Kate Middleton gets a job as photographer’s assistant – for 2 weeks

Back in July, sources were talking to Daily Mail reporter Katie Nichol about the possibility that Kate Middleton would be making a temporary move to New York. Some surmised that Kate was tired of playing “Waity Katy” to Prince William’s endless dithering, and that Kate wanted to carve out a little niche or some semblance of a career while she was waiting for William to get his act together. Now the Mail is reporting that the temporary move to New York is on… for two weeks. In January. Sigh. That’s not really telling Prince William to put up or shut up, is it?

Kate Middleton is planning to step down from her parents’ internet party supplies firm at the end of the year – to concentrate on photography.

Prince William’s girlfriend will head to New York for two weeks in January to work with photographer Annie Leibovitz’s muse – and close friend of Princes William and Harry – Count Nikolai von Bismarck.

Annie, 59, who worked on the BBC documentary A Year With The Queen, is teaching her art to Nikolai, 21, and he will now pass it on to budding photographer Kate.

A friend of 27-year-old Kate said she had ‘loved’ working at her parents’ firm, Party Pieces, which sells children’s party goods over the internet but is now looking for a different challenge.

‘Kate wants to make her favourite hobby, photography, her full-time career,’ says the friend. ‘She would like to be taken more seriously. She loved implementing new sections of the website to improve Party Pieces. But she needs a new challenge – she wants to do more with her photography than take pictures of children in party hats.’

Kate, who earned the nickname ‘Waity Katie’ because she is apparently happy to hang on until William proposes, hopes that spending time in New York and then in London with Nikolai will help build up her new career.

‘Nikolai worked with the legendary fashion photographer Mario Testino when he was 16 and is now focusing on portraiture with Annie Leibovitz. He is well connected on the photography circuit and Kate is thrilled to be gaining some valuable advice,’ the friend adds.

‘Nikolai initially introduced Kate to the idea of working with Testino but there was not time in either diary to accommodate it. With his help, she hopes to get settled in photography in time for an engagement announcement with Prince William around Easter.’

‘It wouldn’t be fitting for a future Queen to run a party website.’

Meanwhile, Kate and William, also 27, have had to cancel plans to holiday at Villa Bang Bang, the Ibiza home of Kate’s uncle Gary Middleton, after he was caught on camera with cocaine boasting about his Royal connections.

[From the Daily Mail]

It’s not “fitting” for a future queen to work for her parents’ company? Just how snooty is Kate? She’s not even engaged and she’s already acting like the corgis are hers. Anyway, while Will dithers away, some theories have been batted around – some say the Queen wants Kate to get a real job and experiences other than waiting around for William. Others say that Kate and Will are already basically engaged, and that they’re planning a wedding either in 2011 or 2012. While I do think it’s cool that she’s expanding her options and trying out a new field, two weeks spent as a photographer’s assistant just seems like a fun little working holiday in New York.

Kate Middleton is shown out at a polo match on 7/19/09 and 6/7/09. Credit: Fame Pictures


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  1. Jane Q. Doe says:

    In Kate’s defense, the ‘it wouldn’t be fitting’ line doesn’t seem to be her opinion, but the author of the article’s. People have been after her to get a job, but it appears she’s been working for her parents.

  2. wow says:

    Let’s be real. Her “job” is being Prince William’s girlfriend. She doesn’t have her own identity, nor will she as long as she is with him.

    And I honestly do not think she will be the one he decides to marry. I think she’ll end up being the one he cheats on his wife with.

  3. iris says:

    She went to one of the most expensive colleges in Great Britain to become a photographer’s assistant?

  4. Magsy says:

    Sorry she’s just soooo boring.

  5. Julie says:

    Wow: I’ve thought of Kate being William’s mistress as well, but I think she’s in it for the top position. She has invested too much time and effort being boring, available, and submissive to let someone else get the prize. And judging from her permanent smug smile, I tend to think it is a done deal.

    Whoever William marries, he will have some fluff on the side. It’s royal tradition. And Princess Kate better not complain, like Diana did. This is what she is signing up for.

  6. cindy says:

    If William wanted to marry her, he would have by now. This is just another distraction for Kate since William isn’t ready.