Prince Harry & Meghan always ‘had an agenda’ to become international royals

Duke and Duchess os Sussex arrive in New Zealand!

I find it quite suspicious that “royal journalist” Katie Nicholl is suddenly giving away all kinds of scoops to American and Australian media outlets. Katie has a contract with Vanity Fair – surely VF would want her to write about those exclusives, especially the fresh gossip from Prince Willileaks? Last week, Nicholl went to Entertainment Tonight to tell them that Prince William and Harry have definitely reunited via Zoom over the lockdown, but Harry is still rudderless or something. Now Nicholl is giving us a fascinating piece of revisionist history which – you guessed it – sounds like a Cambridge-desired narrative. Apparently, Harry and Meghan always wanted to be “international royals” and they just went too fast too soon:

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex ‘had an agenda from the outset’ to become international ‘roving royals’, an expert has claimed. Meghan Markle, 38, and Prince Harry, 35, are currently staying at Hollywood tycoon Tyler Perry’s $18 million mansion with their son Archie, one, having officially stepped back from royal duties at the end of March.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl called it ‘inevitable’ that the couple would move overseas but said the speed at which their lives had turned around had ‘surprised everybody.’

She told Australian website 9Honey: ‘I was told from a very early stage in their courtship, they had told a friend of Harry’s that Meghan met quite early on that they wanted to international roving royals and that was going to be their focus.’

Katie said that the couple’s decision to move away from the UK had not come as a surprise, but revealed that it was the speed at which it had happened which had been a shock. The royal expert said that the Duke and Duchess ‘didn’t want to be stuck in one place’ and wanted to make a difference ‘on a world stage.’

She called the decision ‘inevitable’ and said it wasn’t ‘a huge surprise’, explaining that there were signs early on in their relationship that the couple were determined to do things differently. She went on: ‘They had an agenda from the outset – to be international royals.’

[From The Daily Mail]

An “agenda” you say? If Duchess Kate had one of those agenda things, the reporters would fall all over themselves to wax rhapsodic about her agenda of keenness. In fact, that IS Kate’s agenda: to think about being keen. Anyway, this is revisionist history – clearly Meghan studied Diana’s life and work at some point, and clearly Harry studied his mother’s life and work too. I do think they had goals and an idea for how they could do good work together (internationally) across their lifetimes. What they didn’t expect was for royal households and a fleet of bitchy courtiers to come crashing down on them. They didn’t expect William to go medieval and push to have his brother EXILED. I think about that story from the Times often – many sources around March/April 2019 were always very clear that William was suddenly VERY KEEN to get Harry and Meghan out of the country. William was so petty and jealous. And now he’s using one of his favorite reporters to push a narrative that Harry and Meghan were always going to leave, they had an International Agenda, what was poor Willileaks to do?

09-03-2020   Commonwealth Day Celebrations  Westminster Abbey 2020...


Photos courtesy of WENN, Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. Em says:

    Can someone muzzle this woman?

    • Mtec says:

      Honestly. & the Daily Mail too. Interesting how yesterday Tyler Perry’s house was £14.5mil ($15.8mil USD) & today it’s $18mil. At this rate by the time the H & M leave it’s gonna be “H & M leave $20 billion mansion they lived in rent-free!”—and it still wouldn’t matter because that’s their business. It’s so stupid they keep mentioning the price of the house.

  2. Eleonor says:

    What is AMAZING is: they flew away, now there is a freaking pandemic going on, and Fergie posting photos of a well known pedo Royal and all they have to do is talking about this sort of master plan? REALLY?

  3. SomeChick says:

    That church exit photo is classic.

    Harry looks suspicious (as well he might be).
    Meghan looks like, “well, it’s almost over. Keep calm and carry on.”
    FFK William is glowering. Incandescently.
    FFQC Catherine looks like she swallowed a lemon.
    Charles is Not Pleased.
    Camilla looks like she just realized her flask is in her other handbag.

    And these are their church faces!

    • Mustlovedogs says:

      Love this. Very clever #somechick 😊 That photo is such a snapshot of the reality behind the facade.

    • L84Tea says:

      I always feel so awful for Harry when I see this photo. Of course, I am only speculating on is feelings, but it’s hard not to notice that he was all smiles and civility when they arrived at the church. To me, this is the face of a man who just got SNUBBED by his own brother and sister in law (and a few others) and is in the mindset of “And THIS is why I left…to hell with them”.

    • Harla says:

      Poor Camilla! I hate it when I leave my flask in my other handbag.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Yes Somechick I think you have the exact read of it. That photo is something else. The photo below it is also fun. FF King William has his arm out to escort his wife but seems to have not even noticed that she isn’t there. I am glad I don’t have to deal with these folks I feel sorry for Megan and Harry, but I do think they will land on their feet after the dust settles.

    • Thanks for the laugh, SomeChick. Love the Camilla imagining! Once again, I think Kaiser’s thoughts on this are spot on. The Queen obviously saw the Sussexes as having a more international role as well, or she wouldn’t have appointed them leading roles in relationship to the Commonwealth. So,basically, the Sussexes were proceeding with the roles the Queen (and probably Charles) envisioned for them. What got in the way was their astounding popularity and the small-minded, petty jealousy of the Cambridge’s and the rabid Royal Rota.

    • Virginia says:

      @SomeChick “Camila looks like she just realized her flask In her other handbag”…..BRILLIANT!! 😂😂😂😂 great and funny comment!

      • boobra says:

        as much as i dislike Camilla for the whole Diana affair, she comes across as a genuinely witty person who probably questions on a daily basis why she got officially hitched to the Firm and yes actually, where is that other hip flask?

  4. Ruby_Woo says:

    Well this is true and no surprise to anyone. Meghan always made it clear that her interest was the Commonwealth (she even had the flowers of the commonwealth nations embroidered to her veil). Many reporters even said that the plan was that K&W would focus on the UK and H&M would focus on the commonwealth. So yeah, its not a bad thing.

    And this ‘surprise at the speed’. I love how the RRs are so ‘surprised’ but for all their expertise they do not ever call out the very blatant bullying and smearing that may have made the Sussexes actually, I dunno… leave?

    This lady isn’t saying anything new; just trying to spin it now they are in the US. She seems desperate to break the US market and has also been named as paying others to hack Harry’s phone in court documents, so lets see how that goes.

    • Sofia says:

      Having the Cambridges focus on the UK and the Sussexes on the Commonwealth was a good plan that would have allowed everybody the spotlight in their own way. It makes sense even if future roles aren’t considered. William and Kate are both white, British and conservative (or at least surround themselves with conservative staff members). Kate is upper middle class so she’s common but not “too common”. They also heavily rely/push the happy family image so overall they’re relatable to that “Queen and Country” crowd

      Meghan is not fully white plus she is pretty liberal. Plus she’s American, divorced and comes from a working class family and her and Harry prefer and do more hands on projects plus more charismatic hence they would naturally draw more international coverage – good or bad.

      But I guess the Cambridges didn’t like not having the international spotlight fully on them so jealousy and leaks ensured

      • taylor says:

        it really could have worked so well.

      • Sunday says:

        I fully believe that this was the intended and agreed-upon division of duties, until will realized that regardless of what their focus was or where they were based, the Sussexes would continue to “steal his spotlight” simply by being themselves. How dare they not be miserable! How dare they make their own way!

        It’s truly baffling when you think of the full PR campaign around the time of the wedding: Charles walking Meghan down the aisle, the solo outing with the Queen – the royal family had so much support and goodwill and they intentionally and completely destroyed it for… what? For will’s ego? Seriously? It’s just such a failure, such an unforced error, especially when you consider that the RF has repeatedly required personal sacrifices over the decades “for the good of the Firm” …except in this case, instead of making will suck it up and play nice (which would have resulted in a huge surge of popularity and support for the RF throughout the commonwealth) they tried to force the Sussexes into a smaller and smaller box wherein even the tiniest bit of light shining through the cracks was enough to make will jealous and demand they shrink themselves even further. The fact that the Cambridges and the rest of the RF couldn’t even keep it together for the sake of appearances, when that is literally the guiding principle of centuries of royal rule, is so telling and utterly pathetic.

      • Izzy says:

        @Sunday – preach! If they had forced Willie to play nice and he had actually done so, he would have quickly seen a surge in his own popularity that he would have LOVED. This family never misses a chance to mess up, do they?

      • NewKay says:

        @sofia- you just reminded me why I hate the UK. What’s a “working class” family? What does that even mean? Megan’s dad made a good living working in Hollywood and her mother was a social worker. Kate’s family worked as well- her mother started off as a stewardess. Both of them went to private schools and good universities. So what makes Megan working class and Kate upper middle class other than her race? This is what I can’t stand about the Ik- this idea of class is so completely problematic. It doesn’t matter how high you climb you will always be working class if you are Black.

      • grumpy says:

        @NewKay class has nothing to do with skin colour, if you ‘hate’ the UK it’s based on your own ignorance. If you grow up in a council house in Scunthorpe and have free school dinners you are probably working class. Meghan Markle is not working class.

    • FC says:

      That’s why these people are so bizarre. H&M are constantly accused of
      abandoning Britain”, but Britain is nothing without the Commonwealth. That’s the whole point of “preserving the monarchy” — preserving the commonwealth, thus the global power. Otherwise it’s just a racist, rainy island nation with zero influence in the world. Which I guess is a place where W&K deserve to be king and queen.

      • Ruby_Woo says:

        I’m a Brit, my parents are from a commonwealth country and to be honest, after seeing how the media and RF talk about the ‘commonwealth family’ while simultaneously be so disgusting; I will be happy the day commonwealth countries leave this farce.

        I was born here, have the passport, pay my taxes, don’t commit crimes, look out for my family /friends and donate some money to grassroots orgs/ charities. But apart from that, I’m emotionally checked out of this country.

      • yinyang says:

        I’m in a commonwealth country, republic sentiments have doubled over the past 15 years here, I never feel the Queen addresses us, I know William is a personal shareholder of some of our biggest companies and I resent someone that knows so little about us has the right to put their face on our money, sworn to yet has no connection to us whatsoever, he will never be a true member of my country and that’s the way we like it, I think by having the monarchy around it degrades and patronizes my progressive nation and the authority of our PM.

  5. Izzy says:

    Kate DID have an agenda: to marry Prince William.

  6. ABritGuest says:

    Odd that she’s acting like the idea of international focus is new info. isn’t that why the Queen appointed Harry commonwealth youth ambassador& that’s why they got those QCT roles? In the engagement interview they literally discussed doing a lot of work in the Commonwealth& Meghan’s veil reflected that. It was very clear the plan was to use them to appeal to countries who are part of the commonwealth& those thinking of joining especially as Britain sought new trade deals post Brexit& that’s why they did like 3 international tours so quickly.

    And logically Harry has Sentabale& has always spent a lot of time in Southern Africa& with a foreign wife who would visit her homeland, obvious they would travel quite a bit.

  7. Becks1 says:

    The terminology is so interesting, isn’t it? Harry and Meghan had an “agenda.” William has a “long term strategy” or whatever BS they use to praise him for not working.

    I think they probably did intend to be more “international royals” on a more global scale and I think the Queen intended that, hence the commonwealth positions, and hence Meghan’s veil with the symbols of the commonwealth. I don’t feel like that was a secret. And I think it was always logical that they would spend time in the US.

    So all that to say – Kate Nicholls is just using what we all know and putting a spin on it to make it sound like Sussexit was ALWAYS the plan, and I just don’t think that’s true.

    • Harla says:

      I was just thinking the same thing Becks1! By using “agenda “ Katie made Harry and Meghan’s plans sound nefarious and underhanded. Katie certainly is adept at dog-whistle terminology.

    • Nic919 says:

      The focus on the commonwealth was stated from day one, hence the ambassador roles. The real issue is that Harry and Meghan have international appeal and the rest of them don’t, not even the other young royals. It really bothers some people that the boring white conservative couple who are higher in rank don’t attract the same attention as Harry and Meghan. That highly successful Oceania tour triggered a lot of jealousy and the tour hadn’t even ended when suddenly Wootton had the tiara gate story out to print. Royalists need to accept that rank doesn’t dictate popularity.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yup, they weren’t supposed to be so popular in the commonwealth (or in general). I agree that I really think the Oceania tour triggered the smear campaign. they weren’t supposed the superstars of the royal family.

    • SomeChick says:

      Everyone has an agenda! My cats have an agenda to be fed.

      Remember the Gay Agenda?

      1) Be Gay
      2) Legalize same-sex marriage
      3) Brunch
      4) Shop for cute underwear
      5) Tea dance time
      6) Love one another

    • yinyang says:

      Simple. William and his white followers with supremecist sentiments didn’t want a biracial princess to be the face of the monarchy, in any way shape or form. Him and his grey men thought it was bad for business.

  8. FrenchGirl says:

    I am tired about 10 daily stories of Meghan and Harry

    • Yoyo says:

      Not you’re, the stories have their pictures, it’s not like you accidentally stumble on them.

    • GuestWho says:

      Super simple to not read them.

    • HMC says:

      Then don’t read them! Easy! I have no interest in the Kardashians or Taylor Swift so I don’t read them. I just scroll past. It’s not hard.

    • SomeChick says:

      Poor sausage.

    • Dee says:

      “I am tired of about 10 slanted daily stories about Meghan and Harry.” There, I fixed it for you.

    • Jaded says:

      I am tired of the the bullsh*t stories spun by the BRF and RRs, quietly encouraged and supported by TQ, the Lambridges, etc., to belittle and demean two well-meaning people who could have given the royals a much-needed face lift.

    • Izzy says:

      Try not clicking on them.

    • Prairiegirl says:

      I agree with you. It’s overkill, there’s really nothing new to report on M&H and there’s a lot of group-think going on in these comments boards. I find myself clicking on these stories less and less.

  9. Bavarian says:

    The Palace should have used it for their Advantage..let do Kat and Wills do the whole ribbon cutting, Baby kissing Things and Meghan and Harry the more international Events.

  10. Yoyo says:

    Poor lying Katie knuckles, I’m surprised that she is not writing about Archie playing dress up in Madea’s dresses.

  11. S808 says:

    If anyone went “too fast too quickly” it’s was the BRF and the BM with their attempt at a takedown. Instead of waiting it out (the Sussexes wouldn’t have been in the center spotlight forever, especially as they got pushed further down the line and the Cambridge kids grew up) and harness their popularity, the BRF (looking at you, Cambridges, and a little at you Clarence House) got insecure and threw everything including the kitchen sink at these two. The BM was entirely too heavy handed and pulled every card they had within 2 years. They couldn’t even blackmail the Sussexes in staying cause there was nothing left to hold against them. Both entities “killed” the golden goose.

    Yeah, I believe they were meant to be international royals. During their time as working royals the Queen even appointed them as Commonwealth Ambassadors cause the BRF was more than happy to have Meghan as the show-pony for diversity while stabbing her in the back. Now that they’re no longer working royals and don’t represent the Queen it’s a problem. Yeah, okay.

    • sunny says:

      Yes- and it made sense that they would be international given Harry’s interest, Meghan’s previous interest and philanthropic work overseas, and given the fact that Meghan as a POC would have more to offer to many non-white Commonwealth nations who would have seen someone closer to themselves reflected back to them as part of the royal family for the very first time. Not to mention that she spent 7 years living in Canada and has close ties here- and it is a Commonwealth nation.

      It is amazing how some British reporters are trying to rewrite the narrative to make them sound nefarious instead of what they actually are which is smart. They cannot stop trying to trash Harry and Meghan which is hilarious because it was bs like that which forced them out in the first place. Sigh, stay classy BRF.

  12. AGreatDane says:

    The well is really running dry and I don’t think Katie Nicholl understands the American mindset. We have like 10 chaotic things happening every day, and this was pre-pandemic. If Katie is going to try to make a mark into the American market, she’s going to need new, fresh material. We are over Sussexit. Americans see it as “of course they’d want to come here, it’s America!” Plus we have a larger Black upper class that is protecting H+M, so she and the rest of the Rota trying to make it here need to play it safe. But seriously, she’s making it up as she goes along so the least she could do is make up new stuff.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Royalty watching in the USA amounts to viewing fashion spread type pictures that show the minute detail of historical royal jewelry, frocks, handbags and shoes. IMPO, the Yank public whom are really interested in the British royals (and it is small) are interested only for the fashion.

    • Nichols writes for Vanity Fair (which used to be a quality publication but is now running on fumes from its past in my opinion). If she really has an agenda to break further in to American market, she must be angling for the go to mouthpiece for being seen as the go to for all things royal by the American tabloid media. Cha-Ching, cha-Ching. She is one nasty piece of work given her history involving phone hacking and biased reporting.

  13. February Pisces says:

    I thought meghan’s master plan was to become a ‘royal’ and to then become ‘queen’ coz she’s so jealous that kate is married to the heir.

    If anyone has the ‘master plan’ it’s Katie’s favourite leakers the middletons. I saw the express put a story out regarding Prince Charles and how the middletons see more of George. Katie was quoted in that. I skimmed the piece and It’s was kiss ass towards the midds. That story came up years ago, around the same time the press were saying ‘skip a generation’.

    I think Charles will be their next target, he was getting dragged on twitter today for various things. They are desperate for Kate to get to the throne quicker before William chucks her.
    I also think Katie Nicholl is only ‘in’ with kate and the midds, not the rest of the royals, so she is invested in kate getting to the top.

    • Ainsley7 says:

      Well, Kate has to be Princess of Wales before she can get any sort of divorce settlement. Right now, she wouldn’t get anything because William doesn’t actually have an income or anything. It would be like Andrew and Fergie. She’ll do whatever she has to until he has income from the Duchy of Cornwall or Lancaster.

      • February Pisces says:

        Well that explains why kate is so desperate to move forward sooner rather than later. She’s clinging on for dear life for a reason.

      • Sofia says:

        She can’t get anything from the Duchys. Doesn’t matter if she’s a Duchess, Princess or Queen. The royals aren’t allowed to sell any part of the duchy business for money

        Charles had to liquidate all of his personal assets in order to pay Diana. He even had to go to the Queen for a loan because he didn’t have enough to pay her. If Diana wasn’t able to get her hands on Duchy money, neither will Kate.

        What she will get no matter which title she has is William’s personal money (from Diana and Queen Mother) along with a loan from Lizzie/Charles (if William is not already King by then)

        If Kate wants a lucrative financial settlement, it would be best for her to wait till her husband is King. Then take the monarch’s personal wealth and all.

      • Ainsley7 says:

        @Sofia- the Duchies themselves are protected, but they’re the source of Charles And the Queen’s private income. So, Diana indirectly did get her hands on money from the Duchy of Cornwall. It was precisely because Charles couldn’t liquidize the Duchy’s assets that he had to borrow money from the Queen.

        The Queen Mother’s and Diana’s money are both premarital assets. So, Kate would only be entitled to half the money they earned from their investments and such during the marriage. The Crown’s lawyers will see to that.

        The private income from the Duchy of Cornwall and/or Lancaster is her only hope. Her best bet is William becoming King and giving George the title of Prince of Wales. George would have control of the Duchy as soon as he came of age. He could support Kate and she wouldn’t need to hope for the best with William.

  14. JT says:

    If it was always the plan for them to be international royals, why were the BM and the BRF so surprised when H&M announced their exit? 6 months later they are all still acting surprised, even though this was the agenda. These royal reporters are stalkers. They are following Harry and Meghan to a whole different continent to try to smear them still. It seems like harassment to me, especially since H&M are so “irrelevant “.

  15. MattyLove says:

    Remember when Will wanted to exile H&M to Africa??

    The only surprise in all of this is that H&M removed themselves before Will could do it.

  16. Harla says:

    It looks like Katie’s contract with VF is nearing its expiration date or has expired and she’s desperate to land another gig.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      @Harla, I read somewhere that VF is making big changes because the magazine has not done well since the retirement of Graydon Carter.

  17. Mtec says:

    So what if they wanted to be “international royals”? Weren’t they the President and Vice President of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust or something? An international presence is exactly what they should have aspired for.

  18. Noodle says:

    Kate’s Agenda:
    1. Be keen!
    2. Work “clever” and “brilliant” into every Zoom call. Place laptop cam low to highlight jowels. Smize.
    3. Buttons. Lace. Coat dresses.
    4. Perfect ambidextrous skills for office photo shoots.
    5. Attempt to pass IRB with just 5 poorly written survey questions.
    6. Press strategy:
    OK – racist dog whistles
    Not OK – references to Botox

  19. Cosmo says:

    The media and royal family is so jealous of these two they just can’t stop. Every BM article today about their anniversary has a negative tone. Why do they still act like jilted lovers. Of course Harry and Meghan had a chosen path and goals that they want to follow. If the media wants to spin that negative by calling it an agenda then they should seek some serious therapy.

  20. yinyang says:

    For as long as there is a monarchy we justify that accident of birth trumps merit always. Even Harry doesn’t believe his brother was appointed by God to one day rule over us and that’s why he left forAmerica (that’s the most polite way he can show it). If you believe in it you believe Harry and Meghan should always be at the bottom of that food chain. The monarchy lasted so long not through struggle and strife and service like they’ll have you believe but through nepotism and wealth, it’s not like we had a choice.

    • mer says:

      Yinyang, Did Harry not benefit greatly the whole accident of birth trumps merit always. Who would Harry be if he wasn’t the next’s King’s second son? What does he have to offer the world that didn’t he didn’t achieve because he is the son of Charles and Diana? Take all who his parents are, and he’d just be a normal British guy.
      Part of the reason Meghan even-looked twice at him is that he is a prince. This isn’t a slam on Meghan, at all. He’s punching way above his weight class with her. She’s an intelligent, and gorgeous woman, and he’s well a slightly dim, balding, middle-aged guy. The same basic principle applies to all members born into the royal family.

  21. Cluces says:

    This is my opinion: I don’t think they wanted Meghan for Harry. From the beginning her dysfunctional family was given a platform to break them up. That didn’t happen so turn to daddy (had no intention of coming to the wedding). That wedding spoke volumes. They held back on a lot of things. The blue runner, ill fitted gown (stress) and that carriage. That family had a lot to do with Meghan’s guest list. I pride myself on BS/shade.

    Once the Hub cookbook was release I was surprised DDOC didn’t support. Kate not the photographer for the book. The launch was on KP grounds. I’m like not good.

    The Oceania Tour BP kept stressing Meghan had to do well if not? I was look at Meghan’s work. It’s a walk in the park. Doria raised Meghan. We are preached a sermon from childhood “you have to work twice as hard.” We’re not raised to depend on someone to take care of us. The pregnancy n the 1st 3 days cool. After that all fire n brimstone to this day. They killed that tour. I watched old footage of that family; they haven’t evolved; there’s no connection with the 90%.

    Harry find his confidence and worth with Meghan. Two years ago the “Spare” died. I remember Harry on stage and Meghan being supportive. I couldn’t believe some of the responses. Then the banana bread; this family is so clueless. I couldn’t believe some people wasn’t aware of this gesture.

    For the record I believe QE stepped down last year. PC isn’t going to subject Camilla to those vultures. I believe the Sussex was pushed out of KP and given that fixer upper. PS is closer to the throne. BP joked about Frogmore. Then is charged to the DDOS wanted to movie.
    As a melanin woman I knew Meghan wouldn’t have it easy. She would have to earn her keep. I didn’t know that family was so goddamn “GHETTO” without the “FABULOUS!” To bully a pregnant woman. Did they want Meghan to miscarry? Daddy interview nominated for a BAFTA. Tatler talking trash not class. To call her baby a chimpanzee. To mention Meghan to Trump for a reaction???? Trump said some crap about Diana on Stein. Bring that up. He made a statement about Kate’s topless pics. The tennis BS, Vogue, 9 day of SA tour cars shipped in from England..really. It’s gets worse everyday.

    Someone needs to reel in the DDOC. Their running amok. To hijack the Sussex new IG and link it to Gold digger video. Or threaten DDOS to return Harry to get back the IG. william is a mess. I know lazy Kate is in Williams ear. She’s passive aggressive all day everyday. I strongly believe that Harry was DDOC crutch. They never thought Harry would leave. I look at old interviews Harry’s is more driven and focus. He’s not what their reporting. College degree, please. Harry runs circles around William. That family knows this. Harry was the one to reel in Meathead and was his fall guy. William has come for PC this year. William is worse then Andrew. I get a vibe there’s some money issues with the DDOS. Like to know about the 12.5 mill donation. Rob Peter to pay Paul.

    The DDOC aren’t bringing any money into their patronage. Harry had the Yankees n Red Sox. That was epic. This train wreck ain’t stopping anytime soon. Look at Prick Morgan no one in Hollywood will piss in his ear. The monarchy needs Hollywood and celebrities to draw interest. All RR went cra cra on Hollywood n celebrities. The BAFTA was funny as hell. No one likes the DDOC. America, Caribbean and commonwealth are ”FU.”
    The monarchy has made it clear how much they despise us. The old money elites never worked for their money. Their gangsters plain and simple. Look at the so call DDOC supporters their parasites getting money to trash Meghan all day everyday. The DDOC subscribers hasn’t increased? Their so call supporters never talk about their work. Hell their channels are dedicated to Meghan. There’s hundreds of anti Meghan. There’s less the 50 online supporters for the DDOS. Yet these women and men have the mentality as the DDOS. Archieday was a success for DDOS charities.

    That monarchy is done. People see the BS their not smart people. We have the internet and this will be their downfall. Their glorified welfare recipients. Their conceit and entitlement turns off the majority. I got my p🍿 n 🍹. I’m not going to miss this soap opera!

  22. yinyang says:

    Haha do you guys think the smears will stop?!??! William and Kate have made Harry and his hollywood princess wife the butt of all jokes, and it will continue onto Kingdom Come, the only way William will reign it in is if you use it to threaten a republic, as long as there is a monarchy and they’re sitting pretty, Meghan will be used abused and chewed out, just how WK like it.
    Highschool Bullying 101.

    • Ruby_Woo says:

      They can carry on with the smears. The people who hate Meghan have always hated her. I think now that they’ve moved abroad the smears from the UK tabloids just aren’t potent. The rota doesn’t have exclusive access to them or their work and they are becoming financially independent so the ‘we pay for them, they have to take it’ excuse just doesn’t work.

      I think things are going to calm down in a few years and H&M are just going to carry on being successful and the tabloids are going to find another victim. They are already campaigning against teachers…

  23. aquarius64 says:

    So the Sussexes are plotting world domination huh? The press has its own agenda: it can dog walk the Cambridges and the rest of the Windsors but they can’t control them. The BM can’t weaponize the Markles because of COVID and the lawsuits. And they are terrified of the book because the revelations may end them. Sooner or later the Cambridge marriage facade will be ripped off and for William to threaten a lawsuit they is more than cheating. Out of wedlock kid would blow up the House of Windsor

    • L4frimaire says:

      World domination. Sure, Jan. Some of us call it living and working without constant harassment. Just recently someone thought that was part of the evil plan for voicing the Elephants documentary LOL. I’d rather live under these two than the current orange ass clown we have wreaking havoc.

      • aquarius64 says:

        I was being sarcastic. I am definitely for House Sussex but I will say something if they are out of pocket.

  24. Vanessa says:

    It’s Funny all these royal reporters were happily to Bully Meghan for years on end relentlessly Piers Morgan told Meghan and Harry to leave the royal family. And now that they have all these Racist reporters are falling over themselves to get to America to get the top spot to be able to report on them .This Kate woman wants to appear as neutral as possible so she wants to be able to talk about Harry and Meghan but she shows her true color every time now she using racial coded language wrap in a British tabloids double talk where they say something racist but it’s doesn’t appear to be too racist Now a lot of these team Cambridge’s press supporters are trying to make in America their trying to change the narrative that Meghan and Harry were always going to be international royals they had nothing to with them leaving . I hope the only royal reporters American network use is Ombie no one else that would really piss of these bitter racist so called royal reporters.

  25. L4frimaire says:

    I wish if just for one day the British media would shut up about the Sussexes. We know what the agenda of the media and royal family were so why not give themselves a big pat on the back and stop trying to justify the past few years of smears and bs. I like their model of working. Heard the Save theChildren reading Meghan gave had over 9 mil views and was the largest news day in the charities 100 year history.

    • Yoyo says:

      See! Princess Anne, you can reinvent the wheel, LOL.
      They probably made more money from the reading of Duck! Rabbit! Than twenty of Anne’s fundraising appearances.
      Now she will be more pissed off.

  26. Awkward symphony says:

    I said it before that these DESPERATE RRs will be eager to switch to the American networks but thankfully are not successful as they want to be. Notice how despite charles and the cambridges having been in the news for mental health projects and before that memorial day stuff last week they still prefer to use the Sussexs and push their lies to American networks.
    We must also keep in mind that this women is named on harry’s phone hacking lawsuit. She’s in hot water and is desperate to try and distort facts but its thankfully not working as American viewers dont swallow tabloids bulls%* as brits

  27. Pillty says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the crux of this story is good? Sure the negative wording of agenda and other adjectives is seriously slanted, but ironically the essence of this story is impressive. Shouldn’t H&M want to do more than just be ribbon cutting royals? For the most part the BRF just shows up to garner publicity. None of them actually do much. Is it bad H&M want to actually do more than encourage or publicize? I think they may have thought they could do it within the BRF, but it became obvious it wouldn’t work, for all the reasons people on here want to debate. If there was a flaw in H&M’s planning it’s the royal institution is just not set up for anything other than the pat on the back kind of thing. Finally, maybe it’s just the American in me but a goal and plan for international and philanthropic service is admirable. Advance planning should be encouraged not belittled. I don’t care if they thought of it today, when they met each other or yesterday it’s admirable.

    • Alexandria says:

      Speaking of cutting ribbons, remember when a lady mentioned Meghan wasn’t just there to have tea and that she actually demonstrated a lot of interest into her cause? Go Duchess!

  28. Guest says:

    The British media can’t stop talking about harry and meghan. They know the other members of the royal family don’t sell or generate clicks. I hope harry starts to pay his brother dust. Its really convenient that Harry started to talk to William and magically the press found where they were staying.

  29. Eugh says:

    Interesting that more social climbing stories come out when it’s revealed Fergie and Pedo Andy owe $8MM on their stupid chalet

  30. MA says:

    Yet the British media had no problem with the sanctioned documentary referring to Queen Elizabeth as “Queen of the World” . The absolute gall of the royals.