Lily Allen has been sober a year and is she still with David Harbour?

Lily Allen has made many positive changes in her life. She used to be a bit tricky to cover because it was hard to ignore some of her past shenanigans, but then her life was turned upside down from being stalked and attacked in her home. Since then, Lily has been focusing on herself, her two girls and a healthier lifestyle. The latest of the positive change she’s made for herself is becoming sober, something she’s stuck with for a full year. If you click though the photos above, you can see a few more shots of Lily looking healthy with that gorgeous Capri, Italy backdrop. But the last photo in the set is from a time before her sobriety. It’s a stark contrast that makes you appreciate the one-year celebration photos even more.

Lily Allen is feeling grateful on the one-year anniversary of her sobriety!

On Tuesday, the British singer, 35, posted on Instagram to celebrate the milestone, sharing a series of before and after shots that showed the change her sobriety has had on her.

“1 year completely sober! So grateful for my health and happiness. 😘,” she wrote alongside the snaps, which showed a glowing Allen in a red and black bikini, contrasted to a paparazzi shot of her before her decision to go sober.

Allen is currently vacationing in Capri, Italy. She also shared gorgeous footage of the views and crystal blue water while on a boat Tuesday.

She appears to be traveling solo as the “Smile” singer shared a selfie on Monday with the caption: “The only downside to traveling alone is the photo opportunities are limited.”
When asked by a fan why she was by herself, Allen replied, “I love traveling alone.”

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Good for Lily. Sobriety is no easy feat and I fully encourage her to relish the hell out of this milestone. Whereas I would never say no to traveling to Capri – it is even more beautiful in person that photos make it out to be – I am reminded of my father getting sober. He maintained traveling was the absolute hardest for him to stay sober, and that includes my brother almost dying a month after my dad put the bottle down. I’m sure sobriety challenges are different for everyone. Seriously, good for Lily, she wears her accomplishment well.

The other selfie referenced in the excerpt is below, the one in which she mentioned the photo limitations of traveling alone. It’s a cute way to justify taking selfies, but some are wondering where her boyfriend, David Harbour is, especially since she’s still sporting that suspicious engagement ring-looking diamond in the second photo below. The PDA-happy couple and Lily’s girls, Ethel, eight, and Marnie Rose, seven, spent his birthday in April together, as well as Easter. A few weeks later they all celebrated Lily’s birthday. But they have not posted any shots together since the first week of May. David shot this video in the end of May, in which he references being a “Lily Allen fan,” but that’s the last of either of them on each other’s social media. However, David has only been posting BLM messages since that video and Lily has included two references to being back in the studio. It could be their focus is just elsewhere. Still, Lily wanted us to know she’s traveling alone, in the very romantic Capri, celebrating a major event in her life. I’m not going to reach for my tinfoil hat yet, but she’s definitely caught my attention.

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  1. Digital Unicorn says:

    She looks good – calmer and happier. Good for her and good luck with keeping it up.

  2. Crissy says:

    He has been in her IG stories. She made a goodbye cake for him recently because he was going back to the states. So I’m guessing they are still together!

  3. MC says:

    The heart necklace she is wearing does say D + L ?

  4. SJR says:

    To anyone working on being sober, I wish you the best. Sobriety is the way to live your life, present and sober, not easy but best.

  5. Case says:

    Solo trips are awesome and I don’t think taking one indicates that your relationship is in trouble. I never took a vacation alone (bucket list!) but I so miss my solo business trips.

  6. Mariangela says:

    I hope she doesn’t fall off the wagon again and turn to alcohol again.

    I was so happy when she quit alcohol in May 2018 and then so disappointed (for her) and saddened when I saw her turn to alcohol again

  7. xdanix says:

    Judging by a couple comments above, it seems like there’s still a good chance they’re together. I don’t follow either of them, so I don’t know enough to even guess, but I kind of hope they are. I find them kind of weirdly charming together. Also I really like David Harbour and I’m basically just rooting for his happiness in general.

    BUT just on the subject of the ring- Ashley Benson is still photographed wearing rings given to her by Cara D. And those two are very much over and she’s with someone else now. Sooo… I don’t think you can always go by a celeb still wearing a certain ring or a certain jacket or whatever.

  8. GirlMonday says:

    Love that last dress

  9. Ashley says:

    He’s an American and therefore isn’t able to enter Italy because of the travel ban so maybe that’s why she’s alone.

    He was in a post where she’s talking about American Horror Story calling her. I’m sure they’re still together.

  10. Sara says:

    She looks fantastic and happy. Ugh the last photo is so sad. Addiction sucks.