Taylor Swift’s ‘folklore’ is full of rainy-day chilled-out woodland fairy drama

As she announced yesterday, Taylor Swift dropped her new album, folklore, at midnight last night. Throughout the day yesterday, she launched folklore-themed merch, like an Instagram filter (sepia-toned with glitter). What’s a little bit funny/snakey is that it just so happened that Kanye West was supposed to release his new album, Donda, last night as well (the album release seems to be postponed, which is not shocking). Was the “competing album drop” thing a coincidence, especially given the merch and the quick rollout? I don’t know. I don’t have one big conspiracy here.

Anyway, folklore is now available for download. I’ve listened to about five of the songs and they all have the same chill vibe. The album reminds me a bit of Tori Amos’ Little Earthquakes, if that reference isn’t too dated, although I think Tay was aiming more for Joni Mitchell’s Blue. Most songs have simple piano and acoustic guitar accompaniment, not huge productions, very “chill out on a rainy day listening to sad breakup music” vibes. Which makes me wonder if Taylor went to the well, her tortured romantic past, for her lyrical inspiration, or if something happened between her and Joe Alwyn.

Taylor also dropped the damp-sleepy-fairy-inspo music video for “Cardigan.” Lyrically, this is not her best work, but I do think it’s an okay song. You can definitely tell that she’s working with some of Lana del Rey’s people (like sound engineer Laura Sisk, who worked on Norman F–king Rockwell) because “Cardigan” definitely has a Lana vibe.

Definitely a Woodland Fairy Aesthetic. But again, I like the song?

Here’s Taylor’s song with Bon Iver, “Exile.” This is one of the songs which makes me think she and Joe are having big problems.

“Illicit Affairs” was trending on Twitter and the song is…interesting.

Speaking of the aesthetics… like, I don’t mind Taylor’s folk-country look for this album, I really don’t. But her bangs, you guys. Those are “I’m cutting my hair myself in quarantine” bangs.

Emma Roberts out shopping for new magazines

Photos courtesy of Taylor’s social media.

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  1. Becks1 says:

    Hmmmm, that description actually makes me want to listen to it, and I have never listened to a Taylor Swift album lol.

    • Eleonor says:

      Same here!

    • Becks1 says:

      I’m listening to it now. I think its okay. I like the scaled down vibe of it, I’m not blown away, but I think I would listen to it again. Not as much as the Chicks album though lol.

      Cardigan totally has a Lana del Rey vibe.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I wonder if the knowledge that these songs don’t need to sustain a large arena tour gave her the freedom to scale it down.

      • Bread and Circuses says:

        Some of the songs off the last album made me think she was missing country music. I think your comment’s really perceptive, that she probably does feel freer to make some “small” music right now, but I also think she’s scratching an itch that has been building up in recent years.

    • H says:

      I LOVE Tori Amos and Little Earthquakes is one of my all-time favorite CDs. However, folklore is nothing really like that except for the piano. I would say this is more like Lana or Fiona Apple than Tori.

      I rag on Taylor Swift constantly because I think she’s a hack and can’t write a song to save her life. But I will say I liked “Exile.” I saw “Cardigan” on the news this morning, and I think it’s her usual bland brand. Just listened to “Invisible String” and it is fairly good too. Look at me, enjoying a Swift CD.

      I’m going to go out on a limb and say part of this album is about Joe and part of this album is about other ex-boyfriends. I’m wondering if “Illicit Affair” was about Tom and when she was seeing Joe behind his back. Or so the rumor goes.

      I think Taylor has grown a lot as a person and a songwriter. She’ll never be my groove, but I do applaud her newfound political stance.

      • Marie says:

        Chiming for Invisible String. And Last Great American Dynasty. And Exile. Been listening on repeat since this morning

      • Tiffany :) says:

        ” folklore is nothing really like that except for the piano”

        YES, this! Tori Amos is much darker and more dramatic and brutal in her storytelling. They sound nothing alike to me.

        That being said, I think this is good growth for Taylor.

      • Katrine Troelsen says:

        H>> “Cant write a song to save her life”? Lol. You are writing it like its factual, which… I mean. You are not in the majority with that opinion. You can not like her, thats fine, but she can write songs.

      • H says:

        @Katrine Troelsen, music is subjective. To me the “great” songwriters are: Springsteen, Dylan, McCartney-Lennon, the Stones, Simon & Garfunkel. In a Rolling Stone article, Taylor is #97 out of #100 for songwriting abilities. While its great she made the list, she’s no where in the Top 10, which is how I judge talent.


  2. Alissa says:

    I’ve only listened to it once so far, and I like it. there really weren’t any songs that immediately stood out to me though, and I think they tend to kind of blend into one each other because they all sound fairly similar. I like the focus on lyrics rather than glossy pop production because that’s my preference, but I’m not sure every song needed to be a slow sleepy song.

    • Autumn says:

      I honestly feel like I’m missing something. I’ve been reading reviews of this album and they are basically saying it’s the best album in years. I listen to it, and I’m bored? They all sound the same. They lyrics are fine but not compelling.

      I feel like this is my issue with Taylor. Her hype. She’s an average to decent songwriter, but her sales and reviews get a crazy amount of praise. Am I missing something?

      • Darla says:

        Art is subjective and speaks to everybody differently and also through the prism of their own lived experiences. For me it’s taken me on a trip. I’m not special because it speaks to me. You’re not special because it doesn’t.

      • Becks1 says:

        I do think Taylor is sometimes a victim of her own hype. There can be SUCH a PR rollout for a new album or tour or single or whatever, that you might be expecting the next Born to Run or something, and its not.

        That said, I agree with Darla that art is subjective and I am not really bothered by not liking something that other people do. I see some comments on here praising her for being an amazing songwriter. I don’t think she is, but that’s my opinion and its fine. There are other artists that I like that people on here would probably roll their eyes at, and that’s okay. If her music speaks to someone more than it speaks to me, that’s fine.

      • Autumn says:

        Wow, I never said you shouldn’t enjoy her music because I don’t? I don’t think I’m special, I’m wondering what I’m missing. I think my ire comes more from the critics and maybe her diehard stans, but good grief, I’m stating my own opinion.

        And honestly, I didn’t comment off of someone’s opinion trying to argue, saying they’re wrong. I was agreeing with OP. If someone says they think she’s an amazing songwriter, cool, but I can also state in a different post that I disagree.

      • El says:

        I’m with you, Autumn. I don’t think I’ve ever LOVED a TS song. So puzzled.

      • Darla says:

        Oh wow. I didn’t say anything like that. Just pointing out that one’s taste in music or any art is just that; personal taste. There’s a lot of “i’m so cool” when it comes to this subject. You’re certainly not going to stop me from what I like, I mean, I’m a Big Bang Theory stan! If that hasn’t shamed me off the internet nothing will.

      • Autumn says:

        Darla, I wasn’t attacking you (or any TS fan). I was merely stating my opinion, like you stated yours, we are just on different sides. Me saying I don’t get the appeal of TS is not saying I feel cooler than you, or that my music taste is cooler. I feel like you’re projecting a bit. You have no idea what my tastes are. No one should have a guilty pleasure, you like what you like, but that doesn’t mean I can’t state an opinion on something. I didn’t reply to you, you replied to my opinion. If I was arguing that you were wrong on yours, that would be one thing.

        I feel like I see this a lot in stan culture. If it’s not automatic glowing praise, I’m a hater or jealous or trying to be “cool”. We’re on a gossip site and I don’t get the appeal of TS, but I’m not ripping on you if you think she’s magical.

      • Darla says:

        Please stop. You are making up things about me, and even making up what I said. Stop it. Thank you.

      • Ennie says:

        Autumn, I read what Darla wrote about not being “special” and I did not notice any aggressiveness, whereas your last comment comes off as condescending.

      • hmpy says:

        Autumn, same as Ennie. You’re reading into and attacking someone who wasn’t trying to put you are anyone down at all. If anything, the opposite.

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      Lift music which would minimal altering

  3. poppy says:

    Exile is hands down my favorite. I just want to curl up in a cottage by the woods.

    • Gutterflower says:

      I have only listened to 3 songs so far but Exile is my fave

      • poppy says:

        I was listening to exile nonstop and now I’ve added invisible string, mirrorball and this is me trying to my favorites. Love the album as a whole so much. It’s dreamy, wistful escapism.

  4. Lenn says:

    This is SO Tori Amos! I was a Tori Amos-teenager and this really brings me back there.

    • Tris says:

      Little Earthquakes was my world in my 20s! Tori should have been much more famous.
      Taylor looks lovely in this asthetic and I can’t wait to hear the music.

      • H says:

        @Tris, Tori can write rings around Taylor as a songwriter and as an artist. Have you ever seen Tori in concert? She feels the music and is the music! Tori is still my jam in 2020. And you are absolutely correct she should have gotten more of a following.

    • Sammiches says:

      This is…not all like Tori in any stage of her career.

  5. april says:

    i like it, it will be good to listen to when I’m drawing :)

  6. Darla says:

    For me it really set a mood, and it took me down memory lane, recent past and long ago. It’s a beautiful album. i absolutely love it.

  7. Lua says:

    Iove Bon Iver and I love folky music so I’m going to have to listen now. Her mom has cancer, plus the pandemic, plus if she’s having quarantine relationship issues I can see her putting out a more emotional album right now.

  8. Sabrina says:

    I love this CD compared to her last one.

  9. Case says:

    This is her greatest work to date, truly. This is the kind of singer-songwriter artist she’s meant to be. She created such a haunting, rainy, moody vibe with this album. Some of her best writing, no question. So glad she collaborated with new folks that helped give her a new sound.

    She needs to make Exile a single, it is beautiful.

    • theothercleo says:

      I’m not a big Taylor fan. I did not really know anything about her music before 1989 (I’m not american). So until today, I liked most of 1989 and a few of her other songs,that was it. This new album though is great,I’ve already listed to it twice. It’s haunting and some of the songs moved me to tears. I’m so glad she went in that direction.

    • Ellie says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth! She should not be making overly produced pop songs, she is a singer/songwriter at her core, whether she likes it or not. I love the album.

      • Ainsley7 says:

        The trouble is that Taylor is an entertainer first and a musician second. She has trouble actually combining the two because the singer song writer style doesn’t lend itself easily to the type of show she likes to create for her tours. This album won’t have a tour, so she was able to really focus on the music.

  10. MurphyBrown82 says:

    Wow – not a huge Taylor fan but just listened to two songs and am really moved. This could be her biggest yet.

  11. Katherine says:

    listen to invisible string, please

    • SusieQ says:

      I’m completely obsessed with “invisible string.” I’ve listened to a ridiculous amount of times this morning!

    • court says:

      I just want to spend the rest of this shitty summer listening to Invisible String and crying. It’s so freaking good.

  12. Noel says:

    Truly her best album and, IMO, the best album in a long time from anyone. This is her sweet spot. She can write a good lyric.

  13. Dee says:

    I’m liking it so far.

  14. Aa says:

    The breakup vibes mostly aren’t about really about a romantic relationship, but her breakup with her old record label Big Machine and everything involved with that including he relationship to the Nashville music industry she grew up in. Tears ricochet is definitely about that and likely Exile as well. Joe and her are definitely still together with love songs like invisible string. Joe was also likely a co-writer on several songs because one of her co-writers doesn’t seem to exist.

    • newsecrets says:

      invisible string is about being tied to someone & their name brought up by theirs and theirs by yours…..a while after youve broken up with them and are no longer a couple. you are apart and not together anymore but theres always the ‘inivisible string’ meaning it never gets the privilege of being put away forever….they are always linked even if thats not wanted, but bittersweet

      • Amy Too says:

        That’s not what I got from the song. I thought it was more like the string of fate that brought two people together because they were meant to be together and are still together as of the “time” that the song is being written/listened to. There were all these little coincidences that tied them together, like her song playing the first time he came to America and him eating at her favorite restaurant, when she was sitting on green grass everyday he was wearing a teal green shirt everyday for work. And the reason all of her past relationships failed was because she was meant to be with this guy.

  15. Annie .. says:

    She mentioned several times on her posts that most of these were “characters” and “fragments of her imagination”, which seems to me her way of implying that she and Joe are fine.
    He seems to be the co-writer of a couple of songs, and the most “personal” ones, the Taylor songs, not the characters, seem to be about her being in love, the invisible string tying them together, etc.

    It’s a fantastic album by the way. I really liked that she is not only writing from her perspective anymore. The character songs are very interesting!
    The Triad of cardigan/August/Betty are actually the same story, of a love triangle, told by its three characters

    • Case says:

      @Annie she’s such a good writer that I always hoped she’d go beyond her own life as inspiration for her lyrics. I love the idea of her incorporating more fiction into her work. This album felt less like “a great Taylor Swift album” and just a great album because the lyrics weren’t so specifically wrapped up in her personal life.

    • Darla says:

      Yeah, I can see that. I didn’t know she said that ,but it’s a definite vibe. And you can really be swept along with it. To fragments of your own past, imaginings and otherwise. Just a really great album. She is a lyricist that’s for sure. Oh and I love Mad Woman and The Last Great American Dynasty. Fantastic stuff.

    • Emily says:

      Ohh that’s interesting! I’m going to listen to them together with that in mind.

  16. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    I’m getting a •bit• of a Hejira vibe. Not comparable to Joni Mitchell (because no-one is) but the songs are very likeable.

  17. RoSco says:

    I was listening to mad woman and I was shocked when I heard her say “mouthf*ck you” … and laughed SO HARD when my friend pointed out she was saying “mouth ‘f*ck you.’ “ The space and quotation marks make a HUGE difference.

  18. Winnie Cooper’s Mom says:

    Obvi her deal with John Mayer was long long ago but reading the lyrics to Illicit Affair makes me think that one might be about him.

  19. Abby says:

    I’ve only listened to it all the way through once, but I’m obsessed. This vibe is actually what I’ve been craving during quarantine. I’ve been gravitating toward the chill, 70s folk/country music and I’m really loving this. AND it’s got strong lyrics. Her songwriting has been disappointing me in the last few albums, so this was a welcome change. I don’t know that it’ll be a huge pop hit album but I don’t care. It’s going on repeat in this house.

    Also, I went to buy the album and her marketing is brilliant. You can buy a physical copy with one of 8 different covers and you automatically get the digital version. For $13. It’s a good deal.

    I wouldn’t say I’m a Swifty, I don’t have all her albums and I don’t defend her all the time, but I really love this work.

  20. Mya says:

    I absolutely love this album. Exactly what we needed this year, and she did an absolutely amazing job. But I can really see that TS is not liked on this site. Apparently she wrote a whole album, directed a music video, dropped a whole set of lyric videos just to mess with KW? Hmmm ok! Oh and you had to make fun of her bangs? It’s ok to not want to look like another KarJenner blow up doll. Stop being a hypocrite!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Yeah the songs themselves are very obviously not about Kanye or anything related to him. This is clearly her personal dreams and visions.

      The timing of the drop right after his breakdown and announcement of an album today was … a choice. Like, it’s been all over the news and she decides now is the time?

      I don’t blame her because she must loathe and despise him and Kim, and it’s her right to release her work whenever she wants, but it’s not a mistake or a coincidence. These people have teams of PR. They analyze everything that will influence their sales.

      • Atti says:

        Theres no way Kanye was going to stick to his release date. He postponed last time too, and he is truly a mess this time. His twitter commenters are all like “he forgot.. I knew he’d forget” vibes.

        I like Tays bangs. I kinda have to, because they are just like mine…

      • Oh-Dear says:

        (I think) This is the last week that artists can drop an album and have the old rules apply for numbers – with bundles and merchandise and all that, so I would imagine the drop time has more to do with that than Kanye. They have completely different fan bases so its not like she’s drawing numbers from him.
        There may be something to do with the timing of things in the world too – kind are returning to school soon, the election is coming up, VP nomination. People have been able to focus on really important issues over the past few months but I think that the narrative will change and her team might have thought that it would be more impactful to release the album before all that noise starts up.

      • sassafras says:

        Yes it was a surprise album for all of us, but she still has corporate partners and manufacturers that had to get lined up, spotify was surely given advance notice, as was You Tube for the video drop. Her fans noted that the release date added up to her lucky number 13 so I think this was probably planned at least 2-3 weeks ago, and Kanye hasn’t been in the news this whole time. Big coincidences aren’t always conspiracies.

      • hmpy says:

        @Atti, I love her bangs <3

  21. Lindy says:

    I’ve never been Swifty fan but I’ve listened to most of these songs now and I love the lyrics and the feel. I’m pretty impressed.

  22. lexx says:

    If any of this stuff were about her and joe the songs would be better.
    The album is fine but it’s not her best.

  23. Sojaschnitzel says:

    I very much love the visuals of the forest part. I would LOVE to live there.

  24. Zoe says:

    Not a fan of her in the past but she is evolving both personally and musically. This is actually a mature piece of work and it’s cool that artists are making art in lockdown. Big fan of Joni Mitchell myself and I get the feeling she is trying for that vibe obviously it’s not as good. Production reminds me off sufjan Stevens albums. I also don’t necessarily think this is about her relationship as she wrote about writing from a character point of view. There are several songs that are clearly written from an imagined or historical character points of view.

  25. Lady Baden-Baden says:

    FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I am considering buying something by T Swift. That ‘Exile’ song got me. Bravo, lady.

  26. Jayna says:

    Really nice. But, women, please don’t forget The Chicks f/k/a The Dixie Chicks. Their new album Gaslighter is simply amazing. I can’t hype it enough. It’s that good. Jack Antonoff produced it. I would hate to see such a phenomenal album completely overlooked because of Taylor’s new album. Singer/songwriter albums, but two different vibe albums. So they co-exist nicely.

    • sassafras says:

      While I’ve been listening to Gaslighter, I feel like Natalie had taken over the Taylor, “i’m going to roast my ex through lyrics” space (which I thoroughly enjoy, not gonna lie) and last night I felt some of the strings and soaring but intimate arrangements on Folklore reminded me of The Chicks’ Home album. The two artists definitely compliment each other.

    • Betsy says:

      I bought both! And Fiona’s Fetch the Boltcutters!

      Jack Antonoff produced two tracks on folklore.

  27. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Don’t like her. No sir. Don’t like Taylor Swift’s drama gravy train. But I like this album lol. First time I’ve listened to a song of hers start to finish.

  28. Misha says:

    Finally she goes for a genre that I like to listen to as well! Ive been very interested in her and liked (most of) her songwriting, but for me theyve mostly been overshadowed by boring over produced synths and beats. This sound makes all the difference.
    The song ’seven’ has a beautiful story I never thought Id hear from Swifty.

  29. Atti says:

    I quite like the album. But I feel like her production people let her down. The rhythms are so similar and drowsy in eeeevery song. Its no Lana Del Rey drowsy-jam album. At least vary the beats a little. Thats my take anyway. The lyrics and melodies have potential to be really good, but I cant give it more than a 6/10.

  30. AMM says:

    Not a Taylor fan and I kinda love this album. I wasn’t expecting to even like it. It’s definitely her best from a writing standpoint, and the folksy thing is right up my ally. Mad Woman is great, so is Exile and The 1. There wasn’t a single song I wouldn’t listen to.

    I know she changes personas/genres with every album, but I think she hit gold here and should stick with this theme for a while.

  31. Renee says:

    IMHO this is Taylor’s best album to date.

  32. Lila says:

    I listened to it and liked it. There wasn’t a strong stand-out, but they were all decent (except Betty…it’s really hard to get past a grown woman writing a song about high school drama). I like Bon Iver and was glad to hear a duet.

    Probably my biggest quibble is the fact that she’s so determined to brand it as whimsical…folksy or indie, sure, a return to acoustic roots…but whimsical it ain’t.

  33. TeamMeg says:

    Awesome video! Gorgeous, fairy tale, rainy day aesthetic. The songs are kind of *yawn* to me. If she was going for Blue, I don’t hear it. And sad to say, I must agree about the tragic bangs. Love her anyway!

  34. Tiffany says:

    You say Lana, I say Fiona Apple.

    Cardigan has a feel of Fast As You Can. And the song with Bon Iver, pick any song from Tidal not named Criminal.

  35. Girl_ninja says:

    Her bangs are unfortunate
    Her album is lovely tho.

  36. yinyang says:

    The song makes me feel cold, summer is short around here and I want to soak up the sun as much as I can, maybe I’ll listen to caridgan again in the fall. ANyway her tunes are very catchy but she is very much a corporation, probably with mainly white conservative men manufacturing her image and songs, and that’s why I’m very skeptical. She’s kind of like a modern day Britiany Spears. First Taylor natually has very blonde wild curly frizzy hair, instead of embracing that she chooses to relax out her curls straight, the curls are completely gone and if she curls it now, it’s flat ironned first than wide fake curls are inserted with an iron. Her super duper blonde hair has been dyed to this “natuaral looking” “dull” conservative blonde hair?? Why, is her real colour too loud, idk. And she does these cutesty schoolgirl haircuts that is bouncy with bangs, and miniskirts and wardrobe something you’d see on preteen more than a woman of thirty. It’s like shes grasping onto teendom, or in character like Jojo Siwa except not openly. Even her looks and mannerisms look naive and cutsey. I’m sorry, imo, this isn’t healthy, and so many girls and woman look up to her. And yes there are musicians that embrace their womanhood particulairly in black culture, I love to see how the likes of beyonce embraces it wears it proudly, or Billie who’s very young but pro-feminist. Is this white mans ideal this impossible ideal? Where you cant just be white but you have to be a certain kind of white?? The conservative obedient cutsy naive white. IMO this is anti-feminist, someone brought up feminist in name only, and I think this is kind of the same, playing both fields. I understand her swifties want to have this one thing, butI hope Taylor starts embracing her true self instead of what the world wants her to be, and embraces her naturalness instead of hiding it. A lot of little girls look up to her.

    • newsecrets says:

      …………I cant even….with your comment…..

      despite the topic trying to be taylor swift, the whole thing says everything about your mental state.

      • yinyang says:

        I would question the mental state of the hardcore TS fans, that go into tears if someone has something less than peachy to say about her. Is this a taylor swift fan page. Yes as I pointed out I like some of her music, and I gave her credit. But I find her annoying. Can I live in this world without thinking she is roses and sunshine all the time? She has a lot of alt-ring following, whether she likes it or not, maybe she’ll pay mouthservice to denouce it but I’m pointing out how this plays into it. It takes all sorts to make up the world and not just people who think as you do. I don’t have feed into everything multimilion dollar industires are feeding me, and it’s good to question everything. Are we only allowed to criticize big mouthed outlandish people, but certain people are out of bounds, she’s a grown woman.

    • Becklu says:

      This is unhinged. And you’re making a lot of assumptions about a lot of people based on hair.

      Also if you don’t like Taylor that is fine but you’re making a lot of assumptions about her because what she straightens her hair sometimes.

      • yinyang says:

        Not some of the time, all of the time, it’s permed staight. When you say some of the time, you are trying to discredit the point I made. This not her natural hair it’s not wavy its curly and super blonde look at all her young pictures. And I’m not unhinged I’m actually being critical of her for once and you’re not used to it. Kim K trashing is fine, but not taylor swift??

    • sassafras says:

      Girl. Stop. She readily said she was taking Covid seriously enough to do all her own styling/ hair/ makeup for the video, she’s spent the last four months writing/recording/producing music, she doesn’t give a F about what you think about her hair. If she feels confident enough to put it on an album cover then bless her. Some of us have been clipping it in the bathroom and using Revlon from the box and still killing it in our careers. No one needs you reducing women to our appearances.

      • ArniePz says:

        @yinyang what is your deal? Did you know that sometimes when you age your hair colour changes? I was children of the corn blonde until I was 13 and now my hair is brown. Also do you not know grown ass women who dye their hair? “Conservative blonde” ? WTAF.
        This has to be a bot right ? No one actually has these thoughts If they have any common sense.

      • yinyang says:

        “conservative” meaning more of a quiet good girl look. Anyway she just shouldn’t play like she’s a huge pro feminism supporter but project an image on the contrary, but that’s okay not everyone has to. I’ve read alot about subliminal advertising, so subtle things are what I question. Still I like her, she seems nice and a good person.

    • Ennie says:

      I think women have the right to change her looks as they prefer, go curly, go straight, whatever.
      Exceptions would be, for example, like what the Kardashians do for a living or something similar.
      I don’t have an issue with Taylor, she seems a lot better now that her body is not so thin, she stopped goiing for the model-like body. Good for her and the image she projects.

      • yinyang says:

        She went rail thin when she met Karlie, I don’t know if she gained the weight back, last year I think she got a boob job, so she appears less thin atleast.

      • Ennie says:

        I understand that she went to surgery to take off the implants she had.

    • Jules says:

      I see your point. I agree she is manufactured and molded to a very specific little girl image, and then delivered to us via the media. Just like they all are. Hard to believe she is 30!

    • Calibration says:

      Comparing TS to Brittany is all we need to know about you. Taylor is a known control freak in all parts of her career. She actually has talent. She also supported a democrat candidate in her district.

      She had an eating disorder which she’s discussed and she gained back a heap of weight.
      you just sound bitter and jealous.

  37. Marigold says:

    I don’t know how to use filters. How do you get them? I think that one is pretty.


    I love this album, especially the first half. “August” is my favorite, and to me has a slightly different sound from the others. I like “Mirrorball” and the kind of dreamy music works, but I think the lyrics/premise don’t fit in with the rest of the album really.

  39. newsecrets says:

    first off, I loved the album except the last couple of songs truly were to me not even listenable. it did at times seem like a discount version of tori amos meets lana del rey meets fiona apple – but I am VERY impressed! I actually think Swift has always been a better songwriter than singer *shrug*

    MIRRORBALL IS INCREDIBLE. its my favorite song on the album.

    the first song is bout karlie….shoutout to Highway 1 roadtrip they took to Big Sur…..one thing being different = if the business and the world wasnt homophobic & a mainstream popstar like her could come out as bisexual and it wouldnt be a thing.

    last american dynasty about the elite rich ppl & kennedy circle in hyannis port thinking swift wasted time with connor kennedy when he could have found someone better

    there are a lot of blind item songs and interestingly they span her whole romantic history from beginning of life, really, to now. the song seven is about her childhood female friend seemingly.

    I forget the title of the song but where she keeps repeating ‘dont call me kid dont call me kid’ I think thats about jake gyllenhaal, who is known to be pretentious and patronizing AF

    • Alice MadHatter says:

      Actually, “Last Great American Dynasty” is about Rebekah Harkness, who used to own the house Taylor bought in Rhode Island :-)

  40. sassafras says:

    I think it’s fine to compare Taylor Swift to Fiona Apple, Lana del Ray, Joni Mitchell. But why oh WHY do some of you immediately go to “X is better than Y.” Please stop tearing other women down for no reason and pitting them against each other. We have actual evil women who are helping to destroy the planet. Let’s focus on them and let artists be their own people.

  41. Snowflake says:

    I love the album A LOT. Tori Amos didn’t come to my mind but now I know why I had the feeling of knowing the mood of it. Brilliant!

    I think she is pregnant. You can’t see her bump in any of the new pictures and the dress in her video is very floating and she is mentioning it in “peace”. Love that song especially and it has some fabulous hints in there as well as she just can’t help herself: “But there’s robbers to the east, clowns to the west”

    • newsecrets says:

      lmaooooo she isnt pregnant. good lord. imagine thinking what you just listed equals pregnant. and during covid, no less. smh girl pls

    • Amy Too says:

      I thought she might be as well. But wasn’t going to comment unless someone else brought it up. It seems like a good time to be pregnant: when you have a built in reason to not go out in public for months and can keep yourself quite private. I noticed that she looked softer/rounder in the face and body. I noticed that what she is wearing in the video and all the promotional pictures is loose and oversized. I noticed that the video never lingered on her body, and instead focused on her face, feet, hands. A couple of times, she grabbed at the dress and pulled it away from her midsection so it would not cling there.

      She is 30 years old and in a committed relationship with someone she is spending a lot of alone time with and she says that their relationship is great right now. Quarantine babies are a thing we’ve been hearing about a lot, right? She seems like the type of person who might even do a secret, very small wedding service during Covid because it’s a great “valid” reason to keep it small and private and it has that wartime wedding nostalgic/romantic feeling to it that it seems would be right up Taylor’s alley. I also wondered if a combination of quarantine and being pregnant is what might have inspired her to do a more mature, acoustic, less poppy, less highly produced album that doesn’t focus on any of her many past feuds with anyone. And knowing she wouldnt have to tour for this album. If she waited and released something in a few months, she might have been expected to tour and do publicity for it if things are open by the. I don’t think it’s as laughable as newsecrets seems to think.

    • LBB says:

      It was a thought that I had too. Not sure why, the dress in the video maybe?

  42. Velvet Elvis says:

    I like it but I’m still stuck in the Reputation era. I love love love that album.

  43. Huskerduer says:

    Cardigan was co-written and produced by the guitarist for
    the National

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Nearly the entire album was. Aaron Dessner worked on something like 11 of the 16 songs.

  44. Sammiches says:

    How did she get a repuation as being a good song writer when she literally just takes cliches and sets them to music.

  45. coffeeisgood says:

    I really like cardigan, the rest of the album is okay. definitely the whole album has a sad rainy day vibe but it feels like this was the kind of album she’s probably wanted to make for along time though.

  46. Rain says:

    I’m sorry. I listened, because I really do love haunting genres of music. But this was an absolute Lana Del Rey/ Agalloch (a haunting atmospheric band…give them a listen ❤) rip off album. And I’m not an anti Swifter, I actually like some of Taylor’s music.

    But every song so far is 100% forgettable and phoned in for the sake of a theme.

    Listen to the band Agalloch for true cry/haunting woods music. Taylor is cosplay. She didn’t even come close.

  47. Rain says:

    Also, I do think she copied the concept of Ariana Grande’s Sweetner album when it did well.

    She put out Lover not soon after, hmmm

  48. Delphine says:

    I’ve always been impressed by Taylor’s work ethic but never cared much about her music. Based on what I’m reading here I guess I’m going to have to give this album a listen.

  49. Anon55 says:

    I gave this a listen because of the rave reviews, but didn’t connect with it. I agree with those above who say it’s closer to Lana than to Joni or Tori (sacrilege!). More than anything, it felt like a more juvenile The National album—or maybe just one on which the lyrics and singing are more noticeable (not a plus, especially when she does that pseudo spoken-word thing).

    Her most recent albums have all drawn critical praise on release that I don’t think was quite deserved. It’s hard to predict which albums will become classics…but this stuff really is not, and the passage of time will tell. (You can listen to Little Earthquakes and it’s as striking and vivid in 2020 as it ever has been.)

    It’s not up to me, but I would love to see a Swift album on which she writes in her strongest genre (pop country a la Faith Hill) and has singers with better voices cover the songs, like Little Big Town singing her “Better Man.” That was a genius song of hers that really shone with their powerhouse vocals.

  50. Sarah Jean L Johnsen says:

    Bon Iver, how could you?!?

  51. Rain says:

    @Delphine and Anon55, I agree. It wasn’t a bad attempt on her part. And based on the comments here, I was really looking forward to hearing her new material.

    I needed a good cry with everything going on with both my personal life and the world.

    However, it was just sort of a forgettable few songs. Really forgettable. I like some Taylor music, but you guys forget that there is some amazing music out there. Taylor is talented (to some degree)…but this was a let down. She’s a corporate machine more than anything.

    It did sound like a Lana rip off album. The songs sounded okay-ish until Taylor began to sing. Then I cringed.

    Support lesser known talents who actually deserve the recognition. Again, AGALLOCH!!! AMAZING woodsy/atmospheric band.

    You guys won’t be disappointed, I promise. Give them a listen :)

  52. Rain says:

    It was a cosplay album. Not art.

  53. Anon55 says:

    While I think Taylor’s popularity/fame is part of the reason her recent albums have drawn such praise, I also think it’s partly due the pressure on media these days to have an IMMEDIATE take. I think the reviews would be different if the critics had a week or two to let this album settle and truly think it through. But two weeks from now, it will be treated as old news…

    • Rain says:


      I totally agree.

      I’ll make an unpopular opinion here…but this album, again, in my opinion, reveals she’s actually weak as an artist. It failed to hit any emotional connection with a lot of us (and that’s okay if some of you were moved by some songs…to each their own).

      The lyrics, at times were good. The black and white woodsy photography was aesthetic. But her voice simply did not match the mood…and frankly, even if they did, the music itself was bland. Are any of of these songs even going to make it to the top 40 radio?

      Again, I like some of her stuff. Shake It Off is my jam lol. But she just really didn’t hit the mark on this one. I think she’s just lusting over Grammys after being snubbed on her last album.

  54. Veronica says:

    I think it’s mostly a good effort. Lyrically, well above her last album with my biggest critique being that it could’ve used a little more musical variety. The overall sound is definitely more cohesive than her previous album and “Reputation.” It has a kind of somnolent beauty to it that works well for the kind of indie style she was emulating.

    It’s not perfect, but it’s more than decent, and it’s good to see her try something new. “1989” is still her best post-country album, overall, though this is getting a little closer back to her roots for people who liked her earliest work.

  55. Sarah Jean L Johnsen says:

    After finally listening to it, meh.

    Love Bon Iver.

    That’s all I’ve got.

    More of the same from Taylor.
    Her lyrics are not up to par, in my opinion. Not on this album. But the music is better than some of the others.

  56. Darla says:

    If you’re angry/bitter/heartbroken over/at past loves, this album isn’t going to speak to you. It’s in a totally different space. I’m there. If you’re not, then “that’s okay”. :)

  57. Grant says:

    It’s going to be a MEH from me too. Taylor just doesn’t have the vocal nuance or ability to pull off songs that largely lack melodies. Her voice isn’t emotive or versatile. This album is full of sleepy low-to-mid tempos that just never go anywhere for me. She’s definitely no Tori Amos or Joni Mitchell, that’s for sure