Sonni Pacheco wants Jeremy Renner to take a drug test & a Covid test

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Whenever we don’t hear from Jeremy Renner and Sonni Pacheco in a couple of months, I always hope that they’re quietly figuring out a way to coparent peacefully. They never are. The last eruption of their still-happening custodial and child support drama was in March and May of this year. In March, Renner asked the court to start decreasing his child support payments because of the economic crash. Sonni was mad about that. In May, Renner again went to the court and accused Sonni of misappropriating funds which were supposed to go to their daughter, or supposed to go to Ava’s trust. So what’s new? Sonni wants Renner to get drug tested and Covid-tested. Apparently, he’s had some maskless ladies around his Lake Tahoe compound.

Jeremy Renner’s ex Sonni Pacheco has requested the actor get drug tested as allegations of substance abuse resurface amid their ongoing custody battle. In new court documents obtained by The Blast, Pacheco, 29, accused Renner, 49, of having a “long history of alcohol and drug abuse which has persisted since before the parties’ marriage, through divorce and post-judgment.” She has asked that he get drug tested for the safety of their 7-year-old daughter Ava, and also said she wants to see results from a February 12 test that Renner claims were negative.

The Blast notes that the “Hawkeye” star also denied any claims of drug abuse in the court documents, stating, “There is absolutely no basis for this Court to grant the requested relief with respect to a drug test.”

However, Pacheco also made a separate accusation regarding Renner’s alleged negligence amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Canadian artist wants the court to order her ex to follow proper social distancing guidelines and to take a COVID-19 test because she claims Renner has “several young women” around their daughter at his Reno home without face masks. According to the documents, Renner’s attorney said in response, “There is no basis for this Court to order Respondent to take a Covid test when there is no evidentiary basis that he has, or has been exposed to Covid.”

Pacheco claims Renner is $500,000 behind on child support payments. A court hearing is scheduled for August 20.

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One, pay your damn child support. Two, get a damn Covid test. Three, don’t bring an endless stream of “girlfriends” around your child. Four… I don’t know. I feel like drug tests should be allowed in messy custodial battles? I’m not sure if Sonni has a new reason to worry about Renner’s drug use or if she’s merely talking about how he used to be. But whatever, it’s potentially a viral mess! Child custody disputes in the age of Covid – one parent accusing the other of failing to properly social distance.

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  1. Jellybean says:

    This is such a rubbish filing. Two claims are just PR and are only going to annoy the judge. One should have gone to the parent plan coordinator and if it didn’t it will probably annoy the judge, The other is a procedural request and is fine. He is being regularly tested and the results are going to the custody evaluator – she just wanted us to know that, it will get thrown out. His is not 500K behind on child support, that is his end of year payment, most of which will go to the Trust fund and since that was the subject of his filing in March it will only be paid once the judge has ruled on it. The covid stuff – I have seen the photos, we are not talking wild parties, we are talking a family focused 4th of July gathering at his home in the mountains and the kid was with her mother that week. She has a right to ask questions, but I would bet she took it straight to the judge / press. I have also seen pictures of Sonni socialising in LA without masks. Asking for a delay so she can investigate his finaces is perfectly reasonable.

    • Hello says:

      Yes to everything you said.

    • Lightpurple says:

      She rarely prevails on any of her charges. At this point, the clerk’s office staff must cringe when they get correspondence from her lawyer. She is just generating more work for everyone, which taxpayers have to pay for.

    • bluemoonhorse says:

      Question – is she getting a Covid test? Nowadays everyone should be considering getting them as evidence from S. Korea says most are now being infected by family members not strangers.

      • Jellybean says:

        I had a test as part of a random sample in the UK. It wasn’t very pleasant, but I was impressed with how it was implemented. They posted me the kit, then I had to go online and arrange a time and place for a courier to pick up it up. They texted me the result within 24 hours and I had written confirmation within 48 hours.

      • bluemoonhorse says:

        Jellybean – I ran a low grade fever for one day (and yes I wear a mask, and social distance). Got a test. For me it wasn’t bad – I just wanted to laugh as it tickled so bad and I ended up crying because of it. Luckily for me the test came back negative.

        If people really cared? if there is any doubt, get tested (you also Sonni!). All of them. Don’t be a Typhoid Mary folks.

    • Silver Charm says:

      Lake Tahoe has the highest infection rate in the county and some of the young women were pictured at other very large parties. Sure, Taika Waititi was there was his kids but I’m not sure 20-somethings in Camp Renner t-shirts (eek) is really family-friendly? Especially with some of the Insta photos that were published by the young women, it seems like there were two different parties going on. I hope they figure this out in a civil way but the partying is a dumb move on everyone’s part; the women, Renner, and TW has his own divorce sh*t and I’m sure his ex isn’t too happy about these revelations.

      • Jellybean says:

        Whoever arranged to have those pictures published in the DM should be ashamed. Two of those blanked out faces belong to his nephew and little niece. Notice the photos of young children watching the fireworks have not been included, or the one with parents and their kids. I know exactly who the anonamous source is but I wouldn’t be mean enough to print that. However, a young entrepreneur now has her name and photographs plastered across that disgusting rag with the implication that she is some sort of slapper. If he is not following the parenting plan rules then it is up to the parenting plan coordinator to keep him in check, but based on previous filings I do no trust what she is saying. But let us see what happens.

  2. smcollins says:

    Ugh…these two again? I actually really love JR as an actor (been following his career for years), but his personal life is messy, messy, messy with major doses of drama, and poor Ava caught in the middle.

  3. Darla says:

    During the Endgame promo tour I noticed Renner was drugged up. To the point I couldn’t believe they allowed him to be interviewed. He was in a group, I know Evans and Scarjo were also there, actually I think most of them were. He didn’t talk much but when he did…and when he wasn’t talking he had a drug-glazed unfocused stare. Jumpy. I mean, it was something. So yeah, I totally believe her because I knew he was on major drugs before she said it. Anyone with eyes would have noticed it if they were paying attention during that tour.

    • Jellybean says:

      I think he probably did need an intervention, but I also think she threw a whole lot of stuff in there that was either not true or was misleading or was not relevant to a child custody case. Her accusations made it seem that losing custody was inevitable and prison possible. None of those things happened and she is butt-hurt and desperately trying to justify her position. She is also trying to provoke him into a public argument. My evidence? On father’s day she posted a picture of Ava snuggling in bed with her boyfriend, with a thinly veiled comment slagging off her father (Renner), The next day her friend (his ex) gave an exclusive to In Touch Weekly saying he was an unfit father and a danger to his ex and kid. The next day she posted photos from Sonni’s home, including a picture of herself in shades posing with Ava’s toys, presumably in her bedroom. This woman is on a mission and I don’t think Ava is her priority.

      • Jaxonmeh says:

        @Jellybean Oh boy. She sounds like a handful. I don’t follow her, but I’ve never had any positive associations of this woman when I do hear about her.

        I do believe their both a-holes. Who is worse, I don’t even care anymore. But does she want him to be employable so she can continue the child support at the level she is used to or does she want to publicly destroy him and have her own career if she’s doing those kinds of things you mentioned? Does she even know what her end goal is?

      • Mireille says:

        @Jaxonmeh. My thinking exactly. What is the end game here? Ever since I read Jellybean’s thoughtful comments on the situation in previous posts, I’ve been reading up on other sources as well. Bottom line, he has not lost custody, he has been more than amply providing for them both, he has been complying with the courts for testing, and most importantly, from all accounts, he adores his little girl and will turn down work/projects if it means being away from her too long. Sonny’s accusations — especially the most egregious ones — have been unfounded by the courts, at least. In the tabloid media, however, Renner has been unfairly roasted.

        I think this new round of accusations have more or less to do with Renner’s accusation of the misappropriation funds from Ava’s trust. I think Sonny was pissed at that. But again, let’s say she succeeds in winning sole custody and Renner gets blackballed by Hollywood. He loses out on millions and will eventually not be able to provide the child support amount agreed upon? What then? Bottom line, this hurts Ava

      • bluemoonhorse says:

        She’s a whack job. JMO.

      • Silver Charm says:

        @Mireille following that logic, wouldn’t that mean it’s less likely she’s making this stuff up? If Jeremy Renner gets blackballed in Hollywood, that’s significantly less money for both her and Ava.

    • Yvette says:

      The first two posters in this thread–@Darla and @Jellybean–commented on visual clues pointing to Renner’s possible drug use and/or on their (unknown knowledge source?) belief of Renner’s drug use. Why, then, is it considered a ‘PR move’ and ‘waste of the Judge’s time’ for Sonni to request a court ordered drug test and to see results of Renner’s past drug tests (perhaps suggesting that her lawyer hasn’t received a copy of the test(s) either?) rather than relying on his word?

      I’m curious as to how Sonni’s statement about “several young women being around her child without masks” at Renner’s home is readily connected to a specific 4th of July family event? She says that he ‘has’ several young women around her child, not that he ‘had’ them around Ava. I assumed from Sonni’s comment that this was information she obtained from her daughter in a “What did you do at Daddy’s this weekend, honey? Who was there?” kind of way … which is how most divorced parents find out what their ex-spouses are up to.

      I guess mainly I just don’t get why fans continually dismiss Sonni’s concerns about a volatile man.

      • nvyWife says:

        Maybe because every other complaint she has brought to the court system has been disproved over and over again by actual authorities? Nothing she has claimed have been true. And neither Jellybean or Darla can say with any proof that Renner is/was doing drugs. Having seen him up close and in person during the time these people claim he looks drugged out, i can say with certainty that he wasnt.

      • Jellybean says:

        In the original article it said he is tested regularly and those results go to the custody coordinator. His responses are very precise – you have no evidence requiring a drug test. He doesn’t deny that she has no evidence of people in his house, just that she has no evidence that any of them is infected. I know she has evidence because there is a woman on twitter that monitors all his relatives and friends and sends his ex anything she finds, She cannot help but boast about it, so you can easily find out what she got and when. As for the other stuff, after a while you get use to how the wording of these things works. But mainly it is what nvywife says, nothing ever comes of her accusations. The shame is, if she focused on genuine concerns and didn’t aim for clickbait headlines then she would be taken a lot more seriously.

    • Silver Charm says:

      I’ve noticed that a lot of wording by Renner’s lawyers say he is not *abusing* drugs, carefully side stepping the *using* wording.

  4. JanetDR says:

    One thing I wanted in my divorce was that child support was determined based on the previous years income. In my case, it did nothing but go up, but that was also a protection for him in case he got laid off or something else happened. Oh! How that man cried poor every month! But a different story was told by his W-2s. I would think it wouldn’t be that hard (especially for someone with variable income) to budget child support a year ahead.

    • YaGotMe says:

      He isn’t behind on child support. It is a set amount for those very reasons. He pays extra to a trust in good years, a trust her mother takes from on top of support. The dispute is over extra money to the trust that isn’t hers to begin with.

  5. Leigh says:

    He seems like a nightmare to coparent with. A revolving door of young women, drugs, guns, and constantly making child support a battle. He’s gross.

    • Darla says:

      I also find him repulsive. I don’t know about her, but i don’t really care. For me he came close to ruining the last two Avenger films. I just can’t stand him. He grosses me out.

      • wildwaffles says:

        He grosses me out, too. Even before all this. There is something about him that sets off serious alarm bells for me. He strikes me as someone full of repressed rage.

      • K-Peace says:

        I am repulsed by him too. He has always creeped me out. I agree with Wildwaffles that he comes across like someone full of repressed rage. I don’t want to watch anything he’s in; i can’t stand the sight of his ultra-creepy face.

      • minx says:

        I can’t stand to even look at him.

    • Jellybean says:

      This is the first time he filed against her. It has always been her filing against him. She may have some good reasons, but right from the beginning there was something odd going on. In a divorce court response he accused her of trying to blackmail him, saying she would send intimate images of him to TMZ if he didn’t agree to sole custody and the financial settlement she wanted. She denied some things he said but not the blackmail. She has gone after him over and over again, and the only time she appeared to win was when the judge ordered a 16K increase in that year’s lump sum payment (This year’s lump sum is just over 500K). People seemed to have missed the fact that when he allegedly put a gun in his mouth it was because he was being wrongly accused of sexually assaulting his daughter, having already been cleared of physically abusing his daughter. Deep breath! It is also worth pointing out that the bad press he got started when he went straight from that custody battle into press for Age of Ultron. He has never been the same in interviews since then and last year he did present evidence to the judge that every time he stars doing press for a project, she makes accusations against him. No wonder he has become twitchy and defensive.

      • Jaxonmeh says:

        I definitely have time to do a deep dive in the near future and I think will. l because while I don’t know much, this sounds like she’s the abusive party here.

        I made another independent comment before I saw your comments (that apparently wasn’t approved by the moderators) where it sounds like whatever dynamic they had while they were together, is now playing out in the courts.

        I’m not entirely convinced he’s at fault at all now. He may not be pristine and he may even be an abusive jack hole, but this seems primarily driven by her desire regarding money and to keep control over him.

        Again, I need to do a deep dive. Thanks for bringing some of this up. My opinion may change, but I’ve never viewed Sonni in a good light here.

      • Jellybean says:

        I have my thoughts about why they got married and why their relationship was so toxic, but I don’t know the truth so I will keep those thoughts to myself. What I do know is that her post on father’s day was cruel, befriending his ex-girlfriends is suspect and there was stuff in the court files last year that could only have been put there to humiliate him. 7 years of things like that can cause a lot of damage to the psyche, regardless of who started it.

  6. TheOriginalMia says:

    I literally rolled my eyes when I saw this story yesterday. Sonni keeps making these allegations and nothing comes of it. Why is she worried about what women he has at her home whe she has a boyfriend living in hers? I’m assuming the judge is gonna call for a stop in these frivolous accusations because they will have a negative effect on Ava.

    • Silver Charm says:

      I think it’s because the women he’s flying in have been pictured at other big parties, some Insta photos weren’t all that family-friendly of the July 4 party, and Lake Tahoe has a high covid infection rate. I’m not saying some of the accusation between them aren’t frivolous, but this party seems like a really stupid, reckless move.

      • Jellybean says:

        OK! I agree, but the notion that women wearing Camp Renner T-shirt is pervy is off the mark. Certainly in previous years everyone there gets a T-shirt, male, female, young and old. Last year they went on a field trip to Disney land and they were all matching. Most of them were relatives – hence Camp Renner. You never know, maybe they were all tested before hand I wouldn’t put it past her to file before asking and I wouldn’t put it past him to be too stubborn to volunteer the information.

      • Silver Charm says:

        A squad of 20-somethings in matching Camp Renner shirts being flown in to party with middle aged men is creepy.

  7. Lisa says:

    Sigh I wish they would stop. This is not good for their daughter.

  8. jferber says:

    I’ve always disliked him intensely. I would not want to have any interaction with him on any matter. I would not trust him.

  9. Hyrule Castle says:

    Remember how everyone treated Denise, after she left Charlie?

    Years and years of abuse.

    Some of these replies, people just never learn.
    Internalized misogyny is real, folks.

  10. Silver Charm says:

    I didn’t know Jeremy Renner had such a passionate fan base. Huh.