‘Officer Karen’ had a sobbing meltdown because she had to wait for a McMuffin

Singer Madison Beer arrives at the Los Angeles Premiere Of YouTube Originals' 'Justin Bieber: Seasons' held at the Regency Bruin Theatre on January 27, 2020 in Westwood, Los Angeles, California, United States.

This past weekend, we had Karens Gone Wild – just average, everyday white women who go around “policing” people of color or acting wildly irresponsible in various ways. But what happens when Karen is an actual police officer? What happens when she’s Officer Karen and she’s armed to the teeth with guns and white fragility? What happens is this video – Officer Karen (apparently her real name is Stacey) having a full-on crying meltdown because… McDonalds made her wait for her food.

This woman – THIS POLICE OFFICER, WITH A GUN – literally filmed herself sobbing because she didn’t get an Egg McMuffin in a timely manner and she couldn’t see it being made. You know what that’s about? That’s about all of the cops who have been lying about being poisoned and mistreated at fast food joints. She’s so desperate to be aggrieved, so desperate to be the victim, that she sobs because of THAT. And as she weeps and begs for people to give her a chance, does she spare a thought for all of the black men and black women who have also wanted a chance to simply exist without being assaulted and shot by fragile cops like her?

Singer Madison Beer arrives at the Los Angeles Premiere Of YouTube Originals' 'Justin Bieber: Seasons' held at the Regency Bruin Theatre on January 27, 2020 in Westwood, Los Angeles, California, United States.

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  1. Jo73c says:

    Who administers the psychological test for police academy applicants? They need to go back to the drawing board.

    • Esmom says:

      Ha. Imagine it being administered retroactively. Instant, major reduction in police forces.

      • Sam says:

        Seriously. I saw a really interesting graphic. In the US you need a HS diploma and 21 weeks of training to be a cop. So clearly how are you going to assess a candidate in 21 weeks?!!! 1004 people killed in 2019 alone.

        In Norway and Germany you need 2 and 3 years respectively to become a police officer. Norway: 4 fatalities between 2002-2016
        Germany: 267 fatalities since 1990

      • Becks1 says:

        @Sam – I do think that varies a lot between different states/cities. I think some jurisdictions do require a college degree (even a 2 year degree.) But, I think the 21 weeks or thereabouts is pretty standard and I agree, I think it needs to be more in depth.

      • sealit says:

        @Becks1 When I was in college in LA, the cops used to hang out on fraternity row to hand business cards to the “pretty” girls as we left the parties. (They never bothered us about underage drinking or public drunkenness of course, they just wanted to hit on the students.) From what I remember, they wrote on the cards starting salaries for high school v. college graduates. So you can be a police officer for one of the largest forces in the country with a HS diploma.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Sealit – right, which is why I said “it varies a lot between different states/cities.”

        But your story is disturbing in general. Ick.

      • OddsnEnds says:

        Part of the reason the official training period is so low is that
        a} training is expensive
        b} many cops come from other fields — emt, military, etc — where they’ve had a lot of similar training
        c} new cops are supposed to be partnered with experienced cops to mentor them, sort of an apprenticeship.

        Part of the solution is for communities to recognize the value of more extended training, the differences between military police and civilian police and the time in training needed to overcome old behavior patterns, and the fact that older, experienced police officers are retiring so there aren’t as many good mentors as needed.

        Trump’s EO addressed some of this, but unless policing comes to be viewed as a good career option for the sort of people who would make good police officers, I’m afraid things will get worse before they get better.

      • Lua says:

        That’s not completely accurate. Here you need 48 hours of college or security guard experience to be a cop. I’m more disturbed that they can have a class B Misdemeanor.

      • anon says:

        ” training is expensive “, someone upcomment said, but paying millions of dollars in damages and compensation to the victims and families of victims of police brutality in not expensive. Priorities, right? There is always some excuse for police brutality…
        Also, Trump’s EO basically puts the r4esponsability on state and local authorities, same as it is now. It solves nothing.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      I remember in my hometown (southern city with about 250k people) one man sued because he was denied a job due to his IQ being too HIGH. Apparently they didn’t want police who were too smart because they are less happy (translation ask too many questions). That was always disturbing to me.

      • Lua says:

        Omg Liz I read about that and was shocked it was a thing. GPA for 48hrs of college courses to be accepted as a cadet here is 2.0…which is pathetically low for someone expected to think on their feet and deescalate a situation

      • Liz version 700 says:

        It is so scary. They are the front line in so many risky and tense situations and some cities don’t want them to be too smart, too thoughtful or too educated. Mind boggling.

      • amurph says:

        I have heard of similar situations where people were not hired because they were “too smart”. My dad was told by one of aptitude test coordinators that he was shocked my dad was ever hired as a police officer. He tested out of the range the police force wants (has a Masters degree and probably should have been a lawyer but long story), which puts him at a level that would question his superiors. Police tend to take applicants who will blindly follow orders and view it as loyalty. I know so many cops who are captains and majors that got there solely because of their willingness to appease the politicians (who have major say in those positions), donate a lot of money to campaigns, and don’t ever question what they are told to do.

    • SomeChick says:

      They need to train them on firearms to at least the degree that army privates are trained. To do less is grossly irresponsible and dangerous. And what they do is far less. In the military (US) you don’t get to handle a gun if you don’t do it properly.

    • New_kay says:

      I am by no means a Karen apologist. By no means- but doing overnights changes your personality, puts you on edge about stupid things. I once cried because I had to wait for a box of contacts. I lost my mind. It felt involuntary. So I excuse her a little bit. Overnight work really changes your personality.

      • Eenie Googles says:

        did you film it and put it on the internet and say it’s because you’re the victim of systemic injustice even though the exact opposite was true?

        Pretending she’s a victim while the world marches for actual victims, people dead from violence perpetrated by people who wear her uniform—murders permitted BECAUSE OF THAT UNIFORM—makes her a huge bitch. Full stop.

      • goofpuff says:

        Seriously? No. I’ve spent my fair share working third shift for long extended periods. It does not change your personality. It makes you tired yes but you adjust. This officer karen is just an entitled asshole.

      • marni112 says:

        new_kay- I agree with you .If you don’t get enough sleep or work /sleep weird hours , it can have a horrible effect on you.I remember when my daughter first came home after being born , I felt horrible most of the time and was easily upset .When I first saw this video , that was my immediate thought-that she was sleep deprived .So couple that with all the unlove police officers are getting , it’s ripe for a meltdown .Where she lost me is that she thought she should record her blathering .

      • CuriousCole says:

        @new_kay and marni – my first question was, is she pregnant? My super chill sister went nuclear in her last trimester if McDonald’s messed up/made her wait. But sleep deprivation + stress is also plausible. I personally wouldn’t post it though and am further baffled by it because many departments have policies against officers posting anything while in uniform.

      • Carol says:

        @new kay – I get what you are saying. She‘s clearly on edge and after laughing a bit on the absurdity of posting a video of a meltdown caused by a delayed mcmuffin, I started to feel for her. I’ve been there where lack of sleep and stress caused me to have a meltdown due to crusty toothpaste. I am, by no means, a Karen apologist, but other than wearing the blue uniform, what did she do wrong? I do think someone should take that gun away from her if she is crying over eggs. Eeks!!!

    • Lee Cruzee says:

      Based on that clip I’d say it was Hamburglar

  2. Nev says:

    I’m afraid to watch it.

    • Esmom says:

      Its not just you, I don’t think I’ll watch it. I don’t know if afraid is the right word, but it’s in that ballpark.

      • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

        Nope. No no no no no.

        Already filled my quota this week lol. Yesterday’s ‘blessings’ threw me overboard.

      • tempest prognosticator says:

        Yeah, I can’t bring myself to watch it. Just reading Kaiser’s description is enough.

    • Talie says:

      I watched. It’s definitely not about the food – she seems seriously on edge – probably about everything happening right now and it just spilled over when her order took too long or whatever.

      • molly says:

        I’m no stranger to “X real thing is stressing me out, but Y dumb thing tips me over the edge to tears”, but I have the awareness to A.) not film it, and B.) NOT POST IT.

        I don’t judge her for the emotion, but I completely blame her for not knowing she shouldn’t share this particular meltdown with the world.

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        I watched, and I basically agree with your assessment, but it fkn floors me that she is too nervous to take her fast food… let her try reckoning with what POC deal with every goddamned time they see a cop/car.

        If she could only have even a modicum of understanding.

      • Charlie says:

        Thank you, Molly!

      • bettyrose says:

        That’s what I don’t get, the sharing it. We have all had this kind of melt down. She’s not hurting anyone else here, so I think it’s unfair to lump her in with the murderous Karens (without additional evidence) but did she mean to post this publicly? I have a friend who’s going through some hard times and sometimes records herself crying/ranting and sends it to her inner circle for support.

      • sa says:

        That’s what I got too. Also, I know I’m way more emotional about everything when I’m hungry, and since she didn’t get her food, I guess I’m assuming that contributed to her emotional state.

        But, she, her friend, or whoever posted this should have had more awareness and realized now is not the time to whine about police not being thanked enough.

        So while I can understand something small being the last straw that gets you crying, I am not here for posting it or when she segues into the lack of appreciation for police.

      • M.A.F. says:

        She said she has been working for X amount of hours and who knows when she ate last. When I get that hungry, sleep deprive, and a little stress I cry too so I feel her there. But I don’t film it and share it.

      • Mich says:

        She believes people are trying to poison her because cops are the real victims right now. That is not just crying from stress. That is paranoia.

      • NatureLover says:

        @NotSoSocialButterfly, that was my first instinct when I watched her crying about being fearful of taking food from McDonalds! I thought to myself, if she could just take a moment, gather that fear into a ball and feel the intensity and how paralyzed she is, she could apply these feelings and transfer those feelings into how a POC feels everyday!!!
        I wish she had the forethought to think about how she could turn this negative into a reflection as to how POC, especially women, that they carry this everyday with no rest, no peace and the inability to take their guards down.
        But no, she videos herself crying about a GD muffin and how overwhelmed she is feeling. If she is this overwhelmed, she needs to go directly to the social services that PD’s offer and get some help!

      • Poisonella says:

        This is a tone deaf call for help. I am sure the PD has someone under contract for counseling or an Employee Assistance Program. In light of the horror suffered by blacks at the hands of the police, the idea she would post this denotes a dangerously immature person who makes poor choices under stress. Need to fire her ASAP.

    • Darla says:

      It’s hilarious. Very southern bell-y. I laughed my arse off! I had to write an officer and a mcmuffin because it was just too funny.


      • SomeChick says:

        That was a good post. Thanks for sharing it.

        I would also check out the work of Jane Elliot.

        Here’s an interview with her. She’s very intelligent and concise, and she knows her stuff.

        Watch all three parts. Very worthwhile.


      • Market Street Minifig says:

        Thanks for sharing @Darla. I lost it at “hursty.” lol

    • Jensies says:

      It honestly plays like parody. She’s crying over them not having her order ready and then it morphs into not seeing her order made b/c cops getting poisoned I guess. But it feels like she’s just saying that to excuse her meltdown over ordering online and it not being ready.

      If I broke down like this every time my order wasn’t ready when it was supposed to be, I’d be shriveled with dehydration.

    • minx says:

      I thought it was funny. It’s a mind numbing blow-by-blow of something everyone has experienced. Who needs to hear her “and then I pulled over….and then I opened the window….and then…and then…?” Get a grip, woman.

  3. YaGotMe says:

    Ahhhhhhahahahahahahaha! A friend of mine has this on FB with the oh we must do better respecting the police blah blah….and I am thinking this is your example????

    • Esmom says:

      Perfect example of how we got Trump and where we are now in 2020. The things that some people mindlessly post on FB make my blood boil.

      • molly says:

        I miss a lot of stuff about FB, but things like this keep me from going back. It makes me so mad to read things like that from people I otherwise like/love IRL.

  4. Jerusha says:

    WTF? No, really, what the actual f@@k? Maybe she needs desk duty. For like the next 20 years.

  5. Mira says:

    I suppose it makes one mighty impatient (and ignorant) if one hasn’t had to wait for things before. Things like, I don’t know, equal human rights?!

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      @Mira But she’s WHITE!

    • MMC says:

      I don’t think she’s crying because she had to wait. It’s because of the whole rumour about poisoning police officer’s food. She seems to be seriously stressed and anxious in general

  6. AMM says:

    This woman needs a vacation and a nap. She doesn’t need to be armed or on the streets right now. Do you know how often takeout and drive through orders get messed up? I’ve been straight up forgot about more than once at a McDonalds.

    And as someone else pointed out on Twitter, it doesn’t take 10 mins to mess with your food. If they wanted to be gross, that would have been done between the first and second windows. It was breakfast time and they probably had to fry a new batch of hashbrowns.

  7. Edna says:

    Combination of persecution complex as well as paranoia about someone poisoning her food cause she’s a cop….such white fragility. Maybe they just messed up her order cause that happens all the time. Health care workers go hungry and work long shifts and they’re not posting meltdowns on social media. If she’s carrying on like this she doesn’t need to be armed and carrying deadly weapons.

    • josephine says:

      And I’m wondering if it’s also guilt – it seems like the most guilty are often the ones who fear reprisals. I doubt it would occur to most people to do anything to her food, but it occurs to those who wouldn’t hesitate to do something nasty to someone else.

      • KL says:

        Ooooh, good point. It does make a lot more sense if you factor in projection.

      • stormsmama says:

        Yes THIS

        She knows she’s done shit stuff to POC and clearly has NO RESPECT for people working in Fast Food (already assuming the worst about them- )
        and seeing herself as a target and victim when she is in a position of power

        but also just being a brat- outraged she has to wait

        I CAN NOT with this Karen

  8. Sarah says:

    The entitlement of WW is both STAGGERING and wholly unsurprising. It’s terrifying and dangerous.

  9. Kumquat says:

    How was she EVER going to see it being made from the drive thru??? You can’t even really see it very well most of the time when you go inside.
    She fully expected sympathy (at least from white people) b/c she’s a white, blonde, female under 40 who has a sad.

    I also cannot watch it. Too much potential second hand shame.

    • Kebbie says:

      She was never going to be able see it being made. You can’t see the cooks from the drive thru window or from inside at the cash register.

      I hate when people call women unstable for having emotions, but this woman is truly not well. How she has managed to take this situation and twist it into some kind of attack on her is straight up frightening.

      And her comment insinuating that people volunteer to pay for her food if she doesn’t pay ahead of time 🙄 so she isn’t treated like a hero for a f***** week and she breaks down into tears?

    • Scal says:

      This. Do you ever see your food being made? And apparently she was still fine with the coffee? Also, I’m pretty sure the person at the register for the app has NO idea if she’s a cop.

      Girl needs to get over herself. And sobbing over mcdonalds? The only time I ever di dthat was when I was pregnant and the milkshake machine was broken. But I also didn’t post that on the internet.

  10. Levans says:

    The entitlement and desperation to be seen as a victim! “She paid for it in advance..” WHAT??? Isn’t that exactly how the process works?! Do you get to pay for your order AFTER you eat the Mcmuffin? Is that a special McDonalds with table service?!

    And since it was a mobile order, the staff had no way of knowing it was for a cop (unless she put officer Karen as the name…I stop watching after she wiped that first tear). This is so outrageous and stupid. Defund the police..all of them!

    • Tiffany says:

      That was her roundabout way of saying she is above accepting free food because she is a cop.

      • Leigh says:

        When I was a waitress at a hometown kind of restaurant, the managers had us comp the food for cops every time they came in. Drove me crazy because there are plenty of other professions that deserve a free meal but it was only the cops, every time they came in.

      • Yamayo says:

        It wasn’t roundabout.
        She specifically mentions she paid for it in advance because she doesn’t like to get free food.
        Is that even a thing?
        I didn’t realise good samaritans patrolled the streets ready to buy policemen/women lunch to thank them for their services…

        And the way she jumps from annoyed at waiting for her food to ‘they are going to poison me…. WTF?

      • GuestWho says:

        But then she went on to whine (with tears flowing) that not as many people are thanking her for doing her flipping job.

      • Hollah says:

        As far as the free food for law enforcement, when I was a waitress the manager always let them eat free because the more frequent police presence in the building was an added sense of security. At least, that’s how she explained it to me.

      • ex-liontamer says:

        Cops get all sorts of stuff for free. My brother was a police officer. He got a reduced rate on his rent if he kept his patrol car parked at his apartment complex.

      • Jenn says:

        Yep. By the time she said “the next time you see a cop just tell them thank you!” in a fake strangled gasp, I was like, Ohhhh, I get it. She’s saying, “I just want to go back to the way things were… with other people falling over each other to buy me McDonald’s.” Well, when you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression!

  11. Case says:

    Lol WHAT? Lady, this is a normal fast food experience. Sometimes your order gets lost. And I’m pretty sure you NEVER can actually see your order being made through a drive thru window anyway.

    Also, the whole “I don’t hear thank you enough lately” really rubs me the wrong way. People shouldn’t go into these jobs expecting to be thanked. Enough.

    • Yamayo says:

      And saying it right now?????
      Staggering lack of self-awareness.

      I would save my thanks for the health care professionals and key workers who are risking their lives every day.

  12. AnnaKist says:

    I don’t want to watch the video in case it’s for real.

  13. Mindy_Dopple says:

    I feel like there is a larger conversation to be had, about the hours she’s working and the support the officers are clearly not receiving. She goes from saying people pay for her food so often she makes a conscious effort to prepay and then begging for a break. Girl. Take your break. I don’t understand those who post things like this. Take this video on Snapchat and send it to your friends. Talk about it on the group chat. Do not post it online. Take the video and send it to your therapist! There are so many other options. Ugh.

    • My3cents says:

      I really don’t understand why she would post it as well.
      Does she have no self awareness? What did she want out to get out of it?
      Also if she’s in uniform can she post things? Isn’t this some sort of breach of protocol/regulations?

    • CuriousCole says:

      @Mindy, When there are protests, it’s typical departmental procedure to put everyone on mandatory overtime with no days off. There’s no doubt she needs a break but it just isn’t an option for most officers right now.
      @My3Cents – you are correct, most police departments have strict social media policies nowadays.

  14. Emily says:

    “Nobody thanks me anymore.”

  15. MellyMel says:

    This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen…well today, cause the world is crazy! Who hasn’t had to wait on their food at McDonald’s or any other fast food place at some point in their lives?? And you don’t get to watch them make your food when you’re in the Drive-Thru!! Like what is she going on about? Why is she a cop? Why is she allowed to have a gun when she’s clearly unstable? And then has the audacity to say “what’s going on?” Black ppl are being lynched Stacey, that’s what’s going on! The Caucasity of this woman!

  16. Jaxonmeh says:

    Seriously??? Officer Karen. STFU. If you were that nervous, you wouldn’t have ordered, prepaid, and gotten in line. These fast food workers are busting their butts to keep up with demand and keep things going. It’s not always smooth. You being inconvenienced is not a conspiracy that your food is being tainted.

    If your mind jumps that quick to this crap without any reason, what else is your mind jumping to when you’re doing your job? Maybe you need a break before you have a complete mental breakdown and accidentally injure or kill someone since you obviously are showing poor judgement at actually evaluating no conflict situations.

  17. Chelle says:

    I am so baffled by all this. Why is she melting down over a mcmuffin? Seriously? If I posted like this in any way that could connect me to work I would be FIRED!

  18. greenmonster says:

    Is this satire? I can’t believe anyone would be so stupid to record that and then put it online in order to gain sympathy!

    Stacey almost out-karens all the other Karens.

  19. Frizzy says:

    My ex was a cop. He had… problems. I just creeped on his (public) FB page. His friends all wear blue. They just don’t get it. They feel personally affronted. It’s all clips of violence, looting, destruction of cop cars, “kill the pigs” graffiti. 100% centered on cops and how dangerous it is to be a cop and no one appreciates the work they do and it’s going to be bedlum defunding the police.

    It’s very much a bunker mentality. I’m not surprised this woman is terrified.

    Also one time I went to taco bell and most of my order was wrong and a lot was missing. I just went back to the counter with my receipt and they fixed it.

    • Case says:

      It’s such an odd reaction so many cops are having. Maybe we wouldn’t be talking about defunding the police if they came out and completely denounced how many cops treat black people; if they allowed the protestors to walk peacefully and help them stay safe instead of attacking them; if they said yeah, you know what, maybe it’s not good for us to have SO much power when there are other resources that are so sorely underfunded. They’re not being called out for no reason, and it alarms me that they can’t recognize that. If people in my profession did immoral and violent things, I’d do everything in my power to distance myself from those people. Instead, these cops band together. I don’t get it.

      • Esmom says:

        I’ve been thinking about this and wonder if this wasn’t the insanely polarized age of Trump if the cops would be more open to recognizing how flawed their institution is. Probably not, which indicates how deeply rooted their issues are, but it doesn’t help to have a president and an army of cultist followers willing to uphold the police as sacred.

      • Thirtynine says:

        I don’t feel any sympathy for her, and to be honest I guess I’m surprised to see so many sympathetic or extenuating comments. Its just the typical weaponisation of white womans tears. Too commonly seen to even feel surprise. But when cops and Karens are named and shamed red-handed for acting on camera in the same way they treat the rest of us the rest of the time, they’re not usually posting the videos themselves.

    • Jerusha says:

      I recently picked up a Whataburger order for my daughter who was at work. She wanted onions on her breakfast burrito. When I delivered it, no onions. She ate it anyway, big deal.

      • Jenn says:

        No comment has ever made me hungrier

      • Natasha says:

        My sister didn’t get onions on her Mc Donald’s hamburger once so she threw it against the wall lol I’m glad she’s not a cop

  20. Lotus says:

    I see videos ALL THE TIME of people freaking out on fast food employees. At least she didnt assault a minimum wage fast food worker like the many other videos i have seen.

  21. Feedmechips says:

    Has Officer Karen never used a drive thru before? Surely she knew in advance that she would have to wait in a line and would not see her food being prepared.

    On a separate note, I am sick of listening to LEOs whine about not being appreciated or hearing “thank you” enough. Why do these people think the world at large owes them constant adulation for their choice of vocation? If you don’t like your job, QUIT.

  22. Anastasia says:

    In mid-March when the Covid stuff started, there was a 48 hour time period when I only got about three hours of sleep. I was delirious – I had a doc appt for something else at the 36 hour mark and I was so rundown she made me fill out a psych evaluation.

    I can see how sleep deprivation and hunger can cause someone to breakdown over something so minor. However, for her to post it online like she’s some sort of martyr is absolutely absurd.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yeah, one time when my first kid was maybe 4 weeks old? we ordered something from a restaurant and they got it wrong. I had a total breakdown (in our house.) I was exhausted, hormonal, and super hungry at the time, so I just lost it. So I can kind of see how if she has worked a long shift and is exhausted and just WANTS HER FOOD she may cry a bit.

      But…..to think its a conspiracy bc McDonalds is going to poison you? To think its anything other than just the breakfast rush or a general mix up with orders? To film yourself and then sharing it??

      That’s a Karen.

    • moo says:

      No way should this lady have a functioning gun.

  23. km says:

    Is this for real!?!?! This is making my blood boil! A child was maced by police at a peaceful protest and we’re supposed to thank them or feel bad for her for not getting her food order!?!? She’s crying over not getting her order and worried someone will do something to her food!?!?! PUH-LEASE! Change out of your damn uniform if you’re worried and get on with it. Get a freaking clue lady… black and brown people are being murdered by the police and we’re supposed to thank you!?!? GTFOH

    • km says:

      Oh! and bravo to her for paying for her own food, you know like the rest of us do every single time we eat!

  24. HK9 says:

    What did I just watch?? That woman CANNOT have a gun and authority over peoples lives if she can’t get a grip and know that she’s just hangry, should drink her coffee and relax. If this is her biggest problem in life she’s doing well and for fucks sake an egg mcmuffin that went MIA is NOT.A.PROBLEM.

  25. Léna says:

    I lost for words. And people defending her on Twitter? Why ? How ? I don’t even get it. I’m sure they brought her the coffee while they were prepping the mc muffin…

    • Jenn says:

      Apparently people aren’t just defending Officer Stacey; a nonzero portion of the population is now taking this opportunity to harass fast-food workers online. Pretty sure it’s the same group that froths with rage anytime someone mentions giving fast-food workers a living wage.

  26. Cg2495 says:

    Wow! She def need psychological help plus they need to take her gun and budge… she is a danger to society if this nonsense sets her off. She cannot be walking out there with a hub when she clearly is unbalanced. Just wow!

  27. Louise177 says:

    I don’t know which is worse – crying over a sandwich or posting it online thinking people will sympathize. She needs desk duty ASAP.

  28. lobstah says:

    Hm. So she ordered and paid for the meal, but then, when it doesn’t come out fast enough, she starts crying about food safety?! Sit allllll the way down.

  29. Valiantly Varnished says:

    The chick who shared this video is just as buts as the cop crying in it. They are posting the number of the McDonald’s and trying to get people fired. All because Karen the Cop didnt get her egg mcmuffin. If you’re THIS fragile you should not be carrying a gun.

  30. Leah says:

    I’ve had to wait for a Mc’d’s order before, they even told me to park in a space so they’d bring it out to me. Never had to bring out the hankies, the why meeee, the tears and the victimhood because my Big Mac was *gasp* still being made.

    What an entitled loon. Maybe she needs to ride a desk for a while rather than a cruiser.

    • Kebbie says:

      I’m in Texas so I go to Whataburger, but they’re always having people pull up or off to the side. It’s just how you manage a long drive-thru line when there are cars behind that need to pay or have orders that are ready. You move as many cars through as quickly as you can. This woman is insane.

      When she started to tear up when she said they gave her coffee but not food, I did laugh pretty hard. So I guess I should thank her for that. God knows she needs those thank yous.

      • Jenn says:

        This is the second Whataburger comment I’ve seen and I’m so hungry!! Whataburger and I share the same hometown in Texas, and I miss it! And yes, everyone waits. If you’ve ever gone through their drive-through on a major holiday — Thanksgiving, Christmas — you will wait for like an hour. Mm! Worth it!!

  31. Michael says:

    Imagine this fragile person being in an intense situation? Does it seem like she is going to handle it responsibly? The idea that she recorded this and posted it makes me question her judgment . Did she not know what would happen? Get her off the streets and at the very least into some therapy.

  32. KellyRyan says:

    Can’t credit source on this one, but, it’s been stated we need to divert police funding to social service grads who can handle and will listen to people. We had an incident with a couple who were drug users and had violent arguments. My neighbor called the sheriffs office, filed a complaint and I called social services concerned about the child’s welfare.

    This officer need to be relieved from duty and encouraged to find another profession. An emotionally immature woman should not be carrying a gun.

  33. Aang says:

    WTF?? The McDonalds near me always has 10+ cars in the drive through, a 20 min wait, AND they forget to put something in the bag every time. If you don’t look before you pull away from the window you are screwed. I’ve never cried about it. It’s just a slightly annoying fact of life. And my trips are to get food for my extremely picky autistic niece and nephew. Even they don’t melt down when there aren’t extra pickles on the burger or a “boys” toy in the happy meal when we asked for a “girl” toy. This lady needs to learn some coping skills ASAP.

  34. Tourmaline says:

    The dynamic reminds me of abusive husbands… kiss my ass and tell me I’m great or I’ll hurt you.
    This is the sick persecution mentality of many in law enforcement. For a job that pays well and has great benefits, overtime, etc, where a large percentage retire at a relatively early age and collect a sweet pension. It’s not enough they want to be treated like heroes and given free stuff to boot.

    • Aang says:

      My friend’s brother just retired from the police force at age 50. He was a cop for 25 years. Full pension and health benefits for the rest of his life. If he lives until 80 he’ll be getting a pension longer than he was a cop. It is crazy. It’s why local taxes are so high and the schools are so underfunded. The average salary for the police in my town are $106,000 a year. And the education requirement is an associate degree. Teachers make $72,000 on average and they need a masters degree and have
      to work 30 years before they are eligible for a partial pension. 35 years for full.

      • AppleTartin says:

        The PAB ran with the bleach milkshake story, which turned out to not be criminal. And I question, if the cops were just using it to get medical leave and victimize themselves for cheap PR. Now local yocal cops thinks they are going to be murdered by an egg mcmuffin? This is why we need to reform our police force. Also, there are so many chemicals and poison in fast food. The least of your worries is spit. Worry about a heart attack or stroke.

  35. just Tiffany says:

    The most anxiety she has had for 15 year!!! try living with that anxiety from the time you’re 10 to 37, now imagine having to pass on the same anxiety to you kids but you have to start warning them at 7!!!
    Fuck your thank you!!!
    I go between tears and anger on a daily basis, I feel like I’m suffocating. its like before we have time to breathe its another video of another POC being assaulted by the police, its another lynching. its another Karen.

  36. Anilehcim says:

    You have got to be kidding me. This snowflake, which I know is a term the right loves to throw at the rest of us, is 100% the product of citizens who are terrified of and enamored with the badge and completely kiss the ass of every officer they come across and it makes me fucking sick. The amount of people who are going to sympathize with her histrionic bullshit nauseates me. She isn’t afraid. She’s in love with attention and acting like a martyr.

    I’ve been defending myself for YEARS against people who have called me a “cop hater” because I’m so critical of police officers, so I’m thrilled that we’re FINALLY having this conversation on this national level.

    Let’s get something very straight here: the American public does not owe you a damn thing for the job that you voluntarily signed up for. We do not need you to remind us that you “sacrifice” or that your job is dangerous. We do not need to shower police officers with special privileges and thanks for the job that they get paid to do. If people do not trust you, it is because you are all notorious for your blatant corruption and abuse of your power. The only people mystified by the climate of police-civilian relations right now are the people who haven’t been paying attention or were complicit in allowing them to become the big bullies that they morphed into.

    I’ve seen some very funny but also incredibly relevant things on twitter, like “nobody ever wrote a song called ‘fuck the firemen’ for a reason” and it got me thinking—you never see firemen finding it necessary to remind people “hey, remember that time we saved you from that fire? Our jobs are so dangerous, you owe us for our service. Don’t ever forget what we do for you” Doctors and nurses do not go around demanding or insisting that people never forget the services they provided. In my experience, police officers are the ONLY emergency responders who want to hold it over all of our heads that they have to do their jobs. This is not drafted military service. This is a career that they sign up and are paid to do. I’m fucking tired of it and I’m thrilled that others are too.


    • Esmom says:

      Very well said. It’s really unfortunate and infuriating that, because of the culture of mindless police worship they’ve created, we can’t have a rational conversation about this. That even a minor criticism is instantly interpreted/regurgitated as “you hate cops and want them dead.”

  37. TheOriginalMia says:

    It’s breakfast time at McDonald’s. Her privilege is so great that not only does she expect her food before others get theirs, but she cries white tears and blames the workers for discriminating against her because she’s police. WTF? OMG! Get some psychiatric help and fix your own damn breakfast!

  38. KL says:

    So she’s upset because… she feels like she has a target on her back? Like people might treat her worse, or even badly, because of visual cues (like her badge and uniform) which do not speak to who she is as a person? She’s felt like this for a couple months, and the stress is already bad enough to cause a breakdown posted to social media?

    Huh. If only some kind of lesson could be learned here.

    • MissMarierose says:

      Exactly. She’s falling apart after a week of that.
      Officer Karen should think about how it must feel to live your whole life like that.

  39. T says:

    Lady, I do not owe YOU a “thank you.” You’ve done nothing for me. If you cannot handle the stress of your job, quit. I do not need someone like you carrying a gun. I think the world would be safer if you didn’t.

  40. JulieCarr says:

    Someone who was actually anxious about their food being tampered with would just stop at a grocery or convenience store and buy something packaged.

    This is just an entitled idiot having a meltdown because she had to wait for her food and trying to justify it as something else.

  41. LunaSF says:

    Wtf did I just watch?! How can this be real? Lady you’re at a McDonalds, they aren’t exactly run like a five star restaurant. She needs to manage her expectations and find a therapist ASAP.

  42. PrissaO says:

    Yes – I echo all the comments above that say she needs to seek therapy and perhaps be placed on administrative leave or desk duty while she gets the help she so obviously needs.

    But on another note – that cat picture made me burst out laughing. LOLOLOLOL

  43. lamaga says:

    Okay *not* funny cuz she’s a cop and also she decided to post this not as a joke but… come on, have you never been there? So stressed and on edge that even like the stupidest most bourgie not-complaint-worthy sh*t like getting a vanilla latte when you ordered a maple one brings you to bawling point? I sobbed the other day outside a cell store cuz the person working there told me I could only gaze at cell phones for a couple more minutes. They had every right to do that. I did not make a video and I definitely would never post it, but I feel the wtfness making us all about our feelings right about now.
    Please note I am NOT saying her being a cop and her decision to both film this and post this isn’t scary because it is.

    • Valerie says:

      Honestly, no. Not to the point of tears. And if I get frustrated with small things, it’s never in public, and I’d never dream of filming and uploading my meltdown for the world to see. I think that she either wasn’t thinking about what she was doing because we’re so used to sharing everything online, or she did it knowing *exactly what she was doing, I’m leaning more toward the latter.

    • JulieCarr says:

      I think everyone has broken down over something very stupid at least once in their life, but a normal person remains aware it’s stupid while it’s happening and finds themselves a quiet spot to calm down. Making and posting (!) a pathetic, woe is me video about an extremely minor and normal inconvenience is a whole other thing, and blaming it on thinking your food was going to be poisoned is just lunacy.

    • anon says:

      Having a breakdown? Yes. Posting it online? Nopes. Having your friends and a miriad f randoms organize a digital mob to get people fired over my paranoia and fragilty? Absolutely not!

    • kimberlu says:

      she was insinuating that because she had to wait at a truck stop McDonald’s during a busy time, someone MUST be doing something to her food. It’s not the same as a cell phone store outburst. does she not know that truck drivers at a truck stop McDonald’s also like to eat breakfast and cannot go into the drive thru? Everyone waits forever in the morning at a Love’s!!

  44. Jay says:

    I don’t judge officer Stacy for the McMuffin pushing her over the edge of tears – this week alone, I’ve been moved to tears by a 2016 Olympics performance (rewatching some old ones on YouTube with my kid), a child and their dog playing in the park, and seeing all of my colleagues gathered together at once on a zoom call.

    I didn’t film any of those for public consumption, though.

    • Sparky says:

      And you’re not working at a job where you are armed and are responsible for, amongst other things, de-escalating tense situations.

  45. Coco says:

    Did she have to wait 8 minutes 46 seconds?

    • Jaxonmeh says:

      This comment needs more appreciation. ***chef’s kiss***

      I’m totally stealing it to use just so you know. It’s just so perfect.

  46. Valerie says:

    2 minutes of this shit? I don’t think I want to subject myself to the entire thing.

  47. Liz version 700 says:

    It is becoming increasingly mortifying to be a white woman. Come on people. Listen all you need to do is listen to other people and acknowledge that not everyone experiences life the same way. Also please don’t murder people and reject those who do.

  48. kimberlu says:

    @Sam dont know where you got your info, but the police in my city need a min of an Associates degree to become an officer.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Some cities do require an associates. Other just require 3 months of Police Academy training.

  49. kimberlu says:

    She is at a drive thru at a Love’s ….which is a truck stop chain that is across the country….this bitch thinks truck drivers don’t want breakfast? they can’t go through the drive through and have to wait in line.. I wish I could post a pic bec I’m actually at a Loves in Utah right now!!! and would love an egg mcmiffing, but theybjist have carls jr at this one…These McDonald’s, at love’s, are Crazy busy….i absolutely find it disgusting that her behavior is like this. She posted this for attention and sympathy…i have police and military in my family and I have absolutely no sympathy for this disgraceful officer…she over reacted….AND let’s not forget she started the pathetic video saying she likes to pay for her own food, making the public believe people fall over themselves to buy her food….eyeroll….

  50. Joanne says:

    This is embarrassing

  51. Faye G says:

    YIKES. Take away her gun stat, she seems not stable.

  52. Loreen says:

    She’s used to being put on a pedestal. That crying is not about waiting or a mcmuffin or whatever.
    It’s about taking heat because her co-workers are racist and she’s No longer feeling that people are appreciative of the police and of her work.

    In other words: privilege.

    She’s crying over privilege.

  53. Sara says:

    Stacey McMuffin is a typical Karen and is like this when she’s not on duty too. We’ve all seen this person at fast food places or retail stores when they’re not treated like the Queen and we’re supposed to drop everything else just for them. Her job is just her latest excuse for whining about not being first in line for everything.
    And we’ve all seen the person who is tweeting in her defense. “She’s been a cop for 15 years.” Thats nice, I’ve been paid to do the job I voluntarily signed up for for 15 years as well. Stop with the cop worshipping. It’s disgusting.

  54. Storminsteacup says:

    If she thinks this is a temporary situation she can’t cope with then too bad, you want to brutalise black people and think all is going to be fine? No Karen it’s not!

    • Liz version 700 says:

      That is very disturbing. “No problem soon people will forget and we can go back to shooting and beating people on a whim.” Scary as hell

  55. superashes says:

    This shit can’t possibly be real.

  56. Desert Lizard says:

    This woman is dangerous right now and should not be in that job. She is incredibly fearful that cops are being poisoned, so much so that she thinks this video is a great thing to post. Her fear could easily get the better of her in a questionable (or not so questionable) situation. She has no business working in law enforcement at this point in time.

  57. YT says:

    This lady needs professional help. Hopefully her superiors in the department will take away her gun and see to it that she gets the help she needs.

  58. Linda says:

    I would bet the worker who told her to pull forward and the worker who brought out her coffee were not white and it freaked her out. She jumped to a really shitty assumption about the workers and kinda proved the point of the protesters. If everyone involved in this ‘incident’ were all white, I’ll eat my hat.

  59. Awkward symphony says:

    Notice how she’s using an already debunked story about officers being poisoned to get sympathy. If anything it further highlights how these people think they’re above the law and think they deserve special treatment.
    It’s scary to think that this easily triggered idiot is armed to the teeth and has liberty to arrest civilians

  60. Summer says:

    I mean, just go someplace else? The grocery store maybe? Keep peanut butter crackers in your car? What a bizarre person.

  61. Marigold says:

    Setting aside all of the other stuff: This is one of my primary issues with how police work works. It’s also one of my primary issues with how medical personnel are worked.

    This woman is TIRED. This woman is sleep-deprived, emotionally ragged, and hungry. Her schedule is NOT conducive to the clear-headedness required for dealing with her dangerous, unpredictable, and human-centered work. Nurses who are sleep-deprived, emotionally ragged, and hungry should not be in contact with patients, and it goes the same way for cops.

    These professions I mentioned are underpaid for the work they do, and it is a fundamental problem inherent in both professions. You have people asked to do dangerous work that requires full attention, full focus, and a thick emotional skin. NOBODY will do that well in this state.

    That is my primary takeaway from this. How on EARTH do you have people in this line of work expected to function at all well in such a state?

    We can make it about her being white or blonde or weaponized Karen tears, but at the end of the day–no matter what this particular cop has or has not done/thought/said–it’s an indicator of a larger problem. The schedule ain’t right, and I bet you a million bucks that sleep-deprivation and ragged emotion coupled with low blood sugar is a huge factor in a lot of negative cop-citizen interactions.

    • anon says:

      Jesus wept… cops are hangry, lets feed them, that’s the solution to police brutality! Problem solved.

  62. whybother says:

    meh..stress or whatever idc
    i just see a karen weaponizing her white tears
    and she probably paranoid because all the fucked up things she did all these time, karen is afraid of her own shadow
    and putting this paranoid karen on the street with a loaded gun, god help everyone especially poc

  63. Bloodfart says:


  64. Marianne says:

    Or maybe it has nothing to do with the fact that you’re a cop and they just happen to be busy?