Lin-Manuel Miranda shares an unreleased Hamilton song following Broadway shutdown

Vanessa Nada and Lin-Manuel Miranda at the 92nd Academy Awards held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, USA on February 9, 2020.
The administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has been abysmal, to say the least. Governors have had to step up and take care of their citizens. On Sunday, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio finally ordered the closure of the largest school system in the country. These are scary times, and people have been sharing ideas on social media for ways to engage in self-care. Here’s a page from PBS about how to talk to children about coronavirus, and a story about museums that offer virtual tours.

Another gift to folks who can’t leave home has come from Lin-Manuel Miranda. A few weeks ago, we got the official word that a Hamilton movie will be coming in 2021. On Thursday, an announcement was made that Broadway would be shutting down until April 12. Lin-Manuel hopped on Twitter with an announcement that he was sharing a duet written for Alexander Hamilton and George Washington, “I Have This Friend,” that was cut from the final show:

That’s an incredibly kind gesture by Lin-Manuel! I’ve also seen a few graphics on Facebook for suggested schedules (if schools aren’t moving to online instruction). Starting this week, the Cincinnati Zoo will be offering weekday Home Safari Facebook Live events at 3PM Eastern. The first features local celebrity Fiona, an adorable hippopotamus that was born at the zoo in 2017. For fans of opera, the Metropolitan Opera will be streaming titles from its “Live in HD” series. And, if you have Disney+ and/or a child in your house, you probably already know that Frozen 2 is streaming now, three months ahead of schedule. I’m so glad that local officials are stepping up, and that companies (and people like Lin-Manuel!) are thinking of creative ways to keep people engaged and cheerful right now. Take care of yourselves and each other (and wash your hands)!

Lin Manuel Miranda is seen at the Booth Theater for the final performance of his show, "Freestyle Love Supreme''

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  1. Sophie says:

    I wanted to thank everyone who sent me well wishes on the trump post yesterday. I’m 37 weeks pregnant and getting induced on Friday. Unfortunately, both of my kids (4 and 6 yo) have come down with colds despite us self-isolating since Thursday. I want to kill the friend who infected them, even though her kid wasn’t yet showing symptoms at time of exposure. But I’m seriously concerned that we will not be able to find child care when it’s time to have this baby. Who would want to watch two sick kids right now, even though they don’t have Covid—19? His parents live in town and his mom is willing to help still, but if she gets sick or otherwise incapacitated before then, we are super screwed. I’m going to bring it up with our paid babysitter later today – wish me luck – but we had been planning to rely on our extensive network of friends with similar aged children for support, and now that’s out of the window. Hoping I don’t have the give birth alone.

    • Fran says:

      My heart goes out to you so much. My due date is Friday a week from now and the day care of my daughter who will turn three in May is closed as of today. I’ll keep you in my thoughts on Friday and keep my fingers crossed that you’ll have your partner with you. It will be alright, somehow it will all work out, I keep telling myself this (whenever I’m done with having a good cry).

      • Sophie says:

        @fran that is so rough, hang in there! Ask your 2 yo to help out as much as she can – picking things up off the floor so you don’t have to squat down, etc. The first year with two kids close in age was pretty wild, but my two older ones are best friends and love each other fiercely now. Not having school/daycare to bring the older ones to is going to be tough for all of us, I’m just trying to be kind to myself and not worry about too much tv time and other stuff right now. Good luck with your labor and having two little at home!

    • Noodle says:

      Oh Sophie, that’s so hard. I’m so sorry you’re facing this. As a parent of three, I can’t imagine not taking in a dear friend’s children while she birthed her baby, even if they are sick with colds. Colds are colds are colds. Yes, no one wants to deal with a kid with a cold, but it is more important to help a new Mom. You may he surprised that someone is willing to take them. The good news is also that they now have four days to get better, which is a long time in cold virus land. They should no longer be contagious after tomorrow or Wednesday if it’s a normal cold. At any rate, I’ll be thinking about you and praying for you on Friday. I’m sorry you’re going through this. And… if you happen to live in the Orange County area of California, I will babysit!

      • Sophie says:

        Thanks @noodle ! Since I posted my comment freaking the hell out, people have stepped up to the plate and I think we will be okay. I will kill my husband if he gets sick, though. It won’t be his fault but I’ll still kill him. I am in Santa Barbara, but stay safe down in orange!

    • Blanster says:

      Sophie, I am in Illinois (Chicago suburb) and here both on Facebook and the Nextdoor app, neighbors are offering so much help to those who need it. You might look for town/neighborhood groups and try posting for back-up help if you need it. Good luck with your impending birth! Fingers crossed it all goes well and your husband stays healthy.

  2. Charfromdarock says:

    I hope all goes well Sophie and Fran. My sister is 38w today. It is stressful time for everyone.