Constance Wu worked in a strip club for real & made $600 in one night

Constance Wu attends the 22nd CDGA (Costume Designers Guild Awards) at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 28, 2020 in Beverly Hills, California© Jill Johnson/

I still can’t believe all of the slander of Jennifer Lopez re: Hustlers. I said it a million times during the awards season, and I’ll continue to say it: she deserved an Oscar nomination. We can argue about whether she deserved the actual Oscar (I say yes), but to claim that she didn’t deserve the NOMINATION is objectively insane. She was soooo good in Hustlers. She was so good, you might even mistake the movie as a Jennifer Lopez star vehicle, even though Constance Wu was technically the lead. Speaking of, Constance was on Kelly Clarkson’s talk show a few days ago, and Constance chatted about her research for the role as a stripper. Turns out, Constance went to a real-life strip club and actually tried it out:

Constance Wu really got down to the bare essentials for this role. The actress said in an interview Monday that she spent time working in a strip club in preparation for the movie “Hustlers” — and even made $600 in one night.

“I went undercover. I gave lap dances to strangers,” Wu told Kelly Clarkson on her NBC talk show. When Wu admitted the lengths she took to get into character, Clarkson, 37, could hardly believe it.

“You’re lying!” she exclaimed. “I’m not lying,” Wu said, before adding she made $600 her first time. The actress said she put fake tattoos on her neck and added hairpieces, as Clarkson said: “You are so method.”

Wu replied: “You can’t duplicate it, the first time you walk into a club and say ‘Hey, I would like to have a job here’ and then you go work that night.”

[From Page Six]

I’m including the clip below – Kelly was really astonished that an actress playing a stripper would do that kind of research. It makes sense to me, although… you couldn’t really see it on the screen with Constance. Hustlers Hive, did you notice that? Constance barely danced and she never stripped in the movie. Still, I bet the real strip club experience helped her performance.

Here’s another clip, where Constance and Kelly bond about their waitress past and how, as a waitress, it’s sad to see the other Valentine’s Day: Mistress Day, February 13th, when dudes take their sidepieces to dinner and pay in cash.

Constance Wu attends the 22nd CDGA (Costume Designers Guild Awards) at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 28, 2020 in Beverly Hills, California © Jill Johnson/

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  1. ME says:

    I just watched Crazy Rich Asians for the first time the other day. It was so good. Please someone tell me they are making a sequel. I want to see what their wedding will be like (plus all the drama lol).

    • deezee says:

      They are making the sequal(s). Not sure how true they will be to the books but I found book 2 focuses mostly on Astrid, and book 3 on Astrid and Kitty Pong. Nick and Rachel become secondary characters. Did they have a big wedding in the book? I don’t really even remember that being much of the story.

      • ME says:

        I haven’t read the books. I was hoping for a sequel focused on Nick and Rachel’s wedding lol oh well. Thanks for the info though !

      • Becks1 says:

        I cant figure out how they are going to make the sequels, since the ending of the first book is so different from the ending of the movie. I know they are making them, but I imagine the plot will be very different. I don’t think a movie of China Rich Girlfriend (the second one) will be as “light” as the first movie.

    • ME says:

      @ Becks1

      What happened at the end of the first book compared to the movie?

      • Becks1 says:

        @ME (spoiler if anyone hasn’t read it) –

        Nick walks away from his family. His grandmother and mother draw a hard line in the sand and Nick chooses Rachel over them. I think Nick may still be on speaking terms with his father and with Astrid, but cant remember about the other cousins.

        When they were making the movie, Michelle Yeoh apparently asked that the ending be changed slightly, because she didn’t want to further the stereotype of the Asian tiger mom, so we have her giving Nick her ring and not cutting him out for proposing to Rachel.

      • ME says:

        Ahhhh ok…wow. Thanks for replying!

  2. Eliza_ says:

    As for not stripping down, Constance probably had that in her contract. If they had an issue with it they could have gone with another actress.

  3. Heather says:

    Why do I feel like she is either totally lying about this ever happening, or, embellishing on a somewhat true story? Like, maybe her agent called a higher class strip club, and asked them to let her try it for a night…with full security all around her, carrying $600 in cash.

  4. DiegoInSF says:

    I feel like whoever says JLo wasn’t snubbed should be blocked but whatever, people are entitled to their incredibly wrong opinions 😉.

    All that research Constance did but she didn’t even dance in the movie.

    • GreenTurtle says:

      Diego, I love your JLo dedication! Every time someone comes on here trying to dunk on JLo or compare her unfavorably with someone else, you come busting through the wall like Kool-Aid man to let them know that – hell no – they are sadly mistaken. 😂

  5. Nikomikaelx says:

    Did you people only see like 5 movies last year? Jlo was ok, but she wasn’t even close to being one the best performances of the year. Dear god.

    • Juliette says:

      Totally agree. It was a good movie and she was good in it. But I mean come on, she didn’t deserve some award for it. She’s been a dancer for so many years, this wasn’t exactly a stretch for her to play a dancer. No shaded to J-lo I like her but yeah gmafb.

      • DiegoInSF says:

        She is not a pole dancer, she literally had to train and learn how to pole dance for this role. SMH dancing and pole dancing are incredibly different.

    • Kay says:

      So much this. It makes me wonder if I watched the same movie they did lol

    • A says:

      LOL Thank you for saying that. I was shocked by all the “JLO is coming for that Oscar” talk. IMO just shows that people have bandwagon mentality.

  6. Juliette says:

    I think it is absolute insanity that there even needs to be laws passed to stop hair discrimination. Like seriously. WTH. Mind your business, how someone wears their hair is none of your concern. Because a certain style doesn’t fit into your narrow minded box of what’s acceptable? GTFOH.

    If I had a kid and they said he/she would have to cut their locks to graduate, I would lose my mind. Concentrate on the important things – like making sure all those kids have proper nutritional meals at school, updated textbooks and clean, healthy classrooms – I could go on for days. Not how they decide to style their hair. FFS SMDH

  7. Case says:

    J.Lo has put in far better performances in other films and Hustlers was not a very good movie, honestly. I’m glad the movie was made because we need more stories about women, created by women out there, but c’mon. J.Lo did not deserve any award nominations for this movie. She was fine, and forgettable.

    • Lee says:

      Agreed. My daughter and I were both seriously underwhelmed and bored by Hustlers. Mediocre is a generous description. We couldn’t even finish it, so yeah, it was bad.

      • Case says:

        I couldn’t believe how boring it was! I watched it on a plane and kept pausing it to take a nap, lol! It was kinda painful to get through. I kept expecting it to get better and it never did.

  8. holly hobby says:

    I think Connie is embellishing this story. We watched the DVD over the weekend and her dancing, or lack thereof, sucked. She gave the stereotypic “asians are bad dancers” performance. Rather stiff and uncomfortable. If people gave her $600 for that, then they must be drunk or drugged with special K.