Mike Bloomberg released three of his victims from his company’s NDAs

Mike Bloomberg visits Philadelphia

Not that anyone has said this about me, but I hope I haven’t given anyone the impression that my only (or my main) concern about Mike Bloomberg is the fact that he’s almost definitely a serial sexual harasser and that he has a long history of, in GQ’s words, “egregious sexism.” I completely dislike Bloomberg for many reasons, including his racism, homophobia, transphobia and his utterly tone-deaf explanations and apologies for stop-and-frisk. The reason I’ve spent a chunk of time talking about Bloomberg’s sexism and sexual harassment is because there’s a long record already, and because Elizabeth Warren has (rather brilliantly) shredded Bloomberg over this subject. After the last debate – a debate where Sen. Warren basically slapped the sexism out of Bloomberg’s mouth – Warren continued to speak about just how destructive it was to vote for a guy who has hushed up his victims with NDAs. She even tweeted out an easy solution for Bloomberg to release women from those NDAs. And so… on Friday, Bloomberg did just that.

Mike Bloomberg said Friday his company would release from nondisclosure agreements three women who complained about inappropriate comments they said he made, two days after he was pressed to do so by Elizabeth Warren during the Democratic debate.

“Bloomberg LP has identified 3 NDAs signed over the past 30+ years with women to address complaints about comments they said I had made. If any of them want to be released from their NDAs, they should contact the company and they’ll be given a release,” Bloomberg tweeted Friday.

[From NBC News]

Apparently, Bloomberg’s staff went through 30-plus years of records (in two days??) and found that these three cases were the only ones directly involving Bloomberg. Which… I do not believe, given Bloomberg’s “egregious sexism.” I also don’t like that Bloomberg has put the onus on his victims to GO to the company and ask to be released. That’s… not the way to do it. Bloomberg also announced a new policy, and as long as he was running his company, “we won’t offer confidentiality agreements to resolve claims of sexual harassment or misconduct going forward.” Also: how many complaints were hushed by NDAs, and they involved people/executives in Bloomberg’s immediate circle? Old boys club sh-t, which is just as toxic as Bloomberg harassing people himself. Anyway, Sen. Warren still has some stuff to say:

Elizabeth Warren said Friday night that Michael Bloomberg’s decision to release three women from non-disclosure agreements with his company is not enough and she asked “how many other women are out there?”

“If there truly are only three women, then why won’t he sign a general release? Think through that,” Warren told NBC News in a phone interview. “Bloomberg and his company should issue a blanket waiver so anyone who wants to come forward can come forward — with or without Michael Bloomberg’s prior permission. We’re still left wondering: How many other women are out there that Michael Bloomberg hasn’t given permission to?” she added, keeping up an attack she first made on the rival presidential candidate at the debate on Wednesday here.

Warren said the three women will have to make their own decision about coming forward. “They should feel free to speak up once they have gotten a release in writing from the company, but it shouldn’t take that,” she said.

[From NBC News]

You know what I appreciate? I appreciate the fact that Sen. Warren has attacked Bloomberg with pinpoint, laser-like accuracy. This conversation about NDAs and “alleged” sexual harassment could easily become a murky issue and people would simply check out because it was getting so complicated. But Warren has made the argument so simple to understand.

Elizabeth Warren at a public appearance...

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  1. BANANIE says:

    Good for her! This needs to come to light. I can already anticipate conservatives saying “well, they were only comments” as opposed to assault, as if somehow that’s okay. I’m glad she’s doing this for the sake of these women and potential future victims. But in general at debates I’d rather hear about policies.

  2. (TheOG) jan90067 says:

    I am liking EW more and more. She is also the only one coming out with concrete plans on how she plans to put her ideas in place, how they will be paid for etc.

    Bernie’s 60 Minutes piece was a sh!t show. In it, he tried to brusquely brush off things he had no answer for, and gave a Dumpesqe answer (“fine people on *both* sides”) about Castro (“he was bad but did some *good* things”). Yeah, no.

    I just wish at this next debate, tomorrow night, the candidates will also start to focus on how they will defeat Dump, and not just claw at each other.

  3. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Yeah she might need to use stick figures, reference Dick and Jane and phonics for kindergartners in order to penetrate the amphibious peanut brains blindly swimming about in right-wing seweage waters.

  4. TIFFANY says:

    So Senator Warren is getting more of my money. Okay then.

    I cannot wait to vote for her in a few weeks.

    • Call_me_Al says:

      I just contributed to her campaign and bought some merch. I also signed up for postcards to voters. I don’t know if it will help, since I am in Tennessee, but I can’t just sit quietly and hope. Ashley Judd is also hosting a canvassing event in Memphis this week, maybe I can bring my kids!

      • TIFFANY says:

        I too am looking for a canvassing group.

        -Signed, a Missourian who is sick of her fellow Missourians being an embarrassment.

      • Christina says:

        Tifany and Calll-Me-Al, you are doing God’s work. Thank you. I’m in California. It will likely go to Sanders. I wish I could canvass for Warren or participate in the electoral college.

      • TIffany says:

        @Al. Was not aware of the merch so I went to check it out and now I am deciding. It really is a decent layout and it does not surprise me coming from Warren’s people.

    • Erinn says:

      God, I want her to win so bad. I’m Canadian so I can’t donate or vote, but I just think she’s the best.

  5. Sierra says:

    I won’t praise her for attacking Bloomberg because she is not attacking Sanders as well.

  6. girl_ninja says:

    President Warren getting things done. Imagine that?

  7. Lala11_7 says:

    This whole thing….

    Is a farce at this point to me…just a perverted…disgusting…polluted…farce…but then…when WASN’T the American political system anything other than a farce?

    • TIffany says:

      …”when WASN’T the American political system anything other than a farce?”

      Well, there was that time that…..ummmm….wait, now I remember when…..oh….well, ummmmmm…..

  8. Mumbles says:

    If by some disgusting alignment of events Bloomberg gets nominated, the Democratic Party has lost any moral ground it previously had. Imagine the Democratic Party nominating a man who imposed a completely racist policy that ruined the lives of people of color and made them feel like criminals for walking down a street, and who is a documented harasser. And if by some horrible arrangement of circumstances he gets elected, it just means this country will pass from billionaire to billionaire from then on.

    • B n A fn says:

      IMO, EW is not going to win the nomination going after MB. If she wants to win she has to go after BS, and fast. Bernie has the momentum and will run away with it unless All the candidates, and the press stop treating Bernie with kid gloves, and vet him. I’m sure 45 will bring up everything that the Democrats and afraid to talk about if he becomes the nominee.

  9. June says:

    So enjoy seeing Elizabeth in action. Not a fan of Bloomberg.
    He is third in the Polls as of today. He and Biden are very close. Not a fan of Biden either. Truth is I am not a fan of any of the top three candidates. My honest opinion is that they are all old guys near death. Sorry, they all look to be in poor health to me. Who are their VP candidates? Hopefully young smart women. Praying for a new President in November.

  10. Laurie says:

    That’s great but she should focus more on Bernie and Trump. Bloomberg isn’t the real competition and he doesn’t have a great shot at winning. You can address Bloomberg later, just please work together to get Trump out of office because he’s going to cause more damage if he gets re-elected!!!