Robin Wright lives her best quarantine life with her hot, younger husband

Robin Wright Clement Giraudet ride their bikes with their dog

For the past week, there have been tons of exclusive photos of Robin Wright and her husband Clement Giraudet in LA/Santa Monica. I’ve been dying to talk about them, but this is the first time we’ve had access to any of the photos. Robin and Clement were seen this weekend, biking around LA. I would assume that they’ve been isolating in California for weeks, but from the looks of it, they get out of the house to do about an hour of walking or biking every day. Which is what I’ve been trying to do too: go out for an hour and just walk and get some fresh air. More people than ever are doing that these days. All of the gyms are closed!

I had to get an assist from CB on the bikes – Robin and Clement are riding around LA on iZip Cruising electric bikes, which retail for $2100-$2600. The electric part is so you get a boost when going uphill, but it appears that Robin and Clement are just biking through a flat neighborhood. Still, I have been struggling with the hills in my neighborhood while walking, so I kind of wish I could get an electric “boost” on my f–king legs these days.

Robin and Clement married in August 2018, after dating for several years (I think they broke up once though). He’s 35 (36 in June) and she’s 52. Before the quarantine, I had only really seen photos of Clement in Paris, attending various events with Robin, and I had a completely different view of him, as someone who was always impeccably turned out, someone with a more “sophisticated” vibe. But in their quarantine-exercise strolls, he just seems like a hot younger guy who is actually quite athletic and almost bro-y (French bro-y?). Hm. I’m now really into him??

Robin Wright Clement Giraudet ride their bikes with their dog

Robin Wright Clement Giraudet ride their bikes with their dog

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Snowslow says:

    Come again, you are ‘suddenly into him’ now that you’ve seen him as a bro-y, young athletic ‘hotter’ dude? 🤔

    • Jess says:

      And? Every women has their thing and what turns you on may not turn her on. Sometimes you see someone in a different light and it switches, I don’t see the issue.

  2. Digital Unicorn says:

    Go girl – he’s a major upgrade in every way from Sean Penn.

  3. Allergy says:

    I can just see how it would go if I tried to ride a bike with my dog. I don’t think it would last five yards!

    • Suze says:

      Right?! I saw a kid skateboarding down our street yesterday with his dog running alongside. If I tried that with either of my dogs I would die.

    • BYk says:

      her doggo is super well behaved, probably trained. Mine? I’d probably end up in jail if I take him for a bike ride LOL

  4. Ann says:

    Meh. She could do better, she is stunning. Let’s face it, most women age better than men.

    • Katrine Troelsen says:

      I agree! We age really well and most men lose it around 30 or before. The stunners of my highschool certainly already at 25 had become uninteresting and aged a decade overnight.
      I dont know if we simply age better or if its societal pressure that makes us take better care of ourselves, but at 32 i simply cant date a man older than me as 93% of them look haggered 😀

  5. LeonsMomma says:

    Throwing this question out there: there is a 17 year difference between her and her husband, 16 years between Ben Affleck and Ana de Adams.

    So is it hypocritical (sexist) to praise Robin (I know it’s coming), while trashing Ben?

    (BTW: I have dated significantly (more than 10 years younger) younger men (20 years younger was the most) before. And tbh while the relationships ran their course, I got tired of all the looks and disapproval from women.

    • tcbc says:

      Ben has a history of sexual assault, adultery, poorly managed addictions, terrible tattoos, and a tendency to blame former girlfriends and wives for his own mistakes. Robin does not. That is the difference.

    • marmalazed says:

      Maybe I missed it but I haven’t seen anything written on the site or in the comments about the age difference being gross in the case of Ben and Ana because she’s at least in her mid-30s and the age difference isn’t that odd since they’re both fully formed adults.

    • BYk says:

      for me the gross of Ana and Ben doesn’t come from the age gap, it comes from the fact that the guy is a recovering alcoholic who obviously doesn’t take his rehab seriously, and the fact that they’ve been, specially him, playing this thing for the paps, for his image. As for her I don’t know what she expects to get out of this, she was already a raising star and choosing great projects. I’m grossed by the age gap when it includes a very obvious power imbalance, which happens in most cases when men in their 60s or more date women in their 20s, and those women are seeking a career in the same field as the older man. This is hardly the case when women date younger guys (exept the likes dating back up dancers, Madonna, to keep the Penn connection, for example) Clement might not be as wealthy as Robin, but he’s a fashion executive, has his own career, he doesn’t seem to seek fame, and probably has a great salary at Saint Laurent.

    • LidiaJara says:

      For me I feel like it’s not hypocritical because men and femmes are valued differently as they age and as they divorce in very tangible ways that have immediate economic consequences. I’m not saying it’s always one way or the other, but overall it is very skewed. Add to that the research deficit on female pleasure…

      So that impacts how I feel about it. To me Ben Affleck’s general messiness and bailing on his family is also going to add to the “of course he’s going to date young and look for someone who isn’t tired of his sh*t” feeling. I’ve been that girl.

      If the partner is super young though then the gender is irrelevant. It was super creepy when everyone thought it was funny how many grown women wanted to f*** baby Bieber.

  6. Sojaschnitzel says:

    There is nothing hot about this haircut. Yikes.

  7. Tanya says:

    Oh jeez. You need a lot more than 6 feet of distance to keep safe on a bike. Biking would be the last outdoor activity I’d do right now.

  8. babsjohnson says:

    That dog is too cute !

  9. BYk says:

    As a Robin fan, I know that she married Clement way before August 2018, they been sporting wedding bands long before that, so I guess that “wedding in France was probably most likely a party for family and friends? I know this because it was kinda confirmed by none other than hear hear, her bitter angry ex husband Sean Penn!! LOL he outed her being married way before when he was asked a totally non related question in an interview about his (lame) book in The Guardian and he answered about her wedding with this guy, who he obviously hates to the gutters. LMAO

  10. Natal says:

    That man looks mega douchey.

  11. TQ says:

    I think they look hot together. She’s not looking back for a second at Ben Foster. Go Robin!

  12. olala says:

    He is hot. But entering 3rd week of isolation everyobe is hot for me right now. 🤣🤣
    And i just planned on dating again 🤔🤣
    When this nightmare is over I am telling you ladies I will be out and about. Dating left and right and …left and right for every single day I was cut off

    • Ellie says:

      I am isolating with my boyfriend and I am like a teenage boy right now. Can’t stop thinking about it all day long.

    • Willow says:

      Good on you both. Have a great time when this is all over, olala!

  13. clairej says:

    She is so seriously pretty. She has just always stayed lovely.