The Duke & Duchess of Sussex are participating in an authorized biography

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex is at The Lion King Premiere

At this point, I’m used to being battered around by the royal peeps. Some of the Sussex Squaders are convinced that I’m secretly a hater (I am not), and most of the Keen Defenders claim that I view Kate as a bitch eating crackers (I do not, although she does annoy me regularly). Regarding Meghan, one of the most obvious fibs she ever told – one which still irritates me to this day – is when, during her engagement-announcement interview, she pretended she was mostly unfamiliar with the British royal family, that she barely knew anything about them before she met Harry. This untruth is apparent given her very obvious study of Princess Diana’s life. There’s no shame in that study – Diana was one of the most iconic women of the last half of the 20th century, and Diana’s trials and tribulations were widely covered in the American media during Meghan’s childhood and teen years.

It’s been clear so many times that Meghan has tried to learn from Diana’s life and work. Note: I’m not saying Meghan plotted to “land” Harry or anything. I think she just pretended to not know much about the Windsors because if she admitted that, obviously, she was familiar with all of their drama, people would think that she was some maniacal plotter. Why am I bringing this up? Because Meghan and Harry are taking a BIG page out of Diana’s book. They’re apparently working with a “friendly journalist” to tell their side of the story through a half-way authorized biography. The friendly journo? Omid Scobie. Diana chose Andrew Morton, and Morton’s first Diana book, Diana: Her True Story, brought the monarchy to its knees.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have co-operated with the authors of an explosive new book that risks inflicting further anguish on the Royal Family, it was claimed last night. Palace insiders expect the biography – provisionally entitled Thoroughly Modern Royals: The Real World Of Harry And Meghan – to paint a flattering portrait of the couple. But there are fears it will also be a score-settling exercise in which Harry and Meghan’s strained relationship with the Royal Family and painful decision to quit Britain are revisited in uncomfortable detail.

The Mail on Sunday has been told that before moving to North America, the privacy-obsessed Sussexes gave an interview to the book’s authors, both journalists. One of them, Omid Scobie, is an acknowledged Meghan cheerleader and was one of the favoured journalists given details of the couple’s video call to the Queen last week in which they wished her a happy 94th birthday.

Echoing Princess Diana’s secret involvement in the blockbuster biography, Diana: Her True Story, when she encouraged her friends to speak to author Andrew Morton, questions are being asked whether members of Meghan’s inner circle were being urged to help Scobie and his American co-author, Carolyn Durand.

The 320-page biography, due to be released on August 11, is expected to be a global bestseller.

[From The Daily Mail]

Before all of this, I thought – and halfway hoped – that Meghan or Harry (or both) would simply sign a major book contract for their own memoir. I imagined that Meghan would be the stronger writer (although she would, ahem, need a good editor) and that she could tell her story through her own flowery prose. That was what I expected because it’s 2020 and people can tell their own stories without the filter of a “biographer.” But this is such a Diana move, isn’t it? It really is. And honestly, I don’t hate it. There were too few journalists who were genuinely friendly and fair to the Sussexes in the past two years, and Omid Scobie was one of the good guys. Will Omid be fair? I think so. I wonder… is this a first step to gauge the interest in a possible memoir though?

Members of the royal family and politicians are pictured arriving at the Commonwealth Day Service

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  1. Nev says:

    Good. I like Omid and his podcast.

    • Snazzy says:

      Me too. I find him in general to be both positive and professional.

    • BYk says:

      after an authorized memoir, even in the form of interview or whatever they’re twisting this to make themselves look more detached while at the same time clearly controlling the narrative, after that, there’s no room for a memoir and/or autobiography, not in the short term at least. After this there will be little interest because it would feel repetitive, pointless. There will have to pass a lot of time, not less than a decade, otherwise they, she, will look oversharing and/or greedy. I do believe the editor of this will pay to the sussexes in some kind of way for the info they’re sharing it won’t be for free.

      • Becks1 says:

        Hard disagree. If at any point Harry or Meghan decided to put pen to paper and write their personal memoir, it would be a runaway bestseller. If anything it may be less popular in 20 years or so. But at any point in the near future, even with this book from Omid, their own words would carry a lot of weight. And if it comes out that they choose to write a memoir that shares all the tea about the BRF, that would be insanely popular whenever they write it.

        Please note though that I strongly doubt we will every get that kind of memoir from them.

      • SomeChick says:

        …”they, she…”

        says it all. Your agenda is showing.

      • ADS says:

        “…there will be little interest because it would feel repetitive, pointless.”

        Lol, why are you lying.

  2. Becks1 says:

    OOOH. I saw rumors of this on twitter over the weekend but I didn’t realize it was Omid.

    My take on it is that this book will be a huge bestseller, but it wont be a tell-all like people may think. I think there will be some well-crafted barbs at the courtiers, and more obvious barbs at the press and how stressful the smear campaign was – and I think that will be the focus of it from H&M’s perspective – how excited they had been and how sad they were to walk away, but the press left them no other option.

    There wont be any insider tea, not at this point. I think there is potential for more insider information after the queen or maybe even Charles dies (so we have a while to go.)

    • Erinn says:

      The Omid aspect is interesting, and I think that was a pretty smart move. He seems relatively balanced – he’s stuck up for them, but he’s also acknowledged that not every single move might have been the perfect move (and how could they be – they’re human and that’s okay!) so it’s not like he can be called a M&H fanboy.

      I also don’t expect there to be any real tea. I think they will focus more on how their lives brought them to where they are today, and discuss initiatives that are close to their hearts. I think you’ll get an insider view of what has happened and how they’ve dealt with it – but it’s going to be classy because … well, that’s how Meghan is. She’s not going to use this to settle a score or anything because that’s not what she’s like.

      I really don’t read much for biographies, but I’d consider picking this up.

      • Becks1 says:

        Also, Omid can discuss the racial aspects of this in a way that someone like Victoria Murphy can’t. So I think that’s going to be a big part of this story too – the coded racial attacks.

      • Erinn says:

        YES. I think when we saw that piece he’d written about the racism aspect of things, it was probably already decided at that point? Or that solidified him as the person they’d want to work with. I actually really look forward to seeing how they put this together.

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      @Becks1 said:
      “… There wont be any insider tea, not at this point. I think there is potential for more insider information after the queen or maybe even Charles dies (so we have a while to go.)”

      I agree with your views @Becks1. As I commented toward the end of this thread, we may as well wait and see what Omid’s book actually has to say. Since Meghan in particular is largely a positive, upbeat person, I doubt this is going to be a negative tell-all. I’m definitely opposed to aligning with the screeching of the Daily Mail in how they are describing the book, which they haven’t read either.

      I posted about this in a prior thread when I heard about it over the weekend. The book is titled: Thoroughly Modern Royals: The Real World of Meghan and Harry (the second author is Carolyn Durand). You can google the info and click on goodreads to see the available details. It’s supposed to become available in e-format at the end of June. Apparently, the hard-copy will be available later this summer.

      I see that there’s a whole bunch of clickbait articles being written claiming it’s a tell-all! Meanwhile, no one has read a scrap of it yet. The way the book is being labeled and the way the couple are being relentlessly and negatively targeted has become so OTT and scary crazy that I actually fear for their safety.

      It looks like the Sussexes can’t say boo without the tabloids bombarding them with witch-hunt level hate and scorn. It’s all about an abnormal Sussex thirst that chiefly has to do with jealousy and avid eye-balling, with the bottom line being other entities wishing to make money off of them, while defaming them at the same time.

  3. ThEHufflepuffLizLemon says:

    Burn. It. Down.

    I am in real life a bridge builder and a collaborative person with a willingness to forgive and forget most things. Those things stop at racism and lack of loyalty-the BRF displayed a tacit approval of the racist coverage of Harry and Megan. I regarded the Queen with warm thoughts (Philip has always been the worst) and was won over by how hard Camilla and Anne work. But now?
    Burn. It. Down.

    • Anners says:

      I feel that way, too. Especially now – racists, sexpest protectors and defenders – burn it all.

    • Mary says:


    • songbirds_thrive says:

      TheHufflepuffLizLemon said:
      “I am in real life a bridge builder and a collaborative person with a willingness to forgive and forget most things. Those things stop at racism and lack of loyalty-the BRF displayed a tacit approval of the racist coverage of Harry and Megan. I regarded the Queen with warm thoughts (Philip has always been the worst) and was won over by how hard Camilla and Anne work. But now?
      Burn. It. Down.”

      I echo your thoughts exactly. The opprobrium and over-criticism of M&H based on lies and assumptions has already gone way too far. I’m a truth-teller, and I’m only interested in learning about the truth and examining things that are in a gray area, with as much fairness and objectivity as possible. While I admit to admiring the Sussexes, I’m not so over-protective that I won’t criticize them if they deserve criticism. The obvious issue is that there’s no way to examine them fairly when the view is obscured by all the crap and bs that’s being relentlessly thrown at them.

      The royal family is clearly complicit in the Sussexes being negatively targeted. The aim now is obviously to try and destroy the positive image they have built and the goodwill directed toward them by most openminded people. The Sussexes have a right to try and get across a positive message about who they are. This is not the same as Diana reaching out to Andrew Morton. It’s more similar to other royals, like Prince Charles, cooperating with a positive biography. In Charles’ case, it was often to repair his image or in recent years to maintain and continue building a positive image in a p.r. sense. For Meghan & Harry, I think it’s more about trying to leaven all the unfair, bad press and to counter all the lies and mistruths about them.

      Obviously, the powerful forces against M&H are dead set on end-running any positive accounts. They want the Sussexes to be torn down completely, and they are trying to turn the American mainstream against them. They do not want them to succeed outside the royal family. They would love to destroy their union and would love to see Harry forced to come crawling back. I do not see that ever happening.

      If the forces against the Sussexes don’t manage to kill them physically, they are definitely intent upon killing them in the realm of popular opinion.

      I would imagine that Omid approached the Sussexes, or else they mutually came to an agreement to have him present what their lives are like and what their goals and passions are in an objective and fairminded way. Omid is a professional journalist, so I can’t see him delivering this book in any other way but straightforward and fairminded.

      I too am disillusioned and tired of the British royals. They are far too petty, narrowminded, self-interested and coldly vicious.

    • ADS says:

      Amen. They have shown themselves to be deeply lacking in moral fibre and to be flagrant hypocrites. Talking about the importance of mental health whilst gaslighting and briefing against your own blood?! Talking about the importance of diversity and how ‘boring’ racism is, whilst courting the right wing press and throwing your only in-law of colour like chum to the racist pirhanas?? Nah. Like you said, burn it down.

  4. Vanna says:

    Yes! I can’t wait to preorder. I hope they went ALL IN and embarass the BRF, especially Willyleaks.

    • Yoyo says:

      I don’t see Harry or Meghan being vindictive, and they both have reason to be.
      They have not stoop to that level and I don’t see them cooperating with any author, omid or otherwise.

      • vanna says:

        I know it’s unlikely. But a few anecdotes that show the true intent and source behind some stories would be enough for me. Especially around the Rose Hanbury stuff.

      • Prof Trelawney says:

        H&M might not be vindictive but I think having another author write it allows for more analysis of context, of things like racism in UK, history of BRF on that, etc. in a way that doing their own memoir would be harder to pull off. I hope they go there w this… It’s time… The BRF have been hiding behind their sashes and tiaras and TQ’s dainty handbags for far too long.

      • Marie says:

        I don’t see them being vindictive either. I can’t see Omid writing about William’s affair. Omid has said on a number of occasions that the RF hasn’t supported H&M. I definitely think he will write about that.

    • Tina says:

      Objectively though I think they are too young to have an official biography written about them. If Ivanka and her husband had an official biography written about them we would laugh right? This is about score settling which again I wonder if they are getting any PR advice. This will be much better received after launching their foundation and having a few years of success rather than writing it with only things to say about their time in the Royal Family.

      • Lucy says:

        Ivanka has “written” at least one “book,” the one I’m thinking of was business advice. I think she’s also written a memoir In the Apprentice days. All off the top of my head, I’m not putting her in my search terms

      • cherriepie84 says:

        Agreed Tina, you have valid points. I admire H& M but I guess this could have waited…..maybe its my instinct to always hope that nothing they do will backfire but imo, they could concentrate on their foundation and court case for now and then perhaps in 3-5 years release the biography. In any event I will be rooting for them.

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        But what you’re saying Tina, is laughable. Do you realize how many quickie biographies have already been written about Meghan & Harry without benefit of any real knowledge or exhaustive research! A biography was written about Harry & William when they were still in their 20s, and I didn’t see anyone objecting that they were too young to be written about!

        Biographies and autobiographies are written all the time about young people with a claim to fame who are still teenagers, for goodness sakes!

        Harry and Meghan have certainly done a lot in their lives that’s worth learning more about in-depth. And with M&H both approaching their 40s, I don’t think that’s too soon for fair assessments of their lives to this point to be published.

        If royal reporters and other journalists can rake in the money off of quickie, trivial, misinformed books about them, I certainly trust Omid Scobie (and his co-author) to write a fair and much more substantive and interesting account of their lives.

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        @Tina said:

        “…This will be much better received after launching their foundation and having a few years of success rather than writing it with only things to say about their time in the Royal Family.”

        At this point, you don’t even know how this book is being approached, much less what it’s going to say. I think you are quite presumptuous in thinking Meghan & Harry need to wait before collaborating on a book that will likely be overall positive and focused more on presenting who they are in a straightforward manner.

        You are quite mistaken if you think that all Meghan & Harry have to say about their lives involves their time spent representing the monarchy as senior royals. In my opinion, M&H both brought a great deal that was positive and forward-thinking to the British monarchy. It’s the British royal family’s loss that the Sussexes have departed the institution. It’s definitely not M&H’s loss to no longer be considered royal. It’s their gain.

  5. Alissa says:

    I don’t know if I love this. if it’s a tell-all, it will seem tacky and confirm what a lot of people have complained about. but if it’s not a tell-all, it’s going to be boring as hell, right? I don’t know.

    • Becks1 says:

      Because its from Omid, its not going to be tacky. He’s young and has a whole career ahead of him covering the royals; he’s not going to burn those bridges at this point.

      My guess is that its going to focus on the negative press coverage and NOT the inner workings of the royal family.

      • lemonylips says:

        yep, neither Omid nor M&H would throw TQ under the bus. It’s gonna be a hit to the Fail and such. Will give them loads of material though.

      • Alissa says:

        see, and that’s incredibly boring to me. we already know that the negative press coverage has been extremely challenging and incorrect. who wants to read a book about it?

      • betsyh says:

        double post

      • lemonylips says:

        @Alissa, I agree. But I can’t see any dirt coming out while TQ is still around.

      • Melissa says:

        I don’t see any dirt coming out until financial independence is achieved. I think this will be more of a promo for their upcoming ventures and their charitable org (since we don’t know what form that will take).

        I’m guessing a ‘this is how we met’ sort of thing with some flowry getting to know the BRF and maybe hints of we want to do so much more so we left type of thing. I’m sure they will get into the media treatment to some extent, but I don’t expect it to have a negative overall tone.

      • BYk says:

        ….which means basically: booooooring. Yeap, I don’t think they will burn the paych…sorry, the bridges with daddy and co. …not yet at least…maybe in a year and after some sweet Oprah cash in their bank accounts…

    • Jules says:

      I agree. I also think the timing is not good, people are really over it with this pandemic.

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        ^^ That’s your view @Jules, which is contradicted by all the salacious over-interest in the Sussexes that continues to exist. If no one was interested (positive or negative) then no one would be clicking on anything to do with the Sussexes, including yourself!

        Why don’t the British tabloids stop writing about them? Why are paps and reporters constantly snooping around trying to get pics and information about them? Why is constant trivia and lies about them being perpetuated? It’s because Harry & Meghan and anything and everything to do with them continues to be of avid interest to many people around the world.

        Personally, I’m becoming exceedingly exhausted by the level of nonsense, crap, and hate generated and bloviated constantly that this couple do not deserve to be inundated with.

  6. CidyKitty(CidySmiley) says:

    I dont think it’s going to be a juicy tell all. I think it will be more about the media, how they met and an abridged version of why they left. I think its tricky that th eyes are doing it now though. I was hoping they would get more on their feet before they started doing things like this, but I’m also sure they know what they are doing.

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      @CidyKitty(CidySmiley), unless we personally know Meghan & Harry, or unless we stand back and try to view them objectively and look carefully at the true things we know about them, trying to suggest what we think they should do and when, is useless.

      Your hope about feeling they shouldn’t have anything published until “they get on their feet,” is only your personal, emotional view without benefit of any detailed, intimate knowledge of what’s going on in their lives. Neither do you have a detailed understanding of what they’ve been dealing with. I can’t imagine being bombarded with the crap that’s thrown at them daily and also having to deal with huge betrayals from family members on all sides!!!

      I wish the Sussexes good luck! I have no desire to criticize how they decide to fight back against scorched-earth lies, negativity, hate and betrayals. I’ll bet that they continue to go about the business of taking care of their lives in as graceful, dignified and positive a way as possible, while also making a point of setting the record straight without resorting to negativity.

      When haters and defamers go low, the Sussexes have shown they will go high in their efforts to fight back with courage and determination.

  7. Harla says:

    Mmmm, I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m amazed that people still jump at the chance to believe anything the DM puts out regarding H&M. Imho, the DM has a bit of a vendetta against Omid at the moment since he seems to have an “in” with the Sussex’s and that makes the other reporters salty af. Also, most comments I’ve seen in articles attached to this supposed book deal, have been fairly critical, feeling that the Sussex’s shouldn’t be burning all their bridges with the royal family. So, imho the DM did what it set out to do, turn those that were on the fence about the Sussex’s against them, have their fans question their motives and as an added bonus make Omid look bad.

    • YT says:

      We need a better source than The Daily Mail.

      • Still_Sarah says:

        @ YT : The Daily Mail is like any tabloid or reality tv show. Conflict sells, villains sell – happy stories about Harry and Meghan don’t sell or get clicks. Meghan as the villain and Harry as the duped husband – that sells papers. I view the DM like a reality show – trashy entertainment and a guilty pleasure but not related in any way to the truth.

      • Some chick says:

        We ALWAYS need a better source than the daily fail. Especially when it comes to Harry & Meghan. TBH I wish these posts would be flagged in the link so that I wouldn’t have to bother loading them. It’s like taking my cat seriously when she says I forgot to feed her. NOT a reliable source!

      • Lee says:

        Yup, the DM is like The Enquirer here, isn’t it. I was at first surprised but now that I know it’s a DM plug, it’s BS.

    • taylor says:

      yep — the dm is always seeking ways to besmirch meghan. it’s their business model at this point. and even their true stories are accompanied with little lies to fit whatever narrative they’re pushing.

      • Still_Sarah says:

        @ Taylor : exactly – it’s a business model. Meaghan is the big, bad wolf. Harry has value to papers like the DM because he can be recycled as a “character” in the DM’s future plans and schemes, so he is presented as being manipulated by his wife.

    • Bella says:

      Exactly, Maria.

  8. Bren says:

    Well this authorized biography news explains Dan Wooton’s meltdown rant against Omid on Twitter last week.

    I don’t expect a burn it to the ground tell-all, but I hope there’s some insight around what Meghan had to do behind the scenes to ensure her projects didn’t get completely sabotaged before the reveal. I also think it will be a their side of the story from the high road perspective as a rebuttal to the lies written in the tabloids.

  9. Yoyo says:

    Slimy dan Wooten viciously attack omid over the weekend.

    • Becks1 says:

      Like, he seems unhinged. His tweets over the past week (I don’t follow him, I only clicked over when someone said he was going nuts) really seem like he’s trying to give Morgan a run for his money in terms of being the most enraged/deranged about H&M.

  10. Smices says:

    Robert Jobson’s book about Charles was reportedly done with Charles’s support and behind the scenes cooperation. So this seems par for the course for royals to get their POV out there.

  11. Sofia says:

    I don’t think it’s gonna be the Diana/Morton level tell-all we all secretly want. They’ll allow their friends to speak, and they’ll probably give some interviews but I think it’ll focus more on their charity work and what in their life shaped their outlook towards it.

    I’ll wait till it comes down to fully judge but I also remember everyone and their mother crying about Meghan and Vogue when at the end there was honestly nothing scandalous about it to the level the Fail had hyped it up as

  12. GR says:

    Wait, this is the Daily Mail, which has gotten even more unhinged lately – are we really sure that H&M are participating in the bio?

  13. Marie says:

    Someone confirmed that there is a book coming out but Harry and Meghan didn’t give an interview. I am sure Omid had access to their staff and team though(and possibly friends). If he is writing it I will definitely read it. I’m sure this book will spill some major tea.
    The sad part is that other RR’s are dragging Omid and it’s unfair. They know he has some inside knowledge.

  14. ABritGuest says:

    Yes a reporter from the Huffington Post had statement last night that there is a book coming out but that it does not contain interviews with the Sussexes.

    I’d be shocked if it contains that much good BTS tea because unless they are moving away from royal reporting, I’m sure Omid & Carolyn will be conscious of their access to the palaces in future especially as they aren’t part of the official rota.

  15. Commonwealthy says:

    Wait, why are we taking DM reporting at face value? H&M just told us last week that they don’t speak for them or their staff…?

  16. Melissa says:

    This feels a little like the GMA appearance for Elephants when it was hyped as the first sit down interview since…

    My guess is this has been on the burner for awhile and will be more of a “how the fairy tale began” type of feel rather than an explosive tell all and may map out how they plan to proceed from here regarding projects, organizations etc. More of a promo for upcoming work so to speak.

  17. OriginalLala says:

    I also hoped they would just write their own memoir in a few years (after cutting all ties with the BRF) – because this is written by journos and happening during their “1 year review”, I suspect it will not be what people are hoping for. I’m sure it will sell well, and Im sure opinions will be divided (attention seeking vs trying to get their story out) I guess we will find out when it’s published.

    • Redgrl says:

      @original – agreed. It’s too soon for this IMHO. I have an uncomfortable feeling about it – can’t quite put finger on why…

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        Because you don’t like Meghan and Harry, but are stumped to ‘put your finger on why!’ 😛

  18. aquarius64 says:

    RRs are salty because Omid suceeded where they failed. Scobie treated the Sussexes fairly in the press and he was rewarded with a book that looks like it will sell well. The RRs know it too, otherwise they wouldn’t work so hard to discredit Omid. The other salty person is Samantha. Sammy has been trying to sell a book on Meghan for over three years and not one legitimate publisher would touch it (probably they know it’s a steaming pile of libel).

    • Woowza says:

      What did other RRs say about him? I’m blocked by most of them , so i can’t check for myself :p

  19. Kimber says:

    With both of their lawsuits coming up I would be surprised if they took this chance?
    Another year to let everything play out seems wiser to me.
    Also their ridiculous probationary year would be over as well.

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      ^^ @Kimber, no one knows what’s going to happen in the next week, much less the next year. Maybe you should focus exclusively on being wise about your own personal affairs.

      Why can’t all of us just allow Meghan & Harry to take care of their own lives without offering our two cents?

      • Lady D says:

        This website is literally provided to allow us to offer our two cents, that’s why. It’s a place to vent, no one takes it seriously, songbirds_thrive. (‘cept the trolls)

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        I’m serious about what I feel and say. Plus, I’m serious about how much I wish the Sussexes would be allowed some room to simply breathe and to live their lives the way they please!

        Obsessing over royalty matters may be trivial. But conversely, there’s nothing trivial about what the Sussexes are passionate about doing and what they’ve actually accomplished in their lives.

        Of course, none of our two-cents really matter. But a groundswell of kindness can start with one person and build…

  20. JT says:

    Can the Daily Mail be trusted with this story anyway? There is so much shade towards Omid that I think people should take this story with huge grain of salt, considering Meghan and Harry just released a statement saying tat nobody else speaks for them. Are H&M truly involved, have they confirmed this for themselves?

  21. Na says:

    Good! The tabloids have been telling the Royals’ side. Can’t wait to hear her side of the story.

  22. TeamAwesome says:

    Omid’s professional life depends on a good working relationship with the royals. He’s gone on many a royal tour and now works for ABC. He isn’t about to burn any bridges fully.

    • MJM says:

      Andrew Morton became a multi millionaire for Diana Her True Story and still gets lots of appearances as a “royal expert.”

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        Omid Scobie is NOT Andrew Morton. The circumstances are not the same either. Diana reached out for help from her gilded cage confinement at a time when social media and the global Internet did not exist. Diana had few options, so she courageously fought back in the ways that were available to her at that time. Diana did the best she could considering the situation she was being suffocated by, even though in hindsight we know she made some mistakes in judgment.

        The book by Omid Scobie and co-author Carolyn Durand has not been published yet, but as we can see another difference from the Morton collaboration is that this is not being done secretively. M&H obviously know about it, and although they may not have collaborated directly, they surely gave direct or indirect go-ahead. Omid is well known to have insider Sussex contacts.

        The Diana collaboration with Morton was a secretive ‘tell-all,’ which was Diana’s idea and served as her cry for help.

  23. Rae says:

    If history is anything to go by, I’ll wait see what the books about because what the DM report and the truth don’t go hand in hand.

  24. Eyfalia says:

    Well, I read this here on twitter:

    “Regarding reports that #HarryandMeghan gave interviews for an upcoming “tell all,” I’ve learned that:
    1. There is a book coming out
    2. The book does not claim to feature interviews with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex”

    by a Senior Reporter of HuffPost.

  25. MsIam says:

    There are supposedly several books coming out about the Sussexes over the next few months so I wouldn’t blame them if they felt the need to get their perspective out there. And I agree that it will focus more on the racism of the media than on the family, although it may touch on some of the racist/classist attitudes of people in the palace too. And the racist jibes against Omid are sickening but not unexpected.

  26. Jen says:

    Omid has been good to the Sussexes but he’s also very fair to the rest of the family. I don’t think this will be a smoking gun type interview.

  27. ABritGuest says:

    I agree with most responses above- I can’t see this book being some big expose. Would be smart of the Sussexes to keep their tea to themselves if they need it. The Fail is probably exaggerating the content like with all those Doria/Oprah interview rumours.

    Unless there’s proof otherwise I don’t think we can say Meghan’s claim not to not know much about the royal family is a fib. Unless you are an ardent royalist, the average person in Britain doesnt know much about the royal family which is why the press is able to manipulate reactions so easily. I don’t know anyone who pays attention to them outside of weddings, baby pictures and if there’s a huge scandal eg Andrew’s news night interview. Just because you knew Diana (who didn’t) doesn’t meant you kept up with the family after she died aside from eg coverage of William& Kate get married. Many royal reporters said Meghan’s entry to the family was the most international interest in the royal family since Diana.

    I also can’t see where Meghan has done similar to Diana- her royal life would probably have been easier if she had but she hasn’t, eg not a fashion icon, focus was on women not kiddies, no hospital photo call& restricted press relationships. I also think she might have learnt from Diana to be wary of upsetting the men in grey suits.

    • kellebelle says:

      With all I’ve learned about Meghan in the past couple of years, she just does not seem like the lying sort at all. At all. So a fib? No, I don’t believe she fibbed.

    • Bella says:

      @ A Brit Guest

      Excellent points.
      How do we know M has not modelled herself on Angelina Jolie, for example?

    • Amy Too says:

      I also think when you’re a celebrity “knowing” another celebrity takes on another meaning. And you probably get to a point where you differentiate between things you read in a gossip magazine, and things you actually know or have verified first hand. Because Meghan was a celebrity, or at least somewhat famous, at the time of her engagement interview, it was imaginable, or at least conceivable, that she might have spent time with the royals or known people who knew them personally. I think Meghan was being honest when she said she didn’t know a lot about the RF, because while she’s probably heard about them in passing and seen them on magazines like we all have, she doesn’t actually “know” them like I “know” my friends and mother and coworkers or know anyone who was closely associated and intimate with the royals.

      So while we all feel like we know a lot about the royal family because we follow gossip, if we were actual celebrities who might actually conceivably be able to really meet them or spend time in the same spaces as them, we might want to specify to people that no, we don’t actually “know” them personally. It’s like the difference between “knowing about” Abraham Lincoln because I’ve read about him in text books but not actually “knowing him” personally.

    • Sankay says:

      Do not believe Meghan lied about her knowledge of the BRF. Knowing about Diana is not the same as knowing the BRF, their history and machinations with the media.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        i feel the same way @sankay. hearing or reading the odd article here and there is not the same as knowing the family or even knowing Harry. e.g: she must have realized the warm, focussed, purpose driven man she met over dinner was nothing like the the character the press liked to write about.

        and i believe nothing would have prepared her for the treatment she received.

  28. February Pisces says:

    Katie Nicholl has written atleast 6 books, mostly about William and Kate and how perfect their relationship is and how in love they are. I wonder who was behind those books. She has also written about harry and Meghan, but I’m gonna assume that was mostly lies made up by ma Middleton and KP. They all have books written about them that are mostly authorised on the DL. It’s only when it’s Diana, Meghan or harry that it’s controversial. I don’t know how many books Charles has had written about him, I wouldn’t be able to count that far lol.

    • Marie says:

      I agree. Harry had a book written about him by that awful Angela Levin and even gave her an interview. It’s not “bad PR” for someone to write a book about you. With Omid writing this I think it will be good and offer wonderful insight to what they went through and maybe subtly throwing shade to the press and RF. It’s only bad PR when it’s Harry and Meghan.

  29. JT says:

    Having a general knowledge about the royal family and knowing them are 2 different things. She never said she was completely oblivious. I have no doubt that Meghan knew about Diana and her struggles as well as a general grasp about the royals, but where is this idea that she studied them come from? What has she done that proves Diana was a case study for her? Most people have a general knowledge about the royals, who the main players are, maybe some history, but the inner workings are lost to many. If Meghan was so familiar with the BRF she would’ve known to keep her head down. I think being on this site makes people believe that everyone is as knowledgeable as the commenters here, but outside of this site the average person couldn’t tell you much about them. Meghan had a full life before Harry. She’s worked since she was a teenager, she double majored at a prestigious university, she’s traveled, and dealt with a toxic family. Why would she be sitting around trying to study them? Anything she could’ve learned about the royals would’ve been surface level like most people, and that isn’t knowing them or pretending not to know them. You truly have to be on the inside to know what it’s like. Why can’t people take Meghan’s words at face value?

    • MJM says:

      I agree completely.

    • S808 says:

      Why can’t people take Meghan’s words at face value?“ This! I don’t get how people claimed she studied the family or even Diana and then turn around and say she was naive in regards to the BRF and that’s why she was making “mistakes” and couldn’t fit it. Is it really so unbelievable that she most knowledge she had pre Harry was a passing knowledge about Diana?

      Anyways apparently the book won’t have interviews with H&M which I suspected it wouldn’t do it sounds like a run of the mill book by a royal expert. I’ll be skipping it.

      • Melissa says:

        I do. I think she probably had a passing awareness of the BRF like most, oh hey, someone got married or had a kid. Now I do believe she put in some research after she met him before they got serious, because who wouldn’t? I would have if I met someone from another country, culture, historical family, simply because I would want at least a basic working knowledge before I met the family.

      • Sofia says:

        “I don’t get how people claimed she studied the family or even Diana and then turn around and say she was naive in regards to the BRF and that’s why she was making “mistakes” and couldn’t fit it.”

        +1. People can’t stick to a narrative with her. She’s either a cunning and manipulative schemer who knows exactly what she’s doing or she’s some dumb naive idiot who bit off more than she could chew and has no idea what’s happening. Which is it? Because she can’t be both.

      • DarlingDiana says:

        Me too. Why pay for it and get 3 or 4 new facts? Those will be covered by the press anyway.

      • Anonymous says:

        Harry himself said people think they know him. Arthur Edwards and the odious Angela Levin are perfect examples. The Harry living in their minds would never willingly leave the BRF with his wife and child. The real Harry did.

      • Olenna says:

        Why can’t people take Meghan’s words at face value? Some people just don’t like her for whatever reason, and factual ‘news’ doesn’t sell well.

    • February Pisces says:

      I think with Meghan being an American she would probably have less knowledge than your average Brit. I’m the same age as prince harry and live in the UK and I’m just about old enough to remember all the tabloid hysteria around Diana. I remember very clearly the week before she died it was summer and she was on the front pages every single day with pictures of her and dodi on the yacht. As an American, she most likely didn’t live through the hysteria around Diana when she was alive as much as brits, and before the internet where news was global, but was well aware of everything that was going on. Everyone knows all the basics about the RF, but no one really knows them except for those on the inside. The only outsider who correctly studied them was ma Middleton. She seemed to know exactly what kate should do almost point by point to secure the bag. She drilled submission into Kate.

    • Sofia says:

      I mean if Meghan is the Machiavellian schemer people make her out to be then surely she would have “tailored” her life to “fit in”. If she did her research to the extent people said she did and if she’s as clever as she apparently is, surely she must have realised that being a divorced, American, biracial actress is not something that the BRF would completely accept? She would have never married and divorced if she always wanted Harry because once again, if she had done her research to the extent people said she did, she would have realised being a divorcee was going to make life difficult. She would have moved to the UK, not Canada if she wanted a British Prince.

      And why go for Harry? If she’s the manipulative social climber then why not go for the “top prize” aka William? I know he was with Kate but if Meghan is so manipulative and clever surely she would have gotten William away from Kate?

      I swear the people who claim to hate her give her so much power.

      • February Pisces says:

        Yep if meghans life mission was to marry harry she would have moved to London when she was like 18, befriended his inner circle by following them around, she wouldn’t have worked as an actress and she most certainly wouldn’t have got married to someone else. It’s like the Keenbridges are determined to swap places with them, by accusing them of doing all the bad things they have done, whilst passing off their success and ideas as their own.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with JT and ABritGuest. Priddy’s mother was the one Diana obsessed and said so. I doubt Meghan thought of the British royal family once away from Priddy’s mom latest Diana based activity.
      Believing The Daily Mail about a sanctioned book with interviews shows even smart people fall for their cons.

    • Bella says:

      So true. I’m British, live in the UK and I also “didn’t know too much about Harry” before the engagement announcement. I liked and admired Diana, was very sad when she lost her life. And to this day I don’t know anything like as much about the doings of the RF as most of the commenters on this site. It’s a false dichotomy that she must either have studied the RF or know nothing about them.
      There’s plenty of room in between those two extremes.

      Incidentally, Carly Ledbetter of Huffington Post says the book is *not* a tell-all, and the author doesn’t claim to have any interviews from H & M. So is that really “participating”? People write biographies of dead people all the time, so no need for H & M to be involved in any way at all.

      • JT says:

        @ Bella. I agree. I’m American, so I probably had as much knowledge as Meghan did of the royals. Most of what I’ve learned is from this site to be honest. How would’ve known how powerful the courtiers are, or the sycophantic relationship the BRF has with the press, or if the queen says she’s wearing a hat, you should put one on too? Hell, Kate has been a part of the BRF for 20 years and she’s still described as naive. But Meghan studied them?

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      I totally agree with the comments by @ABritGuest, @Amy Too, @JT in particular. You all make excellent points.

      I think when people heard what Meghan said in the engagement interview, some may have perceived it in the wrong way. I think some listeners took it that she said she didn’t know anything about Harry, when she only said, “I didn’t know much about him.” That means she hadn’t read tabloid gossip about him, nor had she probably read any books about him.

      The fact that there was a book about Diana on the bookshelf in Meghan’s home when she was growing up doesn’t mean she ‘studied’ Diana. The book might well have been purchased by Doria. Of course Meghan knew something about Diana, and she surely admired her. But that’s probably the extent of it. Let’s not forget that Meghan is Harry’s generation, not Diana’s generation. And once Diana died, the general public didn’t hear a lot about Harry or William until their ‘wild’ partying days in their 20s. By that point, Meghan was busy auditioning and trying to craft her own career as an actor, not fangirling the Wales brothers.

      I take Meghan’s words in the engagement interview at face value. I do not think Meghan and Harry have told us every single detail about their relationship and how they met, and they aren’t required to do so. They surely have kept many things to themselves.

      As far as Meghan saying she didn’t know much about Harry, I think she was trying to make some things clear. Firstly that she did not grow up in Britain being fed daily tabloid gossip about the royal family, and secondly that she’s her own woman who simply met a man she fell in love with, in spite of his princely status. In other words, Meghan did not date or fall in love with Prince Harry because of his royal status. She may have been intrigued by him being a prince, but she made clear to us that her first question was, “Is he nice?” Not, “How much is he worth?” And not, “When can I meet the Queen?”

      Let’s also not forget what Meghan told the world in the September 2017 Vanity Fair interview. Meghan said, “I’ve never defined myself by my relationships.” Having the opportunity to meet Prince Harry was certainly no reason for her to start defining herself by whom she chose to date and to marry!

      Luckily for Meghan’s and Harry’s love-based relationship, she walked into the courtship and into the marriage without detailed prior knowledge of the royal family and their star-crossed, dysfunctional family history and relationships. Much less was she aware of their co-dependent quid pro quo interactions with the British tabloids.

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      @JT said:
      “… You truly have to be on the inside to know what it’s like…”

      Exactly @JT. I agree with all the excellent points you’ve made in your posts about this.

      The interesting thing is that now Meghan has been on the inside and she knows much more than all of us sideline observers will ever know, or should ever hope to know!

      Being trapped on the inside of the gilded cage sounds like a friggin’ nightmare barely ameliorated by being in close proximity to expensive tiaras you’re forbidden to wear, and luxurious perks that are parsimoniously rationed (and that you’re aggrievedly bashed about by British taxpayers) if you’re a rare, married-in WOC!

  30. Aang says:

    I guess. Having a biography written when you are in your 30’s seems at once presumptuous and premature. I’m sure they are going to do lots of interesting things in the next few decades. I’m not sure what either have done up until now warrants a biography.

  31. notasugarhere says:

    @Kaiser, you’re believing the Fail’s take on this? Omid doesn’t choose sides, he reports facts on all royal couples. From what I can tell, they’re not actively participating but they’re not stopping it from happening.

    All the other RRs are attacking Omid, particularly Wootten, so you know there is a campaign to make this book look as bad as possible. That leads me to believe it will be a fair accounting from the one RR (Omid) who isn’t part of the cesspool.

    • Bella says:

      + 1
      I would add that I don’t think they could stop it being written even if they wanted to – it’s a free country and much information about them is in the public domain.

    • Anonymous says:

      The salty tears comes from the royal rota treating Omid as “not our kind of people” only for Omid not to make the naughty list.

      However Omid, as well as Tina Brown, won’t reveal anything watching in real time hasn’t. The only true explosive royal tea is 1) outing all involved in the smear campaign and 2) revealing the decades of dirt the BM covered up for the royals and what the BM got in return. That’s it. That’s the book.

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        ^^ This! Most definitely!!! I’d stand in line to buy a tome that told the actual real down-and-dirty truths about the British monarchy. For sure.

        But I certainly do not expect such a page-turner to be written or sanctioned by Meghan and Harry. I just hope they are keeping personal diaries for posterity. It would be great for some enterprising, investigative and fair historian to document the real truth at some point in the distant future, with royal family warts and all.

  32. M Narang says:

    I think Omid will do a great job. Certainly he has been one of the few fair Royal-centric journalists, pointing out the racist reporting when it comes to Duchess Meghan. I also hope there will be commentary on the Royals and how they regularly sold out Harry & Meghan out of pettiness, jealousy or as a distraction. i think if it was just the tabloid press, Harry & Meghan would never have left royal working life. The Royal family regularly selling Harry & Meghan our is the reason they finally left. We will get the real truth of what was happening behind Palace walls. Will it be in this book? It feels too soon but maybe some tea will be spilled.

  33. taylor says:

    i would love a meghan memoir one day. not anytime soon though. whenever this whole leaving the royal family thing blows over lol

  34. A Guest says:

    At this point, I wouldn’t believe the Daily Fail if they told me that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west…

  35. Marivic says:

    I hope this is not true. It is too soon. We are in a most vulnerable time and so are the Sussexes. If ever this is true, I hope they don’t have any participation in its contents whatsoever. IMHO.

  36. JT says:

    Most here have said that Meghan had a crash course in being a royal. She didn’t have time to study. She got to work right after the engagement. Hell, Kate’s been around for 20 years and she’s still described as naive. All of Meghan alleged studying didn’t even work, because she was still pushed out .

  37. Amy says:

    Should be a good book although it won’t be a tell all, Harry won’t do that to his family. One because he loves them and two because he saw what happened to Diana when she did this and he won’t let that happen toMeghan,

    I always thought it was stupid Meghan said she didn’t know about the royal family- like come on we all know about them if we are around her age. I never got why she didn’t say she knew about the glamour and fashion but wasn’t 100% the inner workings. The way she said it she set herself up for jabs.

    The book should be interesting and I like Omid he is an interesting writer.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re believing tabloids spin on what Meghan said. She never said anything about knowing or not knowing the royal family. What Meghan said was she didn’t know much about Harry. Considering the rota, who covered Harry for years, were shocked talking smack about Harry’s wife wouldn’t fly with him, didn’t know much about Harry either.

      • Amy says:

        I am not i am believe what i watched her say in the interview and thinking at the time there is no way that is true. She is my age and growing up you could not not know about Diana and Fergie and their drama. It was international news, I still remember the TV movies. Now do i know what the royal family does nope, do I know what they are like as people truly no. But i know the glamor etc and so did Meghan.

        That doesn’t mean I think she chased harry to get a title or was obsessed with being royal just that she knew who they were and stuff.

        I also don’t think anything negative about her saying that just that I thought it was a dumb thing to say.

      • Marie says:

        I didn’t know much about Harry until I started following him after the wedding. I didn’t know how old he was or his birthday, etc… That’s what Meghan meant. She knew there WAS a Prince Harry but wasn’t following the tabloids on him. She was too busy with her life to do that. She never said she didn’t know about him or the RF at all.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you actually watched the interview you would have known what Meghan actually said was “I didn’t know much about him.” Instead, you’re repeating tabloid spin by omitting the “‘much about’ him” to make it “I didn’t know him.” Which she never said.

      • Ed says:

        I will say no Amy

      • Natalee says:

        As others have said, you’re completely misrepresenting her words and it’s gross.

      • Candikat says:

        She was being set up on a blind date with him, so she asked her friend more about him (like, “is he nice?” I think she said.) She said “I didn’t know him,” which doesn’t mean she didn’t know who he WAS, she just didn’t know if he’s a likable guy who treats women well, or if he has a good sense of humor, or if he is secretly violent, or smells gross, or likes horses more than people … all those things you might ask a friend setting you up on a blind date! I watched that interview more than once and it didn’t even occur to me to interpret what she said as “I’d never heard of the Royal Family.” Because that would, indeed, have been ridiculous.

    • Becks1 says:

      That’s not exactly what she said but even if it were…no, not every American woman of a certain age knows lots about the royal family. I knew about Diana, loosely. Like I remember seeing her face everywhere and I remember there was a messy divorce and Camilla and I certainly remember her death, but that’s about it. It’s interesting now to learn more about what was actually happening at the time because I really didn’t know much about it at the time. And I have friends who vaguely follow royal gossip now but don’t really know any details beyond what they see on the cover of People or on twitter when Kate wears a new outfit. (I am about 6 months younger than Meghan.)

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      @Amy, Meghan didn’t say she didn’t know anything about the British royals. She said that she didn’t know much about Harry and his family. And to her that was a bonus, because as she said, it allowed her to learn about Harry and his family directly from him.

      It’s also a bonus for their relationship that her initial knowledge happened through learning general information from Harry. It’s possible that had Meghan actually previously ‘studied’ Diana and known a lot about the British royal family, she may have declined the chance to meet Prince Harry in the first place. 😜

      I’ll bet that Harry is relieved Meghan didn’t know much about him! He was surely worried about losing her at different points, since he’d always had a difficult time with girlfriends due to his royal status. He definitely did not want Meghan to be scared away by anything.

      As Harry said, it was important for him to get to know her privately and to develop a friendship and a bond before the newspapers got ahold of their relationship… As we know, the rest is history.

  38. Dinah says:

    By the way, it occurs that Harry and Meghan didn’t give an interview, and we don’t know if there is any other form of cooperation with the authors. Anyone can write books/biographies about anybody, without any cooperation from the person or people related to the protagonist. We may safely assume that these two writers just saw an opportunity to create a project to write a book, like many other RRs, journalist, historians, etc., in Britain do at one point, to monetize they royal connections and reporting experience; nothing new.

    What we know for sure is that H&M have a 1 year trial ‘Freedom from senior Royal life’ contract with the queen (not that they wanted that; they clearly let us know that other non-working royals don’t have this kind of restrictions). So they will never do any interviews regarding ‘their royal life’ or ‘the story behind quitting as senior royals’, to anyone within this trial period, or… whether they will ever talk about those issues in the near future (let’s say within five years’ time).

    Just a reminder: Harry is a full blood royal, they are all still royals and members of the royal family. Harry is sixth and Archie seventh in line of succession to the British ‘throne’. As long as they are members of that family, they will never talk about their royal life or troubles in that family. At least, not if the queen is still alive. They at one point for sure will talk openly or give interviews about their charitable work and businesses. So people should use common-sense when stories of a ‘tell all interview’ are drummed up by the tabloid press or the royal reporters. Those stories are sensationalize rubbish for sales, to attack others/’rivals’, who operation different from their ‘bully and defaming script’, and to create drama around and more dislike of this couple.

  39. BYk says:

    back then when they put out their wishlist saying they were stepping back in their newly published website Royal the day after their buddy Tom Bradby basically made the rounds of the morning shows in the UK in what basically sounded like a threat to the palace: “if they give a tell all they could really damage the monarchy” something like that. I wrote here that Bradby made me think that some sort of authorized piece was clearly already in the works with the intent of giving her, their version and here, on this site I was shredded to pieces, as usual, by you guys….”she would NEVER….she’s all class…” there you go

    • Dinah says:

      Where is your poof to back your ‘I told you’ argument? It is already debunked that they didn’t give any interviews for this Omid and Co alleged book.

      • BYk says:

        I saw that one coming LOL and as I said above, you (and they) can spin it the way you want to make it look like they’re not involved but as long as is Omid, yeah, pretty much they’re approving at least, or basically using Omid as a ghost writer at most. Of course I saw that one coming, because ….uhm…Chuck’s cash is still needed.

    • Becks1 says:

      What on earth are you blabbering about? It sounds like this book is exactly what many of us have said would be the ONLY thing that would happen at this point – a book about them written with their blessing, if not outright authorization.

      This is not going to be a tell-all so I’m really not sure what point you are making.

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      @BYk said:
      “… their buddy Tom Bradby basically made the rounds of the morning shows in the UK in what basically sounded like a threat to the palace…”

      ^^ LOL @BYk. For sure the Sussexes’ friend, Tom Bradby, was definitely making the rounds and going to bat for them in as straightforward and yet gingerly a way as possible.

      In case it escaped your notice, some serious hardball was being played by the royal courtiers, by the royal institution and by Harry’s brother Cain. We do not know everything that M&H were fighting against. If Bradby was hinting that M&H could tell a few tales, so be it. Didn’t someone from the palaces make it clear that, “Meghan and Harry will be punished for this!” Didn’t a palace spokesperson say on behalf of Will/Cain that, “William is incandescent with rage.” These comments attributed to royal courtiers sound like dialogue written by a soap opera writer! 😵 😖

      In January and ever since then, the Sussexit situation has been painted in a way that throws M&H under the bus head first with hard, scorched-earth slamming. I’m glad that M&H have a friend like Tom Bradby whom they can trust to back them up. It’s even better that he’s someone who’s part of the media, and therefore, media savvy.

      Awhile back, Bradby was also friendly with Will/ Cain. Bradby is the journalist who asked the questions during the W&K engagement interview.

  40. Jean says:

    I do not believe the Mail’s article. They are merely assuming that Harry and Meghan would do what Diana did? How would the Mail get the information that is in their article? All guesses as far as I am concerned.

    It would be very disappointing if Harry and Meghan did not write their memoir themselves but use others.

  41. Hannah says:

    Apologies if this has been mentioned further up. On the Goodreads app, there is a book called “Thoroughly Modern Royals: The Real World of Harry & Meghan” Authors Omid Scobie & Carolyn Durand. No idea if it’s a fake entry designed to stir the pot. But IF Omid truly is writing a whatever, I am DEFINITELY buying it. He’s proven he’s a fair, balanced, unbiased journalist.

    • Marie says:

      Same here. I like him and I will read it. I think it’s just going to be their story of their romance and will vaguely talk about what made them leave. I don’t think it will be vindictive. I heard it’s coming in August of this year.

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        ^^ @Hannah, the Goodreads site, which I mentioned in a prior thread over the weekend, indicates that a version will be made available in e-format at the end of June. Reportedly, the print publication has been delayed till later in the summer.

  42. Lizzie says:

    H&M have been nothing but class so I have no worries. They would not participate at something vengeful or tawdry.
    If they wanted to go that route 1) they already would have and 2) they could get a massive book and write it themselves.

  43. yinyang says:

    Don’t expect any dirt on the royal family, maybe some stuff on royal protocol but thats it. I wish Meghan would give an interview on 60 minutes or something, she’s so loveable when she talks, pictures and headlines people can twist, but a down to earth interview with a down to earth girl, makes things clear.

  44. linn says:

    I’m torn. People want juicy stuff, no fluff like Vogue interviews, it’s human nature.
    To be honest maybe they should have waited like 2 years, it’s a pandemia lockdown etc.. then with more true humanitarian work the book would have more real content. It’d probably end in a weird place now.. Everyone’s life is messy and often out of date *pandemia again coughs* Still amid the pandemia. In a year after lockdown is lifted they could do lots of good but one book will already be there.
    Does anyone agree?
    Edit: I agree with Kaiser, the most jarring “lie” was Meghan not knowing much about Diana or royal family. I totally get it but everyone knew it was false.

    • yinyang says:

      I agree, it’s not a good time, change the release date.

      • Dinah says:

        Your timing/not enough accomplishment arguments don’t hold stand. This is why.

        First: All senior royals have many books/biographies written about them; e.g. the queen, her husband, Charles, William, Kate. Roya Nikkhah and other RRs wrote like 6 books about Kate, with her having ZERO impactful (charatably) accomplishment to her name. Never heard anyone complained about that. What was her role, did she authorized those books?

        Second: Harry started his first charity Sentebale when he was 19 years old. Meghan started campaigning for women and equality at 11 years old. So they have years of proven charitable and philanthropic track records, and ongoing. And it’s safe to say that together they have more life changing achievements and impact doing good – nationally and on a world scale – than any of the British royals, or probably more than all of them combined.

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        ^^ Exactly @Dinah. Thanks for the excellent points you’ve articulated so well!

    • L4frimaire says:

      This is not the Sussexes book, they are not the author, just the subject. The timing isn’t up to them because it’s not being written by them. Timing issues should be addressed to the authors. Ask them or the publisher.

  45. Nikki* says:

    Diana’s book brought the monarchy to its’ knees, but it also ended Diana’s marriage, which she hadn’t really been ready for. The Queen said things could not continue, and said they’d have to divorce, but at that point Diana was just trying to win everyone’s sympathy and get them on her side, NOT leave the royal family. Not sure if this will be a similar outcome where they win the battle but perhaps lose the war. Can anyone ever “win” when dealing with the BRF?

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      ^^ @Nikki, what happened to Diana occurred in a different era before social media and the global Internet. This current situation has some echoes, but it’s not exactly the same. For sure Omid Scobie is not Andrew Morton. The book Omid has written with Carolyn Durand is surely not a secretive ‘tell-all’ book. In any case, let’s wait to read its contents first.

      Meghan and Harry (from statements Harry has made) definitely realize what they’re up against. But neither of them are afraid to fight for what’s right and for what they believe in. As well, Harry has pointed out that this fight is not just about them. It’s bigger than just being about them.

      A lot of people seem to want to paint Harry & Meghan in a negative way by attaching them to Diana’s worst mistakes. So if people wish to sing that tune, look at it this way: This may be less about Meghan & Harry’s revenge, than it is more symbolically about Diana’s revenge, from the grave! Consider that! 🤪 😲

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      Oh, and another thing @Nikki, this is also different because Meghan & Harry have already left the royal institution of their own accord.

      Of course, M&H wished to continue on their terms, but that offer was rebuffed. IMO, M&H were clearly ready for whatever happened. They knew it would not be a cake-walk. They hoped for the best, but were prepared for being denied and stripped of everything. Despite the threats and scorched-earth tactics they endured, they stood their ground and gained their hard-won freedom! 👏 👍

  46. LRob says:

    No argument with your take on these stories but I have a different view.
    1.Having watched that engagement interview a ton of times I never thought Meghan was saying she hadn’t heard of the royal family. I’d love to hear her elaborate on her answer sometime because I don’t think she’d be defensive about it. She claimed not to know much about Harry before she met him, which meant ot me that she, like the rest of us, only know the royals through a certain lens. Harry used to tell the press that all the time: that they only THINK they know him. I was never upset that people interpreted her answer as disingenuous but at the same time she just made perfect sense to me.
    2. I do remember the Morton book, but this feels different to me. More like the recent authorized bio of Prince Charles for which Robert Jobson was given extensive access to the PoW. If publication is in Aug 2020 that is before the one yr palace trial expires, so I doubt there will be big royal controversies exposed. I do think there will be corrections to the behind the scenes stories the tabloids pushed to smear the couple. Good.

    • Nic919 says:

      I find it hilarious when people try to spin Meghan as some Machiavellian gold digger who spent decades studying the royal family to trick Harry into falling for her. She was married to someone else and divorced. And worked a career for at least a decade. That is not someone who dedicated their life to catching a prince to the exclusion of all else, sacrificing career and personality.

      It’s such a projection too because there is only one Duchess who dedicated her life to catching a prince. And it burns the stans that they can’t throw it on Meghan.

      I will wait until Omid confirms any biography he may be writing. Until then this is the DM spinning this into the worst possible way.

  47. L4frimaire says:

    This whole thing is ridiculous. So what if Omid and Durand are writing a book? It’s a free press and if he just wants to write about Meghan’s shoes or the machinations of the Royal Rota toward her, that’s his (probably lucrative) business and his choice. That’s why nasty virus Dan Wooten is coming for him. A Huffpost writer countered some of this story saying that the book doesn’t claim to interview the Sussexes, not that necessarily means there wasn’t any communication, but it’s a distinction. Wouldn’t take anything the Fail prints as confirmed because the Sussex team has ceased all communication with them. As for Meghan knowing the Royal family before Harry, she probably knew as much as your average young American back in the day, which isn’t much. I’m sure she studied up on them more once she started dating Harry , but doubt she was paying much attention while in living her day to day life. After Diana died, there wasn’t much interest in them outside of the odd wedding or baby, and a lot has happened in the US since then. She certainly would have no idea of the amount of media obsession and sense of ownership over them, especially Harry; she seemed really blindsided by that. However, since getting involved with Harry, she’s probably had to be incredibly careful and meticulous about what she says, and to whom, and how she interacts with the press. The thing with the British press and some of the other is they want the Sussexes to be seen, talk about them with impunity, but have them stay silent at the same time. They seem so upset about them speaking out, at least on their own terms. The thing is they haven’t said much since the big official statements, but people seem to be expecting this bombshell exposé showing all kinds of rot. Why would people expect that, especially from them? That’s what I want to know. Everyone is so afraid of what they will actually say. I sure at some point they’ll speak candidly about their press treatment, but I’m not waiting with bated breath on that because so much is already out there for us to see. I’m much more interested in what they’ll be doing going forward. They seem to be going about their business in LA, think they’re fairly busy with a lot going on, even in this lockdown, but the British tabloids can’t even go a day without mentioning them and their so- called nefarious plans to get their own way, eat all the Royal cake, and be the victim at the same time. All the way from the West Coast. Like, ok then.

  48. ABritGuest says:

    You only have to look at Brits who were taken in by all the fake ‘broke royal protocol’ stories on Meghan to know that even people living in Britain don’t know much about their own royal family.

    Not sure why an American who as far as I am aware, never mentioned the BRF or Diana in any interviews including when looking at who she admired etc so didn’t seem like an American royalist previously and who was actually filmed in an interview years ago not giving a crap who to choose between William& Harry when asked, isn’t believed when said she didn’t know much about Harry and the BRF before her blind date.

  49. AGreatDane says:

    Almost 20 years had passed between Diana’s death and Meghan and Harry meeting. As an American I can assure you Kaiser, most of us stopped paying attention to the British Royal Family after she died so it is very much possible that an American like Meghan wouldn’t know much about the Royal family before meeting Harry. There is, after all, more to the BRF than Diana, and once she was gone, there wasn’t much to care about, tbh.