Disney World is open again and there’s crowding, empty sanitizer and unclean rides

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida opened again on Saturday, for the first time since March 16th. Disney has assured us, through their website and a creepy video, that they were going to keep guests safe by limiting attendance, requiring masks on everyone over two, and sanitizing everything. Of course since the made the reopening announcement six weeks ago, Florida is now the world’s epicenter of the pandemic. That did not stop Disney from reopening, and photos and videos coming out from the first day show that it did not go smoothly.

Here’s a compiled tweet of some of the first day fails. The woman who tweeted she has anxiety at the lines is a theme parks journalist, according to Deadline.

I found this over hour long video of Disney World’s reopening, taken on the first day. Skimming through it, people are sort-of socially distancing but it’s haphazard, some people are encroaching on other’s space and it’ looks very anxiety-inducing, to quote the tweet above.

Also, Walt Disney World Daily reports that Splash Mountain had to be evacuated for some reason, but that the wait times for rides were “average to low.”

The “Together Again” shirts are selling out.

“Mostly low crowd levels” don’t matter if people don’t socially distance.

Oh and this is the free part of Disney, Disney Springs.

Disney isn’t the only culprit

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  1. Cate says:

    What could possibly be going on in your life that you feel the need to go to Disney World in the middle of a pandemic? smh

    • Tate says:

      Not to mention in a state where cases are surging and the idiot governor is about as useful as trump.

    • lucy2 says:

      Right? I’m guessing it’s all the people who have been yelling, without any reason, that “we need to open the country back up right now!” And they’ve probably not been following the rules at all, and with Florida being the epi-center, it’s going to be a disaster.

      You couldn’t pay me enough to go there right now.

    • BlueSky says:

      People are not taking it seriously. I had a friend of mine who lives in AL who doesn’t believe the numbers are as high as they are saying. She also said that she *only* knows 4 people who had it. 🙄

      • Still_Sarah says:

        This is just so SAD. There is a way to slow down the pandemic but public health seems to have become a political issue. I come from Canada and have been there since March as the pandemic and its restrictions rolled in. I see the news from the US and I honestly don’t know what to say. It’s as if people’s lives don’t have value, like it’s a big country and losing 100,000-200,000 won’t really have much of an impact?? Maybe not an economic one so much but what about people who lose family members? It’s shocking. There was something on the news about some politicians in the US getting together to encourage/pressure the Canadian government to re-open the border with the US as it has been closed since March for all but essential travel (bringing in food, medical supplies, etc.). And Canadians are all like “Hell No”. I am so sad about what is happening in the US but I honestly don’t know what to do other than keep the border closed for now. Sorry for the rant but I am just so frustrated at the US government. Please stay as safe as you can there.

      • HeyDay says:

        I actually have an otherwise intelligent friend who, I kid you not said, “the numbers are higher because we’re testing more”. Like, donny’s in her head. UGH

    • Esmom says:

      I can’t even fathom it. I just can’t. The secondhand anxiety I get from looking at these photos is real.

    • Jaxonmeh says:

      My aunt and her boyfriend are at Disney right now. Because otherwise they would have lost a lot of money and a Disney points. Of course I don’t agree with that reasoning.

      I had to break my self quarantine to stay with my grandmother so they could go. I mean I could have not, but then she would have went to my parents house who just got back from another vacation at another hot spot. And while I work so I’m out and about, I’m able to keep social distance protocols so I guess I’m the better option.

      I’m enjoying my time with my grandmother, especially since I’ve been self isolating with my dog except for my job, but I’m so mad at my parents and my aunt. And there’s no plan for my grandmother when my aunt comes back. I’ve stressed if there’s somewhere else she wants me to take her to stay, I will, but she’s resigned to stay home.

      People like my family are why this is going to continue on.

      • Adrianna says:

        So they come back from Disneyworld after picking up Covid there, walk around for a few weeks with no symptoms and give it to Grandma and Grampa, and all the other family members they come in contact with. I can’t believe the level of irresponsible and selfish behavior displayed here with these clueless people. There were 15,300 new cases of the virus in Florida yesterday and yet they still flock to Disney as if they didn’t have a care in the world.

      • Agirlandherdog says:

        My husband and I were supposed to go to Italy in April. I purchased travel insurance, just as I always do. Which didn’t do me much good when the insurance company contacted me to remind me the policy does not cover cancellations due to a pandemic. We paid over $8,000 for that trip. My dream trip. I was a mess over losing all that money, but my husband kept his calm and said our health and the health of our family was more important than the money. Thankfully, the US canceled travel to Italy, so the travel company was forced to give us credit toward a future trip.

      • tealily says:

        Please, please urge them to at least get tested when they get back.

      • Jaxonmeh says:

        @Tealily Trust me when I say that will never happen. Because my family is selfish. If they’re all willing to expose my grandmother due to vacations, they don’t care about anyone else.

      • Joanna says:

        @jaxon, I’m sorry to hear your family is doing that. I live in Florida and I’m scared seeing everyone coming in from out of town.

    • deezee says:

      People named Karen.

    • bakes says:

      Part of the problem is that Florida’s economy is dependent on Disney World being open. This state has a horrible reputation for processing unemployment claims, and many of the cast members that were furloughed (and those in associated businesses) have still not been able to collect unemployment due to problems and delays. Opening under these circumstances is less than ideal, but without government intervention to assist these employees many of them need to return to work to pay their bills and survive. Not a great choice but I can understand why Disney would come up with a plan to reopen in limited capacity and get their folks back to work. I have heard from a few of the Disney bloggers that crowds were by and large low and that mask and spacing requirements were largely followed. Hopefully guests are following the safety rules and treating the cast members well.

    • HeyDay says:

      Declined an initial invite to paddle board w a friend, as the last minute she invited another person I dont’ know, and… we’d stop by a volleyball game. Uh. No. It’s a panF’INGdemic. If repubs see Antifa everywhere, I certainly see cooties in groups, my paranoia actually data backed.

    • Louise177 says:

      No sympathy from me. Never go to the first week opening. There are always problems that need to be worked out.

  2. Swack says:

    Had a trip planned for this Sept and have moved it to next Feb. Am contemplating moving it again to next Sept. I take my grandchildren when they turn 8. My granddaughter wants to meet Ariel and there are no meet and greets. Also want her to have the full experience which I hope will be closer next Sept. We’ll see.

    • Case says:

      I go to Florida every October for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal, and have started adding a Disney day on, too. Personally, I’m not sure it will be safe to go until there’s a vaccine (which could happen in 2021!) or alternately, if we get our numbers way down a la New Zealand and European countries that are managing it well. I sincerely hope that will be our reality next year, but with the way things are going, I’m wondering if that won’t be until 2022.

    • Athyrmose says:

      Reschedule for 2022.

  3. AmyB says:

    I *sort of* understand that – ignorant asshole politicians who don’t AF made these decisions to open Disney World, but now recently, we are seeing rising cases of Covid-19 in AZ, TX, CA and FL. Then, yesterday Florida recorded the highest number of positive cases for ONE day ever – 15,000! So my question is THIS: WHO THE F**K are these idiot people going to Disney World?

    Seriously???? Are you that ignorant? Stupid? Have a death wish? Just don’t care anymore?

    I just do not get it!

    • H says:

      Floridian here. I am a Disney annual passholder and haven’t been to the park since February. People are obsessed with Disney. In Florida, we gage how the state is doing by if Disney is open. Hurricane? Is Disney open? It is? Cool, hurricane isn’t that bad…Lets go to the parks. Many people on the coasts evacuate to Disney properties during hurricanes as park never closes.

      However, this is insanity. Disney is now putting money over lives as is our governor.

      • Still_Sarah says:

        @ H : I agree. A healthy economy is being made more important that a healthy population.

    • Christin says:

      Because vacationing is apparently “magically” immune to the virus, apparently.

      I am around people daily who think multiple vacations per year are a necessity. Florida and South Carolina are two of the most popular destinations.

      One calls it vacation shaming to single out travel (anywhere) as a reason to self-isolate. And I stay a minimum six feet away from everyone, because the lack of common sense is real.

      • AmyB says:

        @Christin YES! And, I am beginning to realize that so many in our society are simply that selfish and self-absorbed, and don’t seem to care sadly. What other possible explanation could there be for refusing to wear masks, refusing to stay at home, continuing to vacation and go to beaches/Disney World etc., during a global pandemic when health officials are telling you otherwise??? And we see other parts of the world that are getting this virus under control by doing those very things. As a result, now US travelers are going to be banned from travelling to those countries! I am just baffled at that lack of common sense and narcissism.


      • Christin says:

        @AmyB – Selfishness is definitely alive and well, isn’t it?

        Our regional health care leaders are sounding the alarms, but not everyone is listening in my area. A doctor who survived after weeks of hospitalization recently posted a long warning on social media. He said that this generation (I think he meant more than one) knows nothing of sacrifice like those in WWII did. Wearing a mask and being careful for the good of others is not a big ask, in my book.

  4. Case says:

    I follow some Disney Instagrammers, including the journalist Carlye Wisel who reported on the terrible line at customer service. I consider all of the people I follow to be honest and not have rose-colored glasses, and their reviews were mixed. It seems like many things are handled very well and it was easy to social distance due to low crowds (except when it rained and people ran under awnings together to hide). Other aspects simply aren’t safe, which is a given, as being in a theme park during a pandemic is absurd to begin with.

    It’s hard for me to talk about it without sounding like a Disney apologist, because it mostly looks to me like they’re doing a good job of keeping things safe. These thoughts, though, are working within the parameters of the fact that the park IS open. Should it be open? No, of course not, and that responsibility falls on the government. Even though it’s stupid and people need to take more personal responsibility, I’m trying not to blame people for visiting places that are legally open. And if businesses are told by the government they’re allowed to open, I’m not going to place ALL of the blame on them, either. I’m going to place it on the government for allowing this in the first place when theme parks should be in the same late-phase reopening group as concerts, sporting events, and conferences.

    • Becks1 says:

      To your last paragraph – no. The responsibility to reopen falls on Disney. The government is not forcing them to reopen.

      • Case says:

        I report on the travel and tourism industry and I am certain government pressure is a factor in such places reopening, particularly in these states like Florida where the government doesn’t give a crap about COVID. Tourism and government are very closely linked. Hotel occupancy taxes fund convention and visitors bureaus, which market the destination to outsiders. They market it because tourism helps fund infrastructure, education, law enforcement, etc., and helps the local economy immensely, particularly in places like Orlando that depend on it. There is 100% responsibility and blame to place on Disney, but not all of it.

      • Becks1 says:

        Of course there is government pressure, but it goes both ways. Disney is not powerless in this situation.

        I get that you love Disney – I do as well – but when you say Disney shouldn’t be open and the responsibility falls on the government – I just don’t agree with that.

      • Case says:

        Perhaps I should’ve worded it better, because I do believe Disney has responsibility and blame here. Of course. They could choose to say no to reopening and didn’t. I do love Disney, but have no intention of going until there is a vaccine, so this is not why I’m talking about the government’s responsibility — I just think it’s important on a whole to not lose sight of who is allowing these things to reopen and the virus to spread like wildfire. I feel this way about any state that is allowing gyms to operate, malls to open, beaches to open without capacity limits, indoor dining, summer camps, etc. None of this is essential and there’s no excuse to allow them to reopen without a major decrease in cases. But if places are told they’re allowed to open, they will open because businesses are inherently greedy. This is not in any way an excuse for any of those businesses. But I do think the government shares blame and is ultimately the party responsible for helping us reopen safely on a state and federal level. With few exceptions in certain states, our government has failed us at every turn.

      • Ainsley7 says:

        @Case- Don’t forget that Disney also wanted to reopen Disneyland in California and the government had to stop them. The government might be fully behind Disney reopening, but Disney was eager to reopen regardless. Maybe they genuinely believed it would be ok because it was ok in Shanghai. The Chinese culture had already embraced wearing a mask in public when you are sick and other social behaviors like that before the pandemic. So, all of the safety measures were easily adopted. These things aren’t ingrained in US culture. From the pictures I saw, it was the public who were the problem in many cases. Too many Americans have decided the pandemic is over or never believed it existed in the first place to trust them to follow the rules. They should have taken that and Florida’s recent numbers into account and canceled the reopening.

    • Turtledove says:

      Case- I 100% understand what you are saying. I think that the Govt, and Disney AND individuals who go to the park are ALL responsible on various levels. But I 100% think it starts with the govt.

      The park couldn’t open without the govt’s say so. And while yes, they are greedy and WANT to open and that IS a problem, the got could have stopped it.

      I think people opting to go are also to blame on some levels as well. But look, we have a POTUS who has been calling covid a hoax for months now. The fact that some people believe him is not entirely their fault. It is unkind to say it, but not everyone won the lottery when it comes to intellect. If someone believes it is a hoax or no big deal, maybe they just aren’t that bright. So again, it is on the inept govt.

      No one NEEDS to go to an amusement park, period. They just don’t. And what makes this all so much worse is that THIS amusement park happens to be in Florida, an epicenter of the pandemic. So people are going to travel from all over the country, go to a hotspot, and then travel back home where they may be the cause of a spike. I mean, never mind Disney, I don’t want to be in the airport or a gas station in FL right now. I am in MA and we have a bit of a handle on things, and I am not going ANYWHERE. I spend time in my backyard, or go for walks in my deserted neighborhood, and go to the grocery store. PERIOD. Legally I could go out to eat and sit on a patio, but my husband wouldn’t DREAM of doing that right now. And we are not even high risk people. We are just trying to do our best to help stop the spread. But good to know that if some Donkey wants to fly to Disney and then come home and use the same grocery store as me, that everyone’s risk will go up. It is pretty infuriating, actually.

      • Case says:

        Thank you, Turtledove — exactly. There’s a lot of blame and responsibility to go around — for those going places they don’t need to be going, as well as for greedy businesses being eager to reopen when they very well know it’s a dangerous idea. I’m not saying these things aren’t major issues, but rather that it is a nuanced situation. Because the allowance for these places to reopen, and the messaging that America is “open for business,” falls completely on the government, and I think it’s important to not lose sight of that. The government can keep theme parks and movie theaters and summer camps and beaches closed as long as they want; they’re choosing not to. The countries that have fared well and have cases way down implemented widespread, strict lockdowns, contact tracing, readily available testing, and most importantly, had VERY cautious reopening plans that followed science-based guidelines and never jumped ahead before they reached those markers.

        I’m in NJ. We’re doing extremely well here and I’m really proud, but at the same time, we just opened our Six Flags back up and it’s unimaginably stupid to me to risk our progress for things like that — which is highly attended by New Yorkers. I’ve had the privilege to spend my time at home and barely even go to the grocery store, so I can’t understand the mindset of those looking for normal “fun” right now. Boggles the mind, but there is this strange societal pressure that we should “get back to normal” that ultimately stems from the government.

  5. Franklymydear... says:

    We cancelled our summer Disney World trip. Magical fun with a side of Covid? No thanks. I’d rather wait years than go during a spiking pandemic. People make strange decisions.

  6. Becks1 says:

    The problems with Disney reopening were always 1) its not necessary and 2) there is no way to do it safely. Disney may be trying to do it as safely AS Possible, but there’s only so much they can do to enforce social distancing, make sure the rides are cleaned every time (the thought of getting on FoP if it hasn’t been sanitized….that’s mindblowing to me. I also hated that ride and screamed the entire time, so I’m not going back on it anyway, lol.)

    And of course the other issue with this is – you go to Disney, you are exposed to COVID, which seems likely considering Florida’s current situation, and then you bring it back to your state.

    Disney opening in the midst of a pandemic always struck me as irresponsible, even with the safety precautions they are taking. Disney opening RIGHT NOW considering what is happening in Florida is just a whole other level of “irresponsible.”

  7. ME says:

    I just don’t understand why these people aren’t afraid of the virus. You are not made of something special !

  8. Giggles says:

    This is going to be a disaster.

  9. Tx_mom says:

    My cousin and his wife are there RIGHT NOW. They seemed anxious about the plane trip but not the park. I just can’t.

    • Belig says:

      Closed spaces VS open air. There hasn’t been a spike in cases following the protests. Going to the movies is infinitely more dangerous than going to Disney.

      • tx_mom says:

        I agree with movie theatres being a terrible choice (and don’t get me started how we can understand that a movie theatre presents dangers but not a classroom where kids are stuck in a room for seven hours!). But there are a lot of indoor spaces involved at Disney — restaurants, rest rooms, buses if you’re on a Disney property… and lots and lots of high-touch items like handles and bars on rides, hand rails.

      • Case says:

        I agree that open air helps and the act of just walking around Disney with a mask on is probably totally safe. But you need to go inside to accomplish just about anything, which is proven to be very unsafe if it’s for prolonged periods of time. You get stuck on a ride in air conditioning and you’re in trouble. It’s a very bad idea to attend, and even worse to attend from out of state, go through airports and on airplanes to get there, spend time there, and then bring it back home to your state. We shouldn’t be encouraging anyone to travel across state lines for these kinds of things right now.

      • Belig says:

        Ah, I wasn’t aware of all that. Never been myself. Thanks for explaining, guys.

    • liz says:

      I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine who works at one of the big international airports in the US (her office is at the airport, but she works for the City, not for a particular airline). It seems that being on an airplane is not as dangerous as you might think. The air on a plane in flight is refreshed with outside air constantly and heavily filtered. As long as the filters are kept clean and replaced frequently, the air is safe. That “stale airplane smell” is the filtration system and explains why airplanes are so cold – the outside air at altitude is well below freezing and barely heated before being circulated.

      The concerns are if another passenger doesn’t wear a mask and touching stuff. My friend suggested lysol wipes over everything you touch – seatbelts, tray tables, etc. The airlines are cleaning the planes much more thoroughly than they ever did before. As long as they can enforce the “must wear a mask” rules, the planes are safer than you might think. That said, I still will not fly unless it’s an absolute emergency.

      As for the protests – we live in NYC and my teenager went to a bunch of them in early June. She had a COVID test two weeks ago before going to visit her grandparents – the test came back negative. Her doctor didn’t know of any cases transmitted at the protests, but had a very limited sample size. The anecdotal evidence supports the theory that being outside, with everyone wearing masks and maintaining some distance reduced the level of transmission fairly substantially.

      I haven’t been to Disney since I was 7 or 8 years old. Hell will freeze over before I go back.

      • Eugh says:

        I used to travel by plane quite a bit and was the “crazy person” that would wipe down my entire seat bubble every single flight, to my knowledge I don’t think I was ever really sick post travel. I hope this just becomes very normal like the mask wearing

      • FHMom says:

        I’m glad to hear this because I have to fly on Friday. I’m terrified but can’t do a 14 hour drive. Plane seems like a safer option but I’m still nervous.

  10. Kate says:

    I posted a polite question or two about safety on prominent Disney bloggers’ Instagram feeds. All I was met with was “people aren’t allowed to go outside and enjoy their home state now? Disney’s totally got this!” I’m astounded by the lack of common sense. Then again, our nation elected the dumbest, most ill-equipped president in our history, so nothing should surprise me anymore.

  11. Redgrl says:

    I feel badly for the employees. The idiot guests who choose to attend make their own beds of stupidity but the employees are the ones who are suffering with this recklessness.

    • H says:

      I’m on a couple of FL Unemployment FB pages because Corona killed my business – it’s related to tourism. Disney employees are posting they are TERRIFIED of going back. What can they do? If they refuse, unemployment is cancelled. Some have not even gotten their unemployment benefits yet, after THREE months of waiting as FL’s system is so messed up. I feel for the employees. Those idiots going to Disney? Not so much.

      • Redgrl says:

        @H – exactly – and I doubt those jobs are well paying and probably not unionized either. The employees will suffer for the greed of these Darwinian covidiots.

    • lucy2 says:

      That’s the problem with this, and all of the people screaming to open. Employees HAVE to be there to run the businesses, and don’t have a choice (and most people in these industries aren’t paid well to begin with). It’s so unfair to them.

  12. Esmom says:

    Yes another nail in the coffin of possibility of schools opening this fall safely. The numbers are going to continue to go in the wrong direction. And my heart breaks for the teachers, the kids, the families put into an impossible situation because people — backed by idiot governors and Trump — just didn’t have the patience to stay at home until it was actually safe.

  13. Aang says:

    Walt Disney was an anti Semite and Nazi sympathizer. There has always been this weird current of performative American patriotism and white supremacy linked to Disney. The Magats are flocking there to prove COVID is a hoax. My kid did the college program and I was low key shocked but not really shocked at how awful so many die hard Disney fans are.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Argh, and we were all feeling so good about Disney showing “Hamilton.” ; 0

  14. Lindy says:

    I’m not someone who would ever go to Disney under non-pandemic circumstances, and have never understood the attraction of spending that much money for a chance to be packed like sardines into a hot, crowded, theme park where the goal is to get me to drop as much money as they can scam out of me while I’m there.

    So the idea that there are actually people who want to do this in the worst Covid hotspot in the country is beyond my imagination. I just don’t understand at all. And these people are all going to get Covid and then travel back to their hometowns and spread it further.

    Do they not realize that we’re only just beginning to understand the impact this disease can have even on healthy people who get a mild case?

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Same. One trip to Disney when the bambina was old enough to handle it, and had more fun than expected, but it was hot, crowded and costly. One and done.

      No, I don’t think they realize that we’re only beginning to understand the impact on previously healthy people who get a mild case. It would help to have a lot of responsible top-down messaging at all levels of government and they’re not getting that. The communication has been confusing even among the top public health officials, because it’s a difficult virus and moved fast.

      I think a lot of people think, “I’m young and if I stick on a mask in a crowd, I’m safe.” Instead, masks are more protective of others than the self (making them still crucial); asymptomatic/presymptomatic spread may account for half the cases of COVID-19, and a lot of people in those pictures while young appear to be at higher risk of more severe disease due to the weight they are carrying, and its association with hypertension, diabetes, etc.

      And then they will go home and may share with other household members.

      The only possible mitigating factor is the park’s being out of doors but many rides and attractions, plus shops and dining, have an indoor component.

      Let’s hope.

    • Christin says:

      I have been twice (as a child and adult) and it was memorable in not so memorable ways. Heat, crowds and really expensive. I remember waiting two hours sitting on pavement for the specific transportation van/bus to get back to the hotel.

      I’ve never bought their brand image, but plenty of people have and repeatedly return.

    • Joanna says:

      Thank you! 🙌🙌 I have lived in Florida 15 years and never gone.

  15. Liz version 700 says:

    All of the folks at Disney and in hotels in Fl right now will be heading back to the rest of the US bringing Covid with them next week. Exposing people who did not make the choice to go to a theme park in the middle of a pandemic.

  16. Mel M says:

    My 50 something cousin believes it’s a full on hoax. She went to a very prestigious university and has always been labeled the smart one I her family. I always thought she was normal up until a few years ago. She is currently married to a doctor of alternative medicine who does very well for himself as well. They both think this is a hoax and they are both intelligent adults but they are full on Trump lovers so…..
    I’m done exhausting myself with trying to figure out how people still believe this after 6mo of non stop coverage and information and hundreds of thousands dying. It will never make sense to me. Do they think the ICUs aren’t full and the doctors and nurses are lying? Are the families of the dead lying? Are they all paid actors? Is this a world wide conspiracy? What is the purpose of the hoax? What is the end game?

  17. Joanna says:

    I’m in FL, it’s insane. Destin and surrounding areas have the beaches open so people are coming from out of state to here. Half the people aren’t wearing masks. there’s tourists all over the grocery store. I work at a bank, the lobby is open by appointment only. We ask if they have tested positive or self quarantine due to exposure before they can come in. But anyone can lie ! I’m so terrified I’m gonna get it! I ordered my groceries delivered to reduce the amount I go out. But then certain people at work are complaining about having to wear masks inside the branch, blah blah so you know they are not wearing it when they’re off work! I wear a mask and try to stay away from contact with those people. I am so depressed, I feel like it’s never going to end with so many not following the guidelines. Then you see people talking about how there’s going to be a race war and we have no peace/confidence in our POTUS. Some days, i feel like this nightmare will never end. Don’t worry. I’m not suicidal, just down in the dumps.

    • Christin says:

      I have to remind myself daily that all I can do is stay 6 feet away from everyone. Co-workers and unmasked people in public places are my biggest concern. Some act as if nothing is really going on, and it is both frustrating and sad.

      We can just do our best to protect ourselves and our families. Some won’t be convinced until this hits very close to their own doorstep, unfortunately.

    • Case says:

      I’m with you. This weekend my anxiety was off the charts because I just kept settling into the realization that this will not end as soon as I thought — and I have been pretty realistic about how long this could take to begin with. It’s easy to feel down when you can’t even envision then world recovering from this. I know we will eventually, but eventually gets farther away every day we continue to reopen things without caution.

    • Michelle says:

      I understand 100%. I have been WFH since mid March and when I found out that we could not go back to work until July, I immediately called my doctor so I could have some help with my anxiety. Now it will be after Labor Day before we may can go back. Dealing with this, along with menopause symptoms and mood swings, on top of what is going on in the world is a lot for anyone.

    • Turtledove says:

      “But then certain people at work are complaining about having to wear masks inside the branch, blah blah so you know they are not wearing it when they’re off work!”

      I hear you! I am so lucky because my office all went virtual when this began and they have not forced us to come back yet. I am VERY anxious about when that day comes. A few people I work with are the “bathroom narks”. Before all this started, they used to pay attention to who did and did not wash their hands after using the restroom and would report back to others.

      The number of both men and women who did not wash their hands was SHOCKING.
      Sooo…you want me to trust their hygiene to keep ME covid-free? No thanks. Another coworker was lamenting not being able to get a wax because the salons in MA were still closed at the time. She took a trip to NC and had it done there instead. Now, we aren’t currently In the office, so that does not affect me. But I don’t relish the day when I have to share a common space with 100 other people who are not all on the same page.

  18. KellyRyan says:

    Why am I not surprised. Disney’s oversells the experience. The last time I was at Disney Anaheim the wait was an hour for each ride. A woman accused me of pushing, hitting her preteen. I said, “If you think I’ve done this call security. I’ll wait with my witnesses.” Never again, far too many pleasurable experiences in travel. Florida push? I will not be surprised if this occurs in California, (Orange county),

  19. Coco says:

    I’m canceling my Disney Plus subscription over this. This is a disgusting of profit over health.

  20. Leah says:

    Just plain greed. It will not end well because this virus doesn’t care if it’s hot or cold (unlike the flu).

  21. Thea says:

    Disney open their parks but kept their corporate offices closed…well, that pretty much tells you everything right there.

    Downtown Disney opened on Thursday and people were lining up overnight for it. For downtown Disney. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    Hong Kong Disney is closing after opening for a month because of new corona cases.

  22. Marigold says:

    I have never completely understood the Disney appeal. I don’t like standing in line. So I don’t get it.

    • Dutch says:

      If you book in advance with an experienced agent, they hook you up with “Fast Passes” that reduce the wait time for rides significantly. My sister has used a couple and wouldn’t go to Disney without using one.

  23. Chimney says:

    Disney greed on full display here. Who cares if thousands die as long as some ham-scented doofus gets to “enjoy the magic.” Sickening.

    Both of my parents live in Florida along with millions of other people who are older with compromised immune systems. I worry about them during all my waking hours and some of the sleeping ones as well (shout out to those covid nightmares!). Constantly terrified for them. It is hard because Disney is so so insidious but in my personal life I’ve taken strides to boycott Disney including Marvel, Star Wars and ABC. Why encourage them with my time and dollars when they are hell bent on killing people.

  24. SamC says:

    I’ve been to Disney (CA and FL) as a kid and a few times as an adult as I have friends in the area. It’s fun enough but as others have said SO expensive.

    I get kids being obsessed and excited but the number of adults equally or more obsessed, from home decor to annual trips and so on, floors me; just don’t get it. Several of my real and IG friends were posting all weekend how they wanted to be there, complete with selfies wearing mouse ears and Disney filters, etc.

    • Case says:

      Eh. I love Disney but I’m not a Mickey home decor, go to the parks multiple times a year person. I can (sorta) speak to this, though. I like active vacations where I’m moving around instead of relaxing, so Disney appeals to me a lot. I wouldn’t go there instead of a trip to Europe or anything, but if I had endless money, I’d definitely alternate Disney trips and more exotic trips, because I love to travel and get enjoyment from both types of vacations. I think it’s like anything else — some people’s whole identity revolves around being a beach person. Some people are obsessed with sports teams and have all their merchandise and season tickets. Some people dress up and go to Comic Con every year. We all need our outlets and our escapes, they just look different to everyone. Personally, going to every baseball game in a season, drinking too much beer, and crying when your team loses is both boring and bonkers to me, but a lot of people do it! To each their own. When there’s not a pandemic.

  25. Amelie says:

    I have never been to Disney World or Disneyland in the US ever. Never been to the state of Florida either and now I’m in no rush. We never did the typical Disney World trip as kids because we were too busy visiting my dad’s family in France every summer. And I’m going to go out on a limb and say those summers visiting my relatives in France were way more fun than any amusement park trip. My parents took me and my sister to Euro Disney outside of Paris twice in between summers of visiting relatives in France and I have some fun memories. But it rained both times we visited and waiting in line for a ride while it rains nonstop? Not fun!

    So I really don’t get people who are die hard Disney fans. Is Disney really all that great? I’m really asking. The only thing I’ve seen at Disney World/the parks in Florida that I’d want to visit are Harry Potter World. And that’s it. I enjoyed watching Disney movies as a kid but never felt the need to go visit any amusement park related to the franchise. Am I an outlier? I just don’t get why Disney World seems to think they need to open up when cases are at an all time high in Florida.

  26. The Recluse says:

    I don’t just wear a mask when I go someplace like a store, I wear gloves. If I were going to Disney World, I would be wearing gloves the ENTIRE TIME and a face shield.
    But I ain’t going nowhere until there’s a vaccine…and then I’d love to go to Italy and France.

  27. Clarice says:

    I’m so sad! I was there in October 2019 and again in February 2020 (after not being at a Disney Park in like seven years) and had so much fun! My trip in October was with my best friend and also the first time I’ve attended the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. In February, I brought my little niece who was three months shy of her 2nd birthday. I had an absolute blast with her and I’m SO GLAD we went then because I was initially planning to take her when she was five, but who knows if it will ever be the same again. After our trip in February and having such a good time with her, I decided I would take her every year, the next trip being January or February 2021. It sounds trivial and stupid, but I’m really bummed about it quite likely not happening.