Jessica Chastain & Gian Luca probably welcomed their second child recently

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Jessica Chastain has a really amazing life, but she does it quietly. She dated a rich, handsome Italian man named Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo without much attention. They had a lavish Italian wedding in 2017 and I don’t think we’ve ever seen her wedding gown? Then in 2018, they welcomed a baby via surrogacy and the whole thing wasn’t confirmed until four months after the baby’s birth. And it’s happened again – Jessica and Gian are currently in Los Angeles, and they stepped out for a walk in Santa Monica, and Jessica was wearing one of those baby carriers. The baby looks tiny too, like a newborn. Page Six says it appears as if Jessica and Gian have welcomed their second child via surrogacy:

After quietly welcoming their first child via surrogate in 2018, it appears that Jessica Chastain and husband Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo may be parents of two. The actress, 43, was photographed holding an infant in a carrier on her chest during a family stroll in Santa Monica, Calif., on Wednesday.Her 38-year-old husband walked beside her as he pushed their daughter Giulietta as well as their dog in a stroller.

“They were really enjoying themselves,” a spy told Page Six. “The baby seemed to be sleeping soundly the entire time.”

Page Six exclusively revealed the couple welcomed Giulietta via surrogate in November 2018.

[From Page Six]

I think Jessica is a mother of two! And she did it with zero gossip, it can be done. Congrats to Jessica and Gian and their two kids! I wonder if they had another girl or a boy this time? And why are they in LA? Gian must be going out of his mind, not being able to return to Italy right now during the pandemic. I hope Gian’s family and friends in Italy are okay – he’s very well-connected and Italy has been devastated by the virus.

Ralph Lauren 50th Anniversary Event - Red Carpet

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  1. Ali says:


  2. Lisa says:

    She is ninja about her personal life and I really respect her for it.

    • lucy2 says:

      I do too. She’s managed to be one of the top actresses, and still have a pretty private life. Honestly I forgot she even had 1 child!
      Congrats to them on their new baby, and I too hope his loved ones in Italy are OK.

    • dlc says:

      I agree! I find her fascinating. The fact that she keeps everything on lockdown makes her that much more interesting. Also, her outspokeness of feminist issues I love.

    • Yeahok says:

      I don’t think she is so much a “ninja” as she doesn’t call the paps and magrags on herself all the time (ala kartrashians)

    • Jules says:

      I agree. Kim K’s head just exploded at the thought of why have a baby if you don’t make money off it?

  3. Goldie says:

    Jessica didn’t release any wedding pictures, but the paparazzi flew a helicopter and got photos. IIRC she was really upset about that.
    Anyway, congrats to her and her hubby on their new addition!

  4. julia says:

    I was wondering about that as a few days ago she posted a cute video of a baby sleeping on a dog on IG and Natalie Portman’s comment was: is this your gorgeous baby???

    I love it when celebrities are useless and don’t know how to manage social media (get it together Natalie!) – If I were Jessica Chastain I would have been so annoyed at this comment

    • minime says:

      Err.. so Jessica posts a foto of the baby and Natalie is clueless to ask if it’s her baby?? Whatever. Pretty cool anyway that she manages to live her life on her own terms and without flaunting her private life.

      • julia says:

        Nah – she posted like a cute viral internet video of A baby – not her baby! But it felt like Natalie was basically revealing to the world that Jessica had a newborn with that comment.

        Made me wonder at the times and it turned out to be true

      • David says:

        Pretty sure Jessica would be ok with Natalie saying something because she posted on IG with a worldwide audience. She didn’t respond right? It isn’t that serious and it’s awesome everyone is healthy. I would imagine they’re in the US for the baby if it’s a newborn?

  5. Jamie says:

    I would have thought better of someone like Jessica Chastain than to acquire a child in this way but oh well.