Karlie Kloss: ‘I voted as a Democrat in 2016 and I plan to do the same in 2020′

Karlie Kloss, Josh Kushner at arrivals f...

One of the best moments/memes of the past few months was the absolutely GOLDEN shade aimed at Karlie Kloss by one of the Project Runway contestants. Contestant Tyler Neasloney knew he was about to be cut from the competition, so when Karlie Kloss sniped about she would never wear his dress creation, he sniped right back “not even to dinner with the Kushners?” Her face in that moment was EPIC. It just served as a reminder for all of the kids out there: Karlie Kloss is married to Joshua Kushner, brother of Jared Kushner. Karlie and Ivanka Trump are sisters-in-law. Karlie is forever associated with the criminal Kushner family and the treasonous Trumps. But Karlie wants us to know that she’s a good Democrat. She appeared on Watch What Happens Live and had this to say to Andy Cohen:

On the “dinner with the Kushners” shade on Project Runway: “I was honored to be one of the first memes of the decade…. Honestly, the real tragedy of this whole thing is that no one is talking about how terrible that dress was. That’s why he went home. I would not wear that dress to any dinner.”

On her political views: “Andy, I’m sure I’m not the only person in this country who does not necessarily agree with their family on politics… I voted as a Democrat in 2016 and I plan to do the same in 2020.”

She’s pro-choice: “I’m very passionate about different issues, you know, women’s reproductive health. I’m very involved with Planned Parenthood, as are you. Next time we’re both home in St. Louis you should come volunteer with me,” she told host Andy Cohen.

Her relationship with Joshua Kushner: “I met my man in 2012. I was 19 years old. It was 2012, it was a different world. My man and I have been through a lot together and I’m so proud that he’s my partner. It has not been easy, but it’s worth it and I would make that similar decision a million times again.”

[From People & JustJared]

I feel blah about this. I mean, sure, it’s nice that she votes for Democrats, and no one can help it if their family members are MAGA trash. This is one of those cases where it feels like Karlie is doing the polite thing by not “rocking the boat” and really speaking out about her treasonous in-laws, when she could actually be doing the “rude” thing and say publicly “actually, my sister-in-law is f–king trash and I want nothing to do with any of them except my husband.”

Middletons on the march! Carole and Michael arrive at Wimbledon for day three of the tennis championships

Middletons on the march! Carole and Michael arrive at Wimbledon for day three of the tennis championships

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  1. Maria says:

    I mean, I guess. I don’t agree with family on politics, but usually those are just family members I was born with. I’ll be honest, I would be reallllly skeeved out if I started dating someone and their family was like the Kushners. But that’s her choice.

    But she could be doing way wayyy more for Planned Parenthood. Apparently Jared threatened Planned Parenthood with more defunding if they didn’t stop providing abortion services. He’s not just some douchebag who will expound ignorantly at the dinner table.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Ivanka actually made that threat to the director of Planned Parenthood during a meeting while exposing that she had no idea what Medicaid is and didn’t know that no federal monies go to abortion because of the Hyde Amendment.

      • Maria says:

        Ick. Sounds about right.

      • Lola says:

        OMG, I can’t stop laughing. I did not know what Ivanka had said. Thank you @ LightPurple for your post. The reason that I can’t stop laughing is bc I guess Ivanka will most def be reading Chris Evan’s new site come Feb. It pays to read these articles out of order I guess.

  2. Jenns says:

    It doesn’t matter how she votes. She’ll be fine either way. Because she married into a billion dollar family(who hates her).

  3. Mac says:

    It’s fine that Karlie married a Kushner, but I truly don’t know how she can stand to spend time with them.

  4. Lou says:

    Eh, I know a lot of commenters here will probably disagree but I feel a little bad for her. A lot of people end up with sh*tty in-laws, and I doubt most choose to publicly denounce or cut ties with them. She’s not responsible for their actions and you can tell she’s trying to distance herself from them.

    • Lady Baden-Baden says:

      I agree with you, Lou. She’s in a difficult position.

    • ab says:

      Agreed. She may have realized when she met Joshua that his family was trash but nobody could have predicted how far this would go. I don’t think she needs to come out guns blazing against her in-laws — she said she’s voting Democrat, and I’m glad she put that on record.

      • Lou says:

        Right, she’s literally saying she plans on voting against her husband’s family. Maybe that’s not as much of a stand as some would like her to take, but it’s something. I’m sorry, but it is easy to claim moral superiority when you’re completely removed from a situation.

      • Lory says:

        Exactly, Lou! She married Joshua Kushner, not her in-laws. I’m getting tired of the moral superiority complex some seem to have where they feel some people don’t do enough to prove to them that they’re ok human beings. Like they are somehow owed an explanation by someone they have never even met. No, Karlie Kloss is living her life and is only responsible for herself and she is in a difficult position.

    • Nikki* says:

      Haven’t they heard of Romeo & Juliet? sometimes lovers families are a big impediment! No shading her for marrying someone she loves. You are not your family.

    • Cindy says:

      I totally agree with you. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that people expect her to denounce Donald Trump on a public outlet like we do around here. Telling Ivanka and Jared to f*ck off is really easy when you do it annonymously on the internet. When they are your in-laws and you have to do it publicly? That’s something else, and she has nothing to gain from that beyond a few people online being like “you go girl!” for one day and then move onto another story.

      It particularly bothers me because I always see people on this very site sharing stories about their awful in-laws or extended family members. They demand Karlie to “cut ties” but do you even know how close they are? Maybe she sees her in-laws once a year for those annoying family gatherings and that’s it.

      I put myself in Karlie’s position and it must be so, so weird to see this bunch of people online who have never spoken to you demanding you get divorced from your husband and cut ties indefinitely. Just how weird is that?

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree – to an extent. She can’t control what her in-laws do, and I appreciate her being clear on her political leanings, but I’d feel more sympathy for her if her husband didn’t work for the family business, which is pretty corrupt.

    • Barbiem says:

      I agree, bot responsible for her family actions

    • Original T.C. says:

      There are crappy in-laws and then there are in-Laws who jail babies, lock out people from entering the country based on their religion, break all US laws and set them self up as future dictators. She wasn’t 18 when she married this guy! I think what you are willing to put up with in your husband and his family depends on what affects you personally and the people you relate to.

      If Jared and Trump we’re locking up White women, preventing White people from entering the US, banned abortion or divorce, approve of state sponsored police killings of unarmed White women or pulling them off for dubious reasons….I’m about 99.99% sure she would not have married into that family. At the least, she would ask her husband to move across the country and get a job outside of the family business.

    • Kate says:

      Completely agree with you. You can’t be held responsible for extended family. It’s not fair to put any blame on her. She should be judged on her own merits alone and tbh she has done some impressive things. She could have been just another pretty VS model and taken her money and chilled. Instead, she’s created a brand and put a lot effort in promoting STEM education among girls.

  5. Who ARE These People? says:

    There’s no more “just politics” or “we’ll agree to disagree” when cruelty, corruption and immorality are at the family dinner table.

    I understand that she was 19 when she met him, but she’s not 19 anymore. People have cut off and protested family members for far less. She clearly feels insulated and I’d bet her husband will quickly resume working with brother Jared on projects once Jared’s out of the White House.

    • Sean says:

      Unless he’s convicted by the Senate, Trump will be reinstalled this year. Not reelected, reinstalled. Doesn’t matter how much of the popular vote he loses. With voter suppression, gerrymandering and Russia hacking our system he will be reinstalled.

      Don’t know if anyone else heard but the entire Russian government resigned last week, leaving only Putin at the helm. He said they’re going to “rewrite” Russia’s constitution to give Parliament more power. However, observers have noted it’s most likely an excuse for Putin to consolidate more power for himself. According to Russia’s constitution, he’s supposed to step down from leadership in 2024 due to term limits. Does anyone really think he’d walk away?

      Where I’m going with this is Putin is providing a roadmap for the Trump administration post 2020. Jared Kushner isn’t going anywhere. He and Ivanka are being groomed to take over when Cheeto Mussolini is ready to leave, after they change laws do he can’t be prosecuted.

      • WM says:

        And his flunkies have already floated the idea of Trump serving more than 2 terms. It’s a strategic move to make it seem less shocking when he starts to seriously pursue it. Scary times.

      • Veronica S. says:

        The 2020 election is going to be a very ugly wake up call for a lot of people, IMO. There’s a historical tipping point for a lot of these political situations, and I still think a lot of people don’t get it that we’re nearly past it already. I can already tell people still don’t understand how much the current impeachment situation is a result of Americans not caring about the Senate.

      • Sean says:

        @Veronica S. You’re right. People are going to have a rude wake up call. I’d like to give people the benefit of the doubt and say Trump’s rate of commiting crimes is exhausting, the media isn’t connecting the dots as to what’s really happening, etc. While all of that is true, all any thinking person has to do is take a surface look at what’s been occurring for the last four years and they should intrinsically know this is all wrong and shouldn’t be happening.

        However, I’m afraid the sad truth is most people don’t think. They’d rather follow the program because it’s easier and so long as they’re not inconvenienced, who cares? This is why when, after Trump is reinstalled and more of our country is stripped down, people will sit up and ask “Hey, what happened?”

        Then they will shrug and return to watching television.

      • AnnaKist says:

        Convict! Convict! Convict! 🤞

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        Well, I didn’t say Jared would be bounced in 2020. I agree that the electoral process is so deeply flawed and the judicial process so compromised that Trump could indeed be re-installed (along with some old-style inefficient toilets and dishwashers!). But Kushner won’t be there till he’s old and grey, either. As much as it feels like this will go on forever and ever, it’s the trauma speaking.

    • EM says:

      Frankly I think going on the record saying you’re not voting for a family member (indirect through marriage) is HUGE especially knowing how mentally deranged Trump and his followers are. I think she staked her position pretty publicly and that did take nerve. We’ve yet to see her sister-in-law do this. She’s put her neck out with her in-laws who were getting a lot out of this admin.

    • Earth says:

      Yes yes and more yes. Cancel this trick, she is #complicit just like Ivanka.

  6. adastraperaspera says:

    Trump has himself voted for and donated to many Democrats. Trumps and Kushners are mob families who spread money around to everyone in order to buy access. She’s part of that now.

  7. Nicole r says:

    It’s weird and unnatural somehow when she refers to her husband as “my man”.
    Whoever scripted that messed up…

    • tweetime says:

      I agree… while the statement reads fine, her delivery is so awkward and scripted. I don’t doubt that this is the way she feels, but girl is not a good actress. She’s going way too hard for “earnest”.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      It was vomit-inducing,

    • Amy Too says:

      I liked the part where she said she would make a “similar” choice again. Usually one says “I would make the same choice over again,” but she said similar. As in, she would marry Jared if it came up? He’s similar to her husband. Or she would marry some other rich guy who works for his family’s shady business? Similar caught me off guard. I wonder if she and her husband are on the brink of a break up so while she wouldn’t make the exact same choice again, she would make a similar choice and marry someone else despite their family.

  8. Stacy Dresden says:

    In today’s world, we NEED every supporter of Planned Parenthood we can get. I appreciate Karlie’s shout out and volunteerism. And hell yeah I’ll take her Dem vote in 2020!

  9. Veronica S. says:

    I’m sure she’s not complaining about the lifestyle that trash family’s lifestyle is buying her, though. Even if you take the Trumps out of the equation, his father was a notorious white collar criminal. Their money has always been dirty money. She can vote however she wants because she knows their policies will never touch her. Never look to the wealthy for moral honesty.

  10. Mumbles says:

    Here’s the funny thing. Politics means NOTHING to these people. They are so rich that they are immune to politics. The Kushner family were big Dem donors; her father-in-law did time for fraud in connection with campaign donations. For that matter, Trump gave money to both GOP and Dem candidates back in the day, not out of principle but because he wanted and needed favors.

    While the rest of us need to vote for our livelihoods and rights, Karlie and Ivanka Kushner are going to be just fine. She’s only saying this so as to not to be ostracized by the fashion and entertainment worlds.

    • lil_G says:

      yes yes yes

    • Veronica S. says:

      Exactly. She can talk as much as she wants to, but the reality is that if sh*t really hits the fan, she has a way out. Her money will get her the contraception, the abortion, the safety, the plane ticket to freedom, etc. that other women and minorities won’t have when shit hits the fan. She has a Plan B. And I recognize a lot of that is human, that anybody would behave the same with those kind of resources, but that’s the whole point. You can’t trust the words of people who have the privilege of an out.

  11. lobstah says:

    She married her husband, not his family. End of story.

  12. Purple prankster says:

    She is one of the most awkward people I have seen since George Bush

  13. Courtney says:

    Kushner’s were messy trash back in 2012 though…

    • Valiantly Varnished says:


    • Lou says:

      How many 19 year olds do you know that do due diligence on their boyfriend’s families before they start a relationship though?

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        She’s been with him for 8 years. She’s nearly 30 years old now. So that argument doesn’t really hold up.

      • Courtney says:

        she wouldn’t need to hire a PI or do a background check, Google would tell you enough about that family. They’re not secretly shitty, they’re pretty public about it.

      • Lou says:

        I’m saying she started a relationship when she was very young and I doubt at that time she went searching for his family background. By the time time she got older they were already committed—is it expected for her to have broken up with him because of his family?

      • sammiches says:

        Um…all of them? Generally speaking, many young women especially find every every little thing possible about the person they’re dating, including their family, their ex-partners, etc.

      • Sass says:

        @sammiches that’s awfully presumptuous of you. Do you have data on your claim? I would like to see it.

        Kloss was 19 in 2012. That’s almost ten years ago. Maybe TODAY women have become more savvy about dating and background checks but I would disagree with you that most teenagers are running background checks on every guy they go out with. Yes – even today.

      • kerwood says:

        I’m sure there were enough people warning her about the scum she was dealing with. I knew about the Kushners and I’m Canadian. She didn’t want to know OR she didn’t care.

  14. lil_G says:

    I find it really gross and graceless (Lord knows it’s not Andy’s style to bring out the best in people) that she doubles down on insulting the work of an essentially unknown designer, “the real tragedy of this whole thing is that no one is talking about how terrible that dress was.” Karlie and “her man” (also wtf?) are worth HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS mostly from slum-lording (preying upon poor people desperate to safely house their families) and ‘redeveloping’ (destroying communities and manipulating fragile markets) along the eastern seaboard, or, for Karlie’s part, selling luxury goods/unattainable and ultra-white beauty standards. I don’t care how many shots Bravo has plied her with, this level of privilege, especially under these wildly unique Trump-adjacent circumstances, means she has no business ever punching down, EVER.

  15. dota says:

    She’s German, their right wing is left of center in the US.

  16. Valiantly Varnished says:

    The Kushners were a corrupt family long before Trump ran for President. So she can try to rewrite or reframe things all she wants. So sure Karlie, sure. Also the “my man” thing makes me want to barf.

  17. kerwood says:

    What difference does it make how she votes? She’s associated with and ASSOCIATES WITH an administration that keeps children in cages.

    Kloss knows the industry that she’s in is VERY liberal so she’s saying what she needs to say to keep the fashion industry happy. The fact that she doesn’t publicly denounce the Kushner-Trumps says it all.

    And no, it’s not the same as Meghan Markle.

  18. Ladykatan says:

    Just coming here to point out the intricacies of deceptive quotes like this. It is masterful and was clearly written by a PR person who is really good at their job:

    “I voted as a democrat in 2016”

    Not “I voted for Hillary” or “I voted for a democrat”

    She is only saying she is a registered Democrat and she voted. It doesn’t mean at all that she voted for a democrat. This way she can remain firmly straddling that fence without ever having get “too political”. Also her being a registered democrat doesn’t really mean anything. Jared Kushner (and this is actually true) was actually registered to vote as a woman up until recently

  19. Gutterflower says:

    Do models these days only need to be tall and skinny? I do not find her attractive, or even interesting looking. Just blah. The bar has dropped so low I feel. For me, anyway, I want to see way more diversity than the mass of vanillabots over saturating the market.

  20. Green Desert says:

    To those who feel bad for or empathize with Karlie: DON’T. As others have pointed out, the Kushners were corrupt when she met Joshua. Also, she has the right to not spend time with Ivanka and Jared, and she does. The whole “my family and I disagree on politics” thing is not a solid argument when your family members are doing their best to destroy democracy and the planet, incite racial violence, start a nuclear war, separate families and keep children in cages (shall I go on?). FULL STOP.

  21. Arya says:

    I don’t think the extended Kushner family are even Republicans? Because they are very religious Orthodox Jews, they are pro-Israel first and foremost and historically, the Democrats have always been more supportive of Israel.

  22. Honey says:

    When I watched the video it seemed like her voice did the thing where it catches when you get nervous. She seemed really incredibly nervous to me did anyone else catch that/feel the same? Like she knew her in laws weren’t going to like what she was about to say idk. It was awkward to watch, that’s for sure.

    • Purple prankster says:

      If you watch other interviews of her in more comfortable situations eg her vogue 70 questions, you’ll notice that she’s always weird and awkward.

  23. sammiches says:

    Her eyebrows are just…so bad ALL the time.

  24. Thea says:

    It’s not just Jared and Ivanka that’s bad news. Josh’s sister told Chinese investors to invest with the kushners implying that they would get a visa because of the family’s close relationship with the White House.

  25. Jack says:

    She said she voted ‘as’ a democrat, not for a democrat. Is she playing us or just not that bright?

  26. Justwastingtime says:

    Her husband is still running the dodgy family real estate company for Jared and leveraging Chinese and Saudi contacts. If you don’t think that Jared is still involved in the company.. got a bridge to sell you.

  27. kerwood says:

    This woman is the Kushner family’s cover, especially Jared’s. There’s going to time when Trump isn’t in the White House and the people associated with his administration, especially well-established slime like the Kushners, might be called on to account for themselves. Enter, Karlie Kloss, self-proclaimed ‘liberal’ who claims that she votes Democrat.

    And I don’t buy the ‘she fell in love with the man, not the family argument’. Any decent person would have run a mile the second they learned the truth about these monsters.

  28. 80sgrl says:

    Okay, but Meghan had to know what kinda family she was getting into yet no one vilifies her. I wonder what the difference is