Brad Pitt & Alia Shawkat keep hanging out together, maybe they *are* dating

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For months now, Brad Pitt has been hanging out with Alia Shawkat. I know Alia mostly from Arrested Development and her many appearances in indie films and TV shows for years (but mostly AD). I always think of her as such a kid, but she turns 31 years old in a month. She seems to work a lot all over the place, and she’s known as a kind of offbeat comedic actress and writer. As I said in February, it would not surprise me at all if Alia contributed some “ideas” to Brad Pitt’s awards speeches. I wondered if Brad and Alia’s friendship would die down once he no longer needed a “funny friend” to help with his awards speeches. It hasn’t died down. They went to a Thundercat concert two weekends ago, and were also seen at an In-N-Out the same weekend.

Brad Pitt’s got one hell of an appetite … for burgers and more friendly hangouts with gal pal Alia Shawkat. The “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” star and Ali were spotted at In-N-Out in L.A. the day after they both also hit up a Thundercat show at The Wiltern. Brad, seen wearing the same hat he wore at the concert, used to be one party animal — no word if he went animal style at the burger joint.

In any event … here’s hoping Brad’s finally put an end to the whole In-N-Out vs. Shake Shack debate. But, one thing’s for sure … Brad and Alia really do enjoy each other’s company. As we reported … Brad and Alia hanging out is nothing new for them. They’ve been going to concerts, comedy shows, museums and galleries together for months. As friends, that is.

Sources close to the Oscar winner told us Brad doesn’t feel any need to get back on the dating scene right now. Until then … more double-doubles!!!

[From TMZ]

I said last week that I believed that whenever Brad Pitt had a new girlfriend, he would tell us and show us. But maybe… he is? Maybe this is his girlfriend rollout for Alia and people just don’t believe it because Alia is offbeat and she doesn’t fit into the mold of his previous partners (“America’s Sweetheart” or “sexy bombshell”). But it’s really feeling like Brad and Alia actually are happening in plain sight. I don’t know. I don’t care that much? I think she could do better and I think she’s too young for him, but I do understand how and why this could happen.

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  1. Thanks says:

    Why is the media accepting his denials when it comes to Alia? They went out of their way to say he was with Neri and Charlize.

    • Audrey says:

      The other relationships might have also been tinged with PR campaigns. This relationship isn’t trying to sell anything. And, I think looks-ism is also a thing…the media probably doesn’t think she’s “pretty enough” for Brad. From their body language, though, they seem like they are just friends. Perhaps she’s a good sober companion?

    • deezee says:

      Because the media considered Neri and Charlizemore “equal” to Brad. Alia is not a conventional beauty nor is she the top of her industry – not A-list, so they (the media) consider her beneath him. Meanwhile, in reality, he is beneather her.

  2. Snowslow says:

    Can’t wait to see Brad with black curls… 😂

  3. nicegirl says:

    She’s stunning

  4. B says:

    They’re obviously dating, or at the very least fwb. Yikes at that age gap though….

    • Yeppers says:

      I totally believe they’re dating and for some reason I think he’s dating other women at the same time and speculate they’re open. He’s always been more indie than mainstream HW. She’s totally his type right now. And the age gap is probably why they’re not promoting this romance publicly – in addition to the fact she’s not conventionally presented. She’s very pretty though and you can see it easily when she’s wearing “normal” clothing and has long hair.

  5. Jem says:

    How many times can TMZ use the word “animal” in that article?

    I love Alia. She’s great on “Search Party”, an underrated and hilarious show.

    • T says:

      @Jem Yes!!!! Search Party is amazing, and I feel like we’re the only two who watch it. Can’t wait for the new seasons on HBO Max (yet another streaming service, but worth it)

      • lucy2 says:

        I love Search Party too! She’s a producer on it as well. It’s getting seasons 3 and 4, but unfortunately moved to a streaming platform, and I refuse to pay for another one.

        I like Alia a lot, she seems to have good confidence and awareness, but hopefully he’s not just using her in an attempt to seem artsy, or whatever tactic he’s trying now.

  6. Naddie says:

    She doesn’t seem dumb or smug, but that’s just body language I get from images.

  7. a says:

    Pretty sure Alia has referred to herself as queer

  8. TeddyPicker says:

    Against my better judgement, I’m kind of into them as a couple. She has a wonderful cameo in Transparent as the third in a middle-aged couple’s marriage.

  9. rainy says:

    They have been out and about many times already, so I dont think its just platonic friendship.
    I mean, Brad is single now and she is, too, but why deny it? Its been a while since Angie dumped him, I dont think Angie will mind., I think she has moved on already more than him.

    Although I actually thought, Alia is dating Spike Jonze, their mutual friend. Alia was out with him in an event also last November, and he was with them at Kanye’s concert and at Nola in Feb. Spike and Alia were friends for a longer time than Brad, I believe it was Spike who introduced them. Brad was with Spike and their friends on a boat trip last October with Alia also. And he was with them also when he went to Puerto Vallarta before the new year.

    But its looking more and more thats its Brad who is with her as they have been out just the two of them without the group these past weeks.

  10. Starkille says:

    I don’t think Brad had a type. None of his women have really been anything like the others. He seems to just drift from female to female and mimic their personality characteristics and hairstyle for a while, then drifts along to the next one in a few years. Very strange person.

  11. Evie says:

    I think they are dating, and if it becomes serious, they will confirm it.

  12. LWT00 says:

    I don’t believe they’re dating. He’s too old for her and she’s too self-assured to fall for the usual “charms” of an older man with tons of baggage. Feels more like a friendship to me – she’s enjoying more mature company and he’s enjoying youth-by-association.

    • rainy says:

      I think at this point, Brad does not want to do any chasing or courting, I think he will date whoever is convenient for him and who will spend time with him without him putting up his best and who will accept whatever baggages he has, his still ongoing messy divorce and custody case with 6 kids. Alia is already part of his artsy group of friends and she seems the only single one, and I bet she is willing to be Brad’s toy girl despite her being perceived as by some as this cool hip girl. She seems thirsty and wants to be more famous than what she is now. She is also very ambitious, she writes and wants to direct as well. In fact, I find her quite smug and very opinionated in some of her interviews, she actually thinks she is that bright and talented and quite a snob when it comes to HW.For instance, she said in her Deadline HW interview;

      “I Lost My Body is a thoughtful and introspective piece, and that was a major part of the project’s appeal for Shawkat. “There are lots of animated movies, I think, now that obviously make a lot of money,” she says. “They just get big names and they put them in there just to be like, ‘Scarlett Johansson is the voice of’. No offense to those movies, some are really entertaining and kids love them, but I really love that this was just right up my alley and the kind of film I’d want to be a part of. I was definitely really flattered. I would love to do more of it for sure.”

      To me, she is not criticizing those big animated movies but actually criticizing more those stars that appear in those movies, including Angelina in Kung Fu Panda. Lol, the last part it seemed like she is sour graping since of course, no studio will offer her a huge animated part.

      Now, I will give Brad another month or two and we see him in a buzz cut hairdo.

  13. Tiffany says:

    The quote Michael Bluth and adjusted for inflation:


    Thank you. Now give me my Emmy.

  14. TrustMe says:

    Of course they ARE dating . He will wait until Angelina has a movie to promote so that he can kidnap her moment , and until then Alia is getting skinnier ready to be unveiled as the greatest love.

    Noticed how TMZ are making out what a great LA Artist Alia is, looks like Pitt’s management are hyping up her image just like George Clooney’s management over embellished Amal’s law work.

    Poor Jen Aniston not only got used duri g the award season but also no one remembered she won an award . Brad Pitt sure knows how to use and abuse women.

    • Lady D says:

      One could argue Jen should have seen that coming. It’s been his M.O. for years, decades really.

    • Dina says:

      Please don’t say Poor Jen ….She knows everything from the start and he said it lots of times that he’s single and she’s a good friend plus she was willingly participating in all that with her shared agency CAA with Brad ..She wants to fool herself but Brad didn’t fool her..he didn’t promise her anything….I don’t approve of Brad’s actions but hers are no different than him except she likes fooling herself

    • jade says:

      oh cmon you cant clean someone like Alia, she is crass and a potty mouth. She may be artistic and talented but she will never become someone glamorous and elegant to suit the HW movie star looks. For one, she has a dirty hardly pretty face.

      I mean Aniston dont have a beautiful face but she has a bangin’ body when Pitt met her, and she is funny, too they said. Of course with Angie, Pitt got someone with a gorgeous face and very sexy at the same time, plus she is smart and is a UN ambassador.

      I dont know, what he sees with Alia other than the artsy type, maybe funny, too but I think what he sees in her, is that she is the type who will support his boozing and smoking pot again.
      I really believe Pitt is drinking again with her.

  15. Sarah says:

    Why are Brad Pitt’s fans keep calling Alia his sobriety sponsor? …
    She’s always seen drinking alcohol in his presence? ..
    So is wise for a sobriety sponsor with an alcoholic client?..

    • Thanks says:

      Some of them were hoping for a Margot Robbie type of a woman. They are not happy with him being connected to Alia.

  16. CherryL says:

    I don’t think she’s into men.