Amy Sedaris: I’m not a shut-in, but I spend a lot of time at home and love it


Like most of the nighttime talk show hosts, Stephen Colbert is filming an at home version of The Late Show. If I may be shallow for just a moment, quarantine has been go-od to Stephen. Between his casual leave-the-top-button-undone attire and his grey templed, soft waves emerging hair, he’s found a new vibe. However, we’re here to talk about his guest yesterday, his longtime, very good friend, Amy Sedaris. Amy, whose show At Home with Amy Sedaris begins its third season today, used her segment to make crafts with Stephen and she chose to make tongue depressor people. While they created ART, Steven pointed out that since Amy formed her career around being home, she must be fine during quarantine, to which Amy basically said, she was.

Now Aim, your show, of course, is called At Home with Amy Sedaris. It’s as if you prepared for coronavirus ahead of time by making your fabulous career all at home. How do you feel?

I mean, I’m home a lot. I’m not a shut it, but I spend a lot of time at home and I take care of my home so that hasn’t been the problem. You know what I mean? I love being at home.

Amy makes a good point that being in your home isn’t the whole issue, it’s taking care of it that can be overwhelming. As I’ve said a couple of times, my schedule has not changed that dramatically, so quarantine is kind of fine for me. But every two weeks, after I write a check to my housekeeper, I’ve been cleaning my own house trying to do at least half the job she would, Ho-ly crap, is that a trial for me because it’s not a task I usually perform. I straighten and spot clean, but not top to bottom scour. So I imagine Amy, who has built her show and hobbies around staying at home, is faring just fine. She’s got her crafts to entertain her and Tina, her bunny, for company so she’s thriving. Amy should write a book about it. Of all the people I’d want a How to Survive Quarantine book from, it’d be Amy. Well, Amy or her brother David.

Speaking of books, the book that Amy got the popsicle stick people craft from was Bible Crafts. The crafting part takes up the first five minutes of her interview and it’s the funniest part. Stephen did not predict needing “a jar of hair” (I know, who doesn’t have a jar of hair?!) and has to get his son John to cut his to finish his project. Then his glue spurts out and falls off his tongue depressor and he begs John not to tell his mother, Evelyn. All the while, Amy is calmly going about her own project, which, when finished, looks like a nightmare I had during my last migraine. I can’t tell you how happy I am season three of Amy’s show drops today. This is the content I need for lockdown.




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  1. Flamingo says:

    I just love Amy! She’s built a career around her interests. Her old interviews with Letterman still make me laugh.

  2. Call_me_al says:

    Her show is highly silly and highly entertaining!

  3. Esmom says:

    The Sedaris siblings are national treasures. I prefer David…every time my quirky son does something quirky enough to make me worry about his future, I think of how David spends hours every day picking up trash from country lanes in England and I feel better.

    And I can relate to Amy. I’m not a shut in (lol at her turn of phrase) but I feel like I could be if I’m not careful. In fact, as a former freelance writer, a few years ago I forced myself to get another job that took me out of the house and among people because I felt like working alone in my house for so many years could possibly be detrimental to my health.

    I think I’m enjoying the shelter in place order a little too much. My college kids are home and I’m just so at peace having this unexpected extra time with them under our roof again. I have to go into my office one day next week and I think it will be a huge shock to my system.

    I’ve also taken up crafting a little bit, painting rocks and leaving them around my neighborhood. One more way to keep myself from being a complete shut-in, lol.

  4. Case says:

    I completely relate. I’ve had some hard days mentally during all of this, but it’s not because of being home; it’s because of fear of the unknown/worry for my loved ones. I hate that we’re dealing with these circumstances, obviously, but I’ve been in heaven at home. I already worked remotely, but the extra time on nights and weekends has been awesome. I find housework meditative and love that I have so much more time to watch shows and movies. I’m just an introverted homebody by nature. I miss my family and friends, but other than that? Yeah, I could totally just stay home all the time and feel perfectly content.

  5. Annaloo. says:

    I love being at home!! I took up so many crafting hobbies and haven’t started any of them bc Netflix and Hulu! Ha! It will be a shock to go back to the office for me too!

  6. Jessica says:

    I love her so much!!

  7. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Same Amy. Same. I admitted on a post on FB that Ive actually been enjoying being in lockdown. I love being home. It’s my favorite place to be. Im a homebody.

  8. Ashley says:

    I love being at home too but lately I’ve been feeling very anxious. Even if I don’t do half of the things that are closed, I want them open just so life can be normal again. Is that weird?

  9. Minorbird says:

    I love her sooo much!!

  10. adastraperaspera says:

    She’s a national treasure, truly!

  11. Charfromdarock says:

    I love both of them!

  12. Gina says:

    I hope she writes that book! I would buy it in a second. I’d also stand inline to have her autograph it, which I’ve done with her other books. Love her!