered aloud if she, like the late Princess Diana, was a better tactician than a strategist. Diana was brilliant with short-term anything, but she was often blinded by emotion and part of her “danger” was that she barrelled into some personal situations without thinking everything through. Meghan is, thankfully, not like Diana in that sense. Case in point: the next-level way she manipulated her toxic father into exposing himself publicly as a liar, then used that as the basis for her lawsuit against the Daily Mail. It was so brilliant, I’m still in awe of how she managed to do it, from the People Magazine cover story introducing “the letter,” to Thomas Markle selling the letter (which exposed him as a liar), to DM publishing the letter, to the lawsuit. It took about ten months for that plan to come to fruition.

So it is with Meghan and Harry’s move to “step down” as senior royals. While the British tabloids are in a full rage, what keeps being said is “no one knows how any of this will work.” This is true. Meghan and Harry have said how they want it to work – they have built, a website with several handy explainers about how they’re going to structure their lives from here on out (I’ll discuss more on that in a minute). It occurred to me as I read all of those pieces on SussexRoyal… could this be a bait? On its face, this is Harry and Meghan telling the Queen how it’s going to be. But so much of it will depend on the Queen, from whether their HRHs are taken away, whether their Sussex titles are removed, whether they will continue to get money from Prince Charles, whether they’ll be allowed to “keep” Frogmore Cottage, and whether they’ll still get police protection.

The Queen COULD “punish” them quite severely and take away a lot of these things. Which is why I think Meghan and Harry are baiting the Queen and the Buckingham Palace courtiers and advisors. If the Queen cancels some or all of their privileges, that makes it even easier for them to walk away with clean hands, do what they want and not owe the Windsors anything. If the Queen accepts their terms – which I doubt she will – then yay, they got everything they said they wanted, they get to be royal AND free. It’s win-win. Once again, Meghan is a next-level planner. We have to stan.

As for the site – the most interesting part (to me) was the discussion about the media and the “royal rota” and how the Sussexes are opting out of the “royal rota.” It’s one more f–k you to the racist old biddies who have been clutching their pearls at Meghan for years. I honestly found the “funding” section confusing, but again… I think that part of it is Harry and Meghan baiting the Queen and seeing what she’ll do next.

As for money and work… it’s really funny that some people are like “Harry won’t know what to do without that royal money/title!” Harry served two tours in Afghanistan, he was in the military for a decade. I’m not saying that Harry is a completely normal bloke, but I’m not worried about Harry. Harry has a personal fortune (inheritance from his mother) of something like $40 million. Meghan was a working actress and she has her own money. Plus, they could both ink eight-figure book deals and eight-figure development deals with any studio. And on and on.

Royal baby

Royal baby

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  1. Belli says:

    They went off at the media on their website and I’m living for it!

    The royal family might eventually come to realise how badly they’ve messed up, but I doubt it.

    • Oh No says:


      Neither of these two are stupid and I’m sure they went over all the implications…WITH A LAWYER AND FINANCIAL ADVISOR

      I think the Queen and Charles knew…they just thought they would have time to persuade them to stay.

      The Sussexes were abandoned by this family and instead of crumbling under the pressure, they adapted and fought back.

      I would say lesson learned Windsors…but these people are incredibly dense

      • Meg says:

        The royals forgot Meg is a self made woman who’s been employed in the real world, she has options and knows she doesn’t have to put up with this. If Harry had married someone from their world they’d feel this is the only world they’ve ever known so they may not feel they have options and are trapped fearing they wouldn’t be able to or know how to survive outside of the family or earning a living on their own so they aren’t under the royals control. Meg knows how to so they really underestimated her and didn’t consider who she is and what she’s done

      • TQB says:

        I am so happy for these two. Harry has spent his life squirming under royal pressure and he met a wonderful partner who wasn’t looking to force him into it for the status. They were absolutely hung out to freaking DRY by the Queen, who cared more about defending her pedo son than her granddaughter in law. This is becoming a “wrong side of history” situation, and they weren’t willing to be on it. No one was going to trap Meghan.

        Somewhere, Di is having a wonderful laugh.

    • Kristina says:

      I don’t know where else to put this question- what happens to MM’s British/UK citizenship? I thought there were rules about how long in/out of country to acquire it. Just curious- not that she’d need it for travel, but if she wanted it still.

      • Bettyrose says:

        Ooohh good question!!

      • Jane'sWastedTalent says:

        I’m curious about this too.

      • Lucy De Blois says:

        Excellent and complex question. I have a bad feeling about. Probably she will loose the right to have UK citizenship because she won’t be there. Sorry but I have a hunch the RF won’t let them hanging around for long.

  2. Arizona says:

    anyone who claims that they won’t know how to make money on their own and that they’ll be in major trouble if they’re cut off from royal family funds is a straight-up moron.

    • Div says:

      Which is why I think it would have been better if they just made more of a clean break—state specifically they won’t use Frogmore Cottage or even take money from the Duchy of Cornwall, despite it being private. They already have 45 mil, and they can easily make some $ off book deals.

      • Arizona says:

        honestly, I think part of the reason they did that was to see what the Queen’s reaction would be. I don’t know what public perception will be if they say they want to still be involved to an extent and she strips them of everything.

      • Mac says:

        When Charles becomes king, William will control the Duchy of Cornwall. It would a nightmare for Harry and Meghan to have to rely on William for money. They are doing the smart thing.

      • Mego says:

        William wouldn’t fund Harry as POW in the same way that Charles doesn’t currently fund his siblings. William will fund his children and Charles as Monarch would fund the others.

      • Tourmaline says:

        Thanks @Mego that seems to be a common misperception repeated constantly and you explained it well. Charles doesn’t fund his siblings but the Monarch (QEII) may from the Duchy of Lancaster. Thus sibling of Will when he is Prince of Wales wouldn’t ever be funded from Duchy of Cornwall. Will would fund his kids with it though.

    • SKF says:

      Right? They could go the Obama route and get a Netflix deal, make a Spotify podcast deal, and get book deals. Easy. Every publisher out there will want them. They could produce documentaries (featuring them) on issues that are important to them.

      This is a brilliant move!

      • About book deals – outside of an explosive tell all on the BRF, what types of books are people really going to pay for? Lifestyle tips?

        I am not being snarky, I just see this a lot as a source of income and I am at a loss on topics. Unless they go full nuclear on the whole institution of course, I’d buy ten copies.
        I am kinda the same on speaking engagements, sure they can talk about their causes, but that is fund raising not getting paid.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Sheep – I agree with you. I don’t think we will see a book deal, unless its a royal tell all (lol), but I think we might see something a la Together – they write the forward/introduction to a book that deals with one of their causes or something and their foundation gets a certain portion of the proceeds.

        I don’t think they are worried about “personal” money. Personal money – they’re set. But they will need to fundraise, and I think they will be able to do that quite easily.

      • @Becks- in the short term, yes they are set. I’m thinking long term, 40 million and I’m set for life, but throw in a couple of homes, staff and maintaining a lifestyle etc. Foundations are not to enrich personal wealth and the royal connections drive the contributions.
        It feels like they want to keep the Duchy money and ditch the strings while amassing more personal wealth for the future and I’m not sure where I land on that.

      • Algernon says:

        @ Sheep

        Meghan has led an incredible life. She could write a memoir about her personal journey, and I’m sure many people would find it interesting. Same for Harry, who could write about the impact serving in the military had on him, and his work with the Invictus Games. Or Meghan could do a lifestyle/cookbook type of thing, like a lot of celebrity women do. Harry could write about his conservation efforts. They have other things to talk about than just royal gossip and behind the scenes life.

      • Jane'sWastedTalent says:

        I hope they’re never compelled to sell their privacy by writing about themselves, or forced to market their images anymore than they already must.

      • Mac says:

        If the stories about all of their trademarks for Sussex Royal are true, they appear to be preparing for some major merchandising.

      • Wisca says:

        I hope you are not saying writing an autobiography or memoir is shameful. I mean Augustine’s Confessions, Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Dreams of My Father, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin etc. What are you even talking about?

        And what is wrong with marketing their images? What are you disparaging exactly? Would this include a documentary about a visit to a non-profit organization benefitting poor women to increase awareness?

      • Jane'sWastedTalent says:

        Wisca- It would lessen them. It would be utterly demeaning for them to have to sell themselves out after fighting so hard for their privacy. I know the public appetite is bottomless but this is one of the main causes of their battle!

        And no, such a documentary would be in line with the work they already do.

      • JulieCarr says:

        I agree on the book deal. Neither of them have much of a story to tell unless a big chunk of it is a tell-all on the BRF. Maybe they’ll want to do that someday, but right now I don’t think ‘author of scandalous tell-all’ is the kind of image they want to build on.

        She could get a book deal for the kind of lifestyle stuff she was writing on her blog, but that was really only a little step up from Pippa’s Tips so a bit embarrassing at this point, and again, probably the kind of thing they want to start out with.

    • Jen says:

      If I were them and the family started giving me any trouble, I would tell them I had a publisher on the line offering a $10 million advance on a tell all. Do they want me to sign that contract or not? Extort the old biddy who protects a pedophile while feeding you to the wolves, Harry!

      • Millenial says:

        I honestly think a Meghan/Harry book would be worth more than $10 mil. The Obamas got like, $65mil for two books.

      • Becks1 says:

        And this is why I think they will get exactly what they laid out. We say it about Kate but its even more true about Harry – he knows where the bodies are buried.

    • BabsORIG says:

      And im thinking that anyone who thinks these two are gonna be stripped of any titles is just being delusional. Harry is a blood prince, he knows waaayyyy too much of this institution, he knows where aaaalll the skeletons are burried. Cutting him loose is not an option the BRF will be making any time soon.

      • TQB says:

        IKR, can you imagine the scandal and blowback if she cuts him out?? She’d sooner pay him to stay away and quiet.

    • kerwood says:

      The Sussexes won’t have to worry about making a living; they’ll be turning down offers. Look at how many out of work actresses are making a living in the ‘lifestyle’ arena. Most of them don’t have a fraction of the profile that the Duchess of Sussex has. And Harry can devote himself to Invictus and working with wounded warriors. Money is going to be the LEAST of their problems.

      • Mego says:

        Good point Kerwood. Their profile is huge.

      • Guest2.0 says:

        Also, I don’t think Harry will have as big of a problem as people think in living a spared down life. He could adapt. They would still be living a 1% lifestyle…just not on the grand royal level.

    • Egla says:

      I completely agree. They have been trademarking the shit out of things for months. They were getting ready to leave for a long time. They had the website ready to launch. She has money, he has money (and at this point it’s just speculation how much they have). They will be fine even if they don’t work a day in their life. But trust me on that at least one of them is a self made 😉 adult. Money it’s not a problem. He clearly saw the writing on the wall even before marriage and the baby came. It was bound to happen one day. I think he has no real future in the monarchy. There is no place for him. Now is the right time to start a new chapter. And yes a big FU to the media.

  3. damejudi says:

    Baby Archie can model for Boden-no brainer $$$.

  4. Lisa says:

    We will see how it works out but they certainly were not playing with their announcement. The leaks and response does not show that the Queen and others weren’t consulted they just weren’t expecting the announcement at this point which is different than being unaware like they are trying to paint things.

    • TQB says:

      Yes – they caught them off guard – that’s different from “surprising” them. The Queen and Charles thought they still had time to talk them out of it, and also to manipulate the message to paint themselves in a better light.

  5. Toot says:

    Harry has that Apple deal with Oprah coming out sometime this year, so that’s money too.

    I love what they said about those royal “reporters” and agree completely with them. Those so called reporters never covered Meghan’s initiatives fairly, always a BS slant, so I wouldn’t want them at any of my upcoming engagements either.

  6. Ali says:

    Happy birthday kate ha

    • Miss M says:


    • MCV says:

      The pettiness… i love it

    • Mumbles says:

      What does she have to do with it? Of all the people involved she has the least power. She’s lazy and boring but doesn’t seem malevolent.

      The big question for me of all of this is how much of the Sussex’s cachet comes from the mystique of being royal. Would Oprah have a deal with a guy like Harry (nice enough, fairly good looking, a bit dim) if he wasn’t a prince? I guess we’ll see but in a few years’ time will people be interested in buying what the Sussexes are selling? I honestly do not know the answer. I guess we will see.

      • Rando says:


        The joke is regarding the timing of the announcement to coincide with Kate’s birthday lol

        For what it’s worth I do happen to agree with you that a lot of the Sussex cachet is centered on being royal, hence their new site domain – it’s not SussexNormal after all.

      • Ali says:

        What does kate have to do with it?

        Let me see. She never denied the story about Meghan making her cry, never defended Meghan against racism, and stood by her husband as he smeared Meghan.

        I could go on.

      • Jen says:

        They’re still royal. Stepping down as senior royals doesn’t kick them out of the family. Even if the Queen takes away their HRH styling, they don’t suddenly become common. He’s the grandson of the monarch. He’ll be the son of the monarch at some point.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        what Ali said. she knew how tough it was to marry into a royal family and not have the full support of the family or public/press, she knew the scrutiny Meghan would face, esp as a woman of color. she could have “taken Meghan under her wing” and been a bit protective of her, as a “younger sister”.

        no, Waity Katey is all about Kate and hoping to one day be THE QUEEN.

      • MA says:

        @Mumbles I mean Diana was never “Princess Diana” yet still was referred as that. Harry will always be “Prince Harry” and the weird mystique people associate with royalty will remain.

      • BabsORIG says:

        The “what would”s spewed by the haters are making me LOL😂😂😂. What does it matter if Oprah wouldn’t want to be associated with Harry if he wasn’t royal? The fact of the matter is that Harry IS prince Harry and is already working with Oprah and that’s not gonna change regardless of how dim the haters think PRINCE HARRY is. At the end of the day, Harry is the prince while the haters are just hating,; and Harry is the prince that’s making deals with Oprah and rubbing shoulders with the likes of the Obamas, Elton John, etc, Harry is the prince who Beyonce and Jayzee stan, the rest of them haters can just eat your hearts out.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Ha! Happy Birthday indeed! I am sure Carol will leak a story about how Future Keen Queen Kate spent her Bday consoling the firm

  7. MCV says:

    They will set up a foundation a la Obama / Clinton and make a lot of money of it, paid apparences/speeches, book deals, tv deals etc. Meghan could receive free clothes or partner withs some brand the possibilities are endless.

    • Div says:

      Uh, the Clintons and the Obamas and the Carter and even the Bushes, etc., don’t make money off their foundations. Those are charitable organizations that do a lot of good, despite the smear job the press tried to do on the Clinton Foundation. Where former politicians make money is book deals—like every single president has done a book deal as have their first ladies–along with the occasional paid speech.

      • Maxie says:

        They’re all former presidential couples which automatically creates more staying power than former (?) working royals in their mid-30s.

        Bill Clinton is a former President and Hillary is a former US Senator and Secretary of State with decades of elite political experience.

      • carmen says:

        Thanks for pointing that out. That’s what I assumed too, but in previous posts, many commenters indicated otherwise.

      • Chaine says:

        @Maxie I agree, they are interesting and glamorous, but it’s not the same thing as being a former world leader.

      • Mo says:

        No, they don’t make money off of them, but certain expenses can be charged off to them. Airfare and hotel for a trip to make a speech, etc. The temptation to let things slide because of the good you are doing can be strong. I really hope M&H are able to stay on the angels side of things.

        Foundations can be either well run and reputable (Obama and Clinton), or kinda sleezy (Tony Blair), or straight out frauds (anything Trump). Spoken with experience of fantastic and awful non-profits.

    • STRIPE says:

      Yep that was my first thought – The Clinton Foundation. They can make a lot of money heading a charitable foundation alone.

      • Devon says:

        The Clintons don’t make a penny from their charity organization.

      • vertes says:

        @ Devon
        Clinton’s charitable foundation bought a house for Chelsea to live in house and paid for a lot of other Clinton benefits.

    • perplexed says:

      I don’t get it when people compare Harry to Obama, etc. Regardless of whether you agree with their politics, these guys are accomplished. Harry isn’t — he’s just royal. The interest in him comes from being a royal celebrity, not a President or leader.

      If I want to listen to advice, I don’t mind listening to Barack and Michelle Obama. But I appreciate Harry more for being a handsome Prince and that’s it. Sort of like how I appreciate Hugh Jackman for being hot.

      • fatladysinging says:

        Not everyone is like you.

        Some people are very interested in their charitable issues, not just how they look.

    • Scorpio ♏️ Rants says:

      Having worked in the not for profit sector my entire career….and making enough money to retire in my mid 50s….don’t be naive about how it works. Charity is business too. Yes indeed there will be income, and write offs, and benefit received from a charitable foundation, Check out just how much goes to “administration” vs direct benefit to charity, The percentages are quite telling.

      I too am scratching my head though about gravitas comparisons between a Pampered couple of ex-royals in their 30s …..and the Clintons and the Obamas. Not even close.

    • smore says:

      Only embezzlers make money off their foundations.

      • Scorpio ♏️ Rants says:

        There are lots of rules and audits and compliance issues in the NFP sector. Most are run in strict compliance with those; having said that …I repeat. It is still business. It still requires top talent, and it competes with that talent in the for profit side. Truthfully ….I think it should ALL be treated equally and taxed equally. I’m a big believer that churches and hospitals should be taxed. Get rid of the special rules for the NFPs, But hey — that’s just me.

  8. @hoangworld says:

    Basically they’ve worked out they can get on much better without tethered to the Family. The 2m from the Queen is just for staff and office and another 2m from Charles is for household expenses. Without these miserable 4m they would get long term deals and endorsements at levels others ahem York would go green with envy. Not only they’ve been sidelined, they’ve been used as the residence scapegoat anytime scandals rise they’re trotted out for the racist media.

  9. Div says:

    First of all, I think this is the right choice and I am extremely sympathetic to Meghan and Harry. Meghan has dealt with so much insane racism and misogyny, and it’s clear at this point the BRF was leaking shit to the press and smearing them (how else would The Sun get an exclusive about the Sussexes)?

    So please don’t attack me for what I say next: I don’t think the funding part is planned out well. I understand that they basically want to be like Princess Madeline of Sweden—which makes a lot of sense, and even fits it with Charles idea of a slimmed down monarchy while also telling the BRF to f*ck off. But I’ve already seen a lot of journos, and not only racist right wing hacks, going on about them taking money from the Duchy of Cornwall and living in Frogmore Cottage. Basically, comments like “they won’t take money, but they want to live rent free in a house paid for by the tax payers.”

    Ideally, yes, they should have been able to pull a Princess Madeline. But with everything that’s already gone on, the somewhat in/somewhat out thing was never going to work. The BRF will not stop smearing them in the press, and neither will the tabloids, even if they aren’t taking from the Royal list. And much of the public doesn’t understand that the Duchy of Cornwall is private and not public money.

    Just saying it probably would have come off better if they flat out said they would not live in Frogmore Cottage, not take money from the Duchy of Cornwall (and specifically point out the Duchy is private, or the public, etc. Harry has 40 million dollars from Diana, Meghan has 5 million from Suits. She’ll still get residual checks. She can easily get a job writing or working for a magazine—Vogue hires so many people from defunct royal families. She and Harry could also get a book deal, and if they didn’t want to get “personal” Harry could write a book solely about Invcitus.

    TLDR: IMO a completely clean break would have been better, and they could have kept their titles even in that scenario. Both could easily live off 45 million dollars plus her residual checks, plus whatever jobs they pick up, for the rest of their lives, without having to use Frogmore or the Duchy of Cornwall. At this point, though, I feel like the Queen is going to be pissed and yank Frogmore from them and convince Charles to not give them money from the Duchy of Cornwall (she won’t dare yank their titles, though), and it will just get even messier.

    • STRIPE says:

      I agree 100%

    • Royalwatcher says:

      I interpreted their website to say that they will only reside at Frogmore when they are working on behalf of the crown. Which seems entirely fair. I’m sure Madeleine also has a similar arrangement when she is attending official royal events in Sweden. Also, the York daughters and Zara all live in residences paid for by the queen (although maybe Anne’s property was a “gift?”) or owner by the crown, and none of them are working royals.

      If the British people and press are going to get up in arms about Frogmore then I’d hope they do the same for the York daughters. But I won’t hold my breath since no one has said anything about them up to now even though they are not working royals.

      • Carolind says:

        Zara has never lived in a royal residence. She lived privately with Mike Tindall and now lives on her mother’s estate as does her brother and his family. This estate was given to Anne as a wedding present from the Queen.

        I think Eugenie and possibly Beatrix both live in royal residences – quite small properties. In my opinion they shouldn’t as they are not official working royals. They are charged rent for these properties which it was said Andrew paid.

        I think Meghan got a rotten ďeal from British press / public but I fail to see how they can issue statements saying what they are going to do without the agreement of the Queen/Charles if it includes royal duties etc. The only circumstances where their statement would have been appropriate is if they had been going to give the lot up – titles, house, money, royal role.

        A lot of people like me, previously sympathetic, are saying this cannot work and they are wanting to keep their cake and eat it.

        They have to get out fully now.

      • Ainsley7 says:

        Princess Madeleine isn’t a working Royal. She stays with her family when she visits. Zara’s residence is on Princess Anne’s private estate. I don’t know if she charges her rent or not. The York girls both pay rent. Prince Andrew was said to pay at least part of it because it is very expensive. The Queen was forced to make anyone living in a crown estate who wasn’t a working Royal or working for the Royals pay market rate rent years ago. The only problematic housing right now is Andrew at Royal Lodge.I doubt he can afford the rent for such a huge property.

        So, yes, it is a problem that Harry and Meghan want to keep Frogmore for free, but claim they are financially independent at the same time. They shouldn’t have gone into detail about their finances until they had worked everything out. They basically say that this is a new model, but then claim that others have done it. They don’t say who, but my guess is Edward and Sophie. They probably didn’t specifying because of what a disaster that ended up being. No one else has really come close. Edward didn’t intend to be a working Royal originally. So, he wasn’t trying to have it both ways like Harry is and still ended up becoming a full time Royal because it didn’t work. They were seen as profiting off their position. The same will be said of Harry and Meghan as long as they keep the Sussex Royal branding. It’s one of the major rules of the monarchy and why they can’t take private gifts from companies and such. Why Kate has to pay for all her dresses when the designers would be willing to give them for free. York’s, Zara, and such have never been working Royals and people still side eye when they profit off their positions with free stuff. Harry and Meghan can’t have it both ways and Harry should know better.

      • notasugarhere says:

        The Yorks live in palace apartments but pay rent. Zara and Peter live rent-free on their mothers private estate. An estate illegally fixed up with Crown Estate money. An estate secured with taxpayer funds, where Zara and Peter receive the benefit of all that taxpayer-funded protection. They also live in Anne’s townhouse in London, off the taxpayers, whenever they feel like it.

      • Sunshine says:

        @Carolind they want what you want according to Bradby and have essentially told the palace to make them an offer. We will see
        What the outcome is but the Sussexes seem to be organised and I would bet anything, house is sorted in NA and they are simple awaiting a Plan for U.K.

    • Harla says:

      Hi Div, I think that as time goes on and the dust settles the Sussex’s will be financially independent, giving up Frogmore and not taking any money from Charles. By completely removing themselves from all royal/public funding they will remove any last hold the RF might feel they have on them.

    • Iknow says:

      I agree. I’m all for the Sussexes making a getaway from this toxic family. If it’s this bad now, how horrible will it be for them once the Queen is no longer with us. I am very wary about not working alongside Charles and the Palace with this. If they’re going to make a clean break, make a clean break. Even I, their most ardent supporter felt a bit irritated with the whole Q&A about taking money when nothing has been agreed to. There is a whiff of entitlement. Unless Kaiser is right, this is all a master plan to make the cut say get the F-out. A part of me believe there is something hot headed about the announcement. My theory is that in the sussexes were in discussions with Buckingham Palace and as such, was preparing their website and announcement. The story leaked and in hot rage Harry pulled the plug.

      • Sonya says:

        “Even I, their most ardent supporter felt a bit irritated with the whole Q&A about taking money when nothing has been agreed to. There is a whiff of entitlement”

        Precisely. Not sure who told them this was a good approach? They are outlining their proposal to the Queen. Entitlement doesn’t even begin to cover it. They were better off, as you say, with a clean break.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Sonya, My English neighbors said the exact same thing last night to me regarding the whiff of entitlement and taking any money if they are not working Senior Royals doing whatever QEII ask (tells) them to do.

      • Div says:


        I feel like your theory might be right. That they were ironing out the details, and Harry found out someone was leaking and lost his temper and just said “release it.” I also know everyone is blaming Meghan (of course, eyeroll), but I wonder if Harry is the one having trouble cutting the strings completely even though he’s flirted with the idea in the past. It would explain the situation, rather than the clean break.

        @ Royalwatcher
        I completely agree. It’s double standards if people get upset about Harry and Meghan, but not Eugenie and Beatrice. But here’s the thing—being morally right (we aren’t doing anything different from Eugenie and Beatrice) isn’t necessarily the right choice. They need to get pragmatic and realize the press will always harass them BUT the press will look even worse if they don’t drop every bit of Royal money (private or public).

        Let me put it another way: I’m a Black woman, and my Mom told me at a young age I’d have to work twice as hard to get the same results as everyone else. It’s grossly unfair, but she was absolutely right, and the sooner I came to terms with that the easier life became. Meghan and Harry need to be pragmatic and realize it’s not fair, but they’ll never be able to get the Eugenie/Beatrice/Madeline treatment. That the only chance they have of even somewhat escaping the toxicity is a clean break.

    • Snappyfish says:

      I agree. The funding was off. Basically it reads like “we want to make money” now I’m sure they will be v v philanthropic but still. If you want to make a break. Do so. Cleanly. If you want To be financially independent than move out of the house that taxpayers spent money to refurbish for you.

      I know they must be tired of how awful she is hounded but this could’ve been handled better. Although no one’s talking about Andrew’s Pedophilia at the moment so there’s a win-win for him

      • KattyK says:

        My take was that they have a plan to make money independently of the RF to support their new charity endeavors. That will be announced shortly. I think the announcement did have to be released earlier due to the leaks. They know they cannot trust the palace courtiers, so I believe publicly listing what they would be willing to do is just making it public so no palace can spin it. I didn’t take it as entitled. I took it as we want to be free of the abuse we’ve suffered (mostly Megan), but they still have some affection and/loyalty to the queen. Hence this compromise of we will be willing to do this for the RF for this specific payment. It seems to be a very clear way to draw the line between any finances in or out involving official RF appearances versus any work they do for their chosen charities. I think all the funding talk was more along a how to support them asin a professional sense for their charitable work and had nothing to do with how they plan to financially support their actual family. I think it was a brilliant move as to their wording for the entire announcement. It puts the responsibility of deciding their official RF work/finances squarely on the palace and the RF, institutions which are not known for accepting accountability for much or for supporting their own family.

      • Becks1 says:

        Okay though, they are VERY CLEAR about this on their website. Frogmore House was going to be renovated ANYWAY. It had nothing to do with H&M.

        But that point about “what taxpayers did for you” is exactly why they are rejecting the sovereign grant.

    • Mego says:

      I think this is their attempt to negotiate a partnership with the firm or at least a compromise. They will quickly learn the firm doesn’t Negotiate or compromise. Their way or the highway.

      • anon says:

        Yep. There are no partnerships between members of the royal family. It doesn’t work in a way that they can have an independent public life as well as a royal public life – as long as they have the latter they will always be representing the Firm and the Firm will want a say in what they do. That isn’t just about whether they’re getting Sovereign Grant. Sentebale and Invictus were independent initiatives of Harry’s but nobody should imagine he didn’t have to ask for and get permission to do them. It doesn’t seem likely that’s what Meghan and Harry want here.

      • mimi says:

        I actually think H & M know there is no compromise and they are ok with that if that’s the case. I doubt either of them will cry tears at this point at being relieved of any obligation to the Crown. And contrary to what haters think, they will never want for money. Harry & Meg have probably been pondering this for a while; you don’t make a move like this unless you are ready for the fallout. The rest of the BRF may be insulated idiots but Meghan is very smart & Harry has always had a high degree of emotional intelligence. They are being proactive, not impetuous.

    • That will be a good look for the Queen…throwing her grandson, his biracial wife, and her grandson out of their home. Especially when Andrew is still sitting in his. If only their crime had been sexually abusing minors they could probably keep their titles and their home!

      • Mego says:

        To punish Andrew any more would be an admission they think he is guilty. They don’t want to go there rightly or wrongly. Might be different if Charles were King but this is the way it will be with the current Monarch.

      • Fabuleuse15 says:

        @Mego, I think JA is talking optics here, not rationality.

    • Islandgirl says:


  10. Eyfalia says:

    I expected this to happen and I could not believe that they would continue like they did before. This constant harassement would have destroyed her and consequently Harry as well. They certainly do not want their child to be exposed to this treatment. This is not a game and not a bait. They spoke to many people during these 6 weeks and I did not want to say it before but I am sure they had lengthy discussions with the Obamas.

    I just wait for the outcome of the court case.

  11. Liz says:

    Yes, Harry has a fortune that he inherited from his mother and great-grandmother. The big question is going to be the legal structure of those inheritances and how easily he can access them without having to go through the BRF. Untangling those funds may be difficult, but the last thing the BRF will want is for any of it to end up in the courts – too public and too much risk of everyone’s finances being opened to public scrutiny.

    And while $40 million is walk-away money for almost everyone else in the world, it may not be enough to cover H&M’s security costs for the next 40 or 50 years, particularly after they buy a home that can be properly secured.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how difficult or how easy the BRF makes it for H&M in the next few weeks/months.

    • grumpy says:

      Why do they need the security if they aren’t royals anymore? Zara is a grandchild of the Queen too and has no security? H&M, mainly H, can’t comprehend that the lifestyle he takes for granted is not his to keep. Having a monarchy is ridiculous but it only survives if the royal family plays along with the British taxpayers. You can’t keep the privilege if you don’t play the game.

      • notasugarhere says:

        They need security because nutjobs have repeatedly attempted to attack them, from white nationlists to the tumblr idiot who flew across the Atlantic to try to ‘rip off the fake baby pillow’ outside the babyshower hotel. All recorded on her tumbler minute-by-minute with photos. She also showed up at Windsor the day Archie was born, publishing photos of how easy it was for her to get too close to Frogmore.

      • smore says:

        No one is running around calling Zara a race-traitor and threatening to kill her and mixed raced family for it.

  12. STRIPE says:

    The funding section was confusing to me too. Both in content and the purpose of some of the sections. I feel like Megan wrote it all – as we have seen before she not the best writer. I also fear that the focus they are putting on financials, in their announcement and long section on the website, will open them to criticism that all of this is just about them getting more money (and you know who the tabloids will blame for that, hint, not Harry!). I also fear that the press will get worse not better due to this – but if they’re not Sr royals maybe they can better fight back!

    This is all so interesting. Let’s see if they get to have their cake and eat it too!

    • Guest2.0 says:

      That website did not sound as if Meghan wrote it.

    • Becks1 says:

      That website was vetted by lawyers and palace staff. For sure. Do people really think that Meghan and Harry sat down, wrote a wish list and posted it?

      I think most of these things have been agreed to. I think the sticking point is the timing of the announcement. BP wanted to announce it.

      • swirlmamad says:

        I agree with this. I think BP is mostly pissed at looking like they were caught off guard, not that they were never made aware of any of this. I just can’t believe H&M would be that impulsive to pull this off with no consultation with anyone at the top — it simply doesn’t jive with the way they’ve operated from the beginning.

      • Erinn says:

        It was made by Article. It’s the same Toronto company that did the Tig I think. They have both of Meg’s sites listed as clients. Diane Von Furstenburg, Tim Hortons, Joe Fresh – they’re definitely not new to the game haha.

        I’m going to bet that someone on their team wrote it in collaboration with some trained copywriters. It could partially be written with SEO in mind, which would explain at least some of the ‘weirdness’ people are mentioning.

        Now I’m selfishly looking at the Article site to see if they’re hiring wordpress front end devs hahahaha.

      • Fabuleuse15 says:

        I don’t think the Sussexes have made one impulsive move since Archie’s birth, including the release of the announcement. I totally agree with this post that Meghan is a planner.
        The articles reported that TQ had “ordered” Harry to not release the announcement. So the TQ knew the Sussexes’ intention. I interpreted that statement to mean the Sussexes had the announcement drafted before presenting their requests to TQ and Harry warned the Queen that if a leak should occur, they would release the announcement immediately. They then followed through on that threat with no advance notice. So was TQ really taken by complete surprise? Only if she hadn’t yet been made aware of the leak.

        Were the Sussexes expecting the leak to occur and planned to use it to their adventage? Of course.

    • lucia says:

      Lmfao you’re so dumb please shut up.

  13. S808 says:

    Yeah people who act like they will be destitute without the royal family are not living in reality. One book deal or Netflix special for either of them will have their family set for life ON TOP OF the money they already have. They’ll be more than fine.
    As for the Master Plan theory, I like it but I don’t like the idea that Meghan is the one behind it all. They ARE a team and HAVE of team of professionals. I still think the timing of the release was unplanned as they were in discussions with the Queen and PC. I don’t even think the site was supposed to be up yet. The leak changed all of that. The funding part is not completely clear cause everything was worked out yet imo. They had to put something there so they went with what they wanted to happened. This is all a PLAN. It’s not set in stone it looks like. Everyone should keep that in mind. I doubt what’s on the website is the final draft of the agreement.

    • Purplehazeforever says:

      Security alone is going to cost them a fortune.

      • Devon says:

        According to British law, they are given security by the government unless their HRH titles are removed. They have no control over that piece as they can’t relinquish those titles. The Queen has to remove them for cause.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Eugenie and Beatrice have HRH and do not receive taxpayer security.

  14. Sonya says:

    I’m delighted by all of this. Meghan is no dummy and saw the writing on the wall, probably had this plan in their pockets since the paps lost their minds when they were dating

  15. Sofia says:

    I hope Kaiser is right and that this is the first step to them leaving everything behind. They should decide if they want to be in or out. The title of Duke and Duchess of Sussex was given to them in the expectation that they would be senior working royals. Same for the money of the Duchy of Cornwall (that they seem to consider as not public) and Frogmore. It seems from their website that the Duchy pays 95% of their costs. That is profit of property of the Crown Estates that the royal family only gets to keep because they still have an official function in the UK (in all countries that abolished their monarchies such property went to the government). If they want to be financially independent they should no longer be financed by the Duchy and not capitalize on a brand that refers to either Sussex or Royal. Let’s hope that this is what they mean. Harry and Meghan should be strong enough as a brand.
    Oh and BTW I do hope that the Clintons and Obamas don’t use their foundations to fund their own living, which other commenters seem to imply.

    • TeddyPicker says:

      Agreed – accessing some pots of money and not others does seem counter to the message of ‘financial independence’. It’s a kind of Kylie Jenner ‘self-made billionaire’ argument. They’ve got (at least) $50 million of their own money – that should be enough to make a clean break.

    • Becks1 says:

      I see your point, but its clear they still intend to do some work on behalf of the crown and monarchy. They aren’t going to be like B&E. They’ll still do a fair amount of work. It seems to me they are stepping back just enough to avoid the sovereign grant (and thus the royal rota).

      I think the “financial independence” part also means when Charles is king – presumably at that point in time they would get more funding from the SG, since William would be in control of the duchy of cornwall, and they are preparing for that eventuality when Charles WONT be funding them any more.

    • Jane Apostrophe says:

      I don’t see this as them trying to have their cake and eat it too. I think this is them saying: We are willing to work on behalf of the Monarchy when called upon to do so. When we do Royal work, our “employer” will pay our work related expenses. I don’t see anything wrong with that approach. Why should they have to privately fund Royal work when no one else is compelled to do so.

      • notasugarhere says:

        As written above, this is how Madeleine has done things for years. When she is in Sweden at the Nobels or appearing for the Swedish Make a Wish? Her expenses and accommodations are paid by taxpayers. When she’s working for Childhood, the taxpayers do not pay for that.

    • notasugarhere says:

      The Duke title was given to Harry upon marriage because that’s what the Queen does as a wedding gift.

      Edward and Sophie were not supposed to be working royals at the time they married. Edward was going to be given the title Duke of Cambridge (yep, Cambridge) anyway, even though they weren’t going to be working royals. He preferred the made up title of Earl of Wessex, because of his love of the movie Shakespeare in Love. So the Queen gave him that title, with the understand that when Prince Philip passes away, the title of Duke of Edinburgh will be recreated for Edward.

    • calibration says:

      where was it implied the Obamas make money from their foundation? they made 65 mill from a book deal. you got your right wing tin foil hat on too tightly. TRUMP plunders his ‘charities’, that’s fact. but you forget that.

  16. Kay says:

    I think that many of us normal people (myself included!) often forget that money begets money. Rich people stay rich because they pay experts to invest their money, and if done right, they can easily live off of that.

  17. damejudi says:

    I really like that it’s not a threat, it’s a plan. And sadly, I do think Meghan’s experience in how to deal with toxic family helped them make the decision.

    Wishing them the best for a joyful life!

  18. TeddyPicker says:

    I agree that the potential sources for income are endless – starting with an Obama style model for their foundation. But if the appeal of the couple is being a part of the Royal Family, it opens them up to the type of criticism (pre-Epstein-revelation) Andy received for his ‘pay-for-play’ scandals and the weird ‘non-executive director’ thing Zara recently got in trouble for with that Hong Kong businessman. For those with a longer memory, Sophie and Edward got eviscerated for trying to hold normal PR jobs and keep being Royals.

    People don’t seem to like private income and the Royal lifestyle mixing, so it’ll be interesting to see how H&M navigate that into longevity for their foundation.

  19. Maxie says:

    Every European family is trimming down but this is one hot mess. They should’ve announced years ago that Harry would step down from his royal duties as it’s now the norm for the “spare” in most royal families. They guy clearly wanted something else from his life than visiting museums and talking to old ladies in a doctor’s office. Who wouldn’t?

    I don’t think they’ll be able to keep everything while not playing by the firm’s rules. It may be a power move as the Queen will now look bad if she takes back some of the perks. All they need really is the royal titles to keep their brand. Royal Sussex carries a lot more weight than Meghan Markle & Harry Windsor. The duchy’s money wouldn’t hurt either. As for the house, they probably don’t care and will even be able to say it isn’t their fault if the renovations have gone to waste as they wanted to keep it. They either get to keep it for free or the Queen more or less waste millions of tax dollars.

    They’re trying to be some kind of hybrid. They won’t want to be William and Kate but they don’t want to be like Zara and Mike either. Has it ever been done in an European royal family? You’re usually 100% in with all expenses paid or 100% out with nothing but a title.

    They’re trying to do something like the Clintons and the Obamas but they don’t have the world experience, the connections or the overall gravitas of a former US president. They obviously have a very good plan but it may be difficult to remain relevant through the years if they lose access to the royal family as that’s their best seller. They do have 40 millions between the two of them and will probably secure dozens of millions within the next decade. They’ll be set for life no matter what.

    The one thing they need to keep is the royal titles. They can cut loose everything else. They won’t owe anything to anyone if nobody is footing their bills. The fight will be nasty, though.

    • M says:

      The current heir to the throne of Luxembourg moved to London with his wife after too much scrutiny as to why they didn’t have children yet (rude) and other various reasons I’m sure. Many suspect the move was for fertility treatments. Either way, the Hereditary Grand Duchess is now pregnant, so they may move back. The couple has worked some since moving, but they mostly disappeared. Not sure about the long term, but certainly short term it can work. I know their fame level is nowhere near Harry and Meghan, but it is something to go off of.

      • notasugarhere says:

        They moved back to Lux ago, but I agree, the London move was a dodge for fertility treatments.

    • SKF says:

      They have the connections. Harry certainly does and Meghan is pretty connected in her own right. Gravitas is not needed for entertainment deals – just popularity. Edward and Wallace held onto their titles (the non-ruling monarch ones) despite being exiled. It would be extremely unlikely that these two would lose theirs. Indeed, the Queen cannot just strip titles, she can only do it for strict set reasons.

      You do make some really good points though.

      • chai35 says:

        Yeah, I don’t get this fixation on their royal status being the key to everything. Rich people know other rich people. Their non-royal contacts are probably more valuable to other people than their royal connections could ever be. They can continue to work in the same circles without ever trying to sell access to the Royal Family.

      • Jen says:

        I think stripping their royal titles (especially as Andrew keeps his) would be an even bigger PR nightmare.

        Which probably means the Queen is strongly considering it since she and her advisers seem dumber by the day.

    • How could Harry be allowed to step down when for years they couldn’t get William to step up. Somebody had to pick up the slack and the Queen decided that would be Harry. He wanted to stay in the military but has admitted he was pressured by both the Queen and Charles to resign so that William could continue his private life. Harry has always gotten the short end of the stick with this family.

      • JulieCarr says:

        That makes no sense.

        Harry barely did any royal work for years after leaving the military, and unlike William he didn’t even bother to pretend he was busy with a job. He wasn’t picking up Williams slack. The older royals were picking up both their slack, and still are today.

    • notasugarhere says:

      It can and is being done in other royal families. As explained several times in this thread, that is what Madeleine of Sweden does. She lives a private life in Florida paid for by her husband. She works for the non-profit Childhood, founded by her mother. When she is in Sweden to attend royal events like the Nobels, the taxpayers pay her accommodations and expenses.

  20. Guest2.0 says:

    IMO, this is more Harry’s doing than Meghan’s. Everyone wants to put the focus on Meghan as if she’s some sort of Svengali that’s hypnotized and duped poor bumbling Harry. Not buying it. Before he met Meghan, Harry wanted out of the BRF. Now that he has a wife and child to,protect, no way was he going to allow them to be thrown under the rug and abused. The Sussexes worked together to figure out a plan for their future and I applaud them.

    Also, as far as financing their new lifestyle, if a rich white privileged man like Harry can’t make it in this world, what hope do the rest of us have.

    • Becks1 says:

      My guess is Harry wanted out, but just didn’t think he could do it or didn’t know how to make it happen. Enter Meghan, who was like, “oh we can totally make this happen.”

      • Christa says:

        Totally agree here. Megan is using all her old PR contacts to set them up right. She knows how to market herself, she’s done it before she met him. Now she has name recognition and contacts on an even bigger scale. So while Harry may have wanted to do it, I question whether he would have figured out (or had the ambition) to make the leap if he didn’t have her support.

      • AMM says:

        My theory is that this a purely Harry. Hes been fairly transparent about not loving being Prince Harry and his role in the family over the years.

        I feel like when Harry married Meghan, the family was relieved. She was a saving grace for them. Here was a girl that initially appeared to want fame (an actress) and who had a terrible family. They came in all warm, breaking protocol by allowing her to events as just a fiance, Charles stepped in for her father at her wedding, the Queen was inviting her to one-on-ones super early into the marriage, etc. I feel like the saw her as a way to keep Harry in line. If she was won over by her titles, than Harry couldn’t step down.

        But I dont think they anticipated her having a backbone so she went from saving grace to villain.

      • Tourmaline says:

        Totally agree with you @Becks1. I think Harry has felt fed up for a long time and once Meghan came along she could see a path out for both of them.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I think Meghan taught him out to stand up to his abusers, even if those abusers are family.

    • sassafras says:

      He wanted a longer career in the military and loved serving in Afghanistan but he was forced to leave because the press revealed his location.

      Can you imagine?? Everything this man loves is ruined by one force. OBVIOUSLY, this decision is mostly him. Meghan knew what she was getting into when she married him and he is the one that needs to be out.

      I think he also probably has a strong sense of duty and wants his son to grow up with a family and the parts of the family history he’s proud of – hence the Frogmore, supporting the Queen, etc.

      I say there’s no way TQ or Charles strips H&M of everything. The monarchy is too precarious right now and Charles is INTENSELY aware of what he needs when he steps up. He will look like the good guy at the end of this all, trust. Plus, I think he is probably a bit more sympathetic than TQ because of everything he went through w/ Camilla. He just doesn’t want to look bad.

      H&M will go to Toronto, will receive some type of stipend from BRF for their Commonwealth duties and coming back to the UK X times/ year for all the family parts and patronages. M will get a production deal and start something like the Honest Company but maybe in fashion. H will promote veterans’ causes and low-key invest in companies and they’ll live the good life with Archie and Annabel and vacation with the Obamas in Martha’s Vineyard and Oprah in Africa.

  21. Patrizio says:

    Whenever someone separates from his family when a new relationship occurs is a red flag for me. He’s not the brightest guy – I remember him dressing up as a brownshirt to go to a party. She’s smart but not as smart as she thinks she is. The royal family are pretty powerful, I don’t think this is going to end well.

    • Sonya says:

      Yup. And it all happened in under two years. Big red flag and it’s likely why the family (William especially) are reacting as they are. In their minds, all that has changed is Meghan entering the picture and she will, fairly or not, receive the blame. Harry should have been much much smarter.

      • Green Desert says:

        Patrizio and Sonya – NO. The fact of the matter is that Harry has hated the royal rota his whole life and has been very open about that. Then he marries and has a child with a biracial woman and his wife and child are on the receiving end of racist attacks from the RR, and his family does nothing to try to stop it. Not only they do nothing, but they continue working with the RR, participate in the leaks, etc.

        You guys will always find a way to criticize the Sussex’s, but the terrible royal rota and members of the royal family are what should be bigger red flags to you. Jesus.

    • greenmonster says:

      An abusive family structure is a bigger red flag for me, than stepping away from a bunch of uptight, do-no-good, pretentious bunch of racists.

    • GuestMe says:

      Even if that family has been abusive and dishonest about the new wife? Leaving that behind is not a red flag. Staying would have been a red flag.

      • Jen says:

        Staying in a family like the Windsors should be a bigger red flag. They’ll circle the wagons to protect a pedophile but not Harry.

    • Devon says:

      Or for the first time in Harry’s life, he has someone who loves him unconditionally and finally understands what a shitstain his family is.

    • layla beans says:

      Let’s review the family he is leaving behind for just a moment, and see who the problem is – the wife, or the family:

      Racist, bigoted cheater – Grandpa Phil
      Pedophile protector who was a complete twat after Harry’s mom died – Grandma Liz
      Rampant cheater, who started cheating within weeks of his wedding to Harry’s mom – Dad Chuck
      Rampant cheater who leaks terrible stories to the press and sets up photo ops to make Harry look bad – Brother Billy
      Literal pedophile – Uncle Andy
      Cheater who was caught selling access to family – Ex-Auntie Sarah

      GEE, I wonder why he wants to leave them all behind???

    • Oh come on Patricio. That incident was almost 20 years ago and he has apologized and acknowledged it was beyond stupid and insensitive. Harry is 35 years old and is certainly more mature than he was then.

      • notasugarhere says:

        He also remembers how William picked out the costume, William went dressed as a Zulu warrior, and Charles only punished Harry. Charles used Harry for 25 years for his own PR, and proceeded to do the heir vs. spare treatment by protecting William and throwing Harry to the wolves. Harry’s memory is long.

  22. Alexandria says:

    I did not expect this to happen but can the press and everyone else calm down. They are not going to be the first minor royals. This is not an Edward abdication. Have they forgotten that these people exist and seem to appear alright being on their own waving from balconies:

    Anne’s kids
    Prince and Princess Michael of Kent
    Edward’s kids

    They are initiating what is the start of Charles streamlined monarchy. And I’m of the opinion that only the monarch and only 1 palace should be funded even if you don’t want to get rid of monarchy. Only the monarch should work. The rest can do their own charity if they want to.

    • Guest says:

      They aren’t the first minor royals but they are considered the rock stars of the royal family and have huge international appeal. Chris ship looked like he was on the verge of tears yesterday. Their cash cow is gone.

      • Alexandria says:

        Yea but that’s for the press and BRF to handle (even though they can’t) and we know they have nobody but themselves to blame. Just saying we should reiterate this is not a bloody abdication, and just mention HRH Eugenie and Beatrice to shut any irrational upset public out there.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Alexandria – agreed. People keep acting like they’re going to move to the wilds of Canada and we will only see them at movie premieres with the Clooneys.

  23. Miriam says:

    I’m so proud of harry for coming into this difficult decision! He is prioritising his family and own wellbeing above a toxic family. I’m loving watching the anxious press. They are peddling the lie that the queen didnt know despite the press release+ roya nikkia admitting last night on newsnight that this has been in discussion for months.

    The cambridges are probably panicking about not having their scapegoats. They’ll regret alienating their only black relative.

  24. Becks1 says:

    Yeah, they definitely laid it all out. This has been in the works for a while. Anyone who says they didn’t consult the queen is being stupid. No way Harry and Meghan made this move without consulting the queen and Charles. Now, I can believe that the Queen and Charles didn’t realize it was going to happen yesterday, or that they thought they (BP/CH) would get to make the announcement – but the Sussexes took control of the narrative as I said in another post.

    I think this is a big deal bc it’s Harry, but I think with some objectivity, its not that big a deal. They’re still going to be working royals. Just not “senior” royals and not subject to the royal rota. Like someone said on another post – lots of minor royals get housing from the Queen (or Andrew or Anne…), and do some work for the royal family, some work for themselves.

    You would think the press would be happy that they were rejecting the sovereign grant.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      A Danish royal expert actually called this a smart move on their part – and he was saying that from a context of other European monarchies planning down-size in the future, especially in Scandinavia with only the monarch and the direct heir getting public funding. Hell, Märtha Louise of Norway gave up her HRH so she could make money privately (and start angel schools – she’s a bit of an eccentric). However, I do think that the familial relationship is much less dysfunctional and acrimonious than what goes on in the House of Windsor.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Martha Louise started out well but is increasingly erratic. Her recent moves, with the snake oil salesman, are causing lots of trouble for the Norwegian royal house. At least the shaman stayed away from Ari’s funeral, but he was tweeting about how good a friend looked in a bikini that same day.

  25. HK9 says:

    No matter what the RF decides they’ll be more than fine-they will thrive and the RF and the grey suits will eat their hats.

    Charles over the last 40 years has done some forward thinking things regarding the running of the family, and while I wouldn’t bet all my money on it, I think he’ll be able to work with them because the bottom line is Harry & Megan know how to work and anything they do will still make the RF look good. The trick will be getting WK & the grey suits in line, because they’re petty AF.

    • anon says:

      Not anything. If they want to be outspokenly political he will stop them. That’s constitutional – the head of state’s family has to be publicly neutral, as she is, whether in receipt of public funds or not. But it’s also personal. Charles is known to be the jealous type and he was denied making his views known publicly many times. The Duchy isn’t going to pay for Harry and Meghan to have royal perks but not have to keep royal silence.

      • notasugarhere says:

        She wrote nothing about politics, so why go there? Charles is plenty political as is William in his own blundering way. Promising to burn all the ivory in the Royal Collection, because he isn’t smart enough to know it doesn’t belong to him? Oh Lord.

      • Katherine says:

        This isn’t true that it’s a constitutional issue. The monarch may not legally vote. That’s it. Anything else they choose not to do as a family is just that, a choice. I think they have historically kept with mostly maintaining political neutrality as it can certainly become messy quickly and I don’t doubt it’s easier to avoid a scandal, but they aren’t legally prohibited. And while I don’t think you’ll ever see any of them wearing campaign buttons they are certainly political to an extent. Charles has been significantly involved in political issues around the environment, and building preservation, and agricultural issues.

        I think Harry and Meghan may want to more openly advocate for policy and causes than the current model allows, and I applaud them for that.

  26. Paige says:

    I can’t shake an uneasy feeling about this. Yes, it makes sense that they would be fed up and want out, but the name of their website still uses and capitalizes on the word “royal”. William aside, of course, the Queen and Charles seemed very supportive of their relationship at the onset with seemingly no restrictions. And I’m not sure what “working toward” financial independence means, but their ability to earn very good money will inarguably always be a result of having been royal.

    • Becks1 says:

      They’re not going to stop being royal though. This isn’t directed at just you, because I keep seeing it posted – but that’s a misreading of the situation and their post. They’re not going to be SENIOR royals. Meaning, they aren’t going to be full-time royals. Harry will always be “royal.” Diana was Princess of Wales until she died. They’re not “walking away from the family.” They’re just taking one massive step back.

      • Erinn says:

        Heck, even if they DIDN’T intend to stay on as Royals – domain names can be changed, forwarding can be set up.

      • notasugarhere says:

        It is more along the lines of Prince Michael of Kent. For years he and his wife paid peppercorn rent at KP, although they weren’t technically supposed to be working royals. Now he is listed in the CC but also publishes history books on the side. Princess Michael of Kent shows up for big events, including State Visits, but also writes and has a decorating business on the side.

      • JulieCarr says:

        I think the confusion is that they never actually worked like full-time royals, and the narrative (as with William and Kate) has always been that they were slowly working up to eventually being as active as senior royals.

        Harry’s always worked at best about a quarter as much as the most active senior royals, so it’s not clear what stepping back actually means here. If he’d been working full time then stepping back would mean doing what he does now, so does that mean he’ll only do 10-20 engagements a year now? Because if that’s the case then it’ll come off like they’re only keeping the tip of their toes in the water so they can cling onto the titles and the money.

    • Angie says:

      I agree with Paige. I have it too- that uneasy feeling that this is not going to end well for Meghan and Harry. I think i have to stop reading about it bc I feel overly emotionally vested in it- i do feel like Will won and got rid of Harry. We can spin it however to try to be positive but I think it’s a bad thing for M and H. I really hope I’m wrong.

  27. pearlime says:

    Stripping them or their HRH titles is a bit tricky, I assume, because it would also mean that all their charities would loose the royal patronage connection. That would not look good and neither would giving them to other members of the RF.

  28. florencia says:

    Exactly. Isn’t it a red flag that he had to isolate himself from his family, friends and give up his title so their relationship could work? Mmmm

    • T says:

      I feel uneasy about this decision too. While I absolutely agree that their life within the BRF and certainly in the press was very toxic and completely unfair towards Meghan, there is this sense of concern that Harry is leaving the only life he’s known and not communicating with his family. I like Meghan – I feel for her. And yet, I never have been able to shake the feeling that she sought Harry for personal gain moreso than love. Regardless, they’re a family, and if they both agree this is best for their safety and well-being, then I guess that’s that. With that said, I do wonder about how they will navigate financial independence and what that really means.

    • S808 says:

      He’s not isolated from his family tho? They’re STILL royals. They have NOT left the royal family AT ALL. They just demoted themselves to Beatrice and Eungine’s level. He’s still see and interact with all of them. But let’s not act like his family has ever had his best interest at heart and havent given him and his wife hell for the past three years. This is not as black and white as you are trying to make it.

    • Pineapple says:

      Um Florencia … i think the RED FLAG was when his pedophile Uncle was protected in the press by his Grama, his brother’s affair was NOT talked about in the press, perhaps at the request of his brother, BUT his wife was slaughtered by the press and neither his Grama nor his brother moved a finger to stop it.

      I personally think THAT was the red flag.

      Toxic families are not possible to live with and be happy. It is just not possible.

      • Mego says:

        Pineapple. Your statement IS the fact and not just your thinking. Anyone saying anything differently is gaslighting. Harry and especially Meghan are victims of appalling abuse and have no choice but to try and break free. It’s a terrible situation.

    • SKF says:

      Oh please. It’s not exactly a warm and cosy familial relationship. His family threw him and then even more so his wife u der the bus repeatedly. Or at the very least, they made no effort to protect them from a rabid press. Let’s not forget she was pregnant and then on maternity leave when many of these attacks were happening. The Queen is too busy protecting her pedo son, Philip has no f—ks left to give, Charles likely gets it (even if he is unhappy), and William is a selfish, self-absorbed prat. He’s protecting his wife and child, their situation was untenable. Considering the emotional scars he bears from what happened to his mother, this is not a surprising move.

    • Becks1 says:

      He’s not isolating himself and he’s not giving up his title.

      But I would say its more of a red flag that his family refused to publicly support them over the past year.

    • lucia says:

      It’s a red flag this his grandma supports his pedophile uncle and racist grandfather and philandering father and brother.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Family is a two-way street. You should absolutely separate yourself and distance yourself from a harmful, toxic situation. Whether it involves family or not. Life is short.

        I did not see this coming but it makes a lot of sense. The tabloid press is a plague. Paparazzi hounded Diana to death. The royal family doesn’t protect its own.

      • notasugarhere says:

        The royal family only protects certain of their own, like the Queen’s fav pedo son and the heir line. They have the power to force the press to treat Harry and Meghan better, but chose not to use it in exchange for getting what they want for Andrew and hiding the Rose affair.

    • smore says:

      Oh look, dog whistles about how Meghan is the dangerous one. Why do racists make it so easy to identify them?

  29. jaylee says:

    Let’s not forget the clothes. The BRF has to buy everything they wear & the first thing the press attacked Meghan about was her affinity for designer clothes. The cost! How dare she?! Design houses will be throwing money and clothes at them. The fashion is going to be epic & I can’t wait. I hope Meg inks all the deals & shills her royal ass off.

  30. RoyalBlue says:

    I found the funding section of the website very interesting. They will refuse the sovereign grant which tells me they are not happy with the move to Buckingham palace after leaving Kensington palace. This is only 5 % of their annual budget. They are proposing to keep the 95% funding from the Duchy of Cornwall. That is what I don’t understand. Why not try and make a clean break. They must be putting this all on Charles and Harry is forcing his dad to make this decision. Abandon your son or accept him. I think they are prepared for Charles to say no and let them go. That is actually the best scenario for them as getting out of dodge is a win-win and will make everyone happy.

    • Becks1 says:

      So, I see your point, but I view it a little differently. I think they liked the move to BP from KP. I think at that point, there was already a big rift between the brothers. I think they thought moving away from KP would stop the leaks (which it did, somewhat) and would stop the smear campaign. That didn’t happen, so I think they’re going one step further.

      I don’t think they are making a clean break because I don’t actually think they want to stop being working royals. I think they just want to shake free from the RRs and the insistence that “they owe the taxpayers.”

      • RoyalBlue says:

        +1. Spot on. I agree they were happy to move and realized it didn’t help any thing. I also agree they want to be part of the family. It’s really nothing major but the press is blowing it up.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Agreed, Becks1. They’re merely stating that they will find ways to pay their staff independently, rather than rely on Sovereign Grant funding.

  31. Ali says:

    I don’t think the intent of including a goal of financial independence was to start endless speculation about their ability to maintain their lifestyle lol.

    The chief complaint on this site from commenters is the way some royals behave in light of being supported by tax dollars.
    H & M don’t take tax payer money, the tax payers don’t own their souls.

    When Harry and Meghan carve out a busy and productive life without using tax money it is going to make the system of public money supporting the royal family look that much more like an idea who’s time has gone.

  32. Guest2.0 says:

    People seem to think Harry should put the The Firm above protecting his wife and son. Hell to the naw.
    Also, Harry hasn’t given up being a Royal. He’s demoting himself from being a senior royal….let Charles and William handle it. H&M are going the York princesses route….independent minor royals.

  33. Galena says:

    OMG, can you imagine if they get a Netflix deal similar to what Obamas negotiated? I’m going to give them the benefit of doubt- there was some attempt to discuss how this would work and when they saw the firm dragging their ass with this they went public to force a resolution.

  34. Goldengirlslover34 says:

    Anyone who thinks a rich person won’t know how to make money is naive as hell. And with their notoriety they will have even greater avenues. Between speaking engagements, book deals, appearances, etc… the fact is once ppl have money, opportunities that we aren’t even aware of become available. I follow one blogger who said once she got enough of a following not only did she get a book deal but so many avenues she didn’t even know where there popped up. And she charges at least $25k per speaking engagements. The fact is regular joe schmoes aren’t even given the knowledge these money making opportunities. There are always events people are being invited to and money is exchanged for these private events. Rich people stay rich for a reason and become even richer as a result.

    Plus, they prob have the best financial advisors and private bankers. The money they already have is probably growing unless someone is skimming them. We won’t even know how much they are really worth. Sometimes I run across the financial papers of high net worth people because of my job
    and it’s insane how much money they are making and not through traditional schemes.

    • sassafras says:

      Right? Everyone here is talking about books and movies and um… that’s not how the moolah is made. It’s all about who you know and what investments they have… and all around the world, too. Knowing the right Chinese billionaire is all it takes.

  35. anon says:

    They will obviously be fine for money if they’re content to live very wealthy but relatively quiet lives. If they don’t get help with property then presences in just a couple of cities plus a bolthole will take up a big chunk of capital. If they don’t want the quiet life and want to be major players in philanthropy though, as it seems they do, they have nothing like the money needed – everyone is talking about the Obama model but their foundation had a major drop in income between 2017 and 2018 as they stepped off the presidential platform, donations of $165m in 2018. That’s a whole lot of money, especially if they spend it on programmes, but for sustainability foundations need endowments and the big ones have endowments in the billions. If the Sussex Foundation doesn’t have its own money then they’re constantly relying on bringing in funding partners. Maybe they see themselves as having more of a policymaking or brokering role than funding but there’s a gamble there on how much influence and covening power is available to them outside the machine of the royal family. And if they want credibility in that world they have to be very careful with commercial activities.

    • Jane'sWastedTalent says:

      All of this. It’s is a very complex transition they’re undertaking. I hope they have excellent advisors, and wish them all the best.

  36. Minxx says:

    I think they should give up their titles and any royal perks that come with it and make a clean exit. This way they can make money freely and do whatever they want. The trouble is that they already trademarked “Sussex royal” like 6 months ago, so they are, in fact, trying to monetize their royal status. Will they be allowed to do it? Their foundation was set up in Nevada even earlier (apparently, under Nevada law only 5% of what they collect must be given to charity, try can pocket the rest). They have a potential to make deals, talk shows, the sky is the limit.

  37. Xtina says:

    My question is… do you think they’ll be going to the Met Gala?! *squeals*

  38. carmen says:

    And while $40 million is walk-away money for almost everyone else in the world, it may not be enough to cover H&M’s security costs for the next 40 or 50 years, particularly after they buy a home that can be properly secured.
    Exactly. I know everything is speculation at this early stage – where they will live, how long at each residence, income, but security is a huge issue and if the UK isn’t going to foot the bill when they are elsewhere…..?

    Edit: My comment is in response to #11 by Liz

    • Harla says:

      but one book or a couple speaking engagements would take care of all that. Lots of people around the world pay for their own security so H&M will certainly be able to as well.

  39. Keira says:

    Wondering if in QE’s mind this is akin to Edward’s abdication.

  40. Marjorie says:

    I wonder if Meghan and Harry hired consultants and lawyers required for this the week after Wills staged the “commercial” plane trip. That was just disgusting.

    • calibration says:

      exactly. Especially since Bill and Cathy usually fly private (which the daily fail never mentions)

  41. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    One thing I do know is that H and M’s website is extremely respectful and courteous to all things royal (all the important aspects that is). The layout and design is classy with the right amount of restraint. It transitions beautifully between what the monarchy is, has been and will be, their role as they see it to the community as well as global responsibilities and impact and, subsequently, who they are individually, and as a team, what their focus is and their plans to fulfill their roles going forward. I’d be ashamed to be on the incensed and incandescent side. The image is a toddler meltdown at Toys R Us.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yes, someone said that it wasn’t well-written, but I thought it was fine. And it answered basically all of the criticism that even people here at throwing at them.

  42. Maria says:

    Edward and Sophie stepped away from public duties back in around 2000. She was a PR executive and he had a production company, and they wanted to be independent. Of course it didn’t work so well, so let’s hope it works better for Meghan and Harry, I guess they always have the option of taking on more duties if their private endeavors don’t work out.

    • notasugarhere says:

      They didn’t step away from royal duties. Edward and Sophie were never supposed to be working royals. When they married in 1999, he received a new title as a marriage present, but they were not working royals. Sophie still did several hundred engagements a year volunteer. After the entrapment/sting operation, then they were made to close their businesses and become working royals.

  43. HeyThere! says:

    MM has such a beautiful soul. She is kind, giving, passionate, hard working, direct and a planner!!!!! Not to even mention her external beauty. The RF is hopefully going to regret how they stood by and let the global news try to destroy such a kind hearted human. I know the RF’s M.O. is to stay quiet and do nothing but I don’t agree with it when it comes to them allowing certain members to be thrown under the bus. Also, Meghan and Harry will have zero problems making a living for themselves. I mean, are the people on Instagram that stupid?? They are acting like Meghan and Harry don’t have personal wealth, famous on a global level, and have the highest of friends in the highest of places! They will be fine. More than fine. I also don’t understand why this is such a big deal? Harry was never going to be King. He isn’t changing who will be king by stepping back as a less significant roll in the RF.

    • Harla says:

      I know right?! Like Harry’s going to be flipping burgers! I mean one or two speaking engagements a year or a book would set them up for life.

  44. Maxie says:

    The more I think about it the less I’m optimistic about their chances to keep the money, the security costs or even the house.

    I think they’ll get to keep their titles but nothing else. Hilary Clinton resigned as Secretary of State but people still call her Secretary Clinton. She didn’t keep her salary, Secret Service protection or any other benefits, though.

    • Harla says:

      I think they’ll be just fine without the titles, money, security or houses. Lot’s of stars and such pay for their own security so I’m sure H&M will be able to manage it.

      • Shirleygailgal says:

        the British secret service (equivalent) has to provide security cause it’s the law – it’s not a decision…it’s the law

    • anon says:

      If it comes down to an acrimonious parting of the ways, their ‘high friends’ are not going to choose them and risk alienating the BRF. Real friends, personal friends, will, of course. But the circles of power they want to be in will freeze them out.

    • kerwood says:

      @Maxie, it’s not even remotely the same. If the Sussexes decided to leave everything and take jobs at the Galleria, he would still require security. He, his wife, and his son are targets wherever they go and are vulnerable to attack and possible kidnap. There’s no way the British government is going to let that happen.

      I know a lot of people are desperate to see the Sussexes thrown out into the streets for committing the crime of refusing to be abused, but it’s not going to happen. Harry will always be the Queen’s grandson, OR the King’s son, OR the King’s brother and will need security and certain standard of living.

      Sorry, haters.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Former US presidents (and by association their spouses) receive stipends and taxpayer security. Obama moved to limit the stipend and decrease security costs.

    • smore says:

      You’re wrong. Bill and Hillary still have and will always have secret service protection.

  45. Meg says:

    Ugh the pictures included in this post remind me I still think a different wedding dress would’ve been more flattering on her and looked less casual and just thrown together which IMO is how she looked. I’m sure she didn’t just throw it together but that’s how she looked to me
    This theory of Meghan being a master manipulator plays into critics of her thinking she must have done somethibg bad to move up the society latter as fast and as far as she did, like she targeted Harry or something. I don’t believe it but this theory written here shows she at least has some manipulative abilities in her

  46. mj says:

    Except if they get to keep the “cottage”, titles, and monies or other royal privileges while distancing themselves from the rest of the monarchy, then it smacks of hypocrisy tbh. Do you really think BP will allow them to go write tell-alls? Lol, they’re gonna make them sign NDAs from here to eternity before they can go.

  47. vertes says:

    @ Devon
    Clinton’s charitable foundation bought a house for Chelsea to live in house and paid for a lot of other Clinton benefits.

  48. flaviaoctiavia says:

    Sussex Royal makes me think of a variety of apple!

    It it just to be hoped that the marriage works out long term.

  49. Wilma says:

    I’ve been reading comments all morning and felt compelled to weigh in. My thoughts are more from the perspective of Kate and Meghan. Over the summer I believe there was talk about how Kate and Meghan got along but were “on very different paths”. Kate somehow was given credit for mentoring Meghan and teaching her the ropes. The writing was on the wall a long time ago. But as I look at the differences between Kate and Meghan I’m amazed.

    For Kate (and William) the royal family has spent thousands if not millions of pounds on creating and whitewashing Kate’s image as a Duchess/future future queen consort/mother of the future king. Kate has spent her entire adult life chasing what being royal is – from dressing, walking, speaking, copying Diana’s clothing, wearing Diana’s ring and tiara, primping/botoxing herself, learning how not to Have wardrobe malfunctions, hiding in the country to get coaching, getting embiggened, and the list goes on. She even has the benefit of the press writing glowing stories of how wonderful she is now. She has changed everything about her. To the extent that I wonder if William still thinks of her as the same woman he married. Does her own family even recognize her as who she really is

    For Meghan (and Harry), she came in and said this is who I am, I’ll try hard to fit in to the royal fold, and I’ll work hard on behalf of the Queen, but this is who I am. It’s not so much about my clothes it’s about me being genuine and caring and compassionate. Meghan as a biracial divorced American who married the spare could never work or try hard enough to be accepted as second fiddle to waity Kate. She was crucified by the Brf, press and public.

    I applaud Harry and Meghan for controlling the narrative on their choice to proactively take a back seat. Unfortunately, it makes me sad to see such negative comments and press. Even sadder that their own family isn’t coming forward in a supporting way.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Kate help Meghan? In what, how not to weight your hems and how not to give a speech? Kate sat back and benefited from every rotten word written about Meghan for three years. She’s no innocent here.

      • BeanieBean says:

        She’s right, though. That’s what the tabs were saying; utter nonsense, of course, but that was the script: Kate tutoring Meghan.

  50. Jessica says:

    This is the only place on the internet where everyone thinks meghan and harry are PR geniuses.

    • flaviaoctiavia says:


      And whatever good Meghan does, meeting children in SA with limbs missing through mines, and girls taking boxing lessons to protect themselves against predatory rapists, then in the same country saying she was not living, but just existing was not exactly expert timing.

    • Callister says:

      Agreed. It’s pathetic.

      • Olenna says:

        Yes, comments like @Jessica’s are pathetic (and juvenile). The personality pathology motivating haters to post unjustified and irrational negativity about the Duchess of Sussex wherever they can on the internet and SM is always pathetic. And, for the haters to resent others who don’t is even more pathetic.

    • Kelly says:

      Lol exactly Jessica, thanks for saying it

    • notasugarhere says:

      CB is one of the few places on the internet where Meghan-hating trolls are not given free reign, and where their ridiculous statements will be challenged by the majority of posters on here. Tumblr misses you.

    • Guest2.0 says:

      There are a few pro Sussex sites that don’t drag them to filth for just existing. I’m thankful CB is one of them. I appreciate the site being moderated to prevent the vile, toxic comments that trolls love to post. Shame that some posters feel everyone needs to hate on the Sussexes and if they don’t hate on them, they must have a problem.

    • MA says:

      I mean they may not be geniuses but they’re certainly not the PR dunces that BP and KP have turned out to be.

  51. Marigold says:

    My take on this has always been that Harry has always–universally–responded to questions about his role with an expressed desire not to be saddled with royalty. He always seemed very disenchanted with being titled and a part of that family. Sure, he doesn’t know what it’s really like outside of being a prince, but I expected this. He has hated being royal since he was tiny.

    Second, he views Diana’s death only one way: “The press killed my mother.” Despite whether that’s entirely fair (there were several contributing factors), that’s what has always stuck, and he has always despised the media for it. The press coming after his wife is likely a visceral and deep trigger. You could see his anxiety and his anger growing steadily over the past two years.

    Put those two together…and while they were gone over the holidays, I just said to myself, “They’re never going back.”

    I don’t think Meghan has anything to do with this except supporting Harry. I think this is 100% him, and I think it’s sad that his own family didn’t know this when random strangers on the internet saw it coming a mile away.

  52. paddingtonjr says:

    You go H&M! I think the BRF and RR assumed they could just say and do what they wanted and H&M would just smile and take it. Until he met Meghan, Harry seemed to go along to get along, supporting his brother as FFK and not making waves because there wasn’t anything worth really getting worked up about. Then he met Meghan, someone who shared his passions, wanted to make the world a better place as he did and loved him for who he was as a man, not just as Prince Harry. After he had something to fight for, he has shown that he has the stones to protect what is precious to him, even if it meant going against the BRF. Harry seems to be led by his heart and guts, hurt by how his family has been treated while Meghan is more of the brains, showing Harry how they could survive without all the trappings of royalty. There will still be a great interest in them, at least for the foreseeable future, and they are not yet abandoning all of their responsibilities to Queen and Country.

  53. Ann says:

    I think the Sussexes are good people, and I think the Obamas are good people, and both couples are the only star wattage power couples that I can think of at the moment. (And remember how Michelle had a cute little crush on Harry? Adorable.)

  54. Nope says:

    Nice way to treat your 93yr old Grandmother.

  55. JaneBee87 says:

    Don’t want to thread jack, however if as is being reported, H&M left Archie in Canada and Meghan has just flown back there, then that is indeed some well thought out manoeuvring. And shows how serious they are, if that wasn’t already clear. I wonder if H&M were concerned that they would be prevented from leaving UK in the short term (which is verging on Princess Charlene territory).

  56. Zig says:

    Right. Harry and Meghan are just going to leave with the shirts on their backs, and not massive amounts of money from the family, which taxpayers give them.

    I have a bridge to sell you too.

    Are they going to pay back the 30 million pounds their wedding cost the British taxpayers now that they have determined royal life is too hard?