Peter & Autumn Phillips had a friendly reunion at the Cheltenham Festival

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Peter Phillips and Autumn Phillips announced their separation almost one month ago exactly. It felt clear – to me, at least – that Autumn was leaving him, and that she had her reasons. What was not clear was why news of their split was leaked to Dan Wootten at the Sun with the kicker of “Autumn might go back to Canada.” It was very curious. In any case, Peter and Autumn have decided to divorce and Autumn will stay in the UK, where her daughters have always lived. Their split never seemed to be some big crazy tabloid story, but of course I think there’s stuff being left unsaid.

Even I was surprised to see these photos though – Peter and Autumn went to the Cheltenham Festival together, with his mother (Princess Anne). They watched the horse races and stood close to each other and interacted seemingly the whole time. She didn’t wear her wedding ring. She seemed like she got turned out especially to see her ex too – I’ve always found Autumn to be so pretty, but she looks positively stunning here. And Peter noticed. He seems to be looking at her almost wistfully in some photos. How badly did he f–k up?

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  1. Becks1 says:

    She does look good here, I like her hat and how it works with her outfit.

    They seem to be getting along well, which I think gives credence to the story that this was decided a while ago.

  2. (TheOG) jan90067 says:

    Aren’t those twats, the Tindalls (who were in that hard-hit Covid area of Italy, skiing, and refused to self-isolate for a few days on returning) supposed to be there too? It’s so beyond entitled and selfish! Just even thinking they could be bringing it home to their kids…!

    Britain, by news accounts, is hard hit, isn’t it? WHY are they still having huge gatherings like this?

  3. Lulu says:

    I don’t think there’s a big mystery about the Phillips family. They were never particularly prominent royals, aren’t titled, and don’t really have a lot of drama. That’s one reason why Peter got away with his little milk stunt for as long as he did – the press wasn’t following him, he didn’t have a lot of fans tracking his every move, and I doubt the Palace was really keeping a close eye on his business activities.

    In short, the Phillips are pretty boring, they seem to have drifted apart without any major events, and things seem fairly amicable judging by these pictures. I doubt the divorce would have ever gotten a lot of attention.

  4. Jensies says:

    That reaction shot in the second photo should be a meme. It’s spectacular.

  5. Good on them. Glad they both look happy, friendly and relaxed.

  6. Jumpingthesnark says:

    Tinfoil hat on. I think Normal Bill planted that BS Canada story, partly to deflect attention from his gardening activities, partly as a warning to Autumn to stay in line. I think Anne liked this not One bit and let Bill have what for. Then she suggested Peter and Autumn wait a little bit and do an appearance like this, for the public optics. So much imagination on my part but I just really want to imagine one of the BRF giving normal Bill an earful…..