Anne Hathaway in Versace at the Critics’ Choice Awards: disco ball realness?

Critics’ Choice Awards 2019

Here are some photos from last night’s Critics Choice Awards. Anne Hathaway was there a presenter, and as part of the nominated show Modern Love. I didn’t realize it when I saw her walk on stage, looking like a disco ball, but Anne only recently gave birth? Did you know that? We covered her second pregnancy a few times last year, but I sort of forgot about it. She apparently gave birth in December, which makes her about a month postpartum right now. It’s insane that she came out to the Critics Choice Awards looking so glam and shiny. This dress is Versace. I suspect she wore it because she’s really happy with her boobs right now.

Critics’ Choice Awards 2019

Critics’ Choice Awards 2019

Lucy Hale wore Miu Miu. This dress is so cheap-looking, especially with the budget-chandelier crystals hanging off the waist. Ugh. I also think the hairstyle was a bad choice here.

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Lucy Hale at arrivals for The 25th Annua...

Cynthia Erivo wore Fendi. It’s certainly a BIG dress with a big pattern. But does that make it particularly eye-catching? It feels like a geometry test dress. And yeah, I think it’s too big. The sleeves plus the train… too much volume.

Cynthia Erivo at arrivals for The 25th A...

Cynthia Erivo at arrivals for The 25th A...

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25 Responses to “Anne Hathaway in Versace at the Critics’ Choice Awards: disco ball realness?”

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  1. Sara says:

    She looks gorgeous.

    • Josephine says:

      I don’t get the bat wings on the dress. Anne looks lovely, but I don’t think that dress is actually flattering on the top half.

  2. guestaroo83 says:

    Okay, I think the best thing that ever happened to Anne Hathaway’s style was being in the Ocean’s movie with all those fabulous women and getting to play dress-up with them. It’s like having Rhianna tell her she has a great butt (which totally happened) actually gave her more confidence in her body and she just rocks LOOKS better now.

    Seriously, comparing her before and after Ocean’s fashion is like night and day.

    • StormsMama says:

      She also gave up drinking right around that time too. Her face looks so calm and happy and hydrated.

    • Kate says:

      Isn’t she working with (the amazing stylist) Law Roach now?

    • Carol says:

      I think it sometimes looks like the dress (which I love)wears her instead of Anne wearing the dress/outfit. I don’t see natural style coming from her. For instance, even though Cameron Diaz was styled for the Oscars – and looked amazing each time IMO – she had innate style, her own style. May not have been everyone’s cup of tea but you could tell she liked clothes. Not getting the same vibe from Ann. Just saying…

  3. Macheath says:

    I actually really like Cynthia’s dress but agree it’s a bit big on her – someone statuesque like Gwen Christie would look fabulous in it. Anne looks lovely and glowing. I really don’t like this Miu Miu trend of sticking bows on the front of dresses.

  4. Lee says:

    She’s just had her second baby, she looks great.

  5. JJ McClay says:

    Anne Hathaway looks STUNNING. She has such a gorgeous glow about her.

    I can’t believe she’s only one month post partum…! That’s crazy that she attended. Good for her. At one month post partum, I was busy leaking milk everywhere, crying in the shower, and hobbling around like I’d been riding a goddamn two-humped camel!

    As someone who is currently NINE months pp, and still carrying pretty much all the baby weight and still feeling verrry unlike myself (physically speaking), I salute her. I’d be impressed if she rocked up in a potato sack with unwashed hair, and here she is looking a million bucks.

    Go Annie.

  6. Spicecake38 says:

    She’s glowing,radiant.

  7. Jane says:

    No one’s going to mention the spanx peeking out of her dress? Post partum or no, this is a hilarious fashion fail!!

    • Eyeroll says:

      What spanx? It looks like a small mesh covering to me.

      ETA: She looks gorgeous! Agree on the other 2 dresses.

      • Erinn says:

        It DOES look like spanx, but I think you’re right eyeroll – I think it’s a nude colored panel that is helping to keep the two sides of the dress in the correct shape/distance apart.

      • Jane says:

        Sure sure, not spanx underwear showing. They just ran out of gold lamé at the very end and used three square inches of beige granny elastic to finish the dress!

    • Some chick says:

      It’s not spanx. It’s part of the dress. A small powermesh panel sewn in to keep things together at the bottom of the V. Designers do it all the time, it’s just that they really whiffed the color this time. Even just dusting some contour powder onto it at the last minute would have helped. Too bad, as Anne does look amazing! Almost a Metropolis vibe, but as a disco diva. Love it.

      (The mesh panel mismatch is not her fault! But, keep an eye out for those things – nearly all of the super deep plunge necklines have them. Sorry to ruin the magic!)

      Lucy Hale’s Miu Miu… ehhh. Looks like a prom dress. Miu Miu is often… a bit odd. I’m sure in five years we’ll all be wearing chandelier belts to the grocery store. The mint is a lovely color on Lucy, and her makeup is beautiful.

      Cynthia Erivo looks radiant, and I love the contrast/match between the mesh and the pattern. I can see the too much fabric critique, but I can also see what the Fendi designer was going for, and she looks like she loves it. So I gots no gripe.

      Also… look what they did there, with how the pattern looks with the different drapes. Embellished mesh shoulders into a completely smooth bodice, poofed sleeves, and then the flawless gathers at the waist, showing off the parquetry pattern and the skill of the draper (and the cutting department, and whoever actually sewed it…) and swooping into a bias cut train. It could be less. But it doesn’t NEED to be less!

      Love these fashion posts! Sorry to go on and on.

  8. Lucy2 says:

    Anne looks beautiful, but I don’t like the sleeves. The material is good though.

    Don’t care for any of the other dresses either.

  9. Chlo says:

    Every time I see Lucy Hale now, I can only think of those awful contacts she was wearing during the NYE tv thing. I see the little flint/reflection in her eye in these photos, and I wonder if it’s real. lol

  10. Mee says:

    Hathaway looks so much better with weight on!

  11. vertes says:

    Cynthia’s dress gives me eye-ache.
    The black belt & purse ruin mint green. Glad I can’t see Lucy’s shoes because they’re probably black too.

  12. Cindy says:

    Lucy’s dress is so tacky looking, it’s like a bad prom dress. Cynthia’s is too much and not very pleasing to look at but it’s a bold choice and I can at least respect that.

    Anne looks radiant.

  13. Naddie says:

    Cynthia’s gown would be amazing without the sleeves, I despise puffy sleeves. I specially loved the shoulders fabric.

  14. Chloe says:

    Anne looks great! I miss my post-partum boobs lol.

  15. Veronica S says:

    Aww, she even still has a little belly on her. Took some guts to show up with that baby weight still on given how nasty the industry is, so kudos to her. She looks very cute with a little roundness to her face.

    I kind of love Cynthia’s dress. Very over the top. Good stuff.

  16. Slacker says:

    Lucy Hale looks like she’s on something