Donald Trump is taking hydroxychloroquine, Pelosi calls him ‘morbidly obese’

Trump meets with Republican Members of Congress

I find that I cannot predict the various side-stories and absolutely random conspiracies Donald Trump will create out of thin air and then promote endlessly. Considering we are still very much in the midst of a global pandemic which has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, I would never have predicted that Donald Trump’s peabrain would have latched onto an antimalarial drug as some kind of coronavirus cure-all. I probably could have predicted that Trump would continue to bring up hydroxychloroquine in briefings even after weeks of every medical professional coming out and saying “do not take hydroxychloroquine for the virus.” But here’s an expected turn: it seems like Donald Bigly has been taking hydroxychloroquine for days/weeks? What the f–k.

President Donald Trump on Monday told reporters he’s been taking hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malaria drug he’s touted as a possible “game changer” treatment for COVID-19. He said he asked the White House doctor if he could take the unproven treatment despite having no symptoms, adding he’s been taking a pill a day for about a week-and-a-half.

“I’m still fine,” he said, referring to possible dangerous side effects. The FDA last month specifically warned against taking hydroxychloroquine “outside of a hospital setting or a clinical trial due to risk of heart rhythm problems.”

“I asked him, ‘What do you think?’ He said,’Well if you’d like it.'” I said, ‘Yeah I’d like it. I’d like to take it. A lot of people to take it a lot of frontline workers are taking hydroxychloroquine.” Trump claimed. “So, I’m taking the zinc and the hydroxy. And all I can tell you is, so far I seem to be okay.”

The president said he’s received “a lot of positive letters” offering good feedback of hydroxychloroquine and insisted even if it’s not effective, he claimed, “You’re not going to get sick or die. And it seems to have an impact — and maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t — but if it doesn’t, you’re not going to get sick or die. This is a, a pill that’s been used for a long time for 30, 40 years on the malaria and or lupus to, and even on arthritis I guess from what I understand, so it’s been heavily tested in terms of,” the president said. “What do you have to lose,” he added.

When surprised reporters asked if he were taking it because he’s exhibited symptoms, the president replied, “Zero symptoms.” Trump told them that he was “just waiting to see your eyes light up when I said this,” adding, “and I’m still here. I’m still here to explain to you. I take a pill every day. At some point, I’ll stop. What I’d like to do is I’d like to have the cure and/or the vaccine. And that will happen, I think, very soon,” he added.

[From ABC News]

“You’re not going to get sick or die” except for all of the people – mostly Trump’s ignorant followers – who did decide to take hydroxychloroquine and they got really sick and some of them died. That’s why there were so many doctors and specialists coming out LAST MONTH to tell people not to take hydroxychloroquine. And Trump is somehow taking it? Probably not. He’s probably just lying his fat ass off and trying to get more people to take it because of some tenuous business relationship he or Jared Kushner has with the company. “What do you have to lose,” is what he said to the African-American community about voting for him. That’s where we are. Also: if Trump is such a big fan of taking unproven medicines for coronavirus prevention, surely he should take his own advice and drink some bleach too?

Oh, hours later, Nancy Pelosi appeared on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show and she was asked about Trump taking this drug. She said she would prefer if Trump did not take the drug because of his “age group and his, shall we say, weight group, he’s morbidly obese.” YAS KWEEN NANCY.

Pelosi Press Conference


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  1. minx says:

    I don’t believe he’s taking it. He lies as often as he breathes. And “morbidly obese” is trending…thanks Nancy! She knows how to get under his skin.

    • Erinn says:

      They need to rip the medical license away from his PoS doctor, yesterday. That man has made himself nothing more than an embarrassing, sniveling little weasel who does not CARE about providing proper care to his patients. How much you wanna bet that he’s prescribing a lot of things he shouldn’t be prescribing, and I HIGHLY doubt that this is the first time he’s done it.

      • Esmom says:

        Seriously. It’s as if he has zero education in medical ethics.

      • WTF says:

        In fairness to the doctor, I believe the president’s doctor is usually a Military doctor. If that’s right, then he literally could not ignore a direct order from the commander in chief.

      • Bucky says:

        I don’t think the White House doctor prescribed it. The doctor’s press release danced around actually admitting that. The speculation is that, if he was prescribed the drug, he got it from that guy in NY.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I don’t believe it either. as noted in the write up, he and his creepy doll SIL have $$$ in the company that produces it and he’s hoping that more people will nag their doctor for it since their orange deity is taking it and OMG HE’S FINE! just another grift.

    • Snappyfish says:

      I don’t believe he is taking it either. I also don’t believe ANYTHING he says. As for being morbidly obese, he does meet the medical definition for that assessment! (Nancy is a BOSS)

      • jwoolman says:

        Nancy is also accurate in pointing out that both age and obesity are risk factors for COVID-19 complications. Up to 70% of people hospitalized for COVID-19 are in at least the obese category. Trump also has some cardiovascular issues, another major risk factor for his beloved drug. The virus attacks the heart and other organs, not just the lungs. But the drug can cause arrhythmias leading to cardiac arrest. A study with US veterans showed that people had something like 28% more chance of dying with that drug than without it. It’s a rough drug, as people taking it for years for autoimmune disorders such as lupus can testify.

        People who are obese really should be very careful about this virus. Trump could certainly be in the morbidly obese category. Look at pics of him in his 30s vs today. He is not naturally that wide and his face is not naturally that big. He could easily be significantly more than a 100 pounds over his healthy weight. People his age who do slim down become narrower in body and face, as he was when he was in good shape decades ago.

        He doesn’t show it in his hands but does in his face. He is tall enough (6’1″) that he may gain more all over than in specific spots, so he may not have a lot of obvious distortion from the extra fatty tissue but his vital organs could be encased in it.

        His deliberate lack of exercise means his lungs and heart are likely not in great condition to deal with physical stress, which a critical case of COVID-19 would certainly be. He was athletic when younger, but now has some odd theory about exercise being bad for you. Maybe it’s the idea that we have only so many heartbeats and shouldn’t use them up? Something along that line. Too bad, because he could get a lot of good exercise playing golf without a cart.

        After the 2016 election, it seemed to me that he was gaining weight at an alarming rate. I think he is gaining again more recently.

        Don’t know if Trump is dumb enough to take the drug, but it’s likely that the White House doctor did not give it to him or did so under protest rather than nicely agreeing as Trump claims. Trump is very likely to simply be lying to promote the drug. Partly he might make some direct profit from sales, but a major donor brought it to his attention. Wonder who profited from the huge stockpile he had the government buy.

        Watch the donors. When he gets campaign donations, he can siphon those off for his own expenses. Of course, the old kickback system also works to enrich him. That’s how Spiro Agnew (Nixon’s VP) did it. He was still getting cash envelopes from sending contracts to certain people while he was in his White House office, as he had done as governor of Maryland and in local offices. When it was clear Nixon would be impeached and removed, prosecutors cut a deal with Agnew: resign in 24 hours and you won’t get prison time. That’s why he only had IRS fines to pay, they didn’t pursue the charges that would have incarcerated him. That way, there was no risk of a crooked Agnew as POTUS. The honest Ford was put in as VP and became POTUS when Nixon resigned.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Well, if he’s not taking that, he needs to take something. There’s still no medication for cpvidiocy, though. Sad.

    • adastraperaspera says:

      Yep, he’s lying. He’s trying to sell the stuff to his hapless followers. He and his toadies invested in it, thinking it wouldn’t kill enough people for anyone to notice. He’s a killer, flat out.

      • Bucky says:

        Totally trying to sell it. He’s also pushing healthy people to take Azithromycin. Great, so we can add antibiotic resistance to our difficulties controlling the pandemic.

        As with the first campaign that he never wanted to win, I think his motivation for pretending to seek reelection is to steal campaign money and use the government to fend off lawsuits. I’m sure he has a lot of legal fees, but he should really be focusing on fleeing to some country that refuses to extradite criminals back to America…perhaps Russia or Saudi Arabia and live there with his beloved Flynn, Giulliani and Steven Miller etc. He could pitch it as a reality show that is part Survivor and part Big Brother.

    • Mar says:

      Hi! I never comment on this site but I read it every day but I believe he does take it. My uncle is a doctor, he treats lupus and artritis and right now he’s treating some patients with covid-19 in Mexico, and he’s been using this drug (along doctors all around the world) to treat patients. Not every patient, apparently it’s only effective when the disease doesn’t get too bad and people need ventilators.
      So, he and more doctors HAVE been taking hydroxychloroquine every week. Not as a prevention measure, because it won’t prevent from you getting covid, but they believe it helps to stop the disease from getting awful and needing hospitalizing.
      However, they do not recommend people taking it without doctor’s supervision as it can affect your heart.

      • Vincent says:

        My friend has been taking a low dose of the anti malarial drug for his autoimmune disease for the last two years. It did NOT prevent him from getting sick with Covid-19. He almost died. He spent 2 weeks in ICU. It was terrible. Thankfully he survived but his lungs will never be the same.

      • Snappyfish says:

        @vincent. Thank you. It is a drug taken to suppress the autoimmune system (a thing you need fight a virus) it is used “off label” for malaria which is caused by a parasite & not a virus. Trump is making money on the drug & doesn’t care if anyone dies as long as he can turn a profit.

    • L4frimaire says:

      Either lying about taking it, or has tested positive. Either way, he lies as easily as breathes. Horrid man.

    • Vincent says:

      So true! I agree, he lies all the time. Why would anyone believe him now?

    • Bucky says:

      There is 0% chance in my mind that he might be taking it. I think he already had the virus anyway. He made the government stockpile this drug, so he’s trying to save face. He’s killing so many people because he’s too small to admit that the economy is destroyed because of his mismanagement. This is so similar to the British governments response, or lack of response, to the Great Smog poisonings in the 50s.

  2. Lightpurple says:

    And then, he retweeted Hoarse Whisperer, one of his biggest critics, making fun of Laura Ingraham.

    An absolute lunatic is running our nation. May he enjoy the side effects of that drug, I hear they’re vicious.

    And where the Hell is the Vice President?

    • whatWHAT? says:

      “And where the Hell is the Vice President?”

      my guess is that he’s isolated and/or incapacitated with the virus.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      Great question, you mean the guy whose press rep tested positive more than a week ago?

    • 10KTurtle says:

      The VP was sitting 6 feet to the Emperor’s right at that meeting with the restaurant executives, without a mask. I hope VP is hand-feeding Fearless Leader his precious pills. Oh and a HUGE thank you to whomever on this site here introduced me to @hoarsewisperer! His insights on malignant narcissism are spot-on and his predictions of Donald’s behavior are uncannily accurate.

    • Murphy says:

      Pence is currently (as of 11:30 eastern time) conducting a televised meeting with NASA, he’s fine.

      • Lizzie says:

        No one who could be seen in the room was wearing a mask and most, but not all, were what looked like about 2 feet (one chair length) apart.

        Keep up the good work.

      • Hoot says:

        @Lizzie – Yes, that was a bit ridiculous to say the least.

  3. Carol says:

    He could be lying about taking the drug. He doesn’t even know how long he has been taking it. I say keep it up. The more he talks the more people see he is unhinged. The Blue Wave is coming for him.

    • Allie says:

      His BS talking has been widely reported on 24/7 in the past five years. People still vote red. They do not care if he is unhinged. They care about themselves only.

      • teatimeiscoming says:

        they dont even care about themselves–they only care about ‘stickin it to the libs’ and damn whomever else may suffer

    • Bibliomommy96 says:

      I think someone is giving him sugar pills, and telling him it’s that hydroxy stuff, he wouldn’t know any different

      • Chaine says:

        That’s what I think too. No way someone would risk their medical license and criminal charges for giving him a disproved treatment that could kill him.

      • KellySunshine says:

        Exactly my thoughts. If he’s taking any pills at all, they’re placebos.

  4. Diana says:

    Nancy!!!! 👑 🤣🤣🤣

    • theotherViv says:

      OMG, she is priceless. I saw her in person at the climate conference in Madrid and she was TINY. Like a sparrow. He sure is morbidly obese next to her.

      • phaedra7 says:

        (he could probably block the sun standing in front of her. . . . . . . . . 😈 )

  5. Mina_Esq says:

    Now people are out there complaining about Pelosis’ comment like it’s some big secret that Trump is obese. We have eyes. He is obese and has the skin of a dry orange.

  6. Darla says:

    It would all be hilarious were it not for all the tweets I see from Lupus sufferers who have problems getting their meds now thanks to this idiot.

    A lot of people were upset at Pelosi “fat shaming” trump, but I thought she did it in a way that’s quite smooth. I mean, she’s talking about a medical condition in medical terms, and stating the obvious medical fact; he’s high risk. I don’t know. I understand how people feel I guess. I can’t help it, I cracked up, because she knows just how to hurt him. I think she must have done psych evaluations on him. God knows there’s plenty of material.

    • AmyB says:

      @Darla – you are right on!! LMAO! She definitely knows exactly how to needle him and say just the right things to piss him off – it’s quite entertaining and hysterical 🙂 But honestly, she is 100% right about this; he should not be taking an experimental drug given his age and other risk factors. PERIOD.

      Don’t really need a psychology degree to figure out Trump though, he provides plenty of material on his own, right there for anyone with a brain and two eyes! LOL

    • whatWHAT? says:

      yeah, it’s not like she took a page from 45’s book and called him a “tubby b*tch” (which would have been funny and well-deserved) but instead used the medical community’s term for it and shaded him a way that makes it look like it’s all CONCERN.

      • AmyB says:

        EXACTLY – let’s think about all the insults Trump has laid out against people, men and women included. Megyn Kelly, John McCain, Rosie O’Donnell, Christine Blasey Ford, Stormy Daniels…those are just the few that jump to my mind immediately. I KNOW there are countless others and he certainly never apologized and he has always been ruthless. Oh and let’s not forgot his infamous “grab em by the pussy” comment LOL

        So yeah, sorry, Trump you deserve exactly what Pelosi said. And she didn’t even go to his level, which makes it even better.

      • jwoolman says:

        Pelosi might be genuinely concerned about Trump’s health. If he dies while in office, he will get a state funeral. I want him to die in such disgrace that there will be no state funeral and no pictures of him in the White House.

        I’m surprised that he didn’t have Air Force One drop him off in Dubai long ago for some fast food and then stay there, resigning by tweet. He has a golf resort there and they wouldn’t extradite him.

    • Moo says:

      She did look so gleeful as she responded. I wonder if she preps her polite dagger-to-Trump’s-heart comments or if they just roll off her tongue.

    • Tigerlily says:

      Darla totally agree. I have rheumatoid arthritis and have been on this med for nearly ten years. It is not pleasant. I was able to tolerate it once I split my daily dose to twice daily. It definitely helped slow the progress and give some relief. Eg the benefits outweigh the risks. I do have to get specialized eye exam annually as it can cause retina damage. Thanks to Drumph I can only get a 30 day supply at a time as opposed to 3 months. I do love Nancy and her comment.

      • Christin says:

        My mom had RA from the time I was born, so I empathize with each of you who suffer from autoimmune diseases. Creating shortages of this medication for those who need and benefit from it, is infuriating.

        I have no doubt there are $$$ at the root of every medication and possibly a specific future vaccine promoted by this bunch.

      • Hoot says:

        My DIL is in the same position for obtaining her supply of these meds (used to control her Lupus symptoms) for 90 days. She can now only get 30 days at a time and is worrying about a shortage. How irresponsible of this man.

    • Bucky says:

      When Trump’s friends Stanley Chera was in the hospital actively dying from covid, Trump repeatedly made statements about that man’s weight from the White House podium. Trump is morbidly obese. That is a risk factor. It isn’t like she’s taking shots at a guy on his death bed.

      • Hoot says:

        He is technically in the category of obese. His actual height is approx. 6’1″ when he is seen standing next to Barack Obama, who is also 6’1″ – and let’s say he does weigh 239 pounds, according to his 2019 physical (although he looks heavier). This gives him a BMI of 31.53 and puts him in the obese category. Even if he weighed 260 pounds, he’d still be in the obese category (not morbidly) with a BMI of 34.3.

        He just needs to stop claiming that he is 6’3″ because when he is shown standing next to A-Rod (who IS 6’3″), he appears to be at least 2″ shorter.

        But I get what Pelosi was trying to do, and I don’t disagree with her method. Poke the bear.

  7. Emily says:

    His doctor is feeding him placebo pills to shut him up.

    • tempest prognosticator says:

      A placebo makes the most sense. Or TicTacs. The man is a buffoon.

    • Lucy2 says:

      That’s what I’m thinking as well. He’s pushing it because he’s invested in it, and thought he was going to cash in when everyone had to take it, and now that’s not the case he’s trying to push it a different way. Otherwise why talk about it? I can’t imagine that taking the real thing for absolutely no symptoms or other medical issues is at all safe or healthy, so either it’s a placebo or this doctor should lose his license.

      • Christin says:

        That’s what I think. It was an advertisement. I don’t think he’s taking it, though.

        A panelist on a cable TV news show thinks that a 60 Minutes segment rattled his cage the previous evening. Apparently they had a very negative take on the drug. The show is typically well watched, so the theory is that he seethed and did the sudden “I’m taking it” claim the next afternoon, knowing it would be covered by media.

    • Hope says:

      That’s the first thing I thought too. His doctor has Tic Tacs and other candy that he puts in a prescription bottle just to shut the fat crying baby up when he comes in demanding something.

  8. emmy says:

    Jesus. As someone whose family has had to deal with a LOT of medication for years, I say TAKE IT! Side effects are a real b*tch and wildly unpredictable, especially if you’re on more than one type of drug. What slap in the face to millions of Americans without health insurance though. This dude just pops pills like they’re tic tacs.

    IF he’s even telling the truth. I doubt it. At his age and lifestyle, he would very likely experience some form of side effect.

  9. Giggles says:

    Is he bananas? Yes. I do think it undermines Nancy’s message to say he’s morbidly obese. My two cents.

    • Esmom says:

      She opened herself up to major MAGA vitriol for sure by saying that…except that they trash her no matter what anyway. I could see why she would give zero Fs anymore.

    • Tate says:

      But he is

    • TheOtherSarah says:

      But he is morbidly obese and therefore more at risk.

      • Imtired says:

        It is indeed factual. I think the line is blurred a bit with this because Nancy Pelosi always has something spot on, important and witty to say about DT. And she doesn’t shy of mocking him, which he deserves. I don’t remember the examples (other than the funny clapping!) but this is the feeling i got from her lately for the last year or two. So because it comes from her it does seem a bit like she’s mocking fat people. Because she’s always mocking him, hes literally fat, and she’s mentioningthat he is fat.

  10. Boxy Lady says:

    I love the fact that she added the “they say.” That cracked me up.

  11. wildwaffles says:

    Love Nancy’s concern troll, it’s perfect. Moron takes dangerous drug to treat disease he doesn’t have just about sums this guy up. And I thought I read that his doctor did come out and confirm he was taking the drug? Not that we can trust the doctors really but I thought it was confirmed?

  12. Leena says:

    I loathe this man. However, Nancy taking a dig at his weight while smothering a shit eating grin is just a low blow. If a male republican made the same comment about a female democrat, it would be a huge deal and he’d probably be forced to make a public apology. Stick to the Michelle Obama mantra, when they go low, we go high.

    • Darla says:

      No. I think the fat shaming thing can be debated, but go high? NO.

      this is just like the untouchables and we brought a knife to a gun fight last time. Not again. NO.

    • Jerusha says:

      Name a single time trump was forced to apologize for making a crude remark about a woman’s looks. Just once, please.

      • Darla says:

        Right? The media and “concerned” people on the internet will have us playing by different rules again, they would love that. It means we lose. 100%. It means we lose. this is hand to hand, so if you can’t take it get off the field but don’t tell the fighters how to roll.

      • Veronica S. says:

        Not to mention his HHS secretary just came and blamed American health issues and obesity as the primary reason for the high death rates to deflect blame even further. She isn’t fat shaming him. She’s poking the bear – i.e. oh, don’t forget you’re in those vulnerable health groups, too, you jack*ss.

      • AmyB says:

        Exactly. I said something in an earlier post about this precise thing. Let’s think about all the insults Trump has laid out against people, men and women included. Megyn Kelly, John McCain, Rosie O’Donnell, Christine Blasey Ford, Stormy Daniels…those are just the few that jump to my mind immediately. I KNOW there are countless others and he certainly never apologized, or was forced to do so, and he never ever seemed sorry about any remarks he made. PERIOD.

      • Christin says:

        One example that comes to mind is the beauty pageant contestant he fat shamed. She was not overweight at all.

      • NatureLover says:

        Veronica S., when I saw that segment, I wanted to reach out through my tv screen and strangle him!! I was appalled that he basically stated that people that are dying from COVID 19 are dying ONLY due to their underlying conditions. I was appalled that the head of the HHS would make such a comment, it’s criminal! I had to take a day off of reading the news today because I become so angry at the news that it’s affecting my outlook. I have always been an optimistic person, but I never realized how dumb Americans were until these last few months. I also thought that we were a country to be proud of it’s citizens. I no longer feel that way especially after they broke into the Michigan state capital with automatic weapons declaring that their freedom was being jeopardized by the lock down.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      If a male republican said that about a female democrat, and she happened to be an evil, child caging, self confessed p*ssy grabbing, disabled shaming FATSO, I’d be perfectly fine with it. After all, she should be able to eat the sh*t she dishes so regularly.

      Otherwise, no.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      ” If a male republican made the same comment about a female democrat, it would be a huge deal and he’d probably be forced to make a public apology.”

      you mean how 45 is CONSTANTLY making rude comments about democratic women and not apologizing? sure, jan.

      Darla, I’m with you. the dems need to fight the way the GOP does. it’s like they’re sitting there, contemplating their next chess move and the GOP has already set the board on fire.

    • Aang says:

      Going high didn’t work out so well. A long time ago was the time to take off the gloves and punch below the belt.

      • holly hobby says:

        They ought to start punching back in the nose – the old fashioned settle the bully way.

        Dems are too slow to react. That’s why I’m glad for the Lincoln Project. Their ads are devastating. They are going after Thom Tillis and McSally for being GOP meat puppets now.

    • Leah says:

      They go low we go high? No. Times have changed, after three years of pain and chaos I am not giving any of his cult members a break. Trump gets away with abuses no other person in his position has ever gotten away with, he whips up his base, and they threaten people with guns. No. This isn’t the time to roll over and play nice.

      If we go the pacifist route, we are going to see four more years of this nightmare.

    • SomeChick says:

      Sorry, but that is the technical term, being used properly, in a medically focused discussion. She’s not speaking on his appearance, and she’s not wrong.

      If he’s really taking the stuff, it could be very, very bad for him. Altho I am sure he is not. Now, if she were to go on and suggest that “those cheeseburgers really add up” or some such thing, that would be a dig. Plainly stating a fact in context is not. There is a difference.

    • Deedee says:

      They’re going low and we’re going lower as in… into the grave. Enough is enough. We are no longer talking in hypotheticals.

      People are dying, children are going hungry, we are quarantined, unemployment at an all time high, Republicans have negative f’s to to give, yet, we have to show some kind of moral kindness to white supremacists, sexists, and homophobes?? Why?? I say gloves off Nancy.

    • Constance says:


      Excuse me? This is ridiculous. I get people get their feelings hurt but MORBIDLY OBESE is a medical designation. People act like it’s a subjective insult. He IS, it’s a FACT, and that when you are MORBIDLY OBESE, it can make it more DANGEROUS than if you are of a healthy weight. I am so SICK of people saying ohhhhbutbutFaTShaMinG! FACTS MATTER. Guess what? He’s morbidly obese. Oh, go high when they go low? So…kids in cages, dead black people,sexually assaulted women, but hurting those feels about how fat you are – even Trump – is the moral dealbreaker – fAT sHaMiNG tRuMp IS gOiNg ToO fAR

      Do you feel shamed by facts? Tough luck! It’s called medicine, science. FACTS👏ARENT👏GOING👏LOW👏

      Seriously, To the people having the absurd fall & selfivolvement to calm what Pelosi said ‘fatshaming’ or ‘going low’ – get over yourselves. Obese & morbidly obese are literal terms in medicine. It doesn’t matter if it hurts your feelings or if you think ‘it’s mean’. How about thinking about all the dead PoC or assaulted women or brown kids in cages with the same rage? Oh wait no, this is personal, Cuz…fat shaming! I can’t with this nonsense. It’s like if Hitler was 400 lbs & somebody said he is morbidly obese, would you be like, “Hitler is a bad guy yes but DONT GO LOW GO HIGH.” Do you hear that absurdity ?

      As someone who was morbidly obese for many many years, it pisses me off to see people take these terms, said in appropriate contexts, as subjective insults. If you feel that way, then that’s more about you than anything else.

    • holly hobby says:

      That was a clinical description. Sorry. She didn’t call him tub o lard, lard ass, fat face etc. See the difference?

      He got away with saying much worse without any repercussions. Just saying.

    • jwoolman says:

      No, morbid obesity is a major risk factor for COVID-29 complications and death. Most of critically ill patients here are obese (maybe 70%). They are simply not in as good a shape to fight off the virus as someone of normal weight might be able to do. Their lungs and heart just aren’t up to the fight if they become critically ill (hospitalized).

      Pelosi was very right to mention morbid obesity as one of Trump’s risk factors and to make that observation public. People who are obese need to know they are at significantly greater risk if they get the virus.

  13. Darla says:

    I don’t know which country you hail from? Does everyone agree with everyone else there?

    • Deeanna says:

      I cannot say that I would be overly sad if a whole lot of trumpsters began to follow their Dear Leader in his choices.

  14. Jerusha says:

    Twist that knife, Nancy!😂😂😂😂

    He’s probably lying about taking it, but then again he’s so moronic he could actually be taking it. Maybe his doctor is a secret resister. I hope he is taking it. Thoughts and prayers.🤞🏻🙏🏻🍊🤡⚰️

  15. My3cents says:

    Maybe he got confused with the red pill Ivanka took?

  16. trout predator says:

    people are saying Trump is the morbidly obesest president in history. they’re saying it, i don’t say it. i get so many wonderful calls, people calling me, big men with tears in their eyes say, sir, sir, you’re so morbidly obese, it’s so wonderful. America is very great.

    • Bella DuPont says:


    • Chelsea Poole says:


    • Christin says:

      Spot on. “Taft had nothing on me! I’m the bigliest ever!”

      Funny how his height somehow increased an inch as he aged, and his claimed weight is 239 (right on the mark of obesity for said taller claimed height).

      • Tigerlily says:

        Christin about Drumph growing an inch each year…Canadian PM is 6’2” but Drumph beside him looks shorter. How can he be 6’3”? Alex Rodriguez is 6’3” but in photos with Drumph ARod looks taller. He’s such a lying POS and vain. He is obviously morbidly obese, it’s a medical description though if he takes it as a slur….oh well. Kudos to Nancy.

      • Christin says:

        @Tigerlily, I could not recall the side-by-side photos that were used to dispute his height claims. I think there were several, including Obama.

        I also find it funny that vanity likely led to his “239” claim. Why not say “238” and make it two pounds less than what the chart states. Even sycophant doctor Ronnie indicated he needed to be on a diet.

      • phaedra7 says:

        (and his skin is fair-weather beaten–which should happen to him. . . . . 😈 )

  17. Jaxonmeh says:

    Anti malarials are no joke. I was in the military and had to take one daily during one of my deployments. I don’t know if it was this one or not. It’s been so many years. But I’m going to be reticent to take one ever again.

    What I remember – The dreams I had on it were vivid and insane. I still remember one where I woke up exhausted because I was flying on a colorful dragon all night through caves visiting my relatives who had already passed on. And it took me a bit to realize oh yeah that didn’t happen. But I actually ended up stopping my treatment while deployed because the last one I ever took, well I took one before bed and apparently it got lodged in my esophagus while sleeping and it burned the lining. It made eating fun for a couple weeks as it healed since anytime certain foods hit that area it felt like I was being stabbed as I swallowed. My boss was considering sending me to a specialist which would have taken me out of theater and we had a small team that would have been negatively impacted so I was chugging anything that would coat it before I ate and trying to minimize the injury so they wouldn’t do that. After I healed, I refused to take it again even though malarial risk was high. I’ve never seen so many mosquitos in my life in some areas. Post deployment, I let medical know what happened and they gave me a stronger medication to take to counter any malaria I may have picked up. Those got immediately thrown out.

    There’s worse things that military members have endured long term taking anti malarials, but my point is these are potent medications you shouldn’t mess with if you don’t need them. And if you do end up needing them, you may need to take some care.

    • Watson says:

      Considering the paranoia and confusion that can come with this drug, someone needs to seriously swap them for a multivitamin. We don’t need extra crazy from 45.

    • H says:

      While in the Navy, I had an adverse reaction to an anti-malaria drug too. So, if that’s the “cure,” I’m screwed.

  18. Ange says:

    ‘Pelosi calls him ‘morbidly obese’

    Which is why when they have the presidential debates Joe Biden needs to begin every response to Trump with ‘Look, Fat…’

  19. sherry says:

    The really sad thing is that those who really need to take the drug, like people with Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, potentially go without because of his stupidity.

  20. KellyRyan says:

    One of the posters on Celebitchy has read Art of the Deal and in this book Drumpf is quoted as saying, “Lie about everything,” and he does. Drumpf, family and cohorts have monies invested in hydroxychloraquine. He’ll continue to promote it at every opportunity. Chris Cuomo, CNN, commented last night he was sent the drug by various docs. As to the morbidly obese comment by our Nancy Pelosi, great job. Drumpf has claimed to be taller to avoid the medical classification of morbidly obese. He still is. 🙂

    • holly hobby says:

      It’s surprising he didn’t mention that other clinical drug that is currently testing well in phase one. Moderna? Bet they didn’t buy stock for that one.

  21. Bendix says:

    There are any number of thing one can dump on Trump for. His weight is the least objectionable thing about him. In fact, a person’s girth has no bearing whatsoever on their value as a human being.
    Pelosi’s juvenile fat-shaming puts her on the same level as the ageist asses who call her ” icecream crone”.
    Stick to the facts: it’s a treatment that DOES NOT WORK for this particular illness and the alledged president is acting like someone trying to treat cancer with an arsenic-fruit juice-cocktail.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      It’s not fat shaming to observe that a weight level termed morbid obesity is a medical risk factor. Nancy wields the scalpel with precision.

      • lucy2 says:

        Exactly – she was discussing the risk factors, and his main 2 are his age and weight.
        I agree it was precise. I don’t think Nancy says much without really thinking it through first.

    • TheOtherSarah says:

      He IS morbidly obese, if you consider his real height. That’s a fact, and that put him more at risk. Another fact.

      • WTW says:

        He does not meet the guidelines for morbid obesity. He is obese, though.

      • jwoolman says:

        My bet is that Trump does meet the guidelines for morbid obesity. He was significantly overweight long before the election (compared with photos of his younger self), but he started gaining weight rapidly for many months after the election. He seemed to taper off, but more recently he seems to be gaining rapidly again. He easily could be in the morbidly obese range, it’s not a big stretch. He is likely to be significantly more than a hundred pounds higher than his healthy weight. He may have gained a hundred pounds or more just while POTUS.

        His actual height is 6’1″, not the 6’3″ that he claimed. He is about the same height as Obama and that’s obvious in photos.

    • Aang says:

      Bendix it’s not about fat shaming. It’s about needling a narcissist. She’s trying to trigger him. And he deserves it. And his huge girth is objectionable only because he’s a big fat pot that calls slightly chubby kettles black. And he lies about his weight as if we can’t all see how huge he is. It’s objectionable to be gaslighted by the president, about anything. And “ice cream crone” is not the same as “morbidly obese” which is a medical term. If someone called her a geriatric ice cream enthusiast or septuagenarian dessert lover it would be true. Morbidly obese is a fact.

    • Veronica S. says:

      And one of the facts is that morbid obesity is a coindication for more serious cases of COVID19 – in fact, his HHS secretary just blamed Americans’ weight as to one reason why our death rates are the highest in the world, rather than the rampant mismanagement of this conflict or economic disparity. So I’m fine with Nancy calling him fat. He is fat. And that makes him vulnerable to it – good. Let him be afraid. Call him out for the hypocrite he is, telling Americans its their own fault for dying because they’re overweight, while forcing them to go out into jobs and be exposed while he hides behind drugs and testing unavailable to lots of more less fortunate Americans.

    • Tate says:

      He is morbidly obese. Period.

    • Mel says:

      Actually, I was on the phone with my mom’s doctor the other day to talk about the risks for her (she has diabetes) and the doctor started by telling me that just her weight is putting her at risk (not morbidly obese but overweight for sure). So it’s not a dig, it’s actually a very important factor. Having said that, if there is ONE person on the planet I will NOT care if he is fat shamed, it is most definitely him. The high road ship has sailed a long time ago with him. I just want to slap him when I see how he treats the female reporters at the press briefings, like his tamper tantrum with KaitlanCollins last week…smh

    • Jaded says:

      Bendix – Trump lies pathologically about everything. His height, his weight, his alleged accomplishments, everything. That he’s now probably lying about taking a dangerous, unproven drug when he is definitely obese, and has a few other health problems as a result, means he’s influencing the masses to do the same, thereby putting people’s lives at risk. Not only is he putting millions of lives at risk by his gross mishandling and downplaying of the pandemic, now he’s adding the benefits of hydroxychloroquine to the mix. So yes, he is an obese, lying sack of sh*t and Pelosi was right to comment on it in order to present a more balanced opinion on an unproven drug, not to mention the shortages it has caused for people who actually have to take it.

    • Constance says:


      “stick to the facts”

      Excuse me? You act like it’s a subjective insult. He IS, it’s a FACT, and that when you are MORBIDLY OBESE, it can make it more DANGEROUS than if you are of a healthy weight to take this drug. I am so SICK of people like you drawing a line in the sand saying ohhhhbutbutFaTShaMinG! FACTS MATTER. Guess what? He’s morbidly obese. What a privileged life you must lead, Karen, where a correct medic term in the appropriate context is ‘juvenile’, slur, etc. Do you feel shamed by facts, BENDIX? Tough luck! It’s called medicine, science. FACTS👏ARENT👏INSULTS👏FACTS👏MATTER. Your projections D O N O T.

      Seriously, To the people having the absurd self-involved GALL to chastise or call out what Pelosi said as ‘fatshaming’ or ‘going low’ – get over yourselves.SERIOUSLY! Talk about priorities too. Obese & morbidly obese are literal terms in medicine. It doesn’t matter if it hurts your feelings or if you think ‘it’s mean’. “. It’s like if Hitler was 400 lbs & somebody said he is morbidly obese, would you be like, “Hitler is a bad guy yes but DONT GO LOW GO HIGH FAT PEOPLE HAVE FEELINGS EVEN HITLER” Do you hear that absurdity ?

      As someone who was morbidly obese for many many years, it pisses me off to see people take these terms, said in appropriate contexts, as subjective insults. And I just *know* it’s people seeing it thru their own personal lens, which is sickeningly selfish. ITS TRUMP! If you feel that way, then that says more about you than anything else. Where was this outcry with the kids in cages sexually assaulted women nazi marches or fellow PoC getting killed? ooooh wait those didn’t personally offend *you* then? Ah, got it.

    • holly hobby says:

      Ok are you going to go hard on him for denigrating thousands of women on their looks too? Please he deserves everything he’s shoveling out. It’s used in a clinical way too.

  22. Veronica S. says:

    Oh, of course. Everybody else go to work! Be not afraid!

    Except for me. I’m going to hide in the WH and take lots of drugs to make sure *I* don’t die. 9_9

  23. Leah says:

    He is obese, anyone with two eyes and a brain cell can see that. So she’s not wrong. I saw posts yesterday accusing her of being a drinker while they were supporting his lifestyle choices. Had to laugh, six Big Macs a day washed down with 12 diet cokes will do you in faster than a glass of wine.

    • phaedra7 says:

      (and don’t forget the large boxes of OREOS he always has for dessert! 😈 )

  24. 10KTurtle says:

    A) Donald definitely has tested positive for novel coronavirus now, or
    B) he’s lying.
    Both are 100% possible, but I’m leaning toward he’s lying, because that whole word salad sounded like the SNL skit with Kristen Wiig when she’s always trying to one-up everybody.
    “I’m taking it. I’m taking it every day now. I’ve been taking it for a week. I can take it forever!”

  25. CantTakeHerAnywhere says:

    Petition to title all Trump stories with the words claims or allegedly. “Trump Claims” … he is taking hydroxychloroquine. “Trump alleges he is taking hydroxychloroquine.”

    We all know 90% of what he says is the most headline-grabbing nonsense he can fabricate on the spot because a camera is pointing his way and he lives for ratings.

  26. Imtired says:

    And even funnier, china called him “witchcraft” for this!

    Side note, has desperate Cheeto improved him makeup a bit? Looks more peach than orange. Peach is a much more natural look for a white guy his age, just look at how red prince Charles is.
    Maybe the one compétant staff member is the MUA?

  27. Valerie says:

    The right likes to talk shit about doctors and tell people to look at their doctor vs their personal trainer, and ask themselves who they’d take medical advice from … Have they seen Dear Leader’s doctor? He looks like an out of shape surfer bro.

  28. Lizzie says:

    Maybe he is taking it because he does have the virus. Taking it for a week and a half is pretty close to when others in the WH tested positive.

  29. Desdemona says:

    He probably hoarded the medicine thinking it was a good deal and he’d be making lots of money selling it worldwide because it’s gotta work, it will be a cure. Now he’s stuck with it, needs to sell it, so he got the great idea, because he’s so smart and intelligent, he’s no doctor, but he knows stuff. His line of reasoning would be” I’ll tell people I’m taking it, and people will rush to buy it and I’ll be making money and if it works well , and it’s proven it’s an effective medicine against Covid- 19 , they’ll have to nominate me for a Medicine Nobel Prize, because, you know, I found the cure, that’s how smart I am… ” .
    Hope I got his way of reasoning well and expressed it as he speaks and thinks…
    Have fun boys and girls!!

  30. Green Eyes says:

    It doesn’t prevent Covid-19! If it did NONE of us taking it would have to stay home!! If it did I wouldn’t have Scleroderma sisters & brothers that still got the virus and died. He’s also not telling the entire truth.. Plain and simple! If he were taking this drug as I do for Scleroderma and RA, his dr would have regular EKG’s scheduled (mine are every 90
    Days but I have to monitor my heart rate and b/p thru the day). Drs would also check his eyes w/ full on eye exams now every 90 days. I know this because all of us who take this drug have to go thru all of that regularly because the amount of harm this drug itself can and does do. Yes it is that harmful. This drug is the reason my heart rate now out of the blue will drop down to 30 and almost stop. It’s the reason my heart rate at rest can go to 175 (so far highest). It’s the reason I know have a heart problem and have a loop
    Recorder implanted in my chest when I had none. It was the only healthy organ I had! This drug causes extreme heart arrhythmia, seizures, and strokes. It’s not a drug to play with. All the idiot Drs that are saying it’s ok are Dentists, Podiatrists, Psychiatric.. NOT one are Drs that actually deal with the drug or know it well enough. No offense I would never take my Dentist or foot Drs advice on what medication to take for my regular illnesses.. yet alone a new illness that just hit the world. Yet, so many are listening to these silly You tube Drs that keep peddling Trump’s BS about the drug. The Veteran’s Administration and Sweden BOTH stopped their testing of this drug because it was causing more harm than good, more we’re dying in the drug than those who weren’t given it. The maximum dosage is 400mg daily in order to do the improvement they wanted to see one would have to take 950 mg daily.. that’s lethal doses. Yet Trump
    Keeps peddling it.
    It’s also Scary how these MAGA’s eat that crap up and want the drug. Same people that don’t trust their Government but let “oh let me take a pill at double the maximum daily dosage everyday because my MAGA rich President that knows me, thinks like me, talks like me, wouldn’t lie to me says he’s taking it.”
    Sure… what could go wrong? 🙄🤯

    So I’ll dare say it.. He’s an idiot!

    • vertes says:

      If it has all those side-effects & risks, I hope he does take it. In very high doses.

  31. Maida says:

    Best comment on Trump’s actions I saw: “Nothing like taking a drug that doesn’t work for an illness a test says you don’t have.”

  32. HCR says:

    We’re in insane times when it’s not even newsworthy that in this same clip he refers to “sadists in the VA” who were harming veterans “not in prime time” and aren’t “fans of Trump”

  33. jferber says:

    Yes to all of the above. 1)He’s not taking it, but lying as usual 2)He has stock shares in the company 3)He digs in on his lies and will never stop until his lies are true (which they eventually are for his people). Any or all of the above statements are true.

  34. jferber says:

    Darla, American here. The faux president has been burdening us with his presence for the last 3 plus years. Yes, many people believe he is a sociopathic narcissist, but alas, not all of us do, which is what imperils us in the next election (plus the sociopath’s inevitable “dirty tricks” to screw up/cancel the election).

  35. Jessica L Massie says:

    I’ve been saying for as long as he’s mentioned this – I’ve had malaria. Multiple times. And when you consult with a doctor, hydroxycholoroquine is a last resort, not the first medication, even when you’re a young and healthy person. For all of the risks outlined in so many places. It’s insane to me that the president of the country I left is pushing a drug that isn’t just like taking a tylenol for a headache.

  36. Ladiabla says:

    I know she’s repulsive, but I wonder if Melania had a giggle over this.

  37. blunt talker says:

    AS a former person who took this drug for about 2 years and my doctor took me off of it back in 2015. He said my heart rhythm was off a bit. I call this drug Plaquenil and I still have almost a full bottle left. It made my heart beat speed up and when I was examined by a new doctor in 2015 he noticed heart beat rate was erratic. I truly hope people get a prescription from their personal doctor before taking this drug. If you have heart problems or heart problems in your family genes-please do not take this drug without your doctor’s giving it to you through prescription. This drug is not for viruses.