Michael Buble’s wife Luisana claims they got death threats after that ‘elbow’ video

Michael Buble honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Last month, we talked about Michael Buble and his wife Luisana. They’ve been together for about a decade and they have children together. Luisana is Argentinian, and Michael learned Spanish and he’s pretty fluent at this point, and they make bilingual social media videos for their English-speaking and Spanish-speaking fans. Their marriage has been a big topic in Argentinian gossip too, and many people in the Argentinian media have had their eye on Michael for a while – there were apparently concerns about how he treated Luisana for years. But it got really bad last month, when Michael and Luisana were making a video and Michael seemed to elbow Luisana HARD and then tried to cover it by putting her in what amounted to an uncomfortable-looking half-headlock. Here’s the video that set it off:

After that video went viral, people began bringing up other moments in Michael and Luisana’s social media videos which were odd or problematic or just rude and uncomfortable. Throughout that discussion, weird sh-t kept happening, like Luisana was the one to come out and talk about how the discussion made her uncomfortable, and people were threatening HER. And then Michael’s rep said that we were cyberbullying him because we were like “damn, Michael really gives off an uncomfortable, violent, angry energy in the videos HE POSTS HIMSELF.” Well, now Luisana is saying something new: they got death threats because of the videos…?

Luisana Lopilato is still reeling from the frightening backlash she and husband Michael Bublé experienced last month, after some fans expressed concerns over the singer’s treatment of his wife on social media. Although the Argentinian model, 32, was quick to dismiss any negative claims about their marriage, some fans called out Bublé, 44, for how he elbowed and handled Lopilato during a moment in an Instagram Live.

During an interview with Argentinian TV show Intrusos this week, the mother of three revealed that they received “a lot of threats” amid the backlash.

“We received a lot of love from people but you wouldn’t believe the amount of people who sent me photos with weapons saying they were going to kill Mike when he reached Argentina,” she said on the television program, according to Hello!. “It made me afraid and I still feel a little bit frightened.”

“It’s not nice to receive death threats. There were a lot of threats. The positive messages we received outnumbered them but I am worried for my family. I suffered a lot with what happened,” she added. “It caused Mike a lot of pain too. He loves Argentina and he loves being with me in Argentina when I’m working,”

Speaking out on behalf of her husband, she added, “Mike is a gentleman who is always concerned with trying to make me even more happy than I already am.”

[From People]

“I suffered a lot with what happened.” OH GOD. That’s what we were afraid of, that’s why most of us were trying to be careful around how we worded things. We were afraid that Michael would somehow punish Luisana because we were talking about how angry and violent he seemed in social media videos. Obviously, people should not send ANYONE death threats or threaten or harass anyone, ever. But I tend to believe that the overwhelming majority of people were simply seeking to help Luisana, and everything got twisted (because that’s what gaslighting abusers do) into “poor Michael received death threats.” He’s not the sympathetic one here, for the love of God.

Michael Buble honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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  1. Lucy says:

    And then she went on to say she wasn’t some dumb chick who wouldn’t say or do anything if something like that were to happen to her. Sigh.

    • NextToMe says:

      These rumors have been going on forever. Even before they got married I remember reading that Buble was a secret mega douche. I hope she finds strength to do what’s best for her and her children, whatever that may be.

    • I am Mimi says:

      Sigh, indeed. Rihanna got abused by Chris Brown. Tina Turner got abused by Ike. You don’t have to be dumb or incapable to be abused. This talking point needs to go away.

  2. Who ARE these people? says:

    Would this lead up to an excuse to keep her/them from traveling to her home country when borders re open?

  3. Spicecake38 says:

    I read this here last month and saw the video here,but then read about some other incidents on some other sites.There was a you tube video of them on some Argentinian talk show where he was constantly hanging on her neck and another when they cut away and he said something like “you’re dead or I’m going to kill you “and another when he keeps saying “this divorce is going to be epic “-Something isn’t right.

    I would never have thought this was an abusive relationship before a month ago.
    I hope this young woman and her children are safe.I remember covering for my controlling verbally abusive ex husband it’s awful.

    Also WHY if they are so happy and he’s so concerned about her well being doesn’t he just apologize publicly for something he did that at the very least made him look like the douche he must be.

    • damejudi says:

      Wow, that is awful.

      I hope the next time he says “this divorce is going to be epic,” she smiles and says, “Let’s find out.”

      But it sounds like MB needs to be handled carefully, so when she does leave, she’ll need to do lots of planning (and have Katie Holmes-level support during the process) in order to stay safe.

  4. Godwina says:

    Jaysus, that video.

  5. babsjohnson says:

    She seems to be in a very bad situation. I feel for her and the kids.

  6. sweetpea says:

    I looked at the video and saw other posts. HE does seem to aggressively hold his arm around her neck a lot. I knew someone who did that all the time. He was super aggressive. ITs a weird thing physically to hold someone like that..I know there will be people who say its normal but I never see it with couples I know.

    • Jora says:

      My father holds his arm around my mother like that everytime in front of strangers/visitors. My father also verbally and emotionally abuses her everyday at home, threatens to kill her if she leaves him and once in a while hits, pushes andor chokes her. But in front of strangers he always does this arm thing with a bright smile. My mum plays a long. When she accidently interrupts him when he was talking to the person, he stops, glares at her full of anger and threat in his eyes, then he catches himself again and keeps on talking in a (pretend) good mood. But he doesn’t forget that small interruption. When the visitors are gone, he makes her life pure hell for daring to speak over him.

      So you’ll understand that Bublé’s behaviour rang ALL my bells. He’s abusing her.

      • Cee says:

        So sorry about your mum. It’s also upsetting for you to witness this happening to her.

      • Jora says:

        @CEE Thank you for your kind words. It’s hard. Tried to organize help for her (therapy, brochures, women shelter) but she doesn’t have the courage to leave him because she’s afraid of being on her own (although she’s the one working two jobs and he’s unemployed). Was also raised strictly Catholic.

  7. Praying for her and her children. I pray she gets out. I hope he doesn’t take the backlash out on her.

  8. Ali says:

    This reminds me that people love to pile on easy targets.

  9. Heylee says:

    If my husband elbowed me like that I would probably start crying, maybe I would only stare at him in shock… but I would be upset to the point that I wouldn’t have the wherewithal to manage my emotions in the moment. So basically, she is used to these types of moments? This is incredibly upsetting. My heart goes out to her.

  10. Tok says:

    We should believe women when they tell us that they are being abused and when they tell us they aren’t. All of this guessing and assuming, telling her she needs to divorce and run. We need to respect a grown up woman who says she is not a victim. There are many women who do ask for help and don’t get it, because people continue to choose to make judgments based on their own perception.

    • babsjohnson says:

      I believe my own eyes and ears first and foremost. A lot of victims say they aren’t abused when they are, for a variety of reasons.

    • Lisa says:

      Agree, people are way to quick to accuse others of heinous crimes. Unless there is some sort of proof, sorry that video doesn’t imply to me he is a wife abuser. She said she is not being abused and we should believe her unless she says differently at some point.

  11. Sof says:

    The fact that they showed their daughter’s face for the first time and Michael adressed her in Spanish in the first video after all the rumors, made me more suspicious.
    And for those talking about divorce, there’s two important issues here:
    1) Luisana comes from a very religious family, it was said that they are against it (I remember when she was a teenager and a video of her making out with a co-star appeared, it was a huge deal!)
    2) Their children were born in Canada, where they live. I don’t think a judge would allow her to move with them to Buenos Aires.

    • Cee says:

      ITA Sof. Her not sharing her kids nationality is a big issue.
      RE her family is very religious – they took exception to it when they willingly sexualised her at a very young age (breast implants at 15) in order for her acting career to take off.

  12. lucy2 says:

    This whole situation is bad. Death threats are never the answer (why do people continue to do that?) but maybe he SHOULD feel uncomfortable for how he acted and be called out on it.

  13. lobstah says:

    She’s afraid of him and I’m afraid for her.

    I remember seeing this video, and then seeing one of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis talking about their charity wine, and noticing how remarkably different the dynamics were. Say what you want about Ashton, but Mila cut him off many times and not once did he flare up, elbow her or anything else.

  14. Cee says:

    She’s got a lot to lose with this and I’m not talking about money. She chose to give birth in Canada therefore she does not share nationality with her children. She is not Canadian and they are not Argentine. If something were to happen she can’t even get on a plane and come back home with her kids, they would have to go back to Canada.

    She’s also evangelical and has said numerous times she does not believe in divorce. She might not even consider his actions violent therefore doesn’t see herself as a victim.

    Argentina has gone through a very strong feminist movement in the last 5 years with the NI UNA MENOS movement getting traction internationally. The violence women suffer at the hands of men is extremely high. Everything is being revised and even the smallest things are called for what they are. This is why Argentine media and fans have been looking at Michael and Luisana for years – his actions are angry, violent and impulsive. This does not mean he is physically violent but he does show certain characteristics women and men are now on the lookout for.

    • Kath says:

      Can’t their kids have dual citizenship? It’s very common

      • Cee says:

        IDK if Canada allows it. I know argentines can’t have dual arg-american citizenship (my SIL’s mum is american and has to renounce her American citizenship. Same with her Argentine born daughters).

  15. 2legit2quit says:

    I wonder if the death threats are actually coming from Michael himself.

  16. SM says:

    Yeah. It still feels like a manipulative at least, and realistically – an abusive relationship. There is no other reason why, despite the fact that he is the star, she is being continuously thrown out into the public eye to make excuses for him/make him look sympathetic?

  17. Mtec says:

    “You’re so dead” and “I’m gonna kill you”—two things he’s said to his wife on video—these are also death threats, and are said to manipulate a person. Michael Bublé fits the abuser pattern to a T.

  18. TyrantDestroyed says:

    I used to like them so much as a couple and all this left a bad taste.
    I had no idea about the rumors prior to watch the video but it really bugs me that Luisana, her siblings and P.R. people have gone above and beyond to defend his honor while the poor middle-aged star remains silent and acusing the world of bullying him. It would be so easy to address the issue and move on instead of sending the world to speak for him.

  19. 2lazy4username says:

    He elbows her and she apologizes. #abused