Ashley Graham puts on a full face of makeup for video chats, same

It seems like years ago when we were last yelling at Ashley Graham for changing her baby on the floor at a Staples and Instagramming it. That was just the beginning of March. Remember when we could go to Staples and touch stuff without disinfecting our hands? Staples is still open from what I can find, they’ve just cut their hours. I recently ordered Animal Crossing from their sister store, Best Buy online, and they had super fast shipping. (Not a plug they legitimately did.) I was pleased with that since my teenager is so bored. Thanks for listening to the minutiae of my life.

Anyway Ashley Graham is still out here shilling stuff and I can’t blame her for that. She’s a Revlon spokesperson and has a collaborative line with them called Tropical Vibes. It’s pretty and looks more suited to ladies with darker hair and coloring. I don’t think I could pull those colors off. She posted on Instagram that she does a full face of makeup for video chats and then she put in a plug for Revlon. It worked because we’re talking about it. (This story is already old, but I just saw it on People and wanted to talk about it.)

Anyone else wearing full glam to zoom meetings and dinner with the family?🙋🏻‍♀️ But in all honesty, getting ready and feeling like I am in my routine for a few minutes of the day gave me a short escape from the brain fog I’ve been feeling.

Wearing my @revlon Tropical Vibes collection (and trying to channel some warmer vibes in chilly Nebraska)

[From Instgram]

Honestly I usually put on makeup right when I get up, although some days I skip. This makes me feel normal and like I can get sh-t done. I feel naked without makeup and it gives me a sense that everything is ok. It also gives me perceived freedom, because I could theoretically go out and run errands if my face is on. You may have a different relationship to makeup and that’s cool. I don’t feel like myself without it.

I’m doing a large Zoom chat tonight at 4pm with friends from Twitter. If you’re on Twitter and want to come just tweet @celebitchy and I’ll DM you an invite. If you aren’t on Twitter and would like to join email me at and I’ll send you the details. I hope to make it a weekly thing and am planning on doing signups on the site for it. If you come to the chat please turn your video on, but you don’t have to talk if you don’t want to!

On a different note, now that the world has changed so much, do we forgive minor celebrity transgressions like Ashley’s? Hers was dumb and self absorbed, but she’s a new mom and I tend to give her a pass.

She’s saying the right things definitely.

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#IStayHomeFor my son, my family, my neighbors and YOU. We’re all being called on in different ways during this difficult time, and I also stay home for those who can’t. For those who will continue to care for us around the clock: our doctors, nurses, grocery clerks, overnight stockers, waste removal teams, doctors and scientists. I am feeling immense gratitude and appreciation for all of you and believe that we all need to do what we can to #flattenthecurve. Please during this time let’s treat each other with kindness; leave diapers and toilet paper on the shelves for others, help an elderly neighbor get groceries, support small businesses, call a friend who might be struggling right now. We need each other during times like these. Who are you all staying home for? ❤️ Thanks for nominating me @ddlovato! I challenge @theellenshow @lizakoshy @lizzobeeating @jayshetty

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It’s an honor & privilege to be able to partner with @directrelief and to support my local NYC EMS workers (including firefighters and police offers) who are now required to wear PPE when responding to emergency calls but didn’t have enough protective equipment available to them. I was not expecting this video and my heart is so full thinking about all of the incredible work they are doing. I encourage all of you to support those who are keeping our country going; nurses, doctors, grocery store workers, delivery workers, waste management workers, police officers, firefighters, EMT workers, the list goes on and on. If you are in a position to donate PPE, I encourage you to join me. Otherwise, check in with anyone you know who is an essential worker, cook them a meal, ask them how you can help, and most importantly STAY INSIDE! Remember, small actions make big differences: just one sneaky hang out with a friend, even if you have both been following the rules, can end up causing a ripple effect and infecting so many others. Lets help our heroes keep saving the day ❤️

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  1. Laalaa says:

    Since being home I realized I prefer myself being without makeup, I feel like I actually look better without it and the main reason I put makeup is because others do. That is a very strange to realize about oneself, trust me 😀

  2. CidyKitty(CidySmiley) says:

    I’ve been working from home and I havent gotten properly dressed in weeks. Although I told myself I’m going to start putting makeup on, I also need to make more effort into my outfits, i heard that it helps your focus.

  3. LadyMTL says:

    I put makeup on only if I’m ducking out to go to the grocery store or the pharmacy – I dislike going out with a totally bare face, but I don’t spackle it on either – or if I have a video chat for work.
    Even then it’s generally just undereye concealer and covering up any acne…I can’t remember the last time I put on lipstick or gloss.

    • Esmom says:

      One of the benefits of wearing masks — less face to show, lol!

      I’ve never been big on makeup although I do wear it to work and to go out. Since being at home, I haven’t worn it at all. I do have to get dressed in the morning, though, to feel like I can get stuff done.

      As for Zoom chats, I haven’t been wearing makeup or even combing my hair most days so that’s how I look on the calls. I have a chat this weekend with my book club and one woman emailed a “hint” that hair and makeup will make it more pleasant. I was like, wtf? And yeah no.

      • Antonym says:

        “hair and makeup will make it more pleasant”?!?

        I’m pretty sure that’s what the touch-up appearance option on zoom is for. It’s the pretty filter for our new social life—no makeup required. (tbf I didn’t wear makeup before the quarantine began)

  4. Harla says:

    I work from home a couple days a week and found that putting on makeup, fixing my pixie cut, putting on my jewelry and wearing something other than yoga pants helps me feel more normal and helps with my anxiety. Unfortunately my pixie cut is growing out so all of the cowlicks are very evident 😢😢

    • Esmom says:

      I’m sure it’s adorable! I love pixie cuts and maybe in this stage you can use cute barrettes or clips to tame it, which I think is a really cute look.

  5. Anna says:

    On work days, I try to put a little more effort into my appearance. It’s not usually a full face of makeup, but I’ve been known to do some makeup, especially if I’m doing a video call. It’s more of a way to signal to my brain that we’re in work mode now, lol.

  6. emmy says:

    Same. It just puts me in work-mode and depending on who I’m talking to, I also fix myself up a little (or more) when I video chat with friends and family. It’s less about looking good and more about projecting a sense of normalcy, if possible. People have enough to worry about, they don’t need to see me and ask themselves whether my greasy, pale face is a reflection of my mental state. 🙂

    • Esmom says:

      You make a really good point about how your appearance may affect others. Because the other day I had a call with a friend who has been battling depression and he looked startlingly unkempt on the call and my first thought was that he was spiraling badly.

      Maybe I need to rethink my own lack of grooming for calls, lol.

      • emmy says:

        🙂 For me it depends on how the person usually sees me. People from work never see me completely bare-faced or with greasy hair. My parents, sister, and bff have of course seen me like this so I don’t necessarily go all out with them. But yeah, I do think it helps a little with trying to keep things as normal as possible. A colleague I’m close with is having a hard time and told me she’s basically in her sweats and doesn’t bother with hair and makeup. She’s usually very put together. Makeup certainly won’t fix her ups and downs but it’s like you said, it can be a sign. Potentially. Some people are just chilling though.

  7. EB says:

    Nah, no makeup here. I’m focusing on skincare and started a retinol since I’m inside all damn day.

  8. AndaPanda says:

    I haven’t worn makeup in 3 months. I can’t blame the virus. But…I do focus really hard on skincare so it helps me in that area. But…i really could use a little eyeliner, concealer or mascara every now and then. I’m going to try to do better. maybe this time is a good one to watch some tutorials and practice some techniques.

  9. Heather says:

    Yes, since I’ve been teleworking, I’ve been getting up and getting ready for work, just as I would under normal circumstances. Somehow, it gives me a sense of normalcy and control over my own situation. Also, I feel more prepared for the random video calls that seem to happen every couple of hours!

  10. Chica71 says:

    I have an issues because I follow her on Instagram and she definitely left and went to Nebraska to her mom.. not cool!

  11. Texas says:

    I have worn a full face of makeup twice since the quarantine. I like the feel of a clean face better. I do wear lip gloss everyday. I can’t go without color on my lips.

  12. Gemma13 says:

    No judgement here. I like the colors, but also think they will not look good with my pasty face. I just do not have the skin tone to rock that look.

    I almost never wear makeup because I don’t have the patience for learning how to do it and I work with children. Sure, I can do a simple look, but the one time I recently tried-it took me an hour. I LOVE looking at videos of people who can though! I need to practice because looking at myself in these zoom meeting is really getting to me. All I see are dark puffy circles, upper lip freckles that form a mustache, splotchy complexion, and a bad haircut. lol. ugh.

  13. Jessica says:

    I do my makeup 50% of the time I’m home. It is fun and it relaxes me. I’m still working (at a hospital) and I always wear makeup. I really didn’t even start taking makeup seriously until a year ago and I’m 46. Having a teenage girl who is very artistic sparked it for me.

    There have been days I just roll out of bed to help my kids get online for school and consider blowing off my morning skincare routine. but I always do it and never regret it. That’s my promise to myself right now!

    To each everyone’s own, right?

  14. Vizia says:

    Honestly, most people do best with some mid-level structure. Demarcating work-time (whether that’s your normal job as WFH, or chores/parenting/errands) from not-work-time seems to help most people. Hygiene, changing clothes, doing whatever to yourself cosmetically that makes you feel good, these things help mitigate feelings of being out of control and lost. Normal eating and sleeping patterns, reasonably healthy eating and hydration, whatever exercise you can do. Any regular social activities you’ve always done, do it virtually. If you were taking a class in something, find an online version. Lots of therapy and other types of support groups online–especially if you’re an addict and meetings of whatever type help you, the options are out there (I ran one of my monthly Pet Loss Support Groups last night as a conference call). If you need some alone time, find a space to get it (some people are using their cars).

    Some people actually need more structure, some really need a complete break from structure and SIP in enforcing that, and that’s awesome too. But for most people -this stuff doesn’t fix anything, it’s just *so* much worse without it.

    I’m a mental health professional, and lots of people have been asking for strategies to get through this whole thing. I apologize for the preachiness! but if this is helpful to one person, I thought maybe it needed to be said.

  15. ReginaGeorge says:

    I stopped spackling on makeup years ago. I’m over 40 and realized less is more at my age and more usually makes me look older and who the heck wants that? People tell me I look so much younger without makeup. All I do is fill in and set my sparse brows, powder my oily face (conceal if I have a zit), add some light blush and lipstick. I even stopped using under eye concealer because it settles into lines and my oily skin breaks it up after a couple of hours anyway. I just put some blush a lil higher to help drown out the bluish undertones.

    Since this self quarante, I haven’t been doing much at all. I have to wear a mask so I just fill my brows lol.

  16. Lily says:

    I’ve been home since almost a month now because the lockdown has been happening since mid march in certain parts of Canada. So since mid march, I have not put any makeup on my face and gosh, my skin is doing so much better without it. I wish lockdown face would be our standard face. And hair. And nails. I have also not put a pair of decent pants since march 12. I’m going all in with old joggers that have paint drops etc no matter where I go. (Which is the grocery store.)

  17. dlc says:

    I’ve only worn makeup once since I went into lockdown. I shower and change out of my jammies into my “nice” sweats. Hair in a ponytail. I do wonder how much of the makeup and hair and clothes I will go back to once this is all over.