Disney World’s ‘welcome back’ reopening video is like post apocalyptic satire

Sometimes I feel like a crazy person for continuing to socially distance and wear a mask. I’ve almost completely changed my group of friends in the past few months. I miss them, but the women I used to hang out with are going to restaurants, planning concert outings, and just generally acting like everything is back to normal since we’re in Phase III in Virginia. It isn’t, I look at the statistics every day and cases are spiking in the US. They’re particularly bad in Florida, with over 224,000 confirmed cases and a graph that just keeps going up. Disney World is still planning to open in two days, on July 11th, despite the grim statistics there. It’s not like their POS governor is doing anything but lying through his teeth and turning the state into a petri dish. (My parents live there and I’m mad.) It’s ok though, because Disney has released a video showing that they’re wiping sh-t down and that some of their workers, not the costumed ones, are wearing masks. That’s above if you want to watch it. It’s a bunch of scenes of an empty resort with castmembers in masks set to swelling music. There’s no narration so you can have the sound off.

What is there to say about this? I would not go to Disney World at this time for any amount of money. Plus this video is disingenuous because there are no people roaming around shoving giant chocolate covered bananas in their unmasked mouths, wiping their faces with their hands and touching sh-t. Yes they’re going to require mask-wearing and are limiting the number of guests, but how are they going to enforce that? We’ve seen so many videos of unhinged MAGAs freaking out because someone asked them to wear a mask. Disney castmembers aren’t going to risk confronting someone, only to have them screaming in their face about their personal freedom to infect everyone. I’m going to quote Gizmodo because that’s where I first saw this video and their take is smarter than mine:

The video plays like a morbid joke for anyone who’s been paying attention to the U.S. government’s complete surrender to the virus. The U.S. just surpassed 3 million infections and has identified over 132,000 deaths from covid-19, the worst outbreak in the world. And there’s absolutely no sign that America’s leaders—from President Donald Trump to governors like Florida’s Ron DeSantis—have any plan to actively fight the pandemic like every other wealthy country has done.

[From Gizmodo]

At least they’re sort-of requiring masks and it’s outside. That’s all I’ve got. If you want a wakeup call (if you read us you probably don’t need one), read the rest of Gizmodo’s article, which has more scary details and statistics about covid. The people who need to read it won’t, they’re getting all their news from Facebook.

Despite initial plans to open next week, Disneyland in California is thankfully staying closed.



This is the line for people waiting to get MERCHANDISE.

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  1. wildwaffles says:

    I am a huge Disney nut, raised going to Disneyland and raised my own kids there. It holds such a special place in our lives. But there is no way in hell I would step foot in a park right now. I get heart palpitations just looking at these videos.

    • Mellie says:

      Yeah, I think people need to take a break from theme parks this year. I hate it for the workers, I really do and for the kids, it is sad, but this year, let’s step back.
      I too and a Disney fan, big fan, but no freaking way.

  2. EviesMom says:

    Wait – folks are lining up to buy racist merch before they change the theme of Splash Mountain?!? Florida – just when I think it can’t morph into something worse … it does.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      If you think Florida looks bad from your outside point of view, you should live here.

      The latest natural disaster to hit Florida: Hurricane DeSantis!

      • H says:

        Thank you. Florida resident but currently in CO due to my asthma and DeSantis’ handling of the virus. I am an annual WDW passholder and you couldn’t pay me $1M to go to Disney right now. After a vaccine, sure? But now during a spike? Hell to the no.

  3. Becks1 says:

    I know someone who runs a Disney blog and is super adamant that Disney is the safest place in the country right now. (this is the kind of Disney blogger who thinks everything related to Disney is perfect, so its actually sort of annoying if you want objective reviews on anything.) Given the rise of cases in Florida, I just don’t see how she can say that with a straight face.

    I love Disney and we had a big August trip planned, but we did end up canceling that and plan to go in 2021 (hopefully).

    • Kebbie says:

      Lol I didn’t know Disney bloggers were a thing

    • Case says:

      I follow some Disney bloggers who are generally pretty honest about this kind of stuff and have shown videos of the park genuinely seeming pretty safe. Nothing I’d ever insert myself into during a pandemic, but I get why locals who are more comfortable going out might feel okay about visiting. Still, theme parks are germ factories in ordinary instances. How could you feel safe sitting in ride vehicles, eating while walking around, etc.? I don’t understand it, and I’m disappointed in Disney for not shutting down when they saw how cases were spiking.

      I’m planning to go in 2021 and I really hope that works out. I miss it! At the same time, at this rate, I’m not confident we’ll have this virus under control by then. I really hope a vaccine is made available early next year.

      • Becks1 says:

        I’m glad some are being more objective, this is the only Disney blogger I follow on IG (because we knew each other before she moved there) and she is already at MK today (I guess it opened for AP holders early?) Like, chill out a bit and see how it goes? I guess if you already live there though, you are at risk so actually going doesn’t seem like that big a deal.

        But think about all the common spaces at Disney, even WITH social distancing – and all the kids who don’t understand social distancing anyway! I know Disney is losing money but this just seems like a bad idea to me, given Florida’s current status, especially when you consider all the people who will travel TO Florida to go to Disney and then be exposed and bring it back to their home state.

      • Case says:

        @Becks1 Totally agreed. And I feel like Disney must still be losing money even being open now due to their limited capacity (I think they’re only at like 25-30 percent capacity) — operating costs MUST be higher than their revenue, so even from a financial side I don’t understand why they’re opening. I think it would’ve been wise, if they felt they MUST open, to limit it to annual pass holders and Florida residents only to deter people from flying in from all over the place. If locals want to go, fine. But I don’t appreciate the idea of people from my state, which has cases under control, flying to Florida for that and bringing COVID back with them.

  4. LittlePenguin says:

    Was anyone waiting for the zombie/bad guy/something to jump out and eat a cast member? No? Just Me. Ok.

    I live in Canada but we have family who live in Florida. We had decided that every other year it is a nice break from winter to head to Florida , see the family and spend a few days doing Disney. We won’t be doing that at all for at least the next year. Probably two. Nope. It is way to out of hand down there. It is just way to irresponsible and it makes me rethink supporting Disney with them putting profits over people.

  5. fluffy_bunny says:

    Disney needs to take a hard line at the mask wearing and perma ban people who refuse to wear masks. It’s very hard to get banned from Disney but I think if they do this it will get the maskless Karens to fall into line. I own their timeshare and buy annual passes. I’m not scheduled to be there until December but we aren’t even 100% sure about going then.

    • IMUCU says:

      Totally agree! We are WDW passholders and DVC members too. We usually go for a week in January and a few day or overnight trips throughout the year since we are so close, but right now we have no intention of going there anytime soon. Florida is a dangerous and irresponsible mess. I really think Disney execs should have pushed back their opening for Disney World. California is lucky to have a government that is putting their citizens’ health above opening a theme park.

  6. Kate says:

    Mickey operates only with the almighty dollar in his mind. You hate to see it.

  7. Case says:

    I also feel like I’m living in an alternate reality from most people around me. I know people who are taking vacations, going to restaurants, visiting friends indoors, partying on boats, etc., like nothing is wrong, and make ME feel like the crazy one for limiting my outings and being in no rush to get back to “normal.” But seriously, what the hell? We’re still very much in the MIDDLE of a pandemic. The narrative has changed and made it socially acceptable to go about normal life, but the reality and the science have not changed. In fact, things have only gotten worse. Quarantine is not over; not for me, at least. Why would it be over when cases are spiking so rapidly?

    I follow some Disney bloggers because I love Disney and for what it’s worth, they do seem to be taking tons of precautions to keep people safe from what footage I’ve seen of the parks. Which I guess is good for those who are somehow comfortable visiting a theme park right now. I realize travel and tourism is a huge industry and Florida depends on Disney opening for so much of their economy, but I’m still disappointed in them for moving forward with the reopening when Florida is in such a terrible state with COVID cases right now. It would be like a theme park opening in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. So stupid and so irresponsible. I ultimately blame the government for allowing these types of places to reopen, though. It’s nightmarish and idiotic on so many levels.

    I’ve been going to Halloween Horror Nights the past few years and last year tacked on a Disney day to see Galaxy’s Edge. I hoped to return in October 2021 but at this point, I’m not even confident that will happen. Partially because businesses like Disney can’t stay closed long enough NOW to help get rid of this virus. Ugh.

  8. Rapunzel says:

    This… will be a shitshow. Disneyworld is so dumb.
    Does anyone know the status of the other parks? I know Shanghai disney opened. Did cases spike? What about Japan and Hong Kong? France?

    I’m still waiting for this to get scrubbed last minute. I give it 3 weeks till they’re forced to reclose due to a bunch of idiots getting sick.

    • Case says:

      I have a feeling the Asia locations will fare better than the U.S., as mask-wearing is commonplace there and isn’t so much of an issue as Americans make it out to be. Destinations that actually have the virus under control have, at least, some logic to reopening. Florida is in no shape to open ANYTHING right now.

    • fluffy_bunny says:

      Japan is open. Not sure about HK.

    • Marjiscott says:

      Rapunzel, Today is the re-opening of Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort in California. They are saying they WILL be enforcing mask wearing today and ongoing. While California isn’t at Florida’s levels yet, thanks to The Orange One, I’m nervous because my husband is a cast member in Downtown Disney. I am certainly not going. If things get worse here case wise, I am hoping our Governor will shut it all down again.

  9. bluemoonhorse says:

    Kill Grandma. Save Disney.

  10. Nancypants says:

    I don’t think Disney can enforce mask wearing.
    No way and not wearing masks is getting worse which I don’t understand.
    We have a small but busy store here in Colorado and our county hasn’t been hit nearly as hard as other counties around us but about half our customers now don’t wear masks.
    No, it’s not required but my senior partner requires that we wear masks and we would anyway. COVID: DO NOT WANT.
    The News says there were 58,000 new cases in the US just yesterday. That’s a lot.
    EPA came out a couple of days ago and said Lysol spray (at least two of them) will kill COVID germs 2 minutes after spraying.
    Our store is covered in that stuff and has been for months.

    The bars opened here for one day and then the Governor said, “Nope! Too soon.” and closed them again.
    The schools are talking about all kinds of weirdness in order to open again.
    Kids will be required to wear masks. Good luck with that. Can you imagine a bunch of first graders keeping their masks on their faces? The fourth graders will be using the masks as sling-shots and filling them with glue and other shenanigans. The playground and recess will take on a whole other challenge.

    I guess they are going to have half the kids in at one time just two days per week.
    I guess it would give the moms and dads and the kids a break from each other but there is no way those kids are going to keep those masks on their snotty, little faces. It’s hard to pick your nose while wearing a mask.

    I wouldn’t go to Disney World this time of year anyway. I don’t mind heat and humidity but we were there at Thanksgiving years ago and we nearly passed out.

    • Marjiscott says:

      Fancy pants, It should be interesting. What Disney is telling us in California,is there will be supervisor type cast members who will be making sure masks are on. I’m with you, doubtful there would be 100% compliance with that. If a guest refuses to wear it, supposedly out they go, perhaps with a
      Lifetime ban.

    • waitwhat says:

      Cue the triggered deplorables getting into fights with Disney staff over facemasks because liberty, founding fathers blahblahblah. I’m grateful I’m in a major metropolitan area and can get just about anything delivered so I don’t have to face people staring me down for wearing my face mask in public. It happens a lot here (Arizona). Although I am seeing a lot more people wearing masks in public, which is great!

  11. ME says:

    This is stupid. Are they really going to enforce mask wearing? I doubt it. It’s hot as hell right now. People won’t keep their masks on for more than a few minutes. Hell people can’t even be bothered to wear a mask in an air conditioned grocery store. Disney is kidding itself. You couldn’t pay me to go !

  12. Thea says:

    I love all things Disney and live about thirty mins away from Disneyland. But there’s no way I’ll be going anytime soon. Downtown Disney is set to reopen today…thanks, but no thanks.

  13. Barbiem says:

    I would go, wear my mask, sanitize, try and social distance but havent been in yrs so no need to make my first trip back during the pandemic. I can wait another year

  14. EditorM says:

    I’m not venturing out any time soon. But a year from now, I’d go to Disney. I once rode out a hurricane at DisneyWorld and the staff/organization was A-MAZ-ING. Disney knows how to make the trains run on time like nobody’s business.

  15. bee says:

    American friends reading this; please, PLEASE continue to isolate and social distance. The rest of the world is wondering what the hell is going on over there. The US is still in the first wave of infections, and the infection and death rate WILL continue to climb. I’m in Victoria, a state in Australia, and we’ve just gone into a second lockdown. This total lockdown was triggered after a cluster of infections spread to 50 new cases. Yep, 50, and everyone is back into isolation, borders are closed, and we’ve now got 6 weeks at home. Please avoid people as much as you can.