‘Royal insiders’ claim Prince Andrew never lobbied the feds on behalf of Epstein

Duke of York Pitch@Palace event

Late Thursday night, the first wave of documents from Virginia Giuffre’s defamation suit against Ghislaine Maxwell was unsealed. We learned a lot from Virginia’s deposition, including more details about the three times she was trafficked to Prince Andrew while she was just a teenager, plus more about the human trafficking and blackmail organization run by Jeffrey Epstein and Maxwell. Prince Andrew has always lied about the extent of his friendship with Epstein, and Virginia’s unsealed records definitely feel like the tip of the iceberg. We also heard that several of Epstein’s victims believe that Prince Andrew lobbied on Epstein’s behalf to the US government once Epstein was arrested and his criminal enterprise was being investigated. There was a claim that Andrew might have lobbied for Epstein’s “sweetheart deal” with the feds. And that is the part which is being “denied” by royal insiders:

Claims that Prince Andrew ‘lobbied the US government to help get a sweetheart plea-deal for pedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein’ that saw him jailed for just 18 months in 2008 are a ‘straight forward untruth’, a Royal insider insists.

The allegation is contained in newly unsealed court documents, including a motion by lawyers for two anonymous Epstein accusers who were trying to get hold of documents which they claim showed the Duke’s lobbying efforts. The motion forms part of a 2015 libel case against Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s alleged madam, which have been kept under lock and key until today – when they were released following her arrest on sex trafficking charges.

However, an unnamed friend of the prince today described the allegation as ‘a straight forward untruth, no ifs, no buts,’ adding that the US federal appeals court last year said the claim should be treated with ‘extreme caution’.

[From The Daily Mail]

Think of all of those busybody royal sources, insiders and palace courtiers and how they jumped on every single little thing (real or fictitious) about the Duchess of Sussex. Now understand that those same people can only say “well, Andrew didn’t lobby the FBI on Epstein’s behalf” and THAT’S IT. They aren’t even denying all the other stuff anymore. And thank God Andrew still has all of his titles, his HRH and his military honors, whew.

Speaking of, if you want to hork, there’s coverage of Virginia talking about Prince Andrew’s fetishes. Epstein and Maxwell had Virginia spend the weekend with Andrew at Epstein’s ranch Zorro. There was a lot of toe action. HORK.

National Day celebrations, Skaugum, Norway - 17 May 2019

Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts **FILE PHOTOS**

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24 Responses to “‘Royal insiders’ claim Prince Andrew never lobbied the feds on behalf of Epstein”

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  1. Priscila says:

    Definetely time for Betty to take her dear boy to church again!

  2. Tanguerita says:

    I tried reading the article about the fetishes, dry-heaved a few times and gave up. Gross doesn’t even start to describe it.

    • Nlopez says:

      I couldn’t get through the article either. The child victims of these rapists deserve justice and compassion. Andrew & Ghislaine & all the other rapists should spend the rest of their lives in jail!

    • Enny says:

      What is it with the Yorks and toes? Andy and Fergie truly are a match made in hell.

    • Olenna says:

      If you’re on Twitter and can stomach it, go to the “Dame Alun Roberts” account and read his very long TL about the Mountbatten network of aristocratic pedophiles and enablers, which also included well-connected women.

  3. Darla says:

    Yeah and Dershowitz kept his underpants on.

    Whatever. So they are admitting he rapes trafficking victims then. Okay.

  4. ArtHistorian says:

    Does Andrew actually have enough clout to influence the American justice system? I’m not so sure. However, I’m certain that other of the people who used Epstein’s “services” are powerful enough to exert significant pressure.

    Maybe it is just me but I get the impression that Andrew is kind of low-hanging fruit when it comes to the men that Epstein catered to. He simply doesn’t have the financial and political clout that the other men (some still unnamed) have.

    While the British press is strangely reluctant to cover Andrew’s association with Epstein, it seems like the international press focus on him (and not so much the other perpetrators), like Andrew is used to deflect from other names (perhaps because he isn’t as powerful as the rest and because he’ll still be protected by the British monarchy, even if it provides the spark that can burn the institution to the ground).

    • Aang says:

      ImI’m far more interested in the other men who were island regulars. Andrew is an easy target. The entire family, even the Sussexes, live a life of privilege that is financed by colonization and all the horrors it entailed. Their money and power is covered in blood so I’m just not surprised by the allegations against Andrew. What he did goes on a long list of atrocities committed by or in the name of royalty.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      “While the British press is strangely reluctant to cover Andrew’s association with Epstein”

      IMHO, I think the reason for the reluctance of the British Press is because this is real. The press must be very careful what they write or they may be called to reveal sources and/or give testimony.

      Again IMHO, The smear campaign against the Sussexes is really just made up tittle-tattle pursued to the furthest degree to harass Meghan & Harry and generate click$ for revenue$.

      • ABritGuest says:

        Nah the BBC who had the infamous newsnight interview didn’t cover the Andrew angle of the unsealed records story at all & Telegraph had an article on it but shut down comments on its social media which some of its followers said was the first time.

        Virginia Guiffre’s allegations have been out there for years and it wouldn’t put them in legal difficulties reporting that “unsealed court documents allege Prince Andrew had lobbied US justice department” etc. This is the media censoring itself & Establishment protecting Andrew. Must be nice

    • Esme says:

      ITA. Andrew is the idiot, vile smokescreen shielding more truly powerful names. I hope the victims can get some form of justice… and I hope these people are exposed and tried to the full extent of the law. I’m not holding my breath, though… they’ll sacrifice Andrew to satisfy public opinion (and he won’t see the inside of a jail, either) and that’ll be it. “Justice done”, story buried.

  5. Levans says:

    Sure, Jan. Maybe he was out getting pizza…

    Or this could be a technically true statement in that he didn’t lobby but he or Petty Betty directed one of the vipers to do their dirty work.

  6. KellyRyan says:

    Royal Insiders, I’m impressed and not reading. The FBI has asked repeatedly for an interview and has received nonsensical replies from PA. “I’ll only respond to legitimate authority,” for one. We have both corruption and non-corruption in the US. No doubt PA and others have purchased freedom from prosecution. Lex Wexner, Victoria’s Secret with deep ties to Epstein has paid to have a case or possible cases dismissed.

  7. Merricat says:

    Andrew is a dumb fish, meaning if they catch him alone, he will incriminate himself, and they can use that as leverage.

  8. Sophie says:

    Wait! Remember Fergie’s toe-sucking incident in St. Tropez?

  9. Mumbles says:

    Interesting that what got Fergie in trouble was the photo of her getting her toes sucked by that “financial adviser.”

    • Lizzie says:

      Philip wouldn’t be in a room with her since, except weddings, but perv son is not shunned.

  10. Kitten says:

    As promised, is he cooperating with the Feds on his involvements with under-aged sex-trafficking yet? No? The Firm still protecting and projecting? Okay then, that’s all I need to know.

    An aside, I can’t wait until Scotland leaves for the EU.

  11. Charfromdarock says:

    Every time I read more about this, I’m in awe of how strong and brave Virginia was and continues to be.