The best all over moisturizer, a dress to cosplay Queen Letizia & cute cateye glasses

From Hecate: A milk frother to make fancy at-home lattes or chocolate milk
We love our frother. I was given my first frother as a bridal shower gift. I would never have bought one on my own but now I won’t be without one. We use it to make chocolate milk (it leaves no syrup on the bottom), hot chocolate, mochas and lattes, but I’ve also used it to restir settled juices and such. It’s just a handy little guy to have and it doesn’t take up much space. This one comes in nine colors, which is nice because I keep mine on the counter so I like it to match (it has a little holder but you can keep it in a drawer too). This particular one has 4.4 stars, 9,729 reviews and Fakespot gave it an A. So do I.

From Hecate: A desktop dartboard to help you procrastinate
There are only so many times you can reorganize your desk to put off whatever work you’re supposed to be doing. Enter, a desktop darts! This small dart board folds flat for storage (or to disguise itself as a coaster so your boss doesn’t know you’re screwing around). Open, it’s about six inches high and comes with three magnetic darts. It’s great for a little midday stress release. Reviews said, “it’s the perfect size for the desk,” and that you don’t even need the board, “Even playing with just the darts is fun because they all stick together and you can spin them around.” Most of the other reviews talk about leaving it up and coworkers finding excuses to come over and play with it – so it’s a team builder too! The dart game earned 4 stars with 43 ratings and got a B on Fakespot. This would also make a great gift.

From Hecate: Bestselling water shoes for outdoor comfort this summer
Summer’s coming. It may not seem like it to some of you, but my kids were in the ocean last weekend. And they were shuffling along the bottom of the sea bed to make sure they didn’t get stung by stingrays. So a pair of these would be preferable than getting sliced by a shell or piece of coral. Plus they help to prevent slipping if they’re cruising along the slick halls of the local Y. The shoe comes in 44 different designs and got 4.1 stars out of 8,521 ratings and a B on Fakespot. A few of the reviewers suggested other possible uses for them. One said, “I work at a spa, so I wear these instead of bare feet in the winter and they’re comfortable and fit great.” another said, “I wear these as house shoes they are so comfortable.” My son and I tend to go barefoot a lot, including when we walk around outside. It drives my husband crazy so this might be the solution we need.

From Hecate: A Waterproof bluetooth speaker so you can listen to your music anywhere
I own this speaker. There are cheaper options but I know this one works and it lasts long enough to justify the $30. Plus, it’s JBL and that’s a reliable brand. The speaker comes in 12 colors, which is great because we keep it in the kitchen so again, I can match it. But we do take this speaker everywhere – inside and out. It’s size is completely unobtrusive and it’s a big sound for such a small speaker. So I give it a thumbs up, but it also got 4.7 stars out of 3,784 reviews and Fakespot gives it an A. Other reviewers confirm, “The quality of this little speaker is nice” and that the battery life can go past 5 hours.

From CB: A black slinky sweater dress to cosplay Queen Letizia
Queen Letizia looked amazing in that form-fitting black COS dress this week! I poured over the COS site and while their dresses are somewhat reasonably-priced (for royal wear) at under $150, that’s still more than I would spend on a dress. Plus Letizia’s exact dress wasn’t there. Maybe I would pay that for a very special occasion, but you know I get my clothes from Goodwill. Sometimes I’ll supplement those with a special piece, like this form-fitting black sweater dress for under $40. This lovely sweater dress comes in sizes xx-small to xx-large and in so many colors and fits. I love it and want several. Right now I’m just treating myself to one though. This has 4.2 stars, 37 ratings and an A on Fakespot. People call it flattering, very soft, classy, elegant and “nicer than I expected.”

From CB: Non-prescription cat eye glasses to up your style game
Ever since I saw Always Be My Maybe I’ve wanted a pair of cat eye glasses! I’ve stuck to the rectangular-type frames I’ve always had because prescription glasses are expensive. This is a pair of cat eye glasses with clear non-prescription lenses. You can replace them with your own prescription or wear them as is just to look cute. They have 4.3 stars, 553 ratings and an A on Fakespot. They come in six different colors, including clear and rose pink, with either gold or metallic sides. Women say they get compliments on them, that they’re durable and “super cute,” and that they’ve become a “favorite accessory.” Many people say they put prescriptions lenses in them and that they work great for that purpose. Plus they’re under $13!

From CB: An incredible all-over moisturizer you can use on your face too
My skin is so dry this winter and this helps. We’ve talked about CeraVe before, but I wanted to put in another word for it because it’s the best, most versatile moisturizer I’ve used. I keep a jar of it on my desk and I use it for my hands, legs, face and even lips because it has no fragrance or taste to it. (I also have lip balm all over the house and need to move some in here.) It’s moisturizing but doesn’t clog pores and I’m so impressed with it. You get a huge amount, 19 ounces, for around $17, which will last so long. This has 5,700 ratings, 4.7 stars and a B on Fakespot. People rave about this and say it works well for skin that’s acne-prone with dry spots, and that it’s very soothing for eczema. Reviewers write that this “healed my itchy dry skin in two days,” that it makes their face “glow,” and call it a “miracle moisturizer” and the “holy grail product for skin.”

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  1. redheadwriter says:

    I think I first learned about CeraVe on here and I ADORE it! Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    That dress! You can never have too many black dresses.

    CeraVe is my jam. I love their face lotions and need to try this too. My legs get super itchy in the winter.

  3. manda says:

    Cerave is all I use on my legs. My dermatologist got me into it. They have an anti-itch formula for eczema, too. It is the greatest!

    • vanna says:

      yep! CeraVe SA Smoothing cream is great for keratosis piliaris, my arms and thights depend on it so much.

  4. Agnes says:

    CeraVe is AMAZING! I’ve been using both the cream and the daily moisturizing lotion, and my winter skin has never been better – no more bloody cracks on my hands. I’m also using it on post-mole removal areas that are still healing, they look great.

    I’m going to try out the CeraVe C Serum and moisturizer with SPF next. Both have hyaluronic acid, just like the cream.

  5. Jem says:

    I love CeraVe too. My daughter’s dermatologist suggested it to us after she developed a mild bout of eczema and small pimples on her face (she’s only SEVEN so that freaked us out). We use the moisturizing cream on her body but use the baby version on her face as we find it is milder and less clogging.
    The only thing I don’t like is how they DON’T SEAL THE JAR and I have to hope that no one awful decides to tamper with the cream at the store!

  6. Liz version 700 says:

    Cereve saved me. It is my go to forever. I have never used anything that could just stop itchy dry skin immediately. I bought the wedge recommended in another post to use when I am coughing (allergies) and it is great!

  7. Mtec says:

    Am I the only one not into CeraVe? it leaves white flakes all over my face and I cannot even use a makeup brush over it cause it makes my skin look like it’s flaking, my skin just doesnt absorb it totally i guess, it’s really thick moisturizer I find . Worst moisturizer i’ve ever bought. I heard the cleanser is good though.

  8. fishface says:

    I’m also using the CeraVe Skin Renewing Retinol Serum, which works really well. And last week, at the beach, I needed to up my game with moisturising my hair (dry, bleached, heat-damaged) so I smoothed some CeraVe Body Lotion onto the ends. It worked a charm – the hair was smooth, silky, and totally not greasy.