Bethenny Frankel on Duchess Meg: If I disagree with someone’s choices, am I racist?

RHONYC alum Bethenny Frankel has found herself under a twitter storm after tweeting a not so subtle message lashing out again at Meghan Markle. She was praising Princess Beatrice for being “down” for the monarchy because she accepted a low key wedding ceremony of 20 attendees. The tweet leaves out that having twenty guests is in accordance with COVID social distancing protocols in the UK. Plus Harry was required to have a big affair because he is the son of the heir. Bethenny lamely responded to several tweets about her hypocrisy by asking if it was racist to disagree with someone’s path and choices. Can’t racists come up with new material?

Bethanny: So the princess who is down to stay with the monarchy had an intimate ceremony of 20…..

Decent response: There have been plenty of racist tweets about Meghan. You know that as your part of the people hating on her. However suddenly the British have forgotten how racist they can be while pointing the finger at other countries trying to claim they are more racist.

Bethenny: If I don’t agree with someone’s path and choices, does that make me a racist?

[From Twitter]

In short, yes Bethenny, it does make you racist, especially when you have made it quite clear that you lay all of the blame for HARRY and Meghan leaving the royal family solely at Meghan’s feet. This isn’t the first time Bethenny has tweeted negatively about Meghan. In January, 2020, when Harry and Meghan announced their step back from royal duties, Bethenny blamed Meghan for being a social climber. There’s plenty of other evidence of her racism.

At a conference in 2016 she stated that businesses owned by women of color should get a white man as a spokesperson. Back then she lamely tried to defend herself with the mantra, “don’t complain, don’t explain,” which sounds vaguely like the royal family’s “never complain, never explain” (which was only deployed when the woman of color wanted to defend herself). It would seem Bethenny also used her mantra when downplaying complaints from those women of color who attended a different conference when she said that she doesn’t see gender. Hmm, there seems to be a pattern here. A pattern of Karens telling Black women and women of color to take abuse like a champ, even though they’d never.

In the future, I’ll need Bethenny to mind her own business and not give the anti-Meghan people fuel for their fires. Meghan has gone through enough for just breathing.

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  1. KellyRyan says:

    Is it your business Bethany? Someone has boundary issues. :)

    • Hope says:

      Making up stories about her health issues isn’t getting her attention anymore.

    • josephine says:

      I haven’t really followed her, but anytime I see something she has commented on she just strikes me as super bitter about every, every thing. And isn’t she the one who made a huge mess out of her custody issues because she was so anxious to bash her ex? Who knows, maybe he deserved it, but I think she was the one who made the choice to go public with the nastiness?

      On an unrelated note, I think she’s a great example of the price one pays for plastic surgery. It just never seems worth it to me, to end up looking so far from natural.

    • minx says:

      I cannot stomach this woman, with her Skinny Girl BS and her fake smile.

  2. Girl_ninja says:

    Thirsty attention seeking bore. She should focus on her messy life and keep Duchess Meghan name out her mouth.

  3. Case says:

    I am so thoroughly Team Meghan and Harry that I can’t even fathom why they are so hated by so many people — other than racism. Meghan was endlessly harassed, even while pregnant, and instead of getting support from her in-laws, she was further bullied by them. She’s obviously such a kind, intelligent, warm person and would’ve been SUCH an asset to the Royal Family, but her and HER HUSBAND decided to make a choice that was healthiest for their young family. What fault do people see in this, and how do Harry and Meghan end up being the bad guys here?

    • Starkille says:

      Other than racism (and I certainly don’t deny that’s a large part of it), outside the US anyway, she’s hated because she’s American. Americans may think we know, but we really can’t fathom just how much the rest of the world hates us until we live outside of the US. As far as Z-list US celebrities taking issue with her, it’s 90 per cent racism with a heaping dose of jealousy, I’d say.

      • A says:

        In this case, I don’t think her blackness is extricable from her identity as an American. She wouldn’t be treated the same way if she were a white American by the British press, although a lot of it wouldn’t be pleasant either. I think that her being black is something that informs and fuels the anti-American sentiment directed towards her, even though the sorts of behaviour that most people around the world dislike America for are generally exhibited by and large by entitled white people.

        At any rate, what Britain doesn’t seem to realize is that, as John Oliver said, they are basically Europe’s America.

    • S808 says:

      They don’t think Meghan was deserving of Harry in the first place. For her to get him, become a member of the BRF (a position they’d all kill to be in) and walk away from it? A capital offense in their eyes no matter the reasons for doing so.

      • Sarah says:

        Which I totally disagree with, I think she’s a better person than him and he saw her as a way to further better himself. But I know that’s got nothing to do with what these people think and that ‘royal’ is as good as it gets no matter how you behave (coughAndrewcoughWilliamcoughCharlescoughPhillip…..)

      • ItReallyIsYou,NotMe says:

        I think it’s mostly that the Bethanys think any American woman should count her blessings to *get* to join the BRF,but there’s a healthy dose of racism in that *gasp* especially a black American would not be willing to get down on her knees and take whatever the BRF dishes out to be a princess.

      • Lanie says:

        It’s more than that.

        There is no amount of groveling that Meghan could do to get these Becky/Karen/Bethennys to retract their fangs. Here’s what it is:

        White women are so used to being held up as the ultimate prize and desired by all men. When an “eligible white man,” in this case, a famous prince from the most famous royal family in the world does not choose a White woman, they lose their fucking minds. How dare such a man spit in their faces by choosing one of those people!

        Remember how vicious K Stew stans were towards FKA Twigs? Ever see. How The Flash fandom comes after Candace Patton because they want The Flash to be with Caitlin Snow, played by Danielle Pannabaker?

        Notice how Bethenny doesn’t think Waity Kaity is a social climber, or better still, that people should stay in their own caste?

        If Bethenny gets dragged, expect her to use her dead fiancé (who also dumped her because he was sick of her shit) as a shield.

      • A says:

        I think the other thing also is that someone like Meghan really amplifies the insecurities that people like Bethenny Frankel have. Meghan strives to do good in a public way, and people like this hate that. They think it’s “”inauthentic”", but the reality is simply that people like this struggle to grapple with what they perceive to be their own shortcomings. They need other people to be as visibly bad as they are in order to feel better about themselves, and if they’re not, these people will bring them down in order to feel better.

        It’s classic crabs in a bucket syndrome, the whole, “You’re not better than me!! Who do you think you are, and where do you get off trying to act like you are??? We all know it’s fake!” They think it’s fake, because people like Bethenny Frankel are so used to faking their goodness for the sake of public consumption, and can’t imagine for a second that someone else might not be like that, and if they are, they have a justification for it.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I agree with everything you said.

      as for Frankel, anyone who names their brand “Skinny Girl” has issues. way to perpetuate body image issues for young women.

      • Ceej says:

        Yeah she’s a terrible feminist and definitely has her own body issues. Netflix just got the early NY housewives seasons and her going on about how awful it was that some graphic designer made the logo of a woman in a glass have “huge” thighs was…. cringing.

      • Tealie says:

        I had no idea that ground was still going out acceptable in 2020

  4. Valiantly Varnished says:

    White feminists are gonna white feminist. This is not shocking. Bethenny is like every other rich white Karen in this world. Fdb

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      There’s really nothing else to say.

    • Prayer Warrior says:

      Bethany may be white, but she is NO feminist. Please, please don’t think for one moment this white woman’s angst has ANYTHING to do with feminism….NOTHING, not even close

      • MsIam says:

        I agree with that PW. At least on her “ show” Bethenny has treated any other woman with business ambitions as either a joke or a threat. Nothing feminist about that.

      • Heather says:

        Amen @PrayerWarrior
        Bethany is NOT a feminist.
        A true feminist supports ALL women, and most especially women of colour! A true feminist understands women’s history and how hard we fought, and continue to fight, for equality. A true feminist has empathy and understanding of the ongoing struggle and plight that POC are facing, and will fight alongside them.
        Bethany Frankel is none of that.

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        Please look up what the term “white feminist” means.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Prayer Warrior, this is why womanism exists … because (white) feminism is full of Karens.

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      I read it as this woman sees herself as a huge feminist. We all know, by definition, she is not. But like Rowling, she continues to illustrate true colors.

      • FicklePickle says:

        Folks call Bernie Sanders a DINO, Trump a RINO, well she’s a FINO. Feminist in name only.

  5. Sofia says:

    Bethenny is so annoying. I’m so happy she left RHONY.

  6. Watson says:

    “Money don’t buy you class” – LuAnn de Lesseps

  7. S808 says:

    lol @ royalists acting like Bea’s lowkey wedding was the plan all along and is an example of true #royalty. They’ll use anything as some sort of “drag” for Meghan. These American white women need to get it together. Just cause they’d take all the abuse and sacrifice themselves for some stupid tiara and a higher place in society doesn’t mean everyone else will. Have some self respect.

    • rawiya says:

      Honestly. Did they forget about the wedding that was *supposed* to have taken place in May? Did they really think the first child of the Queen’s favourite child was supposed to have a 20-person wedding and not something equal to her younger sister the year before?

      Funny how it makes Bea look down to earth compared to Meghan, but they ignore Eugenie’s large wedding!

  8. kelleybelle says:

    She believes the tabloid lies about it being all Meghan’s fault that Harry left, when in fact it was to protect his wife and family. It’s not a good look at all and she’s always been a nasty woman.

  9. NatureLover says:

    Pay, you hit the nail on the head!!! This is an unacceptable statement from her as she completely lacks the position to comment on anyone besides herself. I don’t follow her, but she nor anyone else has the right criticize someone’s life choices and for her to further criticize Meghan in such a demeaning way has proven her to be one that bullies and is apparently a clear racist. She doesn’t know Meghan or Harry, as she has no business criticizing them. Those in glass homes shouldn’t throw stones!

  10. Alexandria says:

    Like someone said over here, privileged white folks (and typical “No offense but” microagressors) can’t see black people being successful or having nice things or being rich. They’re either criminals or social climbers or were aided by a quota. Oprah and Beyonce still get discriminated against. The Obama family got attacked too.

    • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

      @Alexandria Right? It’s like the security guard who told Edward Enninful to go to the loading bay. He automatically profiled him as having less success and fitting into a particular niche due to his colour.

  11. Priscila says:

    Expect more people, especially white woman, having similar reactions. Overpraising the white princess for following government rules and having a small wedding while smearing the biracial woman for having a big wedding.

    Nevermind Eugenie has a big wedding that she wanted and that Beatrice just was forced into the small wedding path- it is all about shitting on Meghan .

    • Becks1 says:

      And remember how they freaked out when Archie’s birth was private and when his christening was private. But now a private royal wedding during a pandemic is “so romantic” and “so royal.”

      • Pearl Grey says:

        And the funny thing is, all royal births are private, as are all royal christenings. The only difference in the birth was the time frame at which they presented the baby (a day and a half rather than a few hours) and the location (Windsor Castle rather than Lindo steps). And with the christening, the only difference was not revealing the godparents names (to understandably protect the private citizens from press intrusion) and no pictures of guests arriving at the church. Small details that were blown out of proportion and turned into “tOp sEcReT pRiVaCy oBsSeSeD” by the media seeking to whip the public up into a frenzy over nothing. But now that Beatrice has been forced by the pandemic and her FBI-dodging father into a private wedding, suddenly privacy ain’t the “slap in the face to the British public” after all.

  12. Liz version 700 says:

    Bethany … the original prototype for Karen. Yes, based on the article above I would say you are a a fair bit racist …

    • Otaku fairy says:

      Don’t you just love how there can already be a well-documented pattern of situations where a Karen has contributed to racism and misogynoir, but the moment she’s criticized for something she’s saying about a famous woc, she plays innocent? Pretends that it’s about never being allowed to criticize a poc for anything?

  13. Becks1 says:

    The praise for Beatrice’s low-key wedding is really kind of baffling to me. Do I think it looks like they made the best out of the situation? Yes. Do I think they will have a big reception in a year? Yes. Do I think their wedding last week was the wedding of Beatrice’s dreams? No. It doesn’t mean the pictures weren’t beautiful or she’s not happy with how things turned out in the end, and part of being an adult is learning how to make the best out of unexpected situations (heck part of being a person, no matter the age.)

    But – this wedding was not the original choice on the part of the Beatrice and Edo. This wasn’t done so that people could see what “true royalty” was (what does that even mean?) This was done because of Andrew, and because of the pandemic. Heck even Beatrice’s May wedding was presumably scaled down from what she or her parents may have wanted originally due to Andrew being a sex offender.

    The couple looks happy and that’s what’s important about a wedding. And this wedding did accomplish something I didn’t expect – it did make people forget how tacky the York scan be.

    Anyway, Bethenny just needs to shut up.

    • S808 says:

      I’m starting to believe a lot of “royalists” don’t even care about the other members of the family and just hate Harry and Meghan. They weren’t even the last couple to get married. Eugine and Jack were and their wedding and reception was a big affair. If Bea’s lowkey wedding was “true royalty” what was her sister’s wedding???

  14. janey jane says:

    I find it interesting that someone who spent nearly a decade (and is still in the midst) of a personal shitshow would feel the need to comment on someone else’s marriage, life, etc. B was insane if someone even hinted about her issues with her ex-husband. If anyone should have empathy for what you see behind closed doors isn’t what is outward facing — it should be B.

    The fact that she doesn’t points to one thing: there’s money to be made trashing M. Her brand is her baby and I don’t see B speaking on something without a metric ton of focus group data that shows it is the right move for her brand.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Right?!?! How about fix your own life rather than managing Harry and Meghan. That could apply to most of the Royal Family too FWIW.

    • Jane's Wasted Talent says:

      ‘If anyone should have empathy for what you see behind closed doors isn’t what is outward facing…’

      Ah, but that’s racism for you. You have a great point about her opportunism, but I’m voting racism. A better idea for her passe’ brand would be to try to collaborate with either of the Sussexes in even the vaguest way, and get some global attention.

  15. Calibration says:

    Bethany is racist.. Maybe we all need to tell her and her followes that she and her followers are racist!

  16. Pearl Grey says:

    Diana, Fergie, Sophie, Autumn, Kate, Zara, Meghan, Eugenie and Gabriella all had varying degrees of a traditional royal wedding with relatively modest to large guest lists and small to large public crowds, with some televised but all covered by the media. Yet only Meghan’s name is being mentioned when these transparent commentators are trying to heap forced praise onto Beatrice for simply having to scale down her original plans, not due to modesty but due to nothing more than a global pandemic and her father’s sexual abuse allegations. Had it not been for Prince No Sweat and COVID-19, Beatrice would have had a wedding like her sister’s, public, large, expensive and with some form of carriage ride to greet crowds protected with tax payer funded security, befitting a blood royal. How predictable that her required social distance wedding is being used to once again trash Meghan for receiving the wedding they think she didn’t deserve. Newsflash, it happened, it’s over, it was iconic, it generated money for the British economy, she took her Prince and went back home. Get over it.

    • Mumbles says:

      Lol last year they were talking about TELEVISING Beatrice’s wedding.

      • Pearl Grey says:

        And any talk of such would have been immediately quashed after the Too Honourable™️ Prince made an international spectacle of himself on TV. Eugenie only just managed to get her wedding televised by the skin of her teeth after the BBC passed it up. After everything that has happened since Eugenie’s wedding (Epstein’s arrest, Epstein’s “suicide”, renewed allegations, compromising photos emerging, Andrew’s car crash interview, public ridicule, stepping down, York money woes) Beatrice’s chances of a broadcast were slim to none. But she still had a big, public May 29th royal wedding in mind until the pandemic put a stop to it.

    • kelleybelle says:

      We need a Like button! Well said.

  17. Lizzie says:

    If I disagree with Bethany’s choice to get full face plastic surgery OR if I criticize her need to get it and the outcome are not the same thing.

  18. My3cents says:

    A Real Housewife telling someone that they are a social climber? Hmmm..

  19. Jelly says:

    If I don’t like a black person because of their life choices that doesn”t make me racist. I like many black people and not because they are black but because of their character or personality. I admire Michelle Obama more than any human alive. I adore Rhianna. I don’t like Meghan and it has nothing to do with her race.

    • Jelly says:

      … oh and I don’t like Kanye. That doesn’t make me racist. Let’s try to judge ppl by their actions. To that end Betheny is an idiot and I don’t like her either.

      • ABritGuest says:

        Sara, Harry has very similar looks to her last two exes so I would guess he’s actually her type. And if she was just with Harry for fame then surely she would have played the press game including giving the royal reporters and likes of Piers Morgan the access they wanted for favourable press.

    • Q says:

      But what has meghan done for anyone to dislike her? That’s all I want to know.
      She seems so harmless to me. I don’t get it.

      • Sara says:

        To be honest, she seems kind of phony to me, like she’s often putting on a performance. I think she was more interested in what the fame of being with Harry could get her than in Harry himself (that is, a global platform as a beloved humanitarian).

        That said, she has dealt with a lot of racist BS and her father is garbage, so I have sympathy for her there.

      • Blue36 says:

        So because she is perceived as phoney by some people and is disliked by some justifies people going after her and assassinating her character? No other royal women has had these many people who they haven’t met go after them like this, jeez I wonder why?

      • VS says:

        “I think she was more interested in what the fame of being with Harry could get her than in Harry himself (that is, a global platform as a beloved humanitarian).” –

        yet she didn’t convince him to stay!!!!! I admire and respect the woman; she has triggered a lot in some; the worst is what she has triggered in women!

        If she had been mediocre, I could’ve understood; but she is smart (way more than all of them combined minus Prince charles), she is stunning (I know one of the reasons some people can’t stand her, unfortunately) and most importantly she is clearly very good (way above the median; that must hurt some as well)

        I would love to know how people are able to see her putting on a performance; wow she must one hell of an actress to be able to do that for 38 years! She should be winning academy awards!

        The weird thing, it is perfectly fine to dislike someone but at least be HONEST with yourself on what you dislike; someone once said, ‘they hate first, then reasons come after’….. your post is a perfect example of that!

      • Jane's Wasted Talent says:

        They call it a performance because having a sincere and virtuous character is so foreign to them that they can’t believe it’s real. I’ve known many people like this.

        ‘They hate first, then reasons come after’ Thank you for sharing this powerful quote.

      • Otaku fairy says:

        “The weird thing, it is perfectly fine to dislike someone but at least be HONEST with yourself on what you dislike; someone once said, ‘they hate first, then reasons come after’….. ” So true.

    • Becks1 says:

      Not liking a black person CAN make you a racist, depending on your reasons for not liking them. But it takes a little personal reflection sometimes to get there.

      @Sara says Meghan is “phony” and only interested in the fame of being married to Harry, not Harry himself. Then why would she go long periods without being seen, only to pop up with one completed project or the next? Kate Middleton was on the cover of British Vogue, Meghan didn’t want to do that. She put other women on the cover instead.

      Why is Meghan phony and only interested in the fame, but Kate is interested in……what? The mansions and jewels? She’s certainly not interested in working or using her platform for anything.

      So when you say Meghan is phony, it comes off as racist because when you dig deeper, that’s what it is.

      It’s like when people say that they think Meghan is acting “above herself” or whatever – what does that mean? They’re basically calling her uppity without using the word. Or when “palace sources” talked about how Meghan didn’t know her place. Those are all criticisms rooted in racism. When Meghan is criticized for walking ahead of Harry, but Kate does so with no qualms (ahead of both Harry AND William), that’s racism.

      I have not read one comment from someone who “just doesn’t like Meghan” that doesn’t circle back to racism, even if the person cant admit that.

      (and for the record, no, I don’t think Meghan is perfect. People can criticize her. But you have to criticize fairly. For example, if you think Meghan spends too much on clothes, then I hope you are horrified by all of Kate’s bespoke McQueen pieces.)

      • Jane's Wasted Talent says:

        Brilliant post! These are such common thought patterns, thank you for tackling and dismantling them so thoroughly. And the dog whistles as well- it’s amazing how many people are still unfamiliar with them. Posts like this really do help, they reach a few more people each time. Thank you.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        *STANDING AND CLAPPING* for Becks1.

        note, please, that Jelly says it has nothing to do with her race and that people should be judged on their actions…

        …and then doesn’t explain what “actions” the Duchess has performed to make Jelly not like her. are you SURE it’s not race-related? like, not “knowing her place” or “making Harry do X” or anything that you WOULDN’T criticize Kate for? it’s amazing how it’s NEVER about “racism”, yet the criticism they use is never leveled at the WHITE Duchess?

        I don’t think she married Harry for the royal aspect, I think she married him IN SPITE OF the royal aspect.

      • Lola_Lola says:

        @Becks All of this! So very well said…getting to the root of the dislike and criticism.

      • February-Pisces says:

        Exactly this. Trolls who hate Meghan genuinely don’t believe that they are racists, and thats where a lot of the problems lie. They think racism is using the n-word and thats it. They don’t seem to understand that when a person of colour and a white person carry out the exact same action and only the person of colour is penalised, that is racism.

        These are the same women who love to call Meghan ‘trash’ and ‘fake’ and Kate ‘classy and elegant’. That is racism because it’s their way of saying ‘we can still see that you are black’ and stop trying to fit in with this white family. Whilst ‘classy and elegant’ kate is ‘genuine’ because she really IS a white woman.

      • Otaku fairy says:

        So true. A person’s dislike or criticism of a woc can be racist and sexist if the thing they’re criticizing is something they choose to just let go of when a white woman they respect, or a man they respect from any race, has behaves the same way. Especially if they use any position of power they’re in to prevent the man or white woman from being called out for it. And even though not every poc has to be liked, a person being able to name individual poc they happen to like isn’t proof that they haven’t behaved in a racist way. Sometimes the racism is in what people have to do to ‘earn’ respect/safety.

      • Tealie says:

        Exactlyyyy you said it perfectly!!!

    • bonobochick says:

      LOL. I see Sara and Jelly want to troll.

      Becks1, your post is excellent. It does circle back to racism. And reading Bethenny’s behavior, it seems she has a pattern of being dismissive towards BW and WOC.

      Someone on twitter said Bethenny dated Meghan’s ex at one point and that could be behind some of her vitriol towards Meghan.

  20. MsIam says:

    I wonder what all these praisers of the “ low key wedding” will say if Bea has her blowout spectacle next year. To “ lift the morale of the country” of course. Lol. Have a seat Bethany, please. Meghan doesn’t need your permission or approval.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      ” Had it not been for Prince No Sweat and COVID-19, Beatrice would have had a wedding like her sister’s, public, large, expensive and with some form of carriage ride to greet crowds protected with tax payer funded security, befitting a blood royal.”

      Exactly! Beatrice and Edo and will have a huge PRIVATE blowout in Italy next year with all the rich and/or titled European Toffs in attendance.

      Do not forget that Beatrice and Eugenie have attended almost every major Continental Royal Wedding over the last 10 years. The Continental HRH, HH and HSH Toffs are the York Princesses’ set and have been since birth.

  21. Priscila says:


  22. Jaxonmeh says:

    Bethenny, you were a racist before you decided to play this game. But the reason you’re playing this game is because you’re racist.

  23. Ginger says:

    Didn’t Bethany date Meghan’s ex husband Trevor? I thought I read that somewhere.

    Bethany is such an awful person. I heard a radio interview she did and she comes off as a bully. She is the definition of social climber.

  24. Emmitt says:

    1) I suspect Bethenny’s hatred of Meghan has to do with Bethenny dating Meghan’s ex-husband Trevor right after they split (and he still didn’t want Bethenny and married a brand new woman).

    2) This attitude is why Omarosa shut her all the way down on national TV.

  25. Tate says:

    I am sure Meghan has no idea who this jerk is.

  26. El says:

    “royal family’s “never complain, never explain” (which was only deployed when the woman of color wanted to defend herself)”
    Are we not even trying to be objective anymore? I’m fairly sure this mantra first came into focus when Diana died. Way before Meghan. So, it was deployed before, and there were no women of color involved.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think Oya was talking about more recently. It’s been used over the past few years to explain why the palace did zilch to defend Meghan, but the palace will sure explain and complain in a hurry when a story involves Kate or William.

  27. paranormalgirl says:

    Good Lord, is this woman still talking about things?

  28. ABritGuest says:

    She’s a fan of Janetti and seems salty that her business meeting with Meghan’s ex husband didn’t turn into the romance she hoped for. Like many full of misogynoir& believes Meghan didn’t deserve this ‘spot’ AND even angrier that Meghan wasn’t ‘grateful’ enough to stay& be wilted down by the press& royalists.

    She’s saying she doesn’t agree with Meghan’s choices but no criticism for HARRY even though wedding was his as well and he said HE was the one who made decision to step down. No comment on Eugenie who had a larger wedding. Misogynoir 101.

    If Princess Beatrice had married before Andrew’s newsnight interview she would likely had same wedding as Eugenie. Eugenie& Beatrice have same circle of glam friends& the bridezilla father who was boasting about how many friends Eugenie and Jack had which was why they had more guests than the Sussexes, would likely have wanted same for his older daughter.

    Beatrice’s initial plans were likely only downsized to smaller venue with post wedding BP reception because the Queen’s subtle attempts to bring Andrew back to public life were rebuffed. Then as more bad press around Andrew& Epstein swirled& finally Ghislaine was arrested it became clear there was no way back for Andrew. The Times had an article just a few weeks ago that palace realised he was too toxic now. They were totally trying to bring him back to royal duties.
    Toxic Andrew coupled with the pandemic is only reason why she had this intimate wedding.

    I also think the Liz tributes with the dress and the tiara was mutually beneficial. Showing love& Queen probably sympathetic to Beatrice’s changing wedding plans but also Queen showing weight of her support& protection around Beatrice& the Yorks even if Andrew can’t appear in the photos.

  29. Gm says:

    What about Beatrice’s own sister who had the most recent royal wedding? Why didn’t she compare it to that one? Why Meghan’s?

    • yinyang says:

      The black girl will always take the fall for these white woman.

    • VS says:

      I 100% agree Yinyang; why wasn;t her wedding compared to her sister’s which was way more recent than Meg’s?

      Meghan owns those people! I wish I had her power!

  30. Nic919 says:

    Who is this person? And why should we even pay attention to what she says?

  31. Mariane says:

    That bish is still bitter about trevor dumping her because he couldn’t get over Meghan. She also has a long record of racist behaviour

  32. Mina_Esq says:

    She is overall a terrible human being. In context, her comments were racist. In general sense, I don’t think it’s racist to dislike or criticize POC. Jada Smith rubs me the wrong way with her BS trying to rationalize selfish behavior. I’d like to think that my dislike is not based on race.

    • Carrie says:

      Agree. That Wendy woman who has a talk show of some description in the US comes across as quite unpleasant.

    • Emmitt says:

      It’s the context of the criticism. If one criticizes all royal women for wearing dark nail polish, fine. If one only criticizes Meghan for wearing dark nail polish but ignores or even praises Sophie for wearing dark nail polish, that’s not fine. In that case, the criticism of Meghan is racist. The context is the key.

    • It fascinates me how people rush to whine about Meghan and Harry,
      hold them to these impossible standards and yet have nothing to say about how British media and establishment treated them.

      Harry and Meghan must be perfect, likeable at ALL TIMES but royal writers, body language experts, tabloids in the UK can bully and lie about the couple and these people go mute.

      Also Harry’s brother, father and grandmother can go limp as noodles about bully, racism and misogyny. These Miss Anns, Karens and Beckys see nothing wrong with the silence about this from mental health/anti-cyberbullying advocate William. All they can do with their bitterness is cry out “I’m not racist, she’s just not likeable.”

      What they can’t handle is the knowledge that their silence about media bullying is their tell that they support the bullying and the misogynoir. I have gratitude that I am not living such a miserable, ungracious existence.

  33. nicegirl says:

    Geez with this crap again, barf bag!!!

  34. Em says:

    Bethenny is a terrible person. She seems to have privilidged opinions and if you call her out, she’ll block you. She once charged women for a conference where she told them to sleep with me or use men to get to a higher ceo type of position.

    • HK9 says:

      God that’s awful….you know I admire Bethany for the hard work she put in to build her business, but I realize that at her core, all she has is a microscopic Grinch sized heart perched on a pillar of salt. You can’t get any more soulless than that.

  35. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    There is definite sexism, actual misogyny here, too. Let’s give Frankel the benefit of the doubt, though. In her warped little Karen-head, it’s better for women and a great strength of white women to stay in abusive relationships, no matter what. Kowtow to Old Bag Brenda and YOU can get a hand me down dress from the 1950s and the hand in marriage of a man who looks at you with absolutely NO affection! Cape for your rapey dad and Old Bag Brenda will even throw in a tiara with spikes on it! Not only that, but the racists at the Daily Heil will love you for it! See, you too can inhabit an exclusively white world without all those determined and intelligent duchesses coming into it and showing you up by actually working! White is right, as long as you leave your self esteem at the door, along with your moral compass! Who wouldn’t to be just like Bea?

    -Bethany Frankel also had a crappy marriage, right?

  36. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    @Yang That is quite frankly a horrific thing to say and unbelievably unpleasant for those of us who are Jewish to read.
    For your information the Jewish community has long been a strong advocate of the black civil rights movement. They marched en masse with Dr King at Selma and died to get out the vote during Freedom Summer.
    Absolute shame on you.

    • yinyang says:

      Listen, it’s not my objective to start a race war. Yes, I acknowledge Jewish were better than the whites because atleast they were willing to do business with the blacks, where whites didn’t want to touch the same facilities as them, but MLK were, too, critical of the Jews as they were able to start businesses because they had the white advantage but were charging blacks more for rent and charging white counterparts considerably less. Same with Roseanne Barr’s comments. It is what it is.

      • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

        What are you babbling about? What does MLK have to do with Roseanne Barr, or is it ‘pick a Jewish person and lump us all into one box’ day?! Why are you downplaying Jewish involvement in civil rights? What’s your M.O. here?!

      • Jane's Wasted Talent says:

        Yinyang- You’re talking about individual Jewish landlords or shopkeepers (and Roseanne Barr. !?!) and using them to make sweeping statements about an entire people. This is part of what we are standing against.

  37. February-Pisces says:

    People are treating Beatrice’s low key wedding as the norm, it’s isnt. She could only have a few there because of the pandemic which is a convenient excuse , but really because her dad is a peado. She would have had the exact same wedding that Eugenie had, if that hadn’t been the case. Even If she had waited until next year, she would have still had to scale it down because of Andrew. So people need to stop using this as an excuse to attack Meghan. She had a private birth and got trashed, she had a private christening and got trashed. Apparently the “we want to share your joy’ excuse was used for that. She had a big wedding which we all got to celebrate and is still being trashed. Kate had 2000 people at her wedding, so where is Bethany frankle’s opinion on that. If your only mad at Meghan’s wedding but no the other royal brides, then Meghan is being singled out unfairly. So if Bethany whatever her name is ,cos I don’t even know who she is, wants to still trash Meghan, than she most likely is a racist. Also people who seem to think the treatment Meghan has gotten in the media by the royal mafia is acceptable, than they too are racist, because you think abuse because someone is ‘different’ is ok.

  38. Stacy Dresden says:

    Bethenny criticizing Meghan’s choices is hilarious. Who here would rather be in Bethenny’s shoes, rather than Meghan’s? ANYONE?!?

  39. RedRoyal says:

    Bethenny is a toxic person.

  40. P89LT says:

    Yes, I do think it is possible to criticize Meghan and not be racist. FYI I say this as a p.o.c. Now this Bethany woman does seem racist based on the other things you said she has done, but it does depend on the person lobbing the criticism, what was said and why. I think if you criticize both Meghan and Harry for leaving the royal family after a 1+ years of marriage and receiving quite a bit monetarily from the monarchy, that is a reasonable criticism. But, as Kaiser said you really should put Harry in your criticism or it can be considered sexist at the very least and possibly racist if you don’t lobby the same criticism on others who are not p.o.c.

    It is important why someone decided to comment on it too. I’m always a bit leery of a famous person who just randomly wages in one of these topics. Seems kind of dog whistly to me. However, Bethanny seems to be a celebrity of sorts who gossips a lot, so in her case it probably doesn’t mean much. I do feel there are some people who aren’t racist just a flat out a bit**, who would do this to anyone no matter what race, i.e. a Lea Michelle to me. Yes that does matter cause lumping all the bit**y people with the racist people just dilutes the truly racist actions.

    I am a bit confused on this site as it seems a lot are upset the Sussexes aren’t part of the working royal family anymore. I hope I am misreading that. Cause my anger stemmed from when they thought it was a good idea to be senior working royals. I never fathomed how a college educated woman and a seemingly smart man could ever think they could modernize a classist archaic institution, which might not be racist in the modern societal sense, it is based on grouping people as better than others. At the very least it is a precursor to any type of racism or sexism. I was so excited to see them leave. I prefer the scenario where they realized it was smarter to go, but he loved his grandmother and did it in the best way he thought would hurt her the least. I have a soft spot for grandmothers.

    • February-Pisces says:

      I think if someone wants to criticise Meghan that’s fine. I don’t think everyone has to like her at all. But women like this frankle lady will ONLY criticise Meghan for having a large wedding. She won’t criticise Eugenies, Zara’s weddings or Kate’s weddings which was much bigger. If she had mentioned all of those royal brides as well, I would have no problem whatsoever with her opinion. So I have to wonder, why only criticise Meghan? Why would she single her out and not the others for the same thing? That seems to be the common theme around Meghan, only SHE is criticised for the same things the other royal women are not. There is only one visible difference to make Meghan stand out. We all know what it is, they know what it is. Just because they are not saying the ‘n-word’ they think they are not prejudiced.

      • I have a problem that criticise Meghan while overlooking the lack of leadership from the Queen, Charles and William.
        It’s a double standard that Meghan has to be perfect while no one speaks about their shameful cowardice on the world stage.

        How can people have such high expectations for Duchess of Sussex and no expectations of their divine right by God flunkies?

    • Jane's Wasted Talent says:


    • Likeyoucare says:

       -I never fathomed how a college educated woman and a seemingly smart man could ever think they could modernize a classist archaic institution,-

      No matter how great your position and benefit you were given at your work place. If you were attack daily by your co-workers, your ceo even the cleaners. Then, they were attacking you with vicious rumours and coddling the mediocre seniors who refuse to work just because they were the heir.

      Harry did the best decision to step down from that position even if when he hurt his poor old defenless granny heart, who didnt understand why his grandson wife couldnt take the attack from the vicious reporters to cover her favourite son crimes.

      • February-Pisces says:

        His granny can suck it. She had every opportunity to help him and she didn’t. He probably went to her multiple times and ask for help, she didn’t give it. The most she ever did was when she issued a statement that she knew for ‘months’ about Sussexit when the press tried to claim she was ‘blindsided’. She was so quick to jump in the back of a car with Andrew. She could have done a photo op with them, but no.

    • WhoWhat says:

      Well said!

    • 1. Harry’s father’s family choose racism and misogynoir.
      And people are trying to sanitise it as acceptable because god forbid, the royal family stand up for human rights in the 21st century.
      How can William and Kate say they are mental health advocates when they can’t even show care when a family member is being bullied?
      What an empathy gap.

      2. Duchess of Sussex never said she expected to modernise that institution. The media created that narrative to frighten the Britons who still don’t know Brexit was a huge mistake.

      3. The institution wanted to benefit from the global interest the couple generated (the calls from embassies and organisations proved it) AND provide no visible, meaningful support when it came to the media bullying.
      They kept their mouths shut as tabloids bullied a pregnant woman.

      The family that knows how to show symbolic support for Prince “I see nothing wrong w/ befriending a convicted sex predator” Andrew let the WORLD know that they thought it was acceptable for British media to malign and bully a pregnant woman. Contemplate that

      I am amazed that people are obsessed w/ every breath Meghan and Harry take but their tongues and twitter fingers turn to dust when it comes to Granny, Charles, William and their courtiers. Leadership, right?

      Make excuses for them if you must.
      But those of us with decency, integrity and compassion know better.

  41. cherriepie84 says:

    I really don’t care what you think Joker Frankel.

  42. MerryGirl says:

    Who is this nobody?

  43. Grant says:

    I liked Bethenney when she was on RHONY. But this is ridiculous and I feel differently now. WHY DO PEOPLE CARE ABOUT SOMETHING AS STUPID AND OUT-DATED AS THE BRITISH MONARCHY?!?!?! Or any monarchy, for that matter?!?!

    • FicklePickle says:

      Well, it is still technically a functioning part of the government of one of the wealthiest and most powerful nations in the world, and receiving public funds (which do NOT come from tax money collected) which could be put to other use.

      I do think that counts as a good reason to care. Can’t really think of anything aside from that that really matters much, though.

  44. blunt talker says:

    Ms. Frankel needs to stop putting her foot in her mouth. If she is going to criticize Meghan’s wedding-then she should to the same for Eugenie who came after-that’s what makes her statement look racist-black women have had enough of these Karens sticking their noses in our business-the Sussex family made the decision to leave-I guess she doesn’t understand the word family-Harry and Meghan number one priority is keeping Archie safe and happy and to not put him through a grinder called the firm. Anyone who knows the grind of the firm is Harry-he just doesn’t want his children to participate in this system. What Frankel and any others have to say is moot-this totally about their child’s well-being mentally and physically. HARRY KNOWS WHAT THE FIRM IS REALLY ABOUT AND HOW IT OPERATES.

    • yinyang says:

      These people could care less about their own kids, they’re pretty much ignored except brought out once in a while for media attention. They would sell out their kids if it brought them money and fame, and tell them to suck it up. They cannot fathom parents making life choices and giving up some money so their kids could find peace in their lifetime.

  45. blunt talker says:

    PS- Just look at Prince Andrew’s life and the ugly, nasty, and vile people he was involved with. If Frankel want to say something for the young women abused by these men-so her feminist side will show otherwise shut tfu.

  46. Olivia says:

    Shes a nasty woman. You just have to look on posts of meghan on peoples IG to see the nasty comments she leaves on there for Meghan. such despicable human being.Jealousy