Deputy Karen McMuffin claims she ‘wholeheartedly supports’ Black Lives Matter


All week, we’ve been talking about Stacy Talbert, aka Officer Karen aka Deputy Karen McMuffin. Talbert is the Georgia deputy who filmed herself having a weepy tantrum because she had to wait for her egg McMuffin and she was worried that McDonald’s employees were messing with her food. Talbert has worked in law enforcement for 15 years and she is quite certain that *she* is the most persecuted person in Georgia, and definitely not anyone else. She already gave one interview to a local NBC affiliate, and then yesterday, she called up Buzzfeed to talk about the viral video and other things. She comes across as a dangerously stupid a–hole with a martyr complex. Just putting that out there. Some highlights:

On the Officer Karen/Deputy McMuffin memes: “I’m not bitching. I think that sh-t’s funny. Cop Karen’ — whoever did that, that’s funny. ‘Molly McMuffin,’ someone called me. That’s funny! I’d make money if I was that funny.”

What her meltdown was really about: “It really had nothing to do with McDonald’s and the food. That was just what triggered it. This feeling we feel in law enforcement constantly. You’re always looking, we’re arching our necks, to make sure everything is safe not just for you, but for everyone else. There are times I wish I could just be normal and not have to feel like that. Everyone completely lost the point except for law enforcement. We all feel that way except I voiced it.”

Having to wait for her food: “I’m not going to accuse anyone, but it was sketchy,” she said. When one employee brought her the coffee she had ordered, but not the food, Talbert said she told the worker not to bother because she had become too nervous to eat it. But Talbert told BuzzFeed News she couldn’t say definitively whether the staff were actually tampering with her food — what mattered to her was the fear she felt. “I don’t believe that they were or were not,” she said. “I am telling you I have no idea of that and I didn’t take it to find out.”

The owner of the McDonalds asked her to take down her video: Talbert told BuzzFeed News when she spoke with Jill Stanberry, the owner asked her to take down her video, but she declined “because it’s done so much good.”

On Black Lives Matter: Talbert said she wholeheartedly supported Black Lives Matter protesters and acknowledged the fears they may feel while dealing with authorities were valid. But she said she could only speak to her own fears. “How fair of me is it to honestly talk about other people’s pain when I have no idea about it. I’m white. How am I going to talk about any one else’s pain? How would I even know? They’re truly not the same fears and I would never say that because it’s not fair of me to say. It’s a different thing, it’s a different feeling.”

On the idea that she’s too paranoid & crazy to carry a gun: “I was hired by my sheriff’s office to do a job, and they knew when they hired me that I was stable enough to do the job without an issue and I’ve been doing the job for 15 years…It was exactly how every single officer feels, and if they don’t feel compassion or emotion, if they don’t cry over anything, I promise you that is not the officer that you want on the street.”

[From Buzzfeed]

“How fair of me is it to honestly talk about other people’s pain when I have no idea about it. I’m white.” Here’s the thing. There are several things, actually, but let’s start here. No one – literally no one – is saying that someone like Deputy McMuffin should speak about the pain in the African-American community. THEY ARE SAYING SHE SHOULD LISTEN. The message of Black Lives Matter isn’t “you need to speak about our pain like you’ve felt it.” The message is “listen to what we’re saying.” And to cops like Karen McMuffin, they’re saying “stop killing us.” But she’s not listening and she’s actually showing – unintentionally – how some cop like her ends up shooting a black person. Because she (and too many cops) get triggered over the least little sh-t and they’re so wrapped up in their own sense of persecution.

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Pics from the viral video.

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  1. Who ARE these people? says:

    Can someone just speed up her trajectory and put this attention seeking fool on Dancing with the Stars? Let’s get it over with.

  2. SomeChick says:

    She needs to have all of the seats, SHUT UP, and read a few books. There is antiracist literature written for children. That might be a good place to start.

    Or, IDK, Sesame Street. They were woke back in the ’70s.

    I can hardly believe this POS is still talking. She just makes it worse and worse. Can’t believe she thinks the video is in any way good. Poor sausage.

  3. Case says:

    “There are times I wish I could just be normal and not have to feel like that. Everyone completely lost the point except for law enforcement.”

    1) She can quit any time she wants. 2) That was NOT the point she was making in that video. She was crying about people being “mean” to cops and not thanking them enough because the police, as an institution, have proven to be racist, violent, and protect one another much more readily than they protect the public. Which isn’t to say ALL cops are like this — of course! But the foundation is flawed and cops are mad they’re being called out on it. She was crying because she thought people poisoned her food for being a cop, all because she had to wait an extra minute. I can’t believe she’s trying to spin it as something else now.

    Also, again, I just feel the need to say — I don’t get fast food very often, and more times than not, I’ve been asked to pull up out of the way and wait for someone to bring me my food. Things get lost and forgotten all the time. I’m sure it’s even worse right now with so many people leaning on quick-service in lieu of sit-down restaurants. These people work so hard for such little pay. I honestly think she owes them an apology.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      and she’s PERPETUATING the idea that they tried to poison her.

      “I’m not going to accuse anyone, but it was sketchy,” she said.

      “I don’t believe that they were or were not,” she said. “I am telling you I have no idea of that and I didn’t take it to find out.”

      AND that’s right after she said “It really had nothing to do with McDonald’s and the food.” REALLY? then why are you STILL saying that it was “sketchy”?

      JAYSUS, Officer Whitetears, you’re making it WORSE. Just SHUT UP and go back to your former anonymity.

      • Plaidsheets says:

        It’s the “fear”. Too often when officers do something irrational, they justify it by saying that they ‘feared for their lives’. Citizens, especially black ones, have instilled in them that they have to behave rationally and calmly in every interaction. They get an inkling off fear and it justifies any and every action. Instead of trying to de-escalate the situation or find an alternative- it’s time to charge ahead.

        McDonald’s did nothing but be McDonald’s. But her paranoia made it into something- now others must suffer. The narrative never changes. ‘I have fear so YOU must accommodate me!’

  4. Sean says:

    This person is truly obtuse. She should stay quiet, turn her social media accounts off and keep her head low for a good while. Society would forget about this after a few months but she’s decided to prolong her own embarrassment.

  5. Athyrmose says:

    I’m going to post my comment before reading this post because I want to share two facts for context.

    1. She works for McIntosh County. This is the same policing community that made headlines a few years back because two police officers were openly using the N word in their planning conversations about racially profiling their traffic stops.

    2. McIntosh is the sister county of Glynn County, where Maud was just murdered while jogging. Y’all only know about it because someone leaked the video. GCPD wants to PROSECUTE the person that leaked the video.

  6. Jordana says:

    She posted a video accusing a restaurant of tampering with her food. Then said she had no idea if they did it did not, it was about HER fear that they could have done something to her food. The restaurant owner asked her to take down the video and she refused!!! This is awful for the restaurant and the employees. Especially the workers on that shift that have basically been accused, by a cop, of a crime. With no evidence. With no …nothing. just her fear.

  7. CuteLittleHappyThing says:

    If you’re that paranoid about someone poisoning your food, maybe ya know, make your own friggin lunch.

  8. Dragon Wise says:

    She’s trash and needs her badge yanked, but it is pretty delicious that her All Lives and Blue Lives supporters will have a collective aneurysm over her saying she supports BLM, even in this tone-deaf way!

  9. KL says:

    “I’m not going to accuse anyone, but it was sketchy.”

    So I rarely use mobile apps, but someone commented on a different site that the McD’s mobile app TELLS YOU when you place an order that your food will not be prepared in advance? That the mobile app is just to make payment easier and to make sure your order is correct? The idea is: she knew her order wasn’t prepared until she showed up, which means she’s never had to wait for a McD’s order during the morning rush hour, or……… or she saw an opportunity.

    I don’t think she’s over here scheming, exactly, but as someone who grew up among this kind of good ol’ Southern white girl — she ain’t dumb, either. She wanted this moment. She got it.

  10. Awkward symphony says:

    She needs to shut up! She thought people would be sympathetic to a white lady whining about not getting her food on time and complaining to not see it being made even though nobody does!!!

  11. Anilehcim says:

    Sure, Jan, whatever you say 🙄

    Didn’t she pull this utter bullshit because the NYPD police jumped the gun and immediately assumed they were poisoned at Shake Shack, which was quickly shown to be much ado about nothing and just the accidental result of a machine having leftover bleach on it?

    “ This feeling we feel in law enforcement constantly. You’re always looking, we’re arching our necks, to make sure everything is safe not just for you, but for everyone else. There are times I wish I could just be normal and not have to feel like that.” <—— this bullshit right here is NOT helping their cause but they don’t seem to get it. We are tired of you all acting like we owe you so much for the jobs you do. I worked as a nurse for a year before leaving to pursue teaching. I would never run around making sure everyone knew that I do my job to try to contribute to the greater good. Nobody does that except for cops. Firemen don’t run around reminding people of the grave danger of their jobs. And frankly, if you’re THAT terrified of your career, maybe it truly isn’t for you. That innate terror that she obviously feels about doing her job is exactly why they do things like shoot people in the back as they run away. Philando Castile was murdered by a cop who was too scared to do his job. Because too many of them are genuinely TOO SCARED, too worried about feeling sorry for themselves and wanting everyone’s constant praise and gratitude, to actually do their jobs right. They shoot to kill because they convince themselves that their lives are constantly in grave danger. I’m not saying that policing isn’t hard; it damn sure is. But they need to up the ante on the psych evaluations before they let these people become cops. Officer Karen shouldn’t be a cop. You can’t be a good cop if you convince yourself that you’re targeted 24/7. These are the kinds of cops who kill people because they are convinced that everyone wants them dead. Because they NEVER should’ve been cops in the first place.

    Enough already. I wrote on another post about this same idiot that I’ve been getting called a “cop hater” for years now because I can’t stomach all the ass kissing that goes on. I’m never going to say “thank you for your service” to anyone who isn’t a veteran or active duty military personnel. I will not thank a cop for the job they choose to do. I hope you don’t either. I’m not going to shake in my boots when I get pulled over because they’re ego tripping. Fuck that. I am anxiously awaiting the day that people stop kissing their asses and enabling their bullshit because that’s how we got here. Stuff like this stupid video she made of herself crying like a petulant child is a huge part of that; she’s acting like what she did is innocent but this is the result of calling police on their bullshit—they immediately get ANGRY and then they try to make you feel bad for them. “BOOHOO, never forget our sacrifice, never forget that you owe us.” THAT’S how you want to act because people are calling you out and asking for you to be held accountable? Just goes to show that too many of them will never get it and they aren’t the least bit interested in changing.

  12. MellyMel says:

    Girl…SHUT UP

  13. JC says:

    I seriously can’t believe this is real… Like I thought it was a joke or satire.

    • Nikki* says:

      Welcome to 2020; this is the 2nd time I thought something was a satire, but it was real.

  14. adastraperaspera says:

    Here’s a simple solution. What is the chance that “post a personal, Live Facebook video made during work hours” is part of her deputy job description? Is this what tax dollars are paying the Sheriff’s office for? Of course not. In any job I’ve ever had, HR is called in to investigate this kind of thing immediately, and videos are taken down.

  15. Valerie says:

    Then she should’ve called and cancelled her order and driven to the grocery store for some safe food. She wanted an audience.

  16. David says:

    She should take that video down. The owners are kind people and KNOW their employess did no such thing and her getting her coffee first is a McDonald’s rule! It’s a fast food rule! Dear Jesus.

  17. Jay (the Canadian one) says:

    How does she not understand that unfounded accusations are sign of paranoia and poor judgement? She talked yesterday about people not trusting police but she definitely doesn’t trust people. It’s said that the difference between normal and abnormal anxiety is whether it interferes with the normal activities of your life. She refused the food because the McD’s took too long to bring it to her so she feared it had been tampered with? That falls in the abnormal anxiety category. 15 years ago she might have been mentally fit, but sounds like a review is warranted.

  18. Nightsky says:

    What perplexes me (well, a lot of things disturb me about her McMuffin tantrum and her ensuing explanation and public exploit in the hopes of garnering sympathy) is her suggesting the restaurant staff would go so far as to poison her food. Whaaat??? Those staff members work their asses off for very little pay and are constantly surrounded by co-workers and the scrutiny of supervisors. And no doubt monitored by cameras. Even if one person thought, hey, I should sneak some poison into work so I can kill a cop…how would they even have the opportunity to do that without detection? The entire store would have to be in cahoots to pull off something so audacious. And how easy would it be for the poison to be traced back to the source? What a ridiculous, paranoid, “I’m so hard done by, feel sorry for meeee” notion.

  19. Lee1 says:

    Everything about this woman, her dangerously irrational paranoia and her self-aggrandizing martyr complex is horrifying. Her creepy cocky little smile when she said she used the app to pre-order because she likes to buy her food herself (implying that she is VERY accustomed to having random strangers buy her things anytime she is in uniform) sent chills down my spine. Disgusting.

  20. Jocey says:

    “It was exactly how every single officer feels, and if they don’t feel compassion or emotion, if they don’t cry over anything, I promise you that is not the officer that you want on the street”

    Um. Is she trying to suggest that her bullshit video shows she has “compassion”? Jesus, Karen. Compassion and self-pity are not the same.

  21. Jezebeelzebub says:

    I used to sort of vaguely believe that if there really are parallel universes, that this one is the Prime Universe from which all other realities branch off.

    Now, thiugh, I hope to God that this one is just some shitty little offshoot. I hope the real Prime is just… You know… existing in a state of progressive coolness, and theres no Trump and Me Too and Black Lives aren’t a thing because they don’t need to be a thing because mostly everyone acts right.