Ashley Graham changed her baby’s diaper on the floor at a Staples: ok or not ok?

Ashley Graham has talked about her postpartum experiences since giving birth to her son, Isaac, in January. On Friday, Ashley shared a story that’s gotten a lot of her followers up in arms: She changed Isaac’s diaper on the floor of a Staples. That photo is above and here’s what she wrote:

Sh💩t just got real! First diaper blow up while running errands with no restroom in sight! Thank God I remembered to put the changing mat in the diaper bag!!!

Celebitchy has written stories about women who changed their babies’ diapers in public on tables: at a cafe and at a restaurant. Is this as bad as that? Nobody is eating in a Staples, but still. One commenter called Ashley “classless,” and another said that she was “craving attention.” Others supported Ashley and shared their own stories of needing to change diapers in public. A few days earlier, she had posted a video of herself using her breast pump while she was in an Uber, and people got annoyed about that, too.

I can’t decide if I’m more bothered by Ashley changing Isaac’s diaper in a public place or that she posted a photo rather than just tell the story later. I don’t have kids, but have been around enough infants to know that you have to be prepared to expect the unexpected. But…Staples has bathrooms. Was her air-conditioned car really that far away? She also mentioned that it was a “blow up” so it’s more of a mess to deal with than a typical diaper. Obviously, she wanted to get Isaac clean and comfortable again as quickly as possible, but still. It would have taken less than a minute to get to the restroom. She could have told a story about being a new mom and what a pain it is to deal with a messy diaper while out running errands. People would have sympathized with that.

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  1. Mar says:

    No. It’s not. You go out to the car, like every other parent I know has done during a diaper blow out.

    • Arpeggi says:

      Or just ask to use the bathrooms. It’s really not that difficult to ask and this way, there’s no employee that’ll have to deal with cleaning your baby’s poop from the floor. Middle of the alley is really for when you have absolutely no other choices, which is rarely the case. It’s not cool and it’s not cute

      • minx says:

        Bathrooms are so much more parent friendly than they used to be. Even small modest rest rooms seem to have some sort of changing table.

      • olala says:

        Some idiots were changing nappy in a restaurant! I got so pissed off. It was casual restaurant/shopI came in after work just to have some pasta and glass of wine. Then across few tables a couple started changing their baby litarally nearly on the table and then on a seat! Ffs what is wrong with people. The older i get the more i think that most people are just stupid organisms.

      • minx says:

        olala, that is disgusting.

      • Arpeggi says:

        Seriously! The only time I’d do this would be if the staff had refused me to use the bathroom for whatever reason. Plus, I want to be able to wash my hands once I’m done. She was done and continued to shop/touch items, went to the cash and the poor cashier had to interact with her and her poopy hands? That’s totally disrespectful!

    • Lexilla says:

      My wish when I had newborns: a reliable app that tells you the nearest bathroom with a changing table. I won’t event pay for a Starbucks latte but I would have paid $100 for that app.

      As for Graham, this isn’t something I would have done but for everyone talking about cars — not an option if you have bucket seats in front, two car seats in back, and it’s freezing outside so the hatchback is a no go.

      • CL says:

        Develop that app! You’ll be rich!

      • YCoh says:

        That exists!

        I’m fine with a parent changing their kiddo’s diaper where ever in a store if the store doesn’t provide a changing table. In many places it is required by law.

      • AMA1977 says:

        In that case, you get in the passenger seat and change the baby on your lap. I’ve done it. Not fun, but especially when they’re tiny newborns, it’s doable. Now if we’re talking a squirmy 6-month old or a toddler, that method might not work! 😉

    • Adrianna says:

      Most store bathrooms have pull down changing tables. Perhaps there wasn’t one in this store. I would go back to the vehicle and do it there. The floor is not the place.

    • Heather says:

      This is exactly what I came down here to say. No bathroom available? Go out to your car.
      Blow-outs, in general, are very messy & stinky situations, especially if your baby decides to roll around a bit. It’s not just about the health & safety of your baby, it’s also being considerate of the cleaning staff in the store. Not to mention the gag-reflexes from other shoppers.

  2. Becks1 says:

    this is really gross to me. If I was shopping at Staples and came down the aisle to someone changing their kids super messy diaper in the middle of the floor, I’d be really disgusted.

    • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

      Let’s face it: ANYONE who’s been around that “situation” knows it also stinks to high hell…and it travels! Take your kid out to the car!

      Obviously there was someone WITH her (who took the pic!), that could’ve taken the baby out, or finished her shopping for her.

      Nope…no excuse.

      • MC2 says:

        Newborn baby’s poopy diapers hardly smell, actually. It’s once they start eating real food that it starts to smell bad.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yeah I wish I had these magical babies whose sh!t didn’t stink lol. Their diapers still smelled as infants – it was worse when they started eating real food, but they smelled as infants too. It was just a different smell.

      • jj says:

        Really, she couldn’t find a restroom or car like I’ve done. I almost threw up my breakfast thinking about it.

      • Maggie says:

        Newborn breastfed babies don’t have stinky poops. Formula poops are horrible though. It’s grosser that she used a breast pump in an Uber. I had to change a blowout diaper in a doctor’s office once. No changing table. But I went somewhere without people.

      • Keessie1969 says:

        @MC2 Well I don’t agree with that. It’s more how you experience it as a parent. But rest assure outsiders don’t feel this way. There’s always an alternative to changing a baby in the middle of the store, in the middle of an aisle ánd taking a picture of it. This is just pushing it to get attention and to me that’s what her whole persona is about. This very slight feeling of entitlement that comes off of all her actions and words.

    • Cali says:

      She’s super attention seeking and it’s annoying and of course her thirsty hubby was there to film her doing mom duties🙄 she’ll talk about being hurt by the response to her over sharing, I wish we wouldn’t hear from her anymore, this level of thirst should be ignored.

  3. Annaloo says:

    Oh man. One one hand, you want to be pro motherhood, pro child pro everything about being supportive of parents, but stuff like this def triggers the “ew” reaction, and you want to ask about the common decency that we should show each other in society. I believe Staples offers public bathrooms with changing tables. It should be done there. If Staples doesn’t offer that, public decency is to take the baby to your car. I can’t tell you how many times my car has become a makeshift changing station for everyone in the family.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      Same here. I changed more diapers in my car than I like to remember.

    • Annabel says:

      Agreed! I live in NYC, so I don’t use a car, but there’s always somewhere to change a diaper that isn’t the middle of a retail aisle.

      • Eeeeeeetrain says:

        She lives in NYC too. There isn’t a parking lot at Staples with her car in it and also likely not a public restroom. There’s also way more disgusting things than baby poop on any floor in New York City.

    • Me Again says:

      I thought the same- It’s not being anti-motherhood to take ten extra seconds to go to the bathroom. The floor is gross and unsanitary. And it’s super rude to everyone else. I hate this so much!

      • BeanieBean says:

        I think public restrooms are gross. And she didn’t put the kid straight onto the floor, he’s on a changing pad.

      • Erinn says:


        Public restrooms are relatively gross, some more than others. But also keep in mind they’re probably getting cleaned a lot more thoroughly and regularly than… the floor of a random aisle.

      • gabrielle says:

        Eh, I’ve changed my kids outside, in my car, never in a restaurant or the middle of the store, but on the floor in a mall in a quiet area where nobody saw. The changing tables in public restrooms are disgusting, don’t get wiped as often as the toilets and I’ve had 2 kids, both are now potty-trained and I never once used a public changing table because I avoided them at all costs. Would never post a pic of myself changing a diaper on the mall floor cause I know it’d be frowned upon. #sorrynotsorry

      • Maggie says:

        I don’t even put my kid on a public changing table without a changing pad. There’s one attached to my diaper bag which is so nice.

      • JanetDR says:

        I get that your personal comfort levels change when you are a new mom. You get so used to accommodating your precious baby that you kind of forget about norms. But I can’t imagine changing a baby in an aisle!

  4. Stef says:

    God. Shes being so extra with this. I get that she wants show people the difficulties of having a child but this is so ridiculous. I’m mean she has a car to change her child’s diaper

  5. Case says:

    Ugh. Just take the baby out to the car! I’ve never heard of anyone doing this in the aisle of a store before. I’d be really grossed out if I walked by someone doing this. Plus the thought of putting the baby on the floor, even with a mat, is just so weird to me.

  6. Faithmobile says:

    It’s time for Americans to really learn about germ theory. While breast fed baby poop isn’t as bad as an adult’s. It’s still not ok to expose others unnecessarily.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Yes. There are legitimate reasons why waste isn’t supposed to be in common areas.

  7. Originaltessa says:

    Wtf is she doing??!!! Not ok. Not even open for debate.

    • Joanna says:

      Idk, I think it is. If she cleans up and doesn’t leave poop behind, I’m ok w it. It’s a baby. .a quick diaper change isn’t going to hurt anyone.

    • Cat says:

      She had a changing mat under the baby. Who cares.

      • Keessie1969 says:

        I care because it’s done to seek attention and pushing peoples boundaries on stupid examples. Plus there are alternatives that don’t expose other people to your literal shit.

  8. paranormalgirl says:

    Yeah, I would have sought out a little privacy and most Staples do have bathrooms. But at least she had a changing mat and didn’t just use the floor.

    • Onnit says:

      Yeah…I’ve literally NEVER been to a Staples that didn’t have a bathroom. I never took Graham for being a thirst trap, but here she is all dehydrated.

    • Eliza_ says:

      No bathroom was in her physical sight probably, but surely she could have asked to find its location. Big stores like this would probably also be mandated to have a changing table in the bathroom as well.

      Also who carries a diaper bag and is grateful they remembered a changing pad. That’s like being grateful you remembered wipes. It’s pretty much: pad, wipes, cream, diaper and change of clothes as the minimum packing.

  9. zotsioltar says:

    Wow…. and they took pics? This is not about parenting this about bringing attention to themselves. Figured this would be a 3rd party/paparazzi deal when I clicked on the link – which would be bad enough……

    • Sarah Bee says:

      It’s so that she can have an article about “mommy shaming” out by this Wednesday.

    • lucy2 says:

      Taking pics is really over the top. It’s bad enough that she feels the need to share every single experience (billions of people have had children, blow out diaper changing is no mystery) but this is just too much. I guess once some people get a taste of the attention, they can’t stop.

      Every Staples I’ve ever been in has a restroom, and if it doesn’t, ask an employee where you can go.

  10. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    Never, ever okay. You’re releasing huge amounts of faecal matter into the atmosphere which is a massive health hazard and potentially very dangerous (Dr John Snow traced the 1851 cholera outbreak that killed thousands of people in London to a dirty nappy that a woman had washed in a public stream used for drinking water), not to mention exposing people to a horribly unedifying, vile sight and smell. It’s classless, tasteless and thoughtless

    • Kate says:

      uh…into the atmosphere? lol. I think there’s a big difference between ingesting baby poop (via water or contaminated food) and like, walking by a dirty diaper. Be grossed out all you want, but dirty diaper changing is not going to cause the next plague.

      • Anon33 says:

        You should read more, lol. Fecal matter=e. Coli. It is literal bacteria personified, and is absolutely released into the air. How do you think smells are created?

      • something says:

        If you can smell poo, you are literally inhaling particles of poo. That’s how your sense of smell works. Your sense of smell is a warning that you are inhaling potentially hazardous material.

        Also public restrooms are supposed to be regularly cleaned with disinfectants. Aisle carpets not so much.

      • Arpeggi says:

        Gaz released into the air and bacteria-containing droplets are 2 totally different things; the smell comes from the gaz produced by the bacteria but it doesn’t mean you’re covered in feces droplets.

        But yeah, while the fecal-oral route has historically been a huge source of contamination, walking next to a dirty diaper isn’t exactly a biohazard (it’s similar as to why you won’t catch disease from the toilet seat). Cholera, polio, O157:H7 aren’t prevalent nowadays in a normal setting… Not a reason to change your baby in the middle of a store when there’s a perfectly working bathroom with a sink in which you can wash your hands once done nearby

      • Kate says:

        ok I “read more” and from info posted on a government website re e.coli: “Once someone has consumed contaminated food or water, this infection can be passed from person to person by hand to mouth contact. E. coli does not survive in the air, on surfaces like tables or counters and is not spread by coughing, kissing or normal, everyday interactions with friends and neighbours.”

        For the record I wouldn’t change my kid in an aisle either but I also don’t think people need to freak out about being exposed to DANGER if they can see or smell a poop diaper. If you are then you probably shouldn’t go to any bathroom that has a changing table where a person might be changing their kid or a public restroom where the person before you might have shat. You can’t shelter yourself from bacteria. Just wash your hands and don’t wear your shoes in your house.

    • Angie says:

      What I’m getting from these comments is that if someone drops a duece in a public washroom and I smell it, I’m going to get cholera???? Or something? Sure….. I guess i just don’t understand “germ theory”.

      • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

        Faecal coliforms expelled in this manner can contaminate up to five square metres, and the particles can survive for varying amounts of time dependent on external factors (heat, humidity, cold etc). These particles settle also on a carpeted floor and can be tracked into the public environment, including people’s homes. In other words, imagine tracking E Coli into your home, sitting on the floor to do your yoga/watch TV, the particles adhering to your clothes, tracking them into your bedroom and in twenty four hours or less hurling for accuracy and distance. It’s particularly severe for those with underlying health issues.
        I used the example of Dr John Snow/cholera simply to illustrate how poor hygiene leads to outbreaks of serious illness and death. If the child had had a serious gastroenteric illness, those around it would have been at risk not only during the nappy-changing but for a significant period afterwards. Poor hygiene is a major concern: not only with mannerless women like AG, who is stirring outrage so she can make coin from it, but with our new end-of-days scenario, the coronavirus. While it’s fashionable not to give a damn about anyone else, it behoves us all to realise that no-one else gives a damn about us or our health, either.

      • ME says:

        @ Andrew’s Nemesis

        Public washrooms are the worst. When a toilet is flushed all that sh*t goes in the air (now times that by 10 or 20 toilets flushing 24 hours a day). At home, it’s best to shut the lid before flushing but you can’t do that in a public washroom because most of those toilets don’t have lids and even if they did no one with their right mind would touch it. Fecal matter can cause illness. So many people think a baby’s fecal matter is “pure” or something. Ummm no it’s not !

  11. Starkille says:

    I have no idea why people think it’s fine to change a baby’s diaper wherever they please. Would you do this to a disabled adult you were caring for? Of course not! If you find yourself stranded somewhere there are TRULY no toilets, that’s one thing, but as stated in the article, Staples definitely have toilets. From the little I know of Ms Graham she seems quite thirsty, so perhaps she just hadn’t gotten enough attention that day.

    • Jess says:

      I thought the same thing. I’ve NEVER seen someone do this with a toddler, disabled child, or an elderly person who needs diapers. Why is a newborn baby any different?! It’s not! You just wait until you can get to a proper place then do what needs to be done in private, like a decent human.

  12. Ali says:

    Disgusting and unnecessary.

  13. Scarlett says:

    The thirst is strong with this one. She is exhausting, the constant need for attention ugh. I love how they even took a pic and documented it, wow, just wow.

    I have raised two kids and never once had to do this, go to the damn car like everyone else does.

  14. pyritedigger says:

    Absolutely not okay. it’s disgusting, unsanitary, and entitled. We live in a society, people!!

  15. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Wherever I’ve been with babies, I’ve had a car, a restroom or somewhere quiet and private. That picture is many more things than simply tacky. And it will be around forever so she and her kiddo can have their laughs twenty years from now about how awesome it is not to care what people think after posting on Twitter. I’m not sure I like her as much anymore.

    • Christina says:

      Agreed, Mabs. Thirsty.

      She is privileged and trying to show herself as an ordinary mom. She is a mom like everybody else whose done it. I better understand the pumping in the Uber, because I’ve been stuck in traffic in NYC for an hour trying to get someplace, but this is ridiculous. She should have taken him to a baby changing table in a restroom. That is what they are for.

  16. Jess says:

    No, this is attention seeking and absolutely disgusting on so many levels. I cannot stand when people do this, and I have a child so I know shit happens, but walk your ass to the bathroom or back to your car. This exposes the baby to germs and bacteria on the floor, also their genitals to god knows who walking by, AND you put other people at risk by exposing them to the contents of your child’s intestinal tract, which is dangerous and just gross. There’s NO excuse, some people just love the attention and are so selfish they don’t care. I’ve seen this done at a restaurant ON THE TABLE during busy dinner service, what’s wrong with people!

  17. Heylee says:

    I’m pretty indifferent to this. I see the changing pad on the carpet so she’s doing her best to not contaminate the area. Most likely she panicked and her first thought was preventing the poop from getting all over her baby and herself – as blowouts can be tricky. Being a new mom is really hard. Lest we forget. You learn as you go.

    • Joanna says:

      Yeah. It doesn’t bother me. I would just say cute baby if I was in the vicinity

    • megs283 says:

      Yeah. I’m not going to judge. I’ve been in places where I expected a changing table or at least a counter, and they had a pedestal sink. No space to change my baby and I was NOT going to change her on a bathroom floor.

      Also, it was 19 degrees over the weekend in my area. I wouldn’t change my baby in the tailgate in that weather.

      So, have I done it? No. But am I going to judge her…? Also no.

      (ok, I am judging a tiny bit for putting it on social media.)

  18. Chickaletta says:

    Mom here. I get it. And I try to be supportive of parents in public because you don’t know what their day has been like, what their life is like, etc (“Oh wow that kid is just glued to that tablet. But maybe it’s the only way Mom can get some errands done in order to be able to play with their kid and spend quality time with them later.”) But there are like so many options in this situation…… go to your car. go to a restroom. ask an employee if there’s somewhere you can go because it’s an emergency…… and she had someone there to take a picture so it’s not like she was alone.

  19. Kimmy says:

    Maybe the bathroom at staples didn’t have a changing table? We road trip a lot and you’d be surprised how many gas stations don’t have changing tables. Our car is usually too full to have anywhere to lay the baby down to changer her. Gross and annoying for sure, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

    • STRIPE says:

      Maybe it didn’t but she’s changing him on the floor so she didn’t seem to need one anyway. I know bathroom floors are gross but shes using a changing pad as a barrier.

    • Kate says:

      Yeah this just happened to us. New mom so still Shocked that so many gas station bathrooms don’t have changing tables. To everyone saying to change a baby in a car, how do you guys do that? It’s so hard! The car seats aren’t flat! Don’t love putting baby on the bathroom floor but that seems the only option. Really crazy that this lack of resources for parents and babies is considered fine.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Kate – I would either change on the front seat or the floor of the backseat. Its something you figure out and get used to as they get older and you go more places with them – I would change their diaper in the car before putting them in their car seat and driving home so 1) fresh diaper and 2) depending on the length of the ride, if they fell asleep I could usually transport them to their crib and the diaper would be okay for nap.

      • Jess says:

        I had a 4 door Honda Accord and if my back seat and trunk were full I’d roll up a blanket and kind of wedge it to the side of my daughter so she wouldn’t roll, if that makes sense, or I’d move to the passenger side, back the seat up, and just put her in my lap and change her, also placed paper or a seat cover on a public toilet and changed her in my lap that way. Very frustrating and not ideal but possible, and much better than exposing her genitals to strangers or exposing them to her bacteria and poop smell! I have a small suv now and the trunk is flat, even if it was packed to the brim I’d take the time to move stuff out and make room to change her versus doing what Ashley did! Yuck.

      • Kate says:

        Didn’t even think about trunk but that would work when it gets a little warmer. Still feel strongly that gas station bathrooms should all have changing tables though!

  20. Sylvie says:

    NO! That is a public health hazard. She obviously has no respect for others and really needs some education in the health and human decency arenas.

  21. Spicecake38 says:

    We get it Ashley you are a new mom experiencing what all of the moms know-sh!t happens.IF someone has a true emergency then whatever.This was posted to her insta,so it’s thirsty.
    I never had to change a diaper in a store aisle,and if I did I wouldn’t have told anyone much less take a picture.

  22. ab says:

    Is she in NY or LA? This looks like a NY Staples, which explains why no public bathroom and no car to go out to. That said, having been in this very situation in the city I would have asked to use the employee restroom! And if denied, take the baby to the nearest Starbucks or wherever. Gross and unsanitary — for the baby and everyone shopping/working there — to change your little one on the floor of a store like that.

  23. Severine says:

    Always had an extra outfit with me (for blowout situations) and never would consider doing this. For me it’s grossness factor before the health factor. She’s entitled and she obviously enjoys documenting herself. Ashley, no one cares about your kid or his blowout. Would have held a higher opinion of you if you had not posted this. No we know you literally don’t think your (your kid’s) shit stinks.

    • STRIPE says:

      I’ve noticed- and it’s not just her -Once people become parents, a lot of them suddenly share WAY too much about their kids bodily functions. Nobody cares about your kids blow out. Nobody. Period. Please stop posting Facebook updates about it

      • ME says:

        Or potty training. For the love of God please stop posting pics of your damn kids potting training. Why are you embarrassing your kids like that !

      • lucy2 says:

        One of my childhood friends posts SOOOO much about her kids and their various bodily functions. “Kid A vomited 4 times today!” “Oh no, kid B has diarrhea again!” Kid B is like 10. I’m sure he’s thrilled his mom is sharing that to the world.

      • Jamie says:

        What happens when these kids are old enough to find all this mommy oversharing?
        Or worse, their classmates are?

      • ME says:

        @ Jamie

        Well I’m guessing their classmates also have parents that overshare on social media. So most of these poor kids are all in the same boat. Stupid parents who don’t care about their child’s privacy.

  24. La says:

    I’ve done this once or twice out of desperation if there is no restroom and my car was far away or I didn’t drive. She’s still attention seeking as hell because I was so embarrassed when I did and sure as hell didn’t take a photo.

    Related rants: 1) Put more changing tables in men’s restrooms. My husband has ended up in this situation more than me simply because the men’s room isn’t equipped. Which leads me to 2) if you don’t have kids don’t use the “family” restroom. More than once I’ve been out with my baby and toddler with a stroller waiting on someone without kids leisurely taking a dump in the family restroom (when regular restrooms were right there). We need that space!

    • Shirleygailgal says:

      sometimes the family room is also the only room large enough for someone needing to change a colostomy bag or tend to another, hidden physical challenge. Please don’t judge. You don’t know what’s happening under someone’s clothing.

      • minime says:

        Family rooms are not restrooms for people with deficiency. Just in the last month I saw twice big men coming out of the family room while my baby had to wait crying too be changed. It’s lack of decency and it’s unhygienic. Family room is for babies and children do their needs/change their diapers not for grow up people. Furthermore, the toilets in there are very often super small. Where there’s a family room, there’s a restroom for people with deficiency.

      • La says:

        Like @minime said I’m talking about facilities where there are “regular” restrooms with a larger stall for people with disabilities in addition to a family restroom. I do my best to never use the disabled stall even with my kids so I would hope the family restroom could be reserved for families. Often, the family restroom is also the only place with the changing table.

        I obviously would never judge someone who needed the space the same way I would hope others don’t judge me if I had to use the disabled stall if I had no other choice with my kids. But these are places where there were accommodations for both and people were using the space who clearly didn’t need the changing tables, toddler stools, or child size toilets.

  25. Harla says:

    No criticism from me, just keep being the best mommy you can be!

    • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

      You think she’s being a good mother by exposing the public to God-knows what biohazard and her child to the filthy floor and posting it to Instagram? Really?

  26. emmy says:

    The baby is really small still. Clearly she’s not single-moming this so the kid didn’t need to go to a damn Staples? I hope parents don’t come at me for this but small babies don’t need to go absolutely everywhere? Feces in public is not okay and baby poo isn’t cuter than anyone else’s. It’s feces. She really is doing the Motherhood to the MAXX thing.

    • Sass says:

      I know that despite our income level at the time I was very privileged to stay home with my children when they were infants through first grade. As newborns I only took them out for doctor appointments and the store to pick up any prescriptions they or I may have needed. Even then it was, strap them to my chest in a baby K’Tan wrap and gtfo in ten minutes. We didn’t start regularly taking them out in public or bringing them to events until they were three months old. Still of course sht happens even on the most precise of schedules. But my rule always was, if they started crying or having a tantrum we left even if we weren’t done shopping or whatever we were doing. We just left. Poops? You go to the store bathroom. And I have found that store employees are more than happy to let you use the bathroom if it’s not technically for public use when you have a baby who needs a diaper change.

  27. stelly says:

    Yeah no. Sorry. I have a little girl and am fully experienced in diaper blowout situations…But unless Ashley had walked over to Staples (which I highly doubt) just go to your car and do it in the backseat. Easy. Or a bathroom. I feel she posted this pic to generate controversy and get attention because inevitably people are going to have opinions about this.

  28. Sass says:

    “No bathroom in sight” what a straight up lie. Staples has bathrooms. Does she realize that we “regular people” know these things? If Staples gets wind of this I’m sure her claim will be refuted because that makes them look bad.

    Graham annoys the heeeeeeeel out of me. And yeah I doubt her child will appreciate its lil moon having gone viral when they’re old enough to understand.

    Also a POOPED DIAPER IN PUBLIC ON THE FLOOR? That’s nasty!! If it’s an actual blowout you know it was a disaster and not well contained. That’s something you go to your car for, lord Jesus fix it.

  29. Hyrule Castle says:

    The child deserves privacy too.

  30. Flamingo says:

    She really needs constant validation, doesn’t she? There are certainly restrooms in any retail establishment, use them.

  31. Laura says:

    Man, I must be super tired because I misread that headline and thought it said she changed her baby on the floor of the STAPLES CENTER! I was super surprised and alarmed, then saw it was just a regular Staples. I’m going to refill my coffee…

    • ME says:

      LOL I thought the same thing at first ! I thought she did this at a Lakers game until I saw the pic !

  32. Jules says:

    big nope. and I’m tired of the “_____ shaming” excuse that people now use for all crappy behavior. pun intended.

    • smcollins says:

      Thank you! Not every differing opinion or criticism of something is “shaming.” Its overuse is up there with the whole “canceling” of people because they’re not perfect and make mistakes (not including reprehensible behavior that actually harm others, of course). But I digress… I don’t think the truth about parenting or taking care of babies needs to be in the shadows and not talked about but these little stunts do nothing to further the conversation, if anything they detract from it. It seems more about attention for themselves than about sharing the reality and starting a conversation. Another case of the message getting lost (overshadowed) by the delivery.

      • Jules says:

        I agree, it is thinking to an extreme and not being able to see the middle ground.

  33. Wilma says:

    I would never have changed a diaper in the aisle. It’s just not practical, particularly with blowout diapers. You’re never going to get the kid properly clean, plus it’s groce and unhygienic for everyone involved. Changing rooms are there for a reason.

  34. Lenax says:

    Look, I’ll just add that I’m not a mom, but until these comments I didn’t know so many moms took their babies to the car to change a diaper. What do you do if you didn’t drive or don’t have a car when running errands? In my panic I don’t know that my first instinct would have been to go to a car.

    • OriginalLara says:

      If you don’t drive a car in all likelihood you’ll have a buggy/ pram with you. If you’re in a walkable area there will be so many facilities/ cafes with a changing table nowadays.
      But here’s the thing: there’s absolutely no need to panic over a soiled diaper. Poop is warm and before it cools down and becomes uncomfortable there’s enough time to find a spot where to change your child. Some children even prefer sitting in it and hate having diapers changed.

      • MC2 says:

        This is a good point. My kids had blowouts & I wrapped their gross butt in a blanket, then I waited until we were in a good spot to change them. A little extra time stewing in it is not going to hurt anyone (besides that one time my kid had a bad reaction to food, which gave him immediate diaper rash when he pooped..that was a time needed for being super quick on the changing).

  35. Amy Too says:

    There are two open diapers in that picture. One is the dirty diaper and it’s not a blow out. It looks like a pee diaper with a little poo streak. Is she exaggerating this story? If it wasn’t really an emergency why did she do this? So she could get a story and claim she’s been shamed? Like she really wished she had a huge blow out poop in public story that she could share but she didn’t so she made one up?

  36. SJR says:

    No. Not OK. Take the baby to the car and change.
    Why do people do this? Manners, in a public place.
    Act however u want at home. WHY take pictures?
    Ugh! Some people.

  37. Originaltessa says:

    The diapers are visible. It wasn’t a blowout at all. I’m not even sure the baby pooped.

    • amp122076 says:

      there’s no way she could have crouched down in that squatting position for the time it takes to clean up a full blow out. she’d be sitting on her butt or knees. #needsattention

  38. TheOtherSarah says:

    I’m not a mom, and I don’t know everything about babies but I sure know that Staples employees are not paid nearly enough to clean the feces of this attention seeking brat’s child.

  39. Thea says:

    Doesn’t she live in NYC? Everyone is telling her to go to her car, but she might not have one. Also the staples I’ve been to in New York don’t have public restrooms. She probably could have found a public restroom though. But idk, I’m not a mom and I’ve never been in that situation.

  40. ME says:

    That’s disgusting. This is NOT ok. Why the f*ck would you do that AND take a pic of it and post it online? Some people become parents and think the world all of a sudden revolves around them. Nope !

  41. T says:

    I’ve been in a similar situations a few times, and I’ve never had a problem finding a bathroom or going back to my car. This just seems like a thirst trap move, especially documenting it. I appreciate a lot of what she says, but something about Ashley bugs.

    • naomipaige99 says:

      I agree about the trust trap. There is something about her that irritates the heck out of me. This is just part of it.

  42. Kyra WEGMAN says:

    have you changed a baby in a public restroom? in NYC? they are disgusting. and staples is huge — quicker to do it quick on the spot than search for an employee to show you where it is and then discover you’ll have to do it in a place likely with a broken sink and pee all over the floor. she looks like she has her own mat and supplies. I’m sure she’d rather not do it this way, but emergencies happen. It’s gross for the mom too — there is zero joy or glee in having to air your dirty laundry literally in front of a judgy world. And until you’ve had an infant with a blowout in the middle of a huge public place in NYC you need to pipe down. the issue is not that moms are gross but that public services woefully inadequate. how much we have all internalized this incredibly anti-woman, pro-corportion outlook: blame the mom at all cost, not the enormous corp with resources.

    • T says:

      @kyrawegman I’ve changed my daughter in places in NYC, and you’re right – it’s not convenient or clean. Fortunately, like Ashley, I come equipped and expect that most places won’t have an ideal restroom situation for changing a dirty diaper. I once asked a waiter in NYC if I could line a chair with paper towels, use the changing pad, and change my daughter on that. They were helpful in getting the chair in the restroom and sanitized it after.

      I agree it’s really shameful that we currently don’t have appropriate areas to change diapers in every setting, but there still is not a need to change your child in an aisle and photograph it. Had she asked a Staples employee, I wonder if they would have offered her a private area in the back hall or storage area if a restroom wasn’t available.

    • Sass says:

      @kyra wegman so it’s fine for her to do this and then post it all over the internet? Clearly she did it for attention. Even if you take in to account all of the factors you’re stating. Say for example she is in NYC, no car, no changing tables in the nasty bathroom and she has no choice. Great. Fine. She’s gotta handle it. But to get a photo of it and put it all over the internet is over the top. Of course she loves her baby but she is not thinking of him in the instance of putting this out there for the purpose of going viral. She has a history of problematic behavior.

  43. HeyThere! says:

    It happened to me so often that I had a changing pad in the back of my GMC SUV!!!! Always brought extra clothes and plastic bags to keep the poop clothes in, and a separate for the diaper in case there wasn’t a trash can around…..or if the trash can was too public. I didn’t want to set a literal sink bomb off in it!!! 💩 happens!

  44. Zantasia says:

    Just saying—I have been caught in a situation where the bathroom was “closed” at a hardware store due to drug addicts using and abusing it and I had a car with no space for changing a baby. And it was raining pretty hard outside. The ground is the only option sometimes. But all that said—you ask employees for a place to do it out of the way, and you don’t need to post about it.

  45. Jay (the Canadian one) says:

    On being bothered that “… she posted a photo rather than just tell the story later.” Or heaven forbid, she just didn’t share at all?

    I’ll say I’m more bothered by the photo. Even if you accept that she thought she had no choice with the diaper, there’s no world where she HAD to photograph it AND share it publicly. And if I were in a tight spot changing a diaper and were to ask for assistance, it definitely wouldn’t be “can you photograph this?”

  46. LA says:

    Ehhh, I’d have gone to the car. It’s a sanitary thing, to me. That’s human feces – baby or not.

  47. ChillyWilly says:

    Good lord, this is done serious attention whoring. I hate when celebs use their babies as clickbait. And of course she could have used the restroom or her car.

  48. Kristen says:

    This is gross. The floor is carpeted, which means they can’t just mop (which even then it shouldn’t be an employee’s job to clean extra for her baby) – they have to clean the carpet. Even if Staples didn’t have a bathroom for some reason, I’ve never seen a Staples that wasn’t near something else that would have one.

    • Originaltessa says:

      Yeah, they’re typically in retail sectors. So a retail store with a restroom, or a cafe or restaurant was likely close by. She had options. She just chose to possibly infect a public carpeted space with human feces, and post her child in a really vulnerable nude position on the internet… which???

  49. Marigold says:

    I would NEVER put my kid on the floor of a retail store to change her. 16 years ago when I was dealing with diapers for the kidlet, restrooms were hit or miss, and the floor of a public restroom with no changing table is worse than any option available.

    I changed my kid in the back of the car so many times. I kept diapering stuff back there, and it was easy. EVERY time I left a cart near the door and said to an employee, “I’ll be right back. Gotta change this diaper,” the employees would smile and make sure no one took my shopping away.

    It’s not hard. Changing a kid in public is inconvenient, but it’s not hard, and we don’t put infants and their excrement on the floor of public places.

  50. K says:

    No. It’s a health issue for the public. That’s it.

  51. jolanda says:

    Let us just stop judging other people.

    • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

      When they stop being filthy.

    • M.A.F. says:

      Then don’t post on social media.

    • Whatnow says:

      Just because people have an opinion on something doesn’t mean they are judging. A little constructive criticism goes a long way. I’m not saying make the person hang their head in shame but since none of us are perfect we do need reality checks once in awhile. Just because you have kids does not mean you get to run over the rights of others. It’s not a blank check to do whatever you want and just say well I’m a parent.

      Can you tell I’ve been around too many bratty children lately out in public LOL yes. I’m tired and cranky so I’ll end this with people please curb your children

  52. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    I mean, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do but I was never desperate enough to change my baby on a public floor. Yuck.

  53. Minnie says:

    It’s so NOT okay. Being a mom doesn’t mean you get a pass to inconvenience other people when you have a good chance of doing it in a less invasive space. The fact she posted it means she feels entitled to do whatever she wants and I find it super disrespectful. Not to mention it’s not exactly hygienic for her kid either. Seems to me she did it more to prove a point than because it was a truly necessary thing to do.

  54. Scal says:

    I just had this happen this weekend. Full blow out in the car seat from shoulders to knees. My reaction was to run to the bathroom with kid wrapped in a blanket-but (deep breath) I get some new moms out in a store would panic in that situation. People don’t need to be smelling my kids poop.

    I think the bigger issue is that she had someone on her social media take a picture, and then even when editing her kids face and bum out didn’t think to herself-does this need to be on social media? Really? Is there a special mom badge for changing your kid on the floor that insta didn’t tell me about?

  55. LindaS says:

    That is not a blowout. Lots of clean parts left on the diaper. Also, its a boy. What if he peed all over the place. They are known to shoot. Attention seeker and taking a picture. I have always had a hard time liking her.

    • Amy Too says:

      Didn’t think of that right away, but yes! Newborn baby boys will pee while they’re being changed and squint everywhere. That’s why I always covered my son with a clean diaper, a blanket, or even a wipe while I wiped his bottom and positioned the clean diaper. And I’m grossed out by the fact that she’s got that dirty diaper (which is NOT a blow out, it looks like it’s barely even a poop) just lying open on the floor. Doesn’t everyone fold up the dirty diaper as they’re taking it off?

  56. Lisa says:

    I am sure there were better options but that would not have gotten her the attention she craves.

  57. M.A.F. says:

    I feel that some parents feel they can do whatever they want because they are a parent and the rest of us just have to allow them to do it. Staples has a bathroom. Use it. And posting this kind of stuff, especially from a celebrity, is ALL about attention.

  58. Gippy says:

    She should have used the restroom (but even those changing tables are really gross). However, she used a changing mat so it’s unlikely sh-t got on the floor. It probably did smell but not too bad. She probably had to go to the restroom to dispose of the diaper and wash her hands (or used hand sanitizer my diaper bag has it). Maybe she panicked at a blowout and just went straight to changing it lol. Not the smartest decision but it doesn’t bother me.

  59. amp122076 says:

    so she has someone with her (assistant, friend, husband?) available to set up and get the right photo/angle, etc but doesn’t have the two minutes it takes to walk into the staples bathroom? nah.

  60. Winterforever says:

    I was on a flight where someone changed a poppy diaper in the seat next to them 🤢 The whole plane smelled like baby 💩 until we landed

  61. Gina says:

    I never comment here m, but have been reading the comments for years now. This is obvious attention seeking as the picture shows the dirty diaper. And its definitely not a blowout diaper. Believe me i have three kids. This clearly wasnt an emergency situation. Its embarrassing.

  62. Jennifer says:

    Not OK.

  63. Jenn says:

    Omfg! Get some manners and go change the kid in the card like a normal person. Jesus!!

  64. MrsRoper says:

    Okay. A lot of comments on this, so here’s thoughts from a retail perspective. I work in a Michaels store… we clean the bathrooms once a day, and it’s a swish-and-go clean at the end of the night. Store floors are vaguely swept, the bathroom floors are mopped with the same string mop used for months, grey with grime and maybe hung up to never completely dry. Virex on surfaces, sort of. The bathrooms are cleaned mostly by the cashiers, some of whom are moms, some are teenagers. In my experience, the teens rarely clean the pull-down baby changing stations, the moms might if it isn’t too late and we haven’t had too many customers stay past closing time (which is often; the people who decide to shop at 9:05!). Michaels allows dogs in the store and they occasionally have accidents; we have few resources to clean up dog messes. Some people don’t even tell us that the dogs messed in an aisle; we rely on other customers to tell us, as Michaels often understaffs in the evenings (two people to close an entire store! don’t get me started on understaffing, and I’ve heard so many complaints from customers).
    That said, I’m a mom and have changed diapers in the car. I’ve done it when I had no where else to go. When there’s a blowout, you panic because that goes everywhere. As a former student of food safety, it’s surprising how far poop spreads. Poop and dirt can be airborne. If you can smell it, it’s all over the place. Smells are particulate. Carpet in the store? Ew, e coli storage.

  65. Blerg says:

    Are we actually at a point where we Instagram diaper blowouts? Lord have mercy.