Dr. Drew is “bothered” by Brad Pitt’s reefer addiction & jetset lifestyle

Brad Pitt
We’ve all been mislead into worrying about Brad Pitt’s drinking. Brad’s spent the better part of year talking about beer and getting liquored up and joking about being “a drunk”, but it looks like Brad’s real problem all along was the reefer. This is according to Dr. Drew, who has become famous for “diagnosing” celebrities without ever meeting them. He just judges them, with an aura of professionalism, by reading about them in Star Magazine or whatever. Last year, in a now infamous Playboy interview, Dr. Drew said that Tom Cruise exhibits the signs of “serious neglect in childhood – maybe some abuse, but mostly neglect.” Dr. Drew also insinuated that Angelina Jolie was probably using heroin while pregnant, and dismissed her work with the UNHCR as “global self-serving acts”. Back in June, Dr. Drew piped up again to talk some smack about Lindsay Lohan, saying that “she’s going to lose a limb or something before” she gets sober.

Now, some or many of you might agree with some or all of Dr. Drew’s opinions/diagnoses. Me? It’s one of my biggest peeves about the tabloids – I hate it when medical doctors or psychiatric professionals talk to the press about someone they are not treating. It lends a patina of medical credibility for what should remain in the realm of pure gossipy speculation. It’s cheap, it’s unprofessional, it’s unethical, and, in my mind, it’s libel. But there’s no stopping Dr. Drew. He just had to speak out about Brad Pitt’s reefer addiction, and why everything about Brad is just plain wrong:

Dr. Drew Pinsky — board certified addiction specialist & host of Celebrity Rehab — has some advice for actor Brad Pitt who recently revealed to Bill Maher that he no longer smokes marijiuana because he became a father.

Dr. Drew tells RadarOnline.com exclusively, “You have to wonder how much pot Brad was smoking. Was it a chronic problem? I don’t know. But to the extent that he had to quit because he felt it was interfering with his parenting abilities is bothersome.”

Drew says the number one mistake parents make is admitting to their children that they did drugs. “I see it all the time with my patients. Parents tell their son/daughter that they did drugs, and then they warn them about the hazards of drugs. But in the child’s adolescent mind, it’s hypocrisy. Their parents did it, and they are ok.”

Dr. Drew says the only time it’s acceptable to tell the children is if they, the parents, are in recovery. Drew has specific advice for daddy Pitt when one the members of the Brangelina brood inquires about his pot smoking days.

“Don’t lie to your kids. The horse is out of the barn. Here is what I would tell him (Brad Pitt) to say I wish I hadn’t said that, it would have been better for you to not know what I did or didn’t do. The fact is why is here is why I think you shouldn’t do it, or I would say I was so badly addicted I had to struggle with it, to stop to make sure I was available to parent you. It’s an unusual situation with this public conversation.”

Another concern Drew has for the Pitt children, are all of the moves the family makes.

“Multiple moves are very destructive for kids. I can’t say it’s necessarily going to harm them. They never develop any stable relationships with their peers. It’s very traumatic on many levels. A couple of VH1 programs coming up, some of the patients have moved 20 or more times.”

The third season of Celebrity Rehab is set to premiere on VH1 in early 2010.

[From Radar]

God, I couldn’t disagree more. Unless you (as a parent) are talking a child with significant mental disabilities, most adolescent kids get the difference between “mom’s being a hypocrite” and “mom’s being honest about her drug usage, I should listen and learn.” And I hate when anyone equates smoking pot to heroin or anything harder. It’s not. Stop it. This isn’t the first time Dr. Drew has been in utter disbelief that someone could smoke a joint once, and not immediately need rehab and a lifetime of out-patient recovery. He sounds like an out-of-touch idiot when his advice is to tell kids “daddy was badly addicted to the reefer.” Enough.

In one last Brad Pitt story, if you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels and looks like to stalk Brad, Star Magazine has the up close and personal experience for you. Self-proclaimed “Manhattan-based Internet personality” Justin Ross Lee was on a plane with Brad, and he spent the entire flight surreptitiously filming and photographing Brad. Now he’s sold the photos and footage to Star Magazine, including his own little personal insights on the actor. Stuff like: “Brad had zero attitude and seemed like a regular guy — the kind of guy you’d like to have a beer with. Brad ate a full four-course meal with relish. Brad couldn’t possibly have been any more down to earth. He was a first-class guy all the way!” If you want to see Brad attacking airline food like a hungry dog, check it out. It’s kind of boring, actually.

Header is of Dr. Drew on 5/31/09 and Pitt on 8/12/09. Credit: PRPhotos. Picture below is of Brad drinking whisky at the after party for The Time Traveler’s Wife on 8/13/09.

time travellers afterparty 130809

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  1. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I, too, hate it when doctors who are not treating someone make a judgment about them or their health.

    I used to like Dr. Drew…on LoveLine, he really seemed to have good advice for people, but I think he’s become a victim of his celebrity and thinks he knows more than he really does.

  2. YT says:

    Dr. Drew wants to be a celebrity by talking about celebrities with whom he has no personal contact. He’s a loser, though talking to the tabloids is a nice little income source for him. Most of his comments are questionable, so I wonder why anyone would take is “diagnosing” seriously.

  3. DD says:

    I am “bothered” by Dr. Pinksy exploitative show on addiction. I think it’s destructive for vulnerable addicts to have their dirty laundry aired on tv for all to see.
    Although I do agree he should keep his reefer pride on the down low. While I think weed should be legalized like alcohol and cigarettes, I don’t think it should be celebrated like it’s the coolest thing to do.

  4. whitedaisy says:

    Although I believe that Dr. Drew is damaging his credibility as a physician with his public opinions on celebrities, I agree with him from a parenting perspective.
    It has been my experience, as the parent of 3 adult non-addicted children, that it was those parents who “shared” their own experiences with their kids who are now dealing with drugs and worse.
    Kids will always rebel.
    If they know from Mom and Dad that they did alcohol or drugs in their youth, then the kid will want to do just a bit more. Dr. Drew is correct in that, in the adolescent child’s brain, all they hear and see is, “Mom did it. Dad did it. They seem ok to me.”

  5. Beth says:

    I don’t know why Dr. Drew is saying that Brad has a severe drug problem because it effects his parenting. Brad said he quit because he wanted to keep a clear mind. Sounds more like he quit or decreased his use to prevent problems. Pot messes with your head and slows down your reflexes. Not something that you want around kids. Drew is acting like Brad was high around his kids and quit because something happened to them. Also aren’t a lot of his patients, at least the celebrities, still on drugs?

  6. whatever says:

    I think Dr. Drew is right. He is merely saying things like multiple moves are destructive. Also, when he is talking about parents talking to their children about their drug use, he is refering to what he has seen in his practice. I think it is valid.

    As an aside, I do think that Angelina Jolie’s charity work is self serving. She stole someone’s husband. She is trying to make herself look better. True she has done good but she never passes up the chance to let everyone know it. It is totally self serving.

  7. Miss Wanderlust says:

    Dr. Drew is becoming the new Dr. Phil….anoying as hell ! Dr. Phil tried to fix Britney’s problems to benefit his own sorry *ss show and now Dr. Drew is getting on the Pitt bandwagon supposedly because he cares so much about him ?
    It’s a shame because i used to like him on LoveLine too ? His show “Celebrity Rehab” aired here in the Netherlands but i never watched it because i feel embarrassed for the people who perticipate and air their dirty laundry for everyone to see ?
    It’s hard enough beating an addiction but being in such a show exposes you more to some morons who don’t know you for real and maybe try to seduce you for their own fun/pleasures ?
    PLEASE get a life of your own Dr. Drew !

    My view on weed is very different being Dutch because in my country it’s legal.
    You can smoke a joint next to a cop and it’s no problem….i have a friend who loves to be photographed with a joint standing next to one or more cop(s)?

    Personally i have never used drugs but if i want to i can buy it in every city or small town.
    I think it would fix a lot if they would also legalize it in the States, i’m not saying there are no crimes in my country but most of the murders here are domestic or hard-drugs related ?
    You should also use it in a moderate way but that’s often also the problem some people can and some people can’t….same with alcohol, food, sex and other drugs.
    Once It’s Forbidden, It’s Desired All The More ….

  8. cee says:

    So Dr. Drew diagnosis his patients based on the tabloids like In Touch and Star. Sounds like just the Dr. I am looking for. I only see the aliens at night!!!!!. PLEASE people Brad and Angie will always be the focus of jealousy and attention seeking by using them. God Bless the Jolie Pitts.

  9. Nev says:

    This is why Brad P & Angelina J don’t need a pr team. Every Celeb rise up and speak their names crowing them the king and queen of HW.
    I agree with every one else that Dr, Drew is an out-of-touch idiot.
    I agree that his show is exploitive. I believe he is using the celebs on his show for his own personal gain. He is another Dr. Phil.

  10. Bodhi says:

    It is impossible to be addicted to pot.

  11. Firestarter says:

    I ‘m more bothered by Brad’s pork pie hats and his stupid Elvis sunglasses.

  12. Diane says:

    Dr. Drew’s comments are appropriate to the issue. What I find inappropriate is Drew’s attachment to naming the celebrity when offering an opinion.

    (Medical ethics and healthy boundaries, Pinsky = )

  13. princess pea says:

    Dear Dr Drew,


    You don’t treat these celebrities, and I have a sneaky feeling that most of them would back slowly away from you in a crowded room. If you did treat any of the people you feel so free to divulge your “medical” opinions upon, you would be sued to the teeth for your libelous public statements.

    Furthermore, you are a doctor but you should realize that not all doctors are the same, and not all doctors are experts on every single aspect of a human’s health. You are not a developmental psychologist, so I am not entirely sure why you feel so entitled to tell us how people grew up, or how their choices as parents are fucking up their kids.

    In short, sir, mind your own business and shut your damn mouth.

    Princess Pea

  14. Sani says:

    Ditto: Dr. Drew is becoming the next Dr. Phil. He has the same greed in his eyes as Dr. Phil when he went after Britney.
    Dr. Drew’s show is only good as the has-been celebs on the show.
    Of Dr. Drew would want a Brad Pitt type for his failing show.

  15. Sani says:

    Has Dr. Phil I mean Drew said any thing about Jessica Simpson she seems to be very out of control with her drinking.

  16. KDRockstar says:

    It seems like he has lost his direction. Before Dr. Drew would provide helpful advice. Now, he is part of the media machine – plugging his VH1 series by using celebrities (whom he does not know or treat).

    Boo. Hiss. Not watching.

  17. Ursula says:

    Much as I dislike arm chair diagnosis and Dr Drew, it does not take a genius to see that Pitt has a problem. He is a drunk and still uses pot. From the interviews, I would say heavily seeing as he does not sound coherent in most of his interviews.

    Pitt has a problem and it is serious. Hopefully he gets help sooner than later.

  18. Ducky says:

    @cee “I only see the aliens at night!!!” LOL! :-D Let me know what Dr. Drew says.

  19. Toe says:

    “As an aside, I do think that Angelina Jolie’s charity work is self serving. She stole someone’s husband. She is trying to make herself look better.”

    WTF??? Angie charity work is WAAAYY before ever meeting Brad. She was doing it even before the “shocking” vials of blood.

    Dr Drew himself needs to smoke pot to fix his brain.

  20. lucy says:

    In general, I think he does hit the nail on the head quite often and usually does give out good advice.
    However, in recent years, he’s taken to publicly diagnosing people like this, and it’s completely unprofessional. He is coming off as exploitative, and based on what I know of his TV show, it’s the same way.
    It’s a shame because I think he’s a smart guy with a lot to offer, and I typically agree with his opinions, but hate that he makes those opinions public at all. The whole celebrity game and pushing the ethical boundaries by diagnosing people who are not his patients really works against the good advice he has to offer.

  21. Madelyn Rose says:

    Ursula, I totally agree with you. I like Brad, but it seems like he is constantly drunk, drinking, talking about smoking weed, etc. While Dr. Drew has no real proof, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. I think Dr. Drew is right on. It’s just not a good idea to admit to your kids that you drink and do drugs, or that you did in the past.

    And I totally agree about the multiple moves being damaging to children. This is something that has been agreed upon by professionals for years. This is not new information, it’s just that fans are reticent to view the stars that they adore as normal folks. We tend to overlook a lot of things and make excuses for them…

  22. Tazina says:

    Dr. Drew is such an obnoxious, self-righteous, greedy fame-ho. He doesn’t use good judgement when he condemns Brad Pitt for smoking dope. Brad said he quit when he had kids, which was a mature and wise thing to do. Kids often turn away from dope if they know their parents smoked it as it’s not that “cool” anymore. Time to come into the 21st century Dr. Drew – better yet – why don’t you just go away?

    If the kids have a loving and stable relationship with their parents these moves are not going to affect them. They all have each other for support and they are having a great life.

  23. Ursula says:

    Tazina, Brad said he quit but Tarantino outed him a couple of days ago and from his demeanor and recent outings, he does come off as stoned.

    Lets not forget that he (Brad)also inadvertently admitted that he was drunk and smoking something when he agreed to do inglorious basterds.

  24. ! says:

    What is all this “its bad to tell your kids” bs?

    That is just malarkey and you should keep your misinformation to yourself.

    If a parent is a former user and their child ends up being so too, its far more likely because of the dependency issues they passed on. My father was NEVER honest about his past drug use, and never spoke to me about his past alcoholism, and I regularly smoke weed and drink socially. Alternately, I’ve had friends whose parents were completely honest with them and they never had a desire or urge to try drugs at all. My boyfriend’s parents were honest with him, and he tried nearly every drug once, decided none of them were for him, and moved on.

    Not everyone is an instant addict. Not everyone is a sheep.

    Stop pigeonholing people with your absolutes. Not all kids look at their parents and say “hey, where they ended up in life isn’t all bad”. Some will aspire above them no matter what, and saying that their honesty about drugs will somehow deter that, is rude and a lie.

  25. Rosalee says:

    Celebrity Rehab actually provides a service by exposing the downside of stardom, many young people assume using drugs and drinking extreme amounts of alcohol is a necessary appendage to becoming famous watching a few episodes pours that myth down the drain. Now if only there was a program dealing with young women acting like cheap skanks – Miley and Lady Gaga..I am a firm believer that the first role models are the parents, but at the same time these individuals do not make our jobs any easier. As for Dr. Drew diagnosing individuals without conducting a consultation..sometimes even a lay persons knows when someone is in trouble by watching and observing.

  26. Sam says:

    dr. drew lost his credibility when he took addicts and put them on a TV show to profit off of them. In fact, the man should loose his license. for him to judge anyone is absolutely ludicrous.

    he should worry more about his own patients, then celebrities that are not under his care.he should also have a little class, and remember that he is a doctor; dr.’s don’t go naming names and discussing people’s problems with the media. these days he seems more like a socialite then a dr.

  27. Beth says:

    I don’t get the “Brad is always drinking/drunk” comments. I don’t recall any videos of Brad being drunk. I say video instead of pictures because people said Brad was drunk at the Berlin premiere after party and had to be carried out. Yet when you look at the video nobody was helping him and he wasn’t stumbling. Also drinking doesn’t mean you’re drunk. Diane has been photographed drinking at 6 or 7 afterparties and nobody calls her an alcoholic. Brad is seen at 3 and he’s in desperate need of help. It’s funny how Brad is barely seen at restaurants/bars but he has a huge problem. Other celebrities party every other day, being carried out but nobody says a word.

  28. YoMomma says:

    That Star magazine video piece was amazing. Brad Pitt coming out of an airplane bathroom!!! What is wrong with the guy who took this video? Is there no privacy? How much do you think he got paid for this crap?

  29. Devries says:


    There, I said it. Four damn years of college idiots have given me this opinion. Many more years of dealing with those who still smoke after college have intensely strengthened it.

    I’ve never met a group more self-righteous than them. It seems the instant a hint of weed touches their lungs they turn into grand moral crusaders who must constantly inform the world of how perfect and healthy their dope of choice is and how anyone who disagrees is a Nazi who must immediately STFU about everything forever.

    As for the commenter above who mentioned how cool Pitt was acting on the plane? That’s because he was stoned. However, there are few creatures more obnoxious than a habitual pot smoker who is sober – weed functions as a pair of bicycle training wheels for social interaction, and god forbid you get in a the way of a skilless cyclist when they come off.

    Oh, and for the record, ate the brownies once, got nauseous and paranoid, never had the urge again.

  30. Heavenbound says:

    Well it’s nice to know that most of you have more knowledge than the actual Dr. that has the PhD., and the years of experience he has treating hundreds of people with all types of disorders and addictions.

    He is in title to his opinion on the matter, and as someone else pointed out, that sometimes you can see the physical signs on someone, you don’t have to necessarily see what they do behind closed doors to know that there is a problem.

    Also, Tarantino stated that he is still is a drug user. And for the person that said, that it is impossible to get addicted to pot, please do your research on the topic before posting such and ignorant statement.

  31. truthSF says:

    Isn’t weed an herb? Why are ppl calling him a drug user for smoking pot? Talk about being dazed and confused.

  32. DD says:

    hey truthSF, cocaine comes from the coca plant and heroin comes from the poppy plant. Being that these 2 are some of the most demonized drugs out there, you can see that drugs do come from the natural environment. So yes, pot alters your state of mind, and people who use pot are using a drug, as are people who partake in alcohol, nicotine and caffeine. Truth is we’re all drug users.

    There is such a thing as mental addiction. Daily pot users are mentally addicted to pot. I should know I dated one for many years and am surrounded by others who can’t go a day without using.

  33. jeannified says:

    I just watched the video that the guy on the plane took. That is so obnoxious! I don’t know how Brad didn’t see him doing that. Perhaps he was just ignoring the guy! Poor Brad!

  34. Trey says:

    Sounds like Dr. Drew has sand in his pussay. Again.

  35. Heavenbound says:

    Sam, I can tell you don’t know any Dr.’s or nurses!!

    He he, they talk about their patients all the time, not to the media of course because of HIPPA. But some of them are not as ethical as you think.

    And to truthSF: You are the one dazed and confused no and herb is Basil, Rosemary.. not pot that is a Hallucinogen it has THC, once again do your research.

  36. okay... says:

    You’re right Bodhi, no physical withdrawl symptoms, but you can become psychologically dependent on it.

  37. Cinderella says:

    Amen DD. I also dated someone years ago who could not go one day without pot. Highly irritable and downright hateful if he went too long without it.

  38. Firestarter says:

    ITA Devries.

    Also, since when is pot not a drug since it is “natural”?

    As another poster said, cocaine and Heroin come from natural sources, that doesn’t make them less addictive, less dangerous or any less of a DRUG.

    Pot smokers always think that is is so unjust that the stuff isn’t legal and that the government is so effed up for not legalizing it. It has been proven as a gateway drung, leading smokers to other, more potent drugs. It is ADDICTIVE, is it a drug.

    Before anyone jumps on me, I smoked pot for a number of years (haven’t for an equal amount of years) and have never cared who did drugs one way or the other, but to say that pot is not addictive or a drug is super ridiculous as well as inaccurate.

  39. the original kate says:

    what kind of doctor makes a prognosis on a patient he hasn’t even seen?

  40. DD says:

    cinderella, I had the same experience. Not only that, I was also subjected to the constant preaching of the benefits of pot, and funny enough how it isn’t addictive at all, days of sitting around doing nothing watching people stoned out of their mind, stare at the wall, or talk about the different ways to smoke, different pot paraphernalia etc… meanwhile the non addicted dude, was smoking up all day long, ultimately lost his job and ended up taking on a new career of selling the stuff.

  41. tina1986 says:

    As someone who was a regular smoker, but has quit for the past three months in order to clean out and get a job I know I will have a drug test for, I can say that pot is not a physical addiction. I had an eating disorder in college that I consider a much harder addiction to recover from, I still struggle with it. There is a mental addiction that goes along with smoking pot, but it’s not a physical urge. Quitting is not hard, I think it would be much harder for someone who binge drinks and may be boardering on alcoholic to quit drinking then for a person who is smoking pot to quit. Which is odd, because alcohol is legal and pot is illegal. Pot defiantly should not be compared to heroin, coke, or any other harder drug, they are completly different drugs.

  42. kim says:

    Bill Maher asked Brad why he stopped he said I’m a dad he didn’t say I stopped when I became a dad. He didn’t specify when he stopped. QT is talking about Brad giving him Hash in July 2008.Also why is it Dr Drew has never talked about rappers like Snoop and their weed usage. Maybe he thinks they wll kick his ass. He knows Brad and Angie rarely respond to gossip about them.

  43. Cheyenne says:

    Oh dear, is moving around a lot really all that damaging for children? Then maybe we’d better remove all the kids in our Armed Forces families and put them all in foster homes where they wouldn’t have to be moved around so much.

    And let’s not overlook the fact that if they removed all the kids from families where the parents occasionally toke up or have a drink after tucking the kiddies in for the night, half the kids in America might have to be removed from their homes.

    If we really want to keep the kids safe and healthy and free from bad examples, then we’d better remove all the kids from homes in which their parents smoke plain old cigarettes. It’s been established for years now that second-hand smoke can be lethal.

    Or maybe everybody just needs to butt out and mind their own business. So far the Jolie-Pitts seem to be doing a pretty fair job raising their kids.

  44. Firestarter says:

    @Tina My best friend is an alcohol and drug counselor, . Pot may not have the same addictive effects that other drugs have, but make no mistake, it is a drug and it is addictive. Anything that you take to alter your mood physically or mentally has an addictive hold on you. Pot is a gateway drug, that in many cases, but not all, leads the user to more on to other, more potent drugs.

    Also, now we are justifying Brads lies with he said he quit because he is a dad vs I quit when I became a dad. I ask, what is the difference? Nice that everyone always can make excuses for the Pitt/Jolies when they are found out to be lying about something that they either admitted to or denied before. Good Lord.

  45. JuniperGreen says:


    I have a PhD and am a regular pot smoker. I enjoy it and find that it helps greatly with my anxiety problems. That said, I can see why you would have the opinion that you do, considering the experiences that you have had. But all pot smokers are not on a moral high horse. Some of us are just quiet people living quiet lives (I, for one, am very solitary and bookwormish)who are equally quiet about their pro-pot use stance.

    For the comments on cocaine, look up how it is made on youtube. It is made from the coca plant, but it is also soaked in gasoline and various types of acid for months at a time before the powder is distilled and dried out. It’s definitely not natural in any way. Just an aside.

  46. rop says:

    It sounds as if there is a little spin on this interview, like many. It sounds like he is being led into making these assumptions. It is wrong and immoral for a doctor to diagnose people without ever metting them but when asked blunt questions, it sounds like he is only answering them. You can definitely read more into this or any story about Dr. Drew’s advice.

  47. birdgherl says:

    Dr Drew is an annoying, publicity-seeking douche. No doctor worth his salt would parade sick people all over TV or talk about people he doesn’t even treat. That being said, I am sure BP parties like a rock star. As he should.

  48. tina1986 says:

    I tend to not really believe much of the gateway drug theories, I see them more as government anti-marijuana propaganda. If anything, I believe alot of the reason it’s a “gateway” drug is because of who people have to deal with in order to get pot. If someone was buying the drug in a store specifically for the purpose of buying pot they wouldn’t be dealing with drug dealers, who are often selling and offering other drugs to their “customers”, not just pot.
    I think alcohol can be consider a gatway drug more then pot. I’m much more willing to try things when I’m drinking then when I’m smoking. When I smoke I watch tv, I’m not wound up and ready to snort coke.
    Also, I didn’t say it wasn’t at all addictive, I said it was more of a mental addiction, not physical. You don’t go into a physical withdrawal after you quit smoking. It’s great that your friend’s a counselor, but you are not, my mom is a doctor but it doesn’t make me more knowledgable on medical topics then you. That’s not a statement that leads me to believe you know more on a topic then I do.

  49. Cheyenne says:

    tina1986: I tend to not really believe much of the gateway drug theories

    When I was coming up, the standard wisdom was that if you took one puff of weed on Monday, you’d be mainlining heroin on Tuesday. I’d imagine this theory originated because the great majority of heroin addicts started out using pot before they “graduated” to the hard stuff.

    It’s a classic example of inside-out reasoning, and it makes about as much sense as saying that since almost all alcoholics start out as social drinkers, almost all social drinkers will end up as alcoholics. I know a bajillion people who drink socially. I can count the number of hard-core alcoholics I know on the fingers of one hand and have a couple of fingers left to spare.

  50. whatever says:

    Dr. Drew is not diagnosing anyone.

    He works with people in drug rehab and he knows a junkie when sees one.

    Also, nobody is forced to go on celebrity rehab. The participants want to be on the show. It’s not like some broke ass nobody needed rehab and had to whore themselve out on the show to get treatment.

    Also, Brad and Angelina are not these super great humanitarians. They make me want to puke.

  51. Miriam says:

    One thing to remember too, is that the Jolie-Pitt’s are not always moving, they are just going to their other homes, except while on location, they eventually go back. They have the place in France, the house in NOLA and the place in LA, which the children have been to numerous timees. WhAt’s the problem with that?

  52. hello says:

    I live in Huntington Beach just outside of LA. There was a huge stink here when Dr. Drew brought his minions to pass out fliers to underage teenagers asking them about their “sex addictions,” including attachements to mother/fathers, or “incest fantasies” for a NEW REALITY SHOW he’s thinking about doing. Adam Corolla said it best about this guy: he’s Dr. Famewhore.

  53. hello says:

    Firestarter, you are SO full of sh*t. You have no idea what you are talking about. POT is not “a gateway drug.” Stop pushing the same old, tired drug propaganda from the 1980s, Nancy Reagan. I am a medical marijuana user from California and pot helps with my condition. I have never used other drugs, and I only use it about once or twice a month. Let other people decide what’s right for them,
    judgmental freak.

  54. Firestarter says:

    Hello- WTF is your problem? There are plenty of other people on this thread who have said the same thing or worse and yet you find it necessary to call me out AND call me names. My father is a bloody doctor in California, you idiot (how do you like name calling) so I am well aware of medicinal use of marijuana and what I stated had NOTHING TO DO WITH THOSE WHO USE IT FOR MEDICAL PURPOSES! Now go crawl back into your hole and find someone else to pick on.

    It is fine to disagree with people and the things that they say, but it is NOT okay to call people names and be a rude and hateful bully.

    I used to smoke pot, so I don’t judge anyone for doing that or any other drug. The discussion, if you had read the thread was if it was a drug and addictive. I could give a f*** less who smokes pot, and I wasn’t telling anyone they shouldn’t.Why don’t you learn to read and comprehend things that are being said before you decide to be a big shot on the interwebz and name call.

    Have a super night!

  55. Heavenbound says:

    To Hello:

    I thought pot made people more mellow guess not!

    What is up with your name calling, just because you are not hooked on the drug it does not mean that other people are not. we all have different genetic-makeup thus are body can react different than someone else.

    I use to work in a Toxicology department and did allot of drug and alcohol screenings, so I know that pot is not an innocent drug that many of you like to portray. It is a drug and it is addictive. If pot was so innocent why does it destroy so many Lives.

    now go smoke your joint and chill

  56. Annabelle says:

    I actually think that Dr Drew is correct – Parents should not tell their kids that they’ve done drugs. Mine did, and my EXACT thought was “Well, they did it & they’re okay” & now, i’m a total pot-head. It made it seem like it was no big deal… something you could try and then be okay. You don’t think about addiction and the bad things that could happen cos you see your parents are fine.

  57. Who Cares says:

    I have no idea whether Brad has a problem with drinking or pot.

    Neither does Dr. Drew! I agree with the others who have said that they are sick of these doctors making comments about someone they haven’t treated, based on what they read in the tabs.

    I do think Dr. Drew is right that his kids are too young to know what drugs he has or hasn’t done, but whether I agree or not, it is every parent’s right to decide how to handle that.

  58. jann says:

    how can anyone call brad a drug abuser or alcoholic? we really can’t judge him base on the small information/pictures we see. unless you really got it out for brad, we know nothing, really. like with any other celebrity, only what they choose to share, brad and Angie are great humanitarian just accept it, they care about others and they don’t have to.

  59. jann says:

    one more thing, brad is hot as hell, look at him. good god. lol

  60. zpup says:

    The ignorance in these comments from people who ate a brownie or lived with pot smokers so they know about the mental vs physical addictions, is beyond what I thought was possible. First the person that ate the brownie, not too smart. Educated pot users know that eating marijuana does not allow for dosing at the correct level. A newbie that can’t handle it; okay, but don’t pass your stupidity as the normal user’s experience. To all those who think that there is no physical addiction needs to do some educating of what you speak (shakes, unable to sleep/eat, sweating, uncontrollable anxiety, nonstop terrifing nightmares, for a few; can last for up to 2 or 3 weeks, due to thc being fat soluble). Most people that use marijuana into adulthood use it because it is a positive for them. No one would chose to live with others that know nothing, but talk/judge as they do, about their live style, unless it did help them in someway; usually depression or severe anxiety. Please try not to judge until you walk in another’s shoes. Posting stupid comments is bad enough. And for those that think pot destroys people’s lives, think about society’s reaction to pot smoking; that is what destroys people’s lives. Prison and future unemployment for smoking a joint. I’m sure it’s the evil weed that’s the problem and not the prison or justice industries….

  61. Brandon says:

    Yes, I am aware of the age of this article, but I found it and read it. So I am going to add my opinion for the next person who stumbles on this page.

    Hear, hear! very well said zpup…

    I wonder how many of these people who judge others are taking some form of “legal” drugs.

    I smoke cannabis everyday because I like it. I am very energetic. I can’t even drink coffee, I would be bouncing off the walls. The cannabis normals me out, helps me take a break. Also helps me to relax and find humor in things that may drive other people crazy, like something as simple as waiting in line.

    I could smoke cannabis and immediately after hold an in depth discussion with anyone, on any topic, from personal to politics, you would never know. Some people may have issues with cannabis, I seriously doubt Brad is one of them. Artist have a different philosophy on life than your average person. Don’t assume because you had a bad experience or “knew someone” that did, that’s what normally happens.

    Some people die from smoking cigarettes, some don’t. Some people die from drinking, some don’t. Some people die from Vicodin or Oxycontin, The very drugs this licensed drug dealer “Dr. Drew” prescribes. No one has died from cannabis. End of discussion!

    I’m 32, I make almost 6 figures a year, have multiple I.T. certifications and I am a computer programer. I smoked cannabis everyday in college, even between tests. I graduated with honors.

    Get off your high horse. I hope Brad smokes cannabis everyday. And blows it in Dr. Drew’s face.

    Dr. Drew is just another square who didn’t enjoy himself when he was younger and is bitter for it now. Now he hates on everyone that is enjoying there life on their terms.

    Man, after this I need to go smoke some cannabis… Maybe after I’ll write a computer program, or code a website. Maybe I’ll write some music or play my guitar or piano, or perhaps I will go to lunch with a friend, who is the assistant editor at a large news publication, maybe we’ll smoke one together.

    Man I love my life…do you? Deal with your own sh1t people. Live, let live…