Katie Nicholl: Prince William & Harry have reconnected during the lockdown

09-03-2020   Commonwealth Day Celebrations  Westminster Abbey 2020...

Katie Nicholl has long been a mouthpiece for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. She’s one of the sugary reporters/commentators who got in on the Keen bandwagon early, and Nicholl has made a lot of money from promoting the Future King and (moreso) the Future Queen. Nicholl tried to develop exclusives around Harry and then Meghan, but the Keen stink was on her and she was never seen as someone trustworthy in Camp Sussex. Interestingly enough, I would have thought that if Nicholl had some kind of exclusive info about William and Harry’s relationship, she would have written it up for Vanity Fair. Instead, she gave it away for free to Entertainment Tonight. Some highlights from Nicholl’s interview with ET this week:

She learned that Prince William and Prince Harry are “back in touch.” “There have been clearly some quite major rifts in that relationship, but things have got better and I know that William and Harry are in touch on the phone. They have done video calls together, they have done a lot of family birthdays and I think with Prince Charles not being well, that really forced the brothers to pick up the phone and get back in touch.”

Reconnecting during lockdown: The pair were said to have started working on mending their relationship in February. But Nicholl says with Harry feeling homesick in L.A., it has been the “right time” to reconnect with William. Furthermore, the supposed tension between Meghan and Kate has waned, according to Nicholl. “I think there is a sense of relief on both sides that this high drama is now a thing of the past,” she says. “The Sussexes are free to get on with their new lives [and] the Cambridges can get back to their old lives without all the upset and drama that was clearly a big deal behind the scenes. I think Kate and William miss Harry and Meghan to a degree, but certainly they miss Harry [being] around and part of their lives.”

She thinks the Cambridges Zoom’d with the Sussexes for Archie’s b-day: “I am quite sure there would have been communication between the Cambridges and the Prince of Wales and I am told Harry picks up the phone regularly to his grandmother, the queen. They had that same call on her birthday. I’m sure there was a Zoom birthday call for Archie, too.”

She says Harry & Meghan are fine: “They’ve settled into their lives in L.A. and this is the pathway for the future,” Nicholl says. “I’m told they feel a great sense of freedom and they’re really enjoying their new lives and [doing] things a bit more on their terms.” While some royal followers had questioned how involved Harry would remain with his British charities, Nicholl says he is “very much in touch” with organizations he works with.

This is what a lot of the Sussexes’ work will look like: “[For] Meghan and Harry, this will be the way of the future. They will not be jumping on a plane all the time to come to Britain. COVID has given them the opportunity to road test a way of working. These conference calls [are] a way for them to communicate and touch base with people back at home. I think COVID-19 has fast-tracked what was always going to be a future way of working for them, being so far away from many of their charities.”

But everything is all about Will & Kate: “We’re seeing them letting their guard down and that is a result of what we are going through. We are a nation in the middle of a crisis and it’s times like this we turn to the royal family for support, comfort and hope. And, I think the Cambridges have really stepped up to the plate providing a nice dose of entertainment for us, and of course [it’s] a real treat for royal fans seeing so much of the Cambridge children. It’s uplifting for Britain, particularly for royalists, to see what the future of the royal family is going to look like. The royal family has gone to great lengths not to be seen to be aloof or distant or unrelatable.”

[From Entertainment Tonight]

It occurred to me mid-way through this piece that Nicholl “gave away” this exclusive to ET because she’s trying to make bigger inroads into the American media as some kind of expert on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. She – like every other royal reporter – has seen her stories dry up and her position weakened because of the Sussexit. She must have known that the sugary embiggening stories about the Cambridges weren’t going to be enough long-term to secure her job – she had to dish about the Sussexes too.

As for what she says… I mean, I think it’s interesting that the Keen mouthpiece claims that suddenly William & Harry are talking more. We heard that in February too, when Will and Harry came face-to-face in the Sussexit negotiations, only no one bought it and it just seemed like another stupid “wise William” piece from, you guessed it, Willileaks. Then those stories were forgotten when William and Kate were complete a–holes to Harry and Meghan on Commonwealth Day and even the Mail noted that the brothers’ relationship was “toxic” and “worse than ever.” So excuse me if I don’t believe that Homesick Harry is constantly Zooming his wise brother. I just think that’s what Willileaks wants us to believe.


09-03-2020   Commonwealth Day Celebrations  Westminster Abbey 2020...

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  1. Jen says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve been on a couple Zoom calls together with extended family or even if they talked one on one when Charles was sick. I don’t think they’re close though.

    • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

      I’d agree with you on this one. Doubt there was more than a cordial greeting, and a cursory “how are you doing” btwn them.

      I thought the same thing as Kaiser: This is Nicholl’s way of trying to become a “source” for American media. She is, and always will be, Willileak’s toady/mouthpiece. She knows no more about what H&M are “up to” than you or I do.

      That said… I gotta say, I’m LOVING that H&M are doing their thing, and it is sticking in the craw of every one of them like a spoon of peanut butter w/out any milk around.

    • Yvette says:

      @Jen … Agreed. And I’ll add that it was more Kate, with a stern b$tch face, who snubbed Harry and Meghan in the church on Commonwealth Day. At least William did acknowledge their greetings. Kate didn’t even bother to look at them, and then proceeded to completely ignore them by talking exclusively to the Earl and Countess of Wessex.

      I can’t help but think that part of Kate’s damage with the Sussexes during that visit was due to how much press and attention Meghan got for her glamorous looks–first with that gorgeous blue dress in the rain, then the red outift that matched Harry’s uniform, and finally that green dress for Commonwealth Day (which I love!).

  2. Aurora says:

    If true, that would explain why we suddenly know exactly where the Sussexes live in LA.

    I hope these horrible UK reporters do not come crawling to the U.S. Between the constant slander and following the object of their “affection” everywhere I don’t see how their behavior is different from stalking.

    • Rapunzel says:

      This. Harry/William got in touch and now the press knows all about their new place and Tyler Perry.

      • La says:

        The tinfoil tiara conspiracy in me really wants Harry to be feeding him lies to see if he’ll immediately leak to the press (duh, of course he will). Like, they’re not really at Tyler Perry’s but he told Willileaks that to see what he’d do with that info. Just like Will did with his “friends” back in the day.

      • Em says:

        I definitely think Harry tells them stuff to see if they’ll leak it and they keep proving him right everytime.

      • Em says:

        They’re definitely at Tyler’s house, some drone pictures were leaked and taken down almost immediately after being published. You can see Harry’s face turn to anger when he spotted the drone.

      • La says:

        @Em I was hoping their location was still private but at least they are at an amazing house with plenty of privacy. Other than drones, ugh.

      • BabsORIG says:

        @Em, how can you see someone’s face turn to anger in a picture? Maybe some vid was leaked? But even so, how many manipulated or fake videos are published about prominent people because some egomaniac wants to push a narrative? I still say, no one knows where the Sussexes are staying. They were seen walking their dogs at some point but it seems they were walking them in some sort of public place and therefore where they’re staying is still a mystery.
        ETA: Katie Nichols is full of crap, she knows absolutely zilch about anything Sussex related. Case closed.

      • TheOriginalMia says:

        @Baborig, Harry went from happily playing with his lab to red faced when spotted the drone. Screens were erected shortly afterward.

      • kellebelle says:

        @BabsORIG, yes, right no. Katie Nicholl is as much as liar, if not more, than the other RRs. I cancelled my VF subscription because of her. She’s abhorrent and knows nothing. She’s making it up completely. And really, think about it. How she know?

    • Anonymous says:

      The Daily Mail probably hired drones to stalk every wealthy home in LA with the slightest Sussex connection until hitting pay dirt. They always throw out everything and the kitchen sink until it sticks. It’s how they fool people to believe they have sources. The money would have been recouped with the pictures but California law put a stop to that.

      • Ruby_Woo says:

        Yeah, I heard about this. I wouldn’t be surpised if a big part of thier decision to move to LA was because of stronger privacy laws.

      • Ginger says:

        I wouldn’t doubt this at all.

      • BarbN says:

        The most recent issue of VF had an article about how the Daily Mail is infiltrating the American news culture, by guess who….Katie Nicholl.
        I will never, ever buy that rag mag again.

      • blue36 says:

        @BarbN – well I hope they don’t succeed.

    • Original Jenns says:

      I believe Kaiser is right, they are coming to the US because they know that M and H are the money makers. They’ll say passive aggressive things with their posh accents and become the new “royal expert” on the Today show or ET or something. They have to start out nice because so much of the media here focuses on the nasty way the Sussexes were treated by the British press. Once they feel safe, the claws will come out again.

  3. C-Shell says:

    The (Cambridge and Wessex) behavior and everyone’s body language (that the BM constantly drags out for proof) during the Commonwealth Day festivities really could not have made it more clear how much of a lost cause the relationship between Harry and the Cambridges truly is. This new twist from Nichols is just more WilliLeaks hogwash. While it’s conceivable that there was some kind of Zoom calling going on around little boys’ birthdays, that does not mean there is any kind of warming between Harry and the Cambridges. Nichols, like Piss Morgan, is just trying out a new tack to see if they can ingratiate themselves into US media roles now that it’s clear the Sussexes are doing just fine without them.

    • Original Jenns says:

      They miss Harry, and Meghan to a degree, but they really miss Harry in their lives (as the third wheel). And no mention of Archie??? Yup, hogwash.

      • C-Shell says:

        Yep, I posted this exact point below, too. I can’t fathom why these a$$holes don’t get that MEGHAN AND ARCHIE ARE HARRY’S FAMILY. They’re delusional to think he’d abandon them to return to that horrible gang and toxic environment.

      • Hmmt says:

        To be fair, how do you miss someone you barely know.

    • February Pisces says:

      These royal reporters know they messed up by going against harry and Meghan. I think very early on in the game, they all decided to cosy up to the Cambridge’s and colluded with them against the Sussex’s because William and Kate and the future king and queen and eventually make them the most money and they didn’t think Meghan would last and they didn’t know how much of a cash cow she was going to be. But investing in the Cambridge’s long term won’t really pay off, because this is their peak right now, once they are past 40, you lose a bit of popularity with the younger fanbase. Charles hasn’t even made it to the throne and he hardly get much coverage now. If the Cambridge’s are in their peak, and still harry and Meghan are selling more, then the Cambridge’s are a dud investment. Meghan is the cash cow, they could have had her onside if they had only been fair. Omid scobie is gonna rake it in with his book, and he’s still fair to the Cambridge’s, so these RRs only have themselves to blame.

      • booboocita says:

        Like we all said, “You coulda had a bad bitch.”

      • Ruby_Woo says:

        This 100%!

        I remember Dickie Arbiter complaining a few months ago about his diary being completely empty for the first time years.

        The RRs thought they were set for life with an American Princess. Dan Wootton is apparantly prepping to be a ‘talking head’ on the US network circuit.

        I think M&H are going to be extremely successful in the US (Disney, Stanford Uni, Goldman Sacchs, their friends and connections), but the venom and tabloidy interest in them is not as severe in the US. I predict that in a few years time, they’ll fade back a bit, give Archie a wonderful safe life and continue doing really effective work on the downlow with some well-organised public events (I really hope Meghan re-joins the UN).

        Where does that leave the RRs? If they are smart, they’ll realise that that petty things they critisize Meghan about (dark nail-polish, editing magazines) just aren’t going to cut it in the US. We saw that with the hag that called Meghan ’5 clicks from trailer trash’.

        They will either:
        - just focus on the working royals (who are a snooze-fest)
        - carry on being horrible for the Daily Mail market (but thier reasons are getting more and more silly now that M&H are financially independent)
        - start being nicer for the US market

        I certainly hope that if they do go on a US show, the US interviewers do their homework and take them to task on their treatment of Meghan.

      • February Pisces says:

        They lost the star of that family, and I’m not even talking Meghan. Harry was the most liked, interesting, fun and he was actually dedicated to the job. The royal family without him will eventually dip into a lull, until the Cambridge’s children have grown up. That’s a long time to wait and the RRs can’t keep writing stories about how perfect William and Kate are. They can either follow harry and Meghan to the US or crack open that massive Cambridge secret (that’s not so secret cos we all know). I always thought williams affair was being sat of for a rainy day. If they revealed that then that would provide another Charles/Diana style battle, which could last a couple of years.

  4. Priscila Bezerra-Fischer says:

    Either this lady receives a monthly stipend to come up with this spins, or she is truly a deranged woman who speaks the truth without even noticing.

    Yes, people can be fans of this couple and family, but she tends to speak about the RF in entertainment terms. I watched her interview for the Meghan and Harry Vice doc and noticed this tendency when she claimed that the Cambridges provided good value for the taxpayer money in terms of access to their children and hand waiving events- her theory is that Harry and Meghan, not interested in hand waving, were right to go and not waste taxpayers money.

    So, in her view, the RF is indeed, as she said, a distraction, a circus. This is the opposite of those pearl-clutching courtiers who scream ” protocol” or bemoan the use of the word ” royal” when it comes to Meghan because it would ” cheapen” the brand.

    I find the admission very telling. She is just spinning her own pragmatist, non-romanticized view of the Rf in a way that fits the narrative the Cambridges sanctioned. and, as I said, I am not even sure he herself is sure her vision of the RF is far from the official one she should be seeling.

    She is very careful not be rude about Meghan and Harry, but she indulges in her fanfiction that has hints of all that awful things we already noticed from the royal rota coverage- with a bonus point to the Kate- William-Harry love triangle ( ” I think Kate and William miss Harry and Meghan to a degree, but certainly they miss Harry [being] around and part of their lives.”)

    • C-Shell says:

      “I think Kate and William miss Harry and Meghan to a degree, but certainly they miss Harry [being] around and part of their lives.”

      ^^^ This part really bugs me — just more of the “Harry, and only Harry, will be welcomed back with open arms, poor deluded prodigal that he is, when he wakes up and dumps his little family and comes back to the RF who are the ones that matter.” GAH, I’ve come to loathe these people.

      • Tessa says:

        It is just so twisted. Harry leaving his own family and ditching them, resuming being the third wheel with Kate grinning inanely. And William and Kate will “matchmake” perhaps some Middleton cousin that William would deign to approve of if she and Harry date “for a while” first. Horrible scenario.

      • Some chick says:

        Yeah, that stood out to me too. Poor Harry. Poor, poor Harry.

        I wish I lived in LA with someone who was crazy about me!

        ALSO LA IS NOT HOLLYWOOD. Hollywood is a smal part of LA.

        Everything she says is coded and negative. She can have all the seats in the Staples Center.

      • February Pisces says:

        It’s funny because harry was the one who was ‘really’ betrayed. Betrayed by his own blood family, and not to mention those staff and courtiers who most have known him his whole life. Meghan doesn’t really know these people but harry does and placed his trust in them all his life and this is how they treat him. Gawd I’m so glad he escaped. I’m glad archie will never know these toxic people. They can keep on “missing” harry cos he’s never going back.

      • Mumbles says:

        If Harry ever leaves Meghan, the blame should be on him. He’s a man in his 30s who lives thousands of miles away. He’s not some puppet they can pull strings on.

      • Ginger says:

        Them “missing” Harry proves that Harry held that monarchy together. He was the only interesting person in it. The RR know it. They are faced with the reality that they only have the Cambridge’s , Charles and Camilla, and maybe Sophie. That’s it. They are scared because no one cares for them.

      • Na says:

        I feel the same way.

    • Na says:

      I concur

  5. Original Jenns says:

    The only thing I believe is the common sense report that most of Harry’s communication with his family/business stuff in the UK was going to be telecommuting. This just gave them an excuse to fast track it and start it now.

  6. Digital Unicorn says:

    This is fan fiction, the Sussex’s have made it clear that they RR’s are not part of the press they want to engage with. Either she made it up or it’s from WilliLeaks as part of his continued campaign to use the Sussex’s to embiggen himself and his keen wife, esp as it makes them out to be the victims.

  7. ABritGuest says:

    I wonder what would have happened with Sussexit if there hadn’t been that leak to the Sun. would the royal household have finished negotiations by March when coronavirus became a major problem in the UK? would the onset of coronavirus meant the BRF would have been more amenable to the Sussexes plans or make more effort to address their concerns, knowing they would need as many bodies as possible?

    I wonder how much the family have seen Archie. He seems like such an after thought in this type of commentary. Knowing Harry said he’s longed for a family- seems very cruel.

    And Katie has no credibility about the Sussexes having claimed on TV that Harry had a two year crush on Meghan& of course that gender neutral piece. Its a pretty good gig to be a royal expert- just speculate like any of us.

    • Yoyo says:

      Harry, “Meghan who, come on give me the details,” he never heard of her.
      Gender fluid, and the nursery painted with lavender scented paint.

    • Ruby_Woo says:

      I wouldn’t have bee surprised if the Palace would have dragged on their departure for much longer and try to sabotage them as much they could – Harry being blocked from speaking to his grandmother.

      In some ways, maybe the Sun leak was a good thing in the sense it speeded everything along.

  8. Ali says:

    How do I get this type of job?

    Just making still up for a living?

    • Melissa says:

      Start a gossip blog.

    • Love says:

      Just say things like:

      “ it’s times like this we turn to the royal family for support, comfort and hope.”

      Ridiculous statement if there ever was one. Just reading that really brought home to me the idea that the RF is archaic

    • New_Kay says:

      Have parents who work in media, one for an American media network, start writing as a 3AM girl. Use your dads connections as a royal commentator to become a royal commentator…need I say more?

  9. Sofia says:

    This might be true but I’ll be damned if I said I believe anything that Nicholls writes. It’s just glorified fanfiction

  10. Erin says:

    I can sort of believe this. I have three brothers and not great relationships with two of them prior to this (super abusive, terrible relationships with their wives). But our parents are elderly and we’ve had to get together (virtually, of course) to support them. It isn’t like we call each other every day or anything, but things are thawing and we will reach out to each other and talk a bit off of the family chat/text/call. Times like these do have a tendency to kind of bring people back together. It really brought into perspective for me, that I want a repaired relationship with them before my parents are gone.

    • Yoyo says:

      I’m sure they’re talking, but when Harry get a flash back to the lamebridges plane stunt, and the numerous leaks from KP, he reminds himself not to tell Cain anything personal.

      • VS says:

        @Yoyo ——– I agree; if Harry ever forgets about it, I will be glad to remind him of the Cambridges plane stunt! after that stunt, I do not know how Harry could ever talk to William ever again!!! they can talk but not right now; not when your own brother was more than happy to destroy because of envy

        The Sussexes are gone, yet, the Cambridges still haven’t reclaimed that spotlight. Anything H&M do, is covered all over the place; the Cambridges, not so much except by the royal gossiper rats; that must hurt, not only them but their ‘fans’

        The entire RF would have benefited from H&M being the interesting ones; instead they allow jealousy to rear its ugly head!

    • Na says:

      However, you never sold out your brothers to their enemies. William continually to betray Harry to the tabloid press whom he hates, again and again

      • Erin says:

        My brothers were the bad guys in this scenario, not me. So in this scenario I’m like what you all believe Harry has experienced. My brothers were quiet while their wives did horrible things to me, tried to ruin my reputation with family, and in my business community. One wife tormented me for a decade. But my brothers are my brothers. We’re getting better and I just don’t have a relationship with the wives (one now ex-wife).

        And still, in this time staring down the possibility of losing each other, or losing our parents I’m willing to work through it. Maybe Harry is too. And PS, neither brother has ever apologized. They aren’t doing what they used to do to me, but they haven’t apologized. I just needed to work beyond it for my own mental wellbeing. Which is why I can understand if Harry is sort of in the same way.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I doubt Harry is ever going to forgive William for what likely went down regarding Meghan and Archie. He’s had enough of William’s abuse, of himself and his family. W&K are on their own now. Can’t wait for the Foundation books to be released.

  11. Seraphina says:

    I think Harry may miss his brother every once in a while. These two lost their mother at a young age and were support for one another. That does not go away. BUT I am sure the toxic environment that Will and Kate fostered soon wipes out any desire to reconnect. Harry is probably hurt by the fact that after all they have been through, Wills could not foster A positive environment for Harry and his family.

    I seriously doubt he wants to go back. He may miss the brother he grew up with but people change, unfortunately.

    • notasugarhere says:

      He may miss the kind of big brother he never had.

      • crbnftprnt says:

        Right. There closeness was fan fiction Being with Meghan and being away from William must be helping Harry realize what a snake his brother is.

  12. Harper says:

    Oh, I am sure Willileaks is calling up Harry.

    “Hey, Harry-bro. How’s Hollywood? You got yourself a starring role in an action pic yet? He he.
    Uh, remember last year when you got so mad at me about, uh, those Rose bushes I fuss over at Anmer and uh, you accused me and Mommy Carole of spreading stories about Megs to distract the press? That’s not going to be in your book, is it?”

  13. Ginger says:

    I don’t buy that William and Harry are talking. William would have a lot to apologize for and he doesn’t strike me as the type to apologize. His apology would be “I’m sorry you were offended by the way I treated you wife.”

    The part about how the Sussex’s enjoy LA is not an exclusive. We could tell by the video of Archie that they seem happy and stress free. Also the Video calls that Harry has been doing. He looks incredible.

    If W&K had a video call for Archie’s birthday they would have announced it. From how everyone was calling them out on their behavior during Commonwealth day, they know that would have made them look really good.

    • February Pisces says:

      I’m quite a forgiving person, or at least I try to be, and I always encourage others to forgive, but William can never make up for the things he’s done to harry. I don’t know how someone can say “sorry” for trying to get the entire media to slander them, have the whole world turn against then, even leading people to threaten their lives, and to put huge amount of stress on their pregnant wife without any regards to the unborn child’s wellbeing.
      William literally wanted to whole world to hate harry, and he still managed to succeed to an extent. The price William paid for good press was one brother. The sad thing is I don’t think he’ll ever feel any remorse.

    • Kathy36617 says:

      That part really does stick out. William and Kate miss Harry – and Meghan, to a degree, but they really miss Harry…
      No ifs, ands, or buts, the dream scenario would be for Harry to abandon Meghan or even better, for Meghan to say, she is fed up with the UK ginned up drama and for HER to dump Harry. That’s what they have all been trying to do. But they will be sorely disappointed. Meghan’s had to deal with not fitting in her whole life and she has learned to deal with it deftly and her mother helped her craft a spine of steel.

      • Em says:

        Meghan knows even if she says she fed up she’s leaving the marriage the press won’t let up. They’ll even go harder on her. As for the whole world hating them, I don’t think that’s true during this whole quarantine period people are starting to see what they’ve been through and are speaking out. Especially with the giffin issue. And I’m seeing People making more and more comparisons to Diana and vowing to back Meghan even from African countries. Also in as much as we’d lie we want to be ruled by people or atleast look up to people. William still has years in waiting to be king, don’t be suprised when Americans start claiming Harry and Meghan as their own royalty. The hate is loud on soc media but it’s little trust me.

    • Cosmo says:

      I agree. If the dolittles had any communication with Harry they would have leaked to the media to make themselves look good. Willy would have loved looking like the concerned brother who is there to support his brother miles away. We know that W & K have deep jealousy issues with Harry and Meghan. Harry will not forget what they did to his wife and son. I doubt they are having any communication. Harry knows that if he does it will be leaked. I’m sure hes cautious,

  14. S808 says:

    Other than being in the same zoom meeting, I wouldn’t be in a rush to reconnect.

    Also this “Am told Harry picks up the phone regularly to his grandmother, the queen.“ how tf is he able to call her regularly when he couldn’t even get an appointment with her? The grey men don’t monitor her phone calls?

    • Yoyo says:

      Katie nichol lies for a living.
      RR were saying saying Harry is miserable in LA, then he pops on Zoom looking unburdened and unbothered.
      Now there are comparing his style to Charles.
      They were always going to keep up with their charities, so the RR need to stop acting surprise.
      Slimy dan Wooten, announced that he will not be talking about the Sussexes, because they want to control the press, why mention it them, give him a hour and he will be spewing bile about them again.

    • C-Shell says:

      Right?! And how in the ever-living hell would Nichol know about the Queen’s phone calls, or who Harry picks up the phone for, this is pure horsesh*t.

      • cheryl says:

        Or what technology they use to make calls. Zoom? How does she know it’s not facetime?

    • Ruby_Woo says:

      “how tf is he able to call her regularly when he couldn’t even get an appointment with her?” – Very good point. They are trying to make out that the RF are like the Brady Bunch.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      It’s quite apparent that the BRF is hardly a family and more like their nickname “the Firm” than they would like people to believe. They likely don’t even see or speak to each other outside of the family events and the holidays.

  15. Em says:

    More lies from Katie the spin doctor.

  16. KellyRyan says:

    Say anything to build an income. Harry suffered years of abuse, add his wife and child and he is through. The BRF cannot be trusted. Walking away, leading an independent life is good for one’s mental health.

  17. Lisa says:

    If this is true it would explain why we.know of where the Sussex’s are living even though the media was throwing everything out there at first trying to figure it out.

    • Yoyo says:

      The Dailyfail published pictures from a Drone of Tyler Perry’s, they did not stay up long, because California laws prohibits taking pictures by Drone of people on their property.
      Now there fencing screens at house.

      • Ginger says:

        What’s interesting is that those pictures were printed in an Australian tabloid and UK one (before they were taken done) The US never printed then because they are aware of the privacy laws in LA. The UK are going to learn that they can’t act the same in the US as they do in the UK. Plus, that is Tyler Perry’s home and they don’t want a lawsuit from him.

    • Prayer Warrior says:

      @Ginger ~oooo I hope and pray Tyler Perry sues their collective asses for that drone stunt! I’ll bring popcorn AND wine for this one…the good stuff, too~!!!!

  18. Becks1 says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there is communication between them, especially when Charles was sick and around the Queen’s birthday, but I really think the commonwealth service showed how deep the rift is between the two. William said hi to his brother and Kate couldn’t even do that. And considering Kate’s behavior, no, I don’t believe the “tensions have waned” between her and Meghan. I think Kate is probably more tense than ever so to speak when it comes to Meghan.

    My guess is that the body language at the commonwealth day service really made W&K look bad and people at the palace have picked up on that, finally, hence these stories. These are all an attempt to make Will and Kate look better.

    • Nic919 says:

      The surprising part about the service was that William managed to do a quick greeting to them and had Kate done the same then this rift story would not have been as obvious. It was really Kate’s freeze out that made the story and normally she can fake grin for anything.

      They may have been on zoom calls with other family members and had a few calls when their father was sick, but I doubt the rift is resolved. Having their location revealed once again is not going to help.

      • Becks1 says:

        Agreed. Kate made a point to be a bitch. She knew the cameras were on her, she knew that their encounter would be scrutinized, and she STILL acted like that. That’s how you know “something” happened that day, Kate can usually fake it at least for a few minutes.

    • wisdomheaven says:

      What struck me about the CW service is that William seems to clearly say “hi” to Harry but ignores Meghan which then puts Harry in a mood. Catherine totally blanked them which is IMO out of character for her, publicly. She and Harry have always seemed to be close even at the height of the rift rumors last year.

      It was a moment in time and who knows if it was truly representative of anything or people just taking things wildly out. But I guess I am in the camp that its pretty representative of how bad things got behind the scenes.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Kate and Harry have never been close, he just treated her better than William does. Then Kate spent years trying to flirt with Harry, while he treated her the same way he treats everyone else.

      • Lucia says:

        Lol @notasugar why do you make the same points over over and over?
        - Harry and Kate were never close
        - Kate flirts with Harry and all other men, something something sir Ainslie (and she is “not shy”, she loves flashing )
        - William wasn’t really close to his mother because he was away at boarding school a lot
        - Kate isn’t a hands on mom, they have millions of nannies that they lie about, there’s photographic proof!
        And so on and on. Even I, a casual lurker at this site albeit for quite a few years, am well aware of all your little “facts” and “truths” that you constantly repeat, as soon as some poster diverges from your preferred narratives. What’s it to you? Honestly why so invested?

  19. Em says:

    “I think the Cambridges have really stepped up to the plate providing a nice dose of entertainment for us, and of course [it’s] a real treat for royal fans seeing so much of the Cambridge children.” William might be king someday but Harry has won, his child will not be paraded and used as entertainment for a whole country, having their lives dissected like his life was since he was a child. That dual citizenship too is a blessing.

  20. Sarah says:

    No wonder this nonsense was given away for free. Good grief. When I got to
    “I think Kate and William miss Harry and Meghan to a degree, but certainly they miss Harry [being] around and part of their lives.”
    my mouth actually fell open. WE GET IT, both what you’re insinuating – that Megan is the evil tyrant, etc. etc. – and what is actually the case – they miss having his as the 3rd wheel to bring charisma and a useful scapegoat for their activities.

  21. Jean says:

    I agree with you completely Kaiser. Rubbish. Don’t they ever get tired of the lies. Tired of being a mouthpiece for lies! Will the house of Windsor ever be exposed????

  22. Busyann says:

    The petty in me wants to know how jelly kant and wont are that Harry and Meghan get to live in California. I remember back when they got married, Kant made a list of places she wanted to visit and the US, specifically LA was on that list. That’s evident from their first tour when they made a stop through SoCal.

  23. Em says:

    I don’t think there was ever a feud between Meghan and Kate. I think Kate just got jealous which as odious as these reporters are they’ve all kind of admitted it. Camilla long that idiot wrote an article telling meghan to thread lightly or Kate will vaporize her. Kate might be dumb on work issues and speeches and stuff like that , but she’s very good at being the high school mean girl with all their tricks. Definitely something went down between William and Harry. Many people were feuding with Meghan in that palace but it was one sided I assure you.

    • Nic919 says:

      It was obvious that Kate was going to have issues with an assertive, accomplished, ambitious, beautiful and more youthful looking woman who did Kate’s job a hundred times better than she ever did. Even having the British press on her side couldn’t over come that.

  24. Sid says:

    I don’t think anyone wants to see a feud. I do think that people have really come to see that the way the BRF operates makes it very, very difficult for siblings to maintain good relationships unless all the non-heirs are willing to do exactly what they are told and are willing to be used (and for their children to be used) to make the heir look good, whether that means sucking up to the heir as needed or accepting their role as negative tabloid fodder. If my sibling is going to sit back as that happens and make no effort to help me, our relationship will never be good.

    Edit: It looks like the comment I was responding to was deleted.

  25. Harla says:

    The only part of this that rang true for me was “I think the Cambridges have really stepped up to the plate providing a nice dose of entertainment for us”. Yep, that’s what everyone wants to pay for, an entertaining FF King. As the Cambridges have no substance, empathy or self-awareness, being “entertaining” is really all they have left.

  26. RoyalBlue says:

    Nicholl is insufferable. Harry knows not to trust Cain, so any conversations they may have had would be simply an exchange of pleasantries. i do not believe for one second that Catty and Meghan call each other to chat, so it’s all lies and innuendos. my eyes did not deceive me with the footage i saw from the commonwealth day service.

  27. Guest says:

    Sometimes you have to cut toxic people out of your life, even if they are your brother. California definitely agrees with Harry though. He looks like the weight of the world was lifted.

    As for Kate and William, whatever. Karma will eventually make her way through.

  28. Silas says:

    Come back and be our jester and scapegoat, Harry! You’re too stupid to know what you want, don’t you understand we’re the only ones who care about you?

  29. Lila says:

    Yes, I’m sure Harry is zooming William every time Meghan’s back is turned, begging him to personally fly his helicopter over to save him. William can give himself permission to land in KP, and Kate will wear a Diana cosplay outfit and greet them with chutney she personally cooked. The crowds will cheer over the prodigal son that escaped the evil biracial duchess of doom, and Harry will give personal interviews to the RR to make amends. Right.

  30. AGreatDane says:

    “I think yes possibly of course but for sure…” Katie Nicholl is a Grade A weirdo. I can believe PH and PW spoke because now everyone knows where H&M have been staying, when we didn’t know that previously. William can’t help himself, can he?

    • BayTampaBay says:

      90% of the RRs are weirdos. The RRS have to be weir to properly do their jobs. When you have royal stories in the Daily Fail generating 10k+ comments, the RRs are going to get weird and give the clicking public what they want to clock. The truth has nothing to do with anything. People & Vanity Fair are almost as bad as The Fail, The Dim and The Slow.

      • Dinah says:

        Don’t take those click numbers and comments too seriously dear. Many seem to be automated responses and bots, some are publicated many times. Staff are recruited just for these practices. A few years ago, former staff of the dailyfail have exposed these practices. In fact no one is checking if these numbers are real; no independent press regulator whatsoever.

        Just some thoughts that might be helpful:
        How come that – out of all the British tabloids, of which all have the same type of audience (profile: mainly white, older, working class, low educated, often unemployed, right wing, far right and tory party voting people) and which print the same stories about the same time on a regular day (often by literally copy and reprinting each other’s stories with the same wording), only the dailyfail have thousands of mainly negative comments/likes, unmoderated, within minutes? The rest of the tabloids will generate just a few tens or a few hundred likes/comments on the same story.

        The comments/likes-gap between that that tabloid and the rest of them is too unreal. Allegedly, they must be tricking their readers, competitors and advertisers big time. I hope that one day investigative journalists will go after these comments/like numbers and expose the reality behind the practises for what they are (like the NY Times journalist did to expose the likes on the Cambridge’s IG account).

  31. Awkward symphony says:

    “I think Kate and William miss Harry and Meghan to a degree, but certainly they miss Harry [being] around and part of their lives.”

    Blimey, not even hiding her contempt for Meghan and Archie😤, these leeches are desperate for control and just like piss moran are slowly creeping up to American networks. That explains why she gave this lengthy interview for free! The whole piece is about
    embiggening the cambridges and begging for Harry’s return🤦‍♀️

  32. Lowrider says:

    A criminal investigation needs to be done on Katie Nichols. The majority of her stories on Harry is always about phone calls to someone in his life. I believe she has someone tracking/ hacking Harrys phone.

    • Ginger says:

      It’s been reported that she bought information from hackers on Harry’s phone for 10 years. Byline Investigates has an article on it. She needs to be in jail.

    • Yoyo says:

      She has a history of using phone hackers, but this is from her imagination.
      Harry and everyone have to make an appointment to see or talk to the Queen.

  33. TheOriginalMia says:

    Katie knows nothing. All her statements are “I think”. She’s making an educated guess about what possibly happened during Charles’ illness and subsequent conversations between Harry & William & the family. She’s definitely angling to be a royal correspondent on Sussex stories here in the US.

    Harry is happy. Period. He isn’t pining away for London when he has his WIFE & SON with him. What part of they are his family don’t these RRs understand?! While Harry may love his family, he FLoves his wife and child. They are at the forefront of his heart and mind. Constantly diminishing and dismissing them will not endear anyone to Harry. Not his granny, his daddy, his brother…none of them. He isn’t having it.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      If Harry & Meghan were living in England, they would not see anymore of the BRF than they do now. The BRF does sit down together to a formal dinner every night like the Crawleys in Downton Abbey.

      These people go MONTHS without seeing or contacting each other much like any family scattered throughout the USA: Christmas, Easter and maybe one time at random for a wedding or funeral. When the Cambridges were nextdoor neighbors to Gloucesters in KP, do you really think they were popping round for a cup of tea to catch up and see the kids or sharing pizzas while watching a rugby match on a Saturday afternoon.

      From what I have read about BRF protocol, one cannot even see QEII without an appointment, a specific invite from QEII for a private visit or an invite to one of her homes for a holiday visit.

  34. mk says:

    As I read the excerpts, I thought – how does she know any of this? SHE DOESN’T! When I hear or read the name Katie Nicholl, I think of the CAMPAIGN to destory Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex. Katie Nicholl is on that team forever in my mind.

    • L4frimaire says:

      Yes. Her of the article that Meghan, and only Meghan, was going to raise her baby to be gender fluid. This woman looks like she’s trying to tap dance regarding the Sussexes and failing miserably, with her little nasty side swipes.

  35. Dinah says:

    Willy Boy needs some good image cleanup to do regarding his misbehaviour towards his brother and SIL for quite sometimes. Who else to ask to do the dirty job other than fangirls and mouthpieces like Nicka, English and Nicholl.

    Willy start mending the relationship with Harry in February, this liar said ? Well, on March 9, the world witnessed how that mending looked like. At the Commonwealth Day service, on the very day Harry and Meghan had their last public royal engagement, we saw Willy and mean girls Kate and Sophie’s rude and disrespectful behaviour towards them. They couldn’t bear faking family unity for one more hour or show some overt kindness to Harry and Meghan on the day they were quitting their royal jobs. Can you imagine being treated like that by your coworkers or boss on your last working day? This family is beyond cruel.

    If I were Harry and Meghan, I would only communicate with this jealous snakes about the bear minimum for the longest time possible.

  36. HK9 says:

    I don’t believe a word of this.

  37. Ruby_Woo says:

    “We’re seeing them letting their guard down”
    - This is true. Before the pandemic, we only saw Kate wearing flag-complimentary outfits and pose with children. Now she’s zooming left, right and centre. It might not seem like a lot, but it is a lot more ‘intimate’ and available for everyone to listen in to. I don’t know how much they really enjoy this new level for intimacy, but once the pandemic is over, there is going to be continued expectation to carry on with these more intimate conversations with the public.

    “We are a nation in the middle of a crisis and it’s times like this we turn to the royal family for support, comfort and hope.”
    - What utter rubbish. I live in the UK, we have the 2nd highest death rate and Boris has started re-opening the lockdown with the poorest being the most affected (you can’t see your granny but you can have the nanny and cleaner over to your house!). No one forced to go to work because they are scared of losing their jobs are looking to the Royals for comfort right now.

    “[it’s] a real treat for royal fans seeing so much of the Cambridge children.”
    - Gross. It’s just about seeing a cute kid; it’s the sense of entitlement that you own them. And what happens when they grow up and aren’t perfect? They’re torn to shreds.

  38. Dinah says:

    This ‘Harry is miserable, lonely and homesick in LA narative’ is gaslighted – in unison in several versions – by the British tabloids, RRs, commentators, columnist etc., for some time now: as if they know anything. It’s the new coordinated Harry (and Meghan) royal reporting storyline. Ms Nichol aka private royal reporter for Willy/KP/TRF, is very good at it: present the obvious as (an) very exclusive revelation(s) given by a ‘very trusted close friend/source’, deliberately twist facts and put the protagonist of the story down with carefully chosen mean/denigrating words; the old tabloid ‘experts’ trick.

    She and her likes don’t see the stupidity of these type of drivel reporting. They really believe that these transparent stories will pressure and make Harry feel guilty to return to that small intolerant island. Why should he? As he said, the decision was not taken light heartedly. He knows very well that the abuse (use) of him and his family by the British press, the courtiers and the royal family, would start all over again.

  39. L4frimaire says:

    She is such a bad writer and doesn’t know anything beyond speculation and rumors. This is just hoping to boost the Cambridge’s using Sussex clout. If they are reconnecting, it’s enough for someone to once again leak the Sussexes location. Sussex news is where it’s at and no one is that interested in the Cambridge’s on their own. These writers are looking at where the interest is, and it not in U.K. with the right wing royalists .They see the interest and sales in Scobie’s book, and want to sit at the cool kids table. “I think Kate and William miss Harry and Meghan to a degree, but certainly they miss Harry [being] around and part of their lives.” tells me that nothing had really changed. You could practically see her choking that little statement out that mentions Meghan.This is still part of the Harry, and only Harry come home narrative. They’re doubling down with this collective amnesia with how awfully they treated Meghan and Harry,the smears and racism to prop up the Keen Cambridge’s, and the continuous leaks. Katie Nichols is a troll. She may wear a bit of lip gloss, but she’s still a troll. Miss me with your bullshit Katie.

  40. Busyann says:

    I also really think this is all some sort of twisted plot to eventually get Harry, just Harry, back. I really believe that is their new tactic.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Do you really think that BRF believe that they cat Harry and only Harry back. Are they that delusional? Can anyone be that delusional?

      • S808 says:

        I think they do want Harry but I also think they just want the Cambridges to no longer be public enemy #1 in terms of the events of Sussexit. This whole “tension have eased” narrative that’s been reported everywhere seems like a ploy to move on from what happened (especially with the CW fiasco) and declare the fued over.

    • yinyang says:

      Busyann alot of those people hate Harry more than they do Meghan. I know there were some woman that declared war on Harry for using the p— word as a comradery nickname for his pakistani friend, they took it really bad and even twenty years later they are relentless towards him, they just have so much hatred, when you explain to them it’s ridiculous to go this far over a nickname of poor taste and the nazi jacket that he was practically a child, they just refuse to see it. They don’t want Harry back, they just want to tear up his family for the satisfaction of it.

  41. Scandi says:

    Scandinavian journalist here and therefore unbiased in terms of favorism. I don’t stan anyone in the BRF – I’m just here for the gossip.

    However, I have a very clear opinion about the British royal reporters, and NO ONE is unbiased. Katie Nicholl is heavily biased towards the Cambridges, and Omid Scobie is also heavily biased towards the Sussexes. No doubt there. I don’t trust any royal reporter in the UK in terms of unbiased and true coverage. I work at a tv-station in Scandinavia, and we NEVER use RR’s like Katie, Omid, Chris Ship or whatever as primary sources in our BRF coverage. For us, their reporting belongs in the ‘gossip’ category and is simply not trustworthy. The reporting is useless as a primary source of information.

    I know many of you like Omid Scobie, because he reports nicely about the Sussexes. Some say his reporting is fair, but I wouldn’t call it journalism or reporting. It’s more like commentary, and it is very much driven by his admiration of Meghan and Harry – presented as facts. I actually find his (and Katie Nicholls reporting super problematic, because I am never allowed to form my own opinion. Their bias and admiration/fascination is projected on to the reader, if one doesn’t read their texts through a critical lense). Furthermore, he is not a good very good writer, and his journalism background just isn’t very impressive (which MANY RR’s have in common – they lack proper writing and reporting skills and education), so that’s probably why he had to have another writer for the book.

    I can’t name one single royal reporter who knocks it out of the park in terms of writing and reporting – those writers are probably staff writers at quality media outlets and write about politics, economy or human interests.

    • Mary says:

      +100 @scandi. I have never viewed royal reporters as journalists/reporters. So many of their reports are opinions and, amazingly, some spend a good deal of time not only lambasting the Sussexes but instructing them on how to conduct their lives as well (?!). I don’t recall Kate constantly getting primers on how to be a royal from the press Regarding Scobie and others that are more friendly to the Sussexes, I have wondered if some of this positive coverage is not just a well-intentioned (but unprofessional) reaction to the abominable coverage from other reporters (?). Where is Tim Shipman??!

      • Scandi says:

        Totally agree on that. His defense of Meghan and Harry is probably meant well and comes from a good pkace, and Omid is also biracial as well, so he obviously can relate to some of the horrible and racist treatment that Meghan has received. BUT – to me his reporting and podcast comes across as deeply unprofessional. Never mix your own feelings with facts, and that is something that all the RR’s do. They simply are not able to distinguish their own feelings from facts. The coverage becomes way too emotional and driven by all the feelings that you learn to cool put aside at university. I wouldn’t have a job today if I reported like that. I am not to express my political feelings, nor my feelings about the monarchy and its members.

      • Mary says:

        @scandi, all very good reasons for the Royal Rota to be dissolved. As you have pointed out, much of the coverage seems to come from a place of emotion. It has been interesting getting your perspective on the RR’s coverage of the Sussexes and I would also love to hear from someone from the UK on the seemingly RELENTLESS slamming of Harry and, especially, Meghan – many RR’s seem emotional to the extreme (fixated persons?) and take every opportunity to bash the Sussexes (crazy ex?). It is as though the Press wants to beat them until they are dead (and I don’t mean that just metaphorically).

        I do not recall so many negative, unsolicited (out of the blue and not tied to anything, like a project, engagement or topical news), stories about other Royal family members. Nor do I recall hearing about the Press trying to bribe people (Simon Rex) to lie about other Royal family members. Is it just me or have things gotten much worse since (or because) Meghan came on the scene?

    • S808 says:

      I agree that none of these RRs are real reporters nor unbiased. They ALL have a bias, some of it is just clearer than others. Omid is pretty fair with a slight lean towards the Sussexes but the majority of the rest are firmly in Camp Cambridge and its very obvious.

    • L4frimaire says:

      How does the press over there cover the Scandinavian royals?Agree with the lack of journalistic or writing skills with the Royal reporters. They just make stuff up, hold grudges, push agendas, aren’t objective, and won’t write real news, especially about things like Andrew or finances, or lack of work ethic.They have a long list of flaws and f*ck ups. I don’t get the total Scobie worship, because he can be pretty shallow and he presents himself as this Sussex insider, although I’m not sure that is actually the case, just because they’ll speak to him or confirm facts. They definitely won’t speak to the others. No one expects these people to be objective if their point is to prop up the royals and try to make them relevant, particularly the heirs, at the expense of the Sussexes . The wheels came off the bus when Meghan arrived on the scene. They lost their damn minds and credibility there, and still don’t know what to do there.

      • Scandi says:

        @ L4FRIMAIRE: the press in Scandinavia does not have a royal rota, nor does the press in Scandinavia contain the same ‘tradition’ for extreme tabloid journalism as in the UK. To be honest, I think the royals here are way too much sugar coated in the tv-media, but some of the tabloid medias have raised fair criticism towards hypocricy and the usage of tax payers money. The Swedish King’s affairs with strippers were exposed, the Crown Prince of Denmark has interfered in policy – it was called out. The Norwegian princess has had some strange spriritual business and misused her title for financial gain – it was called out. But you won’t see the same privacy line overstepped as in the UK – no tampon gates, no nude papparazzi photos, no leak from family members etc. And you won’t ever see usage ‘insider royal palace sources’ . As a journalist I have heard a ton of gossip stories about the royals, but they are never reported. If they do that they lose all access to them, and really – their marital affairs are none of our business really.

        And most of all a you don’t see this very emptionally driven coverage of the royals in Scandinavia. Everything I have done as a reporter has been based on either documents or statements/events. They seem quite normal here and are not global superstars. Their children are in public schools, they ride to school and go to the same universities as everyone else. It’s quite bland compared to the BRF – but the support for the monarchy is extremely strong in Scandinavia. Denmark even had an Asian princess in the 1990s. She was very popular and loved, and there was no racism involved from the press. Most of the criticis was pointed towards her husband who wasn’t and still isn’t popular.

      • Dinah says:

        Having lived in many and still living in two EU countries with a constitutional monarchy at the moment, I present you 2 extra cases of royal reporting, as a comparisons. But before that, let me notice that the situation in the UK, regarding the tabloid press and the Royal Family, the position the RRs and tabloids have in blackmailing and running campaigns against individual royals, is unheard of. It’s mind blowing that neither the government, press regulators or the royal family themself, do anything to change the practises.

        The Netherlands has a very down to earth scaled back modern constitutional monarchy (no real power) and a very small group of royalist, even though the royals are very popular with the general public. Kingsday is a big crazy and fun public event. But no obsessed press or any of the UK press craziness. The queen consort Maxima, an Argentinian, is more popular than the king and other royals in the family though. She has a job at the UN and they both do royal engagements. Some press – mainly the small numbered royal and right wing press – report on them, but not obsessively. They are the only two working royal. They and the retired queen are the only ones who receive taxpayers’ money; the rest of the family is not state funded, but do practice some royal engagement every now and then, in support of the king. No press pitting of royals against each other. No tabloid power whatsoever, only magazines, no tabloid papers. As in the Scandinavian countries, only a very small group, mostly middle aged and elderly white women, buy them. Nobody really cares about tabloid magazines, they are considered as gossip.
        There is a Media Code between the royals and the press in place, monitored by the government/prime minister, meaning, no private life intrusion of the royals, let alone of the childeren. If the press break the Code they will be taken to court and banned for ever or a very long time. No royal rota as in the UK, but there are 2 anual photo opportunities with the press. The Children go to public schools. Aristocracy is almost a dead phenomena. You do have political/media scrutiny every now and then, about the taxpayers’ expense, cause the government tend to miss report the real cost of the monarchy.

        Belgium has a semilliar media code, which works more or less the same, and a similar constitutional monarchy. As press, you don’t interfere in or report on the private matters of the royals, unless it’s an unlawful or a scandalous act (same as in The Netherlands). Their Royal house is slimmed down and the annual taxpayers’ money spent on the BeRF is relatively low. There is hardly no royal worshipping, no royal rota, no tabloid power, a few tabloid magazines, the royals have very low, I mean very low social media following. I think meanly because the BeRF have a more distance aura and approach towards the public. They do pratish royal engagement as the Brits, but they are not reported on every time or every single day. Kingsday, which was introduced a few years ago after the new king’s coronation, is a laughably small event too; no real spontaneous public enthusiasm. Belgium is a divided/federal country with different customs, political climates and languages. The French speaking part is more into royalty than the other 2 parts.

    • Jac says:

      This is well said and I agree completely. I admittedly don’t see reporting outside of royal coverage in the UK, but I find across the board that it’s just terrible and all speculation and opinion. It’s also just mean and nasty to be mean and nasty. That’s the culture of the reporting from morning shows to the rota, and occasion from the supposed more reputable reporters and journalists. I really don’t understand why they are so mean. Omid is more tolerable because while it’s clear her favors the Sussexes, he’s not being vindictive about his nonfavs.

    • Nic919 says:

      Very interesting comment. Really royal “reporters” are in essence court stenographers or gossip columnists and they aren’t real journalists. They end up acting as PR for the royals and aren’t covering actual critical stories. I can’t imagine highly ambitious journalists would want to have to kowtow to these unaccomplished people and pretend that cutting ribbons is an interesting or worthwhile thing to do. I mean how many keen stories can you write without want to stab yourself?
      Actual journalists like Tim Shipman pop in with the occasional story when things go beyond the usual celebrity gossip, but it’s really hilarious that Katie Nicholl and her ilk think they are nay different than a correspondent with Entertainment Tonight or any other Celebrity gossip show.

      Most of the commenters here could do Katie’s job and frankly do it much better.

  42. Mary says:

    I refuse to believe that Harry has made overtures to speak and reconcile with William since Sussexit. Because, were I to believe it, I would have to only conclude that Harry was a freaking idiot for trying to make nice with someone who has never had his back, does not have his back now and will never have his back. The same goes for Petty Betty.

    Further, not only are the Royals not supportive of the Sussexes but they have actively worked against them. There are some things to me that family members can do that are unforgivable. This is one of them We have seen some of this ourselves. For example, the Cambridges very, purposely, public ill treatment of the Sussexes at the Commonwealth service. Just think of what we have not seen.

    If Harry does not understand that William will never have either his or Meghan’s best interests at heart, he is truly lost.

  43. Mrs. Smith says:

    It’s worth noting to those RRs that the Sussexes can choose not to work with whatever US outlet would hire Katie/Dan/etc as royal experts. H & M would simply turn down every GMA interview, for example, if Katie was their royal correspondent. Meghan knows what she’s doing! Her PR team will have none of it from those who smeared them.

  44. me says:

    Why the heck would anyone want to turn to royal family for comfort, support or hope ?? Or to any politician, or public figure for that matter? Or to celebrities. I do respect the Scandinavian culture and their pragmatism-socialism in relating to politicians and fame in general. But the rest of the world is still building and feeding gods.

    • AGreatDane says:

      Erm, all the Scandinavian countries have monarchs except for Iceland and Finland.

  45. blunt talker says:

    These so called British royal know it alls need to be very careful-this is not the UK-Americans come in every stripe-they can be very vocal and nasty to so called journalists who have a bent point of view. Everything written in the British press about Meghan needs to be put in book or magazine show what she has been going through since 2016. Put the names of these so called biographers by all these nasty articles so everyone would know who they are when they come calling.