The Mail: Prince William & Harry’s relationship is ‘toxic’ & ‘worse than ever’

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I was honestly surprised that immediately following the royal shenanigans on Commonwealth Day, there wasn’t some immediate reporting on just went down between the Sussexes and Cambridges. I mean, we got Prince William’s version of events, which is that Prince Harry and Meghan were “emotional” at not being including in the royal procession, and Will and Kate selflessly decided to stand down so that Harry and Meghan’s punishment wouldn’t be that notable. I don’t believe that version of events, because nothing lines up there. That doesn’t explain why Kate completely blanked Harry and Meghan and why Harry looked like he was about to throw hands at his entire family. As it turns out, the British press held their best gossip for the Sunday papers. I get that.

What’s been clear for about a year and a half is that Harry and William had a significant and substantial falling out. Again, I do not believe the cover story for their falling out, which is that “wise William” questioned whether Harry was moving too fast with Meghan before the wedding. That’s something from the Willileaks files. Their bigger falling out happened in the fall of 2018, and it was concurrent with the ramped-up smear campaign against Meghan specifically. My belief is that Harry saw and understood that William was behind a big chunk of the smears. I bring all of this up because the Daily Mail did an exhaustive story about how Harry and William’s relationship is as toxic as ever. The DM continues to push a very Willileaks-centered narrative, how curious!! Almost as if William successfully exiled his popular brother and popular sister-in-law and now William is spreading his false narrative to anyone who would listen. You can read the full DM piece here. Some highlights:

W&H’s relationship is worse than ever: Those close to the brothers say things between them are worse than ever. William is said to feel insulted by his brother’s recent comments, including the stream of remarks on Harry and Meghan’s Sussex Royal website, which many have taken as implied criticisms of the Royal Family. William feels his brother has ‘disrespected’ the institution of the monarchy and – most woundingly of all – their grandmother the Queen. Harry, too, is profoundly unhappy, believing he has been cut adrift by his own relatives, convinced that his wife was not made sufficiently welcome, and feeling that his own work has been seen as less important than that of his elder brother. Harry is even said to believe that his infant son Archie has been abandoned by The Firm.

Harry & William’s relationship has been deteriorating for years: For the brothers, once as close as it was possible to be, have been drifting apart since Harry’s Army career was brought to a premature close. And, on Harry’s part at least, the anger has been mounting. Palace aides had hoped that January’s Sandringham summit – the crisis meeting about Harry’s future staged at the Queen’s Norfolk estate – had cleared the air between them. But any hopes of a reconciliation have died.

Harry’s life post-Army: Unable to find a new job suitable for a Prince, Harry is even said to have considered working as a firefighter or a rugby coach. He was growing increasingly irritated, meanwhile, at life on the Royal front line, despite public admiration for the work he undertook with William and Kate. Royal sources say that behind the walls of Kensington Palace, Harry felt he was becoming a third wheel in their shared charitable foundation…But in Harry’s mind, he was not an equal partner. One source says: ‘It didn’t help that whenever he asked the shared staff at Kensington Palace to do something, they were often busy with ‘more important’ work for the Duke of Cambridge, who, after all, will one day be King.’

Harry & Will disagreed about conservation work? The MOS understands there were also heated debates between William and Harry about their differing approaches to conservation work, a major strand of their charitable foundation. ‘They are both very passionate about conservation,’ says the source. ‘But they have very different views on how you protect wildlife in Africa. William thinks the focus should be on community-led initiatives. He thinks you have to teach local communities how to value the wildlife and ensure the local population are empowered to protect the land. Harry believes in a more hands-on approach to genuinely protect areas.’

Meghan made it worse? It seems Meghan’s arrival only exacerbated Harry’s fears that his work, and now that of his fiancee – a self-styled activist and campaigner – was not being taken as seriously as that of his brother. Some suggest that Meghan encouraged Harry to believe his feelings of disquiet were not only legitimate but should be acted upon. Meghan’s many ideas for projects bamboozled Palace aides, who were not used to this new way of operating, with early-morning emails and a non-stop stream of suggestions and requests. One aide described it as a ‘different type of work culture that no one was prepared for’.

William was “growing in status” as the Sussexes felt raw from the smears: [Last fall] William had been steadily growing in status, attending meetings with the Queen and Prince Charles to discuss the great transition – when William will become Prince of Wales and assume control of the Duchy of Cornwall estate. Harry’s presence was rarely required at these conferences. William had studied agriculture and would receive briefings on running the 130,000-acre Duchy that has an annual income of £24 million. No doubt it was also a reminder to Harry that the Duchy estate would make William a very wealthy man, while Harry would be reliant on a less generous income. ‘When Harry gave the interview about being on a different path to his brother, I don’t think anyone in the Palace was surprised,’ an aide says. ‘One [brother] is going to be King and the other is not and therefore has to figure out what that [life] looks like.’ Another Royal source says: ‘It didn’t help that William never let Harry forget which of them was going to be King.’

Harry should have stayed in the Army? A source close to the family says: ‘Harry has always been looking for signs that he belongs, but soon all he could see – I think wrongly – were signs that told him he wasn’t needed. He should have taken his father’s advice and stayed in the military. Leaving the Army was the worst thing he could have done.’

[From The Daily Mail]

It was my understanding – at the time and to this day – that the Queen, Charles, William and all of the courtiers told Harry that he could no longer be in the Army. His military career had gotten to the point where he would either have to go all-in and make a decade-long commitment to military service and basically step away from “royal work,” OR he would “step up” as a full-time royal. You have to also remember that this was 2015, when William and Kate were Peak Workshy and the courtiers and the family wanted Harry to end his military career so that at least one of the younger generation was actually doing work. And while this was *suspiciously* not mentioned in the Mail’s story, at the time, Harry was already knee-deep in planning the Invictus Games when he quit the Army (the first Invictus Games were July 2015).

Anyway, this story was just Willileaks gloating, honestly. William doesn’t give a sh-t that he did irreparable damage to his relationship with his brother. William doesn’t give a sh-t that he smeared Harry and Meghan to the point where exile was the only option. William thinks that he now gets to run the narrative about everything. Don’t let him.


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  1. Rapunzel says:

    “Meghan’s many ideas for projects bamboozled Palace aides, who were not used to this new way of operating, with early-morning emails and a non-stop stream of suggestions and requests. One aide described it as a ‘different type of work culture that no one was prepared for’.”
    – and of course they smear Meg, cause they just can’t help it. Early morning emails? Continuing ideas and needs to make those ideas happen to benefit others? Shame on her…

    And lol about different type of work culture. Yeah, a work culture where people actually work. Damn are these folks lazy af. I’m convinced they just hated that Meg is a go-getter. Willnot in particular.

    • Belli says:

      “A royal with a work ethic and enthusiasm and ideas? This isn’t what we signed up for!! This must not be tolerated!!’

    • Livvers says:

      Don’t forget she is also a “self-styled activist and campaigner,” which sounds not unlike the scorn heaped on Obama for being a community organizer. Gee, I wonder what the similarity is.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Yep… I’m surprised they didn’t speculate that she is going to “intervene” in the US election. Oh wait, they already had an article on that. Using that exact wording.

    • sunny says:

      Yeah, it makes total sense that hard-work, drive, and an interest in actually making a difference would be a crime in this family when your only job is supposed to be human flak jacket for Cain and Unable. Being too fabulous would undermine such talentless, charisma-free people and you can’t have that.

      I agree with Kaiser that this fallout happened post-wedding and I tend to believe it had a lot to do with Court Cambridge doing everything they could to deflect from their own nonsense while attempting to undercut the Sussex popularity.

      William is so pathetic and this whole thing makes them look like trash outside of England.

      • A human flak jacket for Cain and Unable….oh 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼….Sunny, that was great. I come to Celebitchy daily because I love the way Kaiser is able to get below the smoke screen each and every time and reveal the reality of the story. I love that Kaiser has a great memory (like me) and can tie today back to the truth of yesterday. For example, Kaiser also remembering what went down when Harry stepped down from active military duty. The story has been rewritten to try to show Harry as floundering and unstable, but the Queen and Charles strong armed Harry to resign from the military and work full time for The Firm so that William could have more time to himself. The story then was that Harry was devastated but William threw a fit and threatened to walk away from his future role if he did not get his way. I remember feeling so bad for Harry as his love of his military life was so obvious. I remembered thinking that William did not love his brother as much as Harry loved him. Your post today Kaiser is spot on. Thanks 😎. I think William is arrogant enough to think he can rewrite history as it is happening, but history — like karma —- is a bitch. Time and historical truth will eventually reveal itself and no one can stop it or control it. It may take decades, but truth will tell.

      • L says:

        Megan “making a difference” is the problem because the BRF benefit from the status quo. That’s why Megan’s work ethic is a threat to them… That’s why Diana was a threat to them. They don’t want society to change because they depend on classism to maintain the monarchy…and with classism comes racism, sexism and all the other isms. So it’s easy to see why an activist with great influence, strength and determination would be seen as a threat.

    • CrbnFtprnt says:

      Her work ethic confounded the palace workers? SMDH

    • Izzy says:

      Honest to GD, do they not realize that every time they write this, they emphasize how lazy the RF and their staff and courtiers are? How little work ethic they have? “Oh noes, I haz to cut MOAR RIBBONS!!” SMDH

    • Amy Too says:

      And then the part about how whenever Harry or Meghan wanted their staff to help them with a project, they’d be brushed off bc the staff was “busy” working on the “more important” Will and Kate things. What Will and Kate things!? I imagine their staff spend a lot of time coddling, fixing tantrums, being the go-between between William and Kate or William and Charles or William and anyone else. Or leaking to the press, or attempting to spin the lack of work as “very secretive behind the scenes hard work,” etc. It just seems like it would be exhausting to work for Will and Kate. You’re constantly “busy” but nothing is getting done. All your work is going into managing the emotions and egos of a 35+ year old married couple who hate each other, or propping up the images of that lazy, petulant couple by spinning and planting press stories, and you never get any direction from your bosses but they’re also never happy, and all the whole you’ve got the Middletons butting in and Charles and the queen asking questions. You get used to doing that kind of babysitting work rather than the real work you were hired for.

      So yeah, I can see why Harry and Meghan approaching their staff and asking for help with real actual projects would be a shock for KP. KP staff probably legitimately were expending a lot of emotional energy on keeping Will and Kate propped up and barely functioning, and had likely been conditioned over a decade of W and K’s shenanigans to brush off any requests for real work, come up with excuses, and generally procrastinate. That’s the workplace culture that they had all been trained in.

      And Harry and Meghan were seeing that W and K weren’t working that much so they figured staff would be available to help them. And it must’ve seemed like such a brush off and personal slight every time this staff who didn’t have any projects they were working on still told them that they were too busy working on W and K’s stuff to focus on H and M stuff. That would be infuriating. I can see why they split offices almost immediately and then foundations, too.

  2. lily says:

    I literally pray for William’s downfall everyday at this point. What a horrible man, to abuse your own brother (who has never wronged you) like this.

    • Ali says:

      But how can there be a downfall when he has nothing but the press to back him up.

      • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

        @Ali He has the Press to back him up FOR NOW. Now that they no longer have Meghan and Harry to browbeat and abuse, and can’t get the KP staff to leak their doings, their supply will dry up. Attention will turn to the lazy, cold, dull spongers. Karma is coming, and it’s going to bite them HARD. Watch Penis-with-Teeth throw Ma Middleton and Cathy under the bus when it does

    • Nina says:

      What a bad example this nasty man is.

  3. Belli says:

    “Another Royal source says: ‘It didn’t help that William never let Harry forget which of them was going to be King.’”

    That small aside gives such an insight into Willy’s pettiness and jealousy and insecurity that I’m surprised it was allowed in the article.

    • lemonylips says:

      in these turbulent times I can see him not ever being a King. Harry will work and do things, Willie though…. too bad he studied all that agriculture in vain, cause I can’t see him in that bizz if, by any luck he is not to be crowned.

      • StartupSpouse says:



        Didn’t he ghost that course that was set up specifically for him?

      • lemonylips says:

        hahahah i don’t know but i bet he did ghost it, I only found out about it from these quotes.

      • GR says:

        @lemonylips – Good point – I would actually be pretty shocked if William did get to be king. Probably Chas will, as he’s been waiting around so long, but Bill? I really doubt it. They’re all just a bunch of clueless, entitled rich people, but at least Liz and Chas fulfill what they see as their responsibilities.

    • ADS says:

      The DM actually does this pretty regularly.These asides are deliberately included in these Willileaks stories to let Wills and his viper courtiers know that they do in fact see his a$$. This guarantees that Wills will continue to play ball and provide them with information and leaks.

      The asides also – I think intentionally – give the DM’s more careful readers (of whom lord knows there is probably only a handful) a glimpse of the true picture.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Harry has never wanted to be king. TBH, neither has William. Harry escaped, William is seething in jealousy over it. He wanted his brother and SIL forced to dim their shine so W&K could have the stage.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        And he wanted the Sussex’s to do all the work so he and Katie Keen can get all the credit. The Cambridge’s can’t be lazy anymore.

      • notasugarhere says:

        All of this ^

      • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

        @Nota One would presume that William wouldn’t WANT such close scrutiny, particularly given the financial skullduggery surrounding the Foundation? Where DID all Meghan’s fundraising efforts go, I wonder…?

  4. Royalwatcher says:

    Will is such a petty POS!!! And so clueless that he continues to think this narrative actually makes him look good.

    Can’t wait for April 1 and some news about the Sussexes’ plans!

  5. Aang says:

    What is so fascinating to me is that the same sibling dynamics that we read about in history books still develop even though the monarchy is powerless now. Like in the past Andrew would have gathered loyal dukes and tried to unseat Charles. William would have had Meghan if not Harry sent to the tower. There are enough ribbon cuttings to go around and they are all insanely rich. Why can’t they all just get along and wave from the balcony together?

    • VS says:

      because apparently someone down the line cannot be more ‘popular’ than future future future future future…….future heirs; this is high school level pettiness

      • Mia says:

        @VS… you hit the nail on the head. Just watched a documentary on Netflix about the Windsors. They said the exact same thing. Diana wasn’t no saint and she leaked to the press but her main crime was her popularity.

      • Tessa says:

        Diana had to leak to the press to counter what Charles people did. She saw what was happening around her, that Charles pals were leaking nasty stories about her. And Stuart Higgins of the Sun wrote that Camilla would ring him up with stories. DIana had to defend herself. The most blatant leaker to the press was Nicholas Soames.

    • aria says:

      Windsor curse is that strong and this sibling rivalry won’t end any time soon. George and Louis will be in the same toxic cycle of abuse but Louis will be in the receiving end where they always protect the heir. also charlotte, Anne escaped that cycle because she is far down but char won’t and all of us no British know-how ppl in UK and media feels about a strong woman. char has that personality that will get her into the trouble because the tabloid wants the bland type like queen and kate turns blind eye to their hubby cheating. That’s why they hate Margret, Diana, Meghan. Everything thinks that William gets his pettiness from Charles but their are wrong both William and Charles get from the queen. There are repeated events where the queen never allowed Margaret to do her duty because the market outshines the queen in every way. Now I’m thinking the princess managed done most of her stuff is to get attention from her family and from media. Basically she does that because she is bored with her life if she had any work and represents the queen on behalf of the royal tour the outcome might be better. All of marget mess is because queen is petty and didn’t allow her sister to work. at the time only few of the people were there and Margret would have easily fit in and can be avoided many scandals. Also, those keen Cambridge ill-wishing on Meghan and Archie have to remember that one day Louis and char will be in the same position.

      • Tessa says:

        I don’t think by nature William is a nice person. I saw the beginnings of this when he got petty with is mother and barred her from an Eton picnic when she had already prepared lunch. The Queen should have told the petulant William either Diana goes with him or he doesn’t go at all.

      • Korra says:

        I am not sure I agree – RE Louis. I think the next generation’s sibling rivalry will be George vs. Charlotte. If the monarchy even makes it that far, Louis will be such a non-entity by that point.

      • notasugarhere says:

        The rivalry will be George vs. Charlotte. Press will praise George, attack Charlotte.

        Louis = Edward Wessex

      • ravynrobyn says:

        @ ARIA-compassionate & excellent summation! I pray Cain and Unable would read it and take it to heart, but then hell would have to freeze over twice before that would happen. They would REFUSE to believe they were reading about themselves…smdh 🤮

        I want to tell you how much I enjoy your passionate and well-considered comments 💕💕

      • aria says:

        korra and not sugar, yes they will attack both char and Louis. But they will tear down the woman who married in because they even spared yorks hubby but they have gone after Sophie. The married ins men in Windsor will be easy like anothy and Philip even with their scandal of cheating. Because the woman sells papers or clicks better than men. if Kardashian is men how many will watch their show. They will recreate Meghan and kate catfight with George and Louis wife. I said this million times I will say again that Margret made queen angel, Andrew made Charles likable, Fergie made Diana angel and as soon as Fergie has gone the attack on Diana started. Same happen with kate before Meghan was bashed after Meghan she was praised to heaven now post meghan kate bashing slowly started. The same history will repated in 2 decades where first george wife will be tear down and as soon louis wife comes she will be prasied for heaven but char hubby will be left alone instead the worst scenior the three woman george wife, char and louis wife will put in cat fight and write which two are close and which ones are not. If Louis and George wife are close with each other the press will bully how they married in bullying poor char even though she is a blood princess these two commoners how dare. If char is close to George’s wife may be the same age, Louis’s wife will be dragged to mud or vice vera. The Cambridge have already set their kids to fall by smearing Sussex. The history is preheating itself William (the queen petty) harry (Margret). I have already made a comparison of each Cambridge’s kids to queen kids in today’s Archie post. That why I’m happy that harry kids will be like Margret kids out of sight and trouble and best life. Margret kids are not close with queen kids other than Sarah being close to Charles because of many reports Charles like girls than boys because boys mean close to line of succession and are being compared with them for their manly work like how Andrew served manly war etc.

      • February Pisces says:

        @notasugarhere I was gonna say the same thing. Poor Louis is already the Edward of the bunch. Charlotte will without a doubt be the star and George will be the boring dependable one who will constantly remind people how important he is.

    • Carobell says:

      That’s what I find interesting too – I feel like if Diana hadn’t divorced Charles then died, the emphasis on the brother’s being best friends, each other’s biggest supporters etc. wouldn’t have happened. Fundamentally, William will be king ( if the monarchy survives that long), so trying to treat them equally just doesn’t work long term. Of course there is resentment.

      Historically, that isnt supposed to happen. I don’t feel like Anne, Andrew and Edward were expected to be Charles’s best friend etc

      • Tessa says:

        It’s a creaky old system and antiquated as well.

      • Marjiscott says:

        Carobell, Diana did not divorce Charles! It was the Prince of Wales that went to the Queen ! They were separated , at first. Charles was deeply involved with Camilla. The Queen knew and agreed that Charles could be with his tampon…

      • notasugarhere says:

        Diana and Charles separated publicly, announced by the PM. After Diana’s extremely damaging (to herself, to William, to Charles) interview? The Queen ordered them to divorce.

      • Lady D says:

        …tampon receptacle.

      • Tessa says:

        Charles interview was huge. He forced an immediate divorce of the Parker Bowles. Andrew PB did not tolerate his being outed that his wife was the POW’s mistress. Charles became obligated to Camilla after her father confronted him. Charles also made clear he married Diana knowing he did not love h er. Diana’s was a riposte. But I think Charles did great damage. And he slammed his parents in his authorized bio.

      • notasugarhere says:

        APB didn’t mind it being outed, as everyone already knew. He considered it a point of pride. All three of them remain close friends, as he remains close (too close?) to his former flame Princess Anne. Diana and Charles married the idea of each other. He wanted a good royal wife, she targeted a man who wasn’t legally allowed to divorce her. No matter what outside influences, that marriage would never have lasted.

    • GR says:

      @aang Really good point! All they have to do now is smile and wave…

      • Abena Asantewaa says:

        @Notasugarhere, Diana was only 19, Charles was in his 30s, she did not target him, she was chosen for him. Diana was in love with Charles. However, all the firm wanted was an aristocratic protestant virgin, which Diana was. Diana became a product of the treatment she had recieved ftom Charles; a loveless martiage, just to produce, an heir and a spare.

  6. aria says:

    I want to know what happens with the fab four foundations and why Meghan and Harry left the foundation. because in Tumblr and twitter, keen Cambridge fans accused Meghan of stealing money from the foundation because she blew her dress budget at year. Keen Cambridge caught Meghan stealing money, so they kicked Meghan out of the foundation. What is the truth? who steal the money?

    • lemonylips says:

      hahahaha those people should be writing scripts.

    • Crowned Huntress says:

      Aria, I believe it’s actually the reverse. Meghan’s collaboration with Hubb Kitchen for the Together cookbook made a ton of money. If the paperwork is true, the Royal Foundation has been in deep debt due to financial mismanagement for a while and William & Kate thought that the cookbook money should have been used to prop up their failing charities. I think Harry & Meghan rightly said no and soon after the Sussexes broke off to make their own foundation.

      Since then one or two of Kate’s charities have had to shutdown & I haven’t heard much of anything about William’s. Personally I think the Royals have been skimming off the top of their foundations for years and it’s about to be exposed which is yet another reason why H&M got out of there.

      • GuestWho says:

        Ironically, whatever chicanery the twitter psychos accuse H&M of, it generally turns out that it is actually something W&K have done. They are masters of projection.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I wonder if they are old Kate fans, or the new Meghan-hating Kate superfans who appeared in royal watching the second Meghan showed up. Meghan stealing foundation money for clothing? What an asinine accusation.

      Crowned Huntress, I believe it is related to Hubb too. William promised he would do something for Hubb, he didn’t. A few weeks later, Meghan’s completed Together cookbook landed. She raised half a million for Hubb. Early talk Fall 2018 was W&K trying to take that money for their failing projects. The weird comment from an RR about the Foundation split back then, stating Hubb money would be protected from the existing foundation.

  7. Cassandra says:

    ”One aide described it as a ‘different type of work culture that no one was prepared for’.“


    AKA A type of work culture run by someone who actually wanted to get things done

    • Marie says:

      They are used to 8 years for a 5 question survey. Actual work boggles their mind.

    • Korra says:

      When the monarchy ends, I am looking forward to the post-mortem on this type of job. The highlight of being an aide/courtier is the proximity and sometimes even a direct involvement in juicy gossip and scandal…but I can only wonder how these vipers would survive in the real world, having to do a real job, lol.

      • aria says:

        I hate to disappoint you but i don’t see the monarchy in uk ending anytime sooner because they tabloids and people like them for reason like preserving the culture the same excuse has given to animals on the zoo. If British monarchy like any other nonscandal monarchy then it would have gone a long time ago. The British monarchy lonely survived this much because of scandal which makes them so interested to people. Even us from different worlds of the world are interested in the one being part of the British empire but all of us here mainly because of juicy scandal and gossips. Spanish monarchy ruled south America but those Latin people don’t give a damn about Spanish instead I seen many south American love brf because of the scandal and gossips. The brief is in a gilded cage and people bought their ticket via taxpaying and keeping them there to retirement them not the other way around.

  8. BUBS says:

    Harry should have stayed in the military? Wow, you don’t think he would if he could? As I recall, his identity was compromised and he had to be “pulled out” of Afghanistan for safety reasons. Information leaked that “Captain Wales” was in enemy territory and being a high profile target, Captain Wales had to be pulled out! These people make it sound as if he got bored and just quit! Phew!

    • notasugarhere says:

      There were also hints he was somewhat pressured by the BRF to leave, because otherwise he’d end up earning a rank higher than William had.

      • Nic919 says:

        Harry was clearly held back because he should have been a higher rank solely having served legitimately and not the trumped up version they gave to Charles and William.

    • kim says:

      Exactly I thought it was the RF that forced his hand because he was a target. I feel like he was told to leave because it would have made Wills look soft. The narrative the Wills and his team are pushing out shows for sure that they are lazy and jealous of what Megan brought to the table. What a trash family

    • He was pulled out the first time because of an Australian women’s magazine leak picked up by the American Drudge Report. He was retrained to choppers and went back in the second time at front lines and almost successfully completed his tour of duty. Harry stated that his second tour removal he was flown out with several severely wounded soldiers. In talking to one of them in flight he started to formulate what would become the Invictus games. There’s a great interview with that particular soldier (a black man who looks to be at least a double amputee still in rehab hospital.). Soldier said he couldn’t have been more surprised than to wake up one day in hospital and find Captain Wales setting by his bedside for a long visit. The story is very moving. There’s a great Netflix or Amazon Prime documentary on Harry’s military service. The Invictus history I saw on a tv special and I think it was on the Invictus website at one time. .

  9. aquarius64 says:

    William is a pompous ass and now an big argument for why monarchies need to go – or put in a mechanism to remove a sovereign or sovereign to be. At least elected leaders can be voted out (depending on the circumstances) . The press took a swipe at Billy for the cornavirsus comment to let him know they will take him down if the story is juicy enough. The BM dog walk the Cambridges and Billy is too dumb to see it.

    • Tessa says:

      I guess Bill believed his own press so he felt he could be “witty” with that sick coronovirus comment.

    • Tessa says:

      I guess Bill believed his own press so he felt he could be “witty” with that sick coronovirus comment.

  10. Sofia says:

    So the big “problem” they had with Meghan was that she actually wanted to work??????? Thing is you would think the Cambridges would appreciate this. The Sussexes do all the work and they get to do absolutely nothing. But their jealousy got in the way.

    The RF was big enough for them both. The Cambridges, being boring, predictable but stable, could have been great figureheads for post Brexit England and tell people that they get to “look forward” to them. While the Sussexes would be figureheads for the commonwealth, letting these countries know how much they care for them being part of the organisation and basically trying to convince them not to leave. Actively doing some of the “dirty work” while the Cambridges could cut ribbons and smile. Therefore playing to the strength of both couples. The Cambridges can’t be exciting yet at the same time predictable. The Sussexes can’t be boring yet at the same time glamourous. Playing to both “sides” wouldn’t work.

    And someday the palace will realise that.

  11. BabsORIG says:

    LOL at these idiots. Harry’s military career was ended prematurely, Harry should have listened to his father and not left the army, which is it? Like, pick one lane and stick to it.

  12. girl_ninja says:

    Will is a lazy, hateful and spoiled brat.

    His brother fell for a woman who worked hard and did great innovative work. The complete opposite of his boring, sad wife. What a disgrace.

  13. Harper says:

    This article is rubbish. Harry’s greeting to the Cambridges at the Commonwealth ceremony was not a “brief, tight-lipped smile.” His smile was genuine and Kate snubbed him. The whole world saw it live on camera so now the moment has to be re-written. This is propaganda used to shape the public opinion.

  14. Ainsley7 says:

    Harry left the army because he didn’t want to do a desk job and they wouldn’t let him serve in active duty anymore. He was expected by the family to stay in the military for decades and they treated it as a crisis when he left. Harry not doing what the firm wants and being smeared in the press is not a new situation for him. It was just a lot worse and more racist this time around. Part of the reason Harry embraced mental health was because his family was outing his issues in the press to pressure him to stay in the military. That smear campaign is the reason why Harry gave interviews freely saying he wanted out but felt he had a duty to the Queen and such. It was warning shots to the firm to stop the campaign. The idea that the firm wanted Harry to leave and that they were in anyway in control was all them trying to save face and keep Harry from leaving.

    • notasugarhere says:

      No, he was not expected to stay in the Army. He was expected to do a stint, then leave and do royal work full-time. There was pressure from the BRF for him to leave because William didn’t want Harry earning a higher *real* rank than William had.

      • Ainsley7 says:

        William was always behind Harry in the military because he started later and left earlier. William couldn’t force Harry out of the army any more than he could stop Harry for starting the Invictus Games. Harry was expected to have a long military career just like Andrew. William’s goal has always been to put off working as long as possible. Putting Harry to work full time was the last thing he wanted. Which is why Charles tried to use it to shame William into working. William doesn’t have shame, so that didn’t work for obvious reasons.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Harry was not expected to have a long military career. The elders are dropping any moment; he was required to become a working royal after his decade in the Army. This family can pressure their members to do almost anything, including forcing Harry to quit the Army to support The Firm. And to quit the Army as a Captain, to make sure William wasn’t whinging about ranks.

        Harry was pressured to leave the military, then had to stand back as William was allowed to keep playing helicopter co-pilot. Harry had to start as a working royal while the heir to the heir got to keep dodging more work. Harry was made to become a working royal while W&K kept playing part-time.

    • Shiloh says:

      The family indeed expected Harry to stay in the military for another decade He wasn’t interested in doing so if he couldn’t participate in active duty. William had nothing to do with Harry’s decision to leave.

  15. Becks1 says:

    HAHAHAHA. yes, this is definitely from willileaks, because William prob thinks this makes him look good – but it makes him look pompous, arrogant, and lazy. Meghan wanted to work! Harry didn’t just want to be the third wheel! That doesn’t make the Cambridges look better.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I agree – this is the latest ham fisted attempt to get sympathy PR. The Cambridge’s are experts at projecting their own failures and issues onto others.

      All these stories prove is that the UK tabloids have the Cambridges by the balls – they can’t leak personal information about the Sussex’s anymore, all they have is the victim complex but that will only take them so far before the public get sick of the whining and complaining. W&K will have to find a new target to appease the press that they clearly sold their souls too.

      The fact that the Sussex’s have been invited to Balmoral in the summer is indicative that TQ and Chuck are at least aware of the damage Sussexit has caused to the family image and are attempting to repair it but William keeps trying to sabotage it – such is his hatred of his own brother and his family.

    • ShazBot says:

      Yeah, that was my read – this article doesn’t make them look good at all. Them liking their lazy status quo is not a good thing.
      Harry has always been simmering, ready to burst out with his charisma and empathy and real ideas. And then that event where all 4 were on stage together, Meghan was so eloquent and smart, it was crystal clear who the star was…I think between Meghan getting pregnant, the tour going so well and the Together cookbook being such a smash hit and tangible assistance to the community – well, the palace had to shut it down. It’s so so obvious, I can’t believe more people don’t see it.

    • MsIam says:

      This article makes William look terrible. Lazy and jealous. I think the tide is slooowly starting to turn against the Cambridges with this article, the one in the Guardian, Omid’s article, etc. A person who is self aware would start to question himself and maybe think about the long game and make some changes. Is William that person?

      • Jaded says:

        Exactly MsIam – that’s what I said in another post. It must be apparent to the Cambridges by now that their behaviour has finally come back to bite them. The infighting going on now must be spectacular and I can’t imagine what a horror show the Cambridges’ marriage must be. Willileaks and Catty are completely unsuited to be Prince & Princess of Wales – I think, amongst other failings, he has ADHD because he can’t complete anything, won’t read briefing notes, and neither of them can “engage” with people (other than little kids) the way Meghan and Harry do.

  16. Nina says:

    Willileaks is trying to rewrite history!
    It’s the royal family that insisted that Harry quit the army.
    Harry wanted to quit the royal family the queen insisted to make him stay.
    I hope harry does something and exposes the rats

  17. starryfish29 says:

    It is going to be so fun when karma comes and bites these fools in the butt. There’s only so much that the papers can get away with completely made up stories when H&M are out of the public eye for months at a time. M&H are very clearly done with that family, and I suspect contact will be very minimal. Eventually, things will turn back on W&K and William will find that the attention he craved isn’t as great as he thought it would be. That family is so dumb, and I can’t wait until it starts to dawn on them how badly they played themselves.

  18. S808 says:

    I’m sure “She wanted to work!!!1!1” is a huge offense since the “philanthropy” the royals do is nothing more than fodder to give the public an excuse to stick around. Meghan was way too qualified and did her job too well. And was too popular. When will they understand that popularity does not care about rank and hierarchy?? It’s been 3 different generations of this problem and they don’t get it.

    • A says:

      The truly tragic thing is that I’m definitely quite sure that her intention to work and do a good job was always seen as “fake” or something she was “only doing for the attention,” because of course no one would ever want to use their platform for good for anything except the attention. It’s just such a weird mix of jealousy and a desire to bring her down to heel because they can’t stand anyone else being better than they are. If a biracial American commoner like Meghan can swoop and in and do such a good job, she threatens their very world view, which is that royalty exists because some people are born better than others. And here is Meghan demonstrating visibly that this isn’t true. Of course they’re not going to stand by and let her expose their mediocrity.

      I think the American political landscape and history has a lot left to be desired. But the one decent thing the revolution did was actually bring into fruition this idea that monarchies are bullsh-t. America continues to demonstrate time and again that this whole concept is a load of hogwash. The fact that Meghan Markle (of all people!) is proving Thomas Jefferson’s words right 244 years later is just…I don’t have words for it, it’s just absolutely wild and hilarious to me, lmao!!!

  19. I also remember that since Harry couldn’t be on the front lines with his men anymore, something he dearly wanted, that it meant he would have more of a desk job kind of thing with the Army, which is also not what he wanted which is another reason that he left the army along with the whole ‘William & Kate are still doing the part-time thing so we need another senior royal doing stuff’ argument he was given. I think that Harry is also pissed that William & Kate were allowed to be part-time royals for a good 4 or 5 years after they were married, while he and Meghan weren’t allowed that same option.

    • Emmitt says:

      6 years. William and Kate did not become full time working royals until 2017, 6 years after they married, and after they had George and Charlotte.

    • Betsy says:

      That is stone cold. And dead right.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      Wow. She nailed it right here:
      “That their proximity was enough, however, to make at least two royal masks slip, perhaps exposes the misery, as well as the cultivated pettiness, of those left behind in captivity.”

      And Willieleaks is back to his old tricks rewriting history just like his father. Whatever brotherly disagreements they had in the past, wete not as serious as what went down after the wedding. Something major took place that saw all out attacks without mercy. How upset Cain must be to see his brother free. He must have wanted to deliver that final blow and have them publicly curtesy to them at the Abbey, but ad fate would have it their plan was thwarted by someone with better sense. Resentment and envy thy name is William.

  20. DS9 says:

    My take is that Harry’s army career was personally fulfilling and life changing but limited by his royal status. He was likely pressured to quit (I doubt Charles advised him to stay in) in order to support his brother and SIL.

    So he continues developing Invictus and does some other endeavors but those are also limited not just by his status but by the Firm and the courtiers.

    He meets Meghan and together they come up with new ways to do royal work. And that’s the plan post marriage but again, his status, the Firm, the courtiers stifle him at every turn.

    They realize they will never be permitted to really work, that they will always have to work just enough and just the right kind of work to make the RR but never more or more visible than the Doolittles and here we are.

    And I think William has likely been loud and vocal and involved in thwarting Harry’s every effort at every damned step.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I agree, the Firm pressured him to leave. W&K were refusing to do more work, they figured they’d push Harry around as usual. He had to leave the Army to do more royal work, while W&K got to live at Anmer and do 1/5 of the work they should have been doing.

      William tried to horn in on Invictus too, but it was already too established as Harry’s.

    • A says:

      I think Harry quit the army on the expectation and understanding that he’d be allowed to expand his royal role as he sees fit to. He knew the writing on the wall from before he married Meghan, that putting him together with William and Kate was not going to be sustainable for his own ideas and endeavours in the long run. His family and their staffers probably made some non-committal noises saying they’d help him out and support him and he said okay and decided to go all in. And then the chips came down and everybody left them in the cold.

      This separation has been some time coming. Even if Harry hadn’t married Meghan, he would have stepped back from the family in some sense or another, either by continuing with the military for the next ten years or so, or by marrying a blue-blooded aristocrat and then jetting off to America or somewhere else anyway. He’s been unsupported in his life with the monarchy for some time now. His grievances with them about how restricting the life is and how the press is so awful–it’s because he knows his family doesn’t want to lift a finger to help him find fulfillment in this position and they won’t do anything to stave off the press. He could have consoled himself if it had only been the older members of his family who behaved this way, but William, his contemporary, also left him in the dust to fend for himself. What choice did he have, really?

    • RoyalBlue says:

      I recall there being a lot of questions around when will the younger royals step up and there was a lot of guilt tripping pressure put on Harry to leave and do his duty for queen, God and country.

  21. Jean says:

    COVID 19 will change the world. It will cause financial hardship. I don’t think the UK will be able to continue to finance the Royal Family. The have to deal to the financial loss from COVID 19 and Brexit. Harry and Meghan left in style. The other members of the Royal Family may not have that luxury. All the restrictions put on Harry and Meghan, will the other members of the Royal Family be able to follow the same rules when it applies to them?

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      It is already causing financial hardship as its begun to affect those in the service sector and those who are self employed.

      With Brexit this will hit the UK hard and if Katie Keen keeps on flouncing around with her expensive bespoke designer clothes that she wears one and jewellery she risks the press turning on her Marie Antoinette style. If Meghan is now paying for her own clothes they can’t throw her under the bus to take the heat of Katie Keen.

    • notasugarhere says:

      The monarchy could remain under strict rules and stricter financials. No more multiple homes, no more taxpayer money securing private residences like Gatcombe, Sandringham, Balmoral, Ray Mill. Put the monarchy on an extreme diet, including Kate and her spendthrift shopping. No more taxpayer paid private helicopter flights to see mummy or go shopping. No more taxpayer money spent securing the Middleton home.

      Charles forcibly moved out of Clarence House. £86million in restoration for his residence because he likes it better than BP???? I don’t care. Move him BP or Windsor. If he doesn’t want to live at BP, move him to Windsor and turn BP into a museum open 365 days a year. Remove the Freedom From Information (TM) about the two Duchies, demand full open accounting of the Sovereign Grant annually.

      • Waitwhat? says:

        If we have to have a monarchy (and I’m not convinced we do) then that’s what I’d like to see.

  22. Prof Trelawney says:

    on the Meghan part of this, I worked in an awful, dysfunctional office years ago and this new young woman joined. She was smart, fun, full of life, not pushy at all just had good energy and wanted to work. I overheard another woman, a too cool for school, boss’ pet, passive aggressive jerk say “she’s gonna make us all look bad.” That cleared the cobwebs for me, told me everything I needed to know about her, and the people around her who laughed and agreed. I left soon after, for a much better job w friendships that will last a lifetime and great experiences to cherish.

    The best part of the story — that office was shut down, everyone got laid off and ms too cool had trouble for years getting another job. Karma… Moral to me of that story, find better playgrounds to play in if you’re in ones like that, and just keep moving without looking back. Bullies gonna bully but they’re the losers… I think Meghan sees that already, and Harry is learning fast. Also, when orgs are focused on back stabbing not work, it may spell failure for the org itself. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the BRF foresees something like that for them now too…

    PS thank heavens for this blog and for all of you today, in day 3 of isolation…best wishes to all…

    • notasugarhere says:

      Hugs to you for escaping that work environment. I’ve been in those before, where the work place and co-workers are far more draining than the work itself.

      For some happier royal things, have you visited The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor? She isn’t posting anymore, but the archives are up. Don’t read the comments because there were some haters in there. The site has loads of pictures of royal fashion and jewels stretching back years.

      • Prof Trelawney says:

        thank you, v good lifelong lessons learned, and thanks for the suggestion, just checked it out, fun to peruse the dresses!

    • Jaded says:

      Been there too Prof Trelawney. Only the mean girl ended up being arrested by the RCMP. She was fired from her job and decided to open an art gallery. She had a bunch of her artists’ works deliberately stolen so she could sell it all privately and got busted. Karma baby, karma…

      Good luck with the isolation!

  23. Bosandi says:

    We’ve always been sold this narrative that Harry and William have been exceptionally close. What if they were never THAT close to begin with?? Could this be a fairy tale spun like the other royal family tales they like to spin? I mean, I don’t think they hated each other all their lives but maybe their bond wasn’t as solid as we’ve been led to believe…Just a thought.

    • aria says:

      I think you are right because Diana boys being close sells paper more and they don’t want another heir and spare fighting from queen father and his brother, queen and her sister, Charles, and Andrew. so they might be avoided with Harry and William. I read somewhere they often harry and William clash with each other but queen private secretary where Andrew and Charles set up a coup to outcast that fellow. that fellow is the one who often make harry and William work together for future. You can see the disagreement with the brother started to come out as soon as that fellow got banished from the palace and from that it turns out to be a mess.

      • just saying says:

        @ aria: That would be Christopher Geidt, the Queen’s private secretary from 2007-2017. He was (and I think still is) often credited with being able to actually stand up to the royals and pull their heads out of their asses (which is, of course, why Charles and Andrew wanted him gone because neither of them wants anyone telling them what to do). I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the facade that the royals have been able to build up since Diana’s death started to come apart once Geidt was shown the door.

      • A says:

        @just saying, @aria, yes, Christopher Geidt was described as being “the only person who had the measure of [the Queen]” in another Guardian article. He was forced out by Charles during the staffing reshuffle a few years ago. Ever since then, the Queen has been fully surrounded by yes men and women, and the operation has been going sideways ever since.

    • Marie says:

      I agree. I don’t think they were that close to begin with. They have always led separate lives. William was in University and Harry in the military. The press were trying to push them as super close.

  24. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    “One aide described it as a ‘different type of work culture that no one was prepared for’.”
    -Because they currently spend all day with their thumbs up their arses?
    When this pandemic comes to an end, the world will be a very different place. Financial systems across the world have or are collapsing. Welfare and healthcare systems will undergo deep systemic change. The relationship between governments and citizens will have to be restructured into a more workable, collaborative framework. There will be a lot less money and many more in need.
    If the Royal Family is to survive – and I don’t think it should – they’ll need to completely restructure too. Gone are the years of game-playing and backstabbing, the idleness and suffocating riches. Kate will not be able to spend almost £27,000 on clothing for a weekend. She and her abysmally lazy Penis with Teeth will have to show value for money or they will fall.
    It’s so ironic that Meghan could have taught them the value of hard work, graft and thriftiness – the valuable survival techniques she honed when aiming for the heights. But hell, they’d never accept guidance from a woman of colour, even if it could save their miserable hides.

  25. Busyann says:

    Is anyone else, like myself, disappointed in the person William has become? I’m not that much younger than Harry and remember the magic of the royal family growing up in the 90s. William was such a handsome, teen hearthrob and the one I paid more attention to. Im just so surprised in the depths of his petulance and how dirty he did Harry and Meghan.

    • February Pisces says:

      When Meghan first came on the scene I thought the stuffy older royals would probably have a problem with her whilst the younger women, kate, engenie and bea might be jealous. But I always thought atleast William would be nice to her. Boy was I wrong, I can’t believe he turned out to be the worst one.

  26. Cosmo says:

    Wiilys jealousy and Katies nasty were the reasons behind the media abuse so Harry will never forgive that. I don’t blame him.

  27. A Guest says:

    There is a clip floating around of a Daily Mirror reporter being interviewed Piss Morgan at the time of the announcement. He states this mysterious thing that no one can talk about for “legal reasons” would change people’s minds. Specifically ” why H&M are so angry” at the royal family.

    I think Wm and KP have a lot to fear with when the lawsuits go to trial and Harry may have finally convinced the Queen and/or Charles with proof.

    • February Pisces says:

      Wait did piers say this? So what was he implying, could the legal bombshell be the rose affair or something much worse? Gawd I hope all the dirt comes out in the lawsuit, it will be every man for himself.

      • A says:

        There are rumours floating around that William tried to do something shady with the money that Meghan raised with the cookbook for Hubb Kitchen. Instead of the proceeds going straight to them, there was some weird stuff about how the money would stay in the trust and be spent at their discretion. I think William expected that that money would stay in the trust and M&H said nah. I’m dying for the details too, tbh.

      • Marie says:

        February, no it was some other guy. Piers cuts him off so he doesn’t say more.

      • February Pisces says:

        Yes I did hear that rumour too. Gawd William is the worst, basically stealing from grenfell victims who have lost everything to line his own pockets. It makes sense that piers would cut the guy off from saying anything, he pretty much works for KP. I hope it all comes out and William is hit by the karma bus.

    • Nic919 says:

      Keir Simmons and Tom Bradby have also said a similar thing. That there is a reason for the departure and that most would side with Harry and Meghan if it got out n

  28. JRenee says:

    When he next threatens to walk away, let him. The arrogance and ego of William is huge. His Monarchy may be the real end of the RF as we know it anyway.

  29. A says:

    ‘It didn’t help that whenever he asked the shared staff at Kensington Palace to do something, they were often busy with ‘more important’ work for the Duke of Cambridge, who, after all, will one day be King.’

    This gets to the crux of something I’ve always suspected. The KP staff answers to William first and foremost. Any issues with the work culture that Meghan and Harry have been having with the staffers at KP is on some level William’s fault as well, considering he is responsible for them. This also adds another link to the idea that William is who was responsible for smearing Meghan and Harry in the press. So many of the early smearing came from the KP staffers. Within this hierarchy, he is their boss. They would not have been authorized to leak anything or speak to the press at all if they did not think William would have been okay with it. Harry knows this too. And plus, William did nothing after the fact to discipline his staffers for leaking. If your own brother’s work employees are sh-tting all over you and spreading rumours about you and your wife, and your brother did nothing to stop them or at worst, actively aided them in doing so, then why is anyone surprised at the relationship deteriorating?

  30. AGreatDane says:

    This is all crap, Harry didn’t want to leave the military but William had a million excuses as to why he and Kate couldn’t be full-time royals at the time. And what kinda work culture isn’t used to having emails in your inbox when you get to your desk? Those courtiers were lazy, like their bosses. Harry could never be overshadowed by William in terms of impactful work, he’s got three solo ventures and counting and William can’t even explain Earthshot.

    • Sass says:

      The email thing always cracked me up because they’re EMAILS. It doesn’t matter what time they’re sent! She doesn’t expect you to jump right at it. Just reply a few hours in to your day with what you’ve done in regards to her directives. She’s your boss, damb.

  31. Sass says:

    Ugh. It’s so transparent. Gross.

  32. Awkward symphony says:

    This was good although it had the usual nonsense about “controlling Meghan”, I’m glad they added the part about the palace hating Meghan’s work ethic and actually doing something as opposed to cutting ribbons & smiling!
    I think the rift is due to the toxic environment driven out of jealousy and Harry having concrete evidence that NormalBill was behind all the leaks and not their father+them using thomas against Meghan.
    As they say “the apple doesnt fall far from the tree”! I dont see things changing much but Bill will come to regret his actions once he’s POW and has alot of pro-charles courtiers around him leaking stuff about him.