Prince William ‘granted permission’ for air ambulances to land at Kensington Palace

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit the London Ambulance Service during the Coronavirus crisis!

It’s time for another episode of The Cambridges Do The Bare Minimum And Get Praised For It: Coronavirus Edition. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge retired to their country home, Anmer Hall, in late March. They’ve spent the lockdown there in Norfolk, and my guess is that they’ll have to spend another month or two there. Meaning, they probably haven’t been in London, at Kensington Palace, since late March and they are unlikely to be at KP until June. So in their absence, Prince William has “authorized” hospital air ambulances to land on the grounds of Kensington Palace during the pandemic. Yes. William is being praised for allowing air ambulances to land somewhere usually reserved for those royal helicopters both he and Kate love so much.

Prince William continues to shine amidst the pandemic, doing what he can to serve the NHS and the UK in the best way he can as a Royal. His latest move is no different, the Duke of Cambridge has granted permission for air ambulances to land and refuel at Kensington Palace on a patch of glass that would ordinarily be reserved for Royal Family helicopters.

It’s hoped that such a move will save lives as it means that paramedics will no longer have to waste time flying to Watford to refuel (which is the nearest fueling base). The new arrangement enables pilots to land and take off from Perks Field, a plot of grassland next to the palace, which is the London home and office of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Prince William was made patron of the London Air Ambulance Charity in March this year; a suitable appointment given his history as a former search and rescue helicopter pilot and also as a medic with the East Anglian Air Ambulance, before stepping down in 2017 to take on more Royal responsibilities. He was previously known as Flight Lieutenant Wales when he served with the RAF in Anglesey.

[From Tatler]

I have a somewhat technical question for the royalists out there: was this even William’s decision to make? Surely this was a decision by whomever is in charge of the maintenance and function of all of the royal palaces and royal grounds, which would be the Queen and HER people? I don’t doubt that William “agreed” to use the KP helipad for air ambulances, but it just feels like this was done with more than just William’s say-so. Also: it’s Peak 2020 that William is being praised for selflessly donating the helipad space which he normally uses for all of the unnecessary helicopter flights he takes because the Queen bought him a shiny new helicopter as a way to bribe him into working.

Also: we heard in March that William was “seriously considering” a return to air ambulance piloting, or in his case, co-piloting because he was never authorized to pilot air ambulances solo. He als never kept up with his accreditation, so I have still have no idea what all that was about other than “William wants credit for thinking about working!” This story feels related. We went from “he’s thinking about working” to “he donated his helipad space, how selfless!”

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge reveal how they stay in touch with the rest of the Royal family

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit the London Ambulance Service during the Coronavirus crisis!

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  1. Priscila Bezerra-Fischer says:

    Please, just give him the Crown. He already proved himself- Betty, time to go a- packing!

    • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

      He’ll have to wrestle it out of Charles’ hands first, and that dude gardens – he’s seriously strong. Mr Slightly Grand (PWT) will retire discomfited and blubbing, and have a tantrum at Kate.

    • Tessa says:

      Please keep him far away from the throne for years.

  2. Belli says:

    My first thought as well was whether it’s actually under William’s authority to allow that. I’m still sceptical.

    Lucky ambulance pilots though, they have that enormous hedge to shield their comings and goings now!

  3. Chrissy says:

    How big of him! This is just the type of work likes to do – just verbally throwing his weight around yet accomplishing nothing! And yet he gets praised to the heavens for his “efforts” just because he’s an heir. How can anyone respect someone like this? Pathetic!

    • Harla says:

      How can William respect himself? I don’t think he does and that’s a big part of his attitude problem.

      • Chrissy says:

        I agree Harla. That’s also part of his problem with his more accomplished and well-liked brother and SIL. Harry and Meghan are truly driven to help others, follow through on their projects, and see results. The praise they get is a by-product of their successful work. Whereas, William (and Kate) always looks for shortcuts where they crave praise and recognition while doing the bare minimum. Probably as a result of excuses being made for his laziness/ bad behavior his whole life. What a bad look for a FFKing and the BRF given how H &M have been treated. I hope it all comes back to bite him/them all.

  4. CidyKitty(CidySmiley) says:

    Smells a lot like cow s*it. Looks like he just said he did something so he gets praised. I think he really relies on people just not knowing how things work to skirt by.

    Could you imagine if they landed there “without permission” and some poor royal staffer had to come out and face EMT’s with a person who is coding and say “sorry you can’t park here.” Like no – they were always going to be able to use that space.

  5. Charfromdarock says:

    How magnanimous. The FFK is certainly a great leader in these troubled times.

  6. Harla says:

    First off, I don’t think the Cambridges will return to KP in June because that’s the start of their summer vacation and the poor lambs will be in desperate need of a break after all that homeschooling and weekly video chats.

    Secondly, are you freaking kidding me?? “Prince William continues to shine amidst the pandemic, doing what he can to serve the NHS and the UK in the best way he can as a Royal.” Continues to shine?!?! Doing what he can to serve?!?! This “decision” probably took about 30 seconds of his time and yeah, any decision regarding the palaces belongs to the monarch not the 3rd in line.

    Lastly, so far William has considered training to become a telephone counselor with Shout, going back to co-piloting heli’s, has he done either of those things?? It’s just depressing how people are so eager to fall all over themselves to praise this boy-man for things he “considers” doing but no one will put his feet to the fire and make him actually do something.

  7. Becks1 says:

    I heard this a few days ago and I cant even. I CANT EVEN. He’s not “letting” them do anything. And even if he had any say in it… is this the spin? Why isn’t the spin “really rich privileged man who has never accomplished anything in his life is allowing use of his taxpayer funded helipad during a pandemic.”

  8. Nic919 says:

    William doesn’t own KP or the airspace around it so they wouldn’t be getting permission from him anyway. It’s likely some office under the Queen’s name that was asked in relation to the use of the grounds. It’s Crown property and William isn’t the monarch yet.

  9. Harper says:

    I see Wills is continuing to associate his name with the air ambulance during this pandemic. I swear that when this is all over half the DM readers will believe that he actually flew copters full of covid patients, landed on the Kensington Palace grounds, and held their hands as their stretchers were loaded into an ambulance and whisked away. Then, looking wistful, Wills turns around and jumps back into the copter and pilots off to another hamlet to save more of his countrymen.

    • Molly says:

      He’s obsessed with being associated with helicopters but could barely be bothered to show up to his job.

      Harry flew Apache helicopters and notice how he doesn’t try to shove that in people’s faces? He works with veterans instead.

    • Harla says:

      that’s it exactly! The DM readers will believe that William became a counselor for Shout, flew helicopters and single-handedly saved the monarchy.

      • Lady D says:

        In a country of 66 million, one million read the DM. There are not enough racists to sway public opinion, or at least there shouldn’t be.

  10. Beach Dreams says:

    Never fails to grandstand, does he? Probably the only thing he’s actually good at.

  11. Mary says:

    This would be the, previously, playing field that local children used to use for sports. When Will and Kate moved to KP they banned the kids from the field so he could just roll out of bed into a helicopter.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Wow, didn’t know that. No outcry in the press?

      • Mary says:

        Not so much by the royal reporters but there was some grousing. This was also around the time of expensive renovations to both Anmer Hall and Apt. 1a so I think people were more concerned about the expenditures than the local kids getting screwed over.

  12. February Pisces says:

    To answer kaisers question, no I don’t think it’s his decision at all, he’s just one of many residents at Kensington palace, so I’m assuming he has no authority over the actual grounds, even though he probably thinks he does.

  13. Ruby_Woo says:

    Wasn’t he going to become a co-pilot again? What happened to that?

  14. Nowords says:

    Honestly, at this point, even though I have no patience for celebrities/any royals, I’m not going to fault anyone that is helping out during this pandemic. Like at least Will and Kate are doing things, even if its zoom calls, promoting initiatives, or even pasta delivering.

    The US is blatantly deteriorating even more into a plutocracy. POSPTUS* pushing unproven drugs he has stock in. Billionaire corporate CEOs hoarding loans meant for small businesses while crying, “we need ANOTHER tax-payer funded bailout even though we have gotten numerous in the past b//c having vast sums of money saved up is the responsibility of the plebs living paycheck to paycheck” (looking at you airlines & oil). Our politicians have sold their souls to an orange devil and are bending over backwards to the billionaires who bought their seats and the vocal minority(cult) that turns out in droves to vote.

    We’ve gotten to the point where I’m like, “well at least these folks aren’t blatantly sacrificing lives for $$ by blackmailing workers, trying to cut employment ‘b/c we gotta take the $600 carrot away from the lazy workers’, and gaslighting the public with fake data to justify this. Oh, and don’t forget OK’s Gov Stitt (Shitt) using a pandemic to try & sneak thru anti-abortion executive orders. ” I’m turning my energy to the gov’ts and corporations because at the end of the day they are the ones actively destroying the world with their dystopian affair, not William and Kate.
    *Piece of Shit President of The United States

  15. Janet says:

    I’m not really sure who has the authority to authorize what in this situation , but I’m pretty sure that without the green light from someone who has the say-so, anything trying to land there might ctash land as a bullet riddled hulk of steel.

    On a less royal note, landing in someone’s back yard without permission is not cool.

    • Nic919 says:

      This was originally land open to everyone so it was never a backyard in the sense that normal people have a small backyard. Besides letting a medical helicopter land on your acreage to help save lives is something that should be expected with the emergency medical situation happening. Homes were seized for use by the military during the war so this is the bare minimum that is being done.

  16. Awkward symphony says:

    Typical keenbridges taking credit for the bare minimum. Notice how his reporters are bugging him up as someone who doesnt have to ask chuck and lizzy meaning he’s already all big and kingly ordering people around!!!🙄

    The Dolittles are so pathetic and thanx to their agreement with British media they know they’ll never be questioned for their lack of accomplishments and empty words

  17. Anne Bowtell says:

    Have you seen The Windsors – on Channel 4 in UK and Netflix – hilarious parody of the whole lot of them but especially Wills commitment to “normality” and the London AIr Ambulance.

  18. Heather says:

    The why’s and wherefore’s of this mean nothing to me; I’m glad the helipad is being made available to those who need it. Really, who cares who granted the permission?
    It’s blatantly obvious that rags like The Tattler, Daily Mail, and others are in full butt-kissing mode with William. Given the fact that Harry & Meghan have cut them all off and sued, the British tabloids need to keep one money-maker in their pockets.