Duchess Kate wore Beulah London to an NHS anniversary party: cute or no?

Coronavirus - Sun Jul 5, 2020

For the first time since March, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did a joint event together in public. They attended the NHS’s 72nd birthday event at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lyon, which is apparently pretty close to Anmer Hall. They spent some time meeting with the hospital’s medical staff, operational staff and catering staff and the whole event was set up like a tea party (although it doesn’t look like Will & Kate enjoyed any refreshments).

Kate wore a dated, high-neck, collared dress from Beulah London. If you told me that she was cosplaying a particular look from Princess Diana’s wardrobe, I would believe you. If you told me she was actually wearing a vintage dress once worn by Diana, I would believe that too. This is Kate’s style – not glamorous or modern. She likes things that are dated and performatively “prim.” The Daily Mail says she has this dress in two colors too, and that she wore the red version for one of her Zoom calls.

Late last week, the Daily Mail had another fluff piece about Kate and how she’s “more similar to the Queen than Princess Diana.”

A royal expert has claimed that Kate Middleton is more similar to the Queen than Princess Diana, due to her introvert nature and love of the outdoors. Speaking about the Duchess of Cambridge, 38, to Yahoo News, royal author Victoria Murphy said that she was ‘still more of a team player than leader’, but had grown in confidence since joining the Royal Family almost a decade ago.

The commentator noted Kate’s ‘quiet self-assurance’ and ‘ability to compartmentalise’, and predicted that those qualities would ‘suit her future role’ as Queen. Royal author Angela Levin also observed that the Duchess has become more ‘relaxed’ since her start with the royal family, and believes that becoming a mother helped her confidence grow.

Victoria Murphy told Yahoo UK: ‘There is no doubt that Kate has hugely grown in confidence since joining the Royal Family. I think she still remains more of a team player than a leader though and perhaps more of a listener than a talker, but I think these qualities are well-suited to her current and future roles. I’ve always thought that Kate has more in common personality-wise with the Queen; not an extrovert but quietly self-assured with a love of the outdoors and the ability to compartmentalise.’

Royal author Angela Levin added: ‘Now she knows the ropes she is more relaxed. I also think that being a mother has made a huge difference to how she faces life as a royal.’

[From The Daily Mail]

More and more, I can feel these royal commentators reaching and struggling to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse. Kate is what they’re stuck with, and they have to embiggen her. But that Tatler piece was quite eye-opening, right? For all of these “Kate is just like the Queen” stories, most people see Kate for who she is.

Coronavirus - Sun Jul 5, 2020

Coronavirus - Sun Jul 5, 2020

Coronavirus - Sun Jul 5, 2020

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Bavarian says:

    This Dress is horrible. I am lost for words, I like the length but that already it. The Little garden Party set up was cute.

    • Belli says:

      I think the blue with the white collar might be alluding to an old fashioned nurse cosplay?

      It’s not a good dress and it does nothing for her.

      • Dee says:

        Blue and white are the NHS colors. So this is more theme dressing. Not that she doesn’t already own dozens of blue and white dress options at this point.

      • Noodle says:

        This dress is a little too “Little House on the Prairie” for me. I like the color and length, but the sleeves are a little too billowy.

        I am a bit of a wordsmith, and have noticed the overuse of the word “hugely” in so many of the DM articles, and by DK in her Zoom Until Doom calls. I suppose it’s just a filler, amplifying word used to accentuate HOW thankful or HOW confident she is. Just an observation.

      • Ellie says:

        This dress has too many “gamine” elements for Kate (a “classic”). Any Kibbe followers here?

    • VS says:

      I think the coverage of Kate and Meghan, although unfavorable to Meghan in the UK is not doing Kate any favor.

      She had retired these type of dresses when Meghan was around; problem is no one can talk about what they did. What did they do there? what did they emphasize?

      There is a new discussion with H&M on race by the QCT; serious journalists are quoting Meghan, talking about the actual discussion; no focus on hair, clothes or unnecessary things used to embiggened Kate and William because there is no content.

    • Tessa says:

      The two have the big braying laughs.

      • Lady D says:

        I call it the Leanne Rimes effect.

      • AnnaKist says:

        Oooooooh, your comments made me chortle so much, I might have wet my knickers!
        That dress is a massive NAH. No explanation necessary. End of.
        I fully expected to see her hair in a braid, a la Chloe Sevigny in Big Love.

      • Ocean Girl says:

        Hi everyone, long time reader, first post!

        Every time I see a picture of the Duchess laughing, I think of “Ruby Roundhouse” in Jumanji when she has to distract the two men guarding the transportation shed. She does this fake laugh and tells them they’re so funny.

        Well, *that* was an epic first post, wasn’t it?

      • SomeChick says:

        Welcome, Ocean Girl!

        TBH, laughing is a pretty good deflection. I also use it when people say terrible things – as in, you can’t mean that! Then I ask for clarification. 😉

      • Ocean Girl says:

        @SomeChick! Thanks!

        Yes, I think laughter is a common response in an uncomfortable situation, strangely enough.

    • Vava says:

      It really is a Sister Wife dress. And her braying laughter is ridiculous. She and her husband look like hell.

      • Yvette says:

        Yes, there is something quite ‘Sarah, Plain and Tall’ about this dress. That’s not completely a diss because I don’t really have a problem with that style … but it’s not Kate’s style. She’s always loved dots, but also things that twirled and occassionally showed her legs and a hint of her butt. I think they’re making a mistake with Kate. And if this is somehow ‘her’ choice? Why??

    • minx says:

      Why no masks?!

      • Ella says:

        In England you’re only required to wear them if you’re unable to maintain social distancing (e.g. on public transport). The public is not being encouraged to wear them generally at this stage.

      • Tealie says:

        God knows, especially when visiting health workers!

    • Liz version 700 says:

      That dress combined with the hair style make her look like she escaped from a polygamous cult.

  2. LouBear says:

    I like this dress! I love a good collar

    • minx says:

      I normally like a contrasting collar/cuff look if it’s done well. Here, I think the dress would look better without them. The collar looks cheap and too tight. The pattern is nice enough, the color is fine, and it looks like a basic comfortable dress that you could throw on and feel good in. For this time of the year I would prefer it with shorter sleeves.

  3. LouBear says:

    But it needs an iron at the end…

  4. Microsoft says:

    Can anyone fake smile than these two. Wow her face is frozen with filler that’s why her smile is manic. Grandma dress and loveless marraige. Penis with teeth is lastest victim to bojo stunt that everyone is mocking. These two are pileup the bad karma for their kids. Now it’s very clear that kp is the main reason behind the press attack and these two allowed it to happen. These two can be protected as same way as andrew but now andy daughters are paying their price and no charity wants to have those girls as their face and the same thing will happen to cambriges kids. Karma is the bitch.

    • Bucketbot says:

      PWT latest victim to BoJo’s stunt? Whaat?

      • Belli says:

        PW doing a photoshoot to promote the government’s “everyone get out to the pub” line.

      • Microsoft says:

        Bojo pushed his government to open the pub and many health experts worried about safety in those pubs. William on July 3 not sure the date went to the pub to celebrate and backed government to reopen and the woman who served has no mask. He didnt wear mask either. I dont know uk rule but boy when miss Rona comes in second wave these fools going to pay the price. Many asian countries which passed summer have second wave in worst condition even South Korea and china is hitting hard but they are hiding the numbers. Europe is going to be a disaster in September months.

      • Sarah says:

        My favourite headline to come out of this weekend:
        ‘Crystal clear’ drunk people will not keep distance.

        I didn’t see if they also covered ‘water is wet’. Although I did see an interesting piece on huffpo saying don’t go after the people going to the pub and failing to distance, blame the government for encouraging it to happen when we KNOW it’s a dangerous idea (see ‘America’ if you need further data on that one).

    • Bucketbot says:

      Wow, the stupidity is astounding! Then again, I doubt William can push back to the prime minister’s request. If the Queen couldn’t do it a couple of years ago then this guy is out of the question.
      Hey maybe, BoJo could be the one to get the Do Littles off their arses once and for all. Because , who’s going to fight him? Who wants to get dirty with a pig? The Queen tried and she saw some of the worst press directed at her personally. It would be amazing.

      • Microscoft says:

        In the past, the queen has influences the prime minister remember when David Cameron wanted randy andy to get away from official duties and royal role but queen conveniences them on that. this time is different because royal family are in debt with tory because of andy and NHS selling. Royal and tory are uk version of trump and fox news. I saw the clip on this pub opening in some city, no safety meters drwan and no mask on the people. stupidity at its highest.

    • Bavarian says:

      I was wondering about the mask-less waitress too. In Germany as a customer you only wear the mask on the way to your table and the bathroom. But the staff always wears them.

  5. Katie_44 says:

    Eh, it’s not the best dress, but it’s suitable for where she was. Nothing I would buy or wear but still nice enough.

    I know I’m supposed to disparage her, but I think it’s nice that she and William are finding ways to still do charity work (whether in person or on zoom). I don’t have anything negative to say about what they are doing, I feel like they’re more visible now and that’s wonderful for the situation.

    • Microsoft says:

      You know these two are hypocrites rite?? Royal and Tory are selling NHS privately and quietly without public knowledge. Their charity work is laughable. Atleast kim Kardashian helped to release some people from prison. Kate only job is to help charity but three of her charity is busted without funding. She could have selled some of her dress and earning which will keep the charity alive. Instead she does nothing and complains about working like top ceo. Lol none of the top ceo ever complain about their work because they love their work and they are passion about it. Kate has none of it.

      • Kkat says:

        It’s Ben Elliot, Camilla’s nephew.
        A lot comes up on him about it
        I couldn’t link but found a lot of articles on this.
        Look up his company he co founded: Hawthorn Advisors
        It lobbies for foreign private Heath firms. And those foreign private health forms have provided services to the NHS.
        There is criticism on the cost and quality provided.
        This guy was appointed by Bojo to Conservative Party co-chairman
        And is being groomed for a Tory seat of the Cotswolds

        So looks bad

      • The Hench says:

        Thanks, Kkat, will check out. And yikes.

    • BabsORIG says:

      Kate already has this very dress in green and red

      • The Hench says:

        @Microsoft – don’t disagree with your thoughts on Kate and Normal Bill but the Royal family have nothing to do with the NHS organisationally and certainly are not “selling NHS privately and quietly”. Not even the Tory Govt is doing that. “Privatisation’ of the NHS refers to the NHS commissioning services from the independent (private) sector. It does not mean that patients have to pay for those services. The NHS remains free at the point of use across the board.

      • Microscoft says:

        hench one of Camilla relative is involved in some money scheme with NHS involved. I read those screenshots on twitter and some name I can’t remember but most are tory party members and Camilla close brother or some relative is involved in some way. These are a long chain of scheming and many troy members is also involved Jeffrey pedophile ring and uncle Gary too. everything is connected with each other and everything. Now they are not selling after pandemic and Brexit tory is coming up with the plan that UK govt no longer fund nhs and want to privateized some of it which invloved camilla relative being one the buyer of it privately with chuck help.

      • The Hench says:

        If you can find a source I’ll happily read – checked but couldn’t find a single story involving anything to do with a relative of Camilla being involved with a private company that supplies the NHS.

        That there is an interconnected gravy train and, worse, an interconnected, so-called elite paedophile ring – very possibly. The Epstein story beggars belief even as far as we know now.

      • Lady D says:

        @babsORIG, do either of them look any better? At all?

    • Tessa says:

      These two very little, they are fakes to me now.

    • MissMarple says:

      I actually like the dress. I too cannot find anything to disparage here. I do mistrust their motives but applaud that they seem to be doing more lately.

  6. Priscila Bezerra-Fischer says:

    “Oh my, the last weeks were so tough on me! But now that Uncle Pedo is at it again, I can trust KP to burn the witch while I continue to fart rainbows. I sure need me some Mustique!”

  7. MsDiMeanOur says:

    Will the British media ever stop talking about Keen Kate’s confidence? Like ever?

    • The Hench says:

      Seriously. It’s the same phrases/message over and over and over again. I think they must just take previous articles, drop them into a word scrambling machine and then roll them out. Since she doesn’t do anything different, there’s nothing new to say. It must be soul destroying (if the RRs still have souls) to have to churn out stories on her regularly as your livelihood.

  8. Nev says:

    Surely she cannot find something THAT funny every time she has an appearance. Stop this.

  9. Bonkers says:

    I love the dress! I would wear it and I agree it’s dated but I think those styles suit her (and me). And I love long sleeves!! As for her smiling, some people really do have (authentic) exaggerated expressions.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      If you remove the white collar and white cuffs from the dress, it would be ok. Without the white collar and white cuffs, I would wear this dress to work.

      • Keri D says:

        Agreed! And a short sleeve 🙂

      • FHMom says:

        I think if the sleeves weren’t puffed and the collar and cuffs matched the pattern, it would be okay. I would wear it to my teaching job.

    • Peony_Wise says:

      @Bonkers, Kate’s overdone, hyena-like smile looks fake to me. We already know that things are not what they seem on the surface in Cambridge/KP-land. Certainly, Kate’s and Wills’ characters’ and behaviors have been exposed as petty, selfish, and insecure, which is an understatement.

      All the embiggening of W&K that continues to be done by the firm and the British media won’t change the facts of who they actually are as people. They need to stop with the saltiness toward the Sussexes and the constant gaslighting!

      Meanwhile, it’s apparent no one in the firm will stop the incessant worrying over the Sussexes’ every move, and attempting to copy and/ or piggyback on M&H’s successful ideas and approaches to work.

      Kate often looks good in what she wears, but she doesn’t have a unique, definitive style to speak of. She tends to be safe, conservative and boring. And that’s okay when that’s all you can muster. With Meghan on the scene, Kate made an obvious effort to freshen and sharpen her clothes selections, quite often with a lot of cosplaying. Prior to attempting to copy Meghan’s clothing style and hairstyles, Kate tried to channel and copy Diana.

      So Kate is mainly all over the board in her style choices, with tending quite often toward unflattering conservative or retro styles. This dress fits into that category, but she seems comfortable wearing it, even though she’s a bit stiff and fake in her demeanor, as usual.

      As well, Wills seems to be trying to coordinate with Kate, which again is a Sussex-style trait.

      @Katie_44, no one else has said you are expected to disparage Kate. You think that way yourself. You said it yourself.

  10. S808 says:

    Absolutely hideous. She doesn’t have to be dated to be conservative. They’re definitely struggling to compliment her. A piece in the guardian about Kate having a “good lockdown” highlighted how she’s started to feel confident enough to say “more than a sentence or two” and the usual Kate vs Meghan shtick.

    • Nyro says:

      That Guardian article was everything they wanted the Tatler piece to be. LOL.

    • Chrissy says:

      She’s been dressing like a sister-wife for a while now. This dress is the epitome of that. Ugh!

    • Brit says:

      These papers know Kate is not it and it’s hilarious because they’re practically screaming out for Meghan in many ways.

  11. Jessica says:

    Awful dress! It’s very similar to the dress she wore in the family pics with Charles, Camilla, Harry, Meg and all the Middleton kids. That dress, while also not great, was far better than this monstrosity.

    • SomeChick says:

      I won’t even put a white collar on my Animal Crossing character!

      I think the billowy sleeves are meant to cover up how scary skinny she is getting.

      • Amy Too says:

        I think that too. It looks like this dress has shoulder pads, plus the extra fabric on the shoulders from those unnecessary and stupid looking tabs, and then the billowy, poofy sleeves, and the fact that this buttons all the way up to her neck, and goes down below her knees. It’s meant to cover up her body and add bulk. She’s been wearing this shape A LOT lately. Except for when she wore the lower cut dress to the hospice planting thing last week and we literally saw several of her ribs showing through her chest. She is uncomfortably skinny and looks severely unwell.

        I remember in the Tattler article, towards the end of the piece, there were maybe 1-2 sentences about how thin she was and how people wonder if she possibly has an eating disorder, like Diana did. Many of the rebuttal articles written by Will and Kate’s faves, with “sources at KP,” specifically mentioned how “harsh” and “difficult” that accusation was for Kate. They barely rebutted all the other stuff, or were haphazard/vague/ever-changing in their rebuttals, but there were at least three separate articles that called out how “hurtful” it was for Kate to be mentioned as being extremely thin. Her thinness is something she is obviously sensitive about and she does not want it remarked on in the media. Thus all the Little House on the Prairie, oversized, long sleeved in July, sisterwife dresses.

  12. Digital Unicorn says:

    That dress is frumpy and makes her look middle aged – like her hair, that style suits her.

    They both looked a bit over dressed and uncomfortable at this event. They looked very much like corporate CEO types playing at dressing down.

    • Mara says:

      She looks old for a rich celebrity but do you think she looks old for an ordinary 38 year old?

  13. aquarius64 says:

    This story only got a small mention in the Fail, and that’s because Gigi Maxwell’s arrest and Andy’s exposure is dominating the coverage. Even throwing the Sussexes under the bus is not working because RRs are getting pushback on social media for not covering Andrew. The “perfect” Cambridges can’t remove this stain from the monarchy.

    • Brit says:

      Exactly. Jeremy Vine tried it yesterday on Twitter and was rightly called out. The scapegoating is getting very obvious at this point. I think even some of the American media realize it as well and that’s why these tabloids stories aren’t getting big over here. The media has that family besides Harry/Meghan on their knees and it’s hilarious to watch them try to appease a monster that will be satisfied.

  14. Nyro says:

    Seriously, minus the makeup and heels, she looks like a sister-wife in a religious cult compound somewhere in Idaho.

    • schmootc says:

      In my experience, the hair is all wrong for that. She needs late 80s/early 90s era big, teased bangs. (Source: I’m a Southern Idahoan, born and raised there from birth until college.)

  15. Stef says:

    The dress is horrible and so is her staged manic smiling.

    She’s the laziest royal ever.

  16. Margareth says:

    That dress is a monstrousity.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Where are the masks?

    • Rosie says:

      In the U.K, we don’t have to( or advised to) wear masks, except in public transportation.

      • Nic919 says:

        And the UK has the highest rates of infection and death in the EU, second to the US in the world, another place where no one is wearing masks enough.

        They also decided not to send Charlotte to school despite it “being the law”.

        They didn’t social distance properly when sitting from table to table and could easily have spread the virus. The “UK law” is only a minimum standard and not a maximum one.

      • Original Penguin says:

        We do however need to wear a mask all the time if working in a hospital. This is a hospital so why no masks?

      • Thaisajs says:

        I saw something on the news this weekend about UK pubs opening back up and no one was wearing masks and it just made me cringe. The same thing happened here three weeks ago and now look what’s happening with infection rates in Texas, Arizona and Florida.

        Masks help stop the spread of COVID-19. Please please please please, wear them!

      • Lizzie says:

        Masks do not have to be required in order to wear them.

      • Eugh says:

        I wish they could do this thing called “setting an example”

  18. Brit says:

    Yeah this looks terrible. The media is doing everything to embiggen this woman and its cringey. They Know Meghan was the glamour and charisma between the two and they’re trying everything to make her into a Meghan copycat. It’s obvious because it just reeks of desperation. Kate and William are not filling the Harry/Meghan void at all. They tried with Sophie and failed and it obvious these two are not it. It seems to me that the longer Harry and Meghan stay away and it’s obvious they aren’t going back, the more the media seems to be having buyers remorse. Oh well, these were the royals y’all wanted.

  19. Dee says:

    Another dress very similar to one she’s worn before. But if she wants to dress like a Mrs. Beasley doll, then let her do it.

    • koko says:

      Aw….Mrs. Beasley…..My oldest sister had a doll and I knew that dress reminded me of someone/ thing.

    • SomeChick says:

      BAH HAHAHAHAHA! Poor Mrs Beasley.

    • 809Matriarch says:

      Wow that does look like a Mrs. Beasley dress. Now Kate needs some clunky black eye glasses.

    • Mara says:

      Agree, its not to my taste but people should be allowed to wear what they want to

  20. Chlo says:

    I have an irrational hatred for this dress.

    • Bella says:

      Me too. Hideous dress. I am not sure why she dresses this way? is she afraid to dress like a modern woman?

  21. C-Shell says:

    I think she’s favoring high necks these days in the vain hope they camouflage how thin she’s become. Lockdown has had the opposite effect for most of us. Sigh.

    • Microscoft says:

      that’s because she stuck in a loveless marriage. There is no explanation for her to look like this when they are selling a happy marriage. Also, only she looks at him not the other way around.

      • Nyro says:

        Microscoft, I really don’t think she’s going to make it to that throne. She’s very much in danger of not grabbing that brass ring and she and her family know it, which was the point of them commissioning that “Cate the Great” Tatler piece. William is over her and always looks like he’s just going through the motions. She’d better hope he doesn’t have a mid-life crisis where he starts to look at his life, questioning things. She’d never leave him but it’s possible he’d leave her.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      @C-shell, that’s my thought as well – those big sleeves also seem perfect to camouflage her shrinking frame. She’s been wearing several outfits like this for a while and I can’t help but think that they are meant to disguise how thin she is. That pic from the garden event showed how shockingly thin she’s becoming.

    • Mary says:

      Agreed, C-shell, I don’t think we will be seeing her skeletal ribcage again for a bit.

    • Ladiabla says:

      Yes, she’s hiding her body with those kinds of dresses. I’d be extremely worried if I was a member of her family. Why doesn’t one of them say or try to do something for this girl?! No crown is worth your daughter disappearing before your eyes, Carole. From the look of things, William is obviously not going to help her, and she’s needed it for some time now. I think that once the children are older, he’ll ask for a divorce. Right now, he needs her help raising them since they’re still little.

    • JJ says:

      I think Kate can pull off that kind of dress, though. At least on me, some maxi- or midi-style dresses can look tent-like so I size down to try to prevent that as much as possible. The dress seems to hang really nicely on her – almost distracts me from the collar.

  22. Ginger says:

    That dress is awful.

  23. Kriseth says:

    Has anyone ever gone shopping in a TJMaxx or Marshall’s and found a piece of clothing that has all of the right qualities, but then there’s a useless feature added like a weird pleat, buttons, lace or frills and you decide not to get it because now there’s just too much going on and now the piece looks cheap?

    I feel like Kate is the person who buys that item all the time. I like the idea of this dress, but the shoulder pleats, puffy sleeves, and white collar are a bit too much for me.

    • Prayer Warrior says:

      She’s still wearying a pussy bow, it’s around her waist is all…trying to emulate Meghan’s style. (how she tied her coats and a couple of dresses whilst preggers). We dragged Keen for her pussy bows @ collar (I have a pic of me wearing a hot pink pussy blouse with a hounds-tooth jacket…I was dressed professionally, for a professional portrait…in 1985!!!! ), so she’s wearing it at her waist, instead. Now, that’s fashion forward. No mention. Also, no mention of the epulettes (sp?) on her shoulders.

      I like the colours. “Blue and green should never be seen, except upon an Irish Queen.” I learnt that as a little girl. Maybe I love those two colours together as part of my inner child’s rebellions?

    • LittlePenguin says:

      Yes! You explained it perfectly. And it is not like she is an excellent seamstress who can take that random thing off and make it look much better!
      I am trying to picture this dress with the collar or cuffs in a fun bright colour and feel I might hate it less. (Or maybe it just needs to be less)

    • Becks1 says:

      YES! that’s a good way of putting it. So many of her outfits are just too much, and if one or two elements was removed, it would look so much better. There often is too much detailing or too many buttons or shoulder flaps or pleats etc. She looks much better in clean lines with minimal details (see: her dress at Harry and Meghan’s wedding, which, despite the color lol, did look very nice on her, and so have other versions of that dress.)

      • Kriseth says:

        Yes I wish she would edit her outfits accordingly. Just keep it clean and simple. This doesn’t feel like a working woman who is dressing, but a schoolteacher dressing for her kindergarten students. Nothing wrong with that (in fact I like having fun with my clothes too) but a time and place for everything.

  24. Helen says:

    Holt crap that’s a truly ugly dress.

  25. Florence says:

    Rictus grin, check.
    Fake exaggerated laugh that looks physically frightening, check.
    Terrible, expensive dress, check.
    Looking to PWT for reassurance, check.
    Low-effort gesture that doesn’t involve work, check.

  26. L84Tea says:

    Is this dress cute? If the stuffy, constipated school marm look is cute, then yeah, her dress is cute as can be…

  27. Ali says:

    Is wearing ugly dresses the new cute/ quirky/ fashionable thing nowadays in the UK? I am in Australia and these days my professional wear aims are sleek, strong, comfortable, unfussy clothing, definitely not dresses like this. I used to love a good geometric print but realised they can be a bit busy after a colleague told me the print made her eyes cross when looking too long😂

    • yinyang says:

      I like the idea of dresses but really I couldn’t bother to shave my legs well all the time.

      • Ali says:

        Oh man me too😂 it’s winter here in Australia so even more reason to wear pants and skip leg shaving.

  28. Beach Dreams says:

    Seems like this hideous dress was chosen to hide her increasingly frail frame, and yet it still highlights that there’s clearly something wrong. Crown Princess Mary wore the same dress last year and the difference is striking.

    • Nyro says:

      ITA. I think she’s hiding her body.

    • Betsy says:

      That’s what I thought; the thinner she’s gotten over the last few years, the more covered up her clothes have become.

      I know we’re not supposed to feel bad for her, and she certainly seems to have played more than her fair share of the part of smearing Meghan, but watching a human shrink into nothingness reminds me of how bad I felt for my friends doing the same and I can’t help but feel empathy for her.

      William’s suit is awesome. *That* is how amazing moneyed clothes should look.

    • Jaded says:

      @Beach Dreams – my sister, who died of eating disorders, did exactly the same thing. She’d either wear clothing that hid her skeletal arms and legs or pile on layer over layer of clothing to bulk up. There’s something seriously wrong with Kate. Unless her photos are shopped to the max her face looks haggard and drawn and not all the makeup in the world can cover those stress lines. It’s apparent that she’s struggling with a shitty marriage to a philandering husband, can’t deal with the pressure of being a proper royal, and caving under the weight of the terrible treatment meted out to Meghan and Harry for no good reason.

      I don’t like Kate but it breaks my heart to see a young woman doing this to herself.

      • NoWords says:

        I developed the first signs of anorexia at 8 years old. Spent my teens in and out of hospitals. I do not care to speculate whether Kate has an ED or not nor do I particularly care to speculate on her body either. That being said, if she were to be suffering from an ED the fact that she has low engagement numbers and does the other things she gets bashed for would be really unsurprising. Lord knows I had no energy or desire to do anything other than obsess over weight and food when I was sick. EDs are hell so I really hope for her that it’s all unfair speculation. Fingers crossed for Kate!!

      • ArtHistorian says:

        CP Victoria suffered from anorexia in her early 20s – and at one point the Swedish court confirmed that she had an ED, asked the press to leave her alone and she got out of the spotlight for a while, studying and getting treatment in the US. The bRF is notorious for acting like everything is fine when it isn’t – and that isn’t a good approach if a member of the family is struggling with something very severe.

      • Nic919 says:

        Diana was a prime example of how the BRF treat women with eating disorders so if Kate is struggling with that, she won’t get help there.

  29. Nyro says:

    Omg, I just saw a tweet from axsussexsquad member that referred to Kate as “Ofwilliam”. Absolutely brilliant. I will be using that from now on.

  30. Nic919 says:

    These pictures don’t show them sitting at various tables not 2 m apart from others and not wearing a mask. Which could mean they spread the virus to many people. This virus can travel through air particles and stay in the air for hours and so it remains ridiculous that the UK is not taking this seriously. They need to wear a mask unless they rigidly preserve the 2 m distance, which they didn’t do here. Her dress is irrelevant, but it is another sign of wastefulness. Why does she need two new dresses in the same style at a time when so many are struggling? So tone deaf.

    • Rosie says:

      In the U.K, we don’t have to( or advised to) wear masks, except in public transportation. Sadly, this is a goverment decision.

      • Becks1 says:

        No, its still a personal decision. You can wear a mask if you want, especially when you are around older people and aren’t social distancing.

      • Nic919 says:

        The UK law is a very low and inaccurate standard and since they have already decided to use their own discretion when it comes to sending Charlotte to school, they could easily choose to be extra cautious here with workers in the NHS. They didn’t even comply with the 2 m “law” when they sat at the tables and would have needed a mask at that time. People are being put at risk because of vanity.

      • Microscoft says:

        some of relatives of mine who live in India said they were in lockdown since march 2020 and no case during summer month which is April and May for them. after summer which comes to june and July hit worst in the world along with the workers from Saudi who return from India spread many. Many europe countries ease the travel restriction and they will hit hard on the second wave after the northern hemisphere summer over. Thats why wear mask.

      • Original Penguin says:

        We do however need to wear a mask all the time if working in a hospital. This is a hospital so why no masks?

      • Rosie says:

        Of course Becks1, you can wear a mask, if you want to. I personally wear them on public trans, and inside of stores too. I work from home, so that is all the time, when i am around other people.
        But, i wanted to highlight, that here in the U.K. this is not mandatory. (I am originally from central Europe, so i know, that in other countries, wearing a mask is mandatory …(logically))
        And as we saw, Wiliam is very much wanting to please the goverment (kkhmm…pub story). So for them wearing a mask would be basically saying “The goverment decision isn’t right”….. which isn’t of course 🙂

  31. Becks1 says:

    “ability to compartmentalize?” I’m interpreting that to mean she has the ability to ignore her husband’s affairs…..

    The dress is bad but its also similar to many other dresses she has (minus the different colors in this exact dress) – for some reason she’s decided this hideous look is the way to go. I know people are going to say its because she’s trying to look conservative but I really don’t think that’s it, we’ve seen her wear less matronly things in the past that were still fairly conservative. I think she really thinks these dresses are stylish and flattering. (also, they hide her body, which after last week, I’m even more convinced is part of the purpose of these dresses.)

    • Amy Too says:

      “Ability to compartmentalize” jumped out at me, too! It just seems so much like they’re praising her for being able to ignore all the unpleasant things in her life: her cheating husband, the entire horrific, backbiting, spiteful, shady, and vengeful BRF, the Andrew scandal, the fact that she’s not meant to have any kind of personality, politics, personal views, passions, or life goals that would contradict or compete with the main goal of becoming Queen and acting as an mindless mannequin for the BRF. They seem to be very pleased that she does not expect to be personally fulfilled, inspired, or even made happy by her husband, his entire family, her work, her projects, her causes, or her public role. She is able to “compartmentalize” her needs for friendship, respect, trust, happiness, and love, and knows that she should expect those things only from her Middleton family relations, and not from any member of the BRF, including her own husband. She is able to “compartmentalize” her private life role as Kate Middleton, lonely, long suffering, friendless, and unhappy wife to the serially unfaithful and often absent husband/father, William Wales, and not let it show or affect her public role as HRH the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Kate, FFQC, wife to HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, FFK.

      This is a recipe for incredibly damaged, highly mentally unstable people. And yet it is what is expected of every single member of the BRF to some degree for the past many generations. It is easiest on the Queen, those she favors, and those who are closest to the seat of power, and it is hardest on the married in daughters and granddaughters, those who the Queen does not particularly care about or favor, and those who are furthest away from the throne. But everyone, from the Queen, to her children, to her grandchildren, to her great grandchildren are expected to “compartmentalize “ and to do it easily, and to do it unquestioningly. And they are all raised by people who are constantly “compartmentalizing,” who were raised by people who were “compartmentalizing,” who were raised by people who were “compartmentalizing.” No wonder the entire family is dysfunctional, unstable, unhappy, and seemingly incapable of human love, kindness, or empathy. The very few who work extremely hard to overcome the compartmentalization or who resist it from the start are chased out and/or break away, and the BRF is left with those who were able to double and triple down on the compartmentalization to the point of “compartmentalizing” away their natural brotherly/fatherly/grandmotherly feelings/personas in favor of their “HRH, BRF” feelings and personas.

      • Peony_Wise says:

        @Amy Too said:
        “She is able to ‘compartmentalize’ her private life role as Kate Middleton, lonely, long suffering, friendless, and unhappy wife to the serially unfaithful and often absent husband/father, William Wales, and not let it show or affect her public role.”

        @Amy Too, thanks so much for aptly breaking down the ancient, inhibiting royal family dynamic. What you expressed is so very true, based on my reading and knowledge of British royal family history and the cultural aspects of the British aristocracy and upperclasses. It’s the same thing that was expected of Diana! Not to mention so many other long-suffering royal wives today and yesterday.

        I am especially reminded of the beautiful Queen Alexandra (formerly a blood Princess of Denmark) and the absolutely horrible way she was treated by her husband, King Edward VII, in not so secretly consorting with all of his famous mistresses, including the notorious Mrs. Keppel (one of Camilla’s ancestors, whom we know Camilla, per comments in her youth, seemed proud to be associated with).

      • Nic919 says:

        This is an excellent summary of the dysfunction of the Windsors through generations and shows that there is nothing they can do to save the future generation. All the “hands on” mom bullshit can’t save the Cambridge kids from a mother who is vacant and shrinking both physically and mentally and a father who is barely there.

  32. Sofia says:

    Yeah this is a miss from me. Shorten the length, get rid of that bow and de-puff the sleeves and shoulders and then we would have a good dress.

  33. Seraphina says:

    I just don’t understand, to have all of fashion at your fingertips and we get this. THIS cannot be her style. She was better dressed in her single days. This has to be trying not to outshine Wills. And it must suck if that truly is the case.

    • Olenna says:

      IMO, not outshining anyone would have to been re-wear one of the other fugly school marm dresses she already owns. Lord, this one is bad.

  34. Sarah says:

    I mean they’re right but those are NOT the reasons.

    That dress is atrocious, what is she trying to achieve???

  35. Phuggi says:

    I feel like at this point, every human quality ever is will ‘help her in the role of Queen,’ because you know what? The role of queen consort is basically be nice (or appear nice) and don’t secretly murder babies in your bathroom. They need to stop highlighting everything she does and go, “Ahah! Therefore she was MEANT to be Queen, look at her Quiet Assurance/Stance/Poker Face/Whiteness.” Because that’s what it is, in the end. That she is white and not a secret baby murderer. That’s enough for her….but oh, if a woman of color enters onto the scene–the confidence becomes ‘arrogance,’ the style becomes ‘too glam.’ I can’t anymore.

  36. CindyP says:

    That fake smile is ridiculous.

  37. TheOtherOne says:

    I saw this outfit on another site and my first thought was “what decade is this?” It looks outdated, stuffy, and warm for the summer months.

  38. Beff says:

    Didn’t one of Meghan’s Suits costars wear that same dress to the wedding?

    • Becks1 says:

      No, but its similar. Kate also has that dress and wore it for the pictures for Prince Charles’s birthday.

    • Florence says:

      Abigail Spencer! A good example of how to wear the dress, not let the dress wear you.

      • Nic919 says:

        Kate has the same dress that Abigail Spencer wore, which she could have reworn yesterday. It’s wasteful that she had to get another similar but slightly different one.

    • lucy2 says:

      It is very similar, but Abigail’s is SOOO much better.

      Kate’s instantly made me think Diana in the 80s, which was not a compliment.

      • Eugh says:

        Cosign Abigail’s take was so so much better. It’s really only made worse that Kate got the dress after Abigail and it also doesn’t look great on her (although would be an improvement on this horrible dress)

  39. Anna says:

    Long sleeves??

  40. J ferber says:

    Not cute. The white collar is awful. All the laughing pics , so unusual for them, makes me think they’ve been taking lessons with a mime or acting coach: “This is what it looks like to laugh and look happy.” Utter fail.

  41. Harla says:

    Why have William and Kate not yet issued a cease and desist letter to Gary Janetti for using their oldest son’s image in such a vile and misogynistic way? Is Gary paying the Cambridges for the use of their sons image? I can only imagine that William and Kate are fine will Gary using Prince George’s image to trash their female relatives since they’ve done nothing about it for years.

    • microsoft says:

      they are paying to some YouTubers too. these two are sick individuals and they derve each other. If they really care about using their son’s image they could have released a statement instead they did nothing says a lot.

      • Harla says:

        I wonder how George will feel about this when he gets older? His mum and dad run to correct articles about themselves but can’t be bothered to stop a misogynistic old man from using his image, as a young child, in such a vile way. If I were him I would definitely be demanding an explanation.

  42. SpilldatT says:

    Prince Charles duchy money hard at work on her wardrobe.

    Or not.

  43. lemon8 says:

    It COULD be cute? Almost? But the over sized sleeves and neckline make her look very broad compared to her narrow waist / hips. For an otherwise pretty person, this is just awful.

  44. RoyalBlue says:

    fugly dress.

    why couldn’t she give that fake manic grin when she saw meghan at the commonwealth day service?

    • Peony_Wise says:

      @RoyalBlue said:
      “why couldn’t she give that fake manic grin when she saw meghan at the commonwealth day service?”

      Ha ha ha! ROFL! Exactly!!!

      You hit that nail on the head! ‘Nuff said.

  45. Thaisajs says:

    I could care less about her ugly dress. Why aren’t she and William wearing masks? I realize it’s not required, but it’s just common sense given everything we’ve seen from scientists who have studied how COVID-19 spreads. They should be setting a good example and wearing them EVERYWHERE. Not pretending that everything is normal.

    Very disappointing.

  46. kelleybelle says:


  47. JanetDR says:

    This looks exactly like what Mennonites wear. (Amish would not wear prints).

  48. Molly says:

    Kate looked so much more self-assured (Switching it up from confident. Take note, royal reporters!) at her solo visit to the hospice. What a nightmare William must be to still elicit a nervous reaction from Kate nearly 20 after meeting him.

  49. TheOriginalMia says:

    No! When I saw the pictures on Twitter, the pattern made my eyes cross. This cosplay is so dated. Not just Diana dated, Little School Marm dated.

  50. Margaret says:

    Did anyone notice how Kate stood up,like she was bored and going to another table. She stood by herself while Willie and the others just stared.

  51. Lizzie says:

    Linda Evans called, she wants her shoulder pads back.

  52. Sarah says:

    Look, I think Kate is pretty useless for most things, but it is undeniable that she appeals to a certain set of British and American Karens who are all about mom-ing and “fashion.” So it is pretty undeniable that probably the biggest impact that she could have right now, in a global crisis, is TO WEAR A MASK.

  53. paddingtonjr says:

    How does this woman still not know how to dress or interact in a natural way with people? Okay, she wants to theme-dress in NHS colors; there are many other outfits, some probably in her own closet, which would be contemporary, professional, flattering. Spend an afternoon with a personal shopper, put together a core wardrobe and learn what colors/style work best. And maybe, instead of buying yet another button-heavy, pussy-bowed sister-wife dress, invest in some media training. Not everyone is comfortable in a group or constantly being in front of a camera, but she knew what she was get into and there is no excuse, especially after nearly a decade of marriage, to come across as so inappropriate in pictures. Practice in front of a mirror, take some acting lessons, whatever. She has access to the best teachers who would come to her house anytime she wants. She doesn’t have to be a trained actress like Meghan, but she needs to do something.

    • Peony_Wise says:

      ITA @ paddingtonjr! Exactly! Kate has so many resources at her disposal that she’s simply NOT accessing. Why?? Is it ignorance of the means by which she could make more of an attempt to better herself w/o the constant cosplaying and need for p.r. embiggening? Or is it just pure and simple laziness?

      • Nic919 says:

        Laziness is the nice answer to that question. The alternative is that she is just not mentally capable of it.

      • paddingtonjr says:

        Yeah, I’m going to go with laziness on this. In nearly 20 years of being with William, three of which were in university when people are usually at their most intellectually curious, she has shown absolutely no interest in anything other than being with William, botox, shopping, tanning, dieting/exercise, and her children. No intellectual curiousity about the history of the BRF, how to be a modern FFQ or adding meaningful value to her patronages. In almost a decade of marriage, she has shown no growth and no desire to improve herself, aside from superficial cosmetic procedures.

  54. Lily says:

    That smile is so extra, it’s copy pasted in all those outings, it’s making me think of Ana De Armas and her laugh.
    Kate’s gonna laugh so hard, she’ll be extenuated and take a mustique vacation, because it was a CEO laugh level.

  55. LunaSF says:

    It seems so “old” for her and she is young. Also congrats to the NHS and the British people for choosing to have nationalized healthcare for their citizens instead of the pathetic for profit schemes we are stuck with in America. Part of me kind of hopes coronavirus just collapses our whole “healthcare” and bankrupts the system. There is no way all these people being hospitalized are going to actually be paying their bills, even with insurance you usually have to pay $$$ to meet deductibles and they find other ways to charge you. I hope one day America has a similar system!

  56. February-Pisces says:

    Kate owns some ugly dresses, but this one is right up there as being one of the worst. Her hair being pulled back makes her look even more plain. I hate to see good money wasted on bad clothes. Meghan and queen Letizia are proof you can dress conservatively and stylishly at the same time.

    Anyways what’s with the comparisons to the queen? It’s weird that she’s trying to be her husbands grandmother. Has she given up on being the ‘new diana’?

    • February-Pisces says:

      Also I just saw the same dress on holly willoughby on insta and it looks a hell of a lot better on her. I just realised why it looks so bad on kate, and it’s the sleeves, they are too oversized for her and it doesn’t fit on the shoulders. The fit of the dress isn’t supposed to look like that, hence why it looks so bad.

  57. RoyalBlue says:

    it’s so bad i had to come back twice and say it’s terrible. the epaulettes on the shoulder are just so extra, just like her button fetish. i don’t like the sash around the waist. a smart matched belt would have been better. it’s just too close in style to the one she wore for Charles’ 70th birthday.

    that catty sure can cosplay the matronly ffq.

  58. AprilMay says:

    But but I thought she was just like Prince Philip- the power behind it all or whatever bs they were shilling with that story. Now she’s just like the queen.
    Amazing that she was given 10 years to learn the ropes whereas Meghan wasn’t even given 10 days.

  59. nicegirl says:

    Cute or no?


  60. Lizzie says:

    Does she crave the spotlight or is she pushed out there? Why don’t they get her a great coach or let her stay in the background?

    Random thought, have there ever been pic’s of her taking the kids to church on Sundays? Maybe the press back off of that or do they only attend with TQ to get papped?

  61. Sorella says:

    Not her best dress for sure, very old-fashioned and I do wish she would dress younger – she is tall and thin and could pull off so many more modern styles.

    My family who live in the UK (all Italians who married English people) say people ALL LOVE her in the UK (and that her dresses – even the bad ones like this – sell out). They’ve seen her live several times and said in person she comes across as very sweet, VERY lively, they said she laughs a lot and is very engaged with children and seniors. Some of my cousins love Meghan too and love Kate. I said that it seems like her popularity and William’s has taken at hit and they said “no, they are very liked in the UK”.

    • Bohemian Angel says:

      No not ALL people in the UK like her, I certainly don’t and I know a lot of people who don’t or just dont care. People are starting to see her for what she is; a racist, jealous, petty, entitled karen. The only people that really like her are the same as her. She appeals to white England and white supremists and a lot of her fans only started liking her when Meghan came on the scene, Kate is used as a stick to beat her with and she loves that as it’s been highly beneficial for her. But poc see the writing on the wall clearly.

    • February-Pisces says:

      I’m from the UK and mostly people are indifferent to her. She and William may have been liked but they were never loved. But since they showed how petty they are they have lost about half of their fanbase. My sister used to really like her and even her clothes too (I always hated her outfits), but even she has grown indifferent, and that’s not even taking into account what she did to Meghan. My sister didn’t know much about the smear campaign. But whenever Kate’s name comes up, people mostly say “well she’s just THERE, she doesn’t really do much’.

  62. Mina_Esq says:

    I LOVE that you choose these photos in which Kate is laughing like a maniac. It’s expert trolling, and I’m here for it 😂❤️

  63. Original Jenns says:

    “For all of these “Kate is just like the Queen” stories, most people see Kate for who she is.” Correction – the people who’s opinions she and William care about see her for who she is. If it weren’t the Turnip Toffs making snide comments to Tatler, they wouldn’t care. Her embiggening is the Palace making her palatable to the masses, but in truth, they only care about the Noble reputation.

  64. Coco says:

    She looks like a 1950s switchboard operator.

    • FicklePickle says:

      No, 1950s switchboard operators were usually much more stylish and modern than this. And that skirt is either six inches too long or six inches too short for even most conservative Grannies in the 1950s.

  65. Anne Marie says:

    There she goes with her hyper hyena laugh! I dont recommend you to watch the cringy video of this and you’ll see how FAKE she is. So crigy😖 I dont know how these rrs do it. I’d be embarrassed to face my family and friends if all I do is suck up to these losers even at the expense of my reputation.
    The 50s housewife look is getting worse! I get that she loves dressing to match her senior & conservative base but this is so awful and it further highlights her extreme weight loss. Look at the sleeves,it almost look like its bigger size!! Her crazy stans dont care about her health or are in denial but even none royal watchers like my mothet notice her almost bulimic appearance. I was hoping that seeing Meghan not rushing to lose weight would inspire her to rethink her dieting but nope its getting worse

    • Mary says:

      Sorry, @Anne Marie, but I don’t think Kate will give up her “extreme weight loss” efforts anytime soon, certainly not of her own accord. It’s the only thing she is good at. The girl needs an intervention but those around her are just enabling her problem (“embiggining” anyone?).

  66. MsIam says:

    Hideously awful dress as usual. What role is she playing today? She should stick to Zoom.

  67. MsIam says:

    Sorry but I just went back and read that article excerpt. These people change the narrative so quick it makes your head spin. First Kate was the backbone of the royals, now she’s a team player and not a leader. And again with the finding confidence, by this time she must have a barn full. Look Kate is what she is, a dress up doll they push out there and pose. And that’s fine if that is all she wants. But stop trying to make it Meghan’s fault if Kate looks lacking in the comparison.

  68. Stacy Dresden says:

    No!! Not cute!

  69. Islandgirl says:

    Her dress is for the 60 – 80 white population. The BRF remains popular with this segment of the population.
    Unfortunately for the BRF they might not be around to support William and Kate as King and Queen.
    By that time they would have alienated the Commonwealth and their own black and brown citizens by their continued treatment of Harry and Meghan and their silence on BLM.

  70. Annabel says:

    1947 called. It wants that dress back.

  71. Bluenoser says:

    So much money; such little taste.

  72. RedWeatherTiger says:

    She’s gone full marm.

    In that large pic, it looks like her left ankle is seconds from snapping. I know it did not *really* snap, but eeks.

  73. The Recluse says:

    Ugh. Plain ol’ milk has more spice to it than Kate ever will.

  74. Faye G says:

    Oh God, that dress is hideous. She looks like she belongs on an FLDS compound somewhere… Women her age should never wear that twee little collar style.

  75. A says:

    History is going to treat her kindly, for the same reason that the Queen has been revered as sort of the National Granny (up until very recently of course). As the Tatler article put it rather aptly, she’s impenetrable and doesn’t say much. Her silence alone is going to get her to squeak by, unless something much larger happens down the line in the future.

    And I won’t lie and act like this idea doesn’t annoy me. It does. I know a lot of people might take issue with the grievances I have towards Kate, precisely because she’s silent and that gives her plausible deniability, and it’s hard to explain all the reasons I dislike her without sounding a tad too obsessed.

    But it irks me deeply that a fundamentally average, mediocre Karen like her is going to get a polite round of applause at the end of the day, simply for showing up and shutting up and not upsetting the apple cart. All while the institution that goes to such lengths to protect her couldn’t do the same for her biracial sister-in-law who suffered such abuse, she had to leave the RF with her royal husband.

    Kate is going to get lauded as the good wife and mother and queen consort, all for the fact that she was average and silent and that was somehow a miracle. Kate resembling the Queen in temperament is not a compliment. It’s an indictment of how this is an institution that values silence and cold disregard in the face of genuinely atrocious behaviour that would, and should, offend any decent human being.

    The Queen has demonstrated throughout her reign that she has never had her finger on the pulse of the people, and she never will, because she simply doesn’t care to. She will use her extensive privilege that she fully believes is her god-given right to prop up her abominable family. It took a long time but people saw through her deplorable charade. If Kate and her enablers truly think that this is a model of endurance that Kate must aspire to, it doesn’t make her a very admirable person by a long shot. And yet, barring any really upsetting behaviour in the future, people will sanitize her legacy so that she comes out smelling like roses. So their tactic is one that they know will work at the end of the day. And that makes me sad and angry.

    Also, that dress is ugly as sin.

    • Mary says:

      @A, 💯! I hate to agree but I do. Here’s hoping that “something much larger happens down the line in the future” so that Kate’s horrible behaviour and machinations are not rewarded in years to come.

  76. yinyang says:

    Lol she looks funny here, her skin is blothy and lines. Anyway, what is Brits obsession with hate for Meghan and Harry, any article on Kate is excuse to bash them, accuse them of being disrespectful and asking for money back, it’s crazy and only makes me root for royal family downfall more. I mean, Meghan was ever in the royal family for a minute, how long are they going to talk about this, why not exert your hate to Andy or the larger royal beneficiraies of tax payer funds. I know these people are few but damn they’re loud and nasty!

  77. Sass says:

    Those were my good face eyes 😭

  78. Sue M says:

    The dress is hideous.

  79. Marivic says:

    If you go to the comments of the Daily Mail, you’d see that there are many commenters who bash her gurning and teeth. I tried to look back on some of Kate’s photos during early engagement, wedding , and early post-wedding. She never smiled that way with her mouth open. She was still able to close her mouth while smiling. Now smiling for her is taken to extreme— it’s just like everything is funny to her. I think something when awry with her orthodontist and doing something about her teeth and jaws is definitely irreversible now.

    • Nic919 says:

      She got veneers at some point but before she was engaged so the teeth too large for her mouth have been there for a while. The exaggerated laughs at every appearance are more recent though. It’s almost like she is medicated and then over exaggerates her smiles to compensate for her dulled senses, especially when she’s around William.

    • yinyang says:

      Just like her weight, she doesn’t care what we think. She thinks she photographs better like that and tha’s the way it’s going to be. BTW Kaiser even used her better pictures, the other pictures not used were even more strange! I think Kate is very controling about her self image, she dresses and reacts to stand out, if she wanted to blend in, she would behave and dress more like Leitzia or even dowdy like Sophie, more modern and appropriate. She probably feels woman of a certain era dressed better, I know a lot of woman feel that way. Kate lives it.

  80. Why is no one wearing masks?

  81. Jewel says:

    Geez. The Dowdy Duchess of Frump

  82. Peony_Wise says:

    Everyone has been in fine form with their right-on commentary! Too bad Kate has been exposed to the hilt as not being in great form after so many years of courtship and marriage. You’d think by now she’d have had the capacity and fortitude to figure things out. But nope, she seems to be more of a feeble, aimless appendage to her mother’s ambitions and to her husband’s wandering willie whims and petulant attitude behind-the-scenes. Wills must be a handful to deal with.

    Aside from birthing and mothering cute kids, Kate has shown herself to be a bitter, mean girl who lacks the self-knowledge and self-confidence necessary to put her best foot forward without having to be insecure and unwelcoming toward a new female royal sharing the same space. She didn’t have to be besties with Meghan, but to treat Meghan ungenerously and with barely disguised bitter jealousy has only revealed Kate’s lack of character and substance. I always thought Kate was fairly boring, but I never knew she was petty and mean-spirited, until she exposed those failings herself. The constant FFQ embiggenning campaign is an embarrassment.