Cressida Bonas: ‘Fear’ limited the choices I made when I was with Prince Harry

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It is widely believed that Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe and Cressida Bonas both got a good look at what life would be like married to a prince, and both sisters turned down that princess life hard. In Isabella’s case, it was believed that Prince William pursued her like crazy, especially whenever he was on an “off” cycle with Kate during the Waity Years. It was believed that William might have even proposed to her and she turned him down and sent him back to Kate. With Cressida and Prince Harry, it was a bit different. They legitimately dated for a year or so and they seemed to really care for each other. It even felt like Harry was trying to ease her into his “royal life.” But she turned him down too and chose a more independent lifestyle, giving up dancing to be an actress.

In the years that followed Cressida and Harry’s breakup, he got married and had a child and left the petty, racist institution in which he was raised. Cressida also got engaged… to another Harry. And she’s been somewhat shady recently about the Sussexes, especially considering that I never really felt like Harry and Cressida had any negative energy for each other. But still… there were some moments recently which made me wonder about Cressy. Anyway, Cressida has given yet another interview and she mentioned how she had a lot of fear about… things.

Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas has revealed how ‘fear’ held her back from joining the British Royal Family. The 31-year-old actress said she was scared that she would be dubbed an ‘it girl’ for the rest of her life after being with Harry, but has now forged her own path.

‘The fear of failing, the fear of rejection, the fear of not getting it right, the fear of not being perfect… I think that has limited me in certain situations in my life,’ she told The Daily Telegraph on Saturday.

Cressida also shared that following her split from her royal beau, she gained greater clarity of what she really wants in life. ‘And I just think it has definitely given me a stronger sense of purpose and a stronger sense of what I want or don’t want,’ she said.

The blonde stunner has been working hard since the split to prove to everyone she is more than just an ‘It girl.’

‘I think that I work very, very hard, I love what I do, and I just hope that this role has shown people what I can do and what I would like to do going forward and not be caught in a box in any way,’ she said, referring to her new Binge show, White House Farm.

[From The Daily Mail]

Before Meghan came along, I always wondered why Isabella and Cressida were so scared off by the idea of Princess Life. Kate makes it look so easy, you know? By that I mean, if a lazy, petty, dull woman like Kate can do it, literally anyone can. That’s what I thought. But once Meghan came around, I saw what Cressida and Isabella got a preview of: the way that the British papers, the establishment, the aristocracy, and the Windsor family can all align to destroy a person’s life. It’s actually noteworthy that Isabella and Cressida could both understand that at such a young age, honestly.

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  1. Mumbles says:

    Of Harry’s exes, the only one who seemed to have something going on was Chelsey, who actually was an attorney and now has a jewelry company. This one just seemed to be a slightly boho aristo who I thought would fit in, but I guess even those kind of women look at that life and say, pass.

  2. runcmc says:

    I mean they were not wrong. I feel for Meghan- knowing what she knows now, I wonder if she would have made the same choices? It’s kinda fascinating to see how marrying a prince actually makes your life worse, not better.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      It sort of depends upon the kind of royal family you marry into. The Windsors are to be avoided at all costs because they are extremely dysfunctional + the British tabloid press is a beast unlike any other. I know that Leti got hell from both the tabloids and her horrible in-laws when she married Philipe of Spain, but the women (and man) who married into the Scandinavian and the Dutch RFs seem to have done well. Queen Margrethe even let Mary wear a very precious family heirloom veil at her wedding, a veil which only female descendants of Queen Ingrid had otherwise worn. That was just a huge signal that she welcomed and approved her heir’s new wife.

      I don’t think it is easy at all marrying into an ancient institution and getting into an intense spotlight. But I do think I doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience if the in-laws are welcoming and supporting. They can’t control the press but they can stand behind any new family member.

      • another Nina says:

        But Princess Mary has been a huge improvement over Prince Frederick’s earlier choices. I think not only The Queen but the entire country briefed out when he started dating her… I remember day talk shows on TV in mid 90s, entirely dedicated to bitching over his lingerie models GF. Danes quite seriously discussed that if he wanted to date whoever he chosed, he needed to move out of the palace, and stop relying on their taxes…

  3. Becks1 says:

    I think its kind of weird how she pretty much never said anything about Harry and now is being sort of shady over the past few months. She’s definitely implying here that Harry proposed to her and she turned him down, which I doubt, but could be true, I guess.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      Yeah I dont think he proposed to her either. I think he may have proposed to Chelsea – or they flirted with the idea – but not Cressida.

      • DarlingDiana says:

        I think he proposed to Chelsy more than once. I just think that eventually they both realized she was never going to be happy as a working royal. It’s really ironic that Harry later decided to opt out himself.
        I do think the way that the Harry/Chelsy relationship was affected by his position helped plant a seed of dissatisfaction about having a super accessible private life as part of his duties as a public figure. That seed germinated when his brand new wife became unhappy with the royal life as well.
        Anyway, I like Chelsy a lot. Smart, independent, and a truly spectacular life. I’m glad that she has been happy post royal relationship.

      • Lundi says:

        I don’t think she’s being shady. She’s hardly ever said anything about the relationship or Harry. It makes sense that she had negative feelings during the relationship. If it were all great, maybe they’d still be together. It only comes across as shady because it’s implying that Meghan settled for a certain type of life but she wanted more. The same could be said for just about anyone and their ex. Not everyone wants the same thing.

        As for whether or not Harry proposed, I don’t think we will ever know. They seemed to keep the details of their relationship very much locked down and I feel like speculation is based more upon who we like rather than any real evidence.

    • bluemoonhorse says:

      JMO but she wants to sell something and desires the publicity. I guess we’ll find out shortly.

      • Lush says:

        She is selling her podcast.

        Both Chelsy and Cressida drop Harrys name when they have something to push.

      • Ginger says:

        Very try Lush. Chelsy has for her jewelry and also when she was wanting to launch a lifestyle blog (very Tig like) They both supposedly hate the attention except when they need it to push their brand. And Chelsy likes to call the paps when she wants to show everyone how totally fine she is with Harry getting married. They use the attention when it suits them.

      • DarlingDiana says:

        Genuinely would love to know what Chelsy has said about Harry?!! How did I miss it? I last saw her profile on the DM where she was asked about them and responded that she respectfully had no comment.

      • Ginger says:

        There was one when she was promoting her jewelry and blog. I think it was In 2018? Not sure. She was also on the cover of some magazine after they broke up and talking about her relationship with him ( I think that’s where she said Harry only talked about marriage when he was drunk) and saying she couldn’t handle the life.

      • Lush says:

        Her last profile in Tatler “the one that got away” spoke on her relationship with Harry. Her PR team could simply request not to mention him but you can see from the articles that she is partially sold to the public as Harry’s ex. I like Chelsy so I do read her articles and her introduction in the articles is always as Harry’s ex.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Yeah – she’s milking the relationship for something, maybe trying to revive her ‘acting’ career. And yeah am not sure if he proposed to her as it didn’t seem that serious, plus I always got the vibe that she seemed more interested in the media attention.

    • Jegede says:

      It’s even odder cause it’s when Harry was with Cressida, the infamous Las Vegas farrago happened.

      In almost every pic of them when together, Harry looked disinterested and bored.

      Plus, Harry famously paid her dust in attending Guy Pellys’ wedding, meanwhile he invited Chelsy to Zara’s wedding & Meghan to Pippa’s.

      It was never a love affair btw those two, but history rewrite 101 I guess.🙄

      • Mary says:

        Agreed, @jegede, I don’t think Harry proposed to Cressida and I am not sure that she is the one that broke it off. Harry just did not seem “that into her.”

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Jegede – Cressida was supposed to go with Harry to Guy Pelly’s wedding in Miami but decided not to go at the last minute for some reason. Cressida and Harry broke-up shortly after the Pelly wedding.

      • DarlingDiana says:

        I agree that Cressida seems to be alluding to a far more serious relationship than they ever actually had. It was just someone that he dated for awhile imo. Also, I kind of think it doesn’t matter which one officially ended it because it was never all that important anyway.
        Also, she always annoyed me the most of any of his known girlfriends. I liked Chelsy and Florence Brudenell Bruce better.

      • Lush says:

        Allegedly, Harry did not want to pay the fare for Cressida to accompany him to his friends wedding.

        It never looked like Harry and Cressida were truly into each other when they were dating. However, the way she talks about him now seems as if she was into him and considering royal life….so who knows.

    • Ainsley7 says:

      She started being shady right after Harry got engaged. I forget exactly what it said, but she tweeted something that insinuated that Harry wasn’t very nice to her. Around the time they started dating and after they were over, there was some gossip that Harry was actively looking for an actress or someone who was already used to/wanted to be in the public eye. Some things he said about finding someone willing to take on the job and people he was connected to also pointed to this. I think that’s likely why he was set up with Meghan. She doesn’t hate the attention when it’s not a racist smear campaign. There’s no shame in that. People who go into entertainment careers (actors, comics, musicians and such) usually like attention to some degree. I think Cressida entered into the relationship thinking she could handle it because she actually did want the attention. Harry was likely not as sympathetic simply because Chelsy received a lot worse and he warned her about what it would be like. No one is perfect and they likely both felt let down by the other. I can also see her being the type to totally think she’s not racist, but refuses to understand why the treatment Meghan is getting is so different from her being called messy Cressy. So, I think that’s why she’s shady about it. She was young at the time and it was clearly a little traumatic for her. That being said, she should probably find a way to work through it rather than holding onto those feelings.

    • Sof says:

      I don’t know, didn’t one of her friends write on twitter “I wish Cressida had said yes”?

      • Ginger says:

        That person is someone that worked on a play with her but is not her friend. She also really really hates Meghan. Her twitter page had a a lot of Meghan hate on it.

      • DarlingDiana says:

        Seriously doubt it was about a proposal if it happened. Maybe they wish she had said “Yes” to a stylist. She Could be used one for sure! ; )

      • Jegede says:

        @Darling Diana – Gurl……..😃😄😆

      • Sof says:

        @Ginger I didn’t know she hated Meghan, sorry to bring her up then.

    • Tessa says:

      I don’t think he wanted to marry Cressida. He would not return her “looks of love” and would not even hold car doors for her on their dates. Kate probably would have made her life miserable or tried to. Though William would have probably taken Cressida’s side since she is half sister of Isabella a woman he was interested in dating.

      • Ginger says:

        From the pictures I have seen he seemed more annoyed by her than anything. They didn’t look like a couple to me.

  4. SKF says:

    To be fair, the Fail has put a lot of “context” around her actual quotes which may not have been intended by her. She doesn’t seem to have made any direct mention to Harry or their relationship – she’s just talking about her past generically and they have added in sentences to suggest that her comments specifically refer to that period. She could be talking about anything.

    I think most ladies from the British aristocracy were well aware of the pitfalls of being in The Firm. I also think that, in the end, Harry chose someone (consciously or subconsciously) who he could leave with. He always wanted out. MM was/is the best match for him by far.

    • sarah says:

      Agree, I think it was pretty well known in the UK that it would be horrendous. You only have to look at how the press and the firm treated Diana. I remember a friend of mine going on two dates with Harry when we were about 16, and her father telling her at dinner, “have fun, but that’s not a life you want to live”.

      That’s why I thought MM would work well, as she had the thicker skin of already being in the public eye but maybe she wasn’t warned enough what it would be like? I do get the impression that Americans who may have had a fairtytale view of the royal family, have had their eyes opened to a reality that was pretty well known here.

      • Jess says:

        @sarah spill the tea! Your friend went on a date with harry?!?! Woah.

      • FHMom says:

        I don’t know how any American who followed the Princess Diana saga would think marrying into the Firm would be a good idea. I guess people have short memories.

      • Becks1 says:

        As an American, I would never think the royal family was a fairy tale, but the press coverage around Kate was…..softer. It was all about how the family had learned from Diana and so Kate was going to be “eased into her role” and Kate was going to be a “hands on mom” so couldn’t do a full schedule of royal duties etc. (I’m talking post marriage). The queen was painted as being very flexible and gentle with Kate in terms of things like royal traditions (i.e Kate and Will not spending Christmas at Sandringham) – even their royal tours seemed more like vacations than work.

        Yes, there were some negative stories, but those mostly revolved around her work ethic or lack thereof.

        So I’m not saying that anyone marrying Harry should have expected a fairy tale, but it did seem like the family and the press was relatively gentle on Kate. Heck there were times we would go a month or longer without seeing her and people just shrugged.

        so I think it was clear that there would be pressure and it wouldn’t be easy, but Kate’s treatment did make it seem like things had changed, at least a little bit.

        What I did not expect and was not prepared for was how fast the royal family threw Meghan to the wolves – and how fast they did it to protect Will and Kate. I don’t think many Americans realized how much Harry was thrown under the bus to protect William, and so would not have anticipated that same behavior to continue with Meghan.

      • ABritGuest says:

        Harry’s partners were always dragged by the press more& whoever he married would get it harsher than Kate. No question.

        What’s made her press worse than perhaps could have been anticipated is a) her own family- doubt she could have foreseen extent her dad would collude against her & he always seemed to pop up to ruin any positive time she was having b) his family/the staff leaking- don’t think we’ve seen this level of briefing against a royal since Diana/Charles war of the wales. In addition to leaks, silence made clear she wasn’t protected by the palace so opened her up to a lot of attacks even whilst pregnant c) harsher political discourse in Britain and by virtue of her AA heritage, being foreign& pre royal political comments- she’s more politicised than other royal brides d) clickbait culture& use of social media to spread very quickly& globally more toxic messaging

      • bettyrose says:

        I’ve thought all along that a huge difference with Meghan is she has a whole other world at her disposal. Diana had no where else to go, and neither would Kate, lives so enmeshed in that world.

    • Ruby_Woo says:

      Yeah, they put a lot of context. She doesn’t actually mention him at all!

    • Tessa says:

      Cressida is an actress but I doubt she would have gotten the same nasty “she’s an actress” comments that Meghan gets now.

  5. FHMom says:

    It’s good she knew that life wasn’t for her. Honestly, I don’t know why any woman would want that kind of scrutiny. Look at what it did to Diana. It’s one thing to be born into it, but to choose that life. I would also take a hard pass.

  6. Linda says:

    Interesting that both brothers initially went after blondes and ended up with brunettes.

    • bettyrose says:

      This feels like total coincidence to me, but since you brought it up . . .

      “If I’m going to be a senator by 30, I need a Jacquelyn, not a Marylin.”

  7. Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

    I get a whiff of jealousy from Cressy? It’s just—why NOW talk about or allude to this relationship? It’s tacky.

    Maybe if she knew then he would be willing to all but remove himself from the line of succession to protect his wife, she would have accepted his proposal? Maybe that’s why she’s referencing that time?

    • Dilettante says:

      Does anyone have an ID on the dress she’s wearing in the last pic?

    • bettyrose says:

      I could see being jealous/regretful about giving up Harry. He’s probably a lot of fun and a bomb lover, but I suspect she enjoys her socialite scene. Harry will never be able to just bop over to a tropical paradise with no scrutiny. H & M will always have to put effort into avoiding publicity when they seek a quiet break.

    • Tessa says:

      She seems to want it known that SHE dropped him. It could be sour grapes. Harry did not seem all that interested in her IMO.

      • Ginger says:

        Considering Ingrid’s article begging Harry to take her back she seems to be trying to rewrite history. The RR’s loved them together because her mom was known to talk to them. I’m sure that didn’t sit well with Harry but who knows.

  8. ABritGuest says:

    Cressida’s fiancé is v good looking so she’s done alright- an attractive pair.

    I doubt she turned a proposal down. He didn’t seem that into her at all especially compared to how he was with Chelsy. And felt like her friends in the press were putting messages out for them to reconcile when they broke up especially Ingrid Seward who had a cringeworthy piece on them. Didn’t Cressida have a slight shady insta post when engagement was announced too?

    On one hand I feel sorry for Chelsy and Cressida for being constantly linked to someone they split up with ages ago& when everyone has moved on. But on other hand would they get media time promoting their projects / businesses without that royal connection?

    • Jegede says:

      Oh I pretty much wrote similar talking points upthread.😉

      And good call on remembering Bonas family friend, Ingrid Seward, practically begging Harry to take Cressida back.

    • Ginger says:

      I agree. The press want you to believe that Harry proposed to EVERYONE before Meghan to make it look like Meghan was a last choice for him. They can’t bare that he picked her and not a white English woman. Also, he will leave the RF for you so the whole “I can’t handle the pressure, it’s too much” is BS. You don’t date Prince Harry unless you know there will be a lot media attention. A friend said that Harry was wanting to find someone that he connected with and that is when he was set up with Meghan.

    • Tessa says:

      He sometimes looked like he’d rather be somewhere else than with Cressida. He did not return her “looks of love.”

  9. Lucylee says:

    Cressida needs to be careful. Hope her podcast does well but she should know British media want to exploit her relationship with PH. If they create tension with current beau then they have a storyline about how her relationship with PH cast a shadow over her current relationship.
    By the way, what is the difference between Cressida’s occupation and Meghan’s occupation?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

    • OddsnEnds says:

      Cressida majored in theater and dance. Meghan also studied international relations and enough French and Spanish to attain a degree of fluency.

      Clearly, Meghan lacks focus. /s

    • Ruby_Woo says:

      Meghan was actually on TV on a show. I don’t recall Cressinda being on TV/ film until this White House Farm, which I’m sure is good, but it’s not huge.

    • MegantheVegan says:

      I’m an actress and live in London. Cressida is lovely, I’m sure, but she’s not really on the acting ‘scene.’ The acting scene in London is very small, and everyone knows everyone. You see the same faces at auditions and workshops all the time. Cressida has never been on the audition circuit, and the two stage plays she was in were both unpaid fringe shows (barely a step above am-dram) which were created for her by friends and which got insane media attention due to her name. It really raised eyebrows that she was in an unpaid fringe show, because with her connections she could certainly audition for bigger and better stuff if she wanted.

      I don’t consider her an actress at all, I think she’s a socialite who occasionally does an acting job for a friend because it sounds better to call herself an actress, but she’s not plugging away on the audition circuit the way most actors do, and the way Meghan did.

  10. Seraphina says:

    I never saw them as having a connection. They looked cold with one another. Like Wills and Kate. I think she knew the scrutiny she would have being under the Kate. And that they would be the sacrificial lambs to make the future king and QC look good. She knows because it’s her circle and there are no illusions.

  11. February Pisces says:

    I don’t think Cressy ‘gave it up’, I think she was dumped. I remember hearing that she got a nice payout to leave quietly. A lot of Cressida’s supporters within the aristocracy were upset that she didn’t get the ring. Her godmother who edited Tatler wrote an open letter begging harry to take her back. On the day of Harry’s engagement she posted some salty message on social media. I’m sure kate would have made her life hell via the press, but Cressy was an aristo so their circles were going to automatically respect her a hell of a lot more that Kate. Not to mention she’s friends with bea and Eugenie. I’ve heard stories about how thirsty she was during her school days, only befriending those who would help her up the ladder.

    I think Cressy was a ‘kate’ to harry, he would have only wife’s her if no one else came along.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Yeah I remember reading rumours that he dumped her as she was media thirsty, much like Kate was during the Waity Years. They were papped quite a lot during their year long romance, more than he was with Chelsey. But saying that I don’t think it was as serious as she is trying to make out.

      Like you I get CEO Kate vibes from her.

      • A Guest says:

        I remember seeing plenty of pictures with Cress all “dolled up” and out and about after she and Harry broke up. She’d previously been papped looking very unkempt while with Harry.

        She was either trying the “Keen, look what you’re missing” trick or just realized that she needed to project a more polished image.

        Anyway, she’s supposedly marrying the real love of her life “the other Harry”.

    • C-Shell says:

      Yeah. I can’t remember the details at the time, but the message was clearly that Harry broke it off, not Cressy. She just seems so bland, boring, pretty enough but not a “stunner.” So, basically, Kate.

      • Tessa says:

        Cressida should look ahead not back. She is engaged. I wonder if her talks of Harry is hurtful to her fiance. She should talk about her fiance.

    • Ruby_Woo says:

      “Her godmother who edited Tatler wrote an open letter begging harry to take her back…”

      Whaaaaat? I would be mortified!

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Yeah, there’s been a LOT of revisionist history when it comes to Harry and Cressida’s relationship. I don’t know where the idea that he was trying to ease her into royal life came from…he looked like he was checked out for a good chunk of their romance. The editor’s letter from Seward (think it was for Majesty Magazine and not Tatler though) is additional proof that she was more invested in the relationship than he was. That’s a great comparison to Kate btw. I never thought of Cressida or the failed relationship like that, but there’s a lot of similarities there.

      • Ginger says:

        I heard he broke up with her over a plane ticket. I have no clue if that’s true lol
        Harry’s friend said she was too clingy and It bugged Harry.

      • Lush says:

        The courtiers/media said Cressida was clingy not Harry. After that quip was printed Harry released a comment stating it wasn’t’ true, then he proceeded to follow Cressida around to all her plays. Supposedly Cressida’s team then went to DM and trashed him for being “not well read” and a gooseberry amongst other things.

      • Ginger says:

        Wow, that’s harsh. I’m glad he never ended up with her.

    • February Pisces says:

      I think harry gave Cressida a pass and let it look like ‘she walked away’ if it means that she’s not going to cause him any trouble.

      I bet kate and Pippa are crazy jealous of Cressida and Isabella. They don’t need to marry princes to stay relevant in the aristo circles. I remember fonts saying how kate basically tried to ruin harry and Cressida’s relationship which is 100% believable.

  12. CatWomen says:

    Kate Middleton often looks worn and miserable, older then she is…so yeah it’s no piece of cake being a royal.

    • Tessa says:

      This is what Kate wanted and waited for. She put up with the way he dumped her and cheated on her. She was not exactly forced into it and could have walked away in 2007 instead she waged a media campaign to win him back.

  13. TheOriginalMia says:

    I never got the impression this relationship was all that serious. Chelsy…yes, they were serious. Meghan…yes, it was obviously serious, but you could tell that from the moment it was revealed. Cressy…nope. Never got that vibe. Just thought it was a dating relationship, but never one for the long haul. I didn’t care about her then, and most definitely don’t now.

    • kelleybelle says:

      Same here, not completely committed. And why is she finding it necessary to talk now?

      • Jaded says:

        She’s using her relationship with Harry to promo her acting gig methinks.

      • TheOriginalMia says:

        Yeah, I’ve been legit confused why she’s talking now when she went for so long without saying a word. I thought she was embarrassed because it was obvious she was never seriously considered for marriage.

  14. girl_ninja says:

    I think because Cressida is white that the press would have used her and Harry to demolish Bill and Cathy.

  15. LunaSF says:

    I don’t blame her for not wanting the royal life, it honestly sounds like such a bore and in the current climate I don’t think the Monarchy is going to stand much longer. I also lol every time these wealthy socialites talk about how hard they work…. I feel like hard work does not mean what they think it means.

    • Tessa says:

      I think if Harry had proposed she’d have said yes. I think it’s a case of sour grapes with her.

      • Jane's Wasted Talent says:

        I do too. And she might’ve even thought she had a better chance than she did, because they ran in the same (restrictive) circles- it can create a strong sense of inevitability, unless you *know* this is not what you want.

  16. cherryblossom says:

    It just dawned on me:
    Meghan was criticized ruthlessly for being a mere lowly actress, so obviously not good/classy enough to be a royal etc etc, yet british TV/movie industry is filled with actors from mostly “posh” backgrounds – like here Cressida who chose her dancing and acting over the royal duties, apparently.
    Make it make sense. (just kidding, we all know the answer)

    • Lush says:

      Excatly. A lot of those aristocrats are trying to model, act or find whatever work they can get in the entertainment field.

      • MsIam says:

        Didn’t Rose Who try her hand at the modeling thing? Ah got to love those double standards.

  17. Talie says:

    People forget now, but her family was very thirsty during the courtship and did things that the press would’ve went wild over if it was Meghan’s family. For one thing, her brother gave interviews about them. Her mother had glowing profiles written in all the tabloids and it was said she was advising her daughter to tow the line so Harry would propose. There was a big push from them to nail Harry down, but I actually do buy that it was Harry who ended things. I think he just allowed her to save face and say she wasn’t about that life. Remember, she also pulled a Kate and took a job that she really didn’t have to show up for. She was fully being groomed.

    • A Guest says:

      Before folks decided that Keen was the “Second Coming”, a lot of blogs and RRs made very sly, snide remarks about Cress being the most suitable of royal brides due to being an aristocrat.

      There were a lot of agendas at play between the press, her supporters in the aristocracy and the courtiers.

      Meghan never stood a chance.

    • Tessa says:

      Cressida has an aristo mother who married many times. She is technically not an aristocrat since her father is a commoner and aristo titles are through the male line.

  18. Lush says:

    Cressida’s wedding is on hold not because of the pandemic, but because they can’t figure out if they want to marry in a church or under a tree…

  19. Gogo girl says:

    She is exceedingly pretty, is all I’ve got. She doesn’t come across as deep or interesting. But that face looks like it’s from another era. Something timeless about her features

    • DarlingDiana says:

      Interesting. I find her very bland and forgettable.

      • Gogo girl says:

        That’s Chelsea for me. I’ve seen her face a thousand times in the tabloids but I wouldn’t recognise her if I saw her on the streets.

      • Jane's Wasted Talent says:

        I wish fear limited the choices she made when she chose that outfit.

        Darling Diana- I think she looks bland and basic as well. Chelsy’s looks have character- I find her very recognizable, for this group. Meghan is by far the most beautiful.

    • Lowrider says:

      Cressida is the prettiest of his relationships in my opinion.

  20. Jay says:

    Didn’t they break it off like a decade ago? I’d be embarrassed to still be talking about this now, especially if your deal was that you were the one that never wanted the lifestyle and attention. This is starting to resemble a real “lost cause” narrative.

    • MsIam says:

      I guess the tabloids need a new stick to bash Meghan with since Kate has said she’s stepping down from the role.

    • Tessa says:

      I wonder how her fiance feels about this. I think she should just keep her mouth shut for his sake. Why not talk glowingly about HIM instead of going on about Harry. That’s history now.

  21. MJM says:

    Clout chasing. She is trying to get her name out there for something. Before she always shut down mention of Harry because she didn’t want to be known only for her association with him. I guess doing her own thing isn’t getting her the recognition she desires. 😐

  22. Sara says:

    It seems Cressida has goals in her life and her career. Perhaps she didn’t want to give that up or give up her sense of self. Cathy never had any other goal but to be William’s wife and be a part of the BRF. She didn’t give anything up. Mrs. Bill Cambridge was it for her.
    That being said, if Cressida still needs to use a one year relationship from ten years ago to get people interested in her acting……….

    • Tessa says:

      I think Cressida is essentially a socialite, she appeared in a bit part in Tulip Fever (weinstein film), the Bye Bye Man, low budget horror, and some local theatres to perform. I think she would have given this up in a heartbeat if he had proposed.

  23. Awkward symphony says:

    When will she STOP talking about him??? The guy has a kid and has been married for 2+yrs!! Her other exes(and current fiance)might be wondering if she’s still in love with him

  24. Elvira says:

    It’s amusing to see all of these “thirsty” assumptions. She’s a maturing young woman and is fully welcome to share her own life experiences and lessons learned along the way! Good NIGHT, the comments on this site are vicious.

    • Lush says:

      Sharing her life experiences on how she could have, should have, maybe would have, is weird when she is engaged to another man. If I’m planning a future with my fiance I don’t look back and speculate on married ex-boyfriend and what kind of life I would of had with him.

    • Rani says:

      @Elvira, agreed. And I suppose we’re happy to ignore the fact that she never actually mentions him at all…

    • Melissa says:

      Because we are all feminist allies here…🤣🤣🤣

  25. Mina_Esq says:

    She has the wealth and influence of an aristocrat, and none of the added responsibilities of a royal. She is a pretty young woman with a hot fiancé. She goes where she wants, when she wants. You’re right, she MUST be sour and thirsty lol 😂

  26. blunt talker says:

    He looked like he was elsewhere in photos with her. I did read not in a tabloid they had a falling out about a wedding Harry and William was attending in Memphis. He just shrugged it off and stayed for the wedding. How true I don’t know and we all can agree something happened that caused them to change their minds about each other.

  27. Jessa says:

    Isabella and Cressida are sisters – makes sense one warned off the other.

  28. Keira Lee says:

    It also seems like Isabella just wasn’t that much into William, and can you blame her? He doesn’t seem like that great of a person from all we know now.

  29. L4frimaire says:

    A some point if you’re still harping on your ex from years ago who has dated someone else, married, had a child and left the country, there is something wrong with you.Its as if your gears are stuck and you need to move on with your life.