Royal photographer Arthur Edwards: Prince Harry ‘has simply lost the plot’

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It’s kind of funny and sad to really look at the sheer number of musty white British people who believe that they have completely sane reasons for not liking the Duchess of Sussex. As Stormzy eloquently summarized earlier this year, no matter what those old farts say about *why* they don’t like Meghan, the real reason is simple: “she’s black.” It’s that simple. But because everyone has to tie themselves into knots to explain away their gut-level, unchecked racism and why it’s okay because Meghan is so dreadful, we get these remarkably unhinged and strained arguments from people who are just… telling on themselves. Case in point: royal photographer Arthur Edwards has been around the royal family for decades. And this is what he had to say about Meghan and Harry:

A Royal photographer who has snapped Prince Harry throughout his life says that following his marriage to Meghan Markle, “he has simply lost the plot.” Veteran royal photographer Arthur Edwards, 79, said of Harry’s criticism of the British Commonwealth, “To criticize the one thing the queen cherishes above all things, which is preserving the Commonwealth, is an insult to her — no matter what the palace may say officially. Any country can look back and find faults, but we learn from history and move on. Harry should stop listening to his wife, who is obviously filling him full of these ideas.”

The Commonwealth is a voluntary membership “family of nations” of 54 countries which grew out of the British empire. The queen — who has visited 52 of those countries — views it as one of her greatest achievements.

Edwards added that Harry had changed following his marriage to Markle.

“Unfortunately for the last couple of years he has gone completely sour … I’ve been photographing him since the day he was born, and it was down to her. I think the moment she married Harry, [she was thinking,] ‘Right let’s get out of here as quick as we can’ … she had no intention of staying here … and she’s dragging Harry along … hopefully he comes to his senses soon.”

[From Page Six]

Jesus, maybe this is why William and Kate are constantly talking about mental health? Because all of these people are in desperate need of YEARS of therapy. Let’s try to unpack just some of this. “Any country can look back and find faults, but we learn from history and move on.” Has Britain learned from history? Because they just spent two years smearing the first black woman to join the royal family and they seem completely incapable of speaking about race, racism, inclusion or whether they believe black lives matter. So maybe they haven’t learned anything from history? Maybe they haven’t even looked back and found fault with their colonizer past? Maybe they continue to whitewash their colonialist past and they’re mad at Harry for not participating in the whitewash?

And then: “Harry should stop listening to his wife, who is obviously filling him full of these ideas.” How dare a prince of the realm not only marry a black woman, but listen to her and grow as a person because he has a marriage of equals? HOW DARE HE! And the rest of it, about Harry coming to his senses and Meghan “dragging” him… I mean, this has been the conversation for months now at very high levels. They’re all actively hoping that Harry dumps his wife and child and comes running back to them, the colonizers. That’s what everything is being geared towards now.

Oh, and Arthur Edwards spoke to Dan Wootton about how Meghan is to blame for everything. Dan Wootton, the same dude who was paying off William & Kate’s people for information on the Sussexes.

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  1. Tessa says:

    It sounds like he is parroting the “domineering” wife spin on the anti Meghan blogs and social media. Pathetic.

    • khaveman says:

      Same old trash-Meghan storyline. It’s a smear campaign. Just let them live their lives.

  2. kelleybelle says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t recall asking for your opinion … Arthur. You’re as bad as Dickie Arbiter. Kindly sod off. Your pompous, completely-off-base opinion is unwanted and completely worthless. Harry has wanted out for years exactly because of assholes like you. I don’t care how long you’ve been photographing him. That’s totally irrelevant. Ugh, these people!

    • Ronja says:

      These people are just jumping on hate bandwagon to get their 5 min of fame and the favour of the royal family. And this while sweeping Britain’s problematic past and racism under the rug.

  3. Betsy says:

    Opinions are like _____, and the British Royal adjacents just keep proving it.

    I’ve no doubt that you can tell a bit about how a person is feeling when you’ve observed them for decades, but FCOL, have some self awareness and realize that your take – “his wife’s a b!” – might not be the right take. But dig yourself deeper, Artie.

  4. Priscila Bezerra-Fischer says:

    Yeah, another one from the RF camp is blaming Meghan- how surprising.

    Apparently, Meghan invented racism and convinced Harry racism existed. This is the version of events, according to the WHITE Royal Family.

  5. Mac says:

    Harry hasn’t lost the plot, he left the book.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      And the royals, courtiers and hangers-on like this photography cannot understand why he would – hence this misogynist idea that his wife made him do it. They simply cannot fathom why anyone would voluntarily leave the BRF.

      • Brit says:

        And all they’re doing is proving the Sussexes point 😂. Harry and Meghan need to continue to thrive and be successful because all of these losers will never stop moaning about the fact that their money makers are gone. It’s laughable at this point. They don’t care about that family. All they care about is the bottom dollar. Harry and Meghan were wise to not get in bed with these people.

      • windyriver says:

        Arthur Edwards has been butt hurt since at least the fracas surrounding Archie’s birth, where the RR were so upset about getting no details about the birth, the godparents, etc. In a NY Times article at that time which included comments from other RR, Edwards was lamenting that Harry no longer joined them down the pub for some behind the scenes chats, and it looks like he still hasn’t gotten over it. Didn’t blame Meghan directly that time, just talked about how Harry had “changed”. That fact that the BM was heavily lambasting his (pregnant) wife didn’t seem to be a part of Edwards reality to explain any changes in Harry’s attitude. Apparently, that’s still true.

        And isn’t it lucky TQ has people like Edwards to defend her Commonwealth interests?

      • Nic919 says:

        When your entire livelihood is based sucking off the royal teat, it’s hard to fathom how anyone would find it to be utterly sexist, racist, homophobic and repressive.

        The RRs are in the same boat. They depend on reporting on these useless people and when someone shines a light on how much bs it actually is, their minds are blown and they cannot comprehend.

    • NightOwl says:

      Oooh I like that one!

  6. Liz version 700 says:

    These people exhaust me.

  7. Liz version 700 says:

    These people exhaust me.

  8. Brit says:

    No professionalism at all with these people. The toxicity between the rota and Royal family is through the roof. This is absolutely delusional and quite frankly, bashing The Sussexes especially Meghan is not going to make him come back. It’s like a dog chasing it’s own tail. These people have lost the plot and they’re the ones who are adrift and miserable without the Sussexes. Not the other way around.

  9. Thaisajs says:

    Yes, this was part of an elaborate plot by the Yankees to steal away an heir to the throne. Bwaahaaahaaa. We win! We win!


  10. Lizzie says:

    The queen is tight with the royal photographer? Sure thing.

    • MsIam says:

      He basically called the queen a liar, saying the statements from palace officials don’t mean anything. But yeah, Harry is the one who is insulting the queen.

  11. S808 says:

    These people are all way too attached. All professionalism has gone out of window. This has gone so far past being upset about money makers leaving, it seems personal. This Author guy takes photos of Harry and feels like he knows him or has the right to speak on his life. He needs to stay in a photographer’s place.

    • Brit says:

      The royals aren’t friends with these reporters, photographers etc. you don’t blackmail and extort friends. The royals have to kiss their asses because the media is way to powerful there. It’s a parasitic relationship and one that is too toxic. It’s personal because it effects them directly. Stalking and photographing someone is not knowing them. They want to feel close and important to the royals and in reality it’s an abusive relationship. Hell yeah, it’s personal because their ego is bruised that the Sussexes didn’t play the game and make them feel special. And going by some of the behind the scene articles from journalists who went on tours with the royals, they shade them down and talk about them like dogs.

      William and Kate clearly haven’t learned this lesson yet and that me bound to backfire one way or another.

      • Ginger says:

        I agree Brit. The Harry in their heads would never do this. The real Harry did and it just kills them. These old reporters and photographers (Arthur, Dickie, Angela Levin) all think they know Harry and how he feels. It was only a work relationship. They can’t accept that.

    • Poisonella says:

      Totally agree. When I was reading the above, the first thing I thought was this guy has a lot of nerve criticizing the people he made money off of. Next it’ll be a custodian offering his opinion on Harry.

  12. This might tick a few people off, but I think the major mistake Diana made while a princess, was letting certain members of the press believe that they were more than just media photogs. Arthur Edwards and Richard Kay really seem to think that they are in a position to talk about Harry as if Harry is a son of a family friend instead of the son of a royal prince and a royal princess. Arthur Edwards had his heyday and so did Richard Kay. They are not Harry’s friends, they are not the friends of his father, and it is clear that Arthur is unaware of this. Arthur is not a a courtier, he is not a member of the BRF, he is not someone who is part of that inner circle. Edwards is NOT someone who has any right to look down on Harry, much less mouth off and act like he’s a confidante of the Queen or part of the royal inner circle. Arthur isn’t Harry’s friend or family kin and he is NOT HM’s friend or part of her support staff.

    Harry made a break from a bad situation and it is clear that he is maybe struggling, but adjustments are filled with struggles. Something messy might have been going down long before Meg came along and it is clear that Harry didn’t just leave on whim.

    • MargaritasForBreakfast says:

      Where is it clear Harry is struggling?

    • Nic919 says:

      He’s not struggling. He’s moved to a different country with his wife and child and looks healthy and happy every time he steps out. Princess super tan and the top CEO of zooming looks like she’s struggling as she’s literally shrinking before our eyes.

      • Cassandra says:

        I probably shouldn’t be wading in, but it’s my day off and I’m bored 🤷‍♀️

        He probably is struggling. He’s from a small, insular society and has recently moved to a new country. He can’t go out and meet new people and make friends in his new city due to a pretty terrifying pandemic. He has a very young child, a difficult family situation (blood relatives AND in-laws) and a relatively new marriage to manage. He probably is struggling. We’re all, collectively as a global population, struggling right now. Saying it isn’t a criticism about him, his marriage, and it’s not about Kate Middleton.

      • Nic919 says:

        Moving to another country doesn’t mean he’s struggling. There remains no evidence that he’s having any issue doing the various videos for charity or raising his child in LA. That is a projection from others, mostly the British media, who think that he was living in a great environment there. He wasn’t. You know when he said he was struggling? When he was still living in the UK and being attacked by the media and his family. The interview he did in South Africa where he said it was tough and where his brother called him mentally fragile is when he said he was struggling. Not when he actually left that toxic environment.

        But if we are going to talk about someone showing physical signs of struggling then we do have to talk about Kate because she doesn’t look physically well and outside of being propped up by the royal reporters, she still isn’t able to do her job like all the other royals spouses have been able to do. She is what struggling actually looks like, not Harry.

      • Sid says:

        Legit, I don’t see any outward signs to where anyone can say the guy is struggling. There will be the normal adjustments and difficulties that happen when you pick up your entire life and move to a new country, but I just don’t get this fragile flower narrative that some are building up around Harry. The guy spent a decade in the military, including time in an active warzone. He is the one BRF member that actually seemed to enjoy stepping outside of the tiny bubble and spending time with real people. He’s pretty much the only who could probably handle life without all the pomp and bs. He certainly seems a lot more chill and relaxed in the various pictures and videos we’ve gotten than he did in the video from the end of the SA tour and during Meghan’s and his final week in the UK.

      • L4frimaire says:

        @Nic19, thank you ! Has everyone forgotten why they left the U.K.? They were struggling, under a lot of stress and couldn’t catch a break. The only time they had a little relief was during the South Africa tour, and they made it very clear that it was difficult. They left the struggle. They weren’t doing great in England and it was affecting their personal and work life. This pandemic is hard, we’re in a tense moment in history, but agree with Nic19, lets not pretend things were going swimmingly for them back in England. They wanted to drain that couple to a husk, and then discard Meghan when they got what they could out of her. They didn’t care what the effect of that had on Harry either. They are still trying to blame the Sussexes for what happens over there. They had to move on.

      • Calibration says:

        Nic 100% agree. There is no evidence of struggle at all. This is all made up bs.

        However Kate is wearing billowy dresses to hide her incredibly thin frame. And now sporting a super tan to go with the crazy grin.

    • Tessa says:

      The writers are loose cannons. Diana has been gone since 1997, the onus is on those reporters.

  13. Hannah says:

    Just popping in to say please don’t think all Brits are like this. I loved Meghan in Suits, I loved The Tig and I love HRH The Duchess of Sussex (I’ll die on this hill RE HRH) because in this regard I am very British, and while H&M may have elected not to use their HRH, they are & will always be HRH (singular) or TRH’s (plural)

    • L84Tea says:

      I’m happy when Brits like you speak up because the BM is doing a severely piss-poor PR job for the UK. They’d have us all believe this is the united consensus on Meghan. :-(

    • Original Jenns says:

      As someone from the US (shudder), I hear you when you say that, as I feel the same!

  14. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    Same shit, different day. Except that they repeat themselves so often that it feels like Groundhog Day. Hopefully they’ll realise, sooner rather than later, that they’re speaking only to a few hundred lunatics with itchy Twitter thumbs and far too much on their hands. They’ll never make Penis With Teeth’s hair regrow. They’ll never be able to make Harry’s “crimes” (leaving) equivalent with Vile Andrew’s. They’ll never make Kate ‘fetch’. Just let it go.

  15. Kateeee says:

    I hope the three of them are living their best life every day. It must be exhausting to have an entire institution obsessed with your every fart.

  16. My3cents says:

    As my teen kids would say “ok boomer”.

  17. Storminateacup says:

    As a member of that commonwealth I can say that the statement ‘Any country can look back and find faults, but we learn from history and move on.’ is a crock of shit. Slave owners were given monetary reparations and the freed slaves NOTHING. Any reference to royalty brings up anger of what was taken from us. Yet our tax dollars are still footing the bill to facilitate these royal visits. Harry probably knows all of this and has enough integrity to feel that responsibility and feels emboldened enough to speak out on this.

    • WTF says:

      I was coming here to say something similar.
      “The Commonwealth is a voluntary membership “family of nations” of 54 countries which grew out of the British empire. The queen — who has visited 52 of those countries — views it as one of her greatest achievements.”

      Literally, WTF? I couldn’t even get to his racism about Meghan because I choked on this. Anyone who believes this thinks Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings were having an affair…..

      • Jaded says:

        “Anyone who believes this thinks Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings were having an affair…..”


    • Nana says:

      Signing in to say the same thing… ‘voluntary membership’…. yeah if you’re the landed gentry and their descendants it may be, but for the Indigenous peoples’ across the globe who never ceded our lands, but had them stolen, were pushed out to the fringes of society and murdered all in the name of progress and enrichment of the invaders, it wasn’t exactly voluntary. Neither was the systematic removal of generation after generation of Aboriginal children in Australia based entirely on race and the desire to wipe out the First peoples (known here as the Stolen Generations) exactly voluntary on our part.
      Harry and Meghan were entirely right to start that conversation – one that I’m not sure has ever really been acknowledged on the record by the royal family, or the English political classes.
      Oh Edwards has shown himself alright, shown his utter arrogance, ignorance and whitewashing of centuries of English invasion.

  18. Laalaa says:

    I believe he is the one who photographed Diana in the nursery school she was working at while dating Charles, wearing a “sheer” skirt. He paparazzied her pregnant with William in a bikini, he documented everything about her, and he said himself he flew back on the royal plane from Paris on Charles’ invitation when she died.

  19. L4frimaire says:

    It seems like the longer they Sussexes are gone, the worse they get in U.K. It seems like since that Commonwealth video came out with them just being happy and engaged together, people became more upset, like Angela Levin spouting conspiracy theories and Arthur Edwards all upset moaning to Wooten of all people. BTW, Wooten said he was t going to mention the Sussexes anymore but there he is. Anyway,those guys are stuck in their loop and won’t move on, even if the Sussexes are.

    • Brit says:

      Basically. The longer they don’t come back and look happy and at peace, the commentary will get worse and even more unhinged. I fear they will really go overboard when that “year end review” comes around but they know they aren’t returning. It seems they’re still in the anger phase of grief.

  20. Becks1 says:

    Do these people realize how pathetic they sound? they act like it was a personal slight against them that Harry left.* And I don’t think they realize how bad the reaction to Harry’s CW comments look, from an international standpoint, at all. I mean, Harry didn’t even say anything that groundbreaking! He didn’t say the Queen should give back all her diamonds and gold. It was only groundbreaking because it was a royal saying it, but honestly, the royals should be more open about these topics anyway.

    *I guess it was kind of personal, lol, because Harry was sick of their coverage and treatment of his wife, but Arthur makes it sound like Harry owed him something because he’s been photographing him his whole life. And THAT is part of the point – Harry wanted to leave because he didn’t anyone acting like they were owed something by Archie.

    • Brit says:

      They wanted tea at Frogmore and for Harry to be drinking buddies. They wanted Meghan to give her personal number out like some reporters has hinted. At the end of the day, this all comes down to ego and anger because the Sussexes didn’t make them feel important as if they deserved it. You don’t ask me for access but bash me constantly. It’s mind boggling that they don’t get that.

      • lily says:

        They wanted to see Archie in the flesh. I remember when the Cambridges got a bunch of bad press for being work-shy a couple of years ago; Camilla Tominey and Becky English had basically outed the fact William and Kate brought George and the then baby Charlotte to several palace press briefings to butter them up. And it worked because in a couple of weeks, the bad press was nowhere to be seen even though their workload hadn’t changed at all.

    • Guest with Cat says:

      Well said, Becks1.

      I remember this whiney idiot. He was talking some smack about Meghan very early on, before she had even had a chance to get settled in and meet anyone, and then lamenting in the next breath that Harry wasn’t acting Iike a chum anymore. Well what the hell does he and these other arrogant and entitled demented people expect would happen when you insult a man’s wife like that? SMH

  21. Charfromdarock says:

    I keep picturing Harry saying, “ Am
    I booverthed?” a la Catherine Tate’s Lauren to all these racists reporters.

  22. MsIam says:

    Arthur Edwards is a pathetic old goose. And he’s stupid too, if he thinks insulting and bullying a man’s wife will make him coming running back. I bet Arthur is a joy to have over for the holidays. He sounds like that grumpy old uncle everyone hates to sit by.

  23. Sunday says:

    This is brilliant, because in his statement itself Edwards commits to an irony so genuine I almost pity the old racist. Almost.

    In voicing the very real still-open wounds concerning the violently racist history the commonwealth has faced at the hands of the British empire, Harry has given the commonwealth (AND the monarchy) a real chance to finally address this history and find a shared path forward.

    So you see, Harry is actually trying to save the commonwealth for his grandmother, by doing what the royal family has failed to do across the board save for Diana – actually reach the people they purport to serve, in tangible ways that build a real community. For Edwards to judge the situation so completely misguidedly just shows how out of touch these courtier-adjacent royal hangers-on are as a whole. Edwards, it is you who have lost the plot so completely that I’m afraid you’ll never stumble across so much as a library ever again.

  24. EliseM says:

    no matter what those old farts say about *why* they don’t like Meghan, the real reason is simple: “she’s black.”…..and not only that, she is intelligent, sophisticated, and bilingual. Those qualities are SUCH an embarrassment to the crown! EYEROLL.

  25. Bettyrose says:

    Yeah it would be better if Harry was a now 35 year old drunken party boy with a revolving door of blondes. That’s just what the Commonwealth nations look for in a prince.

    • Prayer Warrior says:

      y’know, I think that’s true, @Bettyrose. I think they (RR + palaces) can excuse “sophisticated” behaviour, (sex parties, drunken party boys, messing with rose bushes, etc) on the grounds of it being “normal” behaviour for the “upper class”… aka ENTITLEMENT. They are entitled to act like boors.
      And Harry said No, thanks ~ I wish to be a real person, not a drunken prat for you (RR/photogs/paps) to make money off of.

      I don’t understand how they don’t understand their sick obsession….and cruelty…and disgusting fixation on Harry’s wife and…and…and…..all we see. It’s a sick psyche…

      • bettyrose says:

        I was being mostly sarcastic of course, but you’re right. As long as he married a woman who fit the image and produced heirs, Harry could’ve been galavanting around the globe trimming bushes and snorting powder. Ideally, he’d keep his side pieces over 18, consensual, and discreet, but honestly who’s going to squabble over the occasional rumor of sex trafficking as long as the overall image is in-tact? He’s not even the spare any more, so the burden of behavior was low: just don’t rock the boat of established norms. OMG THESE PEOPLE! (And again, I’m mostly feigning shock because the U.S. ruling class is no different).

  26. Jamie says:

    It might have seemed petty of Harry to keep Meghan from meeting the press, but in the end I’m glad he did because these people are the equilavalent of the clout chasing fans accounts that put in their header how many times their posts have been liked by their favorite celebrity. They would milk any meeting with Meghan as giving them legitimacy the same way Piers Morgan has milked one meeting with Meghan. Roya Nikkah still goes around saying she is the only reporter to have been introduced to Meghan by Harry even though it was a two second interaction when Roya was standing in the crowd of people that Meghan was shaking hands with on her very first engagement in Nottingham.

    • notasugarhere says:

      A private meeting with Meghan would only have fueled their demands for more inside information. When they were bitching about not getting access, one of them (Nichol?) admitted they all have W&K’s private cell phone numbers and are in personal contact with them. Harry and Meghan refused to play those games, refused to be sucked into that abusive cycle of pay-for-good-tabloid-press or we’ll attack you.

    • Lowrider says:

      I don’t believe is was petty at all. Harry is well aware how fleet street works and rightfully protected his wife. The royal media/brf didn’t take to Meghan from the beginning and no amount of meetings would change their perception.

  27. Poppy says:

    The Commonwealth countries are not a “family of nations” in any respect other than that at some point the English arrived on our shores, occupied land and relegated our indigenous people to subservience through violence – all fueled by a healthy dose of greed and racism. We’re dysfunctional like a family and that’s it.

    • FicklePickle says:

      I always figured it was more of a support group for Englands’ victims. I’m sure large portions of Scotland would love to join up, they just have this one thing to deal with first…

  28. Tiffany says:

    I totally believe Harry and Meghan had these conversations about leaving the Royal Rota and then the Firm. I think Harry told her what he wanted and she said, ‘Alright, lets come up with a plan and do it.’

    That is why they are pissed. Unable would never have thought to do this if Cain brought it to the table. Now they are stuck with two people who will suck the air out of a outer space if they had to appear there.

  29. molly says:

    Wow, I can’t believe Harry and Meghan didn’t want to live in the UK and keep working with the local press and photographers. [/sarcasm].

  30. notasugarhere says:

    The BRF relationship with Edwards is complex. He was one of the two big ones who helped make Diana happen, who gave her advice while dating Charles, who publicly called for Charles to marry her.

    He published some of the first pics of W&K together. Royals complained but then welcomed him back into the fold.

    Kate calls out to him at engagements, ‘Oh, look its Arthur. Hi, Arthur!’

    Camilla danced with him at an engagement a few years ago.

    The Queen gave him an MBE.

    Even Harry joked with him (or on him) at an engagement years ago where he printed a big purple handprint on Edwards’s head. Making Edwards the focus of attention but also the butt of jokes from other RRs.

    Like so many of these obsessed RRs, Edwards thought he had a personal relationship with Harry. Harry would do off-record pub nights with the RRs on tours, not because he was friends with them, but because it was good for PR.

    When the RRs attacked Meghan from Day One, Harry cut off their access to himself and Meghan. RRs blamed Meghan not Harry. That’s right, blame Meghan for a choice Harry made BASED on your own hateful treatment of Meghan. Edwards started in on his ‘Let us meet Meghan, we’ll be nicer if you cave to our demands and gave us your private phone numbers’ games. At this point, he’s a mouthpiece for the Meghan and Harry abusers in the BRF.

    • ABritGuest says:

      Also Arthur took photos of Thomas Markle for the Sun when he was doing his early media rounds& was one of those basically calling Meghan a bad daughter even though he knew how Thomas had worked with paps for that pre wedding drama. Coupled with that threat of bad press until Meghan met with the royal corespondents, no wonder Harry stopped talking to Arthur. These people take no responsibility for their own behaviour.

  31. Izzy says:

    The fact that this dried old turd spoke to Dan Rotten… checks notes… WOOTTON… tells me everything I need to know.

  32. Lowrider says:

    The royal reporters/photographers need to address reason Harry left. Harry can’t stand the tabloid media that covers the BRF. I remember a video filmed in his early 20s talking about the disdain he has for the tabloid media. They assisted in harassing his mother to her death, intruded on his most basic level of privacy and ruined relationships with former girlfriends. Harry saw the same attacks happening his his wife and now child and got the FUCK out!

    Arthur Edwards sounds like a disturbed, disgruntled lover.

    • notasugarhere says:

      They have all failed to realize that the ‘relationship’ they thought they had with Harry? It was work. That’s it. Harry doesn’t like them, he worked with them because the job required it.

      When working with them for the job still resulted in the RRs attacking his partner? Harry called it quits on working with abusers. Now they’re all sitting back claiming they aren’t abusers or racists, desperate to blame Meghan for things that are the direct result of their own horrible behavior.

  33. Harla says:

    I could hear his voice shake with anger and spitting as he said “and it was down to her”. This man is seriously unhinged. Quite a shame because as I recall Arthur and Harry had a pretty okay relationship at one point but Arthur’s inability to see what damage he and the other RR’s have caused/are causing it the reason for Harry’s “going sour”.

    • molly says:

      Harry, Diana, and the whole RF have always been a commodity to him. They’re chess pieces in his day to day work. He doesn’t see them as real people who’s lives are impacted by his choices and demands.

  34. ABritGuest says:

    Funny how the narrative shifts. First Meghan was desperate to be a royal& was ready to drop her job in record time to be a princess& get to wear tiaras etc. Now she never had an intention to stay (and that smear campaign to ‘put her in her place/drive her out’ is just our imagination) & she was plotting to leave instantly.

    These same people have talked about Harry’s discomfort with the role&the press for years. He even got in trouble a few years ago for comments about nobody wanting to be king. Apparently that didn’t happen and actually Harry& Meghan have struggled with idea that he won’t be king so have left in a huff. Just can’t keep up.

    Arthur has been upset since he didn’t get access at the wedding& then obviously missed out on hospital step photos. He also talked about being promised that they would get a meeting with Meghan (was this KP?) and that never happened. This is about money for most of them but they are also super entitled seeing themselves as gate keepers to the royal’s& being bitter that the usual blackmail access journalism hasn’t worked.

    Having trashed the Sussexes-Arthur was then at an engagement with Charles the next day. I can’t imagine having to work with people who abuse my relatives. These reporters and some photographers are so unprofessional& have a level of entitlement that just isn’t normal. Due to the dirt press must have on the Firm (including recent shenanigans) not sure the Firm can put the relationship on a more professional footing anytime soon so I feel for the younger royals who may bear the brunt of this crazy entitlement.

    It’s a shame that the right wing press dictates so much in the UK& they’ve trivialised such an important conversation with their BS framing. It’s part of shutting down talk about race, colonialism etc in Britain. Harry didn’t insult the Commonwealth. The past of many countries within the Commonwealth has been of oppression& that’s what the QCT has said needs to be addressed. The thoughts and input of the leaders on the talk was completely dismissed by the press in their haste to bash the Sussexes. But Harry’s call about past needing to be acknowledged IS same conversation being had by organisations like Caricom and by some African countries that Britain is looking to trade with post Brexit. So it’s a bad look to be so dismissive of this important discussion.

  35. cisne says:

    “Maybe they continue to whitewash their colonialist past and they’re mad at Harry for not participating in the whitewash?”

    whitewash is not all they and photographer are and have been doing . It is far worse they “gaslight” at best and are “bored” (William) of it at the worse. The british empire and royal firms that he was borne lead and beenift from everyday waa the creator of much of this modern world has to deal with as far as oppression, racism, xenophobia! If William is so bored and just wants to rest and enjoy the spoils ..tell him it wont be for long…tell him like the Jamacains say ” we gon mash-up ‘im dolly house”…

  36. MissMarierose says:

    The fact that Britain was trying to deport the Windrush generation – people from the Commonwealth who were brought to the UK to rebuild it after the war – in the year of our lord Beyonce 2020 is proof positive that the UK has learned NOTHING from history or ever come to terms with their racism.

    • MsIam says:

      Wow, I thought they just held a big anniversary celebration of Windrush and now they want to deport them? After 70 plus years? I’m assuming this is all the children and grandchildren born later. Yikes!! But not totally surprised at this either.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Exactly! I was reading that like, what has the U.K. actually done? Like what actually? Like what is BORIS JOHNSON doing for Black people? Like do not make me laugh/cry.

    • Guest with Cat says:

      It is a sure sign of racism that these workers and their children weren’t extended a path to citizenship or dual citizenship as members of the Commonwealth who aided England in its time of need. The aristocrats who have ruled Britain apparently don’t know real class. Or even have a working relationship with human decency.

      Ditto with the people who run my country and can’t, after generations, work up a proper legislative solution for our immigrants’ children and instead leave them to the uncertain mercies of executive orders that can disappear when you get a President incapable of human empathy. There was a time I gave Trump the benefit of the doubt that he was possibly trying to get our legislators to do their job on this matter. That was two minutes and thirty five seconds of my life wasted on a foolish notion. Nah, he’s a narcissistic psychopath. But so are our legislators who have kicked this issue down to the end of the road.

  37. VIV says:

    Another version of “how dare he marry a person and not a puppet!”. These old guys are so tiring.

  38. paddingtonjr says:

    Exactly what plot did Harry lose? The plot in which he (and his wife) would always be the workhorses of the monarchy as W&K do nothing, get the credit and promote the “poor Harry could never survive without his brillant, natural-born-leader brother and his perfect, never-put-a-foot wrong FFQ wife”? Or has he embraced the new plot of an emotionally-intelligent grown man who made mistakes as a young adult, has apologized for them, and married a beautiful, intelligent, hard-working independent woman who shares his desire to make the world a better place and with whom he is raising an adorable, seemingly well-adjusted son? To me, this new plot sounds a lot more interesting.

  39. starryfish29 says:

    These people talk about him like they are his jilted lovers. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me they have locks of his hair that they pet every night before they go to sleep,. Arthur Edwards & Angela Levin would legit have restraining orders out against them if they weren’t hiding behind the guise that concocting these delusions is a part of their “job.”

  40. Lila says:

    Welp. That’s some fine projection you’ve got going there, Mr. Edwards. SOMEONE has lost the plot.

  41. Deedee says:

    I wish that people would just leave Harry and Meghan alone, already.