Seth Rogen: Bravo asks people to pay $40k to be on Below Deck

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I enjoy interviews with Seth Rogen because he’s always dropping stupid interesting facts, like the fact that when Cats first came out you could see all the cat’s buttholes and they had to edit that out. (This was already known at the time, but I like that Seth reminded us about it.) Seth has a new movie coming Thursday called An American Pickle, where he plays both a 1920s immigrant in America and his own great grandson. His character falls in a pickle vat and is brined and preserved for 100 years, which is how he gets to meet his same-age great grandson. His movies aren’t always the best and this looks kind of weird, but it’s on HBO so I’ll probably watch it. Plus my kid might like it and that’s always a bonus.

On The Tonight Show, Seth told Jimmy Fallon that he’s a fan of Below Deck, and the two spin offs, Mediterranean and Sailing Yacht. He said he keeps getting email from Bravo inviting him to be on the show, but that it costs $40,000! You have to pay to be on the show even if you’re a celebrity I guess. Here’s more of what he said:

On how he’s doing
You don’t want to be the guy in quarantine who’s like ‘everything’s great it’s fantastic!’ I have a very subdued sense of gratitude.

Bravo sends him email asking him to be on Below Deck
I love Below Deck, are you kidding me? I thought sailing yachts was one degree worse. It seemed like a stressful job. They’re always trying to get me to go on it. I say no, all the time. You look like a dick no matter what. You are the antagonist on the show. They still want you to pay to go on the cruise. Bravo is sending me emails asking me to pay 40 grand to be on an episode of one of their TV shows. If that is the business model for Below Deck I understand why there are so many of them.

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In the second part of the interview they took a pickle juice challenge, where they had to answer random pickle trivia questions and take a shot of pickle juice if they got it wrong. It was dumb but funny, which is pretty much Seth’s brand.

I wanted to see if it was known that it costs $40k to be on Below Deck, and the Sun Sentinel reported last year that it costs $40,000 to be on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. That’s for just three days and two nights, but it covers up to six people. Plus it’s cheaper than you would pay. The standard cost to charter a yacht like that is reportedly $95,000 for three days, and you have to tip the caption 10-30% of that! So it’s half price to be on Below Deck compared to what it normally costs to rent a mega yacht. I would love to spend a few days on a chartered yacht but I’ll have to wait a couple of years until I make rich friends. I’m with Seth, there’s no way I would pay to be an antagonist on a reality show, but I would probably do it if they paid me (or it was free, who am I kidding?).

Here’s that interview:

Seth was ready with his pandemic style, pre-pandemic:
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  1. McMom says:

    I like him, too. He’s got a schtick, but it’s sweet and funny and harmless. I’d watch the pickle movie with my teenagers.

    Speaking of pickle juice – my eldest drinks it straight all the time. So does my husband when he’s offshore fishing. It’s good for muscle recovery.

  2. reef says:

    I legit snorted at seeing Chrissy on the Below Deck IG in this post. I see what you did there.
    Her kids are adorable.

  3. JaneDoesWerk says:

    I love Below Deck but that’s why they always end up with these nightmare guests. It’s often people who otherwise couldn’t afford it and want to milk it for all it’s worth And get every single penny out of it because it’s probably a once in a lifetime thing. I don’t judge them ($40k without tip is an insane amount of money to pay for a 3 day vacation!) but the phrase “act like you’ve been there” comes to mind. Plus some are definitely playing it up for the cameras.

  4. Levans says:

    Below Deck is so addictive! Seth is right, there is no way to come out looking good. I’d love to watch if a big name celebrity came on (and not just children of celebrities) but I doubt anyone would actually do it!

    • Livvers says:

      I think so far this season on Below Deck Med there was one group of people who came across okay — Roy Orbison Jr. & family — but then the joke was that the Ace of Base guy won’t stop bragging about his time in Ace of Base.

  5. You Must Be Joking says:

    I can’t stand him. He’s a sanctimonious windbag.

    • Starkille says:

      Amen, and his “comedy” is incredibly puerile. Not sure who thinks he’s funny other than 12 year old stoners.

  6. Case says:

    “You don’t want to be the guy in quarantine who’s like ‘everything’s great it’s fantastic!’ I have a very subdued sense of gratitude.”

    This is one of the first appropriate responses I’ve seen a celebrity give about quarantine. Yes, maybe it has been beneficial in certain ways to those of us who are fortunate enough to remain working from home (or wealthy enough in the case of celebrities to just be home, period), but we don’t need to wax poetic about how magical it is when people are dying, getting very sick and/or losing their jobs. Being quietly grateful goes a long way.

  7. ArniePz says:

    I doubt bravo makes much off the $40k. The boats are privately owned and they rent them. This is why every season has a new boat. (With a few exceptions of repeats)

  8. terru says:

    I adore him! He’s a great writer and a majority of his films are great. He has probably had way fewer flops than most A-list actors tbh. With the major exception of The Green Hornet, he’s co-written Superbad, Pineapple Express and This Is the End which are all terrific (and starred in some of the best comedies of the last decade or so).

    This reminds me… wtf happened with The Green Hornet. I remember a while back Seth saying something about how the studio basically changed the concept/script. Yikes, the final product was SO BAD. And Cami D! Poor Cami D. She deserved a better movie too.