Duchess Kate is keen in green for the Cambridges’ arrival in Ireland

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I saw the tweets from the royal reporters early this morning, and I thought it would take a short time for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to fly from London to Dublin. It took forever! And you know why? Because William and Kate are still trying to underline the fact that Harry Took Private Planes. William and Kate flew commercial to Ireland, please, everybody praise them for being amazing environmental heroes, and never mention the fact that they have a helicopter they use constantly, nor that they regularly take private planes everywhere. But they’re so performatively environmental! And that’s what people will see.

So, obviously, we got photos of William and Kate exiting the commercial plane in Dublin. And obviously, Kate is letting her theme-dressing freak-flag fly. She must have ordered tons of new clothes so she could be Keen In Green In Ireland. For the plane-exit, Kate wore a peplum’d dress by Alessandra Rich and a coat by Catherine Walker (I’m pretty sure Kate has several green coats in her closet, which she only wears on St. Patrick’s Day, but whatevs). She also had a Dora clutch in green (obvs) and green heels.

I mean… it’s Ireland, I would probably wear green too. I’m slightly disconcerted by all of the different shades of green happening here, because all greens do not “go” together, and at some point, it does become, like, an Irish-friendly costume? I don’t know. The dress is completely hideous. Oh God, she’s wearing one of those “big” headbands too. Lord.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Photos courtesy of Kensington Palace and Getty.

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  1. BeGoneOrangeCheeto says:

    Kate cosplaying again. Sigh. I do like the green, though.

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      Yes brilliant more of Bill and Cathy doing Disney Ireland
      Travelling commercial to ireland sounds like a security risk to the rest of the public (I’m irish don’t )
      Her fashion is a tragedy and she is terribly awkward BUT she looks amazing when dressed dow or doing things with children

      • Aria says:

        She is very much fake around children. Those are purely for pr and photo OP . Her facial expression is very forced and non genuine . You can clearly see the differences in her interaction with her own kids and other kids. She also does that children charity beacuse she doenst have to interact much with adult during that . Everyone knows that she cant put a sentences together . She talks like Donald Trump where no one can understand what they try to say. They both have some things in common came from privilege background , parents money take care of them.

    • Kristina says:

      Well, Meghan also wore green for her Ireland trip. I like green, too. I’m not a huge fan of the dress, but when it peeks out from the jacket, I like that look!

      • HoyaLawya says:

        The dress looks like the grandma version of J.Lo’s iconic Versace dress.

      • Mouki's wife says:

        All I can see is JLo’s Versace dress, but Nana-styling. It’s awful.

      • WTF says:


        but also, you’re in time out. Please stop what you are doing and go to the corner for 6 minutes.


    • Vava says:

      I like the coat, but it would be better as a blazer because I hate how it stays open from the hip down. No to the dress, it looks really cheap. Headband: BIG NO. The shoes and bag are OK, but Kate really looks boring here.

    • AnnaKist says:

      She looks really awkward here, and could do with a pair of sunglasses. Or are they banned, like coloured nail polish?

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      This showed up on my Twitter TL literally with “Leprechaun Cosplay Alert”.

      Tea stings when it goes up your nose.

  2. LouBear says:

    I’m irish and not exactly a royalist. But I like the dress under the coat! The clutch is overkill, sadly. That’s where you can always tell Kate’s styling instincts are slightly off, she never knows when something is too much.

    • Erinn says:

      I agree – I like the coat and dress combo, but the clutch is where she loses me.

    • Nahema says:

      I love the dress under the coat but I hate the dress on it’s own. It’s a terrible style but I guess it’s the print that looks good. I absolutely love the colour of that coat!

      • Le4Frimaire says:

        That dress has way too much going on, but Lainey Gossip was praising it to high heaven. I was like are we looking at the same dress? She seems to like fussy, over the top looks. Pleating,peplums,puff sleeves, high neck, busy print, shiny fabric, ugh, too much! There were even buttons on that dress, and the green accessories were just gauche. Kate picks a theme and runs with it.

    • Ripley says:

      This! Exactly this.

    • bonobochick says:

      Green shoes too

  3. BayTampaBay says:

    The greens may not coordinate in the photo due to the photo. Many times colors do not photograph as they really are due to lighting and other uncontrollable issues. I have had this happen to me in photographs taken at weddings.

  4. aria says:

    doesn’t she has million of green coats and does she have to buy a new one? her entire look is plain fugly. If don’t have professional security, people will hardly look at them. I don’t know why but in this outfit she looks very average and her fans always say that Meghan is not royal material. in this outfit, kate doesn’t look very royal either. This commercial stunt is to get back at harry and Meghan. Let’s see how long will they keep up with this stunt.

    • Becks1 says:

      The commercial stunt is definitely just that – a stunt. Yes, they have flown commercial before on international trips (I know they flew commercial to Australia, for example) but Kate just took a private plane to Northern Ireland and Scotland two weeks ago, so its glaringly obvious that they are taking a commercial flight here.

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        Gotta wonder… like last time they “flew commercial” (and budget!) did an empty plane fly to pick them up again? Were there any peasants onboard as well, or just them, their RPOS and entourage?

        Inquiring minds wanna know!!!

      • Erin says:

        Everyone in the BRF flies private to NI, and frequently the younger royals fly commercial to other countries. They flew commercial one way on one of their Canadian tours, and DoC flew commercial on the day trip to Europe where she saw the Girl with the Pearl Earring (in the very wrinkly suit).

      • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

        She also looks suspiciously tanned for having been on a Welsh sheep farm. We’ve been having week after week of floods, so she really can’t claim to have had a dose of British sunshine. Skiing to avoid AbuserAndy (formerly PaedoAndy, but commentator David asked that we don’t use that descriptor for an ephebophile, and he has a good point) and to recover from ‘work’, maybe?
        Bet they didn’t use a commercial airline to reach the slopes

      • I’ll bet they took their private helicopter to the London airport though. Why no pics of that!.

    • African Violet says:

      According to rebecca english, kates earrings are worth a cool £17300

      • Guest says:

        That is cheap for a pair of quality earrings. When you wear diamond studs everyday, and are used to wearing family heirlooms, those numbers for the jewellery aren’t big at all. Each to their own I guess but the Van Cleef set she wore about a month ago was cheap too. Their 100k plus pieces are the draw, not their everyday mummy pieces.

      • Nic919 says:

        The average person thinks earrings costing over 15k is a lot and they usually only have one pair which they wear for the rest of their lives. The fact that Kate continually gets new jewelry that costs thousands shows just how wasteful she is. When people are bitching about taxpayer money being used for security even though there have been death threats, poopooing needless earrings is quite hypocritical. She has green Kikis she could have reworn.

      • Veronica S. says:

        I mean, £17300 (22K USD) is literally more than half of the what the net-adjusted average income of a citizen in the United Kingdom makes. There is nothing remotely cheap about that, really. Nobody dumps that kind of money on a pair of earrings unless they’re comfortably wealthy.

      • Some chick says:

        I have a set of earrings that are worth about a hundred USD (a very kind gift). The other day I misplaced one and totally freaked out until I found it.
        I have to wonder what they’ve got under their couch cushions. LOL

      • Mary says:

        Can you imagine the uproar if Meghan had worn those?!

  5. Becks1 says:

    HA of course she is wearing green!

    Is that coat new? Doesn’t she already have a lot of green coats that we really only see on St Patricks Day?

    Also didn’t they go to Ireland around this same time last year? Remember when she wore that sparkly dress that really didn’t work for the event and they were behind a bar? I know the royals can visit the same country more than once, but it seems kind of odd if it was the same time of year.

    I haven’t seen enough of the dress to have an opinion on it, and honestly I like the coat (although again, did she need a new one?) but I’m not sure the coat and dress go, and her shoes match the coat and her clutch matches the dress. And that headband….IDK.

    You do you Kate, lol.

    • Kaylah says:

      That was Northern Ireland and this is the Republic of Ireland. Two different Irelands, ones a republic on it’s own and the other is still a part of the UK.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yes, I know they are different, I couldn’t remember which one she visited last year around this same time, my royal memory is good but not that good.

    • Guest says:

      Errrr, you do realise they are 2 different countries, right? They aren’t the same place. That’s like me confusing Canada and the USA which most people would never do. Ha! I guess someone has never been to the U.K. and can’t afford the plane tickets to Europe. womp womp

      • Becks1 says:

        Sigh. I said above that I just couldn’t recall which one she had visited at this same time last year. So get off your high horse.

      • Babadook says:

        Can I interject as an Irish person here? It’s really not like confusing Canada and The USA at all…unless there are a tonne of Canadians who identify as citizens of the States culturally and politically that I don’t know about? Northern Ireland is part of the UK and the Republic of Ireland is not but together they make up Ireland. Over 50 percent of people in NI consider themselves Irish and carry Irish passports. Most Irish people consider all of Ireland North and South to be Ireland…with the inconvenient fact that NI is under British rule. Which is something we’re not generally thrilled about, especially the Irish people who live in N.I. There are people who will disagree with me, but Becks1 you weren’t wrong necessarily – they visited Ireland on both trips. The above Guest is just being rude.

      • Rachel says:

        Lol Guest! Incredibly enough there are people who believe Canada is part of the US 🙄

      • L4frimaire says:

        For a bit of levity, I was bummed I couldn’t use my Euros when I visited Derry from the Republic. I forgot for a minute that technically it was a different country. Ha! It’s like, I can use U.S. dollars in Cabo, why do I have to change my money to sterling here, especially if I can use it in Athens and Paris. 1st world problems.

      • Janerys says:

        Thank you Babadook! I wouldn’t comment on matters Irish nationality and the political, cultural and religious issues without some knowledge. I am an Irish citizen (second gen, Londoner) with Derry mum, Kilkenny granny and family all over.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Babadook – thanks, that is very interesting. And seriously, all I could remember was that she wore a sparkly dress and pulled pints of beer, lol. But Guest has to get her digs in somehow.

      • Lady D says:

        Becks1, here’s a joke to help you forget the adolescent dig.
        Mary had a little lamb, her doctor had a cow:)

    • notasugarhere says:

      Becks1, wait until you see her cocktail dress. Looks a lot like the shiny green flounced one Beatrice wore a few months ago.

  6. tempest prognosticator says:

    The greens are very pretty on her.

  7. Sofia says:

    Might be the headband that’s making it clunky but not a fan of the teased 60s hair on Kate. But it’s not too bad because the little “poof” isnt too high

  8. Alice says:

    “theme-dressing freak-flag” – LOL, I need a shirt with this on it. Made my day, thanks Kaiser!

  9. boobra says:

    her look fails for 3 reasons:
    1. she’s perpetuating that old Irish stereotype about the colour green.

    b. buttons…too many buttons. what is it with her and the buttons and is that another alice band?

    3. she’s too tall to be a leprechaun.

    • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

      #3…THAT’S IT!!!! THAT is what’s been niggling in my mind! She’s the Keebler Elf, w/out the pointy hat!

  10. Jen says:

    The dress is okay, but the headbands need to be burned. All of them.

    • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

      Gotta say, I do love headbands to keep the hair out of my face (esp. when I’m driving with the car top down at night (daytime I have a hat on). But mine are head hugging and thin, not these puffed up ones that pass for a “hat”. While very medieval of her, they’re horrible.

      • Lady D says:

        I started re-using them last year. I also use very thin ones. I love them, and they look good on me. Those thick ones are ugly though.

    • Nic919 says:

      The head bands have all looked horrible on her. It’s like she didn’t have time to do her hair properly, which we know is false since they only got there at 2pm.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        The headbands always infantilise her and her outfits – makes her look like a little girl playing dress up with mummy’s clothes.

        She really really needs a proper stylist.

    • wellsie says:

      The headbands are not a good look. They make me think that she is theme-dressing as queen when she wears them.

  11. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Wear green- Check
    Look “solemn” at remembrance garden – Check
    Pull a pint of Guinness – Check

    Hurray we are saved! (Seriously it would be nice for them to do something that wasn’t Green/Rebellion/Drink! related, we have more to offer than that in Ireland, maybe something from past 1922)

  12. Tiffany says:

    So instead of wearing a hairstyle that is more using friendly for being on a airport runway, she decided to go with that thing on her head.

    Why is she so afraid to wear her hair up.

  13. Case says:

    Very pretty outfit, but it almost feels a little too on the nose for Ireland, no?

    • Amy Too says:

      The dressing all in green down to the shoes and clutch just screams PATRONIZING to me. Or tourist. It just feels so much like she’s trying to manipulate the people of Ireland into loving her because she wore green and she knows they like green, right? I’m not saying she has to avoid all green so it won’t look like shes theme dressing, but she does it every freaking time. People of Ireland, does having Kate come in wearing a full green outfit make you think “oh wow, she really gets us! She must be so happy to be here!” Or does it make you feel like she’s stereotyping an entire country because she doesn’t know anything about it or the people besides “green=Irish”?

      • mynameispearl says:

        Irish here, thought she looked cute. Also liked Megahns green ensemble from when she visited Ireland in 2018.

        Nothing is that deep, we glance at the photos and move on. As it should be 🙂

      • L84Tea says:


      • Babadook says:

        Another Irish here, I do find the green a bit patronizing but most Irish people don’t give a toss what she’s wearing or even that she’s here tbh.

      • Amy Too says:

        I think part of why it seems so patronizing to me is because this is what a kindergarten teacher would wear on the day that the children studied Ireland. It’s just like boiling down everything about The Republic and Northern Ireland into the color green. If you take nothing else away, children, at least you’ll remember that Ireland=green. It’s so simple and obvious and childish. And when an adult woman who is supposed to be an ambassador (and not a kindergarten teacher) is visiting adults and professionals who live and work in the country, for her to be dressing as if she were going into a classroom where her target audience is 5 year olds, seems really patronizing to me. Like being dressed head to toe to clutch in GREEN is the only way to get the simple Irish peasants to understand that she cares, rather than her actually acting like she cares or saying anything that shows she cares, because they just might be too simple to understand words and actions, but they’ll certainly understand pictures of Kate in green.

      • Becks1 says:

        I don’t mind her wearing green in itself. It’s a nice touch in some ways, she’s certainly not the first visiting royal to wear green to Ireland, so from that perspective, its fine. I don’t like this particular choice of outfits, but whatever.

        The reason I’m rolling my eyes at it though is that Kate is such a theme-dresser, so of course she wore green to Ireland.

      • Lady D says:

        I too think green when I think of Ireland, but in my case it’s the landscape of that country that comes to mind. Beautiful stunning scenery in your country. I also think gorgeous big dogs, leprechauns, bombs, and RIP Dolores O’Riordan.

    • NVYwife27 says:

      If no one cares why is their visit trending on Irish twitter right now?

      • bonobochick says:

        I just checked and it’s trending number 5 in Ireland. not trending in the UK or USA. Not worldwide trending.

        So, congrats to Ireland for that.

      • NVYwife27 says:

        When I posted that, it was the number one trending hashtag in Ireland. I just checked again and it’s 4th but like you said no one cares that they are there 🙄

  14. Nic919 says:

    They didn’t show up there until 2 pm UK time and are going to pretend it was a full day. There are a ton of London Dublin flights that are scheduled in a day and they could have gotten there way earlier. It’s only a one and a half hour flight and it not like they have to go through security. A Ryanair flight could have gotten them there by 10:30 am.

    Anyway, of course she wears green and it’s all new despite the dozens of green dresses and coats she already has by now. I don’t think most of Ireland cares about the royals anyway. And these two are certainly not going to inspire any converts b

    • mynameispearl says:

      We dont care about the royals, but a lot of people do actually like younger glam ones (in an extremely passive way I should add) and we like to show off our country in a positive light. It’s not going to make anyone day, but that’s true of any dignitaries, we’d be more interested in kate or meghan than say… Maxima of Denmark or wherever.

      There will never be converts, it’s a republic for a reason

    • Rachel says:

      Somehow I doubt they’d ever fly Ryanair.

    • Interesting Nic919 —- Bet they fly out early on the 5th too. I see this as about 12 hours in public over 3 days, but they will spin it as 72 hour non-stop working. As to her outfit — looks like something out of Queen’s 1950s closet —- boring, old-fashioned, and Brexit-voter safe.

  15. Redgrl says:

    Those headbands are awful – very Anne Boleyn headdress. Love green – but agree the cosplay dressing is over the top – and she should’ve recycled…

    • Karen says:

      Yeah I’m sure she owns like 50 green coats/coat dresses at this point. She still got a new one. One day she’s going to need a 10-storey building to house all of her coats. Most of them look the same too.

  16. line says:

    Sorry! this absolutely hideous outfit and the makeup and hairstyle are very dated.

  17. Veronica S. says:

    I don’t mind the dress on its own, but man, talk about overkill with the color coordination. A black coat would’ve been so much better, even if she insisted on going matchy matchy on the shoes, just to break up the green scheme. I really wonder what goes through the minds of her stylists sometimes.

  18. HK9 says:

    I love the coat but the dress is FUG! That pattern is ugly. I do like the high collar so it replaces a scarf and that’s nice but other than that, it’s a no for me.

  19. Danielle says:

    She looks likes she a member of the AerLingus cabin crew!

    There’s really not much interest in their visit here in Ireland. I’m surprised that they didn’t cancel as we’re all very hyped up on the first coronavirus case here. A lot of public gatherings have been cancelled here as a precaution. So, I’m wondering if they’ll blame the coronavirus for the low turnout for their appearances?

    BTW we were genuinely very excited when Harry and Meghan visited in 2018!

    • Nopity Nope says:

      Just flew Aer Lingus recently. The flight attendants’ outfits were better than this green mishmash.

  20. Charfromdarock says:

    Keen Green 2020 Tour!

  21. Bettyrose says:

    I love the look with the coat on but the dress alone is like her grandma’s doily. I do sort of want to place a pot of tea on it though.

  22. Lexistential says:

    Good Lord. Between the zillion shades of green to the headband, Kate looks like a suburban matron determined to severely theme-dress with school spirit. That is not a youthful, professional, or sophisticated look.

  23. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    Of course she’s in green. Her look is meh. Just meh. As usual.

  24. African Violet says:

    I just saw pics of the government building they are supposed to go to and they are no people waiting for them. Just cops and people minding their own business

    • Kitty says:

      Is this visit even making head waves?

      • African Violet says:

        Personally I dont think so. Guys from republic of Ireland will have to tell us

      • Purpeller says:

        It’s on the evening news but well down the list – i.e. on now 20 mins into the main bulletin. It’s a full run down of the day with footage in each location.

  25. Gingerbee says:

    What is the cost of this coat and new frock. Inquiring “taxpayers” wants to know🧐

    • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

      Oh, GingerBee, honestly: don’t you know that the cost only matters when Meghan makes an appearance, and all Kate’s extravagances in buying 32 of the same item in slightly different shades and button overloads are excused by the Wail, Dumb and Expectorant because she’ll be Kweeeeen one day? 😉

      • Bettyrose says:

        Gonna need a full analysis in how slight the differences in shade are though. Like…in terms of visibility to the human eye.

  26. Marie says:

    I hate those headbands. They look awful on her.

  27. Aria says:

    Lol. If they flew with royal plane no one would have ask the question beacuse they are future king and queen and they are on offical visit . Instead this commercial stunt is to show people that future king and queen is very cautious about environment after Harry’s scotland visit. Lol why future king and queen of whiteness is competing with non popular and way down the line Sussex?? Unless future queen and king of white land is afraid of non popular’s popularity and doing these stunts. But one thing future king cant do that six in the line has is love towards the people he meet . So one thing future queen doesnt have is her millions of coats, shoes, hats, dress , earrings and fake smile cant save the charity like what Meghan did with the cook book.

    • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

      Not only not save the charity, Aria, but remove funds from the wildly successful cookbook to make up for shady financial mismanagement by the foundation headed by… William, aka Penis-with-Teeth. There’s probably only enough left in the Cambridge coffers to buy a box of PG Tips and a packet of bourbon creams. You see, saving the Art Room would require Kate to a) work and b) care, and we know she’s not capable of either. Still, she’s white, so that’s all right!!!

  28. Northernlala says:

    She’s dressed like a wife on The Handmaid’s Tale!

  29. Char says:

    As the Kardashians manage to make every outfit look klassless, Kate makes every outfit look boring.

  30. aquarius64 says:

    Why are they on a trip when their kids may have been exposed to coronavirus from their school?

  31. Beach Dreams says:

    Oh, she’s going back to those ugly headbands? Charming. Of course she wears all green to an Ireland trip (and looks super dated in the process). Well at least this time she doesn’t look like she waltzed out of the Victorian era…more like the 60s or 70s this time.

  32. Lyn says:

    I dont have a problem with her wearing green although maybe worn a different colour coat. Its just a thing they all do. Meghan did on her Ireland trip.

    The issue is how I found the dress to look amazing, elegant and sophisticated on the model. Really I love it and once I become a high powered businesswoman I will be replicating.
    But Kate managed to take it and dull it down. It just looks so uninspiring on her. Then she added that gauche headband as well. She regularly commits crimes against otherwise amazing dresses.

  33. Lyn says:

    I dont have a problem with her wearing green although maybe worn a different colour coat. Its just a thing they all do. Meghan did on her Ireland trip.

    The issue is how I found the dress to look amazing, elegant and sophisticated on the model. Really I love it and once I become a high powered businesswoman I will be replicating.
    But Kate managed to take it and dull it down. It just looks so uninspiring on her. Then she added that gauche headband as well. She regularly commits crimes against otherwise amazing dresses.

  34. Wordburgler says:

    What an old lady dress! Naturally, it has silly BUTTONS too. Also, since I’m ranting…hate those dumb headbands – worst trend of last year, by far!

  35. Karen says:

    This is just too much green for my eyes. No need for the Irish cosplay. Also, did you see she got the same buttons of the coat put on the dress? Duchess Buttons is at it again. I don’t like the print of the dress. It looks like it was inspired by the green leafy veggie shelves of the grocery store.

  36. Hannah says:

    Does anyone else find it patronising that Catherine wears green whenever they go to Ireland (Northern Ireland or The Republic?) I loathe her theme dressing. It’s so cheezy That dress is actually v pretty IRL but it’s giving me hectic 80’s Secretary vibes. Just once, Kate. Just 1 good outfit and I’ll stfu forever. Pinkie promise 🙏

    • Amy Too says:

      I do. And it’s not like she wears green often in England. She rarely wears green unless she’s doing something “Irish” and then she’s head to toe green every. single. time.

  37. Harla says:

    $20,000+ for the earrings and dress?????

    • Lady D says:

      An above poster stated those earrings are 17,300 BP. In Canadian dollars she spent $29,600 on just the earrings. I’ve noticed it’s becoming a trend with her. If she has to re-wear clothes or fly commercial, she compensates by buying some pricey jewelry.

      • Nic919 says:

        It’s not becoming a trend, it’s something she’s done for years now. With every recycled outfit there is either a very expensive clutch or jewerly that gets glossed over.

      • Dee says:

        Early on, she wore a dress for the second time to an art gallery and paired it with a McQueen belt that cost more than my first house.

    • Jan says:

      The earrings are $22,400 alone! The dress is $2335. What a joke.

  38. Jaded says:

    They should go visit the blarney stone, maybe it’ll make William stop lying to the press.

  39. Lizzie says:

    Keen for green. LOL
    Not a fan of the fat hairbands – remember when a new duchess showed up who also had long beautiful hair so Cathy was going to be the trendsetter wearing the fat hairband and everyone was going to be wearing them? Literally never seen anyone else wear these things – i like a hairband but like everything else she makes something cute as dull as dishwater. Wait, i think one of the York’s wears them.

  40. Sunday says:

    The timing of this “tour” and the performative commercial flights are not a coincidence, they’re intentional steps to feed the media the comparison between angelic Kate and Will’s eco-friendly duty-filled trip and Meghan’s evil, selfish flight in from Canada and subsequent storming of England. The tabloid fiction writes itself. It’s just so transparent and gross.

  41. Flying Fish says:

    I love green, however the cut of the dress is hideous and the head band must go. I like the contrasting look of the blue shoe against the green, that’s all I got.

  42. JemimaLeopard says:

    The buttons on that coat look like her engagement ring.

  43. Digital Unicorn says:

    The flew commercial as Kate blew the budget with her FUG clothes and accessories.

    Also what is happening with her makeup – that blusher literally looks like she dipped her fingers in the pot and dragged is across her cheeks. It’s usually better applied than this.

    I think she’s dressing and styling herself as she’s normally a bit better groomed looking.

  44. Ladyjax says:

    Holy guacamole. Kate just hit peak 80s cosplay. That outfit literally looks like something from Blanche Deveroux’s closet. Minus the headband, because even Blanche would find that tacky. Yikes. Whoever said she’s styling herself again is spot on. Poor Kate, she’s so utterly clueless.

  45. S808 says:

    This outfit is so damn ugly why is she hellbent on looking so matronly? It ages her even further.

  46. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    I’m not trying to put the Bitch in CBitchy, but what’s happened to her face? It seems… distorted, somehow.
    The bigger question is, do the RF really think that Keen manic-cosplaying a 1960s schoolteacher/leprechaun hybrid is going to improve Anglo-Irish relations? What possible value could this visit, with all the attendant security implications and costs involved, create when Ireland needs to get on with the business of forming a government and meeting electoral expectations? All rhetorical questions – the answer is ‘none’
    – And fire that headband into orbit, then nuke it: it’s an absolute monstrosity

    • Chrissy says:

      This visit is meant to hopefully distract from Harry and Meghan’s visit to the UK. It also gives Willie the Dick has an excuse to be out of London and not to meet with his brother. Unfortunately, the Keens have as much charisma as congealed oatmeal and not even the Irish care that they’re in Ireland and once Harry and Meghan are spotted around London, the Keens will be overshadowed.

  47. HollyMad says:


  48. What. . .now? says:

    So many beautiful green dresses / outfits and this is what she chooses. Her Michael Kors peacock dress would be better, but she’s worn than a couple of times.

    I know lots like this dress, but I am not a fan, it is the epitome of dowdy. She should have pulled an older coat, too — although I will say this coat fits her superbly and looks nice in that respect.

    Lord, she is so boring. How I wish she had just a modicum of fashion sense or at least an excellent stylist. With the same money she spends on those granny dresses, she could look like the celebrity she wants to be. . .Look at Queen Letizia, she always looks great and MODERN at her events.

  49. HollyMad says:

    The buttons are HUGE. Do the Irish see someone head to toe in green as an insult or someone that really is trying to hard? Reminds me of the Eddie Murphy character in Coming to America….100% certain the Ass William made a comment about Kate’s costume

    • Karen says:

      Head to toe is a bit ‘try-hard’, like just overdoing it a little bit. But Kate likes doing that. She wore that bright loud yellow to Australia once, and in Canada she’ll go all-red with maple leaves to show she’s in Canada. I think she likes to theme-dress. I don’t think the green is insulting, it’s just a bit too much. The dress is just an ugly dress, the cut and the print. That could have been navy or a lighter green solid than the coat, instead of this screaming grass green. It’s not St Patrick’s Day yet, Kate. Go easy.

    • NYCGirl says:

      All she needs is a “kiss me I’m Irish” button and the costume is complete

  50. Guest with Cat says:

    Lol, there are too many funny comments for me to reply in appreciation for them all. The coat is the only part of the ensemble that is flattering. Everything else clashes badly with each other and the occasion and the woman herself.

    And she really needs to investigate the potential of a new haircut. A nice haircut could give Kate’s face such a nice freshening, too. Her hair is dragging her face a bit. Long hair can be beautiful on its own, and Kate’s hair is beautiful, but around a strained face it can, on some women, emphasize the lines and loss of firmness around the jaw that comes with age or stress or poor self care. But a lot of women who really could benefit from a haircut associate long hair with youth and vitality and don’t want to experiment with shorter styles. I was stuck in that mindset myself for a few years and one day I just snapped out of it and was surprised how well things turned out.

  51. Courtney B says:

    Maybe a single piece of green but not a whole outfit.

    Queen Mary had a lovely shamrock brooch actually given to her, I think for her wedding. It hasn’t been seen in 100 years, perhaps because of the troubles between the countries. But, if it’s floating around somewhere, something like that would make a nice gesture without being over the top or patronizing.

    • L84Tea says:

      That’s what I was thinking. I would’ve liked to have seen her in something smart like navy with a touch of green and maybe a brooch. Much more understated than this green slime getup. She looks really ridiculous.

    • Jan says:

      I think that brooch went to the Kents.

      • Courtney B says:

        One did. There were apparently two. The one that went to the Kents May not have been the wedding one.

  52. one of the Marys says:

    Haha The Handmaids Tale comment, yes that’s it, she’s one of the wives

    Ugh that headband love of God make that stop

    I was surprised how relaxed they look greeting people on the tarmac. I haven’t seen much video of Will and maybe he comes off better than in still photography. Maybe they’re relieved to be safely away from H.

  53. TheOriginalMia says:

    Now that some said she was too tall to be a leprechaun, that’s all I see and I giggle. We get it, Kate, you’re in Ireland. But there’s a limit to how much green one can wear and you’ve maxed tf out.

  54. Rosemary says:

    I’ve noticed no excitement or interest in their visit here at all. I’m In Dublin today and apart from the rolling road closures there is nothing going on. Their itinerary is so dull though. Surely they could find something for them
    To do that’s not Guinness!!

    • Purpeller says:

      THIS 100 TIMES!

      As an Irish person, I loathe the monopolisation of celebs by Guinness. I mean, amazing PR work, but it’s not our main thing. Plenty of people don’t drink it. We’re not all about drinking.

      Anything that puts Ireland in the news in a positive light is good for the country though – we depend on our tourism, so I hope K&W enjoy themselves.

      • MsThang says:

        Purpeller, lets face it the Irish like the Brits love their suds, and everyone I don’t care where you come from must sing in their pubs!!!

  55. Babadook says:

    I’m loving seeing all my fellow Irish Celebitches come out of the shadows to comment on these stories – who knew there were so many of us?!

  56. AMM says:

    This is bad all around. The dress is so terrible without the coat. The headband is ridiculous. Her contouring looked so harsh in the natural light as well. Not blended at all. And according to a quick google image search, she has at least 9 other long green coats she could have worn. Some way cuter than this one. Why do we need so many green coats?

    Shes never been what I consider super fashionable, but she rarely looks poorly styled. These past handful of engagements have been terrible. Did she get a new stylist? Is she going without one? Did she piss him/her off? Shes been consistently bad when shes not in jeggings.

    • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

      @Amm She really does epitomise Fast Fashion, doesn’t she? She hardly ever ‘recycles’ a look (ie wears it more than once! But when a Royal does it, it’s ‘recycling’…) and when she does, the Wail jumps about like a labrador puppy on steroids, praising her to the skies. But what happens to all these outfits? Is there a warehouse somewhere? And how can she support environmental prizes when she’s contributing to a major polluter: fashion? Not to mention the obscene amounts of money spent on all these near-identical items which can only be differentiated by an insect’s eye, so close are the hues, and the size of the buttons. You know, the world is probably going to slide into recession due to the coronavirus, and the Firm’s and her position is going to seem more and more untenable

      • Lady D says:

        Me: how long before my lab pup stops wanting to chew everything her mouth touches?
        Vet : around the time she turns eight.
        I couldn’t imagine a lab pup on steroids. I’d want Valium.

  57. grumpyterrier says:

    Not loving the combo of turtleneck dress with headband. :/ Looks very 80’s and juvenile at the same time. Greens are nice, though.

  58. L4frimaire says:

    I’ve been to Ireland many times and it’s ok to not wear green on green, on green. In fact, most people go about not wearing green every day. Go figure.

  59. L says:

    I see only cabbage leaves. It’s awful.

  60. RoyalBlue says:

    Oh look, Katie Keen is ready for the St Patrick’s day party later this month. All that’s missing is the leprechaun top hat.

    • Olenna says:

      Ha! My first thought: The Green Hornet and Kato (Willie). All she needs is a fedora and a mask.

  61. Florence says:

    Bless her. So simple.

  62. February Pisces says:

    Sorry but the dress is ugly. Kate should stay away from high necks as they tend to elongate her already long torso and make her look matronly. V-necks are her friend. But the coat is alright, just not with that dress. As for William, well he’s morphing into Mr Burns from the Simpsons, especially from the side.

  63. Maevo says:

    Yikes that dress is hideous!! And I’ve liked her headbands at times in the past but this one is not working for me…

  64. Molly says:

    Kate, what big buttons you have. Edit Kate Edit! At some point she had to say “to much green”. There has to be some other way to connect to the Irish People. It’s as if Kate thinks wearing green on every inch of her body will endure her to the Irish People.

  65. Purrrr says:

    I love her earrings and that coat! Looking cute!

  66. Thea says:

    So they care about the environment enough to fly commercial, but not enough to rewear one the millions of green coats and dresses she has? Does she not realize that the fashion industry is a major contributor to global warming? The carbon footprint on her outfit is greater that that of her flight.

    I love fashion and am a bit of a shopaholic, but I’ve cut back and reevaluate each piece before I buy for the sake of the environment.

    I will say something nice. I like the coat (sans the button), but she needs to 86 that dress.

  67. Nyro says:

    This outfit looks like it’s straight out of 1989 in the worst way. From the headband to the bright green dress covered in squigglies and pleats. Yuck! I swear my mother probably had an ensemble just like this when I was small.

  68. Lorina says:

    “…It’s not that easy being green…” …..

  69. CindyP says:

    She looks horrible; that dress is awful, her hair looks awful. She desperately needs a new stylist

  70. Nic919 says:

    The buttons on her coat and the dress all resemble her engagement ring. That’s a but much. Also obviously bespoke so both the coat and dress cost more than the original costs. If only the alterations made things look bette but she often ruins the original concept.

  71. yinyang says:

    Wow so many pictures.

    Noticed they;r doing two engagments a day, than taking the week off and again.

  72. Laura says:

    I’m visiting Ireland for the first time at the end of the month (despite being afraid of the coronavirus, flying, and leaving my cats). I plan on wearing a lot of green, BUT I do in life anyway. As a redhead with green eyes, green is my best color. Both excited and terrified.

  73. Godwina says:

    Irish folk roll their eyes hard at the “pointedly wear green in Ireland” visitor thing. Just don’t. So, so weak and uncool. Don’t be like Kate.

  74. Marivic says:

    I read somewhere that PWilliam and Kate, on a short notice, scheduled a visit to Ireland to avoid the Sussexes. How true? (Sussexes to make a public appearance together on 5 March for the Endeavour Fund Awards)

    PWilliam even appealed to the British media to focus on their visit and verbalized his discomfort that their visit might be overshadowed by the joint appearance of the Sussexes after a long absence in the public eye. He reminded them of the importance of their visit to Ireland. Subtext: don’t ignore us….

  75. Trish says:

    When your seven year old insists on wearing every green piece of clothing they own on St. Patrick’s day.