Duchess Kate wore Needle & Thread for the UK-Africa palace reception

The last time we saw the Duchess of Cambridge was last week, when Kate and William did a day full of events in Bradford, England. I had to double-check those photos to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me, and my eyes are fine: over the past week, Kate gave herself a little mini-makeover. She got new fringe, new highlights and what looks like some fresh Botox. I’m not going to begrudge anyone a little upkeep, but it’s funny that the British press has spent weeks harping on and on about the Sussexes’ expenses while Kate lounges around getting her hair done and stopping by her dermatologist for a top-off. It’s expensive to look this dated.

These are photos from last night’s UK-Africa Investment Summit reception at Buckingham Palace. William and Kate were there alongside the Princess Royal, Prince Edward and the Countess of Wessex. Kate wore a sequined gown from Needle & Thread – I applaud her for the lack of buttons, pussybows and shoulder poofs. It’s a lovely dress, honestly, and I always enjoy Kate in red. The Daily Mail says the dress retails for £410. Which is pretty affordable for eveningwear for a duchess, but if Meghan had worn this, there would ten headlines on the DM alone about how Hollywood Meghan Is Too Expensive And Too Glamorous For the Monarchy. As it is, the British press has framed William and Kate’s appearance as “business as usual” and “look how amazing they are, picking up the slack left by horrible Meg & Harry.”

Considering William can’t see past his own nose on most subjects, it’s little surprise that he made his speech at this reception about how he proposed to Kate in Africa:

“The African continent holds a very special place in my heart,” said the royal dad, 37. “It is the place my father took my brother and me shortly after our mother died. And when deciding where best to propose to Catherine, I could think of no more fitting place than Kenya to get down on one knee.”

[From People]

Which is yet another reminder that I’ve never believed the Cambridges’ official proposal story. Which is fine, I don’t need to know, but I remember that autumn and I remember the conversation about how the Queen wouldn’t allow Kate to move in with William at the Welsh RAF base because Kate was not his fiancee or wife. I don’t know – I just never believed this “romantic Kenyan proposal” story.

Anyway, we should enjoy these photos because the Cambridges will be all we’re getting from here on out.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

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Photos courtesy of Getty & IG.

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  1. Belli says:

    New fringe, huh? We know what that means.

    I really like Kate’s dress, but neither of them look comfortable in the photographs. Maybe the reality of a new workload is starting to hit

    • Chaine says:

      William always has a bit of an annoyed face like “let’s get this over with.”

      • Nahema says:

        They never look entirely relaxed but they actually look happier than usual to me. I love Kates dress. Red always looks good on her but her hair looks rather mumsy.

        I don’t get why the Cambridges are all we have now though? The Sussex’s will still be in the press non stop.

      • minx says:

        I really like the dress, it’s her hair that is bringing the look down.

    • LadyLaw says:

      The hair is just so, so bad. I don’t understand how Kate consistently looks more dated than her own mother. How??

    • Mtec says:

      I legitimately don’t know “what that means” would you mind explaining it plz?

      • Lorelei says:

        Fringe = bangs and usually when Kate changes her hair (particularly when she cuts bangs) she announces a pregnancy soon after.

      • aria says:

        lorelei maybe thats why she is smiling at the haters. i mean suckers, im pregnant and i wont work for another two years. she will make those morning sick excuse and wont bother to work for atleast another two years and those dumb fans praise her for breathing daily. thats the low bar for kate.

      • Mtec says:

        Ohhh, haha, I see okay. I wasn’t aware of that pattern lol. Thanks for explaining!

      • notasugarhere says:

        Her forehead isn’t moving for all her grimacing. Would she get trying to get pregnant while still dying her hair (blonder and blonder) and ‘toxing?

      • Elisa says:

        I agree with nota, she looks botoxed and she stopped doing tox with her last pregnancy, so IMO she isn’t pregnant…

      • M.A.F. says:

        If she were pregnant she wouldn’t be at
        the event. She has gotten serve morning sickness with each pregnancy and when that happens, we normally don’t see her for a bit.

    • Yeah look at that last photo of Kate laughing, shaking hands, and still leaning as far back as she can. Says it all, as Harry or Meghan would be leaning in. Body language people! I just don’t think Kate is comfortable in a highly public role. And that’s not a criticism, just an observation.

      • BellaBella says:

        I noticed that too. She is repelled by the woman in front of her.

      • kelleybelle says:

        I think everything they have done since Harry and Meghan withdrew looks forced and unnatural. Way too animated. They were never this animated before, especially Kate. She’s desperately trying to be like Meghan, to whom it came naturally. Not so with Kate. Let’s face it, Harry and Meghan outshone the heirs and apparently that’s not allowed. Bummer.

    • Abena Asantewaa says:

      William is learning from Harry, and showing some love to Kate, in his speech. I bet kate has been urging him to show some public affection, like Harry does to Meghan. Every woman needs a Harry!

  2. Chrissy says:

    “It’s expensive to look this dated.” Kaiser, you’ve been on fire lately. Your snark is delicious. BTW her hair looks like Farrah Fawcett circa 1976.

    • Chica71 says:

      Actually the dress cost $600 so it’s cheap by Katie’s standards. I took a dive into Rebecca English’s Twitter ( it’s for the strong only) and there are videos of WillKatie and other members hugging and kissing each other. Lots of commenters drooling about the new fabulous royals. It seem so performative! I think the Wessex was a last minute addition, Sophie’s dress was too small with lots of fat rolls in back. Kate’s expressions were either super enthusiastic or tired/bored. They gonna have a long year!

      • Belli says:

        The commenters who have spent so long despising Meghan are invested in W&K being “better”. No matter what happens, they will stick to that. They were gushing about Kate walking behind William (knowing her place, unlike the uppity one etc), of all things.

      • Enn says:

        Fat rolls? Nothing like some fresh, hot body shaming first thing in the morning!

      • Mellie says:

        No kidding, give Sophie a break, she always looks nice and compared to all the others, does her fair share of “work”.

      • Chrissyms says:

        I like how the commenters here have acceptable people to body shame. We could say a million things about the royals without doing that. Also let’s not bring Sophie into this. She stays out of trouble and works hard by royal standards anyways.

      • Alexandria says:

        Oh come on. You could just say it was an ill fitting dress.

      • Skelly says:

        I think she looks great. Sorry, not sorry.

      • Shirleygailgal says:

        Hey@Chica it seems that your wandering into Ms English’s twitter some of the horribleness has invaded your brain. You coulda/woulda/shoulda just stopped at ‘ill fitting dress’ but noooo, you had to go into horribleness. If only you could have quit whilst you were ahead, but REnglish et al go all the way, all the time, so I guess you’re either a fan or got an infection. Either way, hope you get better soon!

      • notasugarhere says:

        Her dress cost more than that because it is custom.

      • Elisa says:

        IMO Sophie is one of the best-looking women of the BRF.

      • nic919 says:

        I don’t think it’s fair to comment on Sophie not being stick thin when we know she actually does hundreds of engagements per year and didn’t use being a mother as an excuse for laziness.

    • Josephine says:

      I don’t get the matchy-matchy with the shoes and clutch. Her shoes are always super boring. There are fantastic shoes out there but I guess she’s only allowed to wear the one style.

    • Second that Chrissy. Loved that line. Bring on the snark, Kaiser.

    • Lady2Lazy says:

      Now that you said that, all I can do is picture Farrah Fawcett!! You are spot on! In regards to the dress, I absolutely loathe the dress! I think it’s a poor choice for this setting in that it should be more elegant!! Kate should have chosen a dress more in line with the occasion, though I like the red, it just seems more red carpet look than anything else. Is she so unimaginative that this is all she can up with are highlights and bigger and calmer sausage rolls? Please Kate, do something else with your hair!!

    • Virginia says:

      Because of this post l went to DFail to read the article and l was surprise when l read the comments! 50% were criticizing Kate, they were calling her dull, boring and a hiena! KARMA!

  3. Originaltessa says:

    I wish she’d pull her hair back more. I love it when she has an updo. She really does have a pretty face. I sound like my grandma.

  4. TeamAwesome says:

    Meanwhile, Edward has never been so pleased to be included!

    • HK9 says:

      You noticed that too eh??

    • Hope says:

      If only there had been a cake he could cut!

    • Elisa says:

      I guess Edward and Sophie already have been informed they will do more engagements this year, so that’s why he looks so pleased…

    • notasugarhere says:

      The original plan was Edward and Sophie phased out. That’s what Geidt was advocating, but Charles pushed him out and didn’t want E&S to stay. If recent changes mean the Sovereign Grant will keep covering expenses at massive Bagshot? Of course Edward and Sophie would be thrilled.

    • PrincessK says:

      Oh yes both E & S are happy. I always felt that Sophie was sucking up to the Cambridges knowing that her family’s fat would be in their hands. You will now see Sophie trying to become even more indispensable and pleased that the ousting of Meghan has pushed her back up a notch. The spoof The Windsors contained a lot of truth, including the fact that the Wessexes struggle with money.

      • Hope says:

        Right after Emilia Wickstead made her crappy comments, Sophie kept wearing her designs. I don’t think Sophie liked having Meghan in the family.

        I don’t think Emilia Wickstead made much of an effort to make amends to Meghan. She never deleted that dumb Instagram post comparing her design to Meghan’s wedding dress even though the dresses are not similar. I think Meghan wore her design during the tour to rise above and treat Wickstead’s opinions as meaningless.

    • M.A.F. says:

      Well, Andrew is no longer working (he really just needs to stay in his house & not come out) & neither is Harry & Meghan so someone has to fill in.

    • A says:

      I distinctly remember that Edward and Sophie were apparently quite grumpy when faced with Charles’ plans to slim down the monarchy. This was well before Andrew’s scandal blew up in his face, but it was sort of understood that Charles wanted to slim down the monarchy partially because he wanted to boot Andrew, but he couldn’t justify getting rid of just Andrew and keeping Edward&Sophie and Anne on the payroll. So they idea was that they all had to go. I imagine they’re quite thrilled at potentially being included again. The Andrew thing took care of itself, and there’s plenty of slack for them to pick up.

  5. Toot says:

    That hair looks very 80s. Dont like, but not my hair..

    As for this group going forward, it’s what the UK deserves.

  6. Ina says:

    Queen of Frump. Screams mother of the bride dress. Ugh, those phony wide open smiles.

    • Belli says:

      I don’t understand the smile thing. I get exaggerating facial expressions a bit for the cameras to make sure you don’t accidentally look bored, but she’s consistently extreme about it and surely she’s seen photos?

      • Toot says:

        She smiles like that because she’s getting jowls from her saggy face that shows when she doesn’t smile like this.

      • Alexandria says:

        Kate’s face is fine. You can always talk about her fashion sense, styling, makeup or work ethic, there’s plenty of material here. Me thinks her expressions are because she is still uncomfortable and she is clearly playing a role required of her. So she exaggerates because that’s the only way to force the energy level up. It’s what she has to do, not what she wants to do. She has never quite settled into her role as an adult working woman, to me at least. She is most comfortable with children. Nothing wrong with that. Some people are like that but they can still work hard. Anne and the Queen have RBF and I reckon prefer to be with horses anytime, but still outwork her.

      • Hope says:

        There is something wrong with not settling into your position as an adult working woman when you’ve happily lived on the money provided for the position for nearly a decade. She’s happy doing what she wants to do and appearances with children are part of it and it’s happened since she’s had her own kids. She didn’t start being this way. She improved there, and she can improve here as well, it’s just that she’s successfully set the bar so low for herself that it’s been decided that this act she performs is good enough.

        If the money was contingent on Kate being good at these kinds of appearances, she would amaze you with her improvement and performance. We’ve seen her improve at the things she deems priorities and there is something wrong if she doesn’t consider this kind of an engagement a priority.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yes, Toot, the stringer for People pointed that out a year or two ago. In the few photos from this event where she isn’t grinning like a puppet, you can see a very different shape to her face.

        Hope, these manic expressions are her way of pretending to be ‘engaged’ and ‘caring’.

      • Agirlandherdog says:

        While the delivery may have been a tad harsh, toot isn’t wrong. All those years of smoking and sunbathing have aged her significantly. Also, her insistence on staying bone thin.

      • yinyang says:

        It’s true. If Kate spent half as much energy into working for UK as she did working on herself, working on her weight, working on her looks from plain average Jane to superstar Kate transformation, or making babies, if she put an ounce of that determination into helping others, who knows what mountains she could move.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      It’s such a bright and sparkly dress and yet she still manages to make it look like it came out of some 80s drama show.

    • Skelly says:

      We should all be this frumpy. SMH.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I hope not. The rest of us, likely being people who support ourselves and know how to function in a work environment? We wouldn’t choose something both frumpy and inappropriate for a work engagement like this red outfit. You could put it on Camilla and it would look age appropriate. That’s not a good sign.

      • Ina says:

        I don’t mind frumpy and smart. Or frumpy and genuinely engaged. Or frumpy with gravitas. Unfortunately, she’s none of the above..

  7. Marjorie says:

    Seriously who has hair like that these days? I’d say only about 70% of it grows out of her scalp. It reminds me of the neck bangs of the 90s before botox got serious.

  8. Goal Digger says:

    Kate looks like she was enjoying herself in this reception!! She looks very happy this days which is great.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      LOL she had pained and weary expressions on her face on the way to the event and walking in. She’s going to try to “look happy” because that’s the least she she could do with her featherweight schedule.

      • Goal Digger says:

        Ooh my! Must we debate and analyse everthing? She looks very happy to me in this pictures period!! Have a good day

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yes, the photos of her in the car and standing still show a very different expression. She’s not pleased or interested to be there.

    • Ali says:


      This is a gossip site.

      Literally that is all people do.

      But anyway there are pictures of Kate looking bored and being unprepared for a group photograph.

      Nothing out of the ordinary.

    • AmunetMaat says:

      As a for real for real introvert, I wonder about some of these comments. I have to have a smile plastered on my face or people think I’m some type of wall- RBF- uncaring person but when I do smile people seem to just comment about my smiling. It really feels like I can’t win for losing. So now I wonder if public speaking and events just aren’t Kate’s thing. What if she has anxiety or is introverted and she’s trying her best to not have RBF but we all just complain either way? Or am I projecting too much? Hmm…

      • notasugarhere says:

        Crown Princess Mary, Prince Daniel, Queen Mathilde are all introverts too. They do not resort to manic expressions while doing their jobs.

      • AmunetMaat says:

        Eh, I guess I don’t really see a problem with her smile. I process it as exaggerated but not maniacal. To each his own in regards to how it appears or is taken. I’m also thinking about comments people have about how nervous or whatever Kate appeared right before entering the event and then mentioned her “laugh” and “smile” as fake since she looked so “not wanting to be there” before she walked in. There are also levels to introverts and social anxiety. Not all of it looks the same or presents the same, but again I could be projecting because I often have a showtime face that appears.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Her manic expressions never show up when she’s somewhere she wants to be on duty. At movie premieres, chatting up Ben Ainsley. Those over-the-top expressions only show up when she is required to 1) act like an adult or 2) pretend to care about the people around her. She has had nine years of this role. There is no excuse for her ongoing unprofessional behavior, and yet people keep trying to make excuses anyway.

      • AmunetMaat says:

        notasugarhere I don’t even like Kate on that level or care that profoundly. I just found the commentary fascinating within the context of analyzing her physical appearance. My original comment was also for @ Goal Digger who said she looked happy. Yeah Kate looks happy, or that she is at least trying to be engaged, which on the surface should be a positive thing.

      • nic919 says:

        That one lady’s reaction of WTF is because Kate does not look genuine when she grins like that. She’s not reading the room properly if the people she actually interacts with react to her in confusion. It’s not the first time she done this either. We are in year nine of her making these faces and it’s just not professional.

  9. JaneDoesWork says:

    I actually like this dress, its a good length. Did anyone else catch the leaked story to the DM about how the Cambridges are relieved by the support shown to them post Sussexit by the media? It made me laugh out loud because it felt very pre-emptive like “We’ve got a nice thing going here, now don’t ruin it by aiming your ire our way….” I tend to think the Cambridges will ride a nice little wave of gratitude from the press and then then the press will find a new scapegoat to replace Meghan. Clearly the Cambridges are worried it will be them.

    • HK9 says:

      They should be worried because they forgot that the press is loyal to no one. I will sit in my usual corner with my popcorn and watch the slow but sure tide turn, because it always does at the most inconvenient time.

      • aria says:

        it will take long time but worth it. atleast for next few years press obessed over sussex then cambridges kids be teenager then the real shit show will start. im also waiting.

      • Yes. I’m old enough to remember when the press turned on Jackie Kennedy. After the assassination they raised her to sainthood in the press. Then she started living her own life and not the “appointed role” and they came hard and fast for her.

    • Shirleygailgal says:

      @aria….I hope all the RR are dead and buried before the Cambridge kids are teenagers. I hope those kids manage to stay mentally healthy and strong. I hope there are laws against the paps by then. I will not wait, I will not eat popcorn, I will shovel their bull-puckey back in their faces over and over again because NOTHING is worth the press invasions like what Meghan and Dianna had to deal with. As Prince Harry has shown us.

      • aria says:

        they cant avoid the rr and press being a royal. instead of fighting press togther with harry , william throw them under the bus for his own image. this is why family is toxic and the throne comes with curse of what their ancestors did to achieve that throne. these things will surely pass on their generation to come. brf curse is not going to end anytime soon. they did more than 5 centuries crime and those karma will come back. thats why meghan and harry escaped with archie. unfortunatley for cambridges they have their fair share.

      • Tour malinn says:

        @aria exactly this! I keep thinking about the crimes and cruelty anyone had to perform in the old centuries to become king/queen. so dont tell me that being BRF is something noble or above regular humans. BRF are humans and one of the worst kinds. So called duty and the serving ones country does not cover or cure centuries of shame. Being a part of this family means that your ancestors were murderers, liars and torturers. Anyone who realises that should quit. I admirer H&M for their decision

  10. Beach Dreams says:

    Some of the other pictures I saw from this event were hilarious. She was clearly not happy to be doing this and Will was as indifferent to her presence as usual.

    • Nic919 says:

      The facial expression on the woman in the last photo is hilarious as well.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        That last photo with the lady in white is really funny. Kate looks weirdly over-excited and the lady in white looks like she’s going “stranger danger” on the inside.

      • BeanieBean says:

        That lady in white is trying her best to keep moving and just ignore that crazy person grinning away to her left.

  11. HK9 says:

    Beautiful colour on her. However, I know Katie Cambridge doesn’t do proportion well and loves to make the waist too high on her dresses. If she lowered it 2″ it wouldn’t stand out half as much(sorry it’s the alterationist in me-she won’t die)…but it’s who she is and what she does.

    • Vava says:

      Totally agree. I make clothing and that is the first alteration I’d do on that dress design. The waist is too high.
      Looking at the fabric makes my skin crawl. Looks itchy and uncomfortable. The color is good on her, though.
      As others have said, the Cambridges do not seem at ease. You can tell they are forced. Kate’s overly exuberant smile is one thing, but William looks bored out of his gourd. HA. It serves them right – this is their life and I think it seems like a life sentence. They really blew it when they drove the Sussexes away.

      • BeanieBean says:

        My thought, too–it looks itchy. I know I wouldn’t be comfortable in it. And it’s really her standard dress if you take away the sequins & lace: elasticized waistband, below the hip large ruffle, small ruffle at the shoulder in lieu of shoulder pads. And matchy matchy purse & shoes.
        Sophie is wearing a pretty ‘reception’ dress (if a bit too tight), but then there’s Anne, whose outfit looks a little more suitable to, I don’t know, a picnic?

    • notasugarhere says:

      She chose to have a bespoke version of this done at a different length, so we know the out-of-whack waist proportions on it were her choice.

  12. Bella DuPont says:

    Who wouldn’t need a little fresher after just winning such a monumental battle? Dislodging the biracial upstart and her wannabe prince husband was sweaty, tiring work, so fair enough on getting a new look for all the re-newed attention they’ll now be enjoying.

    Also, what a wonderful strategy, replacing the overly competitive Sussex upstarts with a more fitting couple: the greying, deeply uninteresting Wessexes. Next to them, the Cambridges look even younger and more sparkly than ever.

    Well played, Cambridges. Well played.

    • Yup, Me says:

      And the unseasoned royals are back in business! This time with the Black folks firmly on the proper side of the carpet.

      What’s with all the cackles, though? You cannot tell me these Oatmeal and Mayonnaise people are genuinely having that much fun.

    • Vava says:

      HA. I don’t think they really ‘won’, though. The Sussexes did!! They are free of the bull$hit and can move on to things they want to do with their lives and THRIVE. I don’t see the Cambridges thriving at all, in any aspect of their lives.

    • Dilettante says:


  13. tcbc says:

    I think she looks nice.

    Her dress is conservative, but there’s nothing wrong with that. I hate the notion that women who dress “modestly” (I don’t know if that’s the right word, but I’ve heard it called that before) are automatically matronly. Some women, like Ava DuVernay, prefer that style and look gorgeous while wearing it.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Kate doesn’t have the charisma to take a ‘matronly’ style and own it. All too often, the clothes wear her not the other way around.

    • Yeah, but there’s modestly classic, and then there’s modestly frumpy.

    • A says:

      You can dress “conservatively”/”modestly” and still have a great sense of style that shines through regardless of what you wear. Queen Maxima over in the Netherlands is a good example of this. She has a lot of really bad misses with her fashion, but she always takes risks, and whatever she wears is unique to her and her style and you can’t mistake it for anything else.

  14. bucketbot says:

    Now, I only read a few Royal articles, skipping a lot of them because….. ugh, usually when something new happens. So set me right please if you must. Is the The kensington Palace instagram now going to stop with the long Photo descriptions that they started doing after Meghan began doing them for the SussexRoyal instagram, or am I reading too much into it?
    It seems like its going to back to square one for these two. No competition so why bother with doing more than the bare minimum.

    • Lady D says:

      KP Instagram reached 11 million followers yesterday. The article mentioned they were ahead of the Sussex’s so I checked, and SR Instagram has 10.9 million followers.

      • aria says:

        kp instagram has lot of fake accounts and bots. those fake accounts are those dereange fans like creating mutiple account like selena gomez. those are really inmature people. those fans are doing that so kp instagram has more than sussex. if instagram does cleaning , many people will lose so much of their follower because most are bots.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yes, KP refuses to allow the simple public audits that can be done against their account. SR does allow those, and the audits show their follower count and followers are real.

      • truthSF says:

        SR Instagram reached 11M last night! They were only 15k behind KP total followers!

      • PrincessK says:

        They way the fake fans of the Cambridges are trying to increase the numbers is so bizarre and its terrible that KR will not permit an audit.

    • Bookie says:

      They hit 11m an hour or so ago. I hope they surpass the KP account.

  15. calibration says:

    I mean, the crazy laugh! What is any of that about? Her face looks so forced. I feel bad for her that she feels the need to look like that. and it’s only going to get worse without the support of the Sussexes. I guess Ed and S will step in and become the second runners to the Cambridges.

    • Alexandria says:

      If the Wessexes like to play second fiddle or willingly pick up what the Cambridges can’t, let them be. This family is just one dimensional wo Harry and Meghan. Let them remain plain oatmeal and just slowly become redundant please. However I doubt it very much.

    • Elisa says:

      I said the same above: IMO the Wessexes have already been informed about their upgrade, that’s why Ed looks pleased as Punch.

      • Yes, let’s not forget the young, bitchy, ego driven Edward. Reporters used to constantly complain about what a rude, condescending bitch he was to them. He’s a real piece of work too, he’s just been out of the public eye lately.

  16. African Violet says:

    I hope he wasn’t trying to rally kenyans to support him by reminding them he proposed in the country.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Apparently so, or at least to support the British via the fact of a British royal figure deigning to propose to his girlfriend in a former colony. It’s such a throwback.

    • What. . .now? says:

      And that is William in a nutshell, isn’t it? He’s visited several African nations, and somehow that means. . .what?

      Where is his Sentebale? Pretty sure it wasn’t him in Malawi helping with Elephant conservation. . . .

      NO ONE is fooled by this. They all know who the real deal is, and it isn’t William.

  17. Dee says:

    Oh, yes, the extra heavy “hair” is back. She can’t resist it.

  18. Becks1 says:

    Objectively I think the dress is okay, but she has a few other dresses that are pretty similar to this one (think of the dress she wore in Ireland last year) so I’m not sure why she needed another sparkly cocktail dress that she cant style quite right. But, I guess we are going to see fewer re-wears at this point since the “other one” is gone.

    The cheek kissing was so perfomative and the entrance pics of Will and Kate are really awkward.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Have you seen the set of her making goofy faces, trying to get his attention, and him looking away with a grim expression?

      • Becks1 says:

        Yes! it was so awkward and uncomfortable looking. there is clearly tension there, to put it mildly.

  19. Maria says:

    “I could think of no more fitting place than Jecca Craig’s father’s reserve to get down on one knee.” Fixed that.
    Wasn’t there some kerfuffle over when he actually proposed? The date book at the reserve stated mid October but Kate had been papped in London during that time? And there was some other toff he knew who’d proposed to his partner in Kenya carrying the diamond ring around too so William co-opted the story. Don’t know the details on these things for sure though, and it’s not that important, I just remember hearing them.

    Is it really new fringe? Looks just like it’s been styled that way. Anyway, I like the dress, I prefer her in red or green.

    • Dee says:

      Yes, I remember. Their engagement interview got awkward when one of them forgot the details. He totally co-opted that engagement story.

    • Hope says:

      Yes, he either completely copied the engagement of a friend who had proposed a year earlier or he just stole the story and pretended he did it.

    • Lady D says:

      Doesn’t she have this exact dress in green?

      • Maria says:

        I’ve accepted she has 9 unnecessary versions in different colors of almost everything she wears, even if she doesn’t repeat them ever.

    • I always felt bad for Kate about her having to get Diana’s ring. Diana supposedly was shown a tray of rings and said, which one is the most expensive — and picked that one. (Which supposedly upset both the Queen and Charles.). Then she is wearing it when she dies. I know it was important to both William and Harry that Kate — as future Queen — wear Diana’s ring. That’s supposedly why Harry gave it to William. Now Kate has it on her hand….. I’ve always wondered if she would have preferred something a bit more her and a bit less Diana. From the moment she said yes, it seems like the Firm has been carving tiny bits away from her and she is more what they want and need and less who she was. I don’t envy the life she has chosen — or the man, for that matter.

      • Venus says:

        I would hate to have to wear the engagement ring of my dead mother-in-law, who had such an unhappy marriage! I always think jewelry holds memories, and that ring holds nothing joyful or glad.

      • Maria says:

        There are stories that William took the ring back without asking Harry, but Harry, having no use for it, relented and smiled on it in public.
        I believe Diana was wearing a ring from Dodi when she died. But if she was in fact wearing the sapphire ring, that is horrifying and I wouldn’t wear it for anything.

      • Hope says:

        Wear the engagement ring for an unhappy marriage, live in the house where her fil’s affair was conducted, recreate moments from her husband’s parents’ lives including the wedding day “candid”, Australia and India. Commission highly similar versions of her mil’s clothes. Where is Kate in all this?

      • Well if William did take the ring back from Harry instead of Harry offering it to him, I say —- lucky Meghan. I wouldn’t want to wear that “unhappy” piece of jewelry.

      • morrigan01 says:


        As someone on twitter said, Kate is basically cosplaying Diana’s life. Right down to wearing similar dresses to present both her sons on the steps of the Lindo wing. (She actually has to think outside the box a bit when Charlotte turned out to be a girl).

        And yeah, from the way I heard it, *Harry* was the one who got the ring, and William actually took one of Diana’s watches as a keepsake. I don’t know if Harry willingly gave William the ring for Kate, or if Will just demanded it or something however. Lucky Meghan, whichever it was. Plus, that ring isn’t anywhere close to Meghan’s state in jelwely anyway.

      • Nic919 says:

        I never understood why someone would want to wear an engagement ring from the most famous bad marriage in modern history.

      • A says:

        This is the royal family after all. The decision to give Kate Diana’s engagement ring was no doubt a very carefully thought out one. I dunno how much this was something that was motivated out of actual sentiment for the ring and his mother on William’s part. I bet he thought it would be a nice gesture, for sure. But more than anything, he gave Kate that ring because him and the rest of the RF wanted to symbolize a sense of continuity. They wanted to show that this would be the marriage that would fix the stain that was left behind when Diana and Charles divorced. They would “fix” what his parents broke. They do this because the RF will never strike out and be original. They will always hark back to the past to set the blueprint for the present and the future, because they’re an archaic institution by nature.

  20. Mich says:

    I love the color of the dress and think I would love her hair if it was a few inches shorter.

  21. Alexandria says:

    The African continent holds a very special place in my heart. But please don’t marry into my family, we can’t take it.

    • kerwood says:

      The African continent holds a very special place in my heart…as long as YOU PEOPLE stay there. And please, for the love of God, STOP HAVING CHILDREN!!!!

    • Hope says:

      Going on safari holds a very special place in my royal heart so please preserve it so my three (and counting. Did you see my wife’s fringe!) royal kids can also use the African continent as their playground!

    • What. . .now? says:

      Seriously, you guys nailed it.

    • TP76 says:

      these are all so perfect I can’t take it. Well played, all. Well played.

    • grumpy says:

      Too late, Britain had a mixed-race Queen at the time the US was busy having a revolution to make people ‘free’ apart from African slaves. William and the Queen would be black if the US rules about ‘one drop’ ever existed in the UK.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      The African continent holds a special place, but please don’t bring up reparations.

  22. Nev says:

    Expensive to look this dated.
    Fantastic READ.

  23. Tash says:

    That lady in a white dress (last picture) is gorgeous!! 😍 I love everything – her jewelry, hair, dress, etc. etc….and that’s it, that’s the only nice thing I have to say.

  24. Florence says:

    Crazy fake laugh is out again.

  25. Busyann says:

    Has anyone seen the first image where they walked in. Kate looked like she scared af and Will looked constipated.

    • kerwood says:

      Keen Katie doesn’t usually spend that much time with Black people. She was probably clutching her purse.

      • Enn says:

        This is incredibly shitty.

        I don’t know why I’m surprised.

      • kerwood says:

        Oh honey, NEVER be surprised about how tacky the Cambridges can be.

      • BabsORIG says:

        @Enn, are you gonna go through threads and continuously disparage poster after poster about their comments? This is a gossip site, you don’t have to click on if you don’t want to. Please allow people to comment in peace without fear of being jumping down the throat. If the mods feel these comments are offensive and don’t abide by site policies and rules, the mods will take care of it. You don’t own this site and have no right to set any rules here.

      • kerwood says:

        Thanks @BabsORIG but not to worry. There’s nothing that warms my cold BLACK heart more than upsetting Keen Katie fans. A woman whose main accomplishment in life is being ‘the WHITE one’.

      • aria says:

        i dont know why fans praise her . i mean she is the opposite for modern day femeinist and she is should be shamed for allowing men to treat her like nothing. is tiara that much worth? i cant wrap my head around her for allowing william treating her like nothing. she doesnt have own identity other then wife to future king of england. even queen worked in ww2. plus i cant stand her fans praising her for desinging the garden. i mean it is really insulting to me as pow , this is what future woman should be like? this is what she is representing to allow her hubby like puppy, turn blind eye to cheating as along as you get money and tiara?

      • What. . .now? says:

        @aria — solid points. Right on the money.

        @kerwood — high five!

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        @aria, I totally agree. It’s not Kate herself who bugs me so much, but that a large portion of SOCIETY will praise her for being white and thin, and nothing else. She’s not particularly smart, she can’t speak well, she doesn’t appear to have any ideas or ambitions of her own, she’s content to be her husband’s doormat and turn a blind eye to whatever he does, and sticks to things a misogynist thinks are “women’s work” — like flowers and children. And yet they praise her for being the savior of the monarchy. If THAT is what the monarchy stands for, Britain should get rid of it. Heaping billions of dollars and political influence on people *just* because they are white and born (or married) into this inbred family really has no place in the modern world. I know a lot of British take pride in having a monarchy, but to me it just makes the British look racist, misogynistic, and dumb for supporting this family.

      • yinyang says:

        Maybe Brits should save themselves some money and just replay clips from 1960s men doing all the speaking and woman just looking nice, before womans lib.

      • PrincessK says:

        I agree that Kate doesn’t feel at home with people unless they are white and middle class. She is more comfortable with Mary Berry, who could teach her a few lessons on how to be genuinely engaging. Kate just doesn’t have much to say about anything except her kids sadly.

      • L4frimaire says:

        I like this thread. Been ignoring the whole Cambridge/ Royal feeds since the Sussexit, but feeling no pity for this crew. A few mean remarks are nothing, and they are way overdue. Such a bunch of useless posers.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I’ve seen those, and the set where she’s frantically making funny faces and William is looking away in disgust.

  26. Guest with Cat says:

    I’ve seen a few other photos from this event and noticed all of them, Sophie, Edward, Kate, prince Derp, clenching their own hands tightly, like they’re wringing them nervously.

    Are they such novices at this meet and greet stuff or are they really that awkward and uncomfortable around black people? Especially now that it’s known that the only black family member they have can’t stand to be in the same country as them?

    Kate looks fine, by the way. She’s standing next to Mr. Potato Head so what does it matter, really, what she looks like. Carole Middleton should be soundly smacked on the nose with a rolled up Daily Mail for pushing, prodding and grooming her daughter into this life with that man. Mike Middleton doesn’t get a pass, either.

    And I’m not casting shade on William’s baldness with the Potato Head reference. If he were a better person he’d have better expressions on his face and rock the baldness. As it is, a lifetime of having a stick up his bum has taken its toll.

    I feel bad for all the visiting African dignitaries getting stuck with this lot.

    Lol at William having to apologize for the Queen not being there. Yep she’s 93 and done with this shit. She’s home in her robe watching Absolutely Fabulous reruns and binging on chocolate biscuits. Well, I mean that’s what I would do if I were an old queen and didn’t give a shit about anything anymore. I’d also invite Camilla over and tell her to bring the gin.

    • Alexandria says:

      Either bad photos or they feel guilty AF facing the African contingent after not showing any kind of support for Meghan! They could have showed up to at least one event wearing her capsule collection, issue a statement of support, do photo ops, something! I wish one of the delegates asked “Oh where’s Harry and Meghan? We were expecting them.” even if said delegate knew about the royal self-inflicted crisis. Just to see how they squirm their way about it.

      What a waste of goodwill!

    • Chrissy says:

      LOL! So true!

    • Elisa says:

      hahahaha, I wish I could upvote your comment!

    • Perhaps they were afraid “dem Africans” would say, where Harry and the black beauty we all came here to meet. They are so WHITE they sparkle, don’t they?! Hail Britannia saying hello to the colonies. (Oops, I’m sure they remembered that they are supposed to think of these OTHERS as the Commonwealth countries now). But once a colony, always a colony to the staid British royal family whose whole coin is living in the past. I mean many of them still think Lord Mountbatten was a traitor for facilitating India’s uncoupling as a British Colony. (As if the British government could ever do anything about a country deciding to opt for self rule.).

  27. CindyP says:

    Very pretty dress but let’s face it; she just doesn’t have it. No pizzazz, style. Never looks comfortable & genuine. Meghan & even Sophie have appeal; seem genuinely warm, look people in the eye & seem interested in what people have to say. Kate has none of that

    • carmen says:

      Agree with you about Meghan and Sophie too. Although she gets less coverage, Sophie puts in the work and doesn’t just go through the motions like Kate. I guess it helps that like Meghan, she knows what it’s like to work for a living and support herself.

      Kate’s dress is beside the point but since there’s never much else to discuss re: accomplishments, work, etc., fashion is what’s left I suppose. On that note, Sophie’s style seems more modern than Kate’s. Most of Kate’s outfits seem to be flashbacks from the 80′s.

    • Hope says:

      She really doesn’t. It feels like she’s actually gone backwards.

  28. kerwood says:

    I called it! Normal Bill and Keen Katie are going to spend more time with people of colour NOW than they have for their ENTIRE lives, to show the world that the royal family REALLY aren’t the racist assholes they’ve shown themselves to be. I don’t know what they’re going to have to do to prove to the world that the REALLY don’t support child sex trafficking.

    Kaiser is dead on. It’s a variation on Dolly Parton’s joke about herself; it takes a lot of money to look THIS frumpy. God damn.

  29. Myra says:

    Sophie, watch your back. We know a plain paper bag can upstage Kate so the minute you start getting more press than Kate it’s all bets off. You will be destroyed by William and Carole.

  30. Flying fish says:

    To the people of color in that room: remember that that family and the british media just got rid of a woman just because she is a woman of color!

  31. Texas says:

    I think she has beautiful hair. Of course, I’m from Texas. We like big hair here.

  32. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Ahh yes Kate and her perpetual hyena face. That’s all we’re getting from now on. So f-*cking depressing…

  33. Gem says:

    I was a teen during the 80’s and I’ll never not like big hair! I do like it when she wears it up, though.

    • Elisa says:

      And big hair is totally coming back! The weird thing is she is actually on trend, but still looks dated. Anyways, I like the red colour on her and I flat out love the little handbag.

  34. ariel says:

    The lady she is being introduced to is giving a look in that picture, like- this girl is not right.
    Also, I once read an article about Kate’s performative laughter- how she laughs way too hard in public when people are watching and how it does not seem genuine. And I always think that now when I see her laugh.

    • leigh says:

      There’s a line in the Downton Abbey movie when someone says “Royals don’t guffaw” or something like that. I immediately thought it was Julian Fellowes throwing some shade at Katie Keen.

    • yinyang says:

      That look lol I love it!

  35. shells_bells says:

    I don’t mind the dress, but wish the accessories (shoes & clutch) weren’t so matchy-matchy. Maybe a metallic? Or even black would have been better.

    • Veronica S. says:

      Yeah, the shoes bug me. Gold would’ve been more fashion forward and linked it to the clutch, but if not that, then maybe a cognac.

  36. Original Jenns says:

    I think Kate looks great (I am also a person who loves her some vintage style like 70s hair lol). I also think it’s interesting I didn’t read anything from the royal media about how the representatives requested one on one time with Harry, just how wonderful Will was hosting this.
    ETA OMG! That pic of Kate and Sophie with Edward cheesing in the background like a royal photobomber! Hahahahaha

  37. Veronica S. says:

    The way some Western government heads talk about Africa at times has such a hilarious audacity to it. Like lol yes, I’m glad Kenya made such a romantic spot to propose to your bride as you stood upon soil your ancestors invaded and exploited for imperial gain for nearly a century. You really have to wonder how natives in that country feel about those visits.

    • L4frimaire says:

      They’re there waxing nostalgic about the old days of Africa and colonialism, and all the deals are being made with China and rich Gulf states, and the US military and energy companies have their stake as well.. I’m from a non-African Commonwealth country, and the focus is the US and China. In fact the biggest infrastructure projects the country has had in the last 20 years have been funded by Chinese investment. It’s an uneasy alliance, especially since the US sees this part of the world as their backyard. Also, about a decade ago some of the commonwealth Southern Caribbean nations were petitioning to become part of the EU. It got nowhere but the U.K. has to realize that no one is waiting for them and their deals. Other players are lined up and getting their piece. I just wish these nations would benefit more directly from the great game, round two. But sure, Kate looked nice in a sparkly dress.

  38. Charfromdarock says:

    How dare a women not be stick thin or encased in layers of spanx??
    Sophie looks great, professional and appropriate for the occasion.

    I hope Princess Anne is giving Normal Bill some tips on how to work harder and interact with actual people.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Sophie usually looks much better that this, and takes time to have clothes that fit properly. This red dress is an obvious change from that. Makes me wonder if she and Edward were added to the list last minute, she grabbed something that used to fit, and this is the result.

      • I’m amazed she is in a dress the same color as Kate’s. Some poor planning there as she is supposed to be background to the Cambridge’s.

      • notasugarhere says:

        That’s why I think it could have been last minute. If she had this dress at their apartment at BP, she might have thought, ‘No need to bring something else from Bagshot, I know I have that hanging in the closet in London’. The arrived, she put on the dress, and noticed too late that it doesn’t fit the way it used to.

  39. lanne says:

    I’m pretty ambivalent about Kate. I believe she’s passively complicit in all of this–I don’t think she’s as Machiavellian as people think. I think she has developed a very specific image of a blank slate. Be nothing, do nothing, say nothing. Be an image for the British public to impose their pwetty pwincess fantasies upon. But I have to wonder if, in her heart of hearts, she is quaking with fear as she thinks about the future for her kids. This family does.not.change. (Unless crisis leads them to change). In fact, I think the current Windsors are much more like Romanovs than King George 5 and Queen Mary, who were pragmatic enough to make changes when needed. Queen Elizabeth, Charles, William et al are more like the Romanovs who stubbornly clung to power they didn’t even want, nor were even really suited for. (I don’t think they’ll go the same way–that’s not the point I’m making). But Kate has to be perceptive enough to see the writing on the wall when it comes to Charlotte and Louis. There’s a clear path toward chaos for both of those kids, especially if they show any hint of an independent spirit. Maybe the “best thing” that could happen to Charlotte and Louis in terms of the RF would be to keep them coddled and isolated–not to give them any inkling of an “outside life” so that they don’t have any inclination that life could be anything other than what it is. Yes, in that case, they wouldn’t be prepared for a monarchy that may no longer exist. But they’ll be insulated by their wealth either way.

    • aria says:

      then she should have said something to william and make him see this is what happens to charoltte and louis. i think cambridge children will have more toughter time then william and harry. because of diana death press and public didnt bully them much and they always remeber those boys walk behind diana coffin. but thats not the case for cambridge kids. anne escape press because A) she was behind so many ppl, plus there was many drama like camilla, margret, diana, andy, charles, fergie etc. but thats the case for charoltte she was second in line, you know how york girls were written about. i think louis and geroge will have same relationship like william and harry. charles made clear about throwing andy under bus, same william did with harry, now watching this geroge will do the same. ppl saying those kids will be middleton is wrong, for one middleton kids didnt grow as heir and spare. plus the sister have better relationship than brothers. from what you seen this is not the case for royal family. none of their relationship is healthy. there will be more minor royals to throw them under bus. the cambridge family will be all alone. being close with pippa or zara or peter kids wont be that much of help.

    • TuxCat5 says:

      I don’t think Kate thinks that deeply, or is even capable of that kind of reflection. She seems to be stuck in high-school-popularity-contest mode, meaning status is all that matters to her, and her only real concern is her own status.

      I honestly believe Kate expected to be like Diana, in that by marrying the heir (to the heir) to the throne, she’d be instantly and massively adored and popular. That engagements meant showing up to places looking beautiful in expensive clothes to be applauded, glorified, and photographed. And those mean old snobby aristocrat people who made fun of her (and her mom) in school would have to bow and curtsey to her. It’s a childish fantasy that I think Kate is still chasing, and just like she “ran off” perceived competitors for Will during the dating years, she “ran off” her competitor for attention and adoration (i.e. Meghan).

  40. Lizzie says:

    Okay, when they were first engaged I thought she purposely dressed dowdy because she was copying the queen, who looks cute now but has been dowdy and matronly for decades. I thought it was a mature approach. Also I thought she was saying ‘I am not Diana, I don’t have to be the best dressed woman in the room.’
    Now I think I had it wrong, she doesn’t have great taste. She has the best stylist’s but still rarely a home run.

    • yinyang says:

      I think if she didn’t have stylists and was on her own I think she’d be dressed more like Sophie. She is not a stylish woman, I mean there are girls with not so much money that truly know how to dress. I think Diana was like that, before she was famous and equipped with the best stylists in the UK, Diana knew how to dress ,her dressing was upscale, shoes handbag matched make up and hair always neat and trim and uptodate, I think Rose Hanbury is the same, she has a style of her own. Kate before fame dressed in illfitting clothes, knee high boots with clothes that didn’t match, tacky minimini skirts and cheap fabrisc, just no. Kate might have Quinn, Simon Case and whatever stylist they pick out, she points to Diana and Rose and says I want to look like that but naturally she can’t do it herself.

    • I liked the way Kate used to dress. Very sporty and relaxed. Very hip. And, she looked so healthy and happy. It’s like she’s aged 40 years.

  41. Mtec says:

    I honestly cannot stand the Cambridges, but I’m seeing so many comments about Kate’s big laugh, and maybe like, that’s just the ways she laughs? It might seem over-the-top or performative, but maybe we could also give her the benefit of the doubt and it could be she just genuinely laughs like that and is having a good time .

    • ME says:

      Yeah I mean it’s just a laugh for God’s sake and I’m pretty sure you can see graduation pics of her from college where she had the exact same laugh. I know this because I saw a documentary the other day about William and Harry’s relationship going back to when they were kids all the way up until now.

      • Hope says:

        I think it is a performative thing but it’s actually her mother’s mannerisms. There was a series of pictures of Carole at a sporting event making the same series of over the top expressions while everyone else looked more subdued. Carole doesn’t always do that so I think she was reacting to the camera and Kate does the same. Kate’s more natural smile is there when she’s with her kids.

  42. Liz version 700 says:

    Kate looks very nice I actually like her dress a lot it is a good fit and color. Am I crazy or does Earl Wessex actually look the same approximate age as William. Certainly happier. William’s scowl is aging him fast.

  43. ME says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with her hair…it looks nice on her.

  44. Guest says:

    Lol. If this is the future of the royals good luck England. You have your snow white representation.

  45. Green Desert says:

    Matronly dress, as usual. Dated hair, matchy-matchy shoes. Overall completely lacking in style, per usual for her.

    Kensington Palace got the insta caption wrong though. It should read “See, we love black people!”

  46. yinyang says:

    money money money money

  47. L4frimaire says:

    This is what the public wants. They don’t want Kate and Wills doing any real work other than showing up and shaking hands, with him, and only him, making a random speech or two, and her smiling and wearing appropriate dresses. This is stability for them. No one seems bothered by how awful or boring or petty they may actually be behind closed doors. This is their time to shine. Bask in that sunshine yo. It’s all good from now on, Britain is saved🙄.

  48. JaneFake says:

    Soooooo interesting! It’s obvious that Wessexes will have more engagements this year (due to sussexit). So they’ll have more of SG. Sophie is known as a hardworking royal, also they have good family. Also it’s said, that she is the favourite Queen’s daughter-in-law. According to all these things will cambs bull them both in mass media? Especially Sophie, she is under attack. If yes then they are super stupid.

    • L4frimaire says:

      She’s the Queens favorite daughter-in-law because she is the only one left. Camilla doesn’t count.

  49. Casey says:

    it had nothing to do with the Queen that Kate iddn’t live on base – that’s against military rule in the UK. you’re just making up nonsense. unless you are married or have children, your partner CANNOT live in base housing with you

  50. TP76 says:

    The photos and video of Kate walking in to this reception are GOLD and should be front page news. Her face is exactly how you would expect the laziest woman in England to look as she realises she might actually finally have to do a bit of work from now on, now that she has colluded in (or at least passively enabled) her harder-working in-laws to be thrown under the bus. It should also serve as a warning to all those girls out there who still buy into this “princess” storyline and think that waiting around for a rich and/or titled bloke to propose, while he tries to find a better option, is a legitimate career path. Be careful what you wish for, girls, and behold the expression of a miserable, trapped, starving and out-of-her-depth woman facing a life sentence of boredom and secret humiliation.

  51. Otis'smom says:

    Am I the only one here who thinks Sophie was told to wear a plain red dress? All the other women at the event are much more dressed. It’s almost like Kate picked out the dress herself. It’s a nice dress but looks like something I would wear to my office and not to a cocktail event.

    • Hope says:

      Sophie’s smart enough to dim her own light to let Kate shine. This is what they wanted from Meghan and Sophie will happily comply.

  52. CrystalBall says:

    Her look screams Christmas cracker to me. I think it’s the sparkliness. Also rather unfortunate how it matches the palace soft furnishings tone in tone. It just seems so wrong for January! Sophie’s dress has a completely different vibe, much fresher and more modern.

  53. Mustang Sally says:

    I love the color and material of the dress! That color is great on her…I wish it did not have a seam at the waist. I think it would have been better if it flowed like a column dress. Also, tea-length dresses are dowdy. Maybe floor-length (or shorter that what is is now) would have been better. And the matchy-matchy shoes have to go

  54. Karen says:

    Random… Kate & Megan are usually referred to with their maiden names, Sophie never is? Did she used to be when they 1st married?
    Could Megan change her last name to M-W like Archie? Wouldn’t that make heads explode? lol

  55. Val says:

    Hm, hope they don’t do too much damage scrubbing the “black” off them once they’re done!
    I have come to despise them, they are truly the face of evil. Can’t wait to watch them self destruct.

  56. Malcolm H. says:

    “ It’s expensive to look this dated.”

    The library is officially open, honey.

  57. RoyalBlue says:

    Ah yes, Edward and Sophie with beaming grins that say ‘we just got promoted to senior royals status’.

    Dukedom announced in 3..2..1….


  58. A says:

    Well, I still feel like spending 450 pounds on a sparkly dress is far too much money. Won’t anyone think of the common man who can’t afford such frivolous luxuries? Oh wait, that’s only a problem if it’s Meghan.

    I’m not gonna critique her on her laugh. I’ve always maintained that Katie Keen had a personality under all of that hair spray and extensions. She can be a load of fun when she isn’t trying too hard to impress anyone else. She’s always had something of a hyena laugh. It just looked better when it was more natural.

  59. Carolind says:

    Royal blue
    It is widely expected that Edward IS going to get a dukedom. When the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are both gone, if he is still alive he is meant to be going to get the title Duke of Edinburgh. Whether Charles will still go ahead with it though…

    Regarding the royal women and price of clothes, Diana, Kate and Meghan have all fallen down here. I will never forget in the early years of her marriage, Diana wearing a £4000 gown to hand a charity a cheque for £3000. Kate’s wildly expensive wedding dress, the extravagant gown/skirt Meghan wore for a photoshoot, going to see poor people in clothes costing anything a little more than average, none of it sits comfortably with me. They are not celebrities.